Daytime Emmys: GH Leads Nods, AMC Eyes Best Drama, Secret Circle Star In Race for Days Run

Nominations for the 39th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were announced on Wednesday morning, and ABC’s General Hospital leads the pack with 23 total nods.

The Young and the Restless and Sesame Street follow with 16 each, Days of Our Lives netted 15, and The Bold and the Beautiful, All My Children (R.I.P.) and One Life to Live (Never forget!) amassed 11 each.

And before we sample the roll call, one fun fact: Secret Circle beauty Shelley Hennig landed a nomination in the Younger Actress category, for her run as Days‘ Stephanie (a role she last played in April 2011).

The Daytime Emmy Awards will be presented June 23 in Los Angeles; TV telecast info TBD. Here now, the major races:

All My Children
Days of Our Lives
General Hospital
The Young and the Restless
* All of the above were nominated for Outstanding Writing, as well

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Live With Regis & Kelly 
The Talk
The View

The Dr. Oz Show
The Doctors

Anderson Cooper, Anderson
Dr. Oz, The Dr. Oz Show
Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, Live
Rachael Ray, The Rachael Ray Show
All of The Doctors

Maurice Benard, GH
Anthony Geary, GH
John McCook, B&B
Darnell Williams, AMC
Robert S. Woods, OLTL

Crystal Chappell, Days
Debbie Morgan, AMC
Erika Slezak, OLTL
Heather Tom, B&B
Laura Wright, GH

Bradford Anderson, GH
Matthew Ashford, Days
Sean Blakemore, GH
Jonathan Jackson, GH
Jason Thompson, GH

Melissa Claire Egan, AMC
Genie Francis, Y&R
Nancy Lee Grahn, GH
Elizabeth Hendrickson, Y&R
Rebecca Herbst, GH

Eddie Alderson, OLTL
Chad Duell, GH
Chandler Massey, Days
Nathan Parsons, GH

Molly Burnett, Days
Shelley Hennig, Days
Christel Khalil, Y&R
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, B&B

A complete list of nominees can be found at EmmyOnline.TV.

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  1. JoshJacksononOnceuponatimefan says:

    Glad to see AMC and OLTL nods, especially Darnell Williams and Robert S. Woods. I don’t find Anthony Geary on GH enough to be nominated. He’s gone so quickly all the time. Wow to GH dominating the supporting category. If the timing of Robin’s “death” storyline can be submitted Jason Thompson would get my vote to win.

  2. gato says:

    OLTL gets no nom for best show or writing??? What a joke!

  3. Lena120 says:

    What are they smoking? Heather Tom and John McCook are in the wrong categories. McCook was barely around last year. OLTL DESERVED to be up for Outstanding Drama. They must have submitted something horrible. I hope Darnell wins Best Leading Actor because it’s long overdue. Debbie needs an award for that baby reveal on AMC.

    Shelley Hennig’s Stephanie was amazing when her and Nathan were breaking up on Days. She was wearing that white dress, going crazy. She really brought it. So happy for Rebecca Herbst. That girl has done so much and gotten so little. I love Jonathan Jackson, but can Jason Thompson get some love? That Best Younger Actor category is the most intriguing. I love Eddie Alderson, but Chandler Massey has been tearing it up on Days! Will is one of my favorite characters now.

    • pri says:

      soo agree with you on Rebbecca Herbst. She deserves the nom. Like u said she has done so much and gotten so little. Happy for her JJ n JT :D

      • Franklin says:

        Rebecca Herbst’s nomination is a big ol’ classic slap in the face to the powers that be over at GH. She was fired for no reason whatsoever last year and after the cast fought for her, she got re-hired and now she’s got a nomination! Way to go, girl. I hope she wins.

  4. Renee says:

    Jonathan Jackson should win Best Supporting Actor again. And congrats on the nom. to Rebecca Herbst.

  5. dude says:

    Once again great actors get passed up while mediocre Rebecca Herbst is recognized for her uninspiring performance in a storyline that should have been more than it was. Sick of the critics kissing her ass. At least Shelley and Molly got some love.

    • tvnewsplus says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. I hate the character of Liz, but the actress is one of the best actresses on the show. So I congradulate her on her nomination, well deserved, especially with the death of Jake storyline.

