Exclusive Once Upon a Time Video: The Queen Plots Red Delicious Revenge Against Snow White

Chekhov’s apple officially makes its debut in this Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7) — and TVLine has a first look video at the intense, pivotal hour.

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In “An Apple Red as Blood,” Snow White enlists the help of her fairytale pals — dwarves, Granny and a “messy” Red Riding Hood included — to take down Evil Queen Regina and save her Prince Charming, who is locked up behind bars.

As seen in this clip, Snow runs into a wrinkle while planning the rescue, while the Queen taunts imprisoned Charming with the prospect of not his death but someone else’s.

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Press PLAY to take a bite of what’s to come.

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  1. deanna says:

    The evil queen is the best ever. But why does she get to hang out in King George’s dungeon? Why does King George think it’s better to imprison someone who the kingdom thinks is his son rather than do something else with him?

  2. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Anybody else think of Admiral Ackbar when Granny said “It’s a trap!” hehehe

  3. Olivia says:

    The cleavage strikes again!

    • Izzy says:

      Yeah he must really loves Snow to keep his focus at actual eye level.LOL.

      • Fifi says:

        Hahaha this comment made me laugh. Yeah the man must really be in love to keep looking at Regina’s face rather than anything else,

  4. Frivolouswhim says:

    Evil Queen = forever a favorite. I hope they continue to explore her complex relationship with Snow White. Also, they need more scenes together.

    • kristy says:

      i hope the queen gets her happy ending at the end of all of this

      • Frivolouswhim says:

        I don’t know, the show has two villains and I’m getting the impression that it will be Rumple who gets his happy ending :) As this is about fairy tales, I guess they will want to make someone fall in the end. I’d love for Regina to find closure though, she’s stuck.

  5. I love this show entirely too much. I’m so invested. Lana Parilla is amazing. I wish Charming wasn’t such a tool in Storybrooke. I live for the scenes between people who remember fairytale land. It’s the only reason I’m kind of sad the Hatter left. One less person to try and convince Emma.

    • Vicki says:

      If it makes you feel better I heard the Hatter is in finale. Think I read it here.

    • Jen says:

      I can’t stand Storybrooke Charming either. He’s such a whiny baby and I think the acting is terrible. Love the rest of the characters though! The show is great!

  6. Terri says:

    Grumpy: Red, you have someone on your chin.

  7. Todd says:

    The Queen is a wonderful sociopath. Blaming her unhappiness on a child that was manipulated my her even worse mother! Remember, she did murder the Queen’s man! Without crazy we wouldn’t have a story now would we?! LOL!!

    • deanna says:

      sociopath is the wrong word, dear.

      • Lauren says:

        I think its the perfect word.

        • deanna says:

          Only if your intention is to use it completely wrong…

          • sociopath: a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.
            ….i’d say it could fit the evil queen.

          • Um, no, technically she is a sociopath, and your grammar is lacking.

            so·cio·path /ˈsoʊsijəˌpæθ/ noun
            plural so·cio·paths
            [count] : someone who behaves in a dangerous or violent way towards other people and does not feel guilty about such behavior
            — so·cio·path·ic /ˌsoʊsijəˈpæθɪk/ adjective
            ▪ a sociopathic personality ▪ sociopathic behavior ▪ He is sociopathic.

          • sara says:

            Sorry, people above me. But using a one sentence description to diagnose a serious personality disorder is about as accurate as me saying that you have Histrionic Personality Disorder because you felt the need to seek attention by showing off how much you know about psychiatry. People who are psychopaths and sociopaths very, very often need to have shown signals relating to the disorder before the age of 15. While Regina has many things wrong with her, sociopath isn’t the correct word and would only be the correct word if you ignore half of the behaviours and indicators that characterize the illness. Interestingly, it’s Emma’s behaviour on the show that is more in line with the diagnosis of sociopathy. (And Deanna’s grammar was fine. I think you meant to insult her vocabulary)

      • KiKi says:

        Generally if you’re going to correct someone; it lessens the rudeness if you’d provide the word you ‘think’ is a better fit.
        EQ may have not began her life as a sociopath; but she most certainly *does* display many of the characteristics of one …
        Personally I think psychopath is a more apt description of her; but I don’t have any qualms w/ someone calling her a sociopath as well…

        PS: it’s all pretend anyway…

        • sara says:

          It’s pretty insulting to people who actually have been diagnosed with these disorders. Regina only fits them if you ignore at least half of the warning signs. Ironically, Emma fits the definitions of psychopathy and sociopathy better than Regina or Gold.

          • @ sara says:

            Yeah sara we get it you hate Emma.

            But trying to find excuses for others to think that The Evil Queen is no that bad (“News flash” she is ). When is pretty clear who the psychopath is here.
            Also what show have you been watching this whole time? uh

    • terri says:

      I was wondering why she blamed Snow, I guess she was afraid to challenge her
      mother, she was too powerful. It was easier to blame a child

  8. chelsey says:

    it this show only one season?!?

