Glee Recap: Took a Big Chance at the High School Dance [Updated]

naya rivera glee“It’s a prom miracle!” That line from this week’s Glee had a very specific intent, but it could’ve applied to any number of plot developments including, but not limited to, the following:

* Rory emerging from his hiding place at the end of the rainbow. (Yep, he still goes to McKinley!)

* Becky and Puck being named King and Queen of the Anti-Prom (total attendance: 5).

* Blaine coming out of the hair-gel closet and revealing his natural/wayward curls. (Dude actually looked a little better with a little less product, no?)

* Quinn rising from her wheelchair (with just a tiny bit of steadying from Santana) at the end of a dinosaur-themed prom.

* And, after a vote count that found Finn had won Senior Prom King, Quinn and Santana deciding to ignore their one-two finish in the Prom Queen race and giving the title to Rachel. Yep, that #Finchel hashtag in the lower right corner of your screen actually happened.

Before we get to letter grades for the musical performances and a rundown of the week’s best lines, a few thoughts on this week’s somewhat dubious plot developments.

* Does anyone really believe a kid as obsessively driven as Rachel Berry would’ve only applied to a single college? That opening monologue — laced with lines about giving up her Tony Award dreams and romantic sentiments like “I may not have NYADA, but I still have Finn” — went against everything I’ve learned about this character over three seasons. I did, however, buy Rachel’s meltdown over Finn embarking on a joint campaign with ex-girlfriend Quinn for Prom King and Queen, and her subsequent decision to launch an Anti-Prom with Kurt and Blaine. Rachel’s always harbored deep insecurities about her looks and her social status, and you knew that at the end of the day all she wanted to do was rock that lovely pink dress in front of her classmates. Still, I can’t lie: When the episode ended, I was disappointed that the life lesson Rachel walked away with was that winning a popularity contest at a school dance means anything is possible. A dime-store tiara and applause from the football jocks are fleeting; a good education and attainable life goals are forever, girl.

* That dancefloor kiss between Finn and Rachel was perhaps the couple’s most intense, believable lip-lock of the season, no?

* I’m not sure I fully bought into the Quinn-Finn stuff. I get that he was trying to bolster his ex’s spirits after she’d wound up in a wheelchair, but would the Yale-bound Quinn — who’s given up a child for adoption, counseled Rachel not to wed too young, and showed steely determination after a devastating car accident — really still believe in the importance of a Prom Queen title? I guess it’s possible. Not everyone in life matures and grows, which made Finn’s explosion — “You’re still the same old Quinn! All that matters is you!” — seem a lot more plausible than Quinn pleading that it’s “mandatory” for nominees to dance together.

* In general, liked the whole Becky and Puck subplot. Okay, so the writers intermittently steered Becky toward cartoon territory — then again, that’s sometimes how teenagers behave — but her desire for popularity, and her anger at the realization she’d never really achieve it (“What are you smiling about, Poster People?”) rang true. And I loved Puck fashioning conspiratorial crowns, bringing Becky from anti-prom to real prom, and then employing her help in spiking the punch bowl. Somehow, that character seems to be making a comeback right at the moment he was looking expendable.

* Speaking of expendable, I wonder how long before the writers turn Mr. Schue into a Peanuts-style adult: Always speaking from just off screen, delivering “maw-mawp-maw-mawp” nonsense.

* It was fun to have a little focus back on Brittany and her absurd brand of ditziness. I howled when she confused that prom-committee brunetter for Rachel, telling her she’d see her at show choir practice, and her running confusion over “new girl” Joe (“who looks like a cavewoman”). Plus, as far as prom themes go, I’d back “dinosaurs” over “castle on a cloud,” too.

Anyhow, now that we’ve covered all the pertinent plot details, let’s review the best quotes from the episode:

“Yeah, I no longer believe we should be drilling for babies.” –Class President Brittany, lamenting her “drill, baby, drill!” memo

“It’s clear the three of you are incompetent fools, and possibly some sort of terrorist cell.” –Brittany, offended by every idea to come from the three-member prom committee

“Had I known, I would’ve worn a full kilt.” –Kurt, recalling his humiliating moment being named Junior Prom Queen

“What are you lookin’ at, Jar Jar Binks?” –Sue, addressing dreadlocked new kid Joe

And now, onto letter grades for the episode’s musical numbers!

‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine Grade: B-

Brittany, ‘Dinosaur’ Grade: D+

Santana, ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ Grade: B

Joe, Rory, Sam, Mike, and Artie, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ Grade: A

Quinn and Santana, “Take My Breath Away” Grade: B

Your turn. What did you think of “Prom-asaurus”? Vote for your favorite musical number in our poll — for me, it was the One Direction cover, hands down — then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brendan says:

    As with most of this season the songs have been really blah and much of the episodes rather boring…and yet I watch….

    • Jo says:

      I know. If it weren’t for the amazing cast, I would quit it.

      • Leo says:

        I second that. The only thing why I keep watching Glee because I’m too invested with the cast. Lea Michele is just fabulous and I will keep watching Glee as long as she’s in it. Cory, Chris, Amber, Naya. I’m really sad that most of them will not return for Season 4. But like I said, as long as Lea and Cory remains in Glee, I will NEVER stop watching.

