House Exclusive: Jennifer Morrison Returning For Series Finale!

It’s a fairytale come true for Cameron fans: House grad Jennifer Morrison will make an appearance in the show’s rapidly-approaching series finale.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the actress — who’s currently casting a spell on ABC’s Once Upon a Time — recently shot a cameo in the May 21 swan song.

PHOTO: House Series Finale First Look — “The End” Is Here

Morrison, whose comeback was OK’d by current employer ABC, joins a growing list of Princeton-Plainsboro alums checking back in before the final curtain falls. As TVLine previously reported, Olivia Wilde (Thirteen), Amber Tamblyn (Masters) and Kal Penn (Kutner) are also set to appear in the episode, titled “Everybody Dies.”

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Morrison’s doc was last seen in the Season 6 episode “Lockdown” when Cameron returned to finalize her divorce from Chase (Jesse Spencer), only to hook up with him one last time.

Thoughts? Are you more inclined to believe Hugh Laurie’s assertion that the final episode will indeed be “uplifting?” Hit the comments!

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  1. Anon says:

    I knew it. Glad I never complained.

  2. JAKE says:

    AWESOME!!! They were morons to let her go in the first place.

    • I’m calling it, mark my name!

      She won’t be back fo a funeral. Thirteen willl be the only character that is coming back for real. First, I thought they’d actually bring people back. But, I think Thirteen is coming, since she will be there for two episodes.the others, though, especially after I heard Kutner was coming back, are only coming back in House’s mind — either on flashbacks on when he’s analysing his life. When I knew Masters was also back, I just knew Cameron had to.

      Calling it today :)

    • Kristina says:

      Yep! Haven’t watched since she left

    • KevyB says:

      Oh, yay, my least favorite character EVER is coming back. Yay. Yay. Yay. Well, that bitter-beer-face white chick on there now is competing with her for worst.

  3. Heather says:

    Great news!! I’ve been wondering this week if something was up and I’m glad I was right. It will be great to see Cameron one last time too. =)

    • F says:

      I’m the opposite. This news is the final nail in the coffin for me. I’m definitely giving the finale a miss. The show runners are indeed a nasty vindictive bunch. BTW Love the AstroTurf

  4. Dee says:

    Seriously how are they going to explain Cuddy not being there now seen as it’s pretty obvious there’s going to be a funeral?

    • Joy says:

      Maybe it’s Cuddy’s funeral?

    • E says:

      Well, its Wilson’s funeral & Cuddy never gave a f about him, so I can’t see her showing up. Cameron, OTH, was always close to Wilson.

      • D says:

        No she was just the one who was there for Wilson when Amber was in a coma, and encouraged him to wake her up to say goodbye. They never had lunches on Tuesdays, and they never supported each other in how to deal with House when he was at his most self-destructive. What show have you been watching again?

      • etc says:

        I thought it might be Thirteen’s funeral, until I heard Cameron coming back, Did they ever really work together? Only that brief bit beginning of season 6- would she come back for that?

        • Kath says:

          Thirteen asked Cameron to get her a job at another hospital when she was dating Foreman in season 5 because House didn’t want two team members dating. Cameron did her the favor but it turned out to be a manipulation on Thirteen’s part to fool House so that she could continue dating Foreman.

          Just another of the lovely ways Thirteen manipulated people.

      • nohuddyfan says:

        this is so fun!! ^__^

      • I think “MAYBE” Wilson & House Dies ? Wilson 1st.. then House goes over the edge.. and Maybe Od’s or Gets really HIGH and goes Biking and ends up in a fatal accident ?

        • Patty says:

          Hugh Laurie has been quoted as saying the finale is “uplifting” and the fans should be happy. Since most fans don’t want to see House dead, my money is on 13. I think the aggressive chemo form the “C” Word took Wilson out of the woods for the time being. That’s what this Monday night’s episode is about, I guess. The finale is not going to tie everything up with a pretty little bow and give closure. Why would it? Houe has never been a show to tie up anything neatly. Since House is supposed to be taking stock of his life, Kutner’s appearance probably will be a dream sequence – no need for flashbacks there, I think. And as far as LE coming back to PPTH, there really is no need for Cuddy to come back. While some posters here think LE was treated badly in contract negotiations for what turned out to be the final season of House, we will never know because no one has made anything concrete public. That’s as it should be; the details really aren’t any of our business. She was made an offer and refused it. That’s all there is to it. If some people choose to think she was treated badly, it may be because DS & his writers already had this season planned out to include Cuddy and had to change everything to accomodate the character’s absence. That most likely made for a lot of long days & nights to change the direction of the show again and made for a lot of grouchy people.

    • Because Cuddy hates House now.

  5. Blackbird says:

    YES! Great news. I’m glad this worked out.

  6. kirads09 says:

    YES! Only fitting the original team comes together at the end of it all. (“Swan” song – cute pun Aus.)

  7. Gilrey says:

    Now they realize how bs it was to get rid of her. Just because she’s successful and they though she never would make it that far.

    ~lol. Whatever. This chick has done all kinds of better in hr new show, anyways.

  8. hello says:

    So almost everyone that matters is coming back. Only Cuththroat Bitch left

  9. Monte Cristo says:

    Glad to hear Cameron will be back to say goodbye. It wouldn’t be right to end the show without her.

  10. Carda says:

    oooh I loved Cameron! (until she hooked up with Chase at least)

    But what I’m really wondering about: how the eff do they bring back Kutner? Is this some cheezy dream sequence where House sees all his past colleagues one last time or what? *_*

  11. mbw says:

    Haven’t watched the show in years, but after reading this, I’m totally going to watch the finale!

