How I Met Your Mother Finale First Look: Lily Gives Birth and... Barney Meets His Bride?

How I Met Your Mother will deliver a super-sized season finale on May 14 (CBS, 8/7c) with the birth of Marshall and Lily’s child and the big reveal of Barney’s bride, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the momentous episode.

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Becki Newton returns for the second half of the hour, which finds Barney performing a magic trick. Might Quinn be the lucky lady getting hitched to the former bachelor? Or will the show pull a trick of its own and give fans of Barnman and Robin a happy ending?

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Ducky tie! I can’t wait.

  2. Jelly says:

    I think the real question revolves around the return of the Duckie Tie.

  3. hw216 says:

    The Ducky tie :O and MAYBE as a desperate Robin/Barney shipper I’m reading too much into this but in the third picture Barney has his hand on Robin’s back… clutching at straws? Yeah I thought so :p

    I love Becki Newton but Barney is just too soppy with her imo.

    • Rachel says:

      I noticed that, too! And I’m crossing my fingers…

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, I confess, first place my head went, too!

    • Em says:

      Guilty. Hand on back can be a friendly gesture, but not with your ex. I will cry if he isn’t marrying Robin.

      P.S. WTF is up with that ugly romper Robin is wearing? Did the costume department decide to hate Cobie this season?

      • Brigitte says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Especially since everyone else looks dressed for cool weather.

      • Ava says:

        Not just this season, last season too. Poor Robin, I thought now that she is on tv again they’d make an effort to dress her better but now. Still clashing patterns and mismatched colors and frumpy frocks. I too will cry if Barney doesn’t marry Robin. I have been trying to mentally prepare myself for disappointment just in case but I just can’t see Barney marrying anyone but Robin.

  4. CoryB says:

    Interesting that Marshall’s shirt says “Marshall and Steph 4-eva” guess that means they have a daughter…

    • hw216 says:

      Or a boy called Stephan but it wouldn’t fit :p

    • Christine says:

      I don’t think it has anything to do with whether they have a daughter (besides, I’m pretty sure they’ve already revealed the baby’s a boy). He’s worn the shirt before, I think it has something to do with an ex-girlfriend. Kind of weird to be wearing that shirt at the birth of his child with another woman, but maybe it’ll make sense when the episode airs.

    • Mememe says:

      Its not a girl. We find out in the episode where they all quit smoking, that “Marshall quits smoking the day his son was born.”

    • Ashley says:

      Nah, in Mystery vs. History they find out it’s a boy at the end, from the post-it note on Ted’s shoe.

      • 8daysmeg says:

        Actually we find out that the ultrasound said a boy. They are occasionally wrong (I know someone who thought they were having a girl and ended up with a boy at the hospital about a year ago). It doesn’t happen very often in real life but certainly a trick a TV show would use.

        • Ava says:

          These days it is very rare for an ultrasound to mistakenly be read as boy when it is actually a girl. It’s much more likely to misread as a girl than misread as a boy.

  5. I am curious about why Barney puts the ducky tie back on again, what’s up with Marshall’s t-shirt, and what Barney is doing with that metal box. I’m also still fairly certain the bride reveal is going to be Robin. The wedding doesn’t take place this season but most-likely at the end of next season. Makes perfect sense for Robin to be revealed. Only question I have is whether or not the two will reconcile by the end of the this finale, or if that story will bleed over into S8.

    • JBS says:

      If my memory serves me right, in episode 2 of this season (“The Naked Truth”) There’s a flash-forward to Barney and Marshall at a casino in Atlantic City. My guess is that they both got really drunk and hilarity ensued, hence the ducky tie and the t-shirt.
      I’m also thinking the bride will be Robin, but here’s how I’m hoping it’ll play out:
      1. The finale: Robin is revealed to be the bride
      2. Season 8 premiere: Barney and Robin get married.
      3. Course of season 8: The reconciliation between Robin and Barney and their reunion
      4. Season 8 finale: The wedding reception…where Ted meets the mother.
      But I’ll be the first to admit that your logic of the wedding at the end of season 8 not only will likely happen, but makes more logistical sense.

