Glee Recap: Houston, We Have Teenage Problems

heather morrisCall me cynical, but I’m not 100 percent certain that a group of kids who were only four years old when Whitney Houston released 1998’s My Love Is Your Love (aka the CD that spawned her last couple of iconic singles) would spend two months mourning the late, great diva at their locker-shrines.

That said, sometimes (or all times) one watches Glee, one needs to send one’s inner cynic out for a cocktail (or three), then sit back and enjoy the show. Which is exactly the approach I took to this week’s “Dance With Somebody,” a festive hour of fantastic musical numbers and occasionally dubious story arcs that actually included this doozy of a line of dialogue: “When I’m with you, I don’t care what God says about sins of the flesh.” (I’d insert an eye roll there, but like I said, my inner cynic is down the block and extending happy hour.)

Of course, if you were too busy trying to mentally will Blaine into unbuttoning his top button already, let me break down the episode’s key plot points:

* Kurt and Blaine have a blowout fight | See what happens when you let your boyfriend go to Twin Sheets on his own to look for sheet music for his NYADA audition? Kurt bumped into Chandler, a fellow senior from a different high school, who admired Porcelain’s hippo-head brooch at a time when Klaine was suffering from “Lesbian Bed Death” (aka no unscheduled makeout sessions for a month). Flirtatious texting ensued — loved Rachel’s assessment: “I guess it’s not that innocent” — including the so-punny-it’s-not-even-funny “I’m pretty sure you were Cleopatra in a past life. You’ve got a great asp.” (Ewww.) Cut to Blaine discovering the text thread. Cut to a long-overdue war of words. (Blaine: “I transfered schools to be with you!” Kurt: “You’re the Alpha gay! Even Rachel wanted to make out with you!”) And then some music therapy: Blaine working out his anger with “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay,” and Kurt asking for forgiveness with “I Have Nothing.” Good thing Emma slipped that “Saying Sorry With a Song” pamphlet back under her desk organizer, since Blaine got to express his fears that Kurt’s impending graduation means he’s about to lose “the love of his life.” I’m not one to say you should necessarily end up with your high-school sweetheart without considering a world of post-graduate alternatives, but maybe these crazy kids can make it after all?

* Schue and Emma hire a wedding planner | Well, actually, it was Will who hired Mr. Lavender (that’s Luh-VEN-der to you) and wanted to push the wedding date up to May — the better to make sure his New Directions kids wouldn’t have an excuse not to attend. And while I loved seeing Emma step up and bring a mature perspective to the situation — the joy of teaching means new students and new challenges and joys every year — I’m not sure her future hubby gets it. As Santana so bluntly put it, dude shouldn’t be putting his baggage on his students, y’know?

* Quinn and Joe work out | No, I’m not talking in the LMFAO sense of the term, but rather, I mean to say that Joe decided to help his Bible-loving friend as she attempted to overcome her paralysis. Lo and behold, though, all that stretching and table work brought a stiffness to parts of Joe’s anatomy, too. (Yikes!) Joe turned to Sam to try to figure out how to merge his carnal cravings with his religious upbringing, while Quinn was forced to set aside her idea that no one could find her attractive. Only a few future episodes will let us know how far this thing will go.

* In other news, Santana and Rachel decided to use their final 42 days of high school to be friends — and musical partners in crime (they do sound good together); Mike O’Malley (love him!) returned for a touching Kurt-Burt scene; and Beiste remained missing (boo!) as did Rory (yay!).

Anyhow, now that we’ve covered all the pertinent plot details, let’s review the best quotes from the episode:

“I’ll let you hold one of my dreads for luck.” –Joe, trying to get Quinn to let him accompany her to physical therapy

“Joe’s really pretty, but I heard she doesn’t shave her armpits.” –Brittany on Quinn’s new crush

“Cheetahs have the fastest land speed of any living animal.” –Brittany, responding to Blaine’s dedication that his song was for anyone who’d ever been “cheetah’d” on

“Green is for humidity-controlled storage to keep in mint condition and sell as memorabilia after I get famous.” –Kurt, labeling his various possessions for when he heads off to college

“You and me, we’ve been doing this dance for over a decade. You know, Starsky and gay Hutch.” –Burt, sharing a tender moment with his son

“I was 9. Who knew paella was gonna be so complicated?” –Kurt, looking back at an early cooking catastrophe

“I have OCD. I throw awat a broom after I’ve used it once, and you think I’m gonna get married at a campground?” –Emma, rejecting Schue’s latest idea for a wedding locale

And now, let’s get on to the grades for this week’s musical numbers:

“How Will I Know,” Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, and Rachel Four of New Directions’ most powerful voices stripped almost bare — with just some hand claps for coverage — breathing new life into a delectable slice of ’80s pop. Loved the harmonies and loved the glammed-up looks for the fab four once they hit the auditorium, too. One of the show’s best ever musical performances? Hell to the yes. Grade: A+

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” Brittany and Santana What can I say, I’m a sucker for a divalicious dance remix? Plus, the choreography was pretty stellar, no? Grade: B+

“Saving All My Love for You,” Quinn and Joe I’m not quite sure this song choice — about a single woman pining for a married man — would’ve been my first choice for this odd couple to explore their bubbling feelings. Then again, maybe it’s supposed to be about fighting their carnal cravings while staying true to God? Pretty enough vocal, though, I guess? Grade: B

“So Emotional,” Rachel and Santana I’m not sure this quite matched Whitney’s underrated original, but gosh darn it, the frenemies-turned-mutual admirers sure came close, no? (Bonus points for Rachel’s kicky red dress!) Grade: A-

“It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” Blaine Agree or disagree all you want, but I say Darren Criss is usually a pretty charismatic performer. That said, I’m not always completely sold on his acting, and the “pained/angry” faces through the duration of this Whtiney dancefloor classic kinda ruined things for me, as did the ridiculous dialogue leading into the performance. Kurt: “It’s okay!” Blaine: “It’s not right, but it’s okay.” Gack. Grade: C+

“I Have Nothing,” Kurt Oooh damn, those high notes were high. But there’s a reason Chris Colfer is Emmy nominated, and he drove it home with a potent, emotional vocal here. Grade: A-

“My Love Is Your Love,” Artie, Mercedes, and New Directions
Hey look, it’s all those cast members who haven’t really had story arcs for six months, performing alongside those who have, in a sweet if not entirely memorable non-mandatory rehearsal ditty! Grade: B+

And now it’s your turn, hit the comments with your thoughts on “Dance With Somebody.” And for all my TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Carrie says:

    Why does Kurt get away with everything???!?

    • Melissa says:

      Uh. Are we watching the same show?

      • really? says:

        What are you watching. Kurt is never the enemy and PS his song sucked. I can’t stand his voice and he is a self pitying character who is a hypocrite. He would be the first to be pissed if the same situation happened and he was on the other side.