  12. King's Cross says:

    I wonder if they’re trying to get Stacy or CTB back too. Still, I’m happy that the original team will be together one last time.

  13. Brit says:

    Well, at least they’re bringing back ONE original cast member… which makes Cuddy’s absence even more conspicuous. You’d think she could be there for Wilson. (Note to Cuddy/LE haters: flame away all you want, I’m not interested.) Too bad CB couldn’t pop in, too.

    • ccc says:

      I am honestly beginning to believe that they did ask LE back, and she said no. She’s the only one who had never anything good to say about House after she left, and she seems to be (almost) the only one who doesn’t come back.

      I don’t think this is a decision of TPTB, I think this is her decision and hers alone.

      • Karen says:

        Excuse me? Lisa E has always been House’s biggest supporter and PR person…and has said NOTHING to the contray, even after she left. Please make sure to get your facts straight before stating such nonsense.

        • Michael says:

          Not true Karen she was on the View last Month and said working there was horrible she said their was drug people having sex and abuse all the time

          • @Michael says:

            Well Michael she’s not wrong if the court case is anything to go by.

          • Not True says:

            No Michael……. Please don’t start rumors. She was not on The View last month and she has never said those things. I hope Ausiello will delete your comment because it is complete fabrication and detrimental to House, LE and The View. it’s nothing more than gossip designed to make either the show or LE look bad.

          • @Michael says:

            Links or it didn’t happen.

          • Karen says:

            She was never on The View. Quit making up lies and find something better to do with your time.

        • Shepherd says:

          Never mind facts, woman! That’s the default troll response of Houseflies everywhere: LE turned down an invitation/never wanted to return/is mad at DS + the show etc, even though all the evidence points to the contrary. Whatever gets them through the day…

          • ccc says:

            Exactly what evidence points to the contrary?

          • Ckm says:

            She could even be bothered to show up to the cast wrap party. That’s been confirmed by the show runners who issued the invitation & the people attending the party.

          • Shepherd says:

            @ccc, Ok, since you want to follow along, though I should mention this requires a little more critical thinking than the average House fan is capable of…
            Evidence to the contrary—that Shore never intended for LE to return:
            – (5/24/11) TVLINE | You don’t resume shooting until August. Are you holding out any hope that this situation can be rectified and Lisa will return?
            Shore: No.
            TVLINE | Would you be interested in bringing her back on a guest-star basis?
            Shore: I would be. Absolutely. http://tvline.com/2011/05/24/house-finale-post-mortem-season-7-spoilers/
            – (6/03/11 EW) Shore: “We have to plan for her not coming back. It might be interesting to get her in for an episode or two somewhere to wrap up Cuddy, probably would make fans happy, but we have to plan, unfortunately, on her not coming back, because there’s no indication that she would at this point.” ***google for the article, TVLine deletes links to other sites
            – (7/14/11 TV Guide) TVG: Do you think you’ll ever have Lisa come back for a proper Cuddy wrap-up?
            Shore: Eventually, that may be appropriate. Given that she was gone, we decided it was better to not just have her come back to leave. Down the road that might be more appropriate. It didn’t seem right now. ***same deal, look it up if you want, ditto moving forward
            – (8/05/11) TVLINE | Would you want Lisa back for the series finale?
            Shore: I would love for that to happen.
            TVLINE | Do you feel like it’s a realistic possibility?
            Shore: I honestly don’t know. http://tvline.com/2011/08/05/house-season-8-spoilers-cuddy/
            ………So, to recap, Shore spends the whole summer saying LE won’t return, not because he doesn’t want her to, HE DOES–he’d love it, but because he doesn’t know if she’s up for it, and later, because the timing isn’t right and he just has no idea if it can happen.
            —to be cont’d–

          • Shepherd says:

            Now, for the other side…
            – (8/09/11) TVLINE | If this turns out to be the show’s final season, would you be open to returning as a guest star?
            Edelstein: I haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely… I wouldn’t want to answer that and get anyone’s hopes up. It doesn’t seem like that’s the direction anyone is going in.
            TVLINE | It sounded like that was the direction David Shore was going in when I spoke to him recently.
            Edelstein: Well, I can’t have a conversation with David Shore via Michael Ausiello. [Laughs] It might be a bolder move for someone to pick up a phone. http://tvline.com/2011/08/09/lisa-edelstein-house-departure-interview-scoop/
            ………So, for those slow on the uptake, Shore spent the last 3 months stating LE isn’t interested in coming back when he hadn’t even spoken to her. Yet, she is supposed to express confidence in the idea of returning when Shore’s actions have been undermining the whole thing.
            – (Oct ’11 French Télé Star) TS: And all the campaigns didn’t change anything?
            LE: No. I am still close to the writers and I keep in touch with them but I know that nothing will change.
            – (10/7/11 TV Guide) TVG: Speaking of returning, if House ends this season, any chance you’ll pop up?
            LE: I doubt it.
            TVG: So there’s no real closure for Cuddy.
            LE: I know. Leaving was not something that I had planned on doing.
            ………So, for people who want to believe that LE was shooting down the idea of coming back, more months have passed yet Shore still hasn’t reached out (but she has spoken to other House people–rather telling), thus the writing on the wall is pretty clear. LE could express an enthusiastic desire to return but what would that achieve? Shore’s obviously not interested, which brings us to…
            – (2/08/12 TVLine) Over the summer, Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady, Lisa Edelstein, to check back in prior to the last episode. A source, however, says no formal discussions have begun. http://tvline.com/2012/02/08/house-series-finale-spoilers/ (Now 9 months have passed and there’s been no communication with Shore; LE just needs to keep positive)
            – (2/28/12 TVLine) Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Lisa Edelstein will not be checking back into House before the show ends… It’s unclear why Edelstein’s comeback failed to materialize — for instance, was she actually asked back? And, if so, did negotiations end before they began? Reps for Fox and Edelstein declined to comment. http://tvline.com/2012/02/28/house-series-finale-lisa-edelstein-not-returning/
            –to be cont’d–

