Glee: 8 Spoilery Tidbits From 'Choke'

Next week’s Glee is so pivotal, it could change the lives of not one, not two, not three, not four… Wait, yes, four. It could change the lives of four — count ’em, four! — characters: Puck, Rachel, Kurt and Coach Beiste. And that’s just the first of the eight tantalizing teasers that TVLine has procured to tide you over ’til Tuesday.

7. There’s a spoiler right there in the episode’s title: “Choke.” (Hint: No one was on the receiving end of a Heimlich maneuver.)

6. Handed a plot in which Coach Beiste shares a surprising dark secret about her relationship with Cooter, Dot-Marie Jones makes a compelling case for herself to win that guest-star Emmy.

5. Rachel and Kurt’s NYADA auditions elicit polar-opposite verdicts from the school’s dean, played by special guest Whoopi Goldberg. (Oh, and for those of you who felt that Kurt was given short shrift this season — take it from us, this hour will more than make up for it!)

4. Underachiever Puck’s slim chances of graduating prompt Finn to stage a “bro-vention.” (Or would that be a “him-tervention”?)

Glee Exclusive: Nationals Set List Revealed!

3. There’s a gratuitous Blaine boxing scene!

2. NeNe Leaks’ Coach Roz paints another metaphorically uproarious twisted picture of Sue’s demon spawn. This one includes “rabies and wings.” Of course it does.

1. The episode’s set list includes the songs below, sung by the characters below-er. Yes, below-er. Which means you can now try and match the song from the top list with the performer from the bottom list, which in turn means that this has to have been the most fun list of spoilers you have ever read. Right?

A) “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera
B) Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”
C) “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago
D) “Not the Boy Next Door” from The Boy From Oz
E) “The Rain in Spain” from My Fair Lady
F) Kelly Clarkson’s “Cry”
G) Florence and the Machine’s “Shake It Out”
H) Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade”

A) Kurt
B) Kurt with Brittany, Tina and Mercedes
C) Puck
D) Puck, Finn, Mike, Blaine, Artie, Joe, Sam, Rory
E) Rachel
F) Rachel
G) Tina, Santana, Brittany, Sugar
H) Tina, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, Sugar

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  1. Camila says:

    two puck songs? IS more than i could ever ask! *-* Still needing a QuinnXPuck duet though.

    • Nora says:

      Quinn can barely mention Puck without constantly reminding everyone she regrets sex ever having sex with him. I’d hate to hear what song they could sing together. I’m hoping the show never gives them a duet. Lord knows Mark will have to carry the whole song with Dianna’s weak vocals.

      • Wow, rude much? You clearly don’t pay attention to the scenes Quinn and Puck have shared this season and attacking Dianna’s vocals like that… Sure, she doesn’t have the strongest voice but it’s so natural and lovely to listen to. Far better than Naya belting song after song every damn week.

        • Megan H. says:

          So you’re response to someone putting Diana’s vocals down is to attack Naya’s. Hypocritical much?

        • Rumor says:

          Since when are we not allowed to judge someone’s vocal? How is that an attack? It’s not as if she compared her to a dying baby dolphin. Her judgement is that Dianna’s vocals are weak. Get over it.

    • Scarlett Rose says:

      Yeah, the odd dissipating of Quick as a couple/potential couple after Season 1 frustrated me. From an acting and singing standpoint, neither are exceptionally talented, but they bring out the best in each other’s abilities.

      Really, though, I think we’re meant to forget Season 1 so we stop comparing the current disaster to what Glee really should be. Maybe that’s why Quick got dropped?

      • Well, says:

        I don’t find it odd actually, though I do think that we should have perhaps been allowed to see them separate. High school couples- especially ones who have a baby together- rarely end up together in the long run. Also, many people see the fact that Quinn doesn’t mention Beth in season 2 to be unusual, but it’s actually realistic. High Schoolers who have babies and give them up for adoption usually wouldn’t want to dwell on such things. Actually her sudden desire to have Beth back was much stranger than anything else Quinn’s done. Including randomly cutting her hair off to suddenly feel better about herself.

        • Scarlett Rose says:

          Yes, I just imagined that because they mentioned the Quick relationship within the first seconds of season 2, and because Puck was one of the five “main players,” we’d get some closure for the couple. They of course weren’t going to be “endgame” in a show that changes pace so quickly and is set in high school. As far as their story line went, there was almost more continuity between the first and third season than the first and second (does that make sense?)

          • yep says:

            YES! I loved Puck and Quinn season 1 but season 2 blew them off. Then Quinn became nice. And wanted a cute guy to bring her popularity back-Sam. Then they were cute together then Ryan Murphy got bored with them. I never thought Quinn and Puck would be end game but I did enjoy their interaction. Yeah, about continuity all the written scripts refer to them as a WAS AND A REGRET. But when Quinn went back to the ND with Puck in hand to get Beth back , that was all there was to it. A Quick makeout session with Puck turning down Quinn’s sexual offer. IMO this was totally Out Of Character for both if them. Puck turniing down that? Quinn using that as leverage? For me, Quinn is and Puck to an extent are the two characters so under-used and written entirely as characters to facilitate other characters growth. This has been a highly visual and noticable retrogression of these two characters. Whom were very likeable and enjoyable to watch season 1. Seems they are written as if the writing is on the wall for them at the end of graduation.

