NBC Pulls Best Friends Forever from Schedule

Best Friends Forever does not appear to be forever, as NBC has pulled the freshman comedy from its line-up effective immediately, after four airings.

“BFF Fans: Wanted to let you know that our show is being taken off the air until the summer,” series star and executive producer Lennon Parhmam said via Twitter on Friday. “Hoping to post ep 5 & 6 online asap…. Jessica St. Clair and I CANNOT thank you enough for the love and support of our little show. You guys are truly the best.”

Best Friends Forever starred Parham and St. Clair (who also serves as an EP) as gal pals who had been displaced to opposite sides of the country until a divorce reunited them in Brooklyn, even in the apartment they used to share. The series drew 3.9 million total viewers and a 1.2 rating with its April 4 debut, but most recently mustered just 2.65 mil and a 0.8.

According to NBC’s press site, a second weekly helping of the hidden camera prank show Betty White’s Off Their Rockers will fill the Wednesdays-at-8:30 void, at least for the short term.

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  1. Tim says:

    Uncool, NBC. Uncool.

  2. Lauren says:

    Can we get Bent back?? Please?

  3. dsrbroadway says:

    Why NBC insists on premiering these shows against the ABC comedy juggernaut just goes to show how stupid they continue to be over there.

    • cj says:

      took it right out of my mouth.

    • Thereasonsy says:

      Exactly – this is what COUNTER PROGRAMMING was created for. There is a reason we are so drama/reality TV heavy on thursday nights. It’s because NBC OWNED the night. The other networks placed shows that weren’t comedies and wham now who owns Thursday? Instead of sacrificing what could be great shows, BFF, Bent, Perfect Couples, etc. against ABC’s wednesday comedies they should be doing the opposite and reclaim a night. It would be interesting to see if NBC could create a TGIF style comedy night on Friday and then move Grimm unto Wednesdays to see what happens.

      • debbie says:

        EXACTLY! Also, how are people supposed to get invested into a show when you only create six episodes of it AND put it up against the biggest comedy out there right now? Why even bother? It’s too bad – the show had it’s funny moments and, while it was no Community or Parks & Rec in terms of genius, the two leading ladies were very funny and there was definitely room for growth.

  4. Cathy says:

    Seriously NBC you don’t give these shows any kind of chance

  5. nyla says:

    Meanwhile, the likes of Whitney and Are You There Chelsea are still on the air…

    Boo :( I really enjoy BFF.

  6. rae says:

    how on effing EARTH is whitney still on the air when best friends forever (and bent) didn’t even get a chance? tv execs are so outside of the circle of what viewers want. it is a shame, finally i’d found a sitcom that i loved, that evoked the feeling I used to get from Friends in it’s heyday, that even my husband loves and quotes? gone. thanks nbc, as always!

  7. Carmichael says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Lennon Paarham is quite possibly the female Kyle Bornheimer

  8. The fact that my first thought was, “Oh, that’s already on the air?”, means they’re doing something wrong at NBC (not breaking news).

  9. bad kevin says:

    Hope NBC can do the same thing if the network pulls the plug on Bent. :-(

  10. Rocky says:

    i liked this show. it had promise.

  11. mkej43@yahoo.com says:

    And people keep saying Harry’s Law is a problem for NBC? HL pulls a demo slightly higher than BFF, with 3x as many total viewers. Harry’s aw should be toward the very bottom of NBC’s worry list, especially when you factor in the embarssment that is NBC’s entire Thursday lineup.

    • Kelly says:

      Since when are critical favorites like Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Community and The Office an embarrassment?

  12. Z says:

    Oh no, shame Queenetta was the highlight of the show.

  13. Jules says:

    I hadn’t even heard of it..which goes to show how great the promotion was. And I wtch a lot of television

  14. Meagan says:

    Awww, I really liked this show, AND Bent. Shame on you NBC. Shame.

  15. Brad says:

    I saw posters all over Manhattan, and from those alone I knew it was done

  16. Mary Beth says:

    Didn’t care about the show, but that is another lemon for NBC.