    • Lily says:

      Loved Santana and the 5 boys singing… As for the closing song.. I was still a teenager when it was a big hit.. so it made me feel all sentimental…

    • Jenny says:

      I totally know how you feel. Since returning after the break I find myself at the end of each episode wondering why I keep watching. I could take poor music if the story lines were better. Right now the only reason I will watch next season is seeing how they still incorporate the graduating students. Otherwise I doubt I will watch much after that.

    • TaMara says:

      I’m glad it’s not just me.

    • Jane says:

      I think we’re a lot in that case. It’s the cast that keep us watching. Good luck to Fox next year if they let these kids go. Because it’s not with that oh so wonderful writing, the outstanding way they treat girls or those super entertaining PSAs, that the show will keep its viewers.

    • greysfan says:

      Yeah i felt this was a quite boring episode almost filler like. Good to see Rachel and Finn crowned king and queen but yeah overall it was almost pointless. I keep watching because i know there is only 3 episodes left until it all ends. Season 4 just wont be the same.

  2. Rob says:

    Where is the ‘None of the Above’ option for the songs? They were all fine and tolerable for the episode theme but when you have generally bad songs (Love You Like a Love Song and WMYB) its hard to make them appealing or when you have good enough songs like TMBA and BGDC and have the wrong people singing them *cough* Quinn, Blaine, Kurt. And Dinosaur is an actual song? . .No comment. *whaleface*

  3. Jack says:

    What is the purpose of the Quinn character? In Season 1, it seemed the only purpose “Quinn” had was to be an obstacle for Finchel (which by the Pilot was SO set up and then Showmance laid down the foundation) and throughout the show, it seems like that’s the only reason the writers intended to have Quinn in Glee Club to be a neglected piece of a supposed love triangle. Which was never a “triangle” because who really invested in Finn and Quinn? The only interaction we saw between them showed Finn as a painfully naive boyfriend to a b*tchy head cheerleader besides the tiny fact there was no chemistry. After, Rachel and Finn became official its like RIB had no idea what to do with her character! So, they had random storylines (ie Beth, Lucy Caboosey) which is a shame because Quinn should have been the antagonist of the Glee Club and a true villain besides Sue or her friendship with Rachel should have been explored more. She should have just died in the car crash because mid S2 it was apparent Quinn had/has no purpose.

    • Lily says:

      Quinn, Puck and Santana are the villains… Sometimes other roles like Rachel, Kurt and Blaine are villains as well…. And Finn used to allow Kurt to be thrown into the dumpster… and especially in Season 2 after the superbowl, Finn was a villain as well…
      No villains, no conflict, no fun in TV land.

    • nina says:

      I agree, I never understand what’s going on with Quinn. What am I supposed to think about her? Am I supposed to feel bad for even when she does terrible things? I’m going to assume she’s crazy, so things can make a little bit of sense… Cause seriously… i don’t understand what how i’m supposed to feel about her character, I try to think about it then I just give up.

  4. Spamburglar says:

    Glee has always been a guilty pleasure for me, but this episode was a little short on the pleasure side. It actually made me angry. Finn was such a dick to Quinn, and santana and quinn screwed over the third girl in the prom queen race. A few other moments made me wanna change the channel. although the boy band song was fun and I loved the poofy hair.

    • Sasha says:

      I don’t think he was much of one.

      I know people are either going to say he was a dick to her or she was being Queen B*tch again but really how the hell are you going to expect him to act. Like he said he chose Quinn over his fiance (still don’t like that idea but whatever). He thought she was doing it for the right reasons and it turned out the opposite.

      So fine whatever people hate on Finn…i myself either like him half the time or get really annoyed by him.

      This time i see where he is coming from

      • Sandra says:

        So are you saying he was right at trying to pull quinn out of the chair??

        I get he was mad and that he yelled but he should learn to control his temper. Why he did just leave??
        This show is watch by a lot of young people and i think it’s wrong to send the message is right to act that way. He could have hurt Quinn. She is just getting better.

        • Sasha says:

          No I’m not saying that.

          And he didnt actually lift her up and dump her on the floor. Yeah he yanked at her arm. I’m not saying he was right I never did. I just said i understand where he was coming from

    • dude says:

      How did they screw over that girl? She didn’t win.

  5. KSM says:

    People take this show way too seriously.

    • Riz says:

      THIS!! for me this episode is pretty enjoyable there is no PSA storyline like in the previous episode(Beast-Cooper)

    • Lily says:

      Absolutely… It was just a sweet episode… without too much drama…

      • Sky says:

        Yes, sweet. No conflict or PSA. I enjoyed the episode not loved but it was entertaining. Loved the music. Quinn has been a lost character for 2 seasons and this one showed that maybe she finally has put her selfishness aside(lying about her handicap to obtain votes by pity) to see that Rachel wants to be her friend since season 1. For Quinn and Santana, Rachel’s arch enemies for 2 seasons, to let go of the crown and write in Rachel as queen is a little hard to swallow at first. 1 thing I enjoyed was Finn standing up to Quinn and not letting her dictate what to do as she always did. Sbhe insulted him by her remark that there is no tire shop degree. This just showed she had and still has no belief in Finn. Rachel released her insecurities that surrounding Quinn and Quinn’s looks and popularity. Rachel has finally come full circle from a lonely girl wishing for friends, boyfriend, recognition, and acceptance. When her name was called as queen no one scoffed or scowled at her but showed full acceptance of her position. Nice that Santana and Quinn recognized her for that. Loved that Puck in his hour of sadness was nice to Becky to make her night special. Enjoyed that Kurt and Blaine were there for Rachel when she is sad and feeling low. Good friends.