    • pri says:

      Well Liz was written badly for couple of yrs but Rebecca has done a wonderful job in portraying the character to perfection for the last 15 yrs or so. Last yr her character was gone through a lot. Jake’s storyline was heartbreaking. She very much deserved the nom. She should have won an emmy yrs back…this was long overdue

    • Anne Masters says:

      Therre’s nothing mediocre about RH. She Should be a “lead” actress because she is the best on the show – period. Calling KeMo a lead actress is like calling KS lead actress. She gets more screen time b/c of Jason and b/c the writers have been too scared to put RH anywhere near SB b/c they. Lear,y have more chemistry and bring out better acting in each other.

  6. guest says:

    Where Kelly Monaco? Her rape storyline delivered better performances than anything Laura Wright did last year.

  7. Fairy says:

    Emmy is becomming as big a joke as The Golden Globes as far as how fake they are. I want to believe, I really do, but some of these nominations (and lack thereof) are ludicrous. Where is One Life? Where are Y&R’s Stephen Nichols and Michael Muhney? Geary AGAIN?! Please, it’s embarrassing. How on earth can you possibly include Days in the writing category? Really? How can you say that of all the supporting actors in all of the shows, the only five worthy of a nom are from GH (except the one from Days)? These nominations make no sense. I’d say an overhaul of the process is due at the “special investigator” level, but since only a handful of suts even care aobut the genre at all, then suggesting such a thing is clearly a waste of my breath.

  8. yippity says:

    Jacqueline MacIness Wood hands down.

  9. Shaun says:

    Yay for Secret Circle tie in XD

  10. Shaniqua says:

    YAY for Chandler Massey. He’s a great actor!

  11. Samantha says:

    AMC for best writing/drama? seriously? lmao. As usual OLTL gets left out. No surprise. Even the actors are left out except a select few. Surprised they were even nominated. @@ what a joke.

    • tvnewsplus says:

      Im sorry, I have watched AMC for the last year it was on and it was amazingly well written. It deserved the nod. OLTL was not impressive at all.

      • Dan says:

        Not really. All My Children was ALL over the place… at least until July when they started bringing back the old cast members. One Life to Live, on the other hand, brought their A game from the day the announcement of the cancellation. OLTL was can’t miss TV and AMC.. was not :( I miss them both though… equally :(

  12. greysfan says:

    Ellen Degeneres misses out on best Talk Show Host? Are you freaking kidding me? She is the best talk show host in America!

  13. mirvin365 says:

    I think the nominations for daytime dramas are tough with so much material to choose from. If the actors pick something that doesn’t speak to the voters, they may go unrecognized. Does anyone know how much footage actors submit in their Emmy reels? Are there multiple clips or episodes?

  14. Rolfe says:

    What happens next year? Will all four soaps be nominated as default?

  15. Jeri says:

    I love General Hospital and have watched it for 38 years. It is an incredible cast and they all deserve it. Please keep the show going!!

  16. Bonnie Roman says:

    One Life to Live got Robbed of their show, now they are getting robbed of an award. Hands down was the BEST SOAP on ABC!! I still love my GH but come on now. I miss my OLTL..:-(..Cant believe ABC tossed our shows. Decades of viewers and that is how they repay us. What a joke. Whats up with SOAP NET? All the soaps should be on that network. Why get rid of shows that people have watched for years instead of airing them on a network called SOAP NET? Wouldn’t that have made sense?? A holes..

    • Elaine says:

      I agree….and canceling an amazingly written and acted soap like OLTL for the “Revulsion” was just plain stupidity. So glad that its canceled. Maybe ABC will learn to listen to its viewers. I boycott ABC now in the afternoon, except for GH and glad that some of the OLTL actors are on GH now. I watched both shows for 38 years and truly miss OLTL every day at 2:00 :(

  17. Marc says:

    Far as I’m concerned, Chandler Massey IS Daytime TV right now. Mad skillz, acting-wise. And jaw-droppingly easy on the eyeballs.

    • Carolyn says:

      I believe every word and every emotion that comes out of Chandler Massey. He is an incredible talent who is one of the few redeeming qualities left of the mess the writers have made of Days of our Lives.

