Grey's Anatomy's Pompeo, Dempsey and Other Original Cast Members Sign New 2-Year Deals

The doctors are in!

TVLine has confirmed that original Grey’s Anatomy castmembers Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, James Pickens, Jr. and Chandra Wilson have all inked new two-year deals to continue with the ABC medical drama.

Our sister site Deadline first reported the news.

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Showrunner Shonda Rhimes told TVLine in January that she was resolved to designing a fitting finale to Grey’s current eighth season, despite not knowing which members of the original cast would and would not return next fall.

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“[It] was the most complex puzzle I’ve had to put together — ever,” she shared. ”We have all these moveable pieces of who’s coming back and who’s not, and finally I just decided to focus on what was going to be best creatively [and] make it work regardless of what is happening [off screen].”

ABC has yet to formally order a ninth season of Grey’s; the network reveals its 2012-13 TV schedule next Tuesday.

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  1. Erika says:

    Cool. I really want to see Alex find a good season before this show ends. Please!

    • tess says:

      Completely agree. Alex’s mainly why I watch, and I really hope they give him a good story next season. So relieved he’s returning. At this point, he’s the character I most want to see find some happiness.

      • rolly singh says:

        could not agree with you more, the boy has had it rough and deserves some happiness or some semblance of

    • Molly says:

      Me too!!! Alex is my favorite character and he deserves to get some good storylines for once!

    • Ariel says:

      Meredith’s seems to be the the most beat down character but Alex runs a close second and he doesn’t have the support system she has. I predict he will excell. I love the Mer/Alex brother/sister connection and am beyond thrilled them have never hooked up.They watch each others back and don’t judge. I hope Alex gets a happy ever after with someone next season.

      • Meredith, the character with the loving husband and child, is the most beat down character? What a stupid statement.

        • db says:

          Have you watched the show over the last 8 years? Meredith has been the most beat down character!

        • MLO says:

          What do you expect from one who authors the phrase “… them have never hooked up.”?

          • Lizzie says:

            Don’t be judgy on a online comment board. It’s not cool. (I hope my grammar was ok for you)

        • danielle says:

          Season after season they have killed off Mer’s family, now she only has her dad, which she has no relationship with, & richard. I would hope for Alex that they would bring izzy back [cancer free] so he could be [repaired].

      • Pash says:

        I think that would be true if the last two years hadn’t happened. Meredith has mostly turned around but Alex is still getting kicked around so I would say Alex has it the worst overall.

    • greysfan says:

      Its great news. However just because they have inked deals doesn’t mean they are safe. Shonda has done things before that shocks us so i will wait and see what happens.

    • guest says:

      The problem is, the only way for him to really do that is for Katherine Heigl to return and Shondra is determined not to let that happen.

    • Meghan says:

      Alex is also my favorite character. He deserves a great storyline!

    • Rachael says:

      Does anyone think meredith is absolutely annoying?

    • JuliaS says:

      Boring – this show lost all chemistry back when it got obsessed with the Izzie/Denny nastiness in season 2. Yuck. go already.

      • bettyseven says:

        So why are you still watching/creeping the message board 6 years later?

        • mona says:

          Great question! Y r u still interested in commenting 6yrs after? I love Alex and I really hope Shonda doesn’t try anything silly!

    • MG says:

      Remember, it’s not real! So if it gets you too bothered, remember it’s only fictional.

  2. Jake says:

    Since the actors are signed on for 2 more years, they should just renew the show for 2 more seasons and then end the show.

  3. tanner15 says:

    OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!! I agree with Jake about ending the show in 2 years. It has had a good run, now let our Docs have 2 great years and end gracefully :)

  4. Troy Rison says:

    10 seasons. Get it there and end it at a nice number, hopefully with a satisfying conclusion.

  5. martina says:

    Who’s dying then? We have Meredith, Alex, Cristina, Bailey, Webber, Mark, Derek, April and Jackson on the safe side. It comes down to Lexie, Hubt, Teddy, Arizona and Callie?

    • martina says:

      Hunt, sorry for the typo!

      • She wouldn’t have killed Lexie without being 100% sure if Meredith was coming back. She needed to keep her backup Grey for the “Grey’s Anatomy”. I’d rule her out completely.

        Don’t forget there’s April.

        • martina says:

          Jesse Williams said that the death was very touching for him because of all of the time he spent with that person on the show. Based on that statement I would bet my money on April!