  6. Ella says:

    I know it wouldn’t have been important to the episode but they should have given the crown to the other nominee for Prom Queen.

  7. Lily says:

    Finally Blaine’s natural hair came out of the closet and I really hope it will stay that way… I am not a fan of Blaine, but I am a fan of his brocoli hair :-) He looks much younger…

  8. Jo says:

    The writers actually think that Finchel is this heavenly love story? The are a black hole (and a boring one at that) eating the show alive!

    • Lily says:

      I don’t like Finchel, but I think the ending was rather sweet compared to that humiliation drama last year with Kurt…

    • Shannon says:

      Could not have put it better myself, this is exactly how I feel, they honestly make the show unbearable, I’ve never disliked a relationship as much as I dislike this one.

    • 76ers says:

      Well, I guess if more people thought like you, the show would have been cancelled somewhere after ‘Journey’ and the ratings would have improved somewhere after ‘Special Education’? Neither happened. I know on the Internet it dosen’t seem like it, but Finchel is the most popular couple and heart of the show but according to the Internet you would think Britanna is everything and Blaine is the second coming of Jesus.

      • Jo says:

        I don’t hate Finchel, it’s just too much. They are not the only couple on the show, but they get more focus than all of the other couple combined. Just a little balance would be nice.

      • Shannon says:

        And where exactly is your basis that Finchel is the most popular couple outside of the internet? Cos let’s be honest, off the internet in real life, you can’t possibly have talked to more than a handful of people who watch the show. Plus this season is the only season where they’ve been together the whole time, completely happy, and ratings have been dropping like flies, so there goes your argument about the ratings. To be honest it’s my opinion that the really passionate fans are probably the ones on the internet and your average viewers probably don’t really give a damn either way.

        But hey I respect your opinion that Finchel are a great couple, just as I hope your respect mine that they suck.

        • 76ers says:

          The ratings are down because of uneven story lines, no continuity, too much focus on irrelevant characters, having a cast too large, no character and heavy focus on characters such as Santana (I guess Blaine too) which I don’t get anyways, Naya brings zero press to the show and hardly sells on Itunes unless its a duet with Amber on a great cover like Rumor Has It/SLY. Didn’t Glee recieve 19 Emmy nominations its first season and wasn’t S1 95% Finn and Rachel and the revolving door on their relationship? It seems as if Finchel was really all that disliked Glee wouldn’t be on the air or the writers wouldn’t write about them. Writers don’t write what the fans hate. The show like all TV shows have execs that study these things like what’s popular with their show and what isn’t. Glee can’t help their horrible writing but theu control what and WHO they write about. And unless you like Mike and Tina, I don’t see how any other couple on Glee is better written.
          I repsect your opinion anyways.

          • Jane says:

            “Naya brings zero press to the show and hardly sells on Itunes unless its a duet with Amber on a great cover like Rumor Has It/SLY”
            Someone’s been living under a rock for the past 2 years.

          • Shaun says:

            @jane. Your’re naive. I never see anything about Naya Rivera. And if you don’t watch Glee you don’t know who she is. I didn’t even know she was at the Emmy’s or SAG’s because the publicity is always on her more famous costar. Also, what solo’s of Santana’s have been Number 1? Her acting is one note so, she’ll never get an Emmy nod. So I’m wondering what the angle is too.

        • rose says:

          But this season almost all the characters had individual storylines… and the other couples had storylines too, not only Finn Rachel, actually, this season has the most “balance” of them all, so… There was not more Rachel and Finn than the other seasons… I don’t think so :S Idk, i don’t mind them too, they can be sweet.

      • Haley says:

        Wait, Blaine’s NOT the second coming? Now what am I gonna do with all these rosaries?

    • Jenny says:

      I actually don’t mind Finchel. But even I am getting tired of all the lovey-dovey Finchel stuff.

    • David says:

      They are the worst couple I’ve ever seen. I would love to see Rachel date someone else in college. I can’t stand the two of them together, they never had any chemistry. And the wedding storyline only made people hate them more. Besides the tweens Finchel fans no one else likes them. They are shoved in our faces every week. Andthe every wednesday we read following news: Glee reaches Series low. Glee drops in the ratings again. And people wonder why?

      • Jane says:

        I guess it won’t drop this week as it was the prom ep and we’re close the the end of the season, so I’m sure that people are curious and tune in. But you can be sure that finchelites will be convinced that finchel is the reason why the ratings are a little better (if they are), haha.

      • dan says:

        Glee went up in the ratings this week; not much higher, but total viewers and demo numbers both higher.