  18. Bre says:

    Where is Kelly Monaco! She did amazing in the rape story. Wow.

  19. leontia says:

    No Kelly Monaco? Wow I’m confused…

  20. jessica says:

    Where is Steve Burton aka Jason Morgan??? He’s the BEST ACTOR on GH and once again Sunny and Luke get the best actors nom. At least Luke deserves his nom for his acting during Jake’s death. How about when Jason lost his son? He should have been nominated. It’s OK Jason I still love you and your the BEST actor on GH. Sam should be nominated too.

    • Elaine says:

      I don’t get all the hype about Maurice Benard. Sure he’s got the dimples, but he fudges a lot of his lines and hesitates when he can’t remember them. For me its Steve Burton all the way….his acting after Jake’s death and Sam’s rape were just so outstanding. Steve Burton is one of those rare actors who has to say nothing…he speaks volumes with his eyes. Also Jason Thompson was amazing with the Lisa Niles horror show and in the aftermath of Robin’s death, and Bradford Anderson is way underrated.

      • Brandy says:

        Because he is and AWESOME actor and doesnt fudge his lines you obviously dont watch the show,
        lmao what a joke!!!

        • dee says:

          ha! You’re joking! It takes him three minutes to deliver 45 seconds of dialogue, what with all the hemming and hawwing and pausing he does. I don’t know if it’s forgetting his lines, or scene-hogging, but he does it ALL the time.

          • cathy says:

            For those who complain, Maurice (GH) doesn’t flub his lines or hog the scenes. I like that he doesn’t seem rehearsed! Real people mess up their words sometimes when they talk, they have pauses in their “speeches”. I think its realistic and that’s what makes him great!

  21. marianna says:

    Anthony Geary is a phenominal actor and deserves every bit of that nom. He did a great job with the Jake storyline.

    Little side note: its been in his contract for years now that he has 2 3 month hiatuses in the year. He has a house in Switzerland that he and his family live in for half the year. If you’ve ever noticed he’s always gone in the summer and in the end of fall beginning of winter. That’s just good negotiation skills if ya ask me. Go AG!!

    • dee says:

      Actually, it’s in The Netherlands. But if you’re only on the show half the year, you’re not a lead, if you ask me.

  22. Bre says:

    Wow Kelly Monaco didn’t get nom? Her performance with the rape was outstanding!

  23. Connie Hernandez says:

    Two deserving actors were missed in these Award Show ! Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton were totally deserving nominees . After this latest snub , I lost interest in this award show . Became a Joke to me .

  24. Jenny says:

    WTF on OLTL not getting a Best Drama nom. Best soap last year and are still getting treated poorly.

  25. Michelle says:

    I agree about Jason Thompson – he’s great on GH and I love that he’s also Canadian!!

  26. Paula says:

    Congratulations GH. I never miss a show and it’s the highlight of daytime! Way to go Laura Wright!!!. Anthony Geary and Maurice Benard, both should win the daytime award as a tie.!!! Nancy Lee Grahn, I am routing for you.

  27. jackie says:


  28. Christina says:

    I think Elizabeth can beat Carly and Sam from G.H.! I think she’s the best actress……. And one life too live is cancelled ppl????

  29. Erin says:

    YAY, BRADFORD!!!! Jonathan Jackson, I will always love you, but you don’t need another.

  30. I know it’s too late for this year, but I think GH’s Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie) is amazing in her split personality role! Hope she gets nominated for next year!

  31. Also, Finola Hughes (Anna, Robin’s mom) would be a great nominee for next year. Her story line with Robin’s death is so good.

  32. kris c says:


  33. ChrisGa says:

    The Daytime Emmys became a joke several years back and it continues to be the gag gift that keeps on giving. And no offense to the ladies in the Lead Actress category, but that particular category should’ve began and ended with Melody Thomas Scott, who owned Y&R for the majority of the time she was on in the last year (although someone who should’ve been in that category for the last two or three years and hasn’t been even pre-nominated in that time is OLTL’s Florencia Lozano, who takes the phrase “on fire” to a whole other level).