          • Shepherd says:

            And here’s where things get “interesting”…
            – (3/21/12 TVLine) …as TVLine previously reported, ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return. http://tvline.com/2012/03/21/house-series-finale-spoilers-season-8/
            Say what? That “declined an invitation” link leads back to the 2/28/12 story which actually makes ZERO MENTION of a refusal by LE. Crack job of reporting there, Aus.
            So that’s where we stand. DS gives misleading interviews, but actions speak louder than words. No contact with LE, no phone calls, “no formal discussions,” yet somehow LE is the one who shot the idea down? Her less than optimistic response to the idea of returning is predicated on the fact that Shore was never forthcoming in the first place. She can’t will him into extending an invitation.
            Shore never asked LE back, he only strung people along with the possibility to keep their hopes up and avoid looking like a jerk. He didn’t want her back, plain and simple.

          • Caro says:

            Wow @shepherd , you literally did your homework! You are clearly a LE fan and wants to defend her in the most possible way and over-rationalize the facts to prove your point. You missed one point, it takes two to dance the tango. The LE-fans allways want to blame Shore and Hugh in a rude & abrasive way. At the end of the story the facts are clear she screwed up her contract renewal talks which are none of Shores or HL buisness which ultimately brought Shore in a creative misery. Her exit wasn`t planned.
            All the quotes you compiled showed that he is clearly sad about her exit and tried to find a way to bring her back with ultimate arrangement with the network and her.
            But hm yeah when i read here on TVlline or on twitter from the writers that she declined the invitation, hm yeah what should i or others say different. Stop blaming Shore and try to get an answer from LE or her managers of the whys of her exit and the missing Huddy/cuddy-conclusion at the end and leave this place about Jennifer alone.
            I´m glad Jen that the writers allowed her to reprise her role as Cameron. She was a great character and was missed on the show. It would have been great to see them all back what was indeed the writers plan but well you can`t allways get what you want, right?

          • ccc says:

            @Shepherd: Wow, okay. You are not kidding around when you are promising evidence. Nice work.

            But first, what exactly makes you assume that ‘the average Hose fan’ isn’t capable of critical thinking? I know that a lot of people, especially here at TVLine seem to think that House is supposed to be a soap opera. And I guess, every now and then it is. But I’d like to think that a ‘typical House fan’ is, in fact, very appreciative AND capable of thinking critically, since it’s one of the series’ and character’s defining characteristics.

            Second, again, very nice work here. I think I’ve read all these articles before, but it’s nice to have them all in one place for reference.

            Third, while all this work you’ve done to prove your point is impressive, it doesn’t, actually. Prove anything, that is. “So, for those slow on the uptake, Shore spent the last 3 months stating LE isn’t interested in coming back when he hadn’t even spoken to her. Yet, she is supposed to express confidence in the idea of returning when Shore’s actions have been undermining the whole thing.” This, in fact, does not follow from all your so carefully compiled quotes. It’s an interpretation, a very biased one at that. Shore didn’t say that Edelstein wasn’t interested, and Edelstein didn’t say that that she hasn’t been contacted. She said she hasn’t spoken to anyone. Which can just as well be interpreted as her refusing to take their call. Where it follows that Shore has been undermining ‘the whole thing’ is anyone’s guess. The only thing here that is unambiguous is your (very biased in favour of Edelstein) interpretation of all these quotes. You assume that all these information you compiled point toward Shore never actually reaching out to Edelstein. The only thing they actually do say is that no consensus has been reached. Why, again, is anybody’s guess. Maybe FOX didn’t want her back, maybe she didn’t like the plans for her character, maybe it was a money issue. Or maybe someone (possibly even either Shore or Edelstein, or both) is holding a grudge. That’s one possible interpretation, yes. Of many.

            And the funny thing here, to me at least, is this: Clinging to one interpretation even though the available facts allow a dozen others? Seem to point toward someone who isn’t really all that skilled in something that’s called critical thinking. You might have heard it.

          • Liz says:

            Nobody except for LE herself and TPTB know what happened, if she was asked etc. So why bother discussing this here?!

        • ccc says:

          Sure, she supported House while she was on it. But she never said anything good about House AFTER she left. She refuses to talk about it in interviews, and if she does, she says that she felt imprisoned and that she ‘now enjoys life’. Unlike pretty much everyone else with a twitter account she didn’t have anything to say when it was announced that House would end this season. JMo did, Kal Penn did, OW did, even though they aren’t part of it anymore either.

          And that’s fine. Not the nicest way to behave, but I guess she has her reasons. It’s her right to move on.

          What I don’t get is that all the LE fans assume that she wasn’t asked (even though Ausiello stated earlier that she declined). Because she used to cheer for the show as long as she was part of it? That’s a pretty feeble reason. And why do LE fans always want to believe that she was wronged, that she was a victim? Maybe she is just done with House. Let her move on in peace. And stop blaming everyone else for her decisions.