  9. thefirstmrshummel says:

    Yes please, None of the Above as an option. They all ranged from meh to terrible, as was fitting for an episode that was much the same.

  10. Jason says:

    I’m sorry, but seeing Puck in his undies made this episode worth it. :-P

  11. heyang says:

    It was prom and it was a sweet episode. Rachel confronted her own choking. Glad no one jumped on Santana for speaking the truth to Rachel about her choking. Glad that Finn walked out on Quinn. Glad that Quinn and Santana changed the vote to Rachel who has changed both of them for the better. IRL, I don’t think anyone would’ve accepted the vote, but, hey, it’s TV. I definitely prefer gel-less Blaine!!!!

    • holla says:

      I agree with all of this. And yeah, it had its sweet moments. It wasn’t very funny and it wasn’t very sad/moving (which are usually the two extremes we get with Glee), but it wasn’t terrible like Grilled Chessus or Brittany/Britney, which to me are the margin of bad. It does make me raise an eyebrow that a plastic crown would mean so much to these girls, but whatever.

      • Lily says:

        I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but ‘Grilled Cheesus” was to me really a great episode… Maybe because I have seen many people like Finn… clining their faith to an object and Kurt being so dismissive. Kurt was saying and doing things in that episode that I did not dare to do… but I had similar thoughts in a similar situation. It felt so real.
        But I do agree with your opinion about this Prom episode.

    • rose says:

      Yay, glad someone else is happy about the episode. Everyone is always complaining. I liked it too! It was good, one of the best of the season :3

  12. Mo says:

    Gonna be honest, this episode wasn’t that bad at all. It was kinda refreshing, I’m sick of all the drama and it was nice to see something more sweet. Glee is a more enjoyable show when it’s not too serious.
    Yeah and I agree with one of the comments above, don’t take it seriously at all.

    • Lily says:

      I love Glee drama but I like a break…. and this episode is a welcoming break… Next week episode must be even more hilarious.

  13. Josh says:

    Why don’t Glee reviews get the snark-invested reviews that Smash get? It deserves it just as much, if not more! I want Slezark snark!

    • Alyssa says:

      Agree. At least I can sit through Smash.

      • KSM says:

        I had to give up on Smash. Even the reviews couldn’t make it worth it. I wanted to punch that assistant in the face every time he was on screen.

        • Kelly says:

          Same here! I loved the first like four episodes of Smash, the music was good and I like the cast, but the characters especially Ellis were just not very likable. Then they brought in Uma Thurman and I couldn’t finish the episode. Glee is lighthearted for the most part. It’s a enjoyable show to be taken lightly and watch for pleasure. This episode like the disco one was just adorable, cute, and fun. and finchel is the best couple. :)

    • murley says:

      i watch both but i enjoy glee more. smash is a little bit too melodramatic for me. it takes itself a little too seriously. without debra messing and the incomparable angelica huston it probably would have lost me. glee has just enough snark in the actual show. i find it straight up entertaining.

  14. Trish says:

    I didn’t care for the episode… nor did I care for the unnecessary shot of the table of plus sized women clearly at prom without dates during the “What makes you Beautiful” song. If the women didn’t look completely lonely and depressed, I might be convinced that the shot was intended to show how beautiful they are. Instead, it became the final nail in the coffin of me watching Glee.

    • DCwriter says:

      *This. Way to be, Glee, for completely undermining a whole slew of viewers–overweight teen girls. That is a very low-brow thing to do. “hahaha, look at the dateless fat girls crying alone in the corner.” Great.

  15. Rachel Scott says:

    this episode wasn’t that great at all. my favorite parts were becky and puck because i thought that was sweet. actually seeing sam/mercedes because they kissed like three episodes ago and this is the first scene we actually see of them together since that kiss. anything with tina/mike because we rarely get scenes with them. and sue and priniciple figgins dance moves. other than that this episode sucked really bad. i am tired of seeing anything rachel/finn related whether it’s when they are in a scene together or not, same goes for kurt/blaine and santana/brittany.

  16. rose says:

    Is Quinn bipolar or something? Anyway, my favorite was Rachel/Puck/Becky/Blaine/Kurt’s party.

    • thefirstmrshummel says:

      No, she’s just written by crappy writers with no continuity.

      • rachelleet says:


      • Jimleo says:

        Agree 100%. Crappy writers they had ample opportunity to develop Quinn’s character but It was almost as if they were trying to break the person. The writers must stop writing episodes during breakfast and actually apply their minds. I will watch Glee till end of season and then I am done.

    • Lily says:

      No she is not… she is just desperate to find something to increase her self esteem, and when she got it, she realized that her self esteem does not depend on a Prom Queen title… because she already has increased her self esteem as her health is improving a lot.

  17. Sunshine says:

    Samuel Larsen, people!!!