  9. Gina says:

    Once Upon A Time=AMAZING EPIC AND TOTALLY AWESOME!!! :D I love this show so much!! Every actor/actress is phenomenal!! :) its wat I look forward to every Sunday!!! :)

    • Gina says:

      I too love this show more then I should. Ive always loved fairy tale stories since i was a kid and have never grew out of it.

  10. Martin says:

    Whenever Regina/Evil Queen has a scene i always find myself thinking as her, mwaahahahaha.

    Also, i don’t even say the word bitch to the tv screen as much when Victoria Grayson is on.

    And Matt, you updated your renewal cancel index for the CW after the renewal annoucements, is the Hart Of Dixie part updated too, if so, good.

  11. Taina says:

    Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel I’m kinda wrong to like so much the two evil characters of this show, but the scenes like that happen, and I remember why I like then so much

    • Joy says:

      I don’t like the evil queen but I do like Mr.Gold and his evil side

    • Butters says:

      I agree with you, I think the thing is that they are more well round characters. And we have an understanding why they turned to the evil side of their personality. In other words, people are not born evil they are created evil. So fear not my poster friend, there is no harm in enjoying the evil characters.

  12. Markie says:

    In an earlier episode (the pilot I think?) Snow White says “She poisoned me with an apple because she thought I was prettier than her.” But that’s not the way the story is turning out. Continuity error maybe?

    • Fifi says:

      Oh I forgot about that. Possibly a continuity error or maybe it will be touched on this episode although I doubt it as the main reason Evil Queen wants Snow dead is because of her part in Daniel’s death.

    • Rose says:

      She’ll be poisoned. In the beginning scenes we saw Charming Kissing her while she was asleep in that coffin thing.

      • Fifi says:

        Yeah I know that but I think it’s the reason behind Regina need for revenge that this person is talking about. Cos in the pilot Snow says Regina tried to poison her with the apple because she thinks Snow is prettier than her but we have since learned that this is not Regina’s reason for doing this at all. It is her belief that Snow was responsible for Daniel’s death.

        • Kay says:

          Could it also be a reference to the fact that EQ is trying to steal away Charming, like she thinks Snow did to Daniel, but Charming resists because Snow is such a beautiful person and he could never love the EQ?

    • David Thomas says:

      Wasn’t the apple the reason snow was sleeping at the beginning of the pilot? The Fairtale flashbacks aren’t in chronological order as is the Storybrook scenes

  13. Blackbird says:

    This scene is another perfect example why Regina is the best damn thing about OUAT. Snow and the gang looks like fun too! The women really run the show. Charming on the other hand remains a picture-perfect, but flat as cardboard Disney prince.

  14. Jenny says:

    When is the finale scheduled?

  15. sara says:

    I love how she takes out the apple but doesn’t explain it. And Charming is just all “No, not an apple! That will keep the doctor away!”

  16. Judy Burns says:

    Don’t want this show to end:(

  17. Fifi says:

    This is looks absolutely epic. God why do I have to love the villians so much on every show. I just adore Lana Parrilla in this role and her protroyal of Regina/Evil Queen is spot on every week. Can’t wait for the Snow/Evil Queen scenes. Hopefully they will talk about Daniel/Cora.

  18. Tammy says:

    I think the frenemy that will be back is going to be Malificent.:)

  19. Tgruk says:

    I would love to see more Evil Queen/Snow scenes. The chemistry is incredible and I want to know more about how snow continued to ruin her life through the years!

    • Fifi says:

      Agree I absolutely adore their scenes together. Lana and Ginnifer rock together. Also I refuse to believe that the events of “The Stable Boy” are Regina’s only reason for hating Snow. The events of the episode definitely attributed to Regina’s hatred but I doubt it is the full story. Remember there is at least 5-10 years backstory between “Fruit of the poisonous tree” and “The Stable boy”. That’s alot of time for Regina’s anger to grow and fester. I can’t wait to see more of their backstory cos if it means more Lana/Ginnifer scenes I am all for it.

  20. Joy says:

    I hope Mr. Gold finds his son and find out what the evil Queen did to his woman that would be a happy ending for him.

  21. cjeffery7 says:

    this is off topic, but was anybody else disappointed at the cliche that was snow white ruining the evil queen’s life? she accidentally ruined her love life? i mean, really? is that the most earth shattering betrayal you can come up with writers?

    • Blackbird says:

      She played a role in taking away her true love, her one shot at a true happy ending in the enchanted world. I’d be pretty damn pissed too. The majority of the blame obviously needs to be put on Cora’s shoulders, but the betrayal itself and the consequences (stuck with her emotionally and physically abusive mother and a loveless marriage with a man she didn’t want, expected to be a mother to the very child that leaked her secret) that affected Regina for years to come looks pretty darn serious to me. Combined with the way magic probably corrupted her soul and the trauma of never really getting to mourn Daniel and his loss, I can see where Regina’s coming from. It doesn’t make her actions right or justified – not at all. But I can see where it’s coming from.