          • Lilo says:

            AMEN!! I couldn`t have said it better.
            We actually really have no idea what happened there on this set or LE reasons why she left. The whole situation was & still is kinda bizarre and Ausiellos cryptic scoops didn`t make it better. At the moment i don`t know what to believe but if Jennifer returns then i´m 100% sure that they asked LE too. We have to wait for finale or Ausiello gives the fans another cryptic scoop about a possible appearance in the final episode of House.
            As for now i`m excited that we will see Cameron back. Awesome news!

          • ccc says:

            @Lilo: That’s my feeling too. Especially the fact that JMO will be back makes me believe that LE declined. If they asked her they asked LE too.

          • Kristina says:

            I’m pretty sure I remember reading that too, that she declined to come back. She did leave the show after all, it was definitely stated she wasn’t written out like Jennifer Morrison was.

          • Maria says:

            How about you stop taking everything she says on interviews out of context? She was working for all those years, there were days when she had to wake up at 4 in the morning, she’s mentioned in the past that she hated the traffic… She doesn’t have to deal with any of that now that she’s not working, ergo, she’s enjoying life. That was all she said. Why do non LE fans always want to believe that she’s an evil ingrate who wrongs others? I mean, Shore basically said that a few times during the summer. That should be enough to make you believe the exact opposite!

          • @ccc says:

            Lisa said in a few interviews that she wasn’t sure if she’d be back because she hadn’t been approached. She left the door open last August. Then DS, GY etc kept on stalling in interviews when they were asked if she was coming back basically saying it was something they’d have to discuss. They waited and waited and by the time they finally got round to asking I’m guessing LE was already busy on her new project, and more than a bit annoyed that her name had been used constantly to generate buzz without there actually being contact. I can understand that.

          • maam says:

            Maybe she doesn´t have anything to say because she was treated like crap and prefers to keep quiet. Why would she praise them? That would make her a fake moron.

          • ccc says:

            @Maria: Okay, fair point, maybe she didn’t even refer to House when she talked about enjoying life now. I guess we also have to take into account that that interview was translated twice. First into French by the magazine, and then back into English by fans.
            I don’t assume that she’s an ingrate who wronged others. Neither, as I recall, did David Shore. Not literally, and not basically. What are you referring to, if I may ask? And why should I assume the opposite if did?

          • Maria says:

            Shore spent the entire summer going on and on about how hard it would be for them to move on without her (except no1curr and they would do just fine) and how it was all her fault that she left –he and the rest of the writers had nothing to do with it. Then, eleventy months later he sort of admitted that just maaybe he screwed her over by pretty much writing her character out of the show, to make it easier for the folks at NBCU to negotiate. He also kept saying that he wanted her to come back and do a guest and Yaitanes went as far as to tweet that they asked her to come back she wouldn’t even return for a guest, until she told Ausiello that she hadn’t been asked to go back and if they really did want her back, they would have to ask her. Then he started saying that there was no reason for her character to show up on the show.

            This season we didn’t get to even hear about where she is or how she’s doing. As if she never mattered. As if what House did never mattered. Do you not find that disrespectful? To her, her character and the fans? Yet throughout this season, they brought her up in almost every article. I even read an interview where he was talking about the new actresses and it started and ended with her. Even though she’s made it clear that she wants to leave the whole thing behind her. Again, I find that disrespectful.

            She talked about House in the beginning and then she decided to move on, because she has some dignity. If she spent the entire season using the show to promote herself I would find that pathetic and ridiculous and no doubt everyone bashing her for not talking about House all the time would say the exact same things. She even went to visit Shore for the Jewish New Year and posted a picture on twitter and told us that they’re getting along just fine and we should all shut up about it. What else do you want?

          • ccc says:

            @@ccc: But we don’t actually know that, do we? That the House PTB waited and waited until they asked. That’s pure conjecture. All we know is that (according to Ausiello and similar sources) neither they nor LE every said anything definitive about bringing her back. Maybe they did ask, not in August, but in September, or October or December. We don’t that they waited until two weeks ago before asking her. Maybe they kept asking and she kept declining and that’s why they kept stalling. We definitely have no way of knowing if there was no contact. That’s just an assumption based on the fact that no one said that there was contact. As House would certainly be happy to tell you, no evidence is not evidence of a negative. It’s just no evidence.
            As for using her name to create buzz, I’d say that’s something you can only accuse Ausiello of; he was the one who constantly kept bringing her up, not the House PTB. And he’s the only one gaining from that, namely hits for his webpage. I don’t think anyone decided to watch House because Ausiello posted yet another “scoop” about her not being back. No anyone who wasn’t already watching anyway.
            Whatever happened and who’s in the “right” in the end, her name brought fans of all flavours here, again and again. No one here knows what’s really happened, that’s why the mention of her name alone is polarising fans. Good for Ausiello, not for anyone else.

          • ccc says:


            “Shore spent the entire summer going on and on about how hard it would be for them to move on without her”
            Nothing wrong with that, is there?

            “(except no1curr and they would do just fine)”
            Where did he say that? As far as I remember it he said that they would have to move on without her if necessary. I am pretty sure he didn’t say that no one would care.

            “and how it was all her fault that she left –he and the rest of the writers had nothing to do with it.”
            I seem to recall something like ‘her decision’, not ‘her fault’. Why are you now trying to make him sound like he hates her?