  18. Jake says:

    I thought the Becky-Puck story was cute, although I’m curious still as to how a single bad grade on a single test means the difference between graduation and staying back for Puck- you’d think the school would give him some sort of extra credit assignment for the extra boost.
    Is the big twist this season that Quinn is bipolar? Every time she wises up and starts to act sweet and stoic, she randomly reverts back to being a bitch. We saw her befriend Mercedes during her pregnancy in Season 1, then she was horrible in Season 2. She became “friends” with Rachel in Season 2, then became a “skank” at the start of Season 3 and tried to steal her baby back. She becomes optimistic about life, getting into Yale and appreciating life after her car accident, then suddenly she’s all about being prom queen. Writers, make up your minds!
    The Rachel as Prom Queen storyline was horrible. No one clapped because no one voted for her. Finn said everyone appreciated and admired her – but they don’t. Two girls, both nominated, were able to choose a prom queen who probably got no more than two votes in the whole school. This was just a cheap way for the writers to get their “it” couple in the spotlight for the last prom episode of their last high school season.
    Blaine: you look fine with or without hair gel. Don’t preach to Kurt about being comfortable with yourself and then act like a baby over hair gel.
    Poor episode overall.

  19. Rolfe says:

    “Yep, that #Finchel hashtag in the lower right corner of your screen actually happened.”

    LOL! When is Fox going to stop pushing hashtags on us? Hashtags should happen organically by Bieber fans, not forced my News Corp.

  20. Linderella says:

    I hate to say this but tonight’s episode was the the worst of the season. Absolutely awful.

  21. Anna says:

    I actually tought Finn was going to hit Quinn this episode. Wasn’t there a storyline just last episode about violence against women? Was he going to grab her, throw her out of the chair and kick it? Is that supposed to be okay? I’m sorry but Finn is the worst male lead on television right now. Between this, outing Santana, making rachel feel like crap all the time and still having no idea what he wants to do with his life are we supposed to like him? I feel like he’s going to Mr. Schue in his future. A pathetic man trapped in a loveless marriage whos only friends with high school kids, never got out of Lima and never had anything remotely interesting happen in his life.

    • SG says:

      You’re not really watching terribly closely are you? Finn has a direction, acting. He didn’t try and hit her he wanted her to stand after being manipulated by her. Santana ‘outing’ was Finn saying aloud what he thought people knew. Personally I love the fact that Fin n is written and acted as an 18 year old so we see him be clumsy at times because he is not yet fully mature. Making Rachel feel like crap? How many more Finn speeches to Rachel to you need where he supports her and from the pilot has talked about a desire to leave Lima. Fine, you don’t identify with him but don’t twist what is there on the screen. This Finn hate is getting tiresome.

    • KSM says:

      He’s playing an 18 year old guy. He acts like an 18 year old guy. Sometimes they do stupid things.

      • Sky says:

        I have never thought that Finn outed Santana on purpose or to be hurtful. She smacks him publically constantly bullying him and speaking loudly(belittling him down to his core-major insecurities she touches) in the hallway for all to hear. She gets away with it because she is Santana-a girl. Finn always goes to apologize, to make peace, to soothe sore wounds Santana/Brittany/anyone. He is gentle, tries to be friendly to all, overlooks all the crap Santana spews out of her mouth. Santana is a skank. Yes, she was right about saying what she did to Rachel. But in Mashoff she had no right to dish out crap to Finn in the hallway. When he decides to speak calmly to her as an 18 yr old who thinks everyone knows about San he tells her she is not facing her fears. But it is OK for San to trash talk Finn pubically. IMO there is no difference. Santana spoke with bitterness and hate in her words. Finn spoke calmly, directly using no words of unkindness to direct his intent of getting her to see she was evading her own feelings. Finn is not a douche. Now please end all of the Finn hate.
        As for Quinn she is Quinn -all about Quinn/selfish Quinn. She has never gotten over her need for the last validation of her position at school-Prom Queen. She felt in her heightened insecurity senses that not revealing her ability to walk to get votes was vital. After Finn and Rachel had words where each had valid reasons to assist Q or not assist Q in King/Queen campaigning, Finn had the right to walk out on Quinn when he found out she was not wheelchair bound. He felt like she used his friendship for her selfish needs and he felt he betrayed Rachel when she needed him the most. All he did was confront vocally to have Quinn stand up-he did not touch or force her. He was angry that as Q was not going to reveal her ability to ambulate-maybe not perfect yet. He called her on her lie. She lied to him before when it crushed his heart. He had always considered her a friend til she took advantage of his desire to help her attain her goal. Then she spoke to him about that there was no way to get a degree as a mechanic(tire shop) another low blow IMO. Quinn has always been the kind of person to find a way to diss someone who was her lesser. Three seasons she has gotten better but reverts to her old ways. But it took Rachel going to Quinn to apologize for not wanting Finn to campaign with her for KQ. Rachel reveals her absolute inner desires were that they be friends. She faced her insecurities about Quinn and relayed them to Q. Rachel finally felt relieved that the past was the past. They could move on and be good friends. It was the final redemption for Quinn which I thought was sappy but in good intentions to announce Rachel voted Prom Queen. Kind of hard to accept Santana giving that validation up either. But it was Quinn who bridged the barrier between Mercedes, Santana and Rachel. The trouble this season Quinn has been written all over the place with her character. For me you find a way to really like her then she does something again that makes you wish you wonder why.
        IDK, The thing about these 4 characters are complex to the point of a grey shaded area. Santana and Quinn seem to be able to cross the barriers of decency. Where Rachel has been the most complex of all has her ups and downs where you root for her or you want to smack her. Finn doesn’t have that luxury where fandom loves him or hates him-no shades of grey. He is the most gentle, kind, good hearted, wanting all good things for his friends. While the girls get the praise and love,but she was hurting,or she is just that way kind of talk.