          • Kerry says:

            I disagree…I think they are/ should be endgame. Of course, getting pregnant was a mistake, but Quinn & Puck showed in S1 that they did have genuine feelings for each other, and that should’ve been explored, instead of the messes that were Sam, Lauren, Shelby (ew) and now Artie/ Joe (double ew)! How could the writers drop the most complex, interesting and hot couple on the show, and never give them a chance? I’m still really hoping that they kill off Shelby, which brings Beth back into their lives, and maybe a reunion in the future??? I think everyone will be back at some point next year, and I think Beth is the only thing that would bring Quinn back from Yale. Well, one can hope! I am so sick of Klaine, Finchel, Brittana and Wemma, since they are shoved down our throats and done to death, while my fav couple has been neglected!!!

          • Scarlett Rose says:

            Kerry, I realize I didn’t make it clear (I wrote in a fit of passion! lol), but I would have liked them to be endgame simply because that’s how the brilliant season one crafted them to be. I was so happy at the beginning of season one when it seemed like my favorite pair was back together. Finchel is cute but predictable, you know? Puck is a bad boy with a good core, and Quinn used to be the “good girl” who was bad to the bone… except for when it came to Puck. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes to push Mark Salling out of the spotlight, but the only time I think Quinn is an interesting, complex character is when it comes to Quick.

          • Scarlett Rose says:

            *beginning of season three.
            It’s funny, because as much as I couldn’t care less about their respective characters, I’m really interested in them as a couple. Maybe it’s because season one was so flawless, maybe it’s because there’s a complexity and chemistry there that doesn’t exist with other pairings.

  2. Chris says:

    I actually like most the songs for this episode. This can’t be right.

  3. A says:

    Considered tuning out because Rachel is going to choke on “Don’t Rain On My Parade” (seriously, is Glee bent on destroying everything when it comes to this character?), but I’m basically going to tune into this episode because the show is FINALLY going to explore Puck and his deadbeat dad. Three years waiting for this story. Here’s to hoping Glee doesn’t pull a Glee and ruin it all in one shot.

  4. Junior says:

    An episode focused on Kurt, Puck and Beiste and Rachel is rejected from NYADA??? PASS PLEASE

  5. Daniel says:


    • Obviously. says:

      Because it will be terrible. No one in this cast has operatic training and, therefore, will be unable to do anything resembling “justice” to the song.

      • CX says:

        Chill out yo, Phantom of the Opera is NOT opera. It’s a musical, and there are several cast members with training in musical theater singing.

        • Obviously. says:

          It’s an opera-based musical. If you actually listened to the musical, they hire trained opera singers to sing in it. Even the people in the movie version had at least some classical opera training. Just because something is technically a “musical” doesn’t mean it can’t utilize opera. The music of Phantom of the Opera was written to be sung by opera singers. So, it doesn’t matter whether the cast is trained to sing musical theaters- this particular musical utilizes opera and should only be performed by people who can sing opera, which discludes the Glee cast. Why do you think the song isn’t being released?

          • Maggie says:

            If Gerald Butler can Chris colder certainly can sing it anyway it isn’t real opera

          • Robert says:

            Gerard Butler was NOT trained, as obvious from listening to him sing. He did not sing the proper way, and Chris can outsing him any day of the week. And besides, this song is more than likely going to be much better than the terrible version of The Rain in Spain, which they DID release.

      • Daniel says:

        I don’t care if it’s bad or good, they did and it’s on the episode. So why they haven’t release the song?

  6. Rachel will obviously “choke” as nothing can go right for her, and she constantly has to be put in her place, which is one of the reasons I stopped watching.

    Also I hope The Music of the Night isn’t done by Kurt, there is no way he can go low enough to pull it off, actually I doubt anyone in the cast can pull of this amazing song.

    • A says:

      Basically this. The writers are hell-bent on killing all resemblance of S1!Rachel Berry. The idea that they’ll have her choke on THE Rachel Berry song is just depressing. The writers’ portrayal of her this season is one of the reasons I stopped watching as well. It’s so sad.

      • kip says:

        I don’t think this is just a Rachel problem. This show is pretty rough on its female characters. Remember Finn’s talk about how people act when they are drunk, and basically it was all negative stereotypes of the female characters? Or how about the fact that Quinn has been made to do pretty much all the most irredeemable things on this show. Every now and then I think they try to give her character a little bit of something good just so people will stop spreading rumors that Ryan Murphy hates Dianna Agron and is vindictive. Santana and Brittany usually get better stuff than the rest of the girls, but even they were caricatural stereotypes before their relationship became central to the show. How about all the talk of Will helping to fix Emma? Rachel’s ambition has been painted in a negative manner more than in a positive manner on this show. Should all goal oriented women be knocked down a peg? Of course her character has been overbearing at times, but they wrote her this way.

        This show trades in some pretty harsh stereotypes of young women (the overachiever, the hypocrite christian cheerleader, the bitch, the ditz, etc.) I keep hoping that things will improve, but between dashing Quinn’s hopes of returning to the Cheerios and setting Rachel up to choke at her NYADA audition, that hope is fading fast.