            “Then, eleventy months later he sort of admitted that just maaybe he screwed her over by pretty much writing her character out of the show, to make it easier for the folks at NBCU to negotiate.”
            Again, as I recall, he said something like that he probably left her in a bad position to negotiate, considering the way the season 7 finale ended. I am quite sure he didn’t say that he tried to make it easier for NBCU to negotiate. Which is kind of like you seem to try to make it sound now.

            “He also kept saying that he wanted her to come back and do a guest and Yaitanes went as far as to tweet that they asked her to come back she wouldn’t even return for a guest, until she told Ausiello that she hadn’t been asked to go back and if they really did want her back, they would have to ask her.”
            And I have no reason to believe that they didn’t want her back. As for GY, I don’t remember that tweet. Did he actually say that they did ask her back? Or that they want to ask her back? As for LE, she said: ‘haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely. Who knows what I’ll be doing. I have a lot on my plate.’ and ‘Well, I can’t have a conversation with David Shore via Michael Ausiello. [Laughs] It might be a bolder move for someone to pick up a phone.’ Which always kind of irked me, I have to admit. It’s very ambigiously phrased. She didn’t say ‘They didn’t call me’ She said she hadn’t talked to them, and that ‘someone’ had to pick up the phone. That could mean DS, FOX, NBCU, or even herself. She never said no one tried to contact her. So, I don’t know.

            “Then he started saying that there was no reason for her character to show up on the show.”
            I don’t see any problem with that? She said that herself as well.

            “This season we didn’t get to even hear about where she is or how she’s doing. As if she never mattered. As if what House did never mattered. Do you not find that disrespectful? To her, her character and the fans?”
            I don’t, no. A bit weird maybe. What really annoys me though is that the LE fans back then predicted that they would bring Cuddy up all the time, this way using her for ratings. Now that they didn’t go that route it’s disrespectful? I am quite sure that if they would bring up Cuddy’s name in the actual episodes her fans would say that they were using her to boost the ratings.

            “Yet throughout this season, they brought her up in almost every article.”
            As I said in another reply already, no, THEY don’t. The journalists do. Ausiello does. Not DS.

            “I even read an interview where he was talking about the new actresses and it started and ended with her.”
            Are you talking about David Shore? Did he actually bring her up? Or did Ausiello (or someone else) ask him about her? The LE fans are always bugging Ausiello and the other journalists covering the House stories about her. And of course they do. What do you want DS to do? Ignore the questions?

            “Even though she’s made it clear that she wants to leave the whole thing behind her. Again, I find that disrespectful.”
            From the journalists, yes, it is.

            “She talked about House in the beginning and then she decided to move on, because she has some dignity. If she spent the entire season using the show to promote herself I would find that pathetic and ridiculous and no doubt everyone bashing her for not talking about House all the time would say the exact same things.”
            Probably. Just like her fans are now interpreting everything Shore says that way. If he would be refusing questions about her and she would be answering, would you call him classy and dignified? Or would you call him disrespectful? I guess before (if) we know what really happened no one really is in a position to throw stones here.

            “She even went to visit Shore for the Jewish New Year and posted a picture on twitter and told us that they’re getting along just fine and we should all shut up about it. What else do you want?”
            (She didn’t, actually. She just posted the picture.) But you didn’t, did you? And by you I mean the LE fans who keep commenting on every House post at TVLine, not you personally. Whatever it is about in the end, you guys bring up LE. Why? If she wants to move on, why don’t you let her?

        • ra says:

          She was also the first one to quit when NBCI wouldn’t meet her outrageous demands for money & screen time & billing. Even if Shore wanted her back, I doubt NBCI wanted anything to do with her.

          • Karen says:

            And you know all about these demands? Lol wow…you must be her agent I swear!

          • D says:

            What outrageous demands?! I can see why an actress would not be happy with a paycut when she’s just worked harder than she has on any other season. Fine if you thought the Huddy storyline was crap. I’m not sure fans of the couple liked how it played out either, but regardless she put in the hours even though she’s pointed out more than once that she enjoys her downtime and has no wish for the schedule of a lead like HL. Aside from that isn’t wanting a juicy storyline for your character what every actor wants anyway? I see nothing wrong with that and at the end of the day giving one person more screentime than another is down to the writers ultimately, who were clearly covering up for Wilson’s absence because RSL just didn’t want to be there. After hearing what RSL had to say at the wrap party about them not getting Lisa back this season meaning he knew he’d be working harder, I think it’s pretty clear that Lisa had been picking up the slack he’d left because he’s been way more focused on his theatre career since at least Season 4. His tantrum last year during negotiations, where he pointed out that he’s only in it for the money and that the finale wasn’t about him, got him what he wanted a. because there was a swift backlash and b. because it pointed all the attention to the character/actress who was consequently easier to write out/lowball.

            I don’t think the main problem here was money at all. The woman after all spends a fair amount of her spare time doing work for her causes. I think it was about the fact that the people she’d worked with for years, people who she trusted, worked her backside off for when nobody else was prepared to do PR, and had supported when they themselves had been targeted by the studio for paycuts (writer’s strike) had basically allowed her to be hung out to dry. There’s no way that Shore etc didn’t know that she’d be lowballed after the crash, especially as the network specifically asked for it to be moved to the end of the season and the fact they reshot the end of ‘Bombshells’, along with requesting other drastic changes to the season. In the end LE ended up being the fall guy for some really rubbish creative decisions and a failure to stand up to the network. Better showrunners wouldn’t have allowed that in the first place, but Shore’s attentions were elsewhere after Season 5 anyway.

