The Voice Season 2 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is... [Updated]

jermaine paulSeason 2 of The Voice may have been a little coaches-centric for my taste, but Tuesday’s two-hour telecast was — and I say this with no sarcasm whatsoever — structured more perfectly than any reality-competition finale I’ve ever seen. Oh, sure, there were a few awkward moments where the Top 4 were painfully grafted onto performances by big-name artists with products or tours to promote — Juliet with Flo Rida? Tony, Jermaine, and Chris relegated to undetectable backup for Hall & Oates? — but their “victory lap” ditties allowed them to bring back fallen comrades in a celebration of the weeks and months of music that preceded the crowning of a successor to Vicci Martinez, er, Dia Frampton, er, Javier Colon. (Sorry, I always get that messed up in my fantasies. But seriously, check out Vicci’s terrific new single, “Come Along,” on iTunes!)

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And not only did we get to bask once more in the vocal stylings of Jamar Rogers, Katrina Parker, Lindsey Pavao,  Erin Willett, Jordis Unga, James Massone, Pip, and RaeLynn, but there was also a totally awesome bathroom break thanks to a live performance of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” (I kid! I kid! Not really.) (Also: I just typed the words “Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend.'” Heh-heh.) Plus, Christina Milian brought enough (new word alert!) imbecilism from the Sprint Lounge that I was able to release every last bit of fury and stress that built up over the course of the season. (Jamie Lono, never forget!)

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Anyhow, before we get to the results, let’s dish the evening’s musical performances:

Jermaine Paul (with Jamar Rogers, James Massone, and Pip), the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” | Proof that one need not reinvent the wheel to offer up a satisfying musical performance. Still, was I the only one who thought Jamar shone brightest on this number? (Side note: Christina Milian’s post-performance quote, presented without comment: “Make sure, by the way, we want everything trending because I’m sure you guys are trending right now.”)

Flo Rida and Juliet Simms, “Whistle”/”Wild Ones” | Somehow I suspect Juliet’s post-Voice career won’t include lyrics like “if I took you home/it’d be a home run” and/or “I want to shut down the club with you.” But gamely she tried on these bouncy club jams. (Side note: Christina Milian’s ridiculousness during her Flo Rida interview, presented without comment: “We’re wearing leather together. He likes me!”)

Chris Mann (with Lindsey Pavao and Katrina Parker), the Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony” | I’ve got to admit, this is the first non-classical performance by Chris that I found totally believable. Katrina matched him with power and pitch-perfection, too, and while Lindsey’s wispier tone wasn’t an obvious fit with the two power vocalists, she certainly held her own in the evening’s best musical moment. (Nope, not even those aggressive Swaybots could ruin it for me.)

Hall & Oates (with Chris Mann, Jermaine Paul, and Tony Lucca), “Rich Girl” | Was it me, or did Mr. Hall seem to lose steam/interest as the lounge-y arrangement of the song went on. Maybe if he’d let The Voice‘s three male finalists sing a lead line or two, the whole thing wouldn’t have devolved into such a drowsy, beige affair?

Kim Yarbrough, Naia Kete, Sera Hill, and Cheesa, Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” | Okay, so it wasn’t startlingly original, and there was the occasional wonky note and dropped phrase. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these B-level contestants get one more moment in the spotlight, and that stank-face exchange between Kim and Sera was a hoot and a holler. I just wondered why Ashley de la Rosa didn’t wind up in the mix along with ’em.

Juliet Simms (with Erin Willett, RaeLynn, and Jamar Rogers), the Beatles’/Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help From My Friends” | That hug between Jamar and Juliet at the end was awfully sweet, no? And while the sound mix got a little wonky on Erin and RaeLynn’s verse, I have to say Juliet’s banshee wailing on the final chorus more than made up for any prior deficiencies.

Tony Lucca and Jordis Unga, Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” | On paper, I was as excited about this duo tackling such a rousing ’70s anthem as I would be ordering a Panini for lunch. (Mmmm. Panini.) Alas, in practice, the sandwich was charred and disappointing on both sides. Not a great final impression for a pair of vocalists capable of better.

A few other thoughts on the telecast…

* Cee Lo’s t-shirt — bearing the names of all of each and every one of his team members (even Erin Martin!) — was an above-and-beyond show of affection from a coach to his contestants that’s pretty rare anywhere on reality TV. I won’t lie: I dig this very strange man, even if he needs to up his game in song selection and actionable feedback during The Voice‘s off season.

* Blake Shelton on Purrrfect the Cat: “It has pooped in my seat before. I hate it.”

And now, the results…

4th Place
Chris Mann (And I thought this was Jermaine Paul’s spot for sure!)

Side Note
Xtina, you forgot your pants! Again!

3rd Place
Tony Lucca (If TVLine had an office pool, I’d have definitely finished last)

2nd Place
Juliet Simms (Argh! Lady rockers just can’t catch a break!)

“The Voice”
Jermaine Paul (¡?!) (Yes, that’s a word now, too.)

Um, Jermaine Paul? Well, he seems like a nice guy, and his joyous, emotional breakdown made for good TV, I suppose, but I’d rank his win as perhaps the most bizarre outcome in the history of reality singing competitions. I seriously thought Alicia Keys’ former backup singer would be an automatic ouster after a deplorable cover of “Living on a Prayer” during the first live performance show, and his subsequent overwrought renditions of “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),” “Open Arms,” and “I Believe I Can Fly” didn’t do much to make him look like a winner in my eyes, either. As my Twitter follower @mcdeallover wondered, “I think Carson had the results card upside down.”

Ah well, maybe it was just the power of coach Blake Shelton’s quiet charisma at work. Or maybe America was hungry for a pop-R&B singer not afraid to crush whatever ballad comes his way with an anvil of melisma, vibrato, and holleration.

What did you think of The Voice season finale? Shocked as I am that Jermaine pulled off a win — even after giving us a good idea what male childbirth might sound like during “I Believe I Can Fly”? If not Jermaine, who should’ve taken the whole ball of wax in Season 2? Sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. FreeHaley says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don’t think my favorite will ever win one of these things again! Damn, Juliet sooooo close. Just 4% lower than Jermaine. But dang! COme on!
    Juliet owned this!

    I did think Jermaine was a lot better than most here gave him credit for but dang!

    It sounds like Jermaine and Juliet were close and a lot higher than Chris and Tony, who were crazy close.

