Exclusive Video: So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Promo!

Nah-nah nah nah. Nah-nah nah nah.

What’s that, reality-show addicts? Why it’s the sound of the So You Think You Can Dance theme song, rising in the distance, as we get ever closer to the show’s Season 9 premiere (May 24, 8/7c, on Fox).

To help get you in the mood to dance (dance) (dance), TVLine has an exclusive first look at SYTYCD‘s latest Season 9 promo spot. Elegant leaps and death-defying backflips? Check. Shots of Nigel Lythgoe looking aghast and waving airline tickets? Check. Young hopefuls wigging out over a little bit of positive feedback? Um, of course!

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So press play below for a first look at Season 9, then hit the comments and share your excitement level!

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  1. Stacey says:

    Had a really terrible day at work, this just cheered me up! Can’t wait for the new season, and I’m really curious to see the changes due to the results show getting axed. I’m happy about that particular change, I always ended up fast forwarding through most of it anyway!

    • sfbsailor says:

      I like Idol, but much prefer SYTYCD. Not sure exactly why– maybe part of it is that I get to watch it with my daughter most weeks. Maybe it’s the intensity of the process for the contestants. Probably it is mostly that dance is for me a much more dramatic art form with more creativity and more vulnerability. The only thing that tends to spoil the show for me is Nigel Lythgoe, the blathering big-ego brit. Mary is hard to take sometimes also. I would love all these shows more if they had more performance and less judging comments, except for ABDC where the judges are exceptional and the slo-mo replays are really helpful in understanding the just-seen performance.

  2. Theo says:

    I really hope this show doesn’t get cancelled. Love it.

  3. katie says:

    Love it! I really wish that tvline had a show like Idology for SYTYCD. I know it’s not as popular as Idol, but my friends and I geek over this show so hard. I’ll keep hoping.

    • elr says:

      I know! I keep circling May 24th on every calendar I own. I am pretty bummed about the result show not being shown, to me it was always the best one around.

  4. G says:

    And now I have a geeky grin that won’t go away….. :D

  5. Lizabeth says:

    I WILL BE THERE!!!!!

  6. julie says:

    Happy Birthday to ME! CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!

  7. The BEST show on TV! I love it.

  8. Tom Marr says:

    WOW, looks like it’s going to be even more exciting than past seasons. Can’t wait for it to start. Really sad though that the results show is not going to be on any more. Two days of SYTYCD is better than one with so much drivel on TV. SYTYCD is always something to look forward to. My ONLY complaint is that the season is to short!

  9. crystal says:

    Wow early start. Guessing since its 1 show a week its going to take longer to get through it. Take american idol not dance! 2 many singing shows.

  10. Donna Bendett says:

    So excited for the new season!

  11. Lenore Fox says:

    SO SO SO SO SO excited bring on season 9!! Whoo it fills my soul !!!

  12. love this show! We, my family and I have watched from day 1, can’t wait for the new season to start.

    • Jack Smythe says:

      i’ve got you beat, i have watched all the us seasons, all the canadian seasons, all the australian seasons, all the UK seasons, and a smattering from 5 other nations as available. i love watching dancers dance.

  13. Bev Hunter says:

    I love this show, and will watch it for as long as it is on t.v., but I don’t really understand why the results show won’t be on. Are they going to have one? How will we know who wins? Help anyone???

    • Vivian says:

      Actually, It’s going to be like a “pack” show, everything will happen in the 2-hour-show, first the performances, then the elimination based on last week and this week performances. That’s what i understood, but i’m not sure.

  14. Patti Routon says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show – absolutely cannot wait for the new season!! Every year the dancers just get better and better.

  15. Flex says:

    Gut all it taks 2 b cald a dancer i will appreciate being part of the people pertispatin

  16. Sooooo excited. Got roped into watching with Season 5, but haven’t missed a show since. Even went out and… ahem, “tracked down” the first four seasons to watch. I feel so geeky (but proud) to know the difference between an Arabesque and an Arabesque penchée, and how a Quick Step should look. I can’t dance to save my life myself, but I never knew how much I would appreciate watching real talented dancers do it until I saw this show. Can’t wait!

  17. Flex says:

    Not just a dance bt a gd 1 i can dance

  18. Love It! says:

    I love, love, love this show. How wonderful to see so much talent. Can’t wait!

  19. Ruth V. Briggs says:

    I can’t wait!!!

  20. Jim Rhyan says:

    Most entertaining show on TV. I got goosebumps just watching the trailer!!

  21. Monica Miroxian says:

    WOW; cannot wait until the 24rth. This show always gives me a pick me up after a hard work day so I cannot wait utility it is back!

  22. Ms.RM says:

    Season 7 was my favourite but this looks as if it might be even better! SO excited, I’m going to be watching evry episode from Portugal!!!

  23. Ethelyn Roache says:

    This is the best show on TV . I don’t really watch TV much but this I cannot miss , I even have the App on my IPad.

  24. Nicole says:

    I love this show so much, it always seems to be the perfect “pick me up” as others have said ( guess im not the only one). I have been waiting for what seems like forever, for the new season to start and now its coming. The next 22 days are going to seem like forever.

  25. Deb Ward says:

    Love this show!!! Never really watched he’s the results show, but so glad the series is ON!! Can’t wait! :-)

  26. I have been in LOVE with SYTYCD from the beginning. Soooooooooo happy that season 9 is very close. Can’t wait. I even have all seasons on dvd. So when I need my fix, I just pop a season in and smile for the rest of the day. Why can’t the days go faster?

  27. Jacqueline says:

    I can’t wait for the new season. I saw the live show in Toronto last year and planning on going again this year if they come back to the city. I love, love, love this series!!

  28. Mayank says:

    Is this going to shown at the same time in India? I love this show …. Its excellent …

  29. juan says:

    I love this show, best reality/competition show ever. Sad, though that the results show was cancelled :( will look forward to it

  30. mkjohns says:

    Love the show

  31. I love this show I’m always excited to watch it.

  32. Shaun says:

    They need to not have as many contemporary dancers and have more choreographers(even if they aren’t regulars).Gotta fix the boat!!

  33. Linda Oberlies says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!! Hands down best on TV!! Can’t wait! I keep every single show recorded and replay the whole season at least 3 times!

  34. Gisele Glen says:

    yay sytycd is back baby

  35. Karla says:

    It’s about blipping time. I’M THERE I’M THERE I’M THERE!!!!!

  36. K. Haley says:

    No offense intended, but it looks like the same old, same old which isn’t a bad thing. I love this show and the dancers are sooooooooooooo talented. Looking forward to May 24!!!

  37. cherie J. says:

    Yay so excited! I hope their will be more ballroom dancers on the show this year! cant wait!

  38. Malarvizy (Ms) says:

    I am a Malaysia and have been watching all the 8 Seasons as we get to watch it much later. Melanie is someone I can’t get my mind around as Christina said when you watch her it gives hope to so many people and I don’t think there will ever be a dancer like her.

    I hoping though it will air earlier in Malaysia for this season ‘o)

  39. Bob Thomas says:

    I Love So you think you can Dance, I Think its about time they had one Male Best Dancer and one Female Best Dancer. The Dancers sure do work hard, I am sure they both can can share The Best Dancers.

  40. Deepakpandey says:

    I love nd i can dance.