    • Peter says:

      Amen. Kurt is almost untouchable here. As much as Blaine is the “alpha gay”, he’s also the dormant one.

    • Joe says:

      If Rachel did what Kurt did to Blaine people would be hating on Rachel but you know Kurt is a saint he can do no wrong.

      • yosh says:

        no one was complaining when Blaine did the same thing to Kurt with Sebastian ;3 and everyone looked down on Kurt in the episode. so what are you even talking about

        • really? says:

          Was this before or after Kurt claimed to have more issues than a girl who had a teenage baby, or who said pretty much because he’s gay that his life is harder and more important than anyone else’s? Blain got hell for it, but Kurt is always the victim right? He’s emmy nominated because he plays a gay victim, not because he’s an amazing singer or actor.

          • yosh says:

            “He’s emmy nominated because he plays a gay victim, not because he’s an amazing singer or actor” Sorry, couldn’t take your comment seriously after that ;3 nice try though.

          • really? says:

            Oh well Yosh, if you don’t like it, but can’t refute it then run…good talk.

          • liza says:

            Kurt didn’t claim to have more issues than Quinn in On my Way. He meant in a way, where when Quinn had a baby people still loved her, but when Karofsky tried to kill himself some people still hated him and wanted him to die. No one wanted Quinn to die. And it’s not that he claims to have more issues. Being bullied and hated by your peers and yourself is completely different than having a baby. I’m not going to say either is more worse, because I have experienced neither. but it’s a completely opposite issue. Kurt didn’t claim to have more issues. People still loved Quinn after they found out she had a baby. Not the same with Karofsky.

            You guys are taking this in the completely wrong spectrum. No one is saying that what Kurt did isn’t wrong. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people that would defend Rachel if she did the same thing as Kurt.

            One thing Chris Colfer won and was nominated for Golden Globe and two emmys because of his acting. NOT because of his the gay rights cause.

  2. A says:

    Will just gets creepier with every episode. First of all staring at them in secret every time they sing and the fact that his only friends are high school students. And don’t get me started on the fact that he wants to rap at his wedding. WTF.

    • Owen says:

      Okay, its about time to put a moratorium on “Mr Shu is creepy” statements. He is involved and sentimental and knows full well these kids aren’t his “friends” in the actual aspect. But he does love them and they love him. I’m getting tired of all this anti-Shu shiz. If only teachers were as involved with their students.

      • A says:

        I understand that he cares for them and over the years there have been relationships built among them, its just the way they portray it in my opinion like certain things he does and says that are a bit creepy and sometimes inappropriate like the fact that he asked Finn to be his best man.

        • songbyrd86 says:

          well…he was there for finn when finn thought he was quinn’s baby’s daddy and they’ve been through a lot together. I know a lot of people aren’t friends with their teachers, but I’ve actually considered some of my high school teachers more of friends than people my own age. It’s not as weird as it sounds and I think that they’ve never gone creepy with his relationships with his students – even finn. Now if you want a bad student-teacher relationship…..SHELBY AND PUCK.

        • Chelsea says:

          I think it is important to mention that Schu is not just their teacher, he is their coach. It is a bit different. I never did show choir, but I played varsity sports and I was really tight with my coaches. Glee has terrible writing in general and Schu should probably have some adult friends, but I don’t think it is inappropriate. These are his first team members to graduate, so it would be emotional. My basketball coach cried at our end of the year banquet saying goodbye to the seniors and I wasn’t creeped out.

          Also, is there a petition I can sign somewhere to put an end to the auto-tuning tragedies that have become this show? Seriously, “I Want to Know” was amazing because they let the voices sound like they came from actual humans. If I want to hear pop vocals run through a computer I can listen to any song on the radio, I kind of hoped that a show about Show Choir would have stripped down arrangements and real vocals. This show continues to disappoint in that regard. Please, please, please give me more arrangements like “I Want to Know”. What is the point of finding talented and unique sounding singers to make them sound like everyone else?

      • Annie says:

        THANK YOU. God I’ve read about forty of these “it’s creeeeeepy” comments today, including those by several recappers, and I’m over it. Clearly he’s not into them in a creepy, illegal, or psychotic way. That’s obvious to anyone who’s watched the show consistently. The show itself simplifies emotional relationships to a certain degree across the board. It’s like melodrama, when conflict is sort of boiled down to its essence. Schuester’s affection for the kids runs deep because of the fact they’ve all been one solid, yet underdog team against the rest of the much more socially powerful McKinley High world. Were this real life, sure, it’s creeptastic. But it isn’t, and one has to take the show on its own terms. And when you do that, asserting any creepy intentions or impact here is just silly.

      • yosh says:

        this. well said.

      • Ann says:

        There are teachers that are just involved and dedicated to their students. Those teachers are behind bars for unappropriate relationships with their students…

        • Moryssa says:

          When I was a junior in high school, I was in a small class for AP Chemistry– there were only 5 of us in the class, compared to the normal 25-30 that are in a class. We all became very close with one another and with the teacher who was in charge of the class. We all considered her more of a friend than just a teacher. When we went to prom, we stopped by her house to let her see us in our fancy duds… we went to visit her and her husband for a few hours and to drop off a Christmas present for them on Christmas Eve. None of us felt it was creepy or inappropriate. Mr. Schu isn’t this close with his normal students– the ones in his Spanish classes. But he’s created a bond with the kids that he’s mentored for 4 years as the whole group has learned to have confidence in themselves and in one another. I do agree that he should have “adult” friends, but at the same time, we really haven’t seen any of the OTHER adults in the show interacting with non-students. What kind of friends does Emma have? Sue? Coach Biest?

  3. Gabriela says:

    Well after this episode I realized that the only continuity that Glee has it’s doing bad episodes. Seriously, the writing can’t get any worse.

  4. Resse says:

    I loved this episode! Blaine and Kurt tackled an issue that all the Glee couples (minus Finn and Rachel) should think about: what happens after graduation? I thought the argument was reasonable on both sides and I find it ironic how Blaine worries about outside interference while they attend the same school, well, what does he think is going to happen when Kurt is miles away in another state with more dreamy potential partners. The Santana/Rachel scene was nice and I would like the idea of Santana hitchhiking it to New York too, even though I’m not a huge fan of her character. How Will I Know is probably the only song I will purchase from the episode because it was different and Whitney’s original versions were light years better than the other Glee covers. Nevertheless, I think Whitney would be proud. R.I.P

  5. yep says:

    Sorry Glee, Not buying into the episode tonight. The only song I cared for was Kurt’s. Whitney Houston was my contemporary. I listened to rock and pop mainly, Whitney. I’m ready for bed it was soooooo boring. I’m the first one to defend Glee but this seemed thrown together and I’m not buying into the Quinn/Joe SL. Kurt and Blaine SL was rather bland. Don’t get any vibe about it or for it. Sorry Glee I rate it a D. That’s as Good As It Gets-like the movie name. Not going to waste time on criticism because it is not worth it.