        • I am a cat says:

          I agree with everything but what you said about Quinn. I actually think the fact that she went through so much, matured and is now accepted to Yale/on her way to achieve her dreams makes her a strong Female character and a role model. It also looks like she’s going to overcome her injuries and walk again too, making her an even greater inspiration.

          Kurt is also, in my opinion, changed a lot more than Rachel since season 1, but few people complain about that since he’s not a girl. He just told his boyfriend he’s got nothing if he doesn’t have him, for God’s sake.

          • Jess says:

            At this point, RIB is turning Quinn into the bad girl gone better gone crazy gone Mary Sue. Her transition has not been realistic, and I think that’s what’s wrong with the writing, NOT that she goes through so many troubles. I don’t think Dianna’s an amazing actress; she’s not engaging in this Mary Sue role. But when she is snarky, when she’s devious, she’s a standout character.

        • BatmanFanGirl says:

          Ummm… Really? The show is FULL of stereo types for males and females. Finn is a airhead male counter part to Brittany who is obsessed with popularity, Puck is a dumb jock….it’s not just females that have extremes in this show… I think that’s the point of this show in some respects. That each character is an exaggerated version of stereotypes

        • rubytu says:

          I so totally agree with you!

      • angelstorm says:

        Tell me about it. Why ! Seriously – if they have Rachel choke and not get in to NYADA after the past 3 years of buildup – just for the sake of drama – I’m done with it. I’ll settle for downloading the songs I like from iTunes and that’s it.

    • Caitlin says:

      Chris can’t go low enough to pull it off? Are you being serious right now? Have you LISTENED to Give Up the Funk lately? The low singing at the beginning? That’s Chris. He can go low enough.

  7. Moni says:

    E) “The Rain in Spain” from My Fair Lady – D) Puck, Finn, Mike, Blaine, Artie, Joe, Sam, Rory
    D) “Not the Boy From Oz” from The Boy From Oz – E) Rachel

  8. F. Dillinger says:

    As the songs have already been released, that’s the correct order:
    B) – C)
    C) – G)
    D) – A)
    E) – D)
    F) – E) (or F), they’re the same)
    G) – H)
    H) – E) (or F)

  9. allison says:

    yes! finally a kurt episode!

    • yep says:

      I love it too. And he will shine on his solo-FINALLY. *singing the word finally like Kurt* Phantom of the Opera-awesome choice of song.
      Rachel choking on Don’t Rain on My Parade? A song she has been practicing since 4yrs old. The song that got them to Regionals season 1. The song she sung on the fly. Hard to believe. But there has to be drama.
      I love Shake It Out and Cell Block Tango and Alice’s School’s Out-quite fitting.
      Glad to see Puck have a credible story line.

  10. Mal says:

    another blaine boxing scene? can someone teach fugly darren mediocriss how to throw a punch first before he goes humiliating himself on screen again? not that his acting won’t do that either way.

    • Eve says:

      Stop trying to make Blaine happen, Glee. He’s not going to happen. (Well, for everyone else who isn’t a Blarren stan.)

    • hlots11 says:

      Right? His boxing is terrible. He looked like he was massaging the heavy bag during “Fighter”, his hands are slow, and his technique is awful. Poor stunt standards = bad.

      • bamabunny says:

        Actually, he was training for the boxing scenes with a coach, until he told the coach he also plays instruments and wanted to know how to land punches without his hands hurting so much. The coach said he SHOULDN’T be boxing in the first place then! So he’s probably doing weak punches on purpose.

  11. Puckisaloser says:

    Oh great, Mark’s “acting” is back, this should be painfull and fun

  12. Hmm.... says:

    None of them have operatic voices…. I doubt this will go well. Hence, why the song won’t be released -__- If they want to do opera, they should enlist an actual opera singer to do it & thereby exspose some of the people who watch this show & haven’t heard actual good opera can be exposed to it. The movie version of the Phantom of the Opera isn’t “good” opera, by the way. The original Broadway cast was much better.

    • Robert says:

      Actually, Rachel has an operatic voice, as heard in Tonight, One Hand One Heart, and I Have a Love. The thing is she never uses it, probably since most Broadway songs were not written that way.

  13. Nichola C says:

    *SPOILER* As Rachel has a solo at Nationals (again) and Kurt isn’t even featured as singing, there’s a fair chance this could be her opportunity to still get into NYADA. And what had Kurt achieved this year that she hasn’t? Okay, he got his NYADA finalist letter first, big deal.

  14. Heather says:

    Kurt’s been ignored? Are you serious? Half the show has become all about Klaine! And we’re all sick of it. Glee why do suck so bad this season?

    • Lily says:

      In the words of Artie, “PREACH!”
      Kurt was one thousand times better as a character during his sassy Season 1 days, and Blaine is just way, way overexposed. Maybe I’d like him if he wasn’t, I don’t know. I was all for Kurt being in a relationship, but Klaine has really dragged the quality of the show down.

      • yep says:

        I agree. Loved Kurt and his sassy season 1. So glad to see him happy season 2 after all the bullying. He had a nice guy for a boyfriend. But agree with the way Blaine and Kurt have been written this relationship is too good to be true-so why isn’t Ryan Murphy bored with them like Quinn and Sam season 2. And, yes, Blaine is over-exposed and utilized too much as a performer. I guess testing the waters-so-to-speak. If they were written with a flaw here and there as Kurt was season 1 they would be an incredible couple and I would be on board for all their scenes. Together and solo. But as of now as written, I am reluctant to watch them.

