Finale Post Mortem: Castle Boss Says What Comes Next Is Tough, 'But It'll Be Fun Tough'

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from the Season 4 finale of ABC’s Castle. If you have not yet watched, turn away now. All others, proceed….

On Monday night in the Season 4 finale of Castle, all secrets were shared and all cards were put out on the table, as promised. But where did it all lead?

Working the murder of an Army vet, Beckett & Co. came to discover through DNA evidence that the shooter was the same guy who put a bullet in Kate’s heart a year ago — and thus he figures into the larger, deadly conspiracy surrounding Johanna Beckett’s years-ago killing.

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But for Kate to rattle that hornet’s nest again would certainly lead to her own demise — a fact that Rick has known but kept to himself. And in the finale, he made clear to Kate exactly why she needed to back away from this case.

Beckett was less than understanding. “I didn’t need protection; I needed a lead, and you sat on it for a year…. How the hell could you do this?!”

“Because I love you. But you already know that, don’t you,” Rick said, alluding to his Season 3 finale declaration which Kate has pretended to not remember.

They agreed to disagree, and Kate stayed on the case while Rick disclosed his intention to exit stage left, once and for all. But after a brutal rooftop throwdown with the shooter (played by Battlestar Galactica alum Tahmoh Penikett) — and backlash from Capt. Gates which led Beckett to not just turn in her badge, as Esposito did, but tender her resignation — a rain-soaked Kate showed up at Rick’s door to say three words again and again: “I’m so sorry.”

“He got away, and I didn’t care,” she explained. “I almost died, and all I could think about was you. I just want you.”

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And like that, one of TV’s biggest Will They/Won’t They couples fell into each other’s arms, and then (from all indications) into Rick’s bed. And not a moment too soon.

“In terms of storytelling, we felt like we were dangerously close to trying the audience’s patience – and we were starting to get impatient ourselves. We want to move on to new territory,” series creator Andrew W. Marlowe tells TVLine. “We feel like we wrung everything out of them not being in a relationship, so it’s time to put them in a relationship and in more, different fun.”

Fun however does not necessarily mean easy. “Relationships are tough, especially when the two people are fundamentally different people,” the show boss notes. “But I think it’s going to be fun tough – like when Sam and Diane got together on Cheers.”

Marlowe reports that the timing of the sexy new wrinkle “felt right” to not just him and his writing team but both of Castle‘s leads, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. “To not have done it now would have betrayed our covenant with the audience,” he states. “We’ve asked them to invest, and we would not be good storytellers if we did not pay off that investment.”

So, Castle fans: Happy? (And did you really have any doubt?)

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  1. leigh says:

    That was awesome!

  2. Lambsilencer says:

    It was a fitting finale after the constant build-up throughout the season. The voiceover of Alexis in the final moments was very poignant.

  3. Luu says:

    Very very very happy!

  4. Tracey says:

    As a Castle fan, I can DEFINITELY say I was happy with the episode! Congrats to Terri and Andrew for writing an excellent ep.

  5. Betsy says:

    SQQQQQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. from the opening “would you like to join me?” “I’d love to!” to the end hand clasp, i was squeeing like a fangirl. YAY!

  6. Alyssa says:

    Well done, Mr. Marlowe. Great way to get these two together :) Can’t wait to see what next season will bring!

  7. Definitely happy, but also waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • MA says:


    • nyangel22 says:

      me too. i keep thinking that they’re going to pull a Dallas and have it all be a dream.

      • Christ says:

        that would be cruel

      • Shae says:

        Really, even after reading what Marlowe just said about not wanting to overly try the audience’s patience? They’re not breaking up anytime soon, the question is will they give us a bantering flirty fun Caskett, or will it soon be drowned in angst filled plots.

        But I keep the faith, Marlowe has provided us this amazing show that has culminated in this amazing finale, so I’m willing to trust him and his vision.

      • Lei says:

        blind item… it’s not a dream

      • It’s not a dream. Aus confirmed the “couple having sex for the first time” BI was Caskett, and in the BI he said that it was definitely not a dream sequence.

  8. Kic says:


  9. TJCrinc says:


  10. leigh says:

    I love that everything we were promised happened! I know there are going to be those who complain about this episode but it was great!

  11. MikeF says:

    Wow what a great finale,

  12. Amanda says:

    Happy does not even begin to describe. Ecstatic! Just…thank you Castle writers for not being afraid to hook up the leads before the last episode of the show.

  13. tlc19 says:

    Quite pumped! Loved it, Mr. Marlowe! The summer will be long… but I will re-watch those last few moments (a few thousand times) to hold me over.

  14. Natalie says:

    Bloody brilliant & beautiful! This ep is not leaving my DVR!!! Can’t wait for next season (please ABC)!!!!