        • Sarah says:

          I don’t think they are worried about keepinga spare Grey. They can always find ways around that. I highly doubt that they’d lkeep a character just to keep the name of the show…

          • Christina says:

            Im pretty sure Shonda had said in the past that if Ellen/Meredith left, Lexie would be there to be the title Grey. So yeah I think it does matter to her …

          • Melissa says:

            Actually I’ve seen her tweet the exact opposite. Lexie would never be the Grey in Greys Anatomy.

          • dlferriola says:

            They have posted a picture of Lexie where blood is coming out of her mouth and her eyes look glazed over JCap site. It really gives me chills looking at it.

    • ben says:

      Or, one of the above ‘two-year contracts’ is a screen. I think you are probably right though, but I wouldn’t put it past them to try and hide who they are killing off in a ‘they signed a contract’ kind of thing. But I hope not. The originals are really what I watch the show for.

      • martina says:

        I thought I read it somewhere around here.. Forgive me if I was wrong!

      • Amy says:

        Sarah Drew strongly implied it. She was doing an interview and was asked about the helicopter crash and she said she wasn’t there, April is at the hospital at that time.

        • No one ever said the death is from the crash, though. If something, shocking would be away from it. I’m thinking there’s a crash, AND there’s a death IN the hospital, but I could be wrong.

      • JBS says:

        It hasn’t officially been said by anyone at the show or by anyone like Ausiello that April’s safe, but because Sarah Drew’s been doing the press run & been open about talking about the finale, it can be implied by her comments that she’s safe.
        But again, it isn’t official by any means.

        • Dizzle says:

          I doubt it’s April purely because it doesn’t make sense given her current storyline – she’s failed the Boards and it seems like theres more drama to be had there as opposed to just killing her off completely.

          I would not be shocked if it’s Hunt, just as he and Cristina start to reconnect again. I’ve enjoyed their storyline this year but Hunt dying accommodates both Cristina leaving OR staying, and at the time nobody knew if she was.

    • susela says:

      Who said Mark was safe? It makes sense to kill him off just as he and Lexie see about to reconcile. And it would fit @martina’s comment about Jessie Williams saying he had worked closely with the person. Either that or Teddy goes;they need to find a way to keep Christina at the hospital. I have to confess I can’t figure out why they didn’t take this opportunity for a spin-off and just follow Christina to a new hospital.

    • emily says:

      I would add Adele to the death watch list. People love Adele, and it would be so sad for the Chief (not that the whole Adele situation isn’t sad enough).

    • Shaun says:

      Im pretty sure with Christina passing,that Teddy will leave and she’ll be the new attending.

  6. Staci says:

    I say Teddy bites it. Then Christina takes her job.

    • Jill says:

      I agree. Teddy doesn’t really have a storyline anymore.

    • Lexi says:

      Ahh that makes sense! Christina would need an amazing offer from Seattle Grace to stay… I would think head of cardio would be exactly the job that would do it!

  7. Chris says:

    Deathly afraid its Callie. Not happy about it…

  8. Romy says:

    Okay, so it eliminates them as the May Sweep fatality. As Aussielo also ruled out Mark and Jackson those left are Callie, Arizona, Owen, Teddy and April. Hope it’s not Owen, ’cause I really want him and Cristina to fix things between themselves, and not Callie.

  9. Jim says:

    Way to ruin the finale. Thanks!

  10. steph says:

    Maybe its Lexie??? It seems like they have really been cutting back on her screen time this season.

    • She wouldn’t have killed her other Grey without knowing if Meredith was coming back. If Ellen Pompeo didn’t sign, that’d leave her Greyless in Grey’s Anatomy? Lexie’s the safest character, the way I see it.

      And they haven’t cut her screen time. She took Meredith’s place working with derek, and she’s had a whole end of season arc with Mark…

  11. Fultzie says:

    I think it will be Adele who dies. That will clear the way for Webber and Avery’s mom.

    • KieraB says:

      I think the path is already clear for the Chief and Avery’s Mom. Adele has moved on and is happy. The Chief deserves the same now. Just kill Hunt. He’s a crappy husband, a crappy friend and he’s lacking in the Chief department as well. NEXT!

      • Melanie says:

        Strongly agree!

      • Christina says:

        i totally disagree…i love Chief Hunt, i think he does a great job as Chief, and I really enjoy his acting. I think given their very severe relationship problems the affair was coming. How is he a crappy friend at all?

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      She said it would be heartbreaking. I think both the Chief AND his wife are going to die. Separately. X(

  12. Lei says:

    Is the death a regular? Why not the Chief’s wife?