    • Juan says:

      Not Klaine.. Blaine.
      And I am so tired of his face.

      • Yep says:

        Everyone who isn’t a Blarren stan is by this point. They ruined any potential the character might have had a long time ago.

  15. Aussiegirl says:

    After looking at my Original Cast recording for the Boy from OZ the song title is actually “Not the boy Next Door” . If you are going to name a song name it correctly please.

  16. John K. says:

    Roz is still mocking Sue’s pregnancy even though the baby will probably have Down Syndrome? That seems extremely tasteless for Glee.

    • Juan says:

      I agree. In addition, I find Roz’s lines to be rather unfunny.
      They try to write for her as they do Sue, but no one should have Sue lines except for Sue, because she can deliver them.

  17. Possibility says:

    I actually think the title “Choke” has to do with the Beiste-Cooper storyline… hence their “dark secret.” Don’t ask my why I went there.

    • Angela says:

      That’s what immediately came to mind for me, too. Which makes me sad, I like her and was hoping for her to have a good relationship. But I’ll be interested to see how that story turns out.

  18. logic says:

    Blaine’s whole existence is gratuitous.

  19. Lily says:

    Specific reasons I am aware of as to why people have tuned out of Glee:

    1) Blaine. Overexposure and a totally Mary Sue/Gary Stu
    2) Lack of continuity between seasons one and two
    3) Excessive focus on Santana
    4) “Very special episodes” and “preachy” tone

    Am I missing anything? II’m actually quite curious. I stopped watching with regularity halfway through Season 2, so I haven’t seen the “very special episodes” in excess.

    • Well, says:

      Their “very special” episodes can come off as being offensive (I’m worried about the domestic abuse one they’re doing) and they often lack follow up for serious topics (Dave has a dream about a happy future, and we’re supposed to believe that his depression just vanishes like that and he’s okay from then on? Ridiculous). Basically, they have no sense of moderation and they treat serious topics too lightly, when they aren’t busy preaching about them.

  20. ggny says:

    finally Puck get some solo…i really hope he fails and comes back next year as the male lead

  21. J says:

    LOL Another “gratuitous Blaine boxing scene”? Well, I guess they finally found a way to keep Ryan’s golden boy on the screen without subjecting us to his horrible “acting”. I’m sure all the little “Blainers” fan girls will be wetting themselves over his “sexy” (constipated) faces.

    • Oh dear.... says:

      Now I have disturbing images in my head. All I shall think about during that scene is what his fangirls’ reaction will be. Why would you do such a thing to me? I could have just zoned out during the scene.

      I saw an amazing gif of Darren’s “intense face” put next to one of the dinosaurs from the first Jurassic Park. He can end up looking like a constipated dino when he’s attempting to act, can’t he?

      • Gabriela says:

        I’m right there with you. While I don’t mind his singing voice, even tough his facial expressions while singing always distract me, Darren is responsible for some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen on network television. He would be a great soap opera actor in my opinion.

  22. Lolita says:

    There really aren’t *that* many people who hate season 3 Kurt, Klaine, or Blaine. It’s just that the majority of people who are content with the Klaine relationship, which has been proven to be a lot of viewers who aren’t just in “fandom,” don’t comment on blogs like these and complain about things they can’t fix. Like I don’t get the focused, repeated hatred on Blaine and “Blarren” lol. I think it’s become this trend that people just jump into for no real reason.

    • Jess says:

      The trend is a result of the impossibly loud, unreasonable faction of the Klaine fandom that dominates Glee-related message boards. I think everyone would be a lot less vocal about their dislike if they didn’t feel the need to assert to the showrunners that not everyone is a *fangirl*. I for one know very few people who enjoy Blaine or Klaine, but I know that their fanbase is more vocal than any other on the web.

      • Anna says:

        Except apparently, all of the haters feel the need to assert to the showrunners that not everyone is a fangirl by instead giving the impression that everyone is irrational and focused on disliking a few select characters/pairings.

    • Nichola C says:

      Amen to that. I can understand people saying he’s overexposed because of the solo’s etc but I would much rather see characters I like having amazing scenes (Burt/Kurt, Kurt/Dave, Hummelberry etc) than nothing much at all. Also, people keep refering to ‘Klaine’ but really, if you look at their scenes together, they’ve been few and far between since the ‘First Time’ episode.

      I’m not sure why people who apparently don’t even watch Glee in any regularity feel the need to bash it. If you don’t like it, why not just switch off?

    • No one says:

      So…because you don’t agree with how many people feel about some of the s3 characters, you automatically assume that people are just jumping onto a trend? That’s awfully childish and condescending. I say this as someone who doesn’t mind those characters at all.