  15. Jess Narr says:

    It was perfect. Absolutely everything was perfect(:

  16. Alison says:


  17. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    I think Andrew Marlowe is going to be charged with killing the Castle fanbase after that amazing finale!! My shipper heart is in heaven right now!!!

  18. LOVED this episode! Only thing missing for me was an “I love you” from Kate. I really wanted to hear her say that. Oh well, there’s plenty of time for that in season 5 :)

  19. Larissa says:

    Extremely happy!! It was definitly worth the 4 years of waiting!

  20. nimfka says:

    Am I happy? OMG of course :D It was the best tv series finale ever!!!

    • RJ says:

      SEASON finale, please!!! Although if it had to end now, It would be a great ending.

    • I agree…Best T series finale Ever Ever…Hats off to Marlowe for scripting this and Nathan n Stana to pull it off so Naturally…………

      • gia says:

        I’m with RJ… it was not a SERIES finale, it was a SEASON finale. Very important difference. Not that there’s any chance Castle won’t be coming back for more seasons, but still. No need to jinkx it.

  21. Castle lover says:

    Waited four years for this!! Wished it lasted longer but I’ll take it. Stana was amazing. Those lines could have come off corny but she nailed it!! Holy cow!! What an ending!!

  22. Jaime says:

    Finally! Noooooow, will you confirm that they were he blind item!?!?!

  23. KMC says:

    YES. Finally.

  24. Jake says:

    Happy-ish. I guess I should know better than to hope for a happy ending. I just have this terrible feeling that Castle’s family is going to be dragged into it all now. But at this point I guess the only plotline is to resolve the whole “creepy syndicate wants to kill Kate” storyline. How long will that go on? Is Beckett going to go back to the NYPD? If not, what the hell is it going to be – the couple on the run?

    Lots of questions, one big answer.

    • Don’t forget that they still need to revisit the Triple? Killer.

    • Bev says:

      Beckett goes to law school and becomes the DA !! And, together, they solve her mother’s murder by feeding info to Espo and Ryan.

    • James says:

      Totally agree, so many questions. what about Espo and Ryan will they still be friends? I’m sure she’s gonna go back to the 12th precinct, my questions is Gates gonna be the one to bring her back, or the mayor, or maybe a new captain? while i think the character is a little weak Penny Johnson is a Fabulous actress and would love to see her back. I think your right about castles family getting involved, my guess is that will be a theme next season, maybe with Castles father coming into the picture :)

      • Kathy says:

        I love Penny Johnson, but I hate the character of Captain Gates. Roy Montgomery had us all spoiled.

        • Meri says:

          I think the only thing that bothers me about the show right now is that they aren’t giving Penny Johnson anything to work with here. No character development, very few good lines, no richness, nothing. I sincerely hope for some character development this coming season! Otherwise why put such a powerful actress in the role, but to use her to the best of her abilities!

    • John says:

      They’ll pull Kate back in in the premiere. It’s still a procedural after all.

      And re: bringing the drama, don’t forget that there was a major breakup tonight, too: the beautiful bromance of Ryan and Esposito is now on the rocks!

  25. Nina says:

    HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH right now! Thank you, Mr. Marlowe!

  26. lariet50 says:

    I was really into it, right up to the very last scene. Quit beating the dead horse. Let Beckett’s mom’s case go for a while. I’m actually getting really tired of it. Which is saying something, because I freaking love this show.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree on Johanna’s murder. It’s so convoluted now, that I can’t even keep everything straight. The sooner that gets wrapped up for good, the better!

      • I don’t know if it will ever be resolved. Or if it’ll be the show’s ‘quest’ the way Mulder’s search for his sister was X-Files’ mythos and underlying arc.

        • Always is always says:

          I think the Joanna Beckett case is just a storytelling instrument to push the character. Don’t expect for it to be ever solved anytime soon. Each and every time the case has been brought up, it brings Castle and Beckett closer. In season one, Castle was intrigued by Beckett and her backstory. In season two, he was willing to throw $100k out the window just to have a chance to lure the killer out. And it made Beckett to realize that she wants him to be there (“I’ve gotten used of you pulling my pigtails.”) Season 3, well, the cover kiss and introduced us the whole new meaning of “always.” And now here? Come on. ;)

          Plus, think of it this way. If her mom wasn’t dead, Beckett wouldn’t have join the police force. Therefore, she and Castle would have never cross paths!! And the world would be a little sad because there would be no Caskett.

          • Shipping Perlanie says:

            Yeah, it’s also a storytelling device, but it’s first and foremost a mystery. You can’t put it into a police procedural and not have fans annoyed that it never goes anywhere. X-Files lost its fans when it became clear that even the writers didn’t know where they were going… that they were just teasing the fans with hints and innuendo.

