Ratings: Secret Circle Rises, Missing Drops Hard, Community Steady, Scandal Upticks

Those Chance Harbor kiddies might have some fight left in ’em yet. The penultimate episode of The Secret Circle, which was not amongst The CW’s early pick-ups for the fall, saw gains of 7 and 20 percent this Thursday, with 1.23 million total viewers and a 0.6 demo rating.

Setting the table for TSC, The Vampire Diaries drew 2.44 mil and a 1.1, gaining 10 percent in total audience week-to-week.

The night’s biggest blow was absorbed by ABC freshman Missing, which at 6.3 mil/1.1 was down 21 percent in the demo.

Going hour by hour….

8 pm | American Idol‘s results show was rock-steady, drawing 15 million total viewers while scoring a 3.9 rating. The Big Bang Theory (13.6 mil/4.6) led Thursday in the demo, rising 12 percent; Rules of Engagement (9 mil/2.7) also was up some. Community held steady at 3.3 mil/1.4, while 30 Rock (3.1 mil/1.4) was down 12 percent.

RECAP | American Idol Top 5 Results: She Ain’t No Fortunate One

9 pm | Person of Interest (13 mil/2.5) dominated the hour in total audience, up 4 percent, while a steady-ish Grey’s Anatomy (9 mil/3.2) ruled the demo. Fox’s Touch rose 6 and 11 percent, to 6.8 mil/2.1. Both The Office (4.44 mil/2.3) and Parks and Recreation (3.35 mil/1.7) were up a bit.

10 pm | The Mentalist topped the hour this week with 12.7 million total viewers and a 2.4 rating, rising a few percentage points. ABC’s Scandal, at 6.8 mil/2.1, inched up a tenth in the demo. NBC’s Awake (2.14 mil/0.7) slipped another tenth in the demo but was steady in total audience.

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  1. Josh says:

    Ergh…I hope Nikita rises…I’m so worried for it. I find the Secret Circle to be so drab and it pales in comparison to TVD(I don’t think they do it any favors by airing them back to back)

    • michelle says:

      TVD wasnt good at all these couple of weeks. TSC has been spectacular lately. They found its niche. I love TVD but I can admit it hasnt been good as of late..and to those who think TSC took too long to get good, look at the FIRST season o TVD. It was not good. It dragged UNTIL the last couple of eps, then it found its niche and took off.

      Same thing with TSC. It took off. I emplore you to see the eps from ep 14 and on. It got amazing.

      As for Nikita, ive been a big fan of the show. I think it deserves to come back with TSC. But I wont be watching tonight because if it comes down to Nikita or TSC…I’m picking TSC. Nikita deserves to be on FX or something. Its too good for the CW.

      • Josh says:

        I agree TVD hasn’t been up to par but I just feel, overall it’s just better paced, written and definitely acted then TSC..

        Though I have to say no watching Nikita to save TSC, even though you’re a “big fan” of the show doesn’t make a lick of sense. There is a very good chance they’d renew both. So you’re only hurting Nikita and not helping TSC. And if you don’t have Nielsen box you’re really only hurting yourself haha.

        • michelle says:

          According to everyone Hart of Dixie will be renewed over Nikita. So in terms of that I can’t give Nikita my rating this week. Its hovering at 0.6 just like TSC. Of I can get TSC a little push in expense of Nikita? Ill do it. The writing and acting has gotten WAY better on TSC.. Its rather shocking. But its the truth. I enjoy all three but TSC deserves a second season. My beloved Nikita has had 2 seasons. I hope for 3 with it getting renewed witg TSC. But I don’t see that happening. I gotta go with what I see. The improvement ive seen in TSC deserves praise. And to reward that, give it a second chance and a renewal.

          • Josh says:

            Everyone? I’ve heard Nikita and TSC have the two strongest chances of being renewed, while Hart of Dixie is the long shot(low ratings, no buzz, no critical anything) But still you don’t make any sense, sorry haha. Unless you are a Nielsen family, you’re viewership doesn’t count.

          • ducdebrabant says:

            I keep hearing they’ll renew Hart of Dixie over more highly rated shows, simply because it’s cheap to produce. That’s pretty sad.

          • Jake says:

            Rumor has it you can say good bye to Ringer, Gossip Girl and Heart of Dixie. Nikita may and I say may get renewed since the CW wants to try and obtain more of an adult demographic.