            As for being asked about LE during interviews, it’s mind-numbingly standard for interviewers to be approached beforehand and told what they can and can’t ask. Lisa/Cuddy were never off limits because mentioning her generates buzz. Ever since GY got more prominence on the show they haven’t cared if the attention they got was good or bad, which is tragic for a show that was once so praised.

          • ra says:

            @karen – no, NBCI. And yes, I do know.

          • Raist says:

            @D, are you serious, why should she not take a pay cut when the leading man of the show does? What makes her so special that she’s able to make so many demands and keep her current salary and not Hugh? She got what she deserved by being written off the show and I’m SO thankful that she is not coming back for the finale as that would be a HORRIBLE story with an even more horrible actress/character

          • Cuddy's lawyer says:

            You are silly and uninformed!Hugh didn’t take pay cut,because he had valid contract !
            And your last sentence just simple ridiculous!

    • Cuddy's lawyer says:

      Why never speaks Shore about Lisa was invited and she refused?Why listening in silence the fans attacks? I’m sure she not was invited or she will back! I hope the second version!

      • ra says:

        Sweety, she quit when they wouldn’t pay her what she wanted. What makes you think they want her back now? And she was convinced she was a major star who’d land another job. Hasn’t happened.

      • ccc says:

        You could just as well ask why she never said (after August last year) that she WASN’T invited back. There are fans attacking her as well. (Although not nearly as viciously as the LE fans attacked Shore, that’s certainly true.) Why did she never speak up?
        All we know for sure is that we don’t know. Everything else are guesses based on what we would like to be true.

        • tripoli says:

          Thank you for being pretty much the only person to point out that most of the info floating around is just a bunch of speculation and guessing abut what really happened. People seem to forget that we don’t really have much of the truth, since none of us were actually present for the events/conversations in question.

          • anonymous says:

            Shore substantially confirmed Lisa Edelstein left for money when he said ”I wanted her back. I communicated that to the network and the studio. But I’m not writing the checks”. Now it is clear what kind of [censured] person is Mrs Edelsten. End of story.

          • As one of the three main characters in a series, you try your best to get them to come back. There is no evidence that David Shore extended the contracts to Cuddy. In fact, just the opposite is true. J Mo was fired because she demanded too much for a supporting actress. Lisa carried water for this series for years. She stood by it until David Shore did not stand by her. That’s exactly what happened. To all the Cuddy haters, get a life. She’s happy not being on the show. I wish she was on the last episode and at the wrap party, but I can wish in one hand… Anyway, thanks to all of you that posted here. It was fun reading your psych files online.

  14. arianeb says:

    Cameron felt like a one dimensional character on House. The token female on the team until 13 essentially replaced her. Worked out really good for Morrison however. Her one season stint on HIMYM proved she had more talent than we ever saw on House, which probably contributed to her OUAT gig and TV stardom.

    • tripoli says:

      Really? I found her terribly annoying on How I Met Your Mother. Like her in general, but that was not a good fit for her.

    • Sally says:

      One dimensional? No, not at all. In fact, I think she was the one character with the best character development throughout the years, even though she was horribly neglected by the writers in the later season, and the Chameron storyline was simply awful – here’s to hoping she won’t reunite with Chase.

  15. Michelle says:

    Thank god!

  16. Jason says:

    I called it weeks ago.

    Suddenly appearing in a series finale when all hopes are shattered will now be now known as “pulling a Michael Rossenbaum”

  17. nohuddyfan says:

    SO happy to have Cameron back AND NOT CUDDY!! Thank you!! ^_^

  18. Bee says:

    J Mo said in her twitter feed at one point that she was returning. This doesn’t seem like scoop to me.

    • Blackbird says:

      She said she would like to return. It wasn’t a done deal though. She didn’t know for sure she would be back.

  19. ksenija says:

    yay, i’m so happy!

  20. Until now, I’m still hoping Cuddy would appear even for 1 minute. She’s one of the biggest character in House for 7 years and it would be sad if she’s not in the finale

  21. Winslow says:

    For those that find it hard to believe that Cuddy wouldn’t comeback for a funeral, well as much as she loved_____, she probably truly fears being around House – what he did was beyond the pale. He put her and her child in jeopardy and he is damaged and toxic. Yeah she is probably in therapy and no self respecting therapist would recommend her ever being in the same place as House ever again.

    • Dani says:

      Actually what you said about the therapist is wrong. Depending on the patient, and with someone as strong as Cuddy, they’d recommend that she did face him, especially as she didn’t have the luxury of seeing him at Court. Knowing why somebody did something helps victims a lot too.

      • Gillian says:

        What you say makes sense, but maybe Wilson’s funeral wouldn’t be the best moment for Cuddy to face House for the first time after he crashed his car into her house?

        • Dani says:

          She’d still go IMHO, even if it meant blanking House for the time being. I imagine he’d be petrified of her anyway.

    • ebowers says:

      I don’t know Winslow …
      I would think she could feel safe with a Smith and Wesson 45 in her hand bag. HA..I love Cuddy but really her character was DESTROYED by TPTB. The fact that she and Wilson were friends at one point and she doesn’t return to say GOODBYE or even just to check on him.
      SO!!!!!! A BIG F/U to the writers and the TPTB. At this point they should bring back M Titter,Moriarity,Lucas,the Mormon from season 3,the two doctors that Foreman and Chase picked in season 7,the gay nurse from season 6,all the patients from season 1-8,Vogler from season 1

  22. Cindy says:

    Awwww…That make me very,very happy! Great news…missed her on the show, glad they asked her to come back for a cameo. :D

  23. Andy says:

    So when are you announcing that Cuddy is back as well now Ausiello?
    No matter what haters say, she belongs there. I miss Cuddy. She would make me watch the finale.