  22. Davey says:

    Wow, so many negative comments. Maybe you should just watch another show.

  23. Alyssa says:

    This is the first episode I’ve been able to sit all the way through this season…but I did miss the first 20 minutes. I felt like the first season was about being comfortable with yourself and not being cool was ok (without being too preachy). And some entertaining covers. I feel like that’s all gone out the window. And after watching The Glee Project, I really can’t stand Ryan Murphy and his ideas. I can’t stand the world he’s created.

  24. Shawn says:

    glee glee glee. Can only every other episode be good? Last week felt like season one glee and this was totally a season 2 style pointless episode. Why with so few episodes were we given so much filler. As much as I love Becky was her storyline relevant? And instead of copying last proms storyline of quinn being crazy and wanting to be queen just cuz why couldn’t she have wanted it to feel pretty again and force herself to stand up instead of hiding it. I actually thought all the songs were decent nothing stood out as bad and I do like how btittney pointed out how she didnt speak for a good chunk of the season. and puck should just always be in his underwear

    • Lily says:

      Becky’s story was relevant, at least to Puck…. In Season 1 , he would have bullied her… Look now what he did to her at the anti-prom…So cute.

  25. Molly says:

    I liked this episode actually, but there was just too much Finchel. I don’t dislike them as a couple or anything and Finn is one of my favorite characters, but the whole relationship is often laid on way too thick.

    • Lily says:

      Finchel is not my favorite relationship but what can we do ? Rachel and Finn are the leads in Glee… and they have to find a way to make Rachel motivated again. The funny part is that Rachel, who is so anti-prom, feels motivated after being crowned Prom Queen, whereas Quinn who has been obsessed with Prom in 2 seasons, “just felt nothing” after she won,

      • Lila says:

        I don’t think so, cause Quinn started feel that way because of Rachel’s speech, and Rachel actually admitted she had insecurities, but got over it, so I think that crown was really desnecessary. Just something to make Quinn look better, idk.

  26. Lily says:

    Was Blaine the only one without gel ? They did not pay attention to Mike or Mr Shue hair.Even though Finchel and danced at the end of this episode… I still felt that this episode belonged to Quinn, Becky and Puck….

  27. Ashley says:

    I thought this episode was okay. I made me smile in a few parts. I thought Becky and Puck were adorable and the few klaine scenes were sweet. And i will admit I was singing along during “What Makes You Beautiful” :) However, Quinn just annoyed the hell out of me and having Brittney nominated for prom king was just ridiculous. Rachel winning prom queen was completely unnecessary. It’s basically just showing her that she always gets what she wants. i felt bad for the third nominee who was just kind of factored out of the equation. All in all, it wasn’t a terrible episode. This was the first episode in a while in which I loved the music selections…with the exception of “dinosaur” But it was not up to season 1 standards.

  28. Ruby says:

    I love Rachel Berry with my whole heart. What I don’t love is being told what to tweet about by the show that I’m watching. What a tactless trend.

  29. adam says:

    i find the way they are writing Quinn to be very annoying, making her care about being prom queen again so much. it’s just so they can bring up all the old story lines about Finn and Quinn. but Finn is irritating yelling at her to stand up, she is just starting to get better, i don’t see what the problem is with her not wanting to tell everyone right away until she knew she could actually get up and not fall down. also him telling her she has everything, basically saying she has the perfect life, really she gave birth to a baby in high school that she had to give up, was disowned by her father, almost died in a car accident and is just starting to be able to walk again. so how is that a perfect life where she has everything. how is her life apparently so much easier and better than Rachel’s.

  30. Snsetblaze says:

    Among the many things that bugged me, shouldn’t Quinn’s therapy include a professional physical therapist and not only her boyfriend to be? He can watch but I doubt even being homeschooled qualifies him to be a physical therapist. And her parent or parents are paying for an Bsent therapist?

  31. kevin says:

    Man, Glee fans are the WORST EVER!! You all complain about everything. Nothing ever satisfies you. What a way to bite the hand that feeds you. Totally hating on the fandom right now due. No wonder people think you are all crazy. I don’t blame them at all!!!!!

    • Helen says:

      Yeah, I have to agree. Glee fans are pretty immature. They will never realize how great the show is until it gets cancelled. Then they will be crying how much they will miss it. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people rejoicing in their misery. I’m so tired of the constant complaining. Can’t people write about the stuff they actually liked about the show.

      • thefirstmrshummel says:

        I’m more likely to cry over what Glee used to be. I will never miss the hot mess that this show has become. I was honestly disappointed that it’s been renewed for another season.