      • Lolita says:

        It’s not childish or condescending. It’s something that I’ve seen happen on things like Tumblr, message boards, articles and etc. over the course of season 3. This isn’t the case for everyone who dislikes Blaine or the Klaine pairing, but most of the people I see decide not to like Blaine for “childish” reasons, such as Darren Criss’s facial expressions and the fact that Sam turned out to be a straight character instead of a gay character (which in canon has nothing to do with Blaine and nothing to do with Kurt anymore). Like Nichola C said, I just don’t get when the people who either don’t watch the show or still do watch it but clearly hate the show make it a point to post hoards of negativity, not just about Darren Criss (who is spoken highly of for his talent outside of the fandom, typically) and Blaine, but about a lot of different characters and actors too. Yes its the internet and you can post what you want, but it just makes me laugh…you aren’t getting anywhere by coming up with new reasons to hate Blaine and hate “what he’s done to Kurt,” or what Rachel “has done to Finn” or etc. LIke just…enjoy the show. Glee isn’t meant to be taken as seriously as some people take it. I’m someone who watches because I like pretty much all the characters and it’s a show that gives me positive feelings. I like to be involved in the fan base, but it’s annoying sometimes when so many people make it a priority to bash “fangirls” and be rude to a certain group of watchers of this show.

        • Julia says:

          Have you ever considered that people have actual reasons not to like Blaine? I can’t stand Blaine because Darren is a horrible actor who ruins any scene he has with Chris – an Golden Globe winning, Emmy-nominated actor who is incredibly talented and my favorite. I’m now at the point where I have to fast-forward Chris’ scenes because Darren makes me cringe so hard and it is pissing me off!
          Then of course there’s the god-awful writing for Blaine which is certainly not helping Darren, and he needs all the help he can get. Why such a douchey character has become popular at all is beyond me. Only explanation I have is that these little fangirls just all think Darren “is so cuuuute!!!1!!” and that’s basically it. Blaine is a whiny, pompous, useless Mary Sue of a character and completely off-putting to me. So, there you have it. Actual reasons. No need to go looking for them or making them up.
          Also: “who is spoken highly of for his talent outside of the fandom, typically” – are you serious? Want me to show you the reviews from the last episode where Darren is called out for his terrible acting? How in the world did you miss that?

          • Lolita says:

            You can show me as many negative reviews as you want, but I’m sure I could find just as many positive ones. I know about the bad reviews and I saw them, but I’ve read many positive reviews about this episode and the entire season regarding Blaine and Darren. And they aren’t just written by “little fangirls,” they’re written by adults on media-related blogs such as this one. As someone who is definitely not a “little fangirl,” I can say that I and a lot of other people like Blaine’s character for reasons that have nothing to do with Darren being good looking. Blaine is flawed, as teenage boys are, and he has been written inconsistently by the writers at time, but he really isn’t a “douche.” He isn’t perfect but he does have a big heart, especially for Kurt, and a lot of times he doesn’t know how to articulate himself or express himself. Also understandable for a teenage boy. When he does act up and whenever he does something that causes strain between he and Kurt, he does *apologize* (which some people skip over, I think) and he tries to change his behavior. (In this episode, for example, right after their scene in Emma’s office, Blaine made it a point to compliment Kurt and Kurt looked pleased with this. Also in The First Time he apologizes for acting the way he did while he was drunk, and then it’s *Kurt* who initiates the sex between them). He has also been very supportive of Kurt’s “New York” dream for this entire season, save for last episode when it started to understandbly scare him, and Kurt has repeatedly said “I love you” right back to him…apparently he doesn’t think his own boyfriend is a douche. Idk how people can twist things so far off of what is canon lol but I guess it all depends on what you want to see.

          • Obviously. says:

            If your talking about fan made reviews, then there are most likely positive ones. However, the professional reviews are extremely negative about Darren’s performances and acting skills. The one who is “seeing what they want to see” is you. You might notice that Blaine’s character always victimizes himself, particularly in the office scene, in order not to take any real blame. Blaine never allows himself to be in the wrong, and Kurt is always apologizing for Blaine’s behavior, such as in The First Time. The parts about him being unable to articulate himself is something fans read into his character, not something with any level of consistency. His characterization is all over the place, he’s poorly written, and Darren has a propensity to over-act, do to his stage background and his failure to separate that training from screen-acting. People who dislike Blaine may twist things to be more negative, but his fans always twist the negative bits in order to justify his character. The show itself constantly glosses over and excuses his faults, never having him be faulted for something for any length of time. The office scene in the previous episode was the greatest example of this.

          • beth says:

            Nope. Billboard and EW both posted very complimentary reviews concerning Darren and Chris. I read a couple others on the same vein.

          • Lolita says:

            “Blaine never allows himself to be in the wrong.” “The show itself constantly glosses over and excuses his faults, never having him be faulted for something for any length of time.”
            Blaine in The First Time: “You were right. Our first time shouldn’t be like that. I was drunk, and I’m sorry.” Also, after Kurt tries to apologize for not being a gay bar superstar and for being a silly romantic, Blaine tells him that it’s not silly, and Blaine doesn’t blame Kurt at all for how he pulled away.
            Blaine during the last episode: “Kurt’s been texting this guy, and I got really upset. Although, a while back, I was doing the same thing…”
            Blaine does allow himself to be in the wrong. The show does fault him for given amounts of time. Yes, they do gloss over some things, such as the whole kissing Rachel thing, but *every* character in this show has wrong things glossed over for them: Finn, Santana, Brittany, Rachel, even Kurt sometimes…everyone.
            Like I said…really don’t get the need to blow Blaine’s actions out of proportion far enough to say that he “never” allows himself to be wrong. Blaine takes Kurt’s feelings into consideration, apologizes for what he does, and changes his behavior after apologizing. Don’t know what more he’s supposed to do.
            I can agree that his characterization is off. Blaine is one of my favorite characters, but the way he was written in s2 and the way he’s written now is different. I know that. But it’s like that with many different characters too, and I think that given the writers’ inconsistency, Blaine is a very good character and I don’t understand why there’s such an avid (though relatively small) portion of the watchers that hate him and Darren Criss with a burning passion. As I said in my first comment he’s really not that bad. Flawed, but not that bad. There are plenty of other things done on the show that are just as bad, such as inconsistent storylines overall, and not just in the case of ‘Klaine.’ Also, like I said at first…it’s like this trend where people just use Darren/Blaine as the scapegoat and write him off as the show’s entire downfall when really he’s not the worst thing. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Julia says:

      You are aware that Glee’s ratings have dropped significantly, right? So, all those “viewers who aren’t just in fandom” and, according to you, like Klaine, are in fact not tuning in anymore. Bummer.
      Not saying this is all Klaine/Blaine/Darren’s fault but he and the Klaine fandom are certainly not as popular with the general audience as you would like to believe.

      • I am a cat says:

        Agreed. And, to be perfectly honest, I believe Klaine is the worst written couple on the show this season. I mean, they had hardly any screen time and, when they do, it’s just…bad. They didn’t have sex for the right reasons, any “attempts” at adding drama [Sebastian, Dave (?)] were done horribly, Kurt’s personality’s suffered [imo], the whole car scene in TFT, it’s canon that they rarely talk/communicate [both in Heart and the previous ep.], etc. And the thing is that it doesn’t have to be this bad. The writers could have easily done a much better job with it but it’s like they didn’t even want to bother.

        Maybe they want them to break up and were hoping bad writing would turn fans off the ship so that they can break them up without there being any hate? Haha I don’t even know.

  23. Gabriela says:

    Klaine and Finchel are simply annoying. I don’t like Brittana either. What is it with teen TV shows that they have to make all high school couples endgame? I mean, in the real world very few people end up with who they dated in high school. And most of those who do end up resenting each other.
    The lack of character development without being attached to your significant one is one of the things that annoy me the most about Glee. All the storylines lines are about a couple. That and the preachy episodes, plus the Kurt and Blaine show that was season 2 are what killed Glee for me.

    • yep says:

      Personally, I believe the downfall started when Glee began writing scripts for couples and their antics and woes. Not the development and retention of development of these characters as beings of their own. Their flaws and antics and silliness. Then this season, especially, the topics and PSA’s to learn from. Glee isn’t perfect, no show is. But there have been more instances of detriment to the written story lines than in season 1. Of course, season 1 was new and different and a hit for sure. Something any show has trouble to follow that kind of act. Season 2 which was hard for me to swallow, was a growth and learning period for many characters while some regressed. Season 3 has been a refreshing nuance of story telling but has left many fans feeling the show has remissed.

      • Nichola C says:

        Agreed, I’d have loved to have seen some storylines last more than the one/two episodes they did. It’s like Glee had the idea but the follow through wasn’t there. *Dave Karofsky, Puck and Quinn’s baby (can’t say I mind though), Sebastian*. There seems to be plenty of chance for development for these stories and others but they seem to have just been dropped. Pity, because I think Dave/Sebastian have been great additions to Glee.

  24. Dran says:

    #StoptheBlaine. I’ve never seen such a poor actor with such a loud fanbase. I.just.don’t.understand.

  25. Brad says:

    Music of the Night – Kurt, Tina, Mercedes, Brittany
    School’s Out – Puck
    Cell Block Tango – Mercedes, Tina, Sugar, Brittany, Santana
    Not the Boy Next Door – Kurt
    The Rain in Spain – Puck, Finn, Mike, Blaine, Artie, Sam, Joe, Rory
    Cry – Rachel
    Shake it Out – Santana, Mercedes, Sugar, Brittany
    Don’t Rain on my Parade – Rachel

  26. Mathew says:

    Music of the Night wasn’t released… what’s up with that? Is Kurt really going to sing it or is he just talking about it? We saw him in the outfit during the promo. I think it would be perfect for his voice.

  27. Mathew says:

    Does Kurt “choke” on “Music of the Night”.

  28. Nichola C says:

    I really do wish people would use phrases like ‘In my opinion’ or ‘I think’ because a lot of these posts are worded as though you’re speaking on everyone’s behalf and really, you aren’t.
    Plus, not all of us that like Kurt/Klaine/ or any other pairing are 14 year old fangirls.
    Personally (see what I did there), I don’t think Klaine or any other couple killed season 2 or 3 etc. I don’t think you can put the blame on just one couple/character.
    From what I can see, a lot of people seem frustrated with the Rachel/Finn coupling this year, myself included (simply for the time allocation to one couple and the hypocrisy of how that couple is allowed to be portrayed as an intimate couple where others aren’t) but I wouldn’t switch off Glee because of it.
    As for the whole Blaine/Darren hate. Do I think Darren’s acting is on a par with Chris? No I don’t but I’m not going to hate on the guy because of it because, in my opinion, there are worse characters out there *coughs* *Rory*. Chris kills it in every scene he’s in but watching the auditorium scene in ‘The First Time’ etc, Darren did well too and he’s certainly convinced me of his adoration for Kurt.
    Again, personally I’m not a fan of the actor and a part of that is the way some of his fanbase bang on about him, plus I’m not into pushy, in your face types but that’s just me and I’m not going to hate on him because of it.
    I do agree with a comment made above that everyone seems to get paired off. It would be refreshing if more storylines revolved around none romantic topics and there have been some but I’d personally love to see more. I’m disappointed that they’ve paired off Quinn so quickly but maybe that’s just me.