  24. DanieGermany says:

    Good Lord, now even Cameron is coming back and still no word about Cuddy’s return ?! Well, I’m still very optimistic that she also will return, since she was one of the 3 main characters of this great show. Otherwise the Finale won’t make any sense to me…

    • Sally says:

      Get over it, Cuddy is not more important than the team. I can see why you were deluded into thinking that, but no, the only main person in this show is House, and maybe Wilson.

      • Christa says:

        Cuddy was important! After House and next to Wilson she was the third!

        • @christa says:

          It is kind of childish to make a list who was the most important in Houses life. Are we in kindergarden? They were all from Wilson,cuddy,cameron,stacy aso. a part of Houses family and life and had an impact or define him in one or the other way. There is no hierachie, it is ridiculous.

          • Cuddy's lawyer says:

            You are false!Seriously you don’t know the power of House-Wilson-Cuddy holy trinity? :(

          • Liz says:

            @Cuddy’s lawyer: Holy trinity?! LMAO You should get that checked, maybe a psychiatrist can help you.

  25. D says:

    Please tell me that when she returns she brings a baby that’s hers and Chase’s! Please, please, please!!!!!!!

    • Liz says:

      Please, tell me that this is not going to happen, I’ll puke my guts out from the awfulness of this ugly fangirl-fantasy.

  26. maam says:

    I´d rather have Cuddy than Cameron but i´m ok with this.

  27. I have a feeling they are doing a little misdirection and it will be House that dies. They will be setting it up for a new series this fall called “House Whisperer” with Jennifer Love Hewitt where she has to go around to hospitals and convince people that she can see a ghost that knows what is wrong with them.

  28. Lou says:

    So happy about this! The finale would have been fine without her, and I do believe that. But the fact that they got her back is just a real nice ending to a great series. I am a big cameron fan! (I hope she is in her suit and vest not scrubs though ;))

  29. Steven Leitner says:

    At least she had time to film the appearance after filming for Once Upon a Time ended.

  30. phoebe101 says:


  31. Alli says:

    While I would love for both Cuddy and Cameron to appear, at least we get one of the two.

  32. Isabella McFarlin says:

    I thought this would happen. Don’t give up on Lisa Edelstein, either. You never know.
    I hope either she and “Chase” get back together or that this prompts him to finally get it to happen with Adams… they’d make a great couple and he’d finally be rich!

  33. Gillian says:

    I was never a big Cameron fan, but she was an important character for this series, so she deserves to be in the finale (especially since Kutner and Masters are also back).
    Too bad Cuddy won’t return tho.

    • Maria says:

      I hated Cameron and I don’t particularly like Jennifer Morrison. I wanted them to ask her to come back and for her to tell them to go f*ck themselves. A$$holes deserve that much. They treated both her and Lisa Edelstein in way that one should only treat Shore and Yaitanes.

      • @ Maria says:

        And yet all you LE fans keep crying and want her back on the show.
        Make up your minds already or move on with her.
        She was also the first one to quit when NBCI wouldn’t meet her outrageous demands for money & screen time & billing.

        Jennifer Morrison on the other hand was cut off. whenever you like her or not she is a Classy person.

        • Maria says:

          Whoever told you that I want her back? I want the same thing I wanted for Jennifer Morrison. Except I have faith in her that she would actually do it. :P
          Do you have any inside information as to what exactly she asked for? Or are you just making s**t up? Because there’s nothing pointing as to what she wanted and didn’t get. All we know was that she refused to have both her salary and the number of episodes reduced. There’s nothing outrageous about that.
          Going back to people who kicked you out like the did her doesn’t make you classy. It makes you an idiot, sorry to say… If only for that stupid-a$$ “we’re totes going to a spa together soon, lol” comment, she should have given them the finger.

          • @Maria says:

            “If only for that stupid-a$$ “we’re totes going to a spa together soon, lol” comment, she should have given them the finger.”

            Haha probably he should but on the otherwise she can thank the House-the show,DS,HL a big deal that she is the sort of famous,rich and gets jobs she wouldn`t get without said House-experience. House was her breakthrough and she allways acknowledged it what it meant for her & her career. HL & DS may be A$$es but so is the buisness. It is tough and a bonafide-hit like House doesn`t happen very often on TV. I`m aware that bad things happen on this show, especially for Jen but i allways admired her strength, gracious honesty & all over classiness to deal with the situation. At the end of the day no matter what, House opened her several doors to several projects she did and is doing now and “the finger” you mentioned to the H-producers would be simply inappropriate. She is back, i´m pretty sure, it gives her as much closure to Cameron as for the fans and i´m just happy.

            P.s i`m pretty sure it confirms that Cuddy will be back too,if LE wants to of course.

  34. Linderella says:

    Does it look like Cameron is wearing a hospital gown? Maybe everybody DOES die…

  35. Lyns says:

    Why is everyone coming back but Lisa Edelstein? I really want her to come back even if it for a minute. I like that Jennifer is coming back she’s alot better than 13! But I need Cuddy :(

  36. irishgirl29 says:

    Cameron leaving was the main reason I stopped watching after 6 years – I recently started watching again because it was so close to the end. I am so happy that Cameron will be in the finale!