          • Brandy says:

            According toDeadline :Ringer, SC Likley cancelled, GG, Hart of Dixie Likley Renewed, Nikita Bubble.Hart is the cheapest to make of the cw bubble shows(ringer, Nikita,SC, Hod, GG).HoD also does well online, in DVr,in w18-34, has lost the least amount of viewers of the new shows and the last couple weeks Hart tied with SPN,90210,GG for second highest show in demo and this week Hart is second or third in total viewers so far this week.Im stunned and confused that Nikita is a bubble show, not Likley cancellation cause it dosent fit with any other cw show(besides Ringer),it dosent have a high DVr gain, it’s the second lowest rated show in demo, it’s been getting 0.4-0.5 for so long now, producers have admitted the ratings are bad, it’s ratings declined all season,it’s ad rate was the lowest last season & will be even lower this season,the budget cuts with the fact that it and GG, maybe Ringer are the most expensive cw shows,it doesn’t do well in w18-34&A18-49,a cw insider said they’ve lost all faith in it,that Nikita would have to get 0.7s to be renewed(which it hasn’t),that Nikita would be informed early of a cancel/renew decision,it s not a good lead in for SPN, it was barley renewd last year &on the bubble all season this season,it lost half or more of VDs audience last season,it’s still far from syndication and ratings will only worse next season if it’s renewed, and it’s paired with the second or third highest rated cw show(SPN) and SPN outperforms it in demo if not total viewers too and can only get 0.4 while SPN gets 0.6-0.8.Im a Nikita fan but can’t see the pointing renewing it, especially just to cancel it after it next season and not make it to syndication.Msrk Pedowitz is a fan though and Nikita does soo overseas and I’ve heard it does well in Netflix, but I don’t think those things make up the high cost of the show and low d rates.

          • Tarc says:

            As much as I hate to dis Nikita, Hart of Dixie is better than Nikita, miles better than the awful Ringer and the dead awful Gossip Girl.

      • LNT589 says:

        The Avengers premiers tonight- not gonna help Nikita, and ! Canada aired it yesterday so its already available online… so who would waste their time and wait? I already saw it….If its coming down to any other show vs TSC I pick TSC bc it has a huge promise (bilateral and unilateral)ly speaking… and genre shows go a long way. Nikita is already going in circles while TSC is a circle within itself and its expanding by the second and as soon as they unbind next get ready for ultimate power struggle TVD all over again! Give it time… it will grow! S2 of TVD was spectacular S1 was ehh… S3 beginning blew my mind…its gotten slow lately tho very emo direction wise but i still love it! #TSC all the way. CW would be smart to leave it as is.

      • Jean says:

        Yeah. Let’s save the circle!

      • Carlo says:

        lol. you’re kidding, right? TVD is way out of TSC’s league. first and foremost, TSC follows a monotonous routine every episode. it contains very little to no dynamics. the characters are predictable. faye is the only exciting one they’ve got.

        there could also be no debate as to which show has better actors. only jessica kennedy and phoebe tonkin are the decent ones among those that are holding the main roles in TSC. thomas dekker in particular is disconcerting. he has some annoying mannerisms that bother me. all others are average or below. TVD on the other hand has a great ensemble. not to mention the equally talented guest starts that came and went

        furthermore, the secret circle is dragging. they’ve been on the same stupid thing forever. and by the looks of it, they’re not going to resolve all the mysteries connected to the current story line this season.

        in addition to that, the series has a rough transition. one episode must lead to another. but TSC doesn’t abide by that rule. for example, they introduced demons in the forth episode and held it for another 2. after that, it receded into the background. nothing was unraveled. no further information about them was given either.

        they also have a habit of making filler episodes. “fire/ice” didn’t have any significance to the story. and yet they aired it. same thing with “valentine.”

  2. michelle says:

    Rise Secret Circle RISE!!!!

    We mustn’t get canceled now. I haven’t loved a show like this since Roswell! Its found its stride! Get going up guys!

  3. sarah says:

    Yeah TVD and Secret Circle!
    Also that is great about POI! I watch POI and Grey’s and I am surprised that POI did better than Grey’s.

  4. Larry says:

    My guess is that Ringer and Nikita are probably goners (I do like Nikita but it has had two seasons and hasn’t made a dent on a night that is still pretty open in the 8 PM timeslot). I think Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl and Secret Circle will be renewed -with SC being moved to companion with Supernatural. CW could put on a new show after TVD next season to boost it up.

