Exclusive NCIS: LA Finale First Look: Um, Why Is Hetty at the Morgue?

The supersized Season 3 finale of CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles will send Hetty to the morgue albeit without a toe tag, but nonetheless for what can be no good reason — and TVLine has a first look at the grave moment.

In this image from Part 2 of the two-hour season-ender, titled “Sans Voir” and airing May 15, Linda Hunt’s ops manager is called to the place no one ever wants to visit, in any capacity. The reason (reasons?) why, though, for now is a mystery.

Check out the photo (click it to enlarge), then read on for much more:

Also, I spy two bodies above. When I asked NCIS: LA showrunner Shane Brennan about the season finale death that TVLine scooped earlier this year, he countered, “What makes you think that only one person dies?” He went on to say that “for fans of the show, it really is quite a surprise what we do.”

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Brennan urges viewers to make a point of checking out the first promo for the finale, which will debut at the close of this Tuesday’s “Neighborhood Watch” episode (in which Deeks and Kensi pose as suburban marrieds) — saying that as revealing as it may seem, “It’s just the tip of an iceberg.”

All told, across the two-hour span, he tallied, “There are… two… three.. four, five different moments that could serve as a season finale.”

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  1. Astrat says:

    Damn them for making a good show and making me care so much about those characters!! I can’t think of one character I would be okay with losing!

    • DL says:

      I agree! Kensi, Deeks, Callen, Sam, Hetty, Eric, Nell… I don’t think I could bear to lose any of them! The only people I’d be okay with losing are side characters like Granger and Nate. Argh!

    • Nubie says:

      None of the main cast will be leaving – they’re all too important to the fanbase. :) But…I do have a quick comment about Granger: Can’t Shane (yes Mr. B I love ya, but, um) find a BETTER “nemesis”/ Antagonist for Hetty? Granger is so….sooo…..DULL. And what is up with Hunter? She’s still hanging around too & seems to have it out for Callen

      • Jenn says:

        Yeah I was thinking Nate will be one of them.. isn’t he still over in the area Sam was in for his episode…? Maybe his cover gets blown and they kill him. I know he’s not around much anymore, but he’s still one of my favorite characters. Regardless of who the two are, I’m for sure gonna be crying and possibly sobbing because the season will be over lol. THANK GOD it got renewed though! :)

  2. Cottage101 says:

    OK, OK, so it can’t be Callen, since his story isn’t finished yet (first name unknown and stuff), there are also still missing pieces in Deeks’ story, so it likely won’t be him. It probably won’t be Sam because there is the whole family thing that is still going on, and they wouldn’t repeat themselves by killing of Kensi would they? I mean, in NCIS they killed of the female team-member already, so they wouldn’t do that a second time right? That would be so bad!!
    So maybe it’s Nate? Or Eric? Or just Granger, since no one likes him anyway?

  3. Kristen says:

    Appears there may be women’s breasts under the sheets

    • DL says:

      And the woman looks small too. Could it be… Nell? That would be really, really dark if they killed off such a bright and sunny character.

    • Melinda says:

      Really like Ncis crew. Great effects an always have interested me

  4. Madde says:

    Maybe it’s a faked deth or somrthing

  5. Kelley says:

    I have a feeling Renko will be one of the agents to die. I hope not but from what I read it could be possible.

  6. GeeMa says:

    Vance!! Then “the powers that be” will have killed off someone from 2 shows. Still think there’s something snarky about his character. Love the main cast from both NCIS shows.

  7. My guess is either Nate or Granger. But picture could be a big fake out. I can’t see them killing off one of the main field team members. Makes me nervous since the fatality is listed for this on the May Sweeps scorecard.

    I so love Linda Hunt as Hetty. Thought the casting was a little odd at first, but it so works. Would love to see her and Ducky team up on something at some point.

  8. LJ says:



  9. bc says:

    pretty sure that’s Vance standing in the morgue… and one of the bodies is has a female shape

  10. Chloe says:

    I hope it’s Deeks. I’ve never really liked him. He’s such a dirty-looking mess. It better not be Callen or Sam.