    • don says:

      yes. rory is terrible. but nowhere near as bad and annoying as joe.

    • l says:

      Surely you’re intelligent enough to realise that these are all opinions? People shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells and put “In my opinion…” before everything because some are overly sensitive.

      • Nichola C says:

        They are their opinions but when they put ‘everyone’ that’s speaking for the masses, which they are not!

  29. Oz says:

    To each it’s own, but I really like Blaine. Plus, you can’t say he doesn’t put his heart into his performances! Hell, I’d like to go out drinking with any of the actors so that’s all I’ll say there!

    Music of the Night!! I don’t even care which of them sing it! It could be reimagined in so many ways to match any of their voices/stories. Also, School’s Out..nice!

    Ditto on Brad’s picks.

  30. Mathew says:

    If I had to pick one character who’s ruined season 3, it’s definitely Blaine. the double standards between him and kurt are annoying. Blaine seen as this “alpha gay” by the writers and characters, and it’s frustrating as hell. Blaine was more interesting in season 2 when he was swauve and mature and older than Kurt. But Ryan had to “benjamin button” Blaine. **sigh**
    Since Blaine has gone to McKinely, he’s gotten way too many solos, gets gratuitous boxing/shirtless scenes, and it bothers me that the writers just write for Blarren fans.

    Blaine got too many songs in season 2 also, but at least he was more interesting.

    • BatmanFanGirl says:

      Making Blaine a Junior was one of the stupidest moves ever. It made no sense with in relation to how he acted in season two (as a mentor and someone who knew more) to ret grade him to a junior all of a sudden. I will never get over that irratation.

      • kaley says:

        I agree with both of you. The retconning ruined the character and the relationship dynamics of Klaine completely.

  31. Thereasonsy says:

    What. A. Shocker. Rachel is going to choke and then sing Kelly Clarkson’s Cry. Kurt meanwhile is going to be the light of Whoopi’s eye and get into school because nothing bad happens to Kurt really. At this point I am wishing the spin-off was approved so that there would be the chance of the unpredictable.

    • Nichola C says:

      Ahh, clearly you forgot that Rachel got the lead in the school play and is *SPOILER* singing solo for Nationals whilst Kurt lost school President, didn’t get the part he wanted in WSS and…shock horror, got his NYADA finalist letter first. It makes me laugh how easy people seem to forget these things when something doesn’t go their way. Luckily, I see Kurt’s disappointments as ways to further develop his character, so we get the ‘rise from the ashes’ moment.
      Besides, the NYADA rep is in 3 episodes right? Maybe that’s why Rachel has a solo at Nationals. Seems to me that could be a convincing way to get a college acceptance. That kind of thing worked for River Phoenix’s character in ‘Running on Empty’ when he applied at Julliard, it could happen here.

      • yep says:

        Maybe, That River Phoenix getting into Julliard and how was a catalyst to this story line for Rachel. If that could be plausible why not for her?

    • BatmanFanGirl says:

      LOL Are we watching the same show??? Lots of bad stuff happens to Kurt. My theory because Ryan likes to see him cry.

  32. Spencer says:

    Ok, when I read they were doing “Shake It Out” (Literally my favorite song), I rolled my eyes and almost cried because I know they are going to ruin it just like they ruined Rolling in the Deep. But then I read it was going to be Brittney, Santanna and Tina: Praise God! It’ll work out after all!

    • Spencer says:

      Ok, I read it again and I realize what itactually said! I hope (H) is singing Shake It Out, because the past two times Mercedes & Santanna/Mercedes & Tina sang together I was in Heaven!! Mercedes, Santana and Tina could knock it out of the park!

      • Yup says:

        They are singing it. It’s a really good cover, just don’t expect it to be like the original. The arrangement is very different, but it works well with their voices.

        • holla says:

          I liked it better than the original, actually. And I was more excited about The Rain in Spain (I think it was fun arrangement).

  33. Cora says:

    Ausiello, can you clarify that those singer listings are exactly correct? Because everyone has been pretty much convinced all day that Shake it Out is a Tina/Mercedes/Santana trio. It’s very hard to hear four voices in the audio that was released this morning, and you’re saying that not only is Brittany in it as well, but we’re hearing Sugar instead of Tina? I’m so confused right now.

    Unless you mean the other one, with five girls, is Shake it Out – but that’s just as confusing, because it really sounds like only three voices.

    • Cora says:

      Sorry, what I meant to say is that Amber is missing, not Jenna. The Shake it Out audio clearly has Mercedes in it. So either your listing is wrong, or that one is Cell Block Tango, meaning there are five girls in Shake It Out, which is really strange… since obviously only three are actually singing.