    Looking at last week’s votes Tony didn’t win, and Jermaine won by a ton and Juliet by a lot. I guess that carried over.

    But dang this really came sort of out of nowhere since Jermaine got the least talk of anyone in every forum I’ve looked at.

    But hey congrats to Jermaine!

    • FreeHaley says:

      I guess the whole male doing endless runs sort of thing just goes over best. That won last year too.

      Was soooo hoping it could be time for a rocker girl again, it’s been way too long and damn she had some of the best of season. Man, can’t believe it. So close. Aghhhhhhhhhh!

      • Tiff says:

        Honestly, I love runs – but they have to be done smoothly, and effortlessly, and I have to believe that. I thought Jesse Campbell was the best of the bunch at runs, but he was ruthlessly voted off by bitchy Xtina – probably because he was more popular than she was. Anyway, that’s why I’m going with Joshua for the win on Idol.

        Javier had a wonderful voice, and I really thought he deserved to win last year. I’m not a fan of his kind of music, but he was really good. I didn’t really believe Jermaine this year – whereas everything that Juliet sang was straight from the heart and SO DAMN GOOD.

        But yeah, women can’t get a break in these shows.

      • TinyTim says:

        The two that sold the most on iTunes finish last and the two that couldn’t sell a nickel make the top two. Yes this show is rigged!

        • Mary B says:

          Actually Tony and Juliet were on top of the charts with Chris 3rd and Jermaine coming in last. Go figure. I really thought Juliet would win and Tony would come in second. I think all that crap that went on with Christina and Adam hurt Tony and Chris but no clue what happened with Juliet. She was the top of all the polls. Weird.

          • Tarc says:

            It’s too weird for me… I’m suspicious. Christina’s overt meddling was enough to toss the results into suspect territory, but Jermaine? Seriously?

          • MamaLis says:

            I agree. I’m totally suspicious. Usually these forums are fairly representative of the voting public and as a Slezak fan more than the Voice, I usually check them out. And in here – Jermaine was by far the LEAST favorated contestant. As for me – after a minute I had to ff through him, I found him that unbearable. WHAT the heck happened??

          • FreeHaley says:

            Yeah it was unusual. I mean he was getting just nothing in any polls. The only one to have only 1 tune in top 200 of itunes. Etc. That said he did easily, easily beat Erin the other night, the largest margin of them all. But, OTOH, Juliet had a large win over Jamar, who many thought was the second best and Jamar had been much more favored over Erin so Juliet’s win actually appeared the most impressive margin of all.

            So yeah, it doesn’t add up.

            Maybe the Blake crowd just voted like crazy and the Juliet crowd got complacent thinking she was a lock? Thought they could spare a vote or two for someone else or didn’t make use of all 10 votes on all 10 systems? it seemed that the more casual fan got caught up in Jermaine’s fun night and held Juliet being sick against her and also got sucked into the chritina/adam drama and tossed a vote or two to those guys. Maybe the finale also brought in a ton of new voters who had never seen anything prior? (although i still thought juliet’s solo was better than jermaine’s last night and she did seem to bring the house down even more than he did)

            I thought we’d finally, finally have a really exciting winner again for once. And a rock chick would finally score a win. And the one with the best performance of the season ona show might actually finally win. :(

        • TinyTim says:

          Since they let Jordis Unga on the show maybe they will let Dilana come one since so many of you want a female rock chick to win.

    • Dana says:

      FreeHaley, you just posted this on Slezak’s other Voice article, word for word. Same goes for the comment about Cee Lo signing Juliet per his tweet. We get it. And we don’t need it fifty million times.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Yeah the horrors! I re-posted it here since this is the article that deals with the final results and the only one that most people are actually reading now. The horror!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I haven’t read the other posts, thank you.
        People are free to move on if something looks familiar.

      • FreeHaley says:

        The real problem is that this site needs to put a place holder, just write a quick blurb before filling in his initial thoughts for the night, and give a sensible place to start commenting. There is never spot to post until hours later and then whatever you post in the wrong place kinda goes by the way side.

    • writerross says:

      I will say Blake is the nicest, most nurturing “coach” on the show. There’s something so kind and giving about him. You don’t have to sing country. Just sing.

      Christina was wearing a sparkly diaper on last night’s show as more evidence of what a little bratty baby she is.

      Good luck to all of the finalists. I would never have guessed it would end that way. I don’t think Tony, Chris, or Juliet did either.

      One thing the show did wrong: Juliet did not get to talk to the audience and on the air after she took 2nd place. Man, how to kick a girl when she’s down!

    • Topsy says:

      I was shocked that Jermaine won. I too noticed he got the fewest mentions of any contestant on the forums, however I’m glad it wasn’t Tony or Chris. I didnt watch Monday’s episode until Tuesday shortly before the finale and after reading the recappers review I wasn’t looking forward to it, but just had to see what all the “99 Problems” commotion was all about. I have to say I TOTALLY disagree with Mr. Slezak regarding Jermaine’s performances, it was one of the least cringe inducing performances of “I believe…” that I’ve heard in a while. Although I think in general it would have served him well to pick a different song, but hey he won so what do I know?

      It also made me realize I’d spent so much time focused on my favs Jamar and Juliet, that I missed Jermaine, and turns out he’s a worthy winner as his singing is truly amazing to me. However, I do have a prefernece for big singers.

      I think people should find this upset victory as a refreshing sign that these reality shows can have a good amount of intrigue and unexpected twist. I would have loved for Juliet to win but in the grand scheme of things Jermain winning isnt half bad. I was certainly pleasantly surprised by the outcome. True fans of competition would be.

      • gazebo says:

        I was surprised too. Jermaine had never shown a lot of personality for people to warm to – except for Mondays show. When they showed him goofing with Blake in the studio, and then his duet with Blake doing “Soul Man” (which I loved), if finally showed him as a real guy, able to have fun. Blake is so beloved, I think this may have make the difference in people deciding to vote for Jermaine.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Yeah he had his best night and came across as really fun. Juliet was sick and talked about failed record deals too much too bad her back scenes from last night hadn’t been on the night before instead. And some people, more from juliet’s side seemed to toss a vote or two to tony and it seems a few Cee Lo fans were mad he dared chose Juliet over Jamar (never mind that America pikced her too by the same 60:40 margin!) and said they would vote against team red for spite, while no blake fans said any things like that about erin/jermaine. When it is that close all those little bits together may have been it. Plus it is easier given the demo on these shows for a guy like jermaine to win.