  13. d says:

    My guess is either Owen dies in some stupidly tragic, heroic, redeemed for cheating on his wife way giving Christina a major storyline next season or April commits suicide giving most of the cast, particularly Jackson and Meredeth, a major storyline next year. Callie and Arizona are so well loved it would take major freaking balls (or stupidity) to take out either one of them and Teddy proably wouldn’t generate the kind of drama to make killing her worthwhile.

    • C says:

      I’m just praying that it’s not Callie or Arizona! I don’t know why Shonda would kill either of them though given the insane amount of drama they endured last year…

    • Amy says:

      Pretty sure the death happens in a helicopter crash

    • Lindsay says:

      April won’t commit suicide. The last few episodes have been centered around her beliefs as a Christian. She is already upset with herself for having premarital sex. She won’t commit suicide, because she knows that according to her faith, she would have no chance at redemption.

  14. Saint Alicia says:

    Yay! Derek joins Meredith and Cristina in being safe :D, though I wouldn’t be upset if Owen died…

  15. So now the probability of death:
    Callie > April > Arizona > Teddy > Owen > Lexie

    My hope:
    April > Owen > Callie > Arizona > Teddy > Lexie

    • What makes you think Callie is the most likely to die??? She’s not, really. She’s have less impact to the story, if you think something that would blow out to EVERYONE. If Callie dies, Arizona would be the only one who’s be truly affected deeply, and Mark. Neither of them are considered “original” cast members. So, the repercussion of her death wouldn’t even be that great in the whole scheme of the Shonda Rhimes things. And she’s been in death’s bed once.

      If Owen dies, it would deeply affect Cristina, who’s been in crisis with him, his wife, his lover, who’s been struggling. It’d affect her relationships with everyone, with Meredith. It would affect EVERYONE, because he’s the chief. He’s the one in most danger to die.

      If Teddy dies, it would deeply affect Cristina, with whom she created a relationship as a mentor, and it would open a job opportunity for her as an attending, which she would be inclined to take and stay. That’s a HUGE storyline. I’d say she’s the second in danger.

      If April dies, it would affect all the interns, they’ve been her colleagues, studying with her, her partners, and her friends, even if they’d had spats, they’ve worked closely together with her for years, and they’ve had a closer relationship. That’s third.

      If Arizona dies, it would affect Alex, for whom she’s been a mentor, and it would give him an attending opening at the hospital. And it would affect Callie, of course, but she isn’t “an original castmember”. But Alex hasn’t been as conflicted about leaving as Cristina. And it wouldn’t have as much impact. I’d put her at a lower risk.

      Then, I’d say Callie, ’cause she wouldn’t even open an spot for an intern, and wouldn’t affect greatly any of the original castmembers or cause a general repercussion with her death.

      Lastly, there’s Lexie, whose death would greatly affect Meredith, who has grown to love her as a sister, and Derek, HOWEVER, when Shonda Rhimes wrote the finale, she didn’t know whether or not Ellen Pompeo was coming back. She wouldn’t have killed the other Grey she had, ans risk becoming Greyless in Grey’s Anatomy. Lexie’s safe.

      Therefore, I say the possibility of death would be

      Owen > Teddy > April > Arizona > Callie > Lexie

      Personally, I’d like

      Teddy > April > Owen > Callie > Arizona > Lexie

      • Babygate says:

        You forget that Callie mentored Meredith and that last season when she almost died the entire hospital came to a virtual standstill so I wouldn’t characterize her death as being almost insignificant. She also has a close relationship with Bailey and the Chief and when she went through the divorce with George, Cristina supported her and offered her a place to live.

        • R says:

          Chief was the top in my list of goners but yeah now its between Callie, Teddy and April for me!

          Callie’s reason can be Sara Ramirez’ expected wedding this year (she got engaged few months back), She might want off after almost 6 years on the show

          Sarah Drew had a baby, she might also go the KH way and want her character to be written off (April isn’t a fan favorite either)

          Teddy Teddy Teddy – I love Kim Raver, but i’m kinda neutral towards teddy… her main goal was to be Cristina’s mentor – now that Cristina has qualified, she has no use to be honest. She has mild friendships with the staff – no super friends or relationships except Owen, whom she is kinda hot and cold if not estranged since Henry’s death.

          I donot see Lexie being killed off! Mer has only one regular cast member as a blood relative – they shouldn’t kill her! and I like Lexie! and i want Slexie to happen!! :P

      • Chris says:

        Owen’s death would create minor ripples. Callie or Arizona would be much more far-reaching.

      • Kim says:

        Owen wasn’t on the plane was he?

      • JrMiccicke says:

        I also believe there is a strong chance of callie dying, only because in the last episode there was the whole Arizona saying never leave me thing to callie. I of course think it would be silly for it to be her but that whole line seemed like a set up to me.