            I don’t think even Marlowe knows who killed Beckett’s mom. If we think he doesn’t know, then we won’t care. And if they can’t come up with a good resolution, it’ll not only alienate the viewers, it’ll ruin the previous seasons for us. Remember “Who shot JR?”

            A middle ground would be to have them “solve” the case early in Season 5, and then dance around with the problem of how they actually bring such a powerful guy to justice. Or arrest him, but now there’s a long trial ahead where the guy may or may not have bought off the judge.

          • Aude says:

            Maybe for the season 5 she’ll be prégnant ;) i really like your storytelling it totally makes sense.
            It’s been 2 days since the final and i’m still thinking about it and listening to ” in my veins” repeatedly :) i’m definitely in love with this show … :)

    • Shipping Perlanie says:

      Totally agree as well. Hell, on the Castle website he calls it a Ponzi Plot: where the writers keep upping and upping the ante. Then when they try to resolve it, audience expectations are so high there’s no way they WONT be disappointed.

      On the other hand, there needs to be a meta-plot that ties a season together, at least in Castle. The two big meta-plots are Caskett and Beckett’s mom. If they wrap both at once then the show screeches to a halt. So they pay off Caskett, create a new story arc, and then close Beckett’s mom’s murder. Sounds like the new one is “Espo loses all his friends.” or “Who is Castle’s father?”

      The big challenge is that with Beckett’s mom, it’s already so big that any reveal will be a letdown. Seriously, how big a villain could they find who could have believably done all that?

      The rumor is that there will be a Season 5, and will be the last one. So they have time to wrap things up cleanly, but don’t have to invest in plots as big as these. A season of “The Thin Man” would be a dream. Castle’s always best at being a FUN show above all, and this season has had very little fun.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Where are you getting that Season 5 is the last one? I have not seen that anywhere, and I follow spoiler sites pretty closely.

        I disagree that Marlowe doesn’t know who the big bad is. He’s always had a basic plan for the series, and I would have to imagine that included who the big bad is. I don’t see the reveal as a guaranteed letdown at all.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        There is no rumor that Season 5 will be the final season.Management

        • fan says:

          Thank you for clarifying, Matt. Almost got my second heart attack of the day after reading that (the first came from the ending of “Always”).

  27. AWESOME! FINALLY!!! The moment the whole fandom has been waiting for and it was such an epic scene! I loved the talk they had, all the cards out in the open. Castle calling Kate on her bs, because she kept secrets/lied to him just as well as he had. The whole episode was intense, traumatic and emotional, just like last season’s finale!

  28. Symce says:

    Really happy. Not just because of them hooking up tho (and the way it was done) but also because of all the action and such, and the buildup. It was superbly done. I can’t wait for season 5, to see how they gonna catch mr-sniper-guy, especially what with Espo suspended and Beckett having resigned.

  29. Nikikole says:

    Best thing ever! Hoping it picks up the day after. I wan to know what happens with her resigning and the whole mr smith situation…. She still hasn’t said she loved him yet! ;)

  30. Andrea says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Best episode ever. I’m so in love with this show, even after 4 seasons. Tonights acting was flawless, Nathan and Stana blew it out of the water. Bring on season 5!! My pair finally got together!

    • Bev says:

      ABC most certainly should renew! And the Emmys should finally take notice! Great acting, great writing. Not the usual prime time fluff!

      • James says:

        Totally and I would be utterly shocked if they didn’t renew, its ratings are still solid, and after the finale i’m sure the ratings are gona go through the roof. I thought Nathan really earned his stripes with this episode the emotion in his face when he divulged his secret was priceless he should totally get an emmy

  31. tahina says:

    Very nice..they did not go over the top with sex scenes, but the kissing and the wall pushing was just perfect..and now 4 more months to talk about for season 5 possible first scene..hmmm :)

    • G says:

      I have read on other sites how some viewers wanted to see the actual deed done, but I completely agree it was perfect as is. This show is so sexy, and sexy has to do with attitude more than anything else. However, a scene of tenderness between the two waking up together, completely necessary.

      • Lorraine Cheek says:

        Totally agree x

      • misterbrain says:

        Kind of the same way with another great show, “Bones”. Everyone clamored to actually get them doing the deed on screen, but it was much better to just know what was possible and know that they got together.

        I think it allows the show to stay classy, but still give the viewers what they want, which is the knowledge that the couple they wanted together got together.

    • Meg says:

      Absolutely!! They left it “emotional” and never crossed into “gratuitous.” I got a little worried when he went after her blouse, but they kept it in character — the pause over her scar kept it firmly there, showing he’s wanting to heal her heart all the way, not just drag her off to bed. And the hand holding made it clear they were equals making a mutual decision, not one of them going caveman (or cavewoman!!).

