Felicia Day Previews Her 'Awesome' Supernatural Dream Gig, Eyes Game of Thrones, True Blood

Supernatural Felicia DayIf you’re a fan of both Supernatural and web superstar/Whedonverse alum Felicia Day, then tonight’s episode of the CW series (airing at 9/8c) will likely leave you in a state of complete nerdvana. It certainly did for the actress, who calls the guest spot an “awesome dream come true.”

“In the middle of prepping all these web series I’m doing, [the Supernatural producers] called up and said, ‘Hey, we have the perfect part for you. Would you like to be in an episode?’” she recalls. “I didn’t really have the time, but I could never say anything but, ‘Yes.’

Supernatural is one of those [shows] that I’ve actually wanted to be on for years, and I always questioned why I wasn’t getting on the show,” she adds with a laugh. “I really like the tone of the show and the vibe.”

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So what was it like making the dream a reality and working with stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles? “I’m someone who works behind a computer,” she replies. “These are like jock guys. The set is so informal and really accepting. But [there’s] a lot of testosterone, and it hit me in the face… But in a good way!”

Day guest stars as Charlie, a brilliant, unsuspecting hacker who works in IT at the Leviathan boss’ Richard Roman Enterprises. It’s a part that the actress definitely related to thanks to some unusual childhood ambitions. “When I was a kid, I actually wanted to be a hacker,” she shares. “I made my mom buy that magazine 2600, but didn’t really follow-through to actually become a crack hacker.”

Add to that Charlie’s genre-tastic decorations, and Day was right at home. “[Charlie] loves Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and comic books,” she describes. “When I walked on the set of my apartment, all the set dressing seemed to be things I owned or friends of mine owned or things that I’ve seen at Comic-Con.”

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While the computer expert might be in over her head when she first finds herself caught in Dean and Sam’s battle with Dick Roman, she’ll be “swimming upward” as she works with the Winchesters. “By the end of the episode, there’s a really interesting equilibrium [with] the guys,” she says. “Being forced to work together, in a sense, [made] Charlie their equal. At least, in her head, she was.

“Charlie isn’t necessarily like other characters I’ve played in the past. She actually is a lot stronger and a lot less nervous in a way,” she adds. That’s not to say there isn’t a funny quality to the character that viewers have come to expect from the comedically-gifted actress. Even amid a high-stakes Leviathan war, there are some particularly hilarious “lines in the episode that fans will definitely be quoting online after or during the broadcast.”

Now that Day can cross Supernatural off her bucket list, what other genre shows would she like to grace? “I would love to be on Game of Thrones, but I’m not British,” she replies. “And I would love to be on True Blood, but I don’t want to show any nudity. It would be too awkward for me to do nudity because animated gifs would pop up immediately. I’m online too much. I couldn’t do it.”

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  1. Felicia Fan says:

    Okay, internet! It’s quite simple! We just all have to agree that we won’t make ANY animated gifs of Felicia and then she’ll agree to do nude scenes if she appeared on True Blood! I think we can all agree that is a fair enough trade off! ;)

  2. gcem says:

    Felicia…Peter Dinklage isn’t British, either.

  3. Tokenuser says:

    She is concerned about nudity on True Blood? Has she watched GoT recently??

  4. James says:

    At least she’s thought it through. What a lady. I think she could bag parts on those shows if the producers agreed to her having no nude scenes or something. I mean its not like everyone on True Blood or Game of Thrones gets their naked on. She could wear scantily clothing instead? I’m sure that would make her fans happy.

  5. Jake says:

    Id love to see her on both Game of Thrones and True Blood!!

  6. Nicole says:

    I can’t wait for the episode tonight. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

  7. ninamags says:

    I love the title of the episode!

    Lucky girl to get carried by Sammy.

  8. Hannah says:

    she could be Arlene’s sis on true blood, trey’re a bit similar

  9. Mrs. Peele says:

    Felicia Day was terrific as Charlie Bradbury (a cross between Charles Beaumont and Ray Bradbury I wonder?) She stole the show and showed Dick a thing or two – she completely blind sided him.

    However, I am one of those fans who does not believe that Frank is dead. I believe that he staged his ‘death’ because he knew the leviathans were on to him. When the boys found his trailer and blood and everything all over, we had some doubt. But Frank has been overly paranoid since before we met him and would certainly take measures to insure his safety. I never understood why Dick Roman needed Frank’s hard drive decrypted. If the levis were responsible for Frank’s death, wouldn’t they have absorbed all his knowledge like they do everyone elses? I mean we have been told this since levi Chet mentioned they learned everything about the boys at ‘Camp Cas’ I think that Frank was staging his death and somehow got caught before he could finish and found the levis were coming and had to leave w/o getting his hard drive. It wouldn’t make sense that Dick would need it if he had the original and ‘ate’ him or cloned him and would have that knowledge immediately. So, I think that Frank is around and will eventually contact Sam and Dean when he feels it’s safe. I don’t understand why ghost Bobby or Sam and Dean wouldn’t realize that. Unless this is wrong then there is a big gap in what we have been told about their acquiring the knowledge of their food.

    • Restless says:

      Oh man, you’re right! There’s hope for Frank yet! :D
      Unless he got wounded and just crawled off to die somewhere in a plot hole of doom. xC

      More on topic, yay! Great interview with Felicia Day! And the episode did indeed rock. ^_^

  10. Whedonverse die-hard says:

    Lol – best episode of Supernatural as of yet!!! They are finally realizing that some collaboration is required to REALLY make it good. Now can we please, please have an episode written by Joss?? Pleeeease….? ;)