    • LNT589 says:

      exactly tsc will do better than Nikita on a friday- it would be CW’s new POWERFUL SYFY FANTASY night total CW niche! lol

      • Michael says:

        TSC would do way worse than Nikita even an idiot can see that
        Plus Nikita would have more episodes to seel to other countries

        Then we have all these ads Nikita is coming back it is so obvious. Cant wait to see all these haters get theirs

        • ducdebrabant says:

          Funny how you describe as “haters” all those you also call “idiots” for not realizing the supposed obvious truth that Nikita would do better on Friday than TSC. You’re the one calling people names, so who’s the hater here? And why would Nikita do better? Is “any idiot can see” what you use instead of logic and argument?

  5. Person of Interest ROCKED MY WORLD last night. Glad it is doing well.
    Jim Caviezel brought it and delivered 110% My heart broke for Reese.
    Love this show.

  6. Karen says:

    We need a season 2 for The Secret Circle.I absolutely love this show,Thursdays will always have a gap If it isn’t renewed. SAVE THE CIRCLE!!!!!

    • michelle says:

      YES! Grab some crystals and share them with any and everyone. Prayer circle for season 2! This circle doesnt go down without a fight!!

  7. Epicurious erin says:

    Really hope NBC realizes what a great show it is and saves Awake…it’s so much better than most of the stuff out there. In contrast, fun, more effortless shows like Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle also need to be renewed. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with them. They remind me of the great nights of Dawson’s Creek and Buffy I used to love…

    • Carol C says:

      I agree that it would be wonderful if Awake returned – it’s my favourite show and Jason Isaacs is awesome! However, if it doesn’t, I hope the finale will wrap things up nicely and not leave us wondering what the evil Carl will do or horrified by what he has already done.

  8. RENNY says:


  9. MJ says:

    POI was awesome as usual. I had been wondering what happened to Jessica. I can see why he was a homeless, scruffy looking person in the pilot episode.

  10. destiny says:

    matt, is there going to be a recap of the vampire diaries here?

    • Jake says:

      God, lets hope not…Pretty much everyday TV line post something about that over-rated show.

      • destiny says:

        i wouldn’t call it over-rated. it is one of the few shows with good storylines and consistency. and also, if you don’t like it, don’t click on the article. i don’t think anyone forces you to read them.

  11. Daniela says:

    GREY’S was good last night except for April behaving like a teenager. I kind of guessed that she would be the one who failed the boards. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the only decent show rating-wise that The CW has still on the air. I can’t believe that a show rises in ratings and still just brings in 1.23 million viewers with an awful 0.6 rating. The CW has to bring on a lot of new shows for the fall to make this train wreck work again. Meanwhile SCANDAL is really getting good but I still don’t believe that it will be renewed. Taking a look at the pilots ABC could probably even cancel both – SCANDAL and PRIVATE PRACTICE and move GREY’S to 10 pm on Thursdays.

  12. ducdebrabant says:

    Lesson for theCW and The Secret Circle: you give Gale Harold screen time, and people come back.

    • michelle says:

      Hes getting more next week. Tell all the Gale fanboys/fangirls to tune in! :)

      • ducdebrabant says:

        I hope it isn’t too little, too late. I like the extra screen time, but I still don’t like what they’re doing with Charles. They started him strong, started making him weaker, and just keep taking him down, down, down.

    • LNT589 says:

      Lets get more Joe Lando and Gale Harold action! Guy version of Fayana itll be Charhn or Jarles lol and we need more Natasha Henstridge she is a screen queen!

  13. Lorie says:

    I love Ashley Judd, but I don’t see Missing getting renewed.

  14. ducdebrabant says:

    Missing needs enormous numbers to survive. It’s got to be one of the most expensive series on TV.

  15. Natalie says:

    All my faves did well last night. Woot! :) POI, TBBT and The MENTALIST. Reese is so cool-love him, Amy and Sheldon stole the show for me last night, and Lisbon rocks. Seriously, Bruno, Lisbon and Jane together are awesome. You HAVE to see it too. It’s your show. Can’t wait to see the finales of these series. It’s gonna be a long hiatus.