    • Fred says:

      Kurt’s solo was horrible! My ears bled! Okay, I’m a little biased because I adore the original but seriously his voice didn’t fit the song and they had to change the key. And he couldn’t hit the high notes. I’m confused as to how people think Chris and Darren have any romantic chemistry, everything between them felt awkward not genuine.

      • yep says:

        Yes, Fred I agree with you. I don’t get the Blaine/Kurt chemistry either. Thusly, why the story line is bland because so are they. As for the music, honestly, I didn’t really like any of the songs. Kurt’s was the most tolerable. They just cannot touch the artistry of Whitney. They slowed down some songs too slow for me-How is Your Love. Acapella sucks to this song. Others Sped up too fast to be a dance type number for them. Did not like So Emotional at all-I love Rachel and Santana’s vocals but not tonight on this song.

      • Kara says:

        Um, actually no, they didn’t change the key and forced Chris to sing it in the same key Whitney used, he said so himself in a recent interview. Had they actually lowered the key a bit, he probably would have been able to do a better job of it. Glee really shouldn’t have touched Whitney’s music in the first place, imho, but for RIB, money rules.

      • JJ says:

        I thought Kurt’s solo was beautiful, and I heard it was in the original key.
        Chris and Darren do not have any romantic chemistry because Darren Criss is incapable of showing emotion beyond angst and happy go lucky in any scene. The only thing Darren Criss is capable of flirting with is the camera. Klaine is a boring relationship because they have paired their award winning actor with one of the weakest actors on the show.

        • yep says:

          That is against so many who think is so wonderful. The Glee super biggies just love him and are banking on his popularity for season 4. Sorry, but the star of the New Directions season 4 needs to shine in the acting department allso-which he cannot IMO. He is such a show stopper when performing but when the director says action he miss-fires. I’m not a fan of Blaine and no story line will save his character because he is so anteceptic to any scenario of a story line.

        • Veronica says:

          THIS *applauds*

        • yosh says:

          this is delicious.

    • yep says:

      Have to add to my own comment-I will not purchase any of the songs because they cannot hold a candle to Whitney’s versions. I cannot stand acapella-thought it sucked. Kurt’s song was the only one worth listening to. So there is my comment. Big disappointment. Music too. I usually say love Glee’s music but not tonight. I definitely did not like story lines. Lame ducks. Sorry, positive comments went down the comode.

      • karenb says:

        Agree with you yep. They did butcher the Whitney songs. Besides all that-the kids voices sound so unrecognizable to me lately. I thought they sounded weird on this episode and last week’s episode. Are they auto-tuned now? I’ve always loved the kids voices, not sure what is happening now.

        • yep says:

          Yep, you are so right. Their vocals altered to otherworldly sounds. The only one or two distinctive enough to hear and detect who they belong to are Mercedes and Rachel.

      • Jared says:

        Obviously you people know nothing about real music, because the a Capella version of HWIK was one of the best performances the show has done ever. (actual music critics and other musicians are saying so as well) And you’ve obviously never heard Whitney’s a Capella version either, cause her’s is stunning as well!

        And as for not wanting to purchase any of these songs because u thought only Kurts song was done well?! Kurt’s song was actually the worst of the bunch tonight.

        And it’s not about “who does it better, Whitney or Glee”. It’s about showing support for BOTH of these artists. Which is why people would come on these message boards in the first place, because you “like/support” them. Not hate on them?!

      • Emily says:

        You can’t stand a capella? That’s a shame. Thankfully (and I don’t mean that offensively), not everyone is like you, because I think the world could always do with a little more a capella. It’s music at its purest.

      • Lily says:

        Agree with you when it comes to the songs in this episode EXCEPT for the almost a-cappella ” How will I know” … that was genius…. The rest , sorry…

    • Lily says:

      I like the Blaine Kurt storyline a lot… when they burst the bubble of their romantic honeymoon days… This is the first time I was interested in the Klaine storyline… sometimes I have the feeling that the Glee writers are reading too much fan comments on website like TVline etc. lots of the complaints uttered by Blaine and Kurt, i have read in the TVline and other message boards… About Kurt being too selfasorbed with himself and Blaine not being romantic enough to Kurt…

      • yosh says:

        This was their storyline
        ‘But blaine you did the same thing with sebastian..’
        ‘…sigh ill never leave you blaine (because 12 yr olds would riot and destroy the earth if we broke up) ‘
        How can that be taken seriously…

  6. Nicole says:

    Wasn’t it “Between the sheets” for the music store?

  7. Jenny says:

    This show every week gets me more frustrated, yet I can’t turn away. Tired of the tribute episodes where the forcing the songs to have more meaning than they do. I did think It’s Not Right Fit and How Will I Know was great. Other than that didn’t really care for the songs because it just felt forced.

  8. Adam says:

    I was confused that Quinn was able to feel Joe’s “anatomy” rubbing against her leg and not be surprised that she has feeling in her legs. What are the conditions of her paralysis, anyways?

  9. Anna says:

    A tribute episode to a famous singer that just died? Talk about a desperate and tasteless attempt to gain higher ratings! Really classy Glee!

  10. Jase says:

    Why are Quinn and Joe becoming a couple? One she’s a senior gone in MAY! and he is a SOPHOMORE! I’m just going to admit that I am a bitter “Quick” fan! A small part of me hoped they could work it out this season but I guess not. *siiiiigh* Oh well. I didn’t like all the techno remixes to some of the songs and it baffles me as to why Mercedes didn’t have a solo–I didn’t want Mercedes (as she wails/yells to much) to sing the whole episode but “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” would have been perfect for her. Glee gives Rachel/Lea, their best singer on the show, and Santana/Naya possibly their best harmonizer, So Emotional as a duet? Wtf. I was looking forward to ‘When You Believe’ for them or better yet ‘Count On Me’ (which would have been PERFECT for ND to sing). Oh. and Mr. Schue is a creep. Glee should be realistic and have at least one couple (preferable more) break up after graduation! Its highschool, it happens. But they don’t want to piss off the ignorant fandom.

    • songbyrd86 says:

      OOOOO I agree with When You Believe for the two of them to sing together. Would have been AWESOME and very nearly perfect. *Sigh* I’m disappointed now that they didn’t do that one. :(

    • Ace says:

      Her and Joe gross me out…I am a Quick person too, but I would understand if they want to go their separate ways after graduation. I was hoping for a nice Puck and Quinn moment, maybe a duet before they graduated, since we’ve never seen any, but instead they’re trying to throw together a story line for their Glee Project winner that is a pointless story line since she’s graduating, and that’s sad for us original Glee fans. I thought they were going back to the awesomeness of Season One, the season that made them the success they were, but with every ridiculous story line they come up with takes them further away and that just bums me out. RIP Glee…I was a fan, but I’m probably done after this season. Shame though…

  11. Arthur says:

    I think you missed a great quote from the evening: “It looks weird if a person only has tan hands!”