    • Dark Defender says:

      I believe the ducky tie has already been revealed as a slap bet.. to take a double or nothing slap off the table, Lily and Marshall bet Barney those slaps delted IF he wore the cuky tie for a whole year – which he cracked soom there after. and the Slaps are still in effect.

  6. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    What is up with the last picture? Who is Robin seeing on that bed? Am I the only curious about that?

  7. Marie says:

    Now maybe i’m clutching at straws too but this past weekend cobie and neil had a photoshoot in florence italy this weekend. Pictures of the photoshoot was twitted on twitter by neils boyfriend david burtka. Now I don’t if it’s just me but wouldn’t you think if barney was marrying quinn that maybe becki newton would be in photoshoot with neil instead of cobie. But it’s cobie so maybe we already have the answer to the mystery question.

  8. Aleana says:

    Can’t wait love this show

  9. susela says:

    Duh, I can’t believe it taken me this long to figure it out: it’s Barney’s wedding day, with Quinn, but they don’t make it down the aisle. It the reverse of Ted’s almost-wedding: Barney will leave Quinn standing at the altar.

  10. Oh, how much I hope Barney’s bride is Robin but I have this small feeling it isn’t! Prove my wrong HIMYM!! Wow, this episode is gonna be legendary! I have no clue what is going to happen( besides from Lily’s birth of course)! Can’t wait, this is the moment of truth we have all been waiting for!! :D

  11. Ivan says:

    Well, i am not into Barney/Robin relationship. Sincerely i do not see that chemistry that you all talk about. I hope the bride is not her and Barney should be always as his is now. It is not real life people, it can be all the same. He will not have a sad life if he continuos to be that fantastic womanizer that we love. After all, who wants to see him marriaged? The fun of his character is to be the way he is…
    I think Robin and Ted had much more chemistry.

    • Beth says:


    • rar says:

      If you’re opposed to character development, you are watching the wrong show. There are plenty of sitcoms without it, perhaps those (or watching HIMYM Season 1 on loop) would suit your tastes more.

      • anon says:

        Agreed, rar! Yes, it doesn’t “have” to be the same, but this person is obviously ignoring what’s actually happening on the show and where the writers have been taking the characters (especialy Barney) for literally YEARS.

        Honestly, when I see comments like this, it’s clear some viewers are in their own little worlds (or are only watching syndication re-runs and don’t understand the arch of the show).

  12. Beth says:

    I think I’m the only one who isn’t a fan of Barney and Robin. I just don’t see any chemistry with them. I love both characters individually just not together. Oh well. I do think they’ll end up together but it won’t ruin the show for me. Gotta find out who the damn mother is!! lol

    • JBS says:

      Trust me. You are not alone. Personally, I think Barney has more chemistry with Quinn & had more chemistry with Nora than he ever had with Robin. But as you said, a Barney-Robin wedding will NEVER ruin HIMYM.
      Now if the season finale can also include Ted meeting the mother, then that would just be fantastic :)

    • zoey says:

      I hate the idea of barney marrying robin! they have NO chemistry!!
      and Quinn is amazing and they seem like they have a really good relationship.
      and we already saw Robin and Barney together… it was a nightmare.

      • anon says:

        Someone explain what is so great about Quinn. Seriously. From what I’ve seen she:

        1) Insulted Barney and said he was incapable of love.
        2) Used Barney for his money and took his belongings.
        4) Told her friend that she hated Barney and was only interested in his money and his apartment.
        5) Rolled her eyes when she saw Barney at a cafe.
        6) Called his friends “monkeys.”
        7) Convinced Barney to be extra cruel to his friends.
        8) Is throwing her stripping in his face despite obviously knowing he’s jealous and seems to be manipulating her way towards a very, very, very premature marriage proposal
        9) Gave Lily horrible “moral support” by blathering meaninglessly about her manager when Lily came to her.
        10) Completely erases all of Barney’s previous development (finding his father, genuinely wanting to settle down, trying to be a better man, etc) by being an “agent of chaos” and focusing entirely on the physical aspects of the relationship.

        The only positives are that she’s reasonably witty, pretty, and good in bed. Those seem to be the only things Barney likes about her too, with emphasis on the latter.