    • LJ says:

      Could you keep your hateful opinions to yourself please? Thanks.

    • linro says:

      Out of small minds come very small opinions. Deeks has been an awesome addition to the show and is very popular. Added an amazing dimension to the show. There’s a reason it’s number two in the country behind NCIS. The perfect combination of characters. You don’t like it, don’t watch!!!!

  11. Jeff says:

    I’m just saying. This would not be the first time that NCIS has a character that is actually dead standing in the morgue talking to people that are alive. Remember what happend when Kate was shot. Could still be Hetty.

  12. Michael says:

    I think its going to be Lauren Hunter from the season beggings and Nate

  13. B. says:

    My guess is Hunter and Renko.

  14. I’m freaking out… It can’t be any of the main characters… Can’t! It will kill the ratings, all the main characters have a lot of fans. At least we know isn’t Hetty. I love her.

  15. Jimpy says:

    If I had to guess a female, I’d say Jada. Last I heard her brother was coming to kill her

  16. chris cunnings says:

    Its proberly eric or nell

  17. It had better not be Callen, Sam or Hetty. I would be sad to lose anyone else but I would stop watching if Sam, Callen or Hetty were gone.

    • Riane says:

      Hope the guys are still whole as a group! Hate losing anyone of them at the show. They’re so good..

      This suspense in this photo is killing me. Hope none of them is loosing in the group.

  18. cann’t wait til the 15th —– should be a gooder !!!!!

  19. Jenny says:

    The body closest to Hetty is the dog….the head area is to flat to be a human…at least thats the way it looks to me.

  20. Paul says:

    I think she is talking to Granger and I think the body looks like a male. My first guess would be Nate, because they have been leaving him out of some shows on assignment the last year. But, you never know about Bellisario, I sure never saw it coming when Kate got shot and I never saw it coming when Singer got killed on JAG. I would hate to lose any of them, but to keep the show interesting, I guess you have to mix it up sometimes.

  21. Paul says:

    Just took a closer look, it does look short enough to be nell, I really like her. She adds a lot to the show.

  22. Paul says:

    Click on the picture and it enlarges, it is definitely Granger she is talking to and Bellisario has had people come back from the dead in Magnum, NCIS both.

  23. ceindreadh says:

    Hetty looks rather surprized in that pic, so my guess is that if it is Granger with his back to us, then Hetty thought he was one of the bodies under the sheet.

    I can’t see TPTB being crazy enough to kill off a main character, unless of course (like in NCIS), the actor wanted out.

  24. Sara Blair says:

    omg this should be interesting…

  25. Mary S. says:

    I don’t think they’d kill one of the four main characters unless, like with Kate on NCIS, the actor asked to leave. Neither Eric Christian Olsen nor Daniela Ruah are successful enough for this to be a good risk, and unlike Sasha Alexander, who wanted to have children, I can’t see what other reason they’d have to leave. Both Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J are successful actors. (well, rapper in LL’s case) I think one of them is most likely. Especially since Densi is the main source of sexual tension in the show.

  26. DarkWaters says:

    Rennee F Smith has said in a recent interview she thinks we’ll learn more about Eric and Nell in Season 4, so thankfully I don’t think they’re going to go, unless she was lying to throw us off…

    I expect one will be Renko, but hopefully none of the main cast as well :-/

  27. Alexis says:

    If it’s Deeks, I’ll cry and probably won’t be able to watch the show again. I think it’s a fake death. Kinda like Callen. When Hetty gets him a fake death certificate to stop that family from trying to find him and kill him. They could have pretended to kill off two characters and leve it as a cliffhanger.

    • Rach says:

      Oh if it’s Deeks (or Kensi), I’ll be right there with you! lol I love him!! He’s funny and brings a lot to the team/show. Plus, him and Kensi are so cute together! I don’t think it’s either of them though. Why take the time to build up their relationship and all that and then have one of them just die? Unless one of them is leaving the show. I don’t know why either of them would though. I’m hoping it’s a fake death!!