          • destinycampbell says:

            I think that since Jamar and Jermaine are both soulful pop/r&b singers (even though Jamar had more grit and heart and a bit of rock in his stylings), when Jamar got voted off, a lot of his fans may have put their vote into Jermaine who was the closest to Jamar’s genre.

      • bjp says:

        Does anyone understand how this happened? Like Michael, I totally picked Jermaine to land in the fourth spot…

        • Gee says:

          I think you just underestimated his fan base. He has been consistently voted in by the public and he won over Erin with such a large margin. Furthermore, he rocked his performances on Monday while Juliet failed to meet expectations. He peaked at the right time.

  2. FreeHaley says:

    Hope CeeLo follow through on his tweet and signs Juliet!

    • TinyTim says:

      Next season we will get all the backup singers showing up and having their “artist” friends pushing them to a win too.

      I hope the Voice producers fix this show, Jermiane should have finished last.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Melinda Doolittle was a backup singer when she went on Idol, but I don’t recall any big stars or “artist” friends promoting her on air.
        I agree – that kind of defeats the purpose of the program, which I admit to have watched somewhat vicariously this season because it was either (a) to painful, or (b) to annoying to watch. But I have read Mr. Slezak’s recaps on occasion. And the comments.

        • J Durbs says:

          Twitter was around when Melinda Doolittle was on Idol.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            But my point was I don’t recall whether or not famous artists were promoting her.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Sorry, hit the wrong key – when Jermaine auditioned there was footage of Alicia Keyes talking about him and encouraging him.

          • Meghan says:

            Was it? I thought Twitter became popular around 2009 and Melinda was on the show in 2007.

          • Jdurbs says:

            Typo…should have been wasn’t.

        • zaza says:

          Darcy, if I recall, Melinda was a back-up singer for a gospel group, and outside of that genre, they probably weren’t well know. So their support wouldn’t really have made much of an impression on most AI voters.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Okay, thanks. I thought I remembered that she had done a bit of backup singing for a few name acts, but I’ve slept since Season 6 of “Idol” (think it was Season 6) so who knows. I’m sure I could look it up on the internet.

    • Yo' says:

      I’m with Michael Slezak; I love Ceelo. And that tee shirt was fantabulous. Nice touch.

  3. anon says:


    • FreeHaley says:


    • J Durbs says:

      Just like WGWG’s (white guys with guitars) win Idol apparently BBG’s (bald black guys) win the Voice. There are a lot of “should’ve”‘s where the Voice is concerned.

      • Mary says:

        Come on people get a life. Might not be your favorite, but obviously he received the most votes,
        Someone liked his style. Wasn’t my pick but I really do believe that the judges do help sway the voting. Blake is popular. See even limiting the votes the one most think will win don’t. I will say I thought he was the best on finale night, and I think he might do well with the right song in R&B.

  4. Sierra says:

    Personally, I think Juliet got robbed!!! I really think the other performers had nothing compared to her. But honestly, after all the ridiculous nonsense between Adam and Xtina that’s been going on the past few episodes (especially after last night’s ep), I’m just glad Cee-Lo and Blake’s Teams took top spots – they were certainly the best of the final four and its nice to see America’s voting not get sidetracked by the Chris Mann/Xtina v. Tony Lucca/Adam battle of “real men” and such.

  5. jen says:

    Juliet did not perform well last night. Jermaine killed it. Congratulations Jermaine!

    (and…. why was XTina not wearing pants???)

    • FreeHaley says:

      She did well on her solo. And she was sick. She didn’t even rehearse a single song. Last night was her first try with each song on the stage. And she had some of the top memorable performances like Roxanne, Man’s World, etc. weeks prior.

      She wuz robbed.

    • Tiff says:

      Xtina was wearing sparkly underwear. It was ridiculous. She looked great until she stood up, and then I was like, “Wh—t?!”

      • Sha says:

        I agree. I love Xtina but her look made me do a 180 when she stood up.

        • Tiff says:

          Ha, still not as bad as falling-out-of-her-dress-back-cleavage dress from yesterday’s “Prayer” performance. Xtina is a great singer with terrible fashion sense.

          • tripoli says:

            Didn’t see the back cleavage, but I can’t fathom it being worse than the loaded looking diaper she wore tonight. Just awful.

          • MamaLis says:

            How kind of you to call it “back cleavage.” Back in Chicago it’s pure and simple “back fat.”

    • Jaxguy says:

      Jermaine was so so for me last night. He was middle of the pack the whole time in my opinion. At first I thought he wasn’t very good. American never gets it right so expect the same bad ending for AI this year too. I will finally be done. No more AGT. No more Voice. and no more Idol. What a freaking relief. These shows and their terrible results are why I don’t listen to the radio.

      • matt says:

        That means you’ll still be watching the X-Factor then lol

      • A D says:

        Pretty sure I’ve never heard a contestant from “The Voice” on the radio; or anyone from American Idol lately.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          You aren’t listening to the right stations. Carrie Underwood is all over (mostly) country radio, as are Kellie Pickler, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and recently, Casey James, who has a great new CD out.
          And of course Kelly Clarkson is all over the Top 40 (or whatever it’s called these days) station. David Cook gets some play as well.

    • Mary B says:


  6. Taylor says:

    Once again America goes with the bald black guy. 2nd year that my favorite came in 2nd, and my least favorite won :(

    • Tarc says:

      Well, there goes any credibility for the show: that guy has the worst voice I’ve heard on television in decades. He’s genuinely nails-on-a-chalkboard bad.

      • jen says:

        ummmm, are you deaf?? That statement is simply stipid. Lemme guess, you’re a Bieber fan, right??

        • Tarc says:

          Nope – and I have perfect pitch. I’d rather listen to buzz saws. He’s beyond bad.

        • Jake says:

          Lol. Best comment ever: “That statement is simply stipid.”

        • Joe says:

          jen – No, he’s not deaf. He’s a male Phillip Phillips groupie whose only redeeming value to this world is he allegedly has a cat. As for Jermaine, it was actually his best last night and it made me smile to see him win. I actually thought Chris won the night, but Jermaine actually made like I Believe I Can Fly last night. I should’ve known he had the thing in the bag just for that reason alone. I think Soul Man got him a ton of votes too with Blake. It was a lot of fun.