  34. Felicity says:

    I wish they would have neither Rachel nor Kurt “choke.” In real life many people have great auditions, but there are so many talented people out there that it doesn’t guarantee you will get into a specific program. They should both give there best auditions. Then we can have the reality of some people get it, and some people don’t.

    • Nichola C says:

      That’s why I think Glee could be using it as some kind of plot device. If Rachel didn’t get in because she choked and then the recruiter saw her not choke at Nationals, then their argument for her not getting in would be invalid because she’ll have proved herself. It’s speculation but I really can’t see one going off to NY and not the other. The Hummelberry friendship seems to have been well received in season 3 so I can’t see Glee wanting to lose that.

  35. Susie says:

    It’s funny to me to come here and read all the hate that is directed at Klaine. Personally I am a huge fan of Chris Colfer and his character Kurt. I have been watching Glee all of this time because of HIM not Klaine. I am happy for the character that he has a relationship now but it is not the be all and end of the show for me.
    I was thrilled this week that Kurt finally had a solo. I can not wait for this new episode because he gets another. I will watch and enjoy the show as I do every week but a lot more because Chris will be singing again.

  36. Andy says:

    If I were to have written Glee in my perspective, it would be this way: (From S2 onwards) 1 – Sam is a closeted homosexual, who flirts with Quinn and dates her to make her his beard. Kurt falls in love with him, and later on Sam does too, thus, hurting Quinn in the end. Then Quinn tries to take back Finn from Rachel, and her frustrations go on and on (it makes better sense this way, than just suddenly making Quinn a bad girl on ep#11 -Superbowl. It should have had a backstory in the first place.

    2 – Blaine is bisexual. He still comes from Dalton, as an openly bisexual student. He fancies Rachel and he becomes a Jesse St. James-esque character. They compete in Regionals, but after losing, he still has honest feelings for Rachel. And they begin a Blaine-Rachel-Finn love triangle. Seeing that Rachel truly loves Finn, He falls in love with Kurt and they secretly date each other, hurting both Rachel and Sam. It makes more sense than making Blaine bi-curious. Just a fantasy-based opinion ;)

    The problem with this show is that it has TOO MANY characters, and roughly 22 episodes to write for them, which includes the tribute episodes, etc.

    Also, too much Blaine.

  37. Lisa says:

    Did Glee change musical directors? The music in season one was so good and each character had songs that were perfect for them. The music wasn’t as strong in S2 and in S3 the choices have been terrible. Of course, it doesn’t help that RM is giving solos to people who shouldn’t have them. S1 was great because it was centered on Rachel, Finn and Kurt with Rachel getting to hit the big notes and belt the great songs. Now it’s Mercedes and Santana and neithe of them can hold a candle to Rachel so the songs fall flat. Glee just sucks these days…

  38. Ashley says:

    Rachel has already sang Don’t Rain on my Parade…

  39. Addie says:

    Am I the only one happy that Rachel will fail? Maybe she’ll relize that the world doesn’t revolve around her. Cant wait for ‘Shake It Out” Finaly Tina’s getting some screentime

    • rubytu says:

      no, you’re not the only one. I think the writer’s really focused on her, way too much, as the ultimate talent. Wasn’t fair to the others. I got sick of her early on in the series.
      Also, after season 1, most of the music sucked, pretty much. I dvr and fast forward thru a lot of the songs. Though, I did enjoy the Christmas episode.

      • angelstorm says:

        Yawn. Seriously – you hardly see Rachel sing anymore and IMO that was one of the best things about the show. It was something like 8 episodes into this season before she got a solo ! So your argument is completely invalid.

        • rubytu says:

          My argument is that I got tired of her, early in the first season. That’s not an invalid argument. It’s my feelings and my opinion. I’m glad she hasn’t had much solo time this season! That’s my opinion! Those are my feelings!
          It’s not an argument.

    • Rachel Scott says:

      you’re not the only one, i was very happy to see rachel fail. everyone knows she can sing, but sometimes the best singers fail and choke. it’s life and you can’t always go to the college/school you want to go to, but knowing this show she’ll somehow still get in

  40. Lily says:

    Didn’t Rachel already sing “don’t rain on my parade?” or am i missing something.. are they recycling??

  41. Ella says:

    Cell Block Tango! Shake it Out! Amaaaaazing! Can’t wait.

  42. Cathy B says:

    Brittany and Sugar aren’t in Shake It Out, only Mercedes, Tina, and Santana. Trust me I’ve listened to this song many times since Friday. :)

  43. Cathy B says:

    Brittany isn’t in cell block tango either. just santana, tina, sugar, small part by mercedes at beginning.

  44. magnolia says:

    Wow! Okay, People, I am really not liking all the hate we have on here! Guys, Darren is a person too, and to be honest there are ten times more hate comments on here about him
    than positive ones! I agree that he sings A LOT and some of the songs are not his best but for real? If you hate him so much then don’t watch the show.
    I for one, Love Darren. I loved him in AVPM and I love him in Glee. I think that they do a good job writing Klaine as a couple, because they do have restrictions.
    How ever they have done a terrible job this season as writing Blaine as a single character. Making him a junior took away from the character they built in S2.
    Glee isn’t about the hate guys, It’s about the love.