      • Shawn says:

        I think that we glee fans complain so much since the show is definitely not what it used to be. I still love glee but I am not excited about it like I used to be. During the second half of season one and first half of season 2 my boyfriend and I would have glee parties every week and as the show went downhill those parties stopped as most of our friends lost interest in the show. Last weeks episode captured the charm of season 1 and then this episode was pretty much a dud. Glee is just becoming awful with building up to any plot lines. The whole Rachel being jealous of finn and Quinn was so sudden, they knew prom was coming up so they could have had him helping her campaign for a few episodes with Rachel becoming increasingly jealous and then finally blowing up after screwing up her audition and feel like she was losing everything including finn.

    • Jane says:

      Because you sound like you just took a chill pill maybe? Sorry but Glee’s hand or whatever doesn’t feed me. At all. Actually, our money feeds them. So if it’s sh*t, it’s logical that they get called out on everything that is wrong. You want to swallow anything that comes your way, fine. Good for you. But there are people who don’t like how it is now and that’s ok too. Some of us fell in love with something nice, endearing. We invested a lot in that promising little show, with these promising kids.
      But now it’s bad, as in “I want to kill it with fire” bad, not just “meh, it could’ve been better but I enjoyed it overall anyway”. It’s toddler writing, it’s offensive, it’s a PSA fest pretty much every week, continuity and development are MIA and even the music choices are debatable now.

      So yeah the fandom is cray cray, but for a reason. Also, when Glee’s good at something the fandom generally acknowledges it. It’s called critical thinking. Of course there’ll always be someone complaining about something. It’s no different in other fandoms you know. Glee fans are just louder and maybe more… let’s say “passionate”. There are so many characters and ships combinations that it was bound to happen. Some people don’t like Finchel, others Brittana, Faberry, Klaine, Samcedes or other ships. You know, different strokes etc.

      So why don’t YOU stop complaining about the fandom complaining?

  32. Coolio Jackson says:

    Tina’s comments about prom and the school year coming to an end are a foreshadowing of how GLEE is going to handle the grads next year…I don’t quite know how it will be but I think it was a clue…maybe having an extended senior year or a lot of flashbacks

  33. Singingal says:

    All I can say is… What was up with Brittany’s padawan braid? Is she training to be a Jedi now?

    • Meg says:

      It wasn’t the braid that bothered me, it was her ponytail. It looks like the hair at the back of her head is two lengths; the bottom piece is extremely short and can be slicked down, whereas most of her hair goes into the ponytail, so you see this little thin line of skin. Drove me nuts last night trying to figure out what was going on.

  34. GeoDiva says:

    I’m sticking around till the end of this season and the I am done with Glee. It’s just not the same.

  35. Kalee says:

    Yay! Glee is on a hot streak! Very surprised that the majority of the performances were intercut with dialogue. I don’t recall Glee ever doing that in so long lol. Waaaayyyy better than last year’s Prom episode. Especially loved the Brittany moments!

    But why is Quinn so Gollum from Lord of the Rings-like when it comes to being Prom Queen? That bathroom confrontation with Finn was just WEIRD. And I’m not totally buying that Rachel for Prom Queen. It was a nice gesture, but it’s like giving a rich kid who fell off their bike a $100 bill. They’ll eventually get over it and still be filthy rich.

    Some quick notes:
    – WHERE’S SUGAR? :(
    – How did Joe become a something character while Rory is basically nothingness even though Rory has been on since last year?
    – Surely the editor of this episode saw the glaring mistake where Rachel and Finn take a seat in the choir room and to the back of them are a standing Sam, and Tina and Mike (who are wearing hard to miss bright colors) taking their seats. The next shot shows Mike and Tina standing 10 feet away going to their seats while Finn and Rachel have already sat down LMAO!

    • dude says:

      Because Joe has actual acting talent and stage presence while Rory is painful to watch.

      • F. Dillinger says:

        I actually think Samuel is awful and I can’t stand him most of the time he’s on screen… Yes, Damian is indeed a little awkward and everything but I’d watch Rory over Joe any day (to be honest, the other Glee Project contestants, Lindsay and Alex – but mainly Lindsay -, are way better actors and singers)

  36. Ethel says:

    Not my favorite by far but Puck and Becky made it all worthwhile. I really like what they have done with Sue’s character this season. She was getting to be my least favorite person on the show(and I love Jane Lynch) so this “new Sue” is wonderful. KInder but still a b&&ch when she wants to be. Great also to see Rory back from the rainbow and I hope Samuel Larsen is back next year. Songs this week were awful. Only one more week and we get to wait and see what is in store for viewers next year. Oh, and yes, it was stupid giving Rachel the prom queen title just because Finn was prom king. Guess it is all about Rachel

  37. Amanda says:

    I had to vote for “Dinosaur” simply because we rarely get to see so much of the exceptional dancing talent on this show. Why, oh why, does Blaine always seem to get more dancing camera-time than Brittany and Mike?

  38. Susie says:

    The only reason I keep watching is Chris Colfer. I love him as Kurt. Not a huge Klaine fan though. But I love hearing Chris sing and am so glad they finally are letting him sing during these last episodes. I’m likely done with Glee after this season because I am sure Kurt won;t be singing much next year. Bye bye Glee it was fun while it lasted.

  39. dude says:

    This was a really great episode. I loved the Puck/Becky and Rachel stuff and most of the songs were great. I wasn’t crazy about the One Direction cover but Santana slayed the Selena Gomez song and Rachel/Quinn were amazing in their numbers.