          • Tarc says:

            Ah, the idiot known as Joe. Again. Here to be a tasteless, classless, dimwitted jerk here, too?

          • Joe says:

            Go back to the shadows shrew. You shall not pass!

          • Tarc says:

            If you spend word for word with me, I shall make your wit bankrupt.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Are you two at it again?
            Honestly, WHY is ANYONE, EVER, ANYWHERE singing “I Believe I Can Fly”? Holy cow, that song should have been buried in the archives of Bad 80s Ballads from the School of Holleration years ago. Not to mention, why is anyone promoting R Kelly?

          • Joe says:

            Tarc – Could you stop incessantly commenting on reality TV music competitions and tell us from the inside what it’s like to be one of Travolta’s masseuses?

          • Tarc says:

            Didn’t think you could top Shakespeare, and I was right. *yawns*

        • matt says:

          Jen he’s really bad. YOu obviously have no taste in music if you like Jermaine.

          • Gee says:

            Why would you make such a comment when music is subjective?

          • I, for one, am thankful we don’t all have the same taste in music or we’d all be listening to the same thing and it would be boring. There are lots of styles of music I don’t like, but I still now and then find redeeming qualities in them. It certainly doesn’t mean I, or anyone else has bad taste. We like what we like.

        • CC says:

          No but he’s a Phil Phillips fan. Need we say more?

      • krtvmnd says:

        Don’t you mean the credibility of the fans? They are the ones who vote. You didn’t him. I wanted Juliet to win. Bottom line is I still loved watching the show. Sure people I really liked went home to early but that is the nature of the reality tv beast. Win some and lose some. What shows like this do (especially these days) is showcase amazing talent and gets people out there so someone else can snatch them up. You don’t have to win this show to be a winner, it is what you do AFTER that counts…..

        • Tarc says:

          Actually, the producers can make whomever they like win – read the fine print. Since it’s unfathomable that Jeramine could possibly win, it’s the show. Any of the others were a million times better. And I’ll predict right now that Jermaine will never ever have a song that cracks the top100 on any chart.

          • matt says:

            What fine print are you talking about Tarc? Can you copy and paste it here? There is actually some legalese that allows the producers to ignore the votes of the fans?

          • Tarc says:

            Yeah, I believe there is. Have a look yourself – that way I’ll not be acused of misdirecting you. Nearly all TV series, including American Idol, has such clauses. For a while, they used to run them at the bottom of the screen at various times, but they aren’t required to anymore.

          • Michael says:

            The producers tried HARD to make sure *JULIET* won. They constantly gave her the final slot and I’m sure they whispered something in the coaches ears to continue to praise her endlessly. I loved Juliet, but the problem was she was not good on Monday. And the audience simply voted for Jermaine over her. Too bad I didn’t vote :/

          • Tarc says:

            Unfortunately I don’t/can’t watch much TV live, so I didn’t vote either.

  7. Clarissa says:

    he wasn’t even on my radar. He was the only one I WASN’T worried about taking it.

  8. stacy says:

    Voted for the first time last night fore Juliet…I’m a little heartbroken now.

  9. Brian says:

    Never underestimate the power of their coaches. Jermaine was the worst of the four in my opinion, but Blake is probably the most likable. There’s a reason Chris Mann was 4th, and it wasn’t because of his voice. It was because of his coach. Juliet should have won easily. Oh well.

    • TheBeach says:

      When I saw Chris and Tony fall and it was only Jermaine left between Juliet and the win, I admit I let out a huge sigh of relief. Man, was I wrong.

      • MamaLis says:

        As soon as they started with the names I was waiting for Jermaine’s name to be called. Over. and over. and over.

    • Ruby says:

      ACTUALLY, I’m pretty Chris was in the bottom because of his rape eyes.

  10. Tiff says:

    Juliet should have won – she basically lost because she had a cold. Although I was not expecting Jermaine to win – my guess is that Chris Mann is too polarizing, people got upset about the whole Hugo version of 99 Problems thing that Tony Lucca did, and Jermaine got the country vote because of Blake.

    Well, America, you are 0 for 1 on choosing the right singer. Let’s hope they do better on Idol. Joshua FTW!

    • FreeHaley says:

      Idol already lost Elise.

      I’m trying to even think the last time my favorite won, I wonder if it goes all the way back to Fantasia???

      • Tiff says:

        I know, I loved Elise, but she never stood a chance. I’m still on the Joshua train, but I’m fairly sure that WGWG#5 will take it.

      • no fave says:

        Now you made me wonder… and I think it’s the same for me too!

      • dindi says:

        I always have the same sad feeling at every finale. For me it’s even worse, as none of my favorites ever won! Bo Bice, Elliot Yamin, Melinda… I have higher hopes with Joshua now but am also pretty convinced he won’t take it. If not for anything else, just not to break my fav losers’ curse…

      • Sandi says:

        My favorite has won once – David Cook. Other than that, it’s usually second place – Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowersox, Bo Bice…Sometimes it’s worse – Daughtry, J Hud, Colton….

      • noa says:

        maybe David Cook for me. but i can’t remember now if i liked Carly more than him. other than that- Fantasia was the last one.

      • cookielove says:

        David Cook!

    • Davey says:

      Chris Mann wasn’t polarizing. His coach was. And he and Tony practically got the same amount of votes.

      • FreeHaley says:

        And apparently both had noticeably less than Jermaine or Juliet. So much for their itunes charting I guess and all the mess last night.

        A shame Juliet had to get sick right this week! Although I still thought she brought it with freebird for best of the night. Between Jermaine owning the stage better and his fun duet with Blake maybe getting country voters going I guess that was it.

        Just a bit stale when you had someone so special and different and we get another vaguely Javier sort again.

        Actually did you notice that when Chris charts in last on itunes he wins the popular overall vote and now that he charted better (when I looked at least) he does worst in overall votes. weird.

      • Tiff says:

        Chris is kind of polarizing – people either love him or hate him. That’s what polarizing means. And yeah, it didn’t help that he has a coach who is stirring s*** up.

      • Sha says:

        it’s interesting that with all the boasting Tony’s fans do about his twitter followers… he hasn’t done well with the votes. Katrina beat him last week and this week he came in third and beat Chris Mann only by a hair…

    • uh huh says:

      Upset over the “whole Hugo version of 99 Problems thing”? Seriously? Considering maybe one half of one percent of the people who vote on these things even would have a clue what you’re talking about, I’m pretty sure that’s not it.