  12. Craig says:

    Loved this episode, angst and all – Darren has never been better and their scene in Emma’s office was very touching.

    • Chelsea says:

      completely agree! Darren was great tonight and def. showed all the haters he can be more than just a jukebox.

      • stittsyk says:

        So is Michael Slezak a hater? Because he didn’t exactly praise Darren’s acting in his review up top there. I know we all see things differently, but IMO Darren is one of the poorest actors on the show, and tonight just cemented that further, especially compared to Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley. Blaine in that office scene was painful, and so was his solo. God, the faces he makes…

        • Melissa says:

          Agreed. I physically winced when Darren was “emoting” during his scene w/ Chris and Jayma. Good actor he is not.

          • JJ says:

            I agree with you Melissa. Darren over emotes every time he is onscreen. It doesn’t look natural at all. It looks like he’s doing expressions he learned in Television Facial Expressions 101 in college. Usually his expressions come across as constipation more than anything else.

          • marnie says:

            He’s doing expressions he learned in the theater.

        • Bill says:

          Well, you’re welcome to your opinions but so is everyone. Slezak isn’t the be all and end all of acting reviews, and he frequently takes a bias against Darren in reviews. *shrug* He did a fine job. The scene with Blaine and Kurt when Blaine confronts him about the texting, as well as the office scene, were great. He and Chris has brilliant chemistry.

          • Olivia says:

            If we all entitle to our own opinion, how come we are instantly haters when we criticize Darren’s acting?

          • songbyrd86 says:

            @ Olivia – you can be a hater and still entitled to your own opinion ;) j/k

          • JJ says:

            @Olivia, I guess you didn’t get the memo that Darren Criss is god’s gift to TV and he pees lemonade and poops godiva chocolate, and he walks on water and his voice makes the angels cry and we all have to love and admire and adore him. I ripped my copy of the memo up because I think that Darren is a mediocre actor at best, and mediocre singer who sounds good when they give him a song in his range, but is weak if the press him outside his very limited range. He gets way more screen time than someone with his talent level should get. He should be performing about as often as Puck or Tina. He is not anywhere near as talented as Chris, Lea, Cory, or Naya, and it’s ridiculous that the producers of this show cater to the Blarren stans at the expense of the rest of the cast. More and more, people are speaking out against Darren and Blaine, and hopefully the producers will listen and fix what they broke on the show. I don’t care if Darren stays on the show, but he should be in a drastically reduced role more appropriate for someone with his talent level.

        • holla says:

          I like Darren as a performer and no, I agree that he’s not a very good actor, but I think he has stepped it up lately. I liked him in Big Brother and in this last episode, I think he did a good job; acting, I mean. I didn’t like It’s Not Right very much either, though. But I really like most of his performances. And I do think he has chemistry with Chris. Also, Slezak, we know you like Criss just fine, don’t play coy. The haters don’t know where you live.

          • Sarah says:

            If anything the Big Brother episode to me highlighted all of Darren Criss’s worst habits as an actor. Put in a position where he was paired with the fantastic Matt Bomer, his severely limited range was exposed. I know he is insanely popular but for the life of me I dont understand why glee has turned this into The Blaine Anderson Show. He seems to Have the most screen time of anyone this season and he is awful. To me Cory and Matthew Morrison are victims of terrible writing most of the time but enough is enough with Darren criss.

          • holla says:

            I think he did just fine. And yes, Bomer was great, but he’s no Anthony Hopkins, people need to take it down a notch. I can’t see how the Blaine character angers so many people this much, but it may be time for all of those to follow through with their constant threads of not watching any more because next season is going to be called Blee. Just saying.

          • holla says:


          • Sam says:

            Glee is beset by the problem that it has so many poor actors. They have recruited people based on their singing ability but utlimately these storylines fall down when the lines are delivered so poorly. The best actors on the show: Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera HAVE to be followed for the show to have any hope for season 4 IMO. Ratings are circling the drain.

      • kitqt says:

        His faces during his solo were as usual ridiculous and plain stupid. And the scene with Emma in the office started out fine, but really kind of highlighted how little emotional resonance he can pull off with his acting when he had to try for something realistic.

    • Peter says:

      This. FTW. Haters gonna hate. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Blaine, I wouldn’t be watching this show.

      • munster says:

        lol with the haters” and “hating”. do you all carry around your talking points so you can give all the same answers to honest to god real criticism – at this point i don’t even consider it subjective to evaluate his performance as bad. it’s a fact! any acting teacher (the same teachers who where supposed to have taught to at least not be mediocre in a scene) would say that wasn’t a decent performance.

        take out the stan glasses and face the truth. i’ll give you charismatic and decent singer. tv actor? bad…very bad

    • munster says:

      are you kidding me? i have never laughed so hard watching glee. It started out decent but when he started getting “emotional”..let’s just say that “laughable” is not the strongest word, maybe mediocre or even painful

    • Emily says:

      Odd, I cringed a lot less at Darren Criss’ facial expressions in this episode than I usually do. I thought he did fine, might even go so far as to say he did better than usual. He doesn’t have a subtle face to begin with, which I think is probably the problem (at least I prefer his acting over Damian McGinty’s, who I’m fairly sure never changes his face) and I think he toned it down enough to support rather than distract from the drama. As for the song, my problem with “It’s Not Right” was the staging. That was a weird one.

      • lillytorkelsdotter says:

        This. I’m not a fan of Blaine/Darren, but I think this was his best performance yet. For the first time since we were first introduced to Blaine in season two, I actually felt sympathetic towards him. That being said, he still gets way too much screen time for someone so relatively new to the show and so relatively untalented – please give us more of the original characters!

        • Patty says:

          I agree! I loved his performance, I do think that he overacts sometimes, but this performance needed the acting. I loved him in black! They should improve his wardrope!!! Although I was not a fan of Kurt´s song, I wish he would get more songs!

    • Lily says:

      I am not a Blaine fan but I loved him in Emma’s office and in Kurt’s bedroom ! That was great !

    • JayK says:

      I agree! Scrolling through the comments just now I remembered why I stopped reading them before. Everyone is always so negative about everything. I adore Darren Criss, I bought everything he was selling. I do dislike Quinn’s post-accident storyline but I can skip through those scenes when I rewatch.

    • truth says:

      “Darren was never better”….Well that isn’t a very high bar. Guy is mediocre.

  13. Anna says:

    Doing a tribute episode to a foes singer that just died? Talk about a desperate and tasteless attempt to improve your ratings! Really classy Glee, congratulations! Whitney is rolling in her grave

  14. ali says:

    Rest in Peace Rachel Barbra Berry and Lucy Quinn Fabray. Also does anyone else notice how extremely sexiest Glee is?