        Oh and she may have bought Barney a trip to Hawaii, but again, we don’t even know if that’s real. And again, extremely superficial and physical, rather than a deep connection like the ones he had with Robin and even Nora.

        All of that is hardly a touchstone for a lasting relationship, especially when compared to the negatives. The only reason we know that Barney is “in love” with Quinn is because he keeps randomly saying it at the end of episodes. The writers only TELL us that he loves her, they have yet to SHOW it.

        • Katherine says:

          Thank you! This is exactly what I’ve thought – I will never understand why people like the idea of Quinn marrying Barney (I can understand liking them just as a fling, but not long term and certainly not marriage)

      • Sunny says:

        They DO have chemistry!
        Everybody likes different couples, some like B&R and some like B&Q. I like both, but I definitely prefer Barney and Robin! And I think, the most HIMYM-Fans do!

  13. Craig says:

    Please NO!!! Robin and Barney should never get married. They have no chemistry and Robin is too much of a free spirit to get married. It would be a horrible decision for that character.

    • rar says:

      agjkahwekgjhawkjgh. Robin WANTS to get married. She asked Ted to be her Best Man, she talks constantly about how she hates being single and hates being alone, and she recently accepted a marriage proposal. She just doesn’t want kids.

      • DL says:

        That she doesn’t want kids is exactly why I don’t want to see her and Barney get married. It’s made clear that Robin NEVER has children, not ever, and I think Barney is meant to be a dad. Otherwise what was all that development, with him finally meeting his own father, and later wanting to be bro-dads with Ted, about?

        • I don’t think Barney really wants to be a dad. When it came down to taking care of his niece, he had no idea what to do and handed her over to Lily, and he was just as happy as Robin when they found out she wasn’t pregnant. Besides which, given the choice between Robin and kids, I think he’d pick Robin.

          • rar says:

            Completely agreed. The development has more to do with settling down and finding happiness with one woman. He’s never talked (seriously) about having kids, but has talked A LOT about falling in love with the right girl. Barney is a sappy romantic at heart, but definitely not a traditional family man. If anything, him hooking up with Quinn proves the latter — she is definitely NOT a traditional woman and he’s thinking about settling with her long term. But she’s not the former and that’s where Robin, with all of her soul mate montage and perfect balance of sweet/non-traditional glory, comes in.

        • rar says:

          The bro-Dad thing was more of a reaction to not getting Robin. That’s why that episode was called “The Rebound Girl.” He didn’t really want a kid, he wanted something to get his mind off Robin…just like when someone has a regular rebound, it’s much more about the original guy/girl than it is the rebound.

  14. jess says:

    YAY! Barney and RobiN!!!!

    she just has to be the bride. soooooooo excited!!!

  15. Rachel says:

    I think Barney’s bride will be revealed as Robin. Barney and Robin fans deserve a big pay-off after all these years. Plus, Becki Newton who plays Quinn is the lead in a new show called “The Goodwin Games” on Fox for next season so I can’t see her being on that and HIMYM next year. Robin just makes the most sense for a lot of reasons. Barnman and Robin forever!

  16. Orlando says:


    I thought Ted and Robin had better chemistry. But I dont want them to get together. Robin and Barney are horrible together. Quinn is great for Barney. Barney genuinely loves her. I hope she is the wife and that writers dont confirm to these fans who want Robin/Barney to happen. If that happens I feel really bad for Ted. Because hes alone in the group.

    Idk… just ramblin on.

    • florence says:

      what are you talking about? Quinn and Barney are terrible together… I get that he truly cares about her and I swear I tried to get on board with their relationship, but she still looks like a roadblock in the Barney/Robin story line.

      • jess says:

        someone above put some really good reasons why barney and quinn are bad together. and it seems like he doesn’t even truly care about her — he’s probably just trying to move on from robin because he thinks they dont have a chanec since she rejected him for kumar.

        B/R FOREVER!