      • Tiff says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Tony Lucca – but I think there was a coaches’ mess that overshadowed him. Coupled with the whole Hugo thing (which I seriously don’t care about, that happens on singing shows all the time), I think it was kind of a weird night for him.

      • zaza says:

        I personally prefer the Hugo version, but I found Tony’s rendition to be kind of bland. But then, I thought he was bland no matter what he sang.

  11. Meagan says:

    As soon as it was just Juliet and Jermaine I thought for sure Juliet had it in the bag. I’m so sad and surprised that she lost :( I love her!

    • matt says:

      I wasn’t. That’s when I started to suspect something was wrong because Jermaine shouldn’t have been in the final 2. I was realizing that taste in tacky cheesy runs music would probably prevail, at that point.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Yeah as soon as they said it was a close 4% I was worried. No way He’d beat her if it wasn’t close but close, oh I had a bad feeling, especially since he also easily won popular vote last week.

      • MamaLis says:

        Exactly! As soon as he wasn’t 4th or 3rd I thought … oh NO!

        • FreeHaley says:

          Yeah I was super worried when it was down to those two and they said it ws close. Just look to the previous week. Tony barely lost to Katrina and I think Chris only won by a little. Jermaine won by a ton and Juliet by a real lot. So that did have me very worried about Jermaine winning over Juliet despite how little talk he has gotten in forums or on polls. The way tony soared on itunes after controversy I actually thought he might be the most serious threat but once they pegged him bottom two it was clear it was just last week again with juliet and jermaine the real threats. Last week told the tale just about ot the T only Tony got a hint of a boost over Chris this time.

  12. Paisley says:

    Blake heavily supported his man on Twitter, I know that and he stayed out off the Xtina Vs Adam catfight by why no love for Juliet?

    • Clarissa says:

      Yeah, his tweets were hilarious (saying the pope,Oprah,Christina, etc wanted Jermaine to win). *I* even almost threw in a vote his way eventhough I’ve been Team Juliet since auditions.

    • Rolfe says:

      Tony has 500,000 followers. Juliet has 100,000. Jermaine and Chris have around 50,000. I don’t think Twitter is a good indicator of picking a winner.

  13. Rolfe says:

    I’m honestly stunned. That’s all I can say.

  14. zombiehugs37 says:

    I really hoped Juliet would take it! Jermain was my # 3 so I’m a little shocked her took the whole thing. Need a girl winner!

  15. max says:

    Jermaine did not deserve it at all

  16. Sam says:

    Worse decision ever made by America (in a competition show). JULIET IS THE BEST AND CLEARLY SHOULD HAVE WON. BOO JERMAINE PAUL

    • Sha says:

      Juliet will be the Jhud of The Voice. I’m certainly rooting for her.

      • tripoli says:

        That seems highly unlikely. She fail like she’s done in the past.

        • Tarc says:

          It’s aways about luck and material when you have the voice already. Exposure might get her better material and a break. I certainly wish her far more luck than any of the others, and pray I never have to hear Jermaine on the radio.

          • tripoli says:

            But her voice is still mediocre, and is quite specific, and therefore will most likely not appeal to the majority of the public. She’s got an acquired taste type of voice. So maybe she’ll get better material, opportunities, but that won’t stop the inevitable fizzling out that will happen. Agree about Jermain, but based on the season one winner, I don’t think we’ve got much to worry about.

  17. Jen says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t address the Tony/Christina drama from last night AT ALL! I felt sure they would say something about it…

  18. Tiff says:

    Also, I am now convinced that a woman can never win a popular singing competition in America ever again. And don’t quote the results of X Factor to me – it was its first season – give it one more season to fall down the rabbit hole.

    • FreeHaley says:


      and forget it if they are slightly jazzy or rock or blue or anything of the such, witness also Haley and Elise, Allison, etc.

      Dang it’s like a clone. Same type of winner as last year. No chance. At least Juliet it close this season. Maybe without the illness she woulda squeaked past him? That really stinks. FInally a chance, perhaps, and an ill-timed illness. But she shoulda won anyway.

      I did see some people saying they tossed their votes to TOny to spite Christina instead of Juliet and since she was a little sick. Maybe that was the 4%, sad.

      • Tiff says:

        I know – the only way a woman can win a singing show now is if she’s country or very poppy, and she has a very sweet personality. I think America is scared of grit in a woman’s voice, and a woman who can stand up for herself. It’s disgusting.

        I totally think it was the illness. Juliet really screwed up the Gnarls Barkley song, and the song with Cee-Lo was kind of boring. Free Bird was good, but just not up to her last few performances. I get why she didn’t win, but I’m still pretty pissed.

        On Idol, I’m on the “anyone but P2” train – I liked him at first, but then I realized that he essentially sings the same song, out of tune, every week. I’ll seriously take ANYONE but him at this point – they’re all way more deserving than he is.

        • FreeHaley says:

          I liked P2 for a while too but yeah at this point he has slid to my least favorite. The one of the top 7 even I’d have still put him above was Skylar, although perhaps some of that may be more down to my not liking the twangy Skylar style.

          Elise was the only one I ever really cared about, although Jessica does have a great voice, Joshua is pretty solid too if not really my style, Colton was pretty good at times, Hollie has suddenly done really well.

          But dang can’t believe JUliet didn’t get the win. Not one thing can go wrong for a rocker/bluesy/jazzy/strong sort of female singer to win. :( With only 4% difference I bet without the cold she would’ve just managed to pull it off. So even nature it out to ruin it for us now! Out of the frying pan of Idol producers and into the frying pan of viruses!

    • Joe says:

      Tiff – I will say this much; America put Katrina through to the final 4. It was Adam who stopped her from getting there. The final 4 would’ve had 2 women with great voices in it if Adam wasn’t playing favorites and split it 50/50. He had as much to do with another guy winning as the people voting at home as I think Katrina actually had a shot at taking this thing.

      • uh huh says:

        I preferred Katrina, too, but let’s stop pretending Adam did something “wrong” by shifting the vote toward Tony the way he did. THAT’S THE RULES OF THIS GAME! The coaches have this power. I actually have more respect for the coaches who USE it than the ones who chicken out and go 50/50.