      • Fifi says:

        Exactly what I was trying to say but you put it so much better than I did!!!!!!

      • Templar says:

        Except, having been manipulated and bullied by Cora herself, she had to know how helpless Snow was against her. That she felt no understanding of Snow’s situation speaks of an already warped human being.

        • Fifi says:

          Yeah I agree but we have to remember that Regina is grieving. The man she loved and wanted to marry was murdered right in front of her. She is not exactly thinking straight in that moment. That probably had an effect on how she reacted to Snow telling Cora. Not saying what Regina is doing is right but I understand her blaming Snow. Child or not she is partly responsible for what happened. And remember Regina has no idea that Cora manipulated Snow. In her mind she told Snow her secret trusting her not to tell Cora. Yet a couple of hours after she promised to keep the secret she had spilled the beans to Cora. And Daniel died because of it.

    • Fifi says:

      Well it does kinda fit in with the shows main theme which seems to center around true love and happy endings so it would make sense that the reason Regina became evil was because this was taken from her. And honestly it is so much better than the original story where the only motivation for the Evil Queen trying to kill Snow White was because she believed Snow was prettier than her. At least here Regina has a reason. Ok her anger and hatred is misdirected but in her mind Snow is responisble for Daniel’s death. She doesn’t know that Snow was manipulated by Cora. She doesn’t know what happened in that room. In Regina mind she told Snow to keep the secret and she didn’t and that led to the death of someome she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I know it’s a little crazy and things have gotten way out of hand but without this particular story the show wouldn’t exist. But your right it is not exactly the most earth shattering reveal. I think the story would have worked better if Snow had been somehow directly responsible for Daniel’s death.. Like she had told Cora maliciously or something. Anyway I still love the show and the scenes between Snow/EQ. Can’t wait for these last two episodes.

    • While I was really hoping for something a little more loathe worthy than Snow getting her true love killed I can understand the progression that led from anger to full blown crazy. As a victim of abuse Regina turns her anger and hurt from her mother on her step-daughter and everything that happened after that would feed into that feeling of persecution. Every time the King showed how much he loved his daughter more than her, every time she was forced to “be” with the King, every time the court cooed over how wonderful, sweet and perfect Snow was while completely ignoring her. It would be like an snowball of hatred gaining momentum with every flake until she’d be totally incapable of distinguishing reality from her own pain. I also think you’re underestimating the psychological damage a loveless marriage has. I’m fairly certain that the King exercised his marital rights and as a young girl who was passionately in love with someone who was just murdered every single time would be a soul breaking violation for her. Combine that with everything that she had to feel in a court where she walked in a dead Queen’s shoes and it’s not hard to see that she’d lose it.

      • cjeffery7 says:

        “While I was really hoping for something a little more loathe worthy than Snow getting her true love killed…” —> that’s all i’m saying. from a strictly writing standpoint, i’m disappointed thats the best option the writers could come up with. its just very cliche that a woman would start to “lose it” because she lost the love of her life. i’m not saying that there are no other issues at play (a crappy mother, ongoing sadness and pain her whole life), but i was hoping for something, as you say, much more loathe worthy. like, i dont know, a Rumple situation where Snow directly caused Regina’s evilness and Regina is bitter that she literally can’t be good anymore. something that has to do with the characters at their most fundamental, basic, human level.
        ALL THAT BEING SAID i’m not trying to dwell on it. i was a little disappointed and i’m still watching and the characters arcs still make sense.

  22. AK12 says:

    OF COURSE Prince Charming offers his life to the Evil Queen. I know it’s a fairy tale world and he is the stereotypical fairy tale prince. And maybe I’m the only one. But I’m getting bored with it. Snow is so kick ass and complex and her prince looks so dull next to her. I want more Snow and Queen Regina scenes! I hope they talk about Daniel in this episode.

    • Fifi says:

      I don’t mind Charming too much but I am more interested in the Snow/Evil Queen relationship than Snowing anyway. And a talk about Daniel/Cora is definitely on my wishlist for this one. He has to be mentioned in some way. Can’t wait. I love Lana/Ginnifer together. One of my favourite things abou the show right now.

  23. Mikael says:

    I could see both reasons for Regina hating Snow playing a role. I don’t think it’s a continuity error. Her (misguided) hatred for Snow began when Snow spilled the secret to Regina’s mother, but possibly the last straw was Snow growing up to be “fairest of them all” and beloved by all. In Regina’s mind, Snow is horrible and Regina is innocent, so Snow being more beautiful than she is would be unacceptable.

    • Christina says:

      … I was thinking something similar and trying to remember over the episodes, but at first Snow didn’t know that Regina was angry with her about telling because Regina told Snow a lie, that it was “ok” and for the best and she told Snow that Daniel had actually left and that Snow was right …… so later maybe Snow thought the reason the Queen tried to poison her -was- just about beauty?

  24. GioB. says:

    i wonder if the serial is already for sale?

  25. i didn’t get to see the end because the tape cut it off!!!!!!! I WAS SO PEVED! now i’m trying to find it so see the END.