  16. Molly says:

    Huh, I really thought Derek or Richard was gonna be the one to die. If this isn’t straight-up lying, I guess now my first guess is Owen? IDK, I’m just glad for the first time that April isn’t liked by fandom, because I doubt Shonda would be so worried about their reactions if she was the one dying and she’s the one character (other than Alex, Cristina, Mere, and Jackson) who I really don’t want to die.

    • lorna says:

      how on earth can you tolerate aprils sniveling whiny ways? ugh.

      • Molly says:

        I guess part of it is just residual love for Sarah Drew left over from Everwood? Really though, I don’t find her annoying and don’t get why she’s so hated, but I’ve loved characters who are more unpopular than April, so I guess that’s just how I roll. :)

        • Lauren says:

          April is awesome! People underestimate her. She follows closely after cristina as being one of my favorites.

        • lorna says:

          I liked her on Everwood, hated her on SPN, and I still have to buy Everwood s3 and s4, wonder if I will still like Hannah haha.

      • JBS says:

        It’s sorta because of her ways that I actually like her. The fact that she’s the “annoying” resident out of the 5 gives her some sort of uniqueness that I like.
        Plus, at this point, she is (IMHO) the most expendable character in terms of storylines (failing her boards, sleeping with Jackson, her love for Jesus, etc.)
        @ Molly (to your comment above mine) I think April got off to a rocky start in season 6 and is one of those characters who will either be liked or hated. But I agree, I don’t get all the hate.

  17. A says:

    Yes!!!! I’m going into my last year of college and I needed to have my Grey’s family all together to make it through senior year. I agree that ABC should just renew it through season 10 and end it.

  18. Casey says:

    So………… happy! Thanks for this!

    • Christina says:

      oh and sidenote, i don’t think lexie will die because they are just starting up the mark/lexie drama towards the end of the season. that would be kind of useless and pointless. plus lexie i think is definitely my favorite and i really don’t want her to be the one to die lol. teddy and callie have no real storyline right now and Callie just promised Arizona she would never go anywhere…so it’s possible she could be the one…

  19. JBS says:

    First of all, THANK GOODNESS. This news will make watching the finale next week much more easy on my heart. Now here’s hoping that having all 6 names up there isn’t a decoy.

    Second of all, this raises my suspicion that Lexie will be the one to die. Shonda now has the “original” Grey for at least 2 more years; although Shonda probably had assumed that if Ellen left, Chyler would then become the “lead” Grey. Plus, it was confirmed rather early on IMHO that BOTH Jackson and Mark would certainly be back AND Shonda has also said that the finale will be bittersweet for Lexie/Mark fans. Could this be foreshadowing some tragic occurance? All that being said, if the death is Lexie (or for that matter Arizona or Callie,) it will be very hard for me as a fan to deal with.

    Third of all (and in advance, this is less about the contract renewals,) I want to throw out a question to all fans and see what they think, so here goes:
    Now that we more or less know that Ellen and Patrick will be returning next season, would it be possible to have Grey’s Anatomy function if Meredith and Derek DO decide to leave Seattle? I personally can’t see it happening without disastrous results, but to play devil’s advocate, you could have Meredith, Derek, and Zola in Boston & the rest of the cast back in Seattle; so if Lexie survives the finale, there would be Greys on both coasts.
    Just a little hypothetical that I thought I’d share; and if this entire scenario sounds moronic, I apologize in advance.

    • Daniel alvarez says:

      I was thinking the same thing… I don’t think they’ll really move to Boston but if they do, it cold be only for a while and rhen they’ll realize they belong in seattle and comeback :)
      I’m worried about cristina though….
      But i guess we’ll just have to wait and see

    • Except that when the finale was written, Pompeo hadn’t signed her contract. Shonda Rhimes said several times, in about all interviews, that she wrote it not knowing who was going to return or not, so, there’s absolutely NO WAY she would kill Lexie. It was written and filmed long before the contracts were signed. Lexie is the safest of them all. She needed her backup Grey.

    • Babygate says:

      Just to clarify, Shonda said once that Lexie would NOT be the ‘Grey’ in Grey’s Anatomy so I don’t think that the possibility of Ellen leaving would have deter her from killing off Lexie if that’s what she wanted to do. To your question, honestly, as long as I have Callie, Bailey and Cristina, anyone else can go anywhere and do whatever they want. I mean, even if MerDer move to Boston (which I very much doubt) they will still be in the show so I don’t see why that would be a negative. Except, that if they leave, that means that new characters would have to be introduced and seeing as though we are already at maximum capacity, I highly doubt that Shonda will go that route.