    • tvnewsplus says:

      MTS is not that great. She is just a blonde they hired and thats it. Why people stand watching her horrible acting and jealousy fits is beyond me. The actress who plays Anita is better then her.

  34. Niecy says:

    Why isn’t OLTL nominated? That was the soap to watch all of last year! Well, at least B&B didn’t get a nod. 2011 was horrible for them! ALL their s/l’s sucked!

  35. Bridget says:

    Matthew Ashford yay!!!

  36. natasha alberto says:

    Jason Thompson really pushed the envelope in the tragedy of Robin’s death. Hope he wins it !

    • dee says:

      If he wins, it won’t be for the Robin’s death storyline, as that happened after submissions closed for this year’s nominations. Look for him to be nominated again NEXT year for that performance.

      i’m just glad to see him finally get recognized. He should have been nominated years ago during the whole dad-needs-a-liver-transplant storyline. He’s consistently good.

  37. Becky says:

    I would like to congradulate Days of our Livers for all their nominations. Good luck to “Days”.

  38. Linda Tatum says:

    Darnell Williams – Outstanding Lead Actor – Jesse Hubbard

    Debbi Morgan – Outstanding Lead Actress – Angie Hubbard

    Time for Emmy to make history – for a change


  39. Margo says:

    I think ABC needs to bring OLTL BACK! They ditched it for the Revolution and now that’s getting canceled due to poor ratings. They (and the now defunct Brian Frons) should have left well enough alone. ABC lost millions of viewers. I’ve been a GH and OLTL fan for years and am so sad that every network thinks viewers want more reality shows. ABC — listen up, “We DON’T want or NEED any more reality shows. Leave our soaps ALONE!” BTW, Jason Thompson DEFINITELY deserves an Emmy for his outstanding performances after Robin’s “death.” Anthony Geary, also because of his storyline after Jake’s death.

  40. Susan says:

    The Emmys have become a joke the past few years but i have been a loyal GH fan for years. Im a HUGE supporter of Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco they really did deserve an Emmy nom. Who selects these anyway?

  41. Deborah says:

    I agree that oltl deserved to be recognized. I thought the story with Rex and Gigi was noteworthy. I don’t think that amc was better than oltl. Only in the last few months of it when they finally brought the true people of amc back to the show and finally gave the people like the Martins and Hubbards their due. I never could stand Greenlee, Kendal, and Ryan. The whole show went down the drain because those characters consuming the limelight. AMC had a way of killing relationships. I was disappointed that Erica never got her man. I think Gh is and always has been the best soap, even during its slow times. The others also went through the same thing but was never of the same caliber of Gh. TONY, Maurice, Carly,
    Johnathan, and Becky deserve rewards. So do Steve and Kelly. I think every one of the actors deserve awards. I think Sullivan has done a great job with her DID disorder. Much better than the last actress that did it on oltl. OLTL should be brought back on. Lets get rid of Chew next. No one needs another lets get fat show. WOOHOO GH!!!!!

  42. Deborah says:

    This is directed to the person who said, Laura Wright who? She is an outstanding actress!! I’ve watched her over the years on different soaps and loved her characters. She does a great job, maybe thats why you dislike her. She’s that good. Same can be said for Rebecca H.

  43. Cindy says:

    Congrats to Elizabeth Hendrickson for her first nom! Bout time she got noticed!

  44. Crichiel says:

    I still watch soaps for two reasons, and two reasons only: Steve Burton and Roger Howarth. Not. Happy. :(

  45. Karen says:

    Anyone know when the daytime Emmys will be broadcast?

  46. M says:

    Where is Florencia Lozano (Tea, OLTL)?!?! She is awesome! Her scenes with the Victor/Todd storyline were so GREAT! The way she grieved over Victor were so touching and heartfelt! She should have been nominated for Lead Actress! She was definitely overlooked!

  47. Dawn Nelson says:

    crystal chappell is up for days……she isnt even on it and hasnt been for a very long time!!!! Whats up with that??

  48. Sue says:

    Here’s who I think should win Anthony Geary heather Tom Jason Thompson Melissa Claire Egan chad duell
    Jacqueline macInnes Wood and of course gh

  49. Certainly. I join told all above. Let’s discuss this quetsion.