  37. Dani says:

    Things are all very last minute. They were supposed to have finished filming last week, but then there was a super secret scene being filmed yesterday. Lots of scrambling at the end…

  38. Paige says:

    I was never a fan of Cameron, but JM seems lovely and I love her on Once Upon a Time. Plus, the way her character was dropped was really unfair so I’m cool with her coming back. I wonder if she’ll get to speak with Chase.

  39. lukax says:

    Well, maybe Cuddy IS coming back? Morrison said once, that it’s to late for her to come back for season finale, and now it looks like she and the writers just hide this. Maybe the same trick goes to cuddy? We think she isn’t coming back, and in the series finale she is in the first scene? well, I hope not…

  40. bad kevin says:

    Finally, Cameron’s back for the House series finale. To quote WWE superstar Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! :-)

  41. Saint Alicia says:

    Finally, a meaningful character reappearance! Glad Cam’s returning, though, like others have said, if Cuddy is missing it’ll be the biggest insult of all.
    Dragging back every cast member except LE smacks of vindictiveness on the part of DS, like he’s hell bent on denying the actress/her character/the viewers closure.

    • rubytu says:

      Yes, it’s an insult to the viewers. Suddenly it’s as if she never existed, right? Did we just forget about her? Or how big of a part she played in House’s life? Like a character as solid as Cuddy could be replaced by a cute little muppet.

    • Ckm says:

      Dragging everyone back? Jennifer (& ABC) had every right to refuse if they didn’t want to be involved. Its nice that they both said yes, & ABC could accommodate Jennifer being able to film for House. And how do you know LE didn’t say no? She said no to showing up at the cast wrap party.

      • D says:

        JMo, OW and GY didn’t turn up to the wrap party either. In fact it was fairly badly attended by the crew full stop. No need to single LE out there.

        • ra says:

          Jen, Olivia & Greg had work commitments to their other projects they couldn’t skip. Lisa isn’t working right now.

          • Karen says:

            How do you know Lisa isn’t working right now? Are you her agent or something? People really need to think before commenting.

          • @ Karen says:

            And how you? hm ……….it’s been almost a year since her little part on The good wife. and still there its not news about her.

          • Karen says:

            Umm if you know anything about TV…pilots take months to come about and movies aren’t made in a day. Not saying Lisa E is doing a pilot or move, or anything, but yeah that could be something under wraps along w/the fact that she does countless charity work and has other commitments. Again, ppl assume she is just sitting around twiddling her thumbs. Look at how long it took JMo to get another fulltime gig? Does that mean JMo was out working at Mickey D’s until then? Geez.

          • @Karen says:

            “Look at how long it took JMo to get another fulltime gig? Does that mean JMo was out working at Mickey D’s until then? Geez.” Jen was after House allways employed somehow, Broadway, Movies,HIMYM and then Once (her fulltime gig). All these projects were announced very early or at the time the shooting happened. I haven`t heard anything about LE recently. She didn`t found a job during the new pilot season-casting and a new movie with her wasn`t announced. I don`t know what she is doing now, sorry.

          • chloe says:

            ^^ Oh honey don’t waste your breath and time with Karen,
            She seems to be wearing her LE fan blind goggles to see what is the true.
            Don’t you know that…. their always have to be right no matter what.
            Even if you show the proved in their faces.

          • Please! says:

            And so does Lisa. There’s the Charity gig that she’s gearing up to next month along with the project she’s been working on from the ground up for a while now that’s due to be announced at the end of May. You don’t just snap your fingers and things happen over night- it amazes me that people think that. JMo slipped into other roles quicker because she currently only wants to act. LE wants to go back to writing and start producing which is a seriously long-drawn out task. Just because she’s not on-screen it doesn’t mean she’s sat on her ass, twiddling her thumbs. I imagine waiting until House is over is deliberate too.

          • fol says:

            If LE was working on a new pilot or project it would have been announced the minute the project got off the ground. That’s the way LA works. The only thing LE is doing is swanning around with her boyfriend after that awful Lifetime movie tanked.

          • Val says:

            It really amaze me how this people trying to find excuses , Like they are her agents or managers. When the facts are showing us something different. That its why the want her so badly back on house………Because in reality they can’t see her or find news about her anywhere.
            But nice try anyway.

  42. Jerri says:

    Hmm it’s Wilson’s funeral, everyone comes for that, and they all get killed in some freak accident?

  43. JT says:

    This is definitely good news! Only a couple more people to go… Cuddy & Amber… to make it a proper finale.

  44. Angelique says:

    THANK YOU for the most awesome news of the day, really. You probably can’t understand how happy I am after reading this!

  45. Ivan says:

    Nor House, nor Wilson will die. The name of the episode is to mislead…

    • Brit says:

      That would be par for the course. Perhaps it means facing one’s mortality, and ending patterns of self-destructive behavior because life’s too short. OTOH, at this point in the series I’d be very surprised if House actually learns a life lesson AND makes a permanent change. TPTB don’t seem willing to ever let the poor guy actually grow up.

  46. Kate says:

    Hooray sooo happy :) is it too much to ask for a hameron ending?!

  47. That great! I haven’t watched the series since early S6, but I loved the first three seasons, and Cameron was one of my favorites. I thought it would be weird for them to wrap the series without her being in the finale. She was one of the original team!

  48. Pepper says:

    Why ruin the ending? Why? It was enough suffering through the first three seasons.
    (I LOVE JM but Cameron is a cringe-worthy bitca.)