      • Sarah says:

        THANK YOU Babygate for pointing this out. People keep assuming Lexie will be around because she’s the spare. Chyler onces jokes she’d be a spare, but it was never stated that she IS a spare. It would be rather silly from a writers point of view to have a character that can’t ever be killed. What if Chyler wanted to leave the show and Ellen did as well?
        As for some characters moving… I don’t think that would happen. i think what they are going to do is some sort of huge finale that shatters everyone to the point of keeping them all there, and no one leaves. It’s been mentioned elsewhere that it will be something earth shattering that will change everything.

  20. kavyn says:

    I just hope April survives. She’s the only intern I like at the moment…

  21. Daniela says:

    Great news!!!! It’s fantastic that all the important people signed new contracts. :) I’m excited!!!! GREY’S should run another two years then and then they should end it before actors like Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers really walk away and leave a mess behind.

  22. Brenna says:

    Lexie better be safe, that’s all I’m saying

  23. Kel says:

    I’m thinking who ever dies effects most of the characters so I’m going with Lexie as she is Meredith’s sister, Derek is her “big brother” and has dated Mark, Jackson and Alex, Callie/Arizona are kind of in they’re own bubble Callie almost died and the only people distraught about it was Mark/Arizona and Arizona already left and again it only really effected Callie, Alex and Mark a little bit so I’m going with Lexie

    • Babygate says:

      Did we watch the same episode? When Callie got into the accident everyone was affected. The Chief even called Addison because he wanted the best for her. Meredith broke down in an elevator, Bailey was visibly distraught, Derek couldn’t even look at Mark or Arizona in the face, Lexie didn’t go home that first night. Everyone was in that OR trying to save her life.

  24. Michelle says:

    I am a sophomore in college and definitely need Greys during the school week it literally keeps me going in school, and on the plus side after college I’m going to graduate school to become a doctor so I love all the medical terms. But 10 years has been a good run, as for who is going to die i put my money on Owen, but is he a original cast member? If not Im going with Webber

  25. Alicia L. says:

    I really think it is death that might be remedied in the season premiere next year, Shonda and company seem to that a lot!

  26. Steph says:

    I have a horrible feeling that it is going to be Derek that dies. Not sure why. But if that happens, I will not be happy at all

    • Bel says:

      Umm didn’t you just see that PD renewed his contract? LOL the originals are safe!

      • Steph says:

        Yup – but that could be a front. This was all filmed before the deals were inked. Clauses can be made in contracts so I’m sticking with the only safe ones are the ones that Ausiello has mentioned thus far (Mer, Alex, Christina, Jackson and Mark)

  27. MC says:

    I was really banking on it being Webber. I feel like his death would have been heartwrenching for everyone but would have made sense in the overarching plot of Grey’s. Now I’m terrified that its Lexie. She’s a beloved character and her death would cause the biggest shockwaves I’d say: Meredith, Derek, Mark, and Jackson would all be greatly affected, as well as Alex, Cristina, and Callie by proxy. Wouldn’t mind it being Owen but considering the state of his character, I don’t think it’d be that big of an emotional punch. I will be very upset if its Lexie. Haven’t we randomly killed off enough of Meredith’s family members?

    • Billie says:

      I thought it would be Webber too. Because of the line about Mark and Lexie’s reunion being bittersweet, I was thinking Webber would call out for Ellis or something as he died and they’d both realize that they don’t want to lose out on the love of their life or something cheesy like that.
      But I’m really surprised about how many people have been put on a safe list. Shonda usually likes to shock and awe, and the more they narrow the list, the less of a shock I think the death will be.
      Also, is it just me? Or does it feel like Shonda is setting it up to look like it’s either Callie or Arizona dying? The flat out refusal to comment on their storyline in the finale seemed odd to me. I mean, how hard would it be to have given some cryptic message about them like “They go through something together” or “they have to really be there for each other” or whatever. Refusing to comment makes it seem like she can’t say anything without giving it away. They’re also the only couple to both be on the chopping block while she has strategically thus far left only one half of all of the other equations in jeopardy. I just feel like she wants us to think it’s Arizona or Callie so that it’ll be a bigger impact when it turns out to be someone else.

  28. Tracey says:

    So happy to see Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson on this list. They have always been my favorite! LOVE Them!