    • Jane says:

      Sexist? At this point it’s not sexist anymore, it’s blatantly misogynistic. Every week I want to punch the writers. It’s THAT offensive. Rachel and Quinn, well, I fell in love with them because they were strong, driven and their flaws were endearing. Now I pity them. And that makes me RAGE. RIP Rachel, RIP Quinn, RIP Santana too. *patiently waiting for Britt to be wrecked*

  15. Emma says:

    The name of the music store was DEFINITELY “Between The Sheets” :)

  16. Ian says:

    I just wanted to die for Blarren this whole episode. Not as a fan, because I ain’t one, but his acting was the most unnatural and unbelievable I’ve ever seen of him the entire way through except there at the end by the lockers with Kurt. He just can’t do upset and emotional, but all the fangirls will have seen were the shiny puppydog eyes and will have heard that Klaine is safe.
    INRBIO was painfully cringey with the face-pulling and sass, and believe it or not, the vocal sucked as well. The whole Glee club looking scandalized from Blaine to Kurt and then joining in and singing along anyway was classic though.
    And while Chandler was very sweet, and I know it’s not about looks … seriously. Boy was not a threat. Kurt’s just a diva and flattery goes a loooong way with him apparently, but not that far. If Blaine had seen the guy, he would have laughed and just been smug about being ‘the hot alpha one’ and there wouldn’t have been a problem. Chris Colfer is elegantly gorgeous. Are we supposed to just go with Kurt only ever being noticed by (other) queens? Where the hell is Dave?
    The Klaine A-story this episode was driven along so clunkily and OTT.

    The saving graces were the “How Will I Know” performance, the Kurt/Burt scene, and Emma.

    • Lily says:

      I think Blaine was overreacting because he was in a vulnerable and inferior position.. He was going to be left behind… I guess Kurt was also sending flirty SMS’s back to this Chandler guyAnd if you think that a few flirty SMS’s cannot do any damage… .Once a girl almost committed suicide because her boyfriend sent a flirty sms to her good female friend.

      • yosh says:

        but when Kurt found out that Blaine and Seb were talking/texting/meeting up in person, kurt was just like ‘how often do you talk to this guy?’ the end.

        • really? says:

          Do you watch the same show as everyone else? He acted like a self absorbed crybaby who continued to be jealous. You obviously just love Kurt regardless of his “victim” attitude.

          • liza says:

            Are we going off of self-absorbed because of the episode? because if we are, then it’s ‘normal’ to want your boyfriend to spend time with you. That’s how Blaine and Kurt act. They try to be together. And their relationship is serious. It’s not being self absorbed to want your boyfriend to spend time with you. He was jealous for a good reason. And never on screen did Kurt cry because of Sebastian. Blaine was purposefully being distant. He even admitted his mistakes. Kurt’s “victim attitude” is justified in a lot of cases. Bring up some actual evidence and then we can discuss.

  17. dd says:

    Blaine’s tantrums need to just go away. He is such a hypocrite and Kurt needs to live his life. A relationship is EQUAL…not one way, and that’s the ony way Blaine will have it. Annoying. Augh. Kurt, sweetie, been there, JUST MOVE ON.

    Also this friend Kurt made after said friend’s attempted suicide 3 months ago? Where is he? :(

  18. Jo says:

    Loved the Kurt and Blaine storyline. Both boys did wrong things but they love each other. I loved Kurts song so much!

  19. Annie says:

    I beg to differ. Although these kids were a mere 4 years old when Whitney Houston became popular doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have the same or, at least, similar feelings to those who were teenagers or young adults at the time. What music do people listen to as children? The same music their parents listen to. Every time my mom and I were in the car we listened to 50’s rock n roll because that’s what she grew up on. Finn, Rachel, and the rest of the Glee gang could easily have been rocking out to “I wanna love somebody” in their car seats. Also, one of my friends took the death of Michael Jackson very hard and after that she listened to his albums nonstop for months. Her love of MJ stemmed from her mom, just as mine has for The Beach Boys ( which I might add I will be devastated when they all die off).

    • Angela says:

      Agreed, my parents played so much music from the ’60s and ’70s when I was a kid, so I’ve grown up knowing and loving it. It’s not THAT unusual for younger people to like older music.
      No, I’m not talking in the LMFAO sense of the term
      Thanks, now that song’s stuck in my head. And the Cleopatra/asp line…ohhhhhhh…*Puts head in hands*.
      I quite loved “How Will I Know”, that was probably the best number of the whole show. “Saving All My Love…” and “My Love is Your Love” were probably my other top picks-I just quite like those songs :).
      While I was interested in the whole thing of Kurt and Blaine actually having disagreements over something and fighting, I must agree, I thought the whole argument was kinda forced-what they fought over wasn’t, people fight over texts all the time and I think the whole “you’re going away and I’ll miss you” thing was touching, too-but the way it was written was kinda clumsy. And the song choice for Blaine’s anger was good, but it came off as a bit of an overreaction. But again, that’s more the fault of the storyline than anything else.
      Also, I loved Brittany’s cheetah line. That is all.

    • DeeDee says:

      I totally agree! Did you see all of the Whitney tributes on youtube after she died? They were from people (singers) of ALL ages. And so many of today’s young singers listed her as one of their inspirations, Amber Riley (Mercedes) included. As into music as these characters are, and as emotionally out of wack ANY teenager can be, it is totally believable that they would react to her death this way.

  20. AJ says:

    The music store was called Between the Sheets, not twin sheets. LOL.

  21. jenna says:

    More Chandler please! So cute.

    • stittsyk says:

      I agree, and I loved that somebody actually flirted with Kurt for a change, with real interest. God, please let boring Klaine break up next season, and show Kurt going out with some real hotties that appreciate him for all the wonderful things he is.

  22. Christina says:

    The only description I can come up for Kurt’s solo is ear splitting. That song didn’t fit him at all.

  23. I am NOT buying this Quinn thing with that new guy. It’s like the writers just want to make Quinn look pathetic. “Oh nobody’s ever going to find me attractive because I’m a poor little girl in a wheelchair”.. I yelled C’MON! at the tv when she said that. She is a lot better than that. And while I can’t stand Blaine I felt kinda bad for him this episode. I guess I understand what he meant when he said he was trying to get used to not being around with someone he cared about.

    I’ve been on the rock with Glee since last season… every time I say that I’m done with this show something always brings me back. Last season I decided to come back when I heard Idina Menzel got an arc… then when Sam came back… At the end of this episode I said I was done.. until I saw Rachel singing “Don’t Rain on my Parade”… That remains in my opinion the best performance of Rachel Berry. Maybe they’ll go back to the roots of season one this time and I’ll stick around for season 4.

    • Emily says:

      Case in point: My friend only watches Glee with me sporadically. The conversation tonight went like this: “Why is Quinn in a wheelchair?” “She was in a car crash.” “Oh. She still looks really pretty.” Unattractive, hah! But I get how she’d feel she’s a burden or inferior. It’s the attempt to explore it that counts, I suppose.