  40. champian says:

    Why don’t we see more of Rachel/Kurt/Blaine dynamic?
    She has two gay dads and two gay bffs who are also dating I thought their scene together in the darkened auditorium was really charming.
    And the anti-prom was just bizarre and hilarious. They should get random actors into a dingy hotel room together more often… it lends itself to good, contained character-pieces… Like bottle episodes (I still think they should do an entire episode on the bus to Nationals- and just write the characters interacting on a baser level).
    It would have been awesome to see more Puckleberry, but absolutely loved to klaine and Puck/Becky in this episode.

  41. Melissa says:

    Best parts of the show were:

    Kurt/Blaine/Rachel scene.
    Blaine’s Hair.
    Kurt’s reaction.
    And EVERYTHING Becky & Puck cause that was the best ever. <333

    • Melissa says:

      And this episode would have been 1000x better if they didn’t have all crap songs. I will buy Big Girls Don’t Cry cause Kurt/Blaine part is adorable. And Take My Breath Away is a beautiful song but I hate Quinn’s voice.

  42. zoot says:

    How is Quinn Prom Queen again? wasn’t she queen in the first was she a Freshman? Who crowns a freshman queen? and what Prom do Freshman even go to? At least not in any High School I know…

    • LeSo says:

      Quinn was a sophomore during the first season, and there was no Prom episode. The season ended with Quinn giving birth to her baby after they performed at Regionals, which they eventually lost. During the second season, Quinn lost the race for Prom Queen to Kurt. So, Quinn has never officially been Prom Queen.

  43. Cdc226 says:

    Am I the only one who hoped that when Santana and Quinn decided they were going to “make a difference” they were going to give the crown to Becky?

    • Ethel says:

      I thought that for a moment as well. Sure would have set a better example than giving it to Rachel. On a side note, I like Blaine a whole lot better once the hair gel was gone. Now,about the ring in Joe’s nose……..

  44. Jennifer says:

    Worst episode of the season. I think this was the first time I fast-forwarded through all the songs expect “Take My Breath Away”. Only bright spot…how amazing Lea Michelle looked in her dress! Gorge.

  45. DCwriter says:

    I just love the message Glee ultimately sent with Quinn’s accident. What started out as an important message showing the serious consequences of texting and driving turned into, “Don’t worry, you’ll work hard at a few sessions of physical therapy, you should end up prom queen, and you’ll walk again in no time.” This was a bizarre, disjointed episode. And Dinosaur was the oddest and dumbest song this show has ever staged.

  46. Tony says:

    This was the show’s best chance to break out Was (Not Was)’s seminal ‘Walk the Dinosaur.’ FAIL.

  47. Delie Q says:

    Rory is the best part of the show, when he’s featured.

  48. Kate says:

    Glee has a lot faults, and yes, it has especially had some truly weak moments the second half of this season. Even though I am a huge fan of the show, I am not afraid to say this. However, that being said, I have to admit I am saddened by all the continued hate in the comments. If you do not like the show, don’t watch it. It’s as simple as that. You are not doing anyone a favor by doing so. And if you do choose to watch, and still dislike it, that is fine too, but do not attack others for enjoying what you did not. And seriously, stop all the fighting and arguing over the various relationships you “ship” and which are the most awesome characters. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate them, please remember, it’s just a television show. And it is NOT cool to attack others for their beliefs.

    For me, I enjoy Glee when it’s being serious and shoving PSAs in our face, and when it’s nothing but an hour of fluff-filled singing and dancing (like last night). I watch because I like the actors, I like the music, and I like that it lets me escape from my busy life, even if its only for an hour.

    Last night’s episode was a bit weak on the writing side, but you know what, it was still fun. Yes, I wish we had gotten some more Kurt and Blaine together, or maybe some Brittany and Santana, but I still enjoyed what we did get. Don’t forget, Ryan Murphy only has so much control. Fox has final approval over everything, so many of the decisions about what is and isn’t shown can be pinpointed to the network, not the creator. It is likely that Glee would be a very different show if it was on a more liberal network, such as NBC, ABC or possibly even CBS.

    All of this being said, as long as Glee continues to air, I will continue to watch it, even if I don’t always agree with the creative decisions Ryan Murphy makes, and even though Fox limits what can and can’t be done. Some episodes are better than others, but all of them put a smile on my face at least once or twice during each episode.

  49. Josh says:

    I don’t get Mike’s love for Glee. He rips apart Smash(rightfully so) but as I said before Glee is just as bad, if not worse. I was hoping his recap would have Smash style bit, instead he seems to actually think this show is uplifting and inspiring and not a mess.

    And it does make sense that Quinn would want to be Prom Queen only because Quinn’s character changes from week to week.

  50. rmb says:

    Slezak, it pains me to say this, as I come to specifically for idology and your glee insights, but this recap reads as phoned-in as the script for this week’s episode. No written comments about the songs–just grades? Huh? I can see how the episode could suck the life out of your writing, much as the writer’s have sucked the life out of the show, but I have come to expect better from you, MS, than this recap. Regardless, what the show has done to the Rachel Berry character is reprehensible, and I am 100% with you on that.