  29. hannah says:

    I really hope that it is not April. I don’t know I think the character has so much more depth to her and I would like to see that develop more in season 9. I understand she is not particularly a fan favorite (I personally love her) but I think that killing her off would create an awkward hole… I don’t know it would seem so sudden and also there is the whole Jackson thing and I for one want to see if her and Karev will end up together (i love their dynamic). Personally I think that Teddy’s story is kinda done she seems like the most logical.

  30. Why don’t people just get it? Shonda Rhimes is bloodthristy, but she isn’t stupid. Lexie wasn’t even a dying option. Ellen Pompeo didn’t sign the contract ’till after the episode was written and filmed. She wouldn’t kill her backup Grey in case Pompeo backed out. Lexie isn’t the one dying, people… Is that so hard to get???

    • Babygate says:

      Except that Shonda has said in the past that Lexie would never be used to replace Meredith.That she would not use Lexie as the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Sarah says:

      Barbie you are sounding like a rabid crazy person, posting the same thing over and over again. Why don’t you just go back in time and read up on what was actually said? Here, let me make is easy for you, here is one of MANY quotes Shonda made that state clearly you are WRONG:

      The obvious question is if Pompeo decides not to renew her contract, is Lexie (Chyler Leigh) being prepped to be the Grey of Grey’s Anatomy?
      Rhimes: No. I mean I love the character of Lexi. I think Chyler is amazing. That was never really the vision of the show, like we were seeking a replacement. I wouldn’t assume that at all.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes confirmed via Twitter that Kim Raver in addition to Lexie (Chyler Leigh,) — would not be returning next season.

  31. AnnClau says:

    In the first episode, they said they had seven years to do. They are in their fifth year. So I think they should do one season for each year left then end it. And ten seasons is a great run.

  32. Sara says:

    It won’t be Mark will it? I know there’s a list of people who aren’t supposed to die and I can’t remember if he was on the list or not…. ’cause I’d be very upset and Mark dying would be a good story for many cast members – Jackson, Derek, Lexie (and by association Meredith), Callie, Arizona….

  33. Babygate says:

    So that narrows down the field. So there is a possibility that it will be either Callie or Arizona? If Arizona gets killed it will be upsetting, but if Callie gets killed, I will just stop watching. She’s the reason I tune in every week. Shonda is toying with us and keeping everything about C/A under wraps.

  34. Maryam says:

    It better not be Lexie! I swear if Lexie is the one who dies Shonda will hear from me!!! Just kill Owen off already. He’s is the worst character on the show right now….

  35. Jessica says:

    I would have thought, logically, as everyone has said, over and over, that Shonda would never kill Lexie because she needed her backup Grey and that’s too big of a death. But now that I’ve been reminded that Mark is safe, and she made the comments about a bittersweet reunion for Mark & Lexie, and the fact that she often likes to do the opposite of what people expect her to do…now I’m afraid she’s going to kill Lexie. But Chyler Leigh did ask for a lighter load at the beginning of the season. Maybe she’s asked to leave the show and hence Lexie dying??? I have also thought about Callie or Arizona, but it seems like they just went through so much last year…to kill one of them now seems so cruel, not to mention all the fans that would be in an uproar. Though fans will be in an uproar if Lexie dies too. I’ve gotten the impression that April is safe. I don’t think it’s her. I guess it’s possible that it’s Owen, but I don’t really see that happening. You never know though. Teddy makes sense. They’ve kind of lost way with her storyline (not that Shonda isn’t fully capable of coming up with more story for her) and it would make sense for Cristina to stay, but I don’t think it would be such a huge impactful death. I guess that doesn’t leave any other options though. So it’s going to be one of those. Callie has been on the show for a while. Maybe Sara is ready for something else??? I guess we will see what happens. I’m going to be on pins & needles!

    • Jessica says:

      And now that I’ve been reminded that Jessie said it’s someone he’s close with so it was hard for him…I’m back to being afraid it’s Lexie. I hate to say it, but I think it adds up. Shonda said that Lexie and Mark’s reunion is bittersweet, Jessie said it’s someone he’s close to (of course he got close to Chyler Leigh since Jackson & Lexie were together). It would make sense for it to be Lexie from those clues. Even though I can see it being Arizona or some others as well, I don’t think those people make sense when you take into account what Jessie said, unless it’s someone he’s grown close with behind the scenes, but hasn’t necessarily shared a lot of scenes with. You know, Chyler Leigh might want to spend more time with her family. She did ask for a lighter load earlier in the year. Shonda may have decided to shock everyone regardless of it being a Grey girl, and wanted to give that storyline to Meredith too. (Ellen could have told Shonda that she was going to work it out and stay, we don’t know!) My feeling is that it’s going to be Lexie. But I hope that I’m wrong!