  24. AJ says:

    When Quinn felt Joe’s “bulge” on her thigh, isn’t that a sign she is starting to regain feeling below her waist. I thought for sure in the middle of their conversation after, she was going to realize and be like, “OMG, I felt it! I really felt it!”

    • Amy says:

      I think she felt his “bulge” with her hands when she wrapped her hands around her leg. I have a feeling Quinn’s going to be permanently paralyzed and Joe will show her that she can still find love/be attractive no matter what.

    • aunt_deen says:

      She said in her first episode back that she was starting to regain some feeling. And, judging by her facial expression, I think she reached her hand downward in reaction to feeling Joe against her leg.

  25. ashley says:

    Totally thought the same thing when I heard Joe and Quinn sing… But also pretty glad they didn’t bust out with “The Greatest Love”

  26. Heather says:

    Why are the glee writers so afraid to make Blaine even remotely interesting? The other guys have human faults but for some reason the writers are so determined to make him perfect. He’s always in the right. Everyone loves him. It’s BORING! Why couldn’t He be the cheater? Is it because the writers want the audience to see a gay character that’s ideal? Are we all to strive to be like him?

    • stittsyk says:

      I know. When Sebastian first showed up, Blaine knew Sebastian was coming on to him right away, but still met up with him at the coffee shop, because he was flattered by the attention (being the attention-whore he is, one of his few consistent characteristics). He was talking on the phone with Sebastian behind Kurt’s back, including giving away ND’s set list, and never got called out on it. He didn’t even say anything when Sebastian insulted his boyfriend, right in front of him. But, no, Blaine is always perfect, the “right” kind of gay, and the best singer/dancer/whatever in ND. I liked Blaine in the beginning, but now I despise him, and his 423,585 solos. He’s a large part of what has ruined Glee for me, but the writers seem to get off on kissing his ass. Who knows.

  27. CreativeJuan says:

    No one has mentioned Sugar!!!!

    • Tess says:

      Yeah, two weeks in a row that both she and Rory have been absent. Did they drop out of New Directions or are they just not going to class altogether…or did Rory get shipped back to Ireland while we weren’t looking and he took Sugar with him…? I mean, if they’re not going to be around anymore the least the show could do is mention why they’re not there.

    • him says:

      becasue she is a minor character. she is great background but not needed.

  28. KHS says:

    I loves this episode! I’m not a big Whitney fan–I’ve heard all of her popular songs but I never really followed her. Anyway I thought the performances were fantastic this week. The first acapella peformance literally gave me chills! I also loved the choreography in the 2nd performance–Heather Morris is a ridiculous dancer. One of my favorite little moments was the knowing look Rachel gave when Quinn and the new guy sang the line about making love. So funny. I also liked the fact that Kurt and Blaine had a tift. They were almost TOO perfect. And a fight over texting is extremely realistic in today’s world. I bought it and enjoyed it. I also got a leeeetle teary eyed at the end of this episode during the group number. I just can’t figure out how this season is going to end….
    Anyway–loved the episode!
    Ps Slezak: I recently read your recaps of Smash. You’re extremely gentle when reviewing that show. I could knit-pick the hell of of that show, revealing all kinds of cynicism. Kind of funny how you review Glee verse Smash…

  29. Etta says:

    Blaine and Kurt are suppose to be this amazing couple but when they ‘got back together’, they HUGGED and didn’t KISS? WTH, Glee?

    • gelo says:

      Because this is glee and his double standard. Sigh.

    • Christina says:

      Totally agree with you. I mean there supposed to be a teenage couple not someone whose been in a relationship for 50 years. They never kiss and hardly ever together not to mention the affection. I’ve seen more chemistry in a dog chasing a cat then these two

    • Syl says:

      Not saying this isn’t exactly a double standard, because I know it’s a real problem. However, I can’t think of any high school student who would kiss right in front of a guidance counselor at school. That would have been strange and unrealistic for me.

    • yosh says:

      lesbian bed death still in affect :33

  30. jenna says:

    Can someone tell me who wrote tonight’s episode? Also, I didn’t catch the name of the actor playing Chandler. Funny, he didnt match the original description of the character. Maybe he impressed them so much he hired him anyway.

  31. tues says:

    I did NOT like Kurt’s solo. They should have had Mercedes sing it. Mercedes and Artie should sing together more often. Love them together. Also Mr. Shue is not creepy. Have we become used to so many teachers not giving a crap about it’s students, that when they do, people think it’s creepy? There’s a line between caring and creepy. It’s not like he’s showing up at their houses.

    • yosh says:

      i love mr shue, he was actually my favorite character in season one. i hate what the writers have done to his character this season, from apparently not knowing spanish, to asking Finn to be his best man. they ruined his character and they are making him creepy. i still like to think that he just really cares about his students, and i get really offended when people say he is a creep, but he cant help the way he his being written u.u

  32. angry_gleek says:

    Kurt and Blaine didn’t kiss?? If they was FiINCHEL they’d shove their tongues bown the other ones throat.

    • strepsi says:

      I have to agree. When they were in counseling, my hubby said “OK, that was a hug moment”. But when they made up and decided to attend Glee practise, my hubby goes “Now THAT’S a kiss moment!” Even a quick kiss on the lips would have sealed the deal.

      That said, I liked the episode! It’s calling out the countdown and I liked seeing Kurt get a solo again

      I loved the lesbionic “I Wanna Dance” version, hell I’m gay and even I was looking at the cheerleader with the blonde pixie haircut!

    • yosh says:

      if dey was ggrrrrlll dey wuld totz be lip smackin mmmhm!

  33. Marina Lopez says:

    I was soooooooooo disappointed with this show tonight. And I’m usually not the one to sit and say bad things about Glee, because all in all I’ve really enjoyed it (including the shoving of Finchel every five seconds down my throat). But this, this was bad. I mean, really bad. The writing was inconsistent. The song arrangements were horrible. The best part of the night was HWIK and that’s because Amber’s voice makes up for the entire thing. She should have had at least most (if not all of the solos). She is the only one, who I feel, can do Whitney any kind of justice. I love Heather Morris to pieces, but she should not have been allowed to breathe near, let alone sing, a Whitney song. Her dancing was amazing though. Chris Colfer BUTCHERED IHN. An entire song in FALSETTO…ugh! My ears nearly bled to death. I am a huge Blaine/Darren stan, but his version of Not Right was awful!

    And really, Mercedes has said for THREE YEARS that Whitney was one of her biggest idols (she even said it last week too), but now Rachel AND Kurt are bigger fans than Mercedes???? Also Sam and Mercedes had a big moment last episode, and now they barely even look at each other, after that psuedo type argument they had early on. Now this is what I mean about the inconsistent writing.

    This show needs to step up big time, before there is no Season 5…

  34. chris says:

    I actually enjoyed this episode. I thought every song was covered well, except didnt enjoy I want to dance with somebody. But over-all i thought it was a great episode.i also like how they begun the episode with How will i know.

