Exclusive True Blood First Look: What's Scott Foley's Top-Secret Mission?!

Scott Foley completely naked and having mad passionate sex — those are two things you won’t be witnessing during True Blood‘s upcoming fifth season.

“It’s so disappointing because I went on a diet, I got into great shape, I lost weight… and nothing,” the Felicity/Unit/Grey’s vet mock-rages about his role of Patrick, Terry’s (Todd Lowe) former commander officer in Iraq who turned up without warning in the Season 4 finale. “Todd and I are the only ones who don’t ‘nude up’ on the show!”

VIDEO: Watch True Blood‘s Extremely Spoilery Season 5 Trailer!

Part of the reason for that, Foley points out, is because Patrick is one of the few True Blood characters that is 100 percent (gulp) human. “People ask me, ‘Oh my God, you’re on True Blood — what are you?!” And I have to keep saying, “Umm… nothing! I’m just a guy!'” he recounts with a laugh. “I’m not a vampire, I’m not a werewolf, I’m not a werepanther, I’m not a fairy, I’m not a shapeshifter. I’m just a guy coming into town trying to finish something he started back in Iraq.”

Speaking of which, what exactly is the nature of his unfinished business with Terry? “Something happened between the two of them in Iraq that needs to be dealt with,” Foley teases. “I can’t say what it is. It has nothing to do with vampires or werelwolves. But there is a mission that they need to complete.”

Perhaps a clue can be found in the following never-before-seen Season 5 images?

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  1. randirocks says:

    If there is anyone that I would want to see nude almost as much as Alexander Skarsgard, it would be Scott Foley. LOVE that man!!

  2. Whatsit says:

    At least tell me Chris Meloni nudes it up?!

  3. Dr. Bombay says:

    I’d much rather see Scott Foley nude than have to endure more nudity from Bill…

    • nikki says:

      Bill is great! a great body and very handsome..1st season everyone loved him body n all..now he is at the bottom of the list.. :(

      • Meg says:

        If it helps… I’ve always hated Bill…. not Stephen Moyer… but Bill… I also read the books, though…

    • Sammy says:

      Agree! Bill’s saggy ass is too much! Ewwwwwww!

    • Liz says:

      Bill is really hot, and has a great butt! Please rewatch the mad passionate sex in the graveyard with Sookie, or heck, any love making between Bill & Sookie and you will see Stephen Moyer’s great bod!
      I wish people would stop belittling one guy or the other, cause those two are great pals for God’s sake!

      • taim says:

        always the same person who says that, most people don’t find bill attractive, he is short and all the other guys are hotter thats a fact, liz, you are posting on here constantly professing your love for moyer, yeah we get it…

  4. TV FAN says:

    I love TB but why is show wasting a story line on Terry if does not have a “supernatural” element. Again the show needs to be more about vampires esp. ERIC!! :)

  5. Bill says:

    I hope they change that … This guy deserves to show every inch of that HOT HOT HOT HOT body…

  6. guest says:

    Scott Foley naked would be amazing..almost as good as Alexander S. and Joe Manangiello! Yummy!

  7. mac says:

    I’m actually hyped for an arc revolving around Terry, he’s awesome =D

    • Marcia Siehr says:

      I love Terry! He is in my top 5 favorite characters. And OMGodric, I really love Scott Foley and I can’t wait to see why he has come to town.

  8. Brittany says:

    I have to agree with most people on here. Scott Foley deserves to show some skin, and we deserve to see it. :)

  9. Dee Northman says:

    I can’t believe that True Blood would disappoint Scott Foley this way, lol. After all his hard work, let the man get naked. It would satisfy both him and us Truebies, lol, very much. V-V

  10. Val says:

    Team Noel!

  11. jimbo says:

    him and terry are going to be all broke back marine style arent they ….. this is what it sounds like

  12. ann hay says:

    I love trueblood when is it coming back to fx?

  13. Beth Ann says:

    Child please, I don’t want to see Scott Foley naked, he isn’t cute! As long as Eric, Alcide & Jason keep getting naked, that’s good enough for me!

  14. LISA says:


  15. Lara says:

    so this is why they killed him from greys anatomy

  16. Emma says:

    It’s kind of weird to have a storyline without supernatural elements. how normal lol

  17. minxie18 says:

    This sounds like it will be one of those annoying sub-plots we’ll have to sit through while waiting for the episode to get back to more interesting characters.

  18. samantha says:

    I feel like if they stuck with the book this show would be a lot more interesting, these writers have the tendencie to change everything way too much and that would be ok if their stories were better, but mostly they’re just boring underwhelming sub-plots that take up time that could be spent hm i don’t know showing characters that are actually supposed to exist?

    • lil9th says:

      I agree I wish they had used Quinn.,kept Tara as a side character and kept Claudine is longer.Any fan of True Blood should def read the books-btw I love Terry Bellfluer!

  19. Viv says:

    Absolutely love Bill he is gorgeous more Bill the better

  20. archos10 says:

    It’s genuinely very complex in this full of activity life to listen news on TV, therefore I only use world wide web for that purpose, and take the most up-to-date information.

  21. Shaun says:

    Arlene looks like a corpse!!

  22. lil9th says:

    Sookie was supposed to be full figured…what happened to that?

    • KsAl says:

      That’s Hollywood for you. Not since “My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ has the lead actress been above a size 2. Sad. Melissa McCarthy was hilarious in Bridesmaids, BTW. Think of the talent they’re missing out on by only casting the skinny ones-lol.

  23. jessica says:

    tha only people i would love and not mind to see nude a couple of times are alcid and eric period oh and jesus if he were still around on set..am kinda bored of seeing bill nude though

  24. Jenna says:

    I know season 4 was out there but nothing was hotter than Eric hooking up with Sookie. Amnesiac Eric or ANY Eric is beyond sexy. Bill is handsome but MEH. I want to know who turned Steve Newlin and WHY?