      • koko says:

        But he also can got close with Sarah Drew and Eric but Eric is safe… it’s really messed up and i’m confused i don’t want lexie dead maybe its april i wouldn’t be sad if owen and teddy would die i think…. :P

  36. JC says:

    I still think that Callie will be the death only if Sara Ramirez has asked to leave, and she’s mid-contract with no other jobs rumored so I doubt she has.

    It could be Lexie, that would definitely be a death that would trigger a huge fan reaction given we’ve only just started to get hints that Mark & Lexie might still have a chance.

    I thought it would be Derek, but evidently not, although I won’t 100% believe all these contract renewals until the finale ends – I doubt Shonda would let this kind of thing leak so easily when she’s spent so much time saying the ‘safe’ list isn’t to be trusted.

    But if all the spoilers about safe lists and contracts are right, I can’t see the death being anyone other than Arizona. There’s been a suspicious lack of Calzona spoilers for the finale, and they’ve been in their happy bubble too long for a TV drama…plus Arizona’s death would leave a bigger impact than Callie as it wasn’t too long ago that a whole episode was based on Callie nearly dying…plus Jessica Capshaw’s pregnant so it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if she’s decided to leave. It would be a cruel death, and cause a fan uproar, so it fits with all the rumors…

    • Sly says:

      I like the way you think ;)

    • Karrie says:

      That could also have a huge impact on the Mark/Lexie reunion with Mark feeling as though he needed to be there for Callie! I’ve never been a fan of Mark/Lexie nor Callie/Arizona as I’ve always wanted Mark and Callie to end up together…. call me weird! I do hope it’s Arizona but has Jackson worked with her that much? No. Either way, I’m just glad that Justin Chambers re-upped!

  37. thecasey says:

    Ok I might have completely missed this somewhere but did anyone say that Mark was definitely coming back next season?

  38. Rizad says:

    I think one of the cast member above will die, and will return as a spirit just like Danny.

  39. Alia says:

    Two years, I think next season will be the last. But YAY for Patrick :)

  40. Sly says:

    What if you are all wrong and they kill McDreamy??????????? He’s teaching Meredith and Lexie all about Nuerology(Sp) so there would be someone to cover for him. Plus there is also Richard, he’s not the chief anymore, so where does he fit in? And he was especially close to all of them….but if Mark is the one that said it was hard because he was so close to the person, Derek or Lexie would make the most sense.

  41. Sly says:

    Or Callie. Since he has a child with her.

  42. ingmarhappy says:

    My money is still on the Chief. According to spoilers it’s him who dies and gets zipped in a body-bag, while Mark, Julia, Sofia and Derek are involved in the cliffhanger. Now with the contracts…I’m sure Mark, Sofia and Derek will be safe next season ; but seen that Webber is already being put in a body-bag he’s dead meat.

    Or….that spoiler is just a smoke-screen for something else that happens. In that case I fear A LOT for Arizona ( fan favorite ) seen every couple has a SL in the finale except for Callie/Arizona and seen that Arizona is a fan favorite…it would cause drama.

    Lexie is pretty safe. She said in an interview she wasn’t dying ; and with a bit of logic sense..she was supposed to be safe as it wasnt sure wether or not Ellen would renew her contract.

    April could be the victim thought. Althought I don’t give her the most chance. They wouldn’t kill yet another character that belonged in the 5 study-interns ( Mer/Chris/Alex/Avery/April ) after George who died and Izzie who left. And they wouldnt give her the failed-test drama if they were killing her off anyway.

    Webber is still the most likely. Why? He’s not the Chief anymore ; he’s aging ; and besides Meredith and Adele he has very little connections on the show. With Adele gone I think it’s time for him to go.

    Soooo, my top 3 would be Webber, Arizona & April.

    With the contract news I think ABC will renew Grey’s for 2 more seasons with season 10 being its final season.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree in that I totally thought it was going to be the Chief, and I think that makes sense. It will impact EVERYONE and they have kind of run out of storylines for him too. The 2 year renewal thing could just be a smokescreen and he actually dies. I am kind of surprised at all the people who think Derek is going to die. I NEVER thought that. I think Shonda would be crazy to kill him off, and I think she even said that in an interview. Not those exact words, but she knows there are certain characters that are untouchable, as far as killing goes. I think Meredith & Derek fall into that category. I do think it’s feasible to have him be involved in the cliffhanger, BUT since he was involved in the cliffhanger with the hospital shooting, I don’t think he will be. I would like to think that the people involved in the cliffhanger have not already had a “will they die” moment. At least not recently. I guess I could see that the death could also be Arizona, if Kate Capshaw has decided to focus on her family since she’s having another baby. I have wondered if it could be one of them that dies based on the lack of spoilers around them for the finale. I do think that with a 2 year contract for everyone, I think they will end Grey’s after the 10th season. That was probably part of the deal for everyone…stay for the last 2 years and let us wrap everything up the right way. That’s what I would like to see as well. Grey’s has been on for so long. I love it, but it’s not the same as it used to be. 10 years is a long time for a show. I think the 10 year mark will definitely be the right time.