        • Tiff says:

          Actually, my biggest problem of this year was the “instant eliminations”, which I felt came from nowhere. They didn’t have it last year, and it really put TOO much power in the judges’ hands. I didn’t even want to vote after they kicked people off. I was usually too busy being shocked by who they kicked off. I hope they cut that from the competition. Last year they had an equal split between the votes, the coaches’ points and the iTunes downloads. I thought that was the most fair process, and I still maintain that they should do everything from the battle rounds like that.

        • zaza says:

          I just hope that Katrina gets picked up by a label. She really has a lot of talent and seems like a nice person.

      • Tiff says:

        I don’t actually think Katrina had a shot at taking it, but you’re right, America did put her through. I just don’t think they would have put her through twice – she was on the bottom two times before that.

      • MamaLis says:

        See, I don’t get the whole Katrina thing. I’m sorry. They tried to make her like an Adele but she’s not an Adele. Not even close. The way they packaged her, with the bad hair, and I didn’t think she had the charisma, nor the depth of voice. Of course she’s a nice person, but a nice person singing in a lounge or good karaoke.

        • FreeHaley says:

          yeah I don’t think Katrina would’ve won it, if she had been put through. Not even close. it still wouldve been Jermaine and Juliet getting a lot more votes. I wonder if it would’ve slightly helped juliet though.

    • Mary B says:

      …..And Simon was the coach and it was his show. I think that was a big influence.

    • JC says:

      Don’t count out American Idol yet I think this will be the season that a woman will win either Jessica or Hollie are strong contenders :)

  19. Jason says:

    Poor Juliet. I completely do not get the Jermaine Paul thing. He yells and doesn’t even sing. I guess it’s better than the WGWG winning, though… But still don’t get it. :-P

    • jen says:

      That is a stupid statement. You may not like R&B but the man is a great singer. If you can’t see it then that says more about you.

      • Davey says:

        Jermaine is good but I wouldn’t call him great.

        • Tiff says:

          I agree. I thought Jermaine was good last night. I just don’t think he’s great. He seems like a nice guy, but his voice is not that interesting.

      • Jeremy Gable says:

        Calling someone stupid over their own preference says more about you…

      • TheBeach says:

        He may be a good singer if one enjoys over-singing but the moment they announced he was singing the awful “I Believe I Can Fly”, I just sat back and waited for the melisma fest…and he did not disappoint.

        • Tarc says:

          That was the biggest mess across all the Voices (US, UK, AUS) and Idol. *shudders* And he (tried to) sing Journey. *dies* Just awfu on every level.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Unfortunately he did go rather over the top with it at the end.

      • Tarc says:

        Sweetie, I was raised on R&B in the home of it. I used to live five minute from Aretha. Jermaine is awful (at best).

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          YOU BETTER THINK! :-)

        • TMC says:

          can you see Russia from your backyard too Tarc?

        • MamaLis says:

          Well..well… I spent my twenties in Minneapolis during the heart of the Prince/Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis era. Very into the music scene. In fact, my friend the great Dave ‘Bear’ Barry (who has played with Janet Jackson for yeeears) is currently the guitar player on the Voice. The one that always wears the fedora. Yea Bear!

      • noa says:

        well, it’s kind of a stupid comment even if you don’t think he’s good at all. the point of the WGWG argument isn’t that anyone but WGWGs should win. the problem with Idol is that they seem to win even if someone else is better. if the best in a season is a WGWG (like David Cook) the why shouldn’t he win?

        • Tarc says:

          I don’t get the WGWG thing at all really. I think a lot of the guys that are into music learn to play guitar or piano, and once they figure out they want to do music (which they do fairly early on), most that rise to the point of Idol are also writing their own stuff. Compared to other folks that simply sing, I think that gives them an edge. Plus, male vocals are in right now – for a change. Whether it’s a white guy with a guitar or a piano, a black guy that danacs or raps – and whether it’s alt, pop, hip-hop, or country, it’s In right now if you look at the charts. If Phillip wins, I think it’s representative of what the Idol audience wants to buy right now.

  20. I was very surprised on how the order came out. Even though Juliet did not get 1st place at least she got in 2nd place. She still has a chance to be signed to a record label and hey Jennifer Hudson didn’t win and she won an Oscar and a Grammy. Everyone in the top 4 deserved to be where they are congrats Jermaine Paul

  21. Sam says:

    I REALLY hope God made Juliet sick on purpose because the record deal she’s gonna get will be much better than the one she would’ve gotten if she deservingly won.

  22. Beckstle says:

    Juliet is clearly a rock star. I’m happy for the winner, but expect she will be the one we will be hearing the most from. She’s truly extrodinary.

  23. Angel says:

    Juliet should’ve won! She was robbed and when Cee Loo signs her, I am buying her record. Jermaine is good, and congrats to him, but do we really need another Luther Vandross wanna be out there? He is not a unique voice at all..he is just another good looking guy with a decent set of pipes. He will make another run of the mill R & B album that is so common now a days. I have no issues with that style of music, I enjoy it, but this is “The Voice” people! Why can’t America vote for someone truely unique, like Juliet, who we don’t see very often. The girl has the makings to be like Heart and Pat Benatar! A true female rocker with soul. Wake up America….stop being so boring with your choices!

    • FreeHaley says:

      Exactly. Do we really need yet another R&B? And last year’s winner, all with the R&B runs. Two in a row. It’s as boring as Idol has become in the end. :(
      Juliet was so special and unusual. We so need that back! Dang!
      Can’t believe it. Even Blake said she was the obvious front runner!

    • Paramour says:

      OMG! Jermaine is not even in the same league as Luther Vandross. There is absolutely no comparison. Listen to a youtube excerpt of Luther and then Jermaine and you will see the error of your statement. Jermaine is a background singer because his voice is not unique. His voice is a dime a dozen even though he good and can hold a tune. Voters do not make superstars, spenders do.

  24. Josh says:

    He’s going to be huge…just like the last Voice winner…

    oh wait…

  25. I seriously thought Chris was the best singer, but Jermaine had the heart. Juliet had one and half great performances (Roxanne was the best performance of any performer) but she couldn’t come up to or beat it. Jermaine had the power of the country kingdom behind him tonight..I saw tweets from Miranda, Blake, Reba, etc..all saying vote Jermaine. People, you cannot deny the country power vote.