  28. Gin says:

    Loosing Hetty would be an error. She’s so good and she brings so much to the show.

  29. the other person in the photograph looks like granger or Callen and may be one of the director vance but this would influence the other series of ncis.

  30. Anonimo says:

    Acho q ninguem iria querer que algum dos membros morresse, acredito que seja uma mulhrer no necroterio, mas acho que nao é nem a Kensi nem a Nell. Podem até estar armando a morte da Kens para salva-la do Jack.

    Espero q seja apenas uma mentira.

  31. Judy says:

    They will probably leave us hanging until next season. By the way, where is Rocky Carrol, he hasn’t been on either NCIS show for awhile.

  32. NcisNcisLaFanatic says:

    Densi <3

  33. Ian Ogelby says:

    I haven’t seen Granger wearing glasses in any of the episodes he has been on. Dosen’t mean he dosen’t wear them just haven’t seem him in any unless I missed him wearing them.

    • Ian Ogelby says:

      So My Guess is also Granger and Nate

      • Jenn says:

        Yeah, hopefully it’s Granger. I can’t stand that guy! But I don’t know… how would he die?? He doesn’t go on assignments and he’s present, but kinda lays low and is in the background. I feel like he’s one of those characters who will always stick around unless he went somewhere else like to DC or something – not that I’m saying I want him to; if I had to choose, he’d definitely be my top pick.

  34. Ian Ogelby says:

    On a Second look at the picture it dosen’t really appear to be glasses that the person talking to Hetty has. Its the reflection from what he is standing next to. So Now I not sure who the second body is. I still think one of them is Nate.

  35. Jenn says:

    In last week’s episode, Sam and Callen were talking in the car and Sam pretty much said (not his words exactly) that if Callen died it’d be by bullet… Then Callen looked really troubled and told him not to jinx it… Then a few episodes ago that one killer said that he’ll kill Callen one day… If it really is a main character who dies, I think it might be him… :/

    I mean, if one of them absolutely had to be killed, I think I’d choose Callen; I think I would be probably feel the least remorse if it was him.

    • katy917 says:

      I said back in Feb I thought it would be Callen, for all the reasons you just said – the death threat and the way they talked about it last week also made me think, especially when he told Sam they should retire to the beach and Sam said he’d only retire via a bullet! I’m still hoping that it’s not one of the main billed cast and just a recurring character, like Nate. It could be Nate, as they brought him back for an episode recently, which could be seen as them reinforcing how well-loved he is, so that his death has a greater impact. Had they not brought him back this season, the death of his character wouldn’t have a huge impact. I love all the main cast, I think they are all wonderfully acted and relatable that I’m hoping for someone else, but my heart says it may be Callan. But I guess none of them are safe until the episode airs! I’m gonna make sure I’m stocked up on tissues before I sit down, because I’m almost guaranteed to sob who ever it is!

      • Jenn says:

        Yeah I was thinking one of them would be Nate. I know he’s not around much, but he’s still one of my favorite characters. Matter of fact, he was a main character and now he’s recurring. That usually means that character’s getting kicked off. Isn’t he still in that area where Sam was..? Maybe his cover was blown and they killed him… And same here! Regardless of who dies, I’m definitely gonna cry – and possibly start sobbing lol because the season’s going to be over. THANK GOD it’s renewed though!! :)

  36. Ian Ogelby says:

    Don’t think its G or Sam. Cus of the fact they are the two leads. It would be like really killing off Buffy, Or Say President Bartlet or Dawson or really killing Gibbs off. When they kill off the two leads it kinda ruins the show. And it could be un undercover fake death like has happened before. Or kinda like when Deeks got fired but he really didin’t. I just don’t see G or Sam getting killed. And If they did Shane Brennan would get tones and tones of angry letters. Yes NCIS LA has other leads besides G. and Sam but they are kinda the focus of the show. Who to say its not a character that we have seen before that kill off. Like when we were all freaked out about who was gonna die last season on the NCIS and they killed off Franks. Yeah it sucked that Franks died but it wasn’t one of the core group like Gibbs,Ducky, Tony, ect. Just giving people hope that they may pull the bait and switch and kill off a non essential character.