  16. llws88 says:

    SO SO SO happy to see Scandal holding its own…it is one AMAZING show! Shonda Rhimes is killing it right now! I am most definitely expecting a season renewal! *goes to catch up on other shows!*

  17. Alex says:

    Finally ratings news that doesn’t involve “everything down, ___ shows hit series lows”! But I guess we are into sweeps now where the networks need better ratings…

  18. Anon says:

    The CW must renew TSC. Last night’s episode was just spectacular!

  19. Danielle says:

    I, too, really want TSC renewed. It still needs a little tweaking, but it’s finding its way. The writing and the acting have gotten better, and the storyline is compelling. Renew TSC!

  20. Aims says:

    TSC rises. I wonder if the ratings will drop again after the writers hyped up Nick’s return in an effort to lure back the book fans that tuned out after they killed him off… only to kill him off again! I gave this show a second chance and marathoned the whole season in the hopes of Nick’s return. So it’s safe to say I’m very disappointed in the show for basically bringing him back for nothing. Nick was one of the most complex book characters. It’s a shame the writers cared so little for a fan favorite in the books. It really drove away book fans early in the series.

    I tuned out to that show the first time when they went too heavy on Cassie/Adam’s destiny~ relationship. The only thing I liked about them was that they took that potion, because it gave Adam the opportunity to interact with people OTHER than Cassie. Basically, the only thing I’d consider sticking around for now that the writers have yet again disappointed me on the Nick front is Diana’s story and possibly Jake.

    I know for a fact some book fans tuned out within the first few weeks of this show, because the writers deviated so far from the books and gave no hint that they’d call back to anything in them. The feeling that the show was basically going to take the names, run with the show and not pay homage to the books (in addition to killing off a book favorite five eps in) didn’t inspire much trust. At least for me and some of the book fans I’ve spoken to. I sincerely hope that IF this show gets a second season that the writers work harder at staying true (or at least attempting to stay true) to the books and the characters in them. If TVD can attempt to tie in small things from the book series (the bridge, Klaus, etc), TSC should be able to.

    On a positive side, the acting has gotten better and the writers are actually putting forth the effort to mix it up with the characters interacting. Characters like Diana, Jake and Faye really shine with what the writers give them and I’m pleased that the show is giving me friendships like Adam and Melissa, who is just not getting into the swing of things as a character. Cassie’s attraction to her black magic is so far the most interesting thing that’s come to the character, especially in contrast to Diana’s white magic.

    They need to work hard to get back the people they lost early in the series and they need to either hint at and/or put in the groundwork earlier in the seasons when it comes to the big plots. It shouldn’t have taken 20 episodes to MENTION the crystal skull, which was a HUGE plot in the first book and is acting as the big plot in the season. I think this show could be as great as TVD (though TVD’s third season seems like they hit the slump that shows usually hit in the second season, but they seemed to pick back up in last night’s episode) and I hope it does.

    That’s just my two cents though.

    • LNT589 says:

      I think that Genre shows really take time to develop. Especially because the “witch” isn’t a huge trend right now like vampires are (thank you twilight) its even harder to attract, but once you do it sticks– and TSC had a rough patch yeah, but its really starting to come around. and i like that they are not completely sticking to books bc i would get bored, ive read each book like twice even that new one The Divide- I would like to see them bring Scarlet tho- she would be a good contrast to Cassie and Diana – power struggle. it would be interesting to see them pair up against a common enemy other than John. JB in the series is one of the best villains ive seen in a while – slow to rise and unleash but once he does all hell breaks loose. You never wanna totally follow a book- you want to touch n go, and I think Miller is doing a good job with it… just needs to tweak the sympathy card on certain characters- a little more compassion would also be nice between the girls.

      • Lauren says:

        I agree with you there…”witch” isn’t the huge trend now like vampires. And heck it took a while for TVD to get good towards the end of season 1 (IMO). In fact it takes a while for shows to find their audience within the first season but come second season..shows do tend to get to the meat of their mythology in my opinion. And this show got me reading the books since I’m curious about Black John (John Blackwell in the books). And agree with you about JB too…still don’t know what his endgame is and heck I bought into his charisma

    • ducdebrabant says:

      From a whole slew of interviews in the last couple of days, with both Louis Hunter and Chris Zylka, it’s sounding like Nick STILL isn’t dead. I personally think part of the uptick is that Gale Harold fans, who had peeled off when week after week he was either M.I.A. or given very little screen time, have started to drift back now that they’re using him more.