  26. Toia says:

    I don’t know why I watch these shows. I skipped idol this year because it usually turns in to a vote for the cutest boy contest. I just can’t see why talented females can’t get any recognition on these shows. It makes me want to go all feminist rant but I will save my energy for things that matter more.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah it sucks. (If you do go on your rant though, don’t blame the guys though. The girls I know were split all over, many did favor Juliet by Jermaine and Tony and Chris got support too quite a but but most, if not all, of the guys I know favored Juliet.)

    • You should have watched IDOL this year. Some of the best talent ever, but a guy is gonna win again. Two of the best girls have already been voted off..but in all honestly, Joshua the guy, should win.

      • cip says:

        I agree wholeheartedely. As much as I loved The Voice last season, I love Idol this season- and Josh SHOULD win Idol if we’re looking at pure talent alone. Unllike The Voice this season, let’s hope America doesn’t screw up that one up. .

  27. Jackie says:

    Jermaine won because he had the best command of the stage and the audience. It’s not just about having “the voice”, it’s about using all you’ve got to your best advantage. I think Jermaine rocked it in the finals and I was pulling for him to win.

    • Jaxguy says:

      Sorry, it’s suppose to be about having the voice. America doesn’t really know what a great voice is anyway. Just watch Justin Beiber. That was terrible. The best Voice on the voice this year was Chris Mann. But I knew he didn’t have a chance because America hates great singers. I just don’t get it. Jessica is due to go down on AI and she is BY A MILLION miles the best singer on AI this year. But she won’t win. America hates great singers. They have taste for cat dung.
      Jermaine was ok, but there were 6 or 7 singers better than him on the show this year. Heck I thought Pip ouit sang him tonight. Oh well.
      I’M DONE!!!
      2 seasons is plenty for me.
      I can stop wasting my time waiting for the American public to vote for another middle of the road singer.

      • tripoli says:

        If they’re all such great singers they’d still manage to make a great career for themselves after the exposure they get from these shows. Sadly, most of them are just mediocre and are destined to end up in the where are they now, sure to show up on celeb rehab in 5 years, pile.

      • FreeHaley says:

        I sort of agree only I didn’t think Chris could actually sing popular music as well as most of the others since he didn’t know to sing that type of music and when it comes to opera he is no match for the ones you see perform in a top opera company as far as I could tell. So he was neither here nor there IMO.

  28. Forwarddad says:

    Glad Jermaine won. Happy Luca lost. Christina looked estatic if she couldn’t win pretty sure she was thrilled that Tony lost. I was pretty shocked with the results. But glad for Blake.

    • Jaxguy says:

      I don’t give a crap about Blake. He didn’t win a thing. The other singers lost

    • Tarc says:

      Yeah, Christina had her broom out this week. She must have a whole wing at home to store them in. Her shenanigans were startlingly inappropriate this week, and I like her and the show significantly less because of it.

      • Van says:

        Yes, How dare she have an opinion about music?? who is she to know anything about music?? I mean when we have such relevant muscial talents like Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul, and Birtney Spears picking the next superstar vocalist. Thanks for making me understand that everyone can say what they want, but a woman who actually knows how to sing can never have an opinion about vocal ability on a singing competition. She should be burned at the stake.

        • Tarc says:

          Considering I didn’t say a thing about her knowledge of music, what are you blathering about? Trying to sink the prospects of a contestant on a different team (and old collegue, no less) for spite and kicks? Insulting his wife on air? Insulting the guy for Adam’s song choice? Insulting the guy when he wasn’t even there? Now that’s what I was referring to. I didn;t even want the guy to win, but that was repulsive, mean, vile beahvior.

  29. Beck says:

    ha ha

  30. FreeHaley says:

    I think people acted like it was too much in the bag for Juliet too. I got nervous by all the talk that she was the obvious winner. It’s tough for a rocker girl to win. Jermaine blew Erin away in the voting from what I recall.

  31. Davey says:

    I think one thing that messed up the voting was they were not all that clear that buying the duet did not count as a vote. Chris’s duet and solo were high on iTunes — number 11 and 12 but some people buying the duet might have thought they were voting for him.

    • TheBeach says:

      I thought Chris Mann’s group number (with Katrina and Lindsay) was the best of the night…really, really good. And this time he didn’t sound like an opera singer trying to sing pop. I liked the Jackson 5 number and Juliet with a little help from her friends, but Chris’ was my favorite. (I was pulling for Juliet btw)

  32. Tiffany says:

    I’m absolutely shocked. There are just no words. Juliet should have won! I am so disappointed in you, Voice voters!

  33. Scout says:

    Juliet blew it last night. She peaked at Roxanne and never really regained the genius of that performance. I think it was hers to lose and she lost it. XTina was right, in that, she NEEDS to pick songs that show the grittiness of her voice – that is when she sounds best. She still has a lot of work to do conveying subtly and tenderness with the same command. She is talented – and I am convinced if she really nailed her performances last night, she would have won. But she was ho hum and a new haircut and color will only go so far.

    • FreeHaley says:

      She still nailed Freebird and for the other two, they weren’t bad at all and she had a few really cool moments in the duet. But don’t forget she was badly ill and was to sick to give any of the songs even a single run through. The first time she sang any of them was on the stage last night, fighting through. Every body else had practice all week and full dress rehearsals on the big stage.
      She was great last week two. And it’s not like the other three had any stunners the last few weeks did they?

      • TheBeach says:

        I’ve gotta disagree a little. Juliet was my fave and I was pulling for her to win. Her performances of Roxanne and Man’s World were the best of the season in my opinion. But last night she didn’t nail Freebird. I think it was a combination of sickness and song choice and I’m sad about that. I even listened to it on itunes and it wasn’t even close to her other two performances that wowed me.

        • S7 Fan says:

          I agree with you, TheBeach. I sooo wanted Juliet to win, but when I heard that her solo was to be “Freebird,” I thought, Wrong Song. It’s a pity that she was ill for the finale, but that song choice did her no favors.

    • matt says:

      It also didn’t help that CeeLo chose Freebird for her to sing. I mean wtf? Could they have chosen a more anti-climactic song for her to sing after the awesomeness of Roxanne and It’s a Mans Mans Mans World? Also the stupid judges gave the only 4 judge standing ovation to Jermaine last night-he didn’t deserve that boost at all for his mundane performance. But these are no excuses for America’s amnesia in picking Jermaine as the winner. Juliet is the best all season, has one bad night last night, and they decide to give it to Jermaine instead? I guess that’s why they call it the finale. One craptacular finale

  34. Donna says:

    Oh No, can’t believe it. JP, WTF. Juliet was the best.