  37. Ritatinha ^ ^ says:

    I think his hunter…

  38. Jana says:

    I think Hetty is talking to Granger. It looks like him. But it can be Director Vance or Callen. But it looks like Granger. And one of the bodies looks big, like Sam big, so it may be fake.. Actors leaving a show usually comes out and we would have known, right? But if someone dies, I think it’s Nate or Renko.. And if one of the bodies is a woman, I think it’s Hunter, but we haven’t seen her in a while now. And she looks pretty small, it can be Jada. But then the finale is going to be all about Sam and I don’t really think that will happen. But as we know, the third season concludes with the team being drawn into a deadly mind game with a master criminal motivated by revenge. So maybe the woman is Jada? Her brother wants her dead and he probably wants revenge too. OMG I’M JUST GUESSING, I DONT REALLY KNOW!! It’s driving me crazy, I need next tuesday to come fast cause I’m really being tortured right now!!!! Like I’ve been tortured from January with the episode about Kensi and Deeks going undercover as married couple. And since I live in Norway I have to wait until tomorrow to see it. This show is killing me…

  39. Jo says:

    No, they can’t kill Nate. NO!

  40. Yvonne says:

    I guess that producers decided that the show is too crowded.

    Despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of what they did with his character since he came to the show, it’s definitely not Deeks. I mean: Kensi coping with the loss of the FOURTH important man in her life? Nobody is THAT bad lucky. Deeks has also already lost one partner (when they were introducing him to the show), so I think that at least for now, these two are safe :)

    I see these options:
    a) they kill Sam as they really developed this character this season and this is the point when the show returns to its Callen-focused convention

    b) they kill Sam and Nell and introduce Hunter as a series regular (am I the only person in this world who actually liked her? xD)

    c) (most probably) they kill Hunter, as we could already see her picture on the screen in the OPs just next to the photo of a crashed car.

    • AnneSommer says:

      By the way, what I forgot.

      I like Lauren Hunter too. I also like Granger.

      I know Granger is not popular.Especially because of the Kensi episodes .But he is a Boss.and reacts/reacted like it.

  41. s says:

    The actress who plays Hunter is on a pilot that got picked up, so I doubt they’ll bring her back as a series regular

  42. Chris says:

    Terrible ending. Slap in the face to fans of the show. Callen cannot survive this and stay a member of the team, they were the only ones he trusted and who trusted him. There is no way the writers can revive his character so the dynamics of the show must shift. And without Hettie? Why watch? Sorry I wasted my time.

    • IndestructibleLioness says:

      WTF?! I didn’t see the episode but please tell me that they didn’t bump off LL Cool J!

  43. Chris says:

    NO Sam is fine. In the last scene, they all tranported the Chameleon to a prisoner exchange and Callen shoots him in front of TV cameras for all to see. they arrest him and when Hettie sees Callen kill him, she resigns (again) and the show ends. Didn’t like the end, lets the bad guy win. too bad to mess with a good show. I used to like to watch.

    • katy917 says:

      I wasn’t keen on the ending, if Callan and Hetty leave, the show will be a shadow of it’s former self. But as Brennan said in an interview on Monday (I think it was him and I think it was Monday), when they wrote this episode, they were given plenty of notice. He said that they found out about this episode back in October, so a lot of planning went into it, but most importantly he said he had to figure out the story for the first episode of season 4 before he could write this episode, so I’m confident that there was a game plan and it will make sense come September. Just hate to be kept waiting. Also, while I’m literally thrilled that none of the main cast was killed, I thought that with all the hype about someone dying, for the last 4 months, it was a bit of an anticlimax. I reiterate, I am THRILLED that nobody important to the show died, just think they trumped it up too much.

  44. Chris says:

    I agree, Releasing the picture without Sam was misleading. I was dispointed with the end because the show only works based on the relationships of the characters and how they cope and rely on each other. the finale seemed to take them all out of character which seems bizarre- the bad guy wins. They do in real life, I wanted a better alternative reality!!!