      • tripoli says:

        Love Gale Harold, but not enough to watch this terrible show. He deserves so much more than some crappy teen soap.

    • Mikael says:

      The plot moved way too slowly this season, which I think is the biggest problem. They hardly do any magic, aside from Cassie, which is pretty boring. They should have had the circle learning to work together and casting spells and stuff, you know, doing ACTUAL MAGIC. I’m glad they put the Cassie/Adam thing on pause because Cassie has much better chemistry with Jake, and Adam seems to have much better chemistry with Melissa. I hope they continue with that. Also, they had too much going on with the witch hunters and the parents. They should have stuck with one plot. And finally, the pilot set up Charles as such a great villain and they totally rewrote him in favor of Dawn, who is not quite so amazing. The show is finally hitting its stride, so I hope it gets a 2nd season. TVD also took a season to get good, so I hope CW remembers that.

  21. Forwarddad says:

    Love, Love Scandals. Hope it’s renewed

  22. Doug-H says:

    Missing was good last night… Great fun to see all the scenes on location but if it’s a one-season show, that wouldn’t be terrible if they can wrap it up… But up against what it has at 8pm on Thursdays with many other shows more demo friendly, it’s no wonder it doesn’t draw.. Ashley Judd has been around now a while and draws an older audience… I think it could do better on Fridays… My guess it’s a goner… Awake was also good but it too is in a killer slot with no draw..

    • Tarc says:

      Missing is amazing every episode. I have no idea why it didn’t catch on. It’s very much in the vein of Person of Interest, which was mind-blowingly great this week.

  23. murley says:

    so glad to hear secret circle had an uptake. i think it is great. i really hope it and ringer are renewed.

  24. Michael says:

    finals out 0.5 for TSC and 1.2 for TVD

    Yeah it would do better than Nikita on friday who are these people kiding saying this

    Nikita will rise in the fall everyone knows springtime on fridays is the toughest slot to be in. And demo people are all out.

    If these haters cant see that TSC would do worse than Nikita is doing on fridays with more viewers then they are seriously out there

  25. bad kevin says:

    The CW better renew Secret Circle for Season Two and by watching Awake, B.D. Wong & Cherry Jones needs more screen time in every episode they’re on.

  26. Jane says:

    I’m so happy for The Secret Circle! It definitely deserves a renewal

  27. Carlo says:

    lol. you’re kidding, right? TVD is way out of TSC’s league. first and foremost, TSC follows a monotonous routine every episode. it contains very little to no dynamics. the characters are predictable. faye is the only exciting one they’ve got.
    there could also be no debate as to which show has better actors. only jessica kennedy and phoebe tonkin are the decent ones among those that are holding the main roles in TSC. thomas dekker in particular is disconcerting. he has some annoying mannerisms that bother me. all others are average or below. TVD on the other hand has a great ensemble. not to mention the equally talented guest starts that came and went
    furthermore, the secret circle is dragging. they’ve been on the same stupid thing forever. and by the looks of it, they’re not going to resolve all the mysteries connected to the current story line this season.
    in addition to that, the series has a rough transition. one episode must lead to another. but TSC doesn’t abide by that rule. for example, they introduced demons in the forth episode and held it for another 2. after that, it receded into the background. nothing was unraveled. no further information about them was given either.
    they also have a habit of making filler episodes. “fire/ice” didn’t have any significance to the story. and yet they aired it. same thing with “valentine.”

    • ducdebrabant says:

      I don’t know why the fans of the two shows (who are often the same people) always have to be pitted against each other. But for the record, I not only prefer The Secret Circle, I find The Vampire Diaries virtually unwatchable. I’ve tried to get into it, but I feel that it’s constantly condescending to me, asking nothing of me, overloading me sensory information as if that’s all I care about.

      Any show can maintain a breakneck pace and constantly surprise you if it doesn’t obey any rules, and TVD, it seems to me, will turn anybody into anything, and back again, whenever it pleases. There’s no internal logic over time, just internal rationalization, arbitrary 180’s, and throwing a lot of spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

      And Nina Dobrev, whose acting TVD fans always praise so highly, bores me to distraction. I’m so sick of her one sad expression, and all the endless phony drama over her endless ambivalence between two men, either one of whom could surely do better. There’s nothing more annoying than a show or movie which insists strongly that a character is irresistible and distinctive, when I feel otherwise. Tell, don’t show. TVD is always telling me that Dobrev is the perfect woman, but they’ve shown me no proof. So I beg to differ.