  35. Carmichael says:

    No to Quinn and Joe. And before anyone jumps down my throat and calls me a Quinn/Rachel shipper, I’m not. The only character I hate more than Rachel Is Jenny Schecter. I don’t care who Quinn’s with, so long as it’s not Joe, Sam, or Rachel.

    • quinnsabitch says:

      I feel sorry for people who don’t get Rachel. To bad for you.

      After how Quinn has treated her partners she’d be lucky to even get anyone. Cheats, lies, calls them loser and dumb.

  36. beth says:

    I liked this episode. Glee should turn into Klee and be all about Darren and Chris (with some Lea and Cory every now and then – but Bomer would def become a regular) and yes, I don’t care the former is not a good actor, I love him. I’d be my favorite show. I’m not even being sarcastic right now.

  37. Larry says:

    Anyone who criticizes Darren Criss’ acting after tonight’s episode needs a paradigm shift. You need to re-think where your opinion. Sometimes bias needs a re-boot. Darren absolutely nailed the hurt that Blaine would have felt and the look in his eyes was heartbreaking. On top of that, “it’s Not Right”… was one of the hottest and best performances of the night.
    Chris Colfer sang “I have nothing in the original key, and for a man to sing that song in that key is incredible and it was beautiful and perfectly placed in the story.

    Boy, the haters are out in force tonight… This comment feed is a perfect example of what is wrong with posting anonymous opinions.

    • Chelsea says:

      I love when people make comments that make sense! example ^^^^. I love Darren and I will admit that his acting can be over exaggerated at times, but tonight he was amazing and you can’t deny that (or at least give him some credit). Totally agree that the look in his eyes was heartbreaking.

    • kitqt says:

      I’m give him that he was competent at times, but really, all you need to do is look at the scene between Kurt/Burt and Kurt/Blaine in the office and realize the difference. Darren cannot emote, and it’s very obvious. And if all you got from his solo is that it was…’hot’… then you’re probably not really going to be unbiased yourself.

      • dan says:

        a seasoned actor with kurt or darren whos starting out who do u think will look better it was a solid episode and thats all that needs to be said

        • kitqt says:

          Hardly. Scenes work between two actors or not. Darren has never really believably interacted with another, I mean in comparison, he floundered with Matt and Grant when he was given scenes just by himself. When he was giving his whole supposed emotional speech to Kurt in Emma’s office, it was really just one long sentence with zero emotions in it. I mean, he tried, but it just wasn’t there.

    • blarren says:

      I’ll criticize, he is not very good. It is like the same mopey face for every emotion. Plus his song was bad.

    • yosh says:

      I think you need to re-think where your sentence structure. Also, the only part of the episode that Darren absolutely nailed was ‘I only use lotion on my hands! it looks weird if a person just has TANNED.. HANDS!’. I’ll admit, I luled.

  38. Lisa says:

    I also find it hard to believe the kids would be that invested in Whitney considering their ages. I was also insulted by Mercedes claim that Whitney had a hard life. Whitney Houston did not have a hard life! She was a beautiful girl with an amazing voice and an incredible career that paid extremely well. Her life was great! Her choices were bad and that does not constitute a hard life.

  39. Lisa says:

    Where is Simon Cowell when you need him? Glee needs someone to help them make better song choices because the picks this year have been terrible and I didn’t like tonight’s music at all!

    “How Will I Know” was boring and bland. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” had a decent choreography which is rare for Glee but the vocals were weak. “So Emotional,” was a huge disappointment! Lea Michele is one of a select few who can actually hit and hold the notes and they wasted her on a lightweight duet with Santana. This was made more painful because Naya doesn’t have the voice to sing Whitney.

    “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” was a waste of airtime and “I Have Nothing,”was an insult to Whitney. her version of the song had richness and depth to it but Kurt couldn’t pull it off and the song just didn’t work for him. “My Love Is Your Love,” was okay but not great.

    I used to download so much music from Glee but this year I’ve pulled maybe two songs because they are so bad.

  40. Steven says:

    I think all the hate posts have run off the people that actually like the show. Or maybe it’s a reviewer that also seems to dislike the show because it seems like every week it’s the same people (or hell, maybe it’s just a few people that log in with different names) bashing on every episode and nit picking every little thing. TV should be fun and enjoyable. If you don’t like a show why do you waste your time and continue to watch? Or even worse waste your time watching, then come here and waste more of your time to comment about how terrible the show was. Turn the channel and find something you enjoy… It’s not like there isn’t anything else on tv… And do a fracking real recap of the show, instead of an editorial.

    • A. M. says:

      “If you don’t like a show why do you waste your time and continue to watch? Or even worse waste your time watching, then come here and waste more of your time to comment about how terrible the show was.”

      I think it’s because people did start out loving the show and they invested a lot of time watching it for two seasons and now that it’s declining really badly, they’re rightfully disappointed and they want to vent. There’s also that little bit of hope that if enough people express similar opinions about where the show is going wrong, that people who monitor public opinion for the show may take note and pass along to TPTB that hey, this isn’t working.

      Darren Criss’ weak acting abilities and Blaine as an unlikeable character, for instance — enough people have expressed that opinion that it warrants consideration, imo. If he is what they’re pinning their hopes on for next season, they might want to re-think that. I’ve always tried to be positive about the show and trust the people in charge to make it work, but they’ve lost me. My sister used to be my Glee-watching buddy, but they lost her earlier this season. Tonight, I found myself wandering out of the room to do chores without waiting for the commercial break. When taking out the trash is more appealing than listening to Blaine whine about how mistreated he is and watching him mug for the camera, that’s a sure sign that the show has lost its charm.

      Whether the people in charge of Glee even WANT to make the show better or not, who knows? It’s so bad at this point that I wonder if they’re not purposefully sabotaging their own show for some reason.

      • SG says:

        @A.M – the thought crossed my mind too – that Ryan Murphy is so bored with Glee he doesn’t want it to last. I was a huge Gleek, went to the concert, bought the DVD’s etc and so I agree criticisms are about trying to get our voices heard. The inconsistencies, the style change between episodes and the over-promotion of Glee Project people and Darren Criss are just losing me. For me, the show’s decline began with the Warblers/Criss arrival and over-promotion. And like you, I lost my watching buddy. They aren’t homophobic but just got tired of so many gay/coming out/bullying stories. Perhaps they need a new showrunner, as Smash has done, to revive it. I am this close to stopping watching it which saddens me greatly.

  41. darcy's evil twin says:

    I turned on this program for the first time in a while last week. Is everyone on this show gay or handicapped now?