  32. jackie says:

    the chemistry between these two amazing actors is phenomal!!! i loved everything about this episode. especially the ending!!!

  33. Michelle says:


  34. Mo says:


  35. Caskett forever says:

    Yes!!! It was amazing, beautiful and just perfect! I can’t wait for season 5!!! It’s going to be the longest summer ever!!!!

  36. Tara says:

    What a fantastic, wonderful, amazing finale.

  37. All I can say is Andrew Marlowe is definitely CLEVER! Gosh, the make out scene was enough but I definitely wanted MORE! Get that, ENOUGH but MORE! Oh snap, this indeed will be the longest summer CASTLE FANS will ever have!

  38. JBS says:

    Some people are going to complain (there always are) but overall, this finale got everything pretty much dead on and was IMHO loads better than last year’s finale!!!
    It was pretty obvious since Ausiello revealled his blind item that Rick and Kate would get it on by the finale, but the build-up through the hour all the way to the actual moment itself was a very satisfying ride. Season 5 is looking very promising!!!
    Well done Andrew Marlowe. Well done.

  39. Amber says:

    Commenting from my grave. That was the most awesome episode ever. Caskett finally happening

  40. Courtney says:

    I am ABSOLUTELY elated! This finale….I can’t even begin to describe how satisfying it was. This is a show that knows what the viewers want and isn’t afraid to deliver!

    • G says:

      The show gives us what we want because the characters are compelling, well acted, and the actions are consistent with their emotions/personalities. The arch of the relationship worked out organically; the writers were true to their characters, and that is why giving us what we wanted wasn’t a gift, but just necessary to the narrative. Kudos.

      • Ella says:

        ABSOLUTELY. A lot of the time, when fans complain about writers not “giving them what they want”, they’re asking the writers to force their characters to behave our of character, and at the right time. The reason this feels so satisfying is because, as you said, it was organic. It is rare that I feel so totally contented with the set up and payoff of a full season, practically salivating for the next episode. Sigh. This will be a long summer.

  41. Kat says:

    OMG!!!! Such a happy and ecstatic Castle fan right now!!!! Such an intense episode!! And that scene where Rick confesses to Kate his love while he’s sure she’s conscious (lol) loooovvvveeeddd it!! But what this fan since the beginning loved the most was finally seeing all those sparks and chemistry catch fire in that passionate scene!! Already counting the days until the season five premier!! :)

  42. Allyson says:

    I currently don’t know what coherent thoughts are. But I LOVED IT. I just have no words.

  43. LMP17 says:

    happy, heck to the yes! My one and only critique,,,was alexis’ speech a downer or what? touching yes…but as high school speeches go, i’d want to cut my wrists if I were a fellow student. Geesh!

  44. wmcc520 says:

    Perfect! So well done….gives us what we want but leaves enough dangling for next season-her resignation, the bad guys coming for her and also the friction left between Esposito and Ryan.

    • Mo says:

      Since they finally resolved the Castle/Beckett relationship, they had to pass all that tension on to the other “couple”, Ryan/Esposito. So, should they be listed in the “break ups” on the finale score sheet?

  45. laura says:

    Did anyone feel like the Caskett scene was the actual cliffhanger?!
    The cliffhanger before the actual cliffhanger
    but all I can say is that I woke up my parents :D so yeah I am definetely happy

  46. mdb says:

    love the epi wondering where it is going next season… September is much too far away

  47. EmmaLeeLove says:

    so. so. so. amazing

  48. Aimee says:

    I am happy should we pick up excatly where we left off in September. “From all indications” is not good enough. I really hope that things don’t happen off screen.

    • thecasey says:

      Oh god I completely agree, I want to see the relationship develop, not just fast forward to them being in a relationship, but actually allowing them to discover all the little quirks they could only find out by being a couple. I also want to say the ending was just prefect

      • becca says:

        Read an interview with the Mighty Marlowe that he wants to pick up pretty much the morning after with them in bed. He says he knows fan want to see what that looks like, and he says he wants to show that. This is why we love him.

    • If season 5 starts like three months later or something I will actually hurt someone.

      BUT I highly, highly, highly doubt they will. Mainly, from a narrative standpoint, the Espo/Ryan thing needs to be addressed, but everyone (Marlowe) knows that we need to see that morning after ;D

  49. Mishka Barnard says:

    OMFG that was so great flu am just lossing it thanking for not going the “Bones” route and take forever to show love .Thank you Castle writers for not going the ” Moonlight”bull crap I was worry this season but you did me proud I will be buying season 4 on DVD after all

  50. JAA says:

    It was what I was expecting and more, one of the best episodes of Castle