  43. Dree says:

    I guess with all the original cast renewing their contracts, we have “Lexie, Callie, Arizona, Owen, Teddy and the babies” on risk?
    Sarah Drew aka April said she’s not in danger and looks like Mark and Jackson are safe. I think its will be Arizona or Callie :(

  44. Mahala says:

    Exactly who have you confirmed this with? Unless it’s ABC, Shonda Rhimes, or the cast themselves, it’s wrong to say you’ve “confirmed” it when you haven’t. Give me a source and I’ll believe it, I’m tired of these mind games everyone’s playing. I feel like just not watching the darn thing when it gets to this point.

  45. cindy says:

    I really dont’t get the April bashing. The character has grown A LOT since the Mercy West crew first came onboard. I see great potiental to further her character development as well as a romantic pairing with Avery. I’d be super bummed to see her go cause I always root for the underdog, but mainly because I’d feel let down; April has been heavily featured in the past episodes. Why build her up only to break her? I would have loved to see her thrive instead. It’s a damn shame more people dont support the character…a damn shame.

    • hannah says:

      totally agree with this. The character majorly grew on me and she has come a long way. It would be silly to kill her off and kind of weird.

    • Gretchen says:

      Any gains she made, she lost with her actions at the Boards. Would you want a doctor as unstable as her operating on you?

  46. Jo says:

    It’s April. We saw her more humane side, and Avery now loves her. The guilt from the mocking from her peers, who misunderstood her, plus her hysteria from being a Satan spawn (lol), will leave the main cast in turmoil. Plus where can she go from here? Chief Resident to what?

  47. albtrex says:

    Oh, YESSSSSSSS!!! Now, Shonda, give us two wonderful seasons, bring back Izzie (with Alex!!!!!!), and then close up in the best way this amazing tv show!!!

    P.S. I think the character that will die is Owen… I just hope it’s NOT Callie!!!! :((( [I think Mark and Lexie are safe…]

  48. WillXV says:

    What about Mark Sloan?? Avery has spent a lot of time with him the last couple of seasons. I’d also be a dramatic turn for Lexie and how she would deal with it…

  49. ljd says:

    Just because they renewed doesn’t mean they are safe…Shonda can hack off anyone she wants….going through contract or not… The death is a beloved character.. I really don’t think April or Teddy fall under that to some people..It would be very sad to me, but I think it’s going to be someone we;ve known longer then 3 seasons now.. I wouldn’t rule out anyone being safe though..They’ll all be in some kind of danger fighting to save people and stay alive…I’m just saying just because they told us they all signed, really means nothing because, well it’s ShondaLand..

  50. Becca says:

    I really think it’s gonna be Adele or another recurring character who dies. They never said it’s a series regular, and there’s only like 5 left it could be anyway. It seems pretty obvious it’s not April, given all the interviews she’s done. Owen and Lexie are right in the middle of major story lines (with Cristina and Mark) and have always been central characters. Callie and Arizona are way too popular to get killed off. The only regular I could see it possibly being is Teddy, and I really don’t think they would have given her such a heavy story line with Henry this season if they planned to kill her off.

    • JBS says:

      First of all, your logic & reasoning is very well put together.
      BUT, if the death does turn out to be Adele, then I will cheated as a fan because the hype for this death has been pretty huge since it’s been announced and for all the hype to result in a recurring character dying would be a major letdown. Given how the industry works though, it wouldn’t overly shock me.
      Now correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they say that the death is a “beloved character?” In my book, for a character to be beloved, they should be a series regular (in this case, a doctor)

      • Becca says:

        Yeah definitely agree, it would be kind of a letdown given all the hype if it was a recurring character, and you’re right it wouldn’t be surprising if they did it anyway. If it turns out to be Adele, maybe they’re thinking they can count her as beloved just because she’s been with the show, albeit recurring, since the beginning?

      • Precisely. I don’t even see why she was even brought up…..she is not a ‘regular’

    • I would not count April out after that episode, regardless of how many interviews she does.