  42. Ana says:

    Ok, so Glee is not Shakespeare in the park. I don’t watch it for the great storylines because the writing is really subpar and the stories are contrived or senseless. And the acting is not stellar. I watch because of the music. I love to see Mike and Heather dance anything, anytime. I loved Brittany singing and I even liked the more techno version of I Wanna Dance with Somebody. ‘How will I Know’ is a perfect example of why I put up with all the horrific crap on this show. The hermonies were delicious. I have major respect for someone that can perform a capella. The voices are real and raw and cannot hide behind the instruments. As far as Blaine, I think he’s overexposed and overused but a favorite of the super gay creators so we’re stuck with him. That being said, I actually liked ‘It’s not Right’, mostly because of the choreography and how it was staged. It was very dramatic. But boy, does he overuse his face muscles. The one song that IMO was so bad I wanted to shut off the tv was Kurt’s. It was way too high and he did not do the song any justice. I wasn’t crazy about the last number either. I do not buy the Quinn/Joe romance. It’s too fast and it’s not organic. It feels forced. I like the way he sings but he is not a very good actor at all. And, can he do something about that hair already? He looks unkept. And for the millionth time: WHERE WAS TINA??? The episode was average but I enjoyed most of the music. At least there was very little Finn.

  43. dan says:

    get lives people the guy who writes this stuff every week is a giant ASP (get the referance) would these people get hired if they werent great. you have to admit darren is a better singer then cory, cory’s sound has been changed so many times over the years and not because hes gotten any better they just found a new button on the computer. now onto how much they use characters they use darren cause hes going to be the lead next year so thats why they push for him and artie alot because they have to there the only males left so deal. and as for facial expressions its there characters does anyone say anything about leas im better then you faces she does in every number did you see the opening number. im not saying this to hate on the actors on the show im saying it to show everyone has faults. if all you can do every week is bitch and complain then stop watching it done and done ur just being disrespectful

    • Angela says:

      would these people get hired if they werent great.

      People can get hired for all sorts of reasons. Just because you’re hired to do something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because you’re actually good at what you do.
      I don’t think that necessarily applies to this show, myself, I’m talking more in a general sense, but I’m just saying…

  44. Amy says:

    I really liked the joe/quinn friendship. Maybe Quinn needs a guy that is willing to just be there for her and listen as opposed to all the sex/ drama of the last few years. Their duet was my favorite. I also wonder if joe is a little older than the typical sophomore due to homeschooling situation. Also I hate that rory and sugar are both gone with no explanation! Simply mention rory is sick or sugar is in Vegas or whatever. Something

  45. Cortney says:

    My dad: So Quinn’s in a wheelchair and falling for a Jesus-loving hippie with dreadlocks?
    Me: Sounds like a badly written fanfic, doesn’t it?

  46. Jane says:

    I guess that Glee’s only continuity lies in the mediocre writing. Oh man, who am I kidding: the poor, poor writing. And the destruction of female characters.

    Joe/Quinn > Barfing. Barfing. And oh, sorry, barfing again. She’s a friggin’ SENIOR heading to Yale who said 6 episodes ago that she doesn’t want anchors and told Rachel that she should dump Finn, and just managed this year to come to terms with her teen mom/baby drama. He’s a SOPHOMORE Bible thumper virgin, with no shoes, and has a dirty octopus on his head. And they don’t even know each other FFS. How does any of that 1) makes sense; 2) is cute; 3) remotely looks like something Quinn Fabray would go for ??

    Klaine > omg it’s ridiculous, and Darren is really embarassing acting-wise. Klainers, get your sh*t together because if you think that it was good, you must have the lowest standards I’ve ever seen out of all the fandoms I’ve been in the past 15 years. The guy can sing if they give him something that fits his range (despite the fact that his faces are unbearable), but geez, he’s such a bad actor that you have to be f***ing blind if you can’t see that.

    Wemma > WHO. CARES. The 3 shippers and a half they have?

    Brittana > I didn’t like the arrangment and the auto-tune at all, and I say that as a Brittana shipper. They were cute but the song was disappointing. And what’s with all the shaking while filming? And this clusterf**k of a montage? 45s in and I feared that I was about to have a seizure.

    Pezberry > Nothing of value is gained, Santana had an epiphany (better late than never) and Rachel asking her to put the photo in her locker was out of nowhere. Also, where was BFF “I have 2 dads” Rachel when her heroic boyfriend outed Santana? Oh well, still good to see 2 girls having something that almost looks like a friendship on that show.

    Girls/Boys scenes > Of course, we have girls being futile as hell in the bathroom while the guys are deep and thoughtful in the locker room. OF. COURSE.

    Joe/Sam > Gross. Stupid. Nonsense. Just like with Quinn they know each other for what, 5 minutes? Please. Because they shared 2 lines and a song doesn’t mean they’re friends, let alone close enough to talk about that kind of stuff.

    Kurt/Burt > Touching.

    The songs: How Will I know was awesome, simple and really sober. YLIML was nice too, too bad that we don’t get to hear Artcedes singing more together. Dianna’s vocals on SAMLFY were really good, but this song was wrong on so many levels that I just can’t. I love Chris, but that song wasn’t for him. The Pezberry duet was too fast and even though their voices sound good together, it’s getting old now. Why not a Quinntana duet, or another Faberry one? Or something cracky like Sugar/Brittany? And don’t even get me started on the ridiculousness of the glee club being in the background of Blaine’s shiny music video, like they’re doing some serious song for starving kids in Africa. Also, a cover of a remix? In the “stupid music choices” department, this one takes the cake.

    Good point though: there was no on screen Finchel. Praise the Lord.

    This episode was one of the worst of this season (nothing will top IKAG ever), and as someone who was a teen in the 90’s and grew up with her music, what I watched tonight was borderline insulting. To her, and her fans. Besides, the very fact that this episode aired two months after she passed is tacky as hell. But it’s Glee.

    • dan says:

      stop watching the show if what u say is true it has horible writing and terrible acting then just shut it and find a new show cause it because of people like you that this show is declining in numbers for all the people that complain that the show is nothing like season 1 this is the closest it has gotten in so long and it was dam good joe and quinn wont date there good for each other there just learning life lessons and thats all quinn has ever needed from a guy and shes never gotten it and joe needs life info cause he was home schooled and if anyone is to talk to him about life its quinn. i promise you they wont date. as for blane this was a strong episode the storyline for him and kurt made great sense hes loosing him and kurts not noticing cause well its kurt and he pretty much just loves himself to much to notice what hes doing is wrong. all im trying to say is if u have nothing good to say then just dont

    • Sara says:

      I know hundreds of Will/Emma shippers actually.

  47. Jared says:

    This was one of the best Glee has done! No questions asked! The music was great, Whitney would be proud and honored!

  48. Not quite sure yet if I liked some of the storylines in this ep, but absolutely LOVED the version of”How Will I Know” :)

  49. jake says:

    i loved this show — see how great it is when story lines actually fit the music — the blaine cover and then the heartbreaking I have nothing — i’m not usually a fan of chris colfer’s singing but i was so incredibly moved by the song.