      That’s just how I feel, and do think I’m entitled to my own opinion. Those who feel otherwise re entitled as well, but they need to know that not everybody thinks their truths about TVD to be self-evident.

      I do think The Secret Circle has some big flaws and inconsistencies. I think it’s been wayward and indecisive, and short in the attention span. I think it’s neglected and misused the adult characters, and introduced too many pretty teens it didn’t have any real use for. And I could go on.

      But I like the fact that Chance Harbor looks like a real place, and that the locations and interiors always seem to be part of that place. I like the fact that they keep the magic comparatively small and grounded, instead of giving us everything plus the kitchen sink.

      I’d actually like to see more repercussions among non-witches, more civilian reactions, to heighten the threat that the witches will be exposed, not just to witch hunters, but to their grocers and dentists. But even without that, I get more of a feeling of ordinariness– that there could be witches living down the street.

      These people don’t have some convenient tool, like “glamouring” somebody. If they do magic in public, and it looks like magic, they can’t just make everybody in the crowd forget all about it.

      They can cast spells, but spells aren’t easy. The witches’ powers vary, their knowledge varies, their access to spell books and magical objects varies, they don’t always know what the hell they’re doing, or getting into, or getting other people into. They aren’t supermen or women, they’re not hundreds of years old, they are not always especially difficult to kill, and in any case they are going to have normal lifespans.

      Yes, every once in awhile somebody seems to come back from the dead, but in the meantime they’re dead. So far, no ghosts, and I hope that holds. And also so far, other than demons (who aren’t especially unlikely on a witch show), we are not being introduced to a large menagerie of supernatural creatures.

      The witches are flawed people with different attitudes about power, and I find them more identifiable than the vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and even the witches, of TVD. Even non-witches on this show have been able to use magic against them, some of it is accessible to regular folks, and even when it isn’t, regular folks can seduce, or blackmail, or extort, or trick, witches into doing it for their benefit. That means they’re a little more like us or our neighbors.

      I’m so glad I never see any historical flashbacks, just because somebody thinks Chris Zylka would look terrific in a 1920’s tuxedo or a medieval hood.

      TVD fans who are bored with TSC don’t surprise me. I infer from TVD that its fans tend to crave excitement and change and pace and variety and bizarreness to an extent that I do not– the extent, that is, of sacrificing everything else for those things. Fair enough, enjoy. But I personally don’t want TSC to imitate The Vampire Diaries. I like it best when it’s least like The Vampire Diaries. That’s my two cents.

      • Carlo says:

        i’m not in any way saying that TVD is perfect. i do like TSC as well. and that’s exactly the reason why i feel the need to voice out my criticisms. as a viewer, the things that i’ve mentioned in my previous comment are the points i personally find as the shows weaknesses. i can’t imagine that i’m the only person holding that sentiment.

        i don’t claim to know more than i do, but i understand enough to say that there’s something wrong with the way TSC is connecting to it’s audience. many people such as yourself enjoy the program and there’s definitely a reason for it. they have a good touch in some aspects but i’m afraid it’s not enough to outweigh their many loopholes. you may love the show the way it is now just like other fans do, but that alone can’t save it. TSC needs to step up somehow.

        • ducdebrabant says:

          No, I don’t love the show the way it is now. I’d like many, many things to be done better (better handling of Gale Harold, first and foremost). But I do prefer the show the way it is now to the way The Vampire Diaries is now. If they’re going to be compared, usually to The Secret Circle’s detriment, I just wanted to point out that some of us don’t consider The Vampire Diaries the better show.

  28. Mary Sparks says:

    Missing is a fantastic show, I don’t care about the other ones, except Grey’s Anatomy, however, if they take off missing, I won’t watch that network anymore.

  29. kate says:

    I love both The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. Thursday night is my favorite night of television and I would be so upset to see TSC get canceled. It’s come a long way and I’d love to see where the writers would take these characters next season. Please renew this show!

  30. mac says:

    Loved last nights episode of TVD, Klaus had it coming ;)

  31. rebekah30mikaels says:

    Wait, will The Secret Circle be cut or what????