      • anon says:

        Yeah, agreed. They show just enough about her to make you think that she’s possibly a contender, but not nearly enough for anyone to actually get emotionally invested in her, except for those who are rabidly anti-B/R. (They are the ones who say Nora was perfect for Barney because “opposites attract!” but now say that Quinn is perfect for him because “they’re sooooo alike”)

        She’s just like Don, Kevin, and Nora before her; used to give the character some growth and give a reason why B/R aren’t together, but ultimately expendable in the long run.

        • anon says:

          And NO, Don was NEVER called Uncle Don. NEVER. You are misremembering.

          (Pre-empting the possibly inevitable, apologies.)

    • anon says:

      The story arc will only make sense if Ted meets the mother at Robin’s wedding. He opens the story by meeting her and says that that was the beginning of the puzzle forming together. Thus, Robin is KEY to him meeting the mother. By letting go of Robin and letting her be with her “One” (Barney, his friend who also met Robin at the same time he did), Ted will finally be ready for the love of his life.

      I honestly can’t think of any other way for the story to have a well thought out and satisfying conclusion.

      • Ava says:

        EXACTLY! Robin is a key player in meeting the mother. Why else would we start there? Also, am i the only one that absolutely LOVES that Lily and Marshall have the baby at the bar in that one shot? That kid is like 3 days old and already a regular and McLaren’s

    • Em says:

      Agreed – as I posted below, I think Barney and Robin had chemistry that first night they slept together, but it was pretty well established that a relationship between the two of them could never work out and burned out their little chemistry anyway (they made each other fat!! Hello!) However, I don’t think Quinn OR Nora is good enough for Barney either. Who said he even goes through with this wedding anyway!? It is BARNEY after all. It could just be some elaborate hoax to fool us all.

      • john says:

        It didn’t work out over TWO YEARS AGO. They have both changed and grown tremendously, especially over the past year. Again – character development. It has happened.

        And the writers have specifically said he goes through with the wedding and have never blatantly lied before.

  17. Sana says:

    Where is the mother?!?

  18. Em says:

    As a vehemently opposed Barney-Robin fan (love the characters, think they work so much better when they’re NOT together – I love Barney when he’s a manipulative womanizer, not in a sappy relationship!) I still fail to understand why people think Ted and Robin can’t end up together. As Marshall said about giving up his bet with Lily ‘Not yet….’ there is still hope for them! She might be called ‘Aunt Robin’, but the writers could EASILY in the last episode have Ted say something corny like “Well kids, I guess I never realised that I knew your mother all along…..” or some crap like that. Plus, it never ACTUALLY says that Robin doesn’t have kids. Take a closer look at that episode. All other instances of ‘seeing’ the mother could be explained in hilarious (and relatively un-plausible but still possible) flashbacks. Ted and Robin forever!!! haha

    • Tracie says:

      It’s never said in the show, but the writers have confirmed that Robin never has children, but she likes Ted’s kids.

    • gare says:

      Oh, for goodness sake!

      It was established in the VERY FIRST EPISODE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES that Robin is absolutely, 100%, no-holds-barred NOT the freakin’ mother!

      Adding to that, we know that Robin was NOT at the St. Patrick’s Day party, Robin was NOT in Ted’s econ class, we know Robin did NOT live with Cindy, and Robin will certainly not meet Ted for the first time at Barney’s wedding because she has known Ted since 2006.

      It is completely impossible for there to be a reasonable explanation for why she was there. Not “un-plausible” as you so eloquently put it — iIt is IMPOSSIBLE.

      You are delusional if you think ‘Aunt Robin’ is actually the mom. Straight up DELUSIONAL. You have a belief and a hope that is directly contradictory to overwhelming evidence.

      • gare says:

        And furthermore, it was ABSOLUTELY established that Robin NEVER EVER has kids. She does not become a surrogate, she does not adopt, she does not become a step-mom. SHE NEVER HAS KIDS. Again — it is IMPOSSIBLE that she is mother to those children in any way, shape, or form. So you can save all your “the mother is dead” theories.

        …Die-hard T/R shippers are exhausting.