  17. bob says:

    This show didn’t have a chance. It was sandwiched in between cr@p that nobody would watch.

  18. Jeff says:

    of course it bombed, just like every other comedy on wednesdays in that time slot. Are you there Chelsea? Bent. Did they expect that all of the sudden another brand new show in the past few months would all the sudden explode in the ratings? Such a shame, it was a really funny show.

  19. Brit says:

    It’s cute how fans of flop shows think networks should air unsuccessful shows out of a sense of charity and the kindness of their hearts. Of course they pulled BFFs, no one was watching or were they ever going to.

  20. M says:


  21. Trina says:

    I watched the first episode and found both of the ladies lame and annoying so I’m not surprised.

  22. Lauren says:

    NBC doesn’t even give their comedies a chance anymore. It’s like they introduce them while already planning on them failing. No promotion + awkward time of year for a premiere = dead in the water.

  23. xwiseguyx says:

    Whitney is a much better comedy than this drivel…

  24. TV Gord says:

    I no longer buy this stuff about giving the show a chance. It was on for four weeks, and the ratings dropped each week. What did people expect, there was suddenly going to be an upswing in viewership?

    For most of its brief run, it was up against reruns of Suburgatory. Things weren’t about to get any better.

  25. Mark says:

    I thought this show was quite funny. Shame.

  26. Summer says:

    Uh. I liked both BFF and Bent. WTF NBC. WTF.

  27. Eli says:

    I actually really liked this show :( damnit!

  28. I’m outraged! The core trio had such great chemistry and it was a unique angle for a show, looks like we’ll be getting even more couples in different stages of their relationship comedies that wish they could be the new Friends (or as funny as Happy Endings).

  29. Kristi says:

    That sucks, I really enjoyed “BFF” and “Bent”…I wish they’d pull the AWFUL “Whitney” and “Are You There, Chelsea” and replace them with “BFF” and “Bent”…

  30. Paige says:

    That’s kind of a shame. Granted I didn’t love the show, but it was a good ‘to pass the time’ show. I’m glad they atleast aired the episode with Aaron Hill (ie. The Beaver) in it.

  31. Sam says:

    I wasn’t even aware this show existed…

  32. Rachel says:

    Have to say I liked both it and bent

  33. grace says:

    give bent a chance!

  34. Greg says:

    No more queenetta :(. I loved her

  35. Hussman says:

    Yeah, this show was pretty decent. Very sad to see it go.

  36. Ashley says:

    This was my favorite out of the new comedies NBC premiered this year. And Perfect Couples was the best new comedy last year. NBC does not know how to promote the good shows out there. Pathetic.

  37. Lynn says:

    Super dissapointed this series has been pulled I LOVE it!!! The network definately didn’t give it a chance as there was no advertising and for the people I told about it they loved it also and were anticipating the upcoming episodes :( hope another network finds a place for this show would live to see it continue!! P.s I’m not a big tv watcher but this is a show I anticipate watching great job Jessica and Lennon :)

  38. Heather says:

    Well that sucks!! I liked it but it was on the same time as Suburgatory & Survivor & my dvr can’t record more than 2 shows at time so I wish they had tried another time slot before they yanked it completely. Queenetta was my favorite.

  39. M says:

    Nooooooooo!!!!! This was such a great show! I was looking forward to watching it this evening only to find out that it has been cancelled. Give it another chance!!!

  40. lehua says:

    i’ve never been a fan of nbc until the voice. I love that show but stoppef watching it because christina is irritating. then I watched the BENT and BFF. I lovef both showd then nba cancels both. now its back to not watching nbc.

    • jackie2830 says:

      Good for you…………we should all boycott stations, but alas, it will never happen. Not only do we pay for TV, but we love them telling us what we can watch, or yanking shows we love from us. And, the sad part is, the ratings game all revolves around a target audience……I think it’s 19 – 49 years of age……that probably wipes out half the people on this blog right??????