  35. thefirstmrshummel says:

    Juliet was robbed. America as usual is on crack when it comes to these shows.

  36. Leo says:

    Too bad for Juliet but a woman can’t win this kinds of shows. All the soccer moms won’t let, just look at Idol where the cute boys keep winning. Jermaine was by far the weakest of the four, but hey at least that jerk Tony Lucca lost.

  37. BNDG says:

    Overall I feel all four were deserving but could not believe Juliet did not win. I would love to know how the voting is calculated. It just seems to me that people who have songs in the top 10 on itunes would get enough votes through the other outlets to win.

  38. donie says:

    Surprising result (I stopped watching last week). Michael, imbecility is a word.

  39. dj says:

    I thought Roxanne was Juliet’s high point. I didn’t like Born to Be Wild last night because they didn’t sing the high notes and it lacked excitement vocally. My bus driver in high school used to play Freebird every day, and when she was singing that, I noticed she wasn’t hitting all the high notes in that performance, either. Maybe it’s because she was sick. But I definitely think she deserved to win.

    I think you are right on about Blake being the most likable coach. He and Dia got robbed last year when Adam got JB to get his followers to all vote for Javier. I guess JB must not have done that this year, since Tony came in third.

    I feel like Christina might be partly to blame for Chris coming in last. She’s been so bitchy about Tony that I’m sure it cost Chris some votes.

  40. OOO says:

    Carson read the results backward!! lol

  41. Jen leach says:

    We’re all entitled to an opinion, as for yours…well, I doubt you could’ve passed a child as effortless or sang a harmony 1/8 as kick-ass as Jermaine has on your best day! I’m trying to be kind, despite my true feelings here. This man has paid his dues & walked the line… Though I am a Blake fan…I stand in applause to Jermaine as an individual who was SO deserving regardless of his coach. Jermaine is a hard working, talented, consistent, & positive person who now carries this win & title due to the votes…people know what they wanna hear! I cried like a proud mother when they announced Jermaine as the winner…I’m proud of him for his win as I would have been proud of any of the others had they won also…I still voted for Jermaine because he’s a true talent in my eyes. I just want to be happy & positive & kind regardless…why focus on what was sang by who- good or bad, pay no mind to what anyone did or didn’t wear…it’s all good, because were all different & it’s going to be this way for years to come. Embrace it all & just be happy for those who succeed. Why make this world any difficult than it already is?

  42. FreeHaley says:

    Going by what they said maybe the voting was something pretty close to:
    Jermaine 33%
    Juliet 29%
    Tony 19.13%
    Chris 18.87%

    I think they said TOny and Chris were 1/4% apart? And then they said Jermaine and Juliet were so close at only 4% apart so you figure they had to be more like a solid 10% above the others for them to not call the entire competition close.

    It sounded like some Juliet voters did give her a break and some were saying they sent a few votes to Tony because of the whole mess. That might’ve been the 4%. Oh well.

  43. Manie says:

    I’m not really surprised that Juliet didn’t win. In my opinion in was a 50/50 chance of her to win. As I said before, Juliet was crowned winner before the competition was even over, that might have pissed off people and let’s face it, her solo performance wasn’t that good yesterday and people went on praising her in an overrated manner. In my mind she fell victim to the “Raylynn’s curse”, making “okay” performance with outstanding comments from the judges and annoying people in the process.

    Her or Jermain winning was satisfying for me, in my heart the person who should have won is still Jamar who was consistent the whole time with solid performance.

    • FreeHaley says:

      People have been a bit lax voting for her and the cold didn’t help. Maybe Jermaine not getting much talk scared his followers into fully voting with every method 10x other than itunes where he was last by a trace.

    • Lee says:

      Yes, Agreed! I stopped caring when Jamar got knocked out!

  44. Daniel Last says:

    The Voice: epic fail.

  45. FreeHaley says:

    Just looked at the current itunes tally, Jermaine as in last place (by a slim margin).
    Tony #4
    Juliet #12
    Chris #14
    Jermaine #15

    I guess people just bought Tony’s song for the controversy but didn’t vote so much and I guess Jermaine’s voters did the 10 votes by every method, method. Maybe having Blake and country set used to wild dialing for Idol helped hah.

  46. Freyja says:

    In the beginning I was not a fan of Jermaine, but over time he proved to me he wanted it. He is so sweet and humble, and I loved his performance with Blake last night….

    I wanted Juliet to win, even though she came in second place I have a feeling Cee Lo will take good care of her and get her signed. :)

    How awesome was Jermaine, Jamar, James and Pip they should totally get together and knock the socks off the boy bands that are out there today… ;)

    So basically I would have been happy with anyone but Tony…

  47. FreeHaley says:

    Man Juliet wuz robbed she is the only contestant to currently have three singles in the top 75 on iTunes! Nobody else has even two!

    She still has songs from last week and Roxanne still charting.

    She has four in the top 200! The winner has only 1 in the top 200 (not that I think he was that bad as many here do, but he was no Juliet by any stretch),

    Looks like her duet with Cee Lo came in lower than all the other duets though. They set her mic her way too low and him a bit too low compared to the band and I think her illness hurt a bit on the second half of that one. It was pretty cool though.

    Dang once a unique talent has performance of the season and the most best of season and still can’t freaking win.

  48. PB says:

    I think this article is simply a testament that the writer has absolutely no discerning talent of recognizing talent…..AT ALL. Perhaps you should pass of the duties to someone with a bit more of a musical ear next time. The final two were fairly simple to project and although I was a Juliet fan, Jermaine gave the best performance last night and thus deserved the win. Congrats, big man.

    • Tarc says:

      If that was the best perfomance, I’ve got to find some trophies for some cat fights. They’re easier on the ears.

    • MamaLis says:

      Last check, PB, there were 282 posts here. Of that, approximately 7 that share your “Jermaine for the Win” opinion. I think Michael (“the writer”) is doing just fine.

  49. Robin says:

    Juliet it´s the winner for me…..She is awesome……

  50. Paramour says:

    VFTW are enjoying this win.