      • Em says:

        Chill, dude, I’m hardly a die-hard T/R shipper. Lol had forgotten how insane television fans can get. I simply enjoy speculating on the writers’ thought processes when they write this show. Personally, I feel the show will end on a low if the mother is revealed to be just some old randomer we’ve never met before, or an old girlfriend Ted broke up with. Plus, the writers have obviously been thinking about this from the beginning, and the show was conceived with Ted and Robin in mind. I’m not a shipper – I won’t be disappointed if it’s not Robin – but I WILL be disappointed if the show doesn’t end with a big twist or ‘aha!’ moment that stuns us all.
        I haven’t ever read anywhere that the writers confirmed Robin never has kids – maybe I missed that, but all I know is the episode never actually says it. It could easily be explained in flashbacks that she WAS secretly at that party, secretly roomed with that girl when she got sick of Ted (or something equally ridiculous), and secretly was taking an economics class. I’m not saying it’s likely or plausible, I’m just not counting out any sort of twist for the ending. If it’s a simple ‘Ted meets a girl we’ve never seen before at Barney’s wedding, and we just have to blindly believe and be happy that THIS was the relationship that worked out even though none of his others did,’ I’ll be disappointed. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have enjoyed the show.

        Sure, my (casual!) speculation is ‘directly contradictory to overwhelming evidence’ – but that might be what makes it possible, if you see what I mean. The writers will want a memorable series finale, not a generic one. Agreed it’s a long-shot, but what I’m getting at is that I hope the writers do deliver a twist we weren’t expecting when it comes to the mother.

  19. sierralim91 says:

    For real, the bride has GOT to be Robin. They have been going back and forth ever since season 4, and now’s season 7. There’s no way the writers would drag Barney/Robin out this far if they had no actual plan for them to end up together. Everything that occurred in mid season 7 was also not completely resolved. So if it’s not Robin, it would be hugely disappointing – simply because everything they’ve built up thus far would be for nothing.

    • anon anon says:

      Exactly. They could have easily established that they never, ever get back together and end up happily as friends. They could have done it from the start (like with Ted), they could have done it after their break up, they could have done it when Barney met Nora, they could have done it in November. They had COUNTLESS opportunities.

      There is only one reason for all the suspense: That it will pay off.

  20. Amy says:

    I love that I love this show again! This has been a great season and I can’t wait to see how it ends. Holding out for Team Swarkles.

  21. B232B says:

    If Barney/Robin do get married, the only real thing that concerns me is that it will seem like Ted has to settle immediately after realizing that he no longer has a shot at the one he loves. Hopefully, the writers will be able to spin it in a way where it doesn’t seem like he is settling for the mother. Because building several seasons on a story of true love only to have it fall flat at the end would be a shame.

  22. larry says:

    so they build up this whole bride mystery drama since season 6 only for us to find out the girl barney is currently with is the bride.

    if that happens im done with this show.

  23. em says:

    I’m not really a fan of Barney and Robin together, but isn’t it a foregone conclusion by now? I mean, unless he gets divorced from Quinn, I don’t know how HIMYM writers could even write an endgame other than Barney/Robin with all the fans rooting for them and everything.

  24. Steve says:

    Anyone notice Marshall’s shirt in pic#7, who is Steph(anie,en). Possibly the name of there new born?

  25. grace says:

    barney and robin shouldnt be together! they suck!

  26. Ivan says:

    Welll, maybe, and this is a looonngg shot, Robin ISN’T the mother, for sure… but, maybe Ted, in the future, are not mariage anymore and back with Robin. It is not impossible. She is not the Mother, but she can be the stepmother. Ted has 2 kids with the mother and then, some day, the marriage is over… Back to Robin. I love this idea. I like them both better.
    And whem someone sad in one of those comments well above that i am not waching the show and ignoring de development of the Barney’s character, is the opposite. I notice where the writers are leading the chareter and I DO NOT LIKE IT. Just it. He is great the way he was in early seasons.

  27. John says:

    I think that Barney and Robin ending up together would be a mistake.
    IMO it shows no imagination from the writers. Here’s why I think so:

    Let’s take the Ross and Rachel romance from Friends

    Robin is Ross, Barney is Rachel, Quinn is *Rachel’s New Job In France*.
    (Bad example, but this is what comes in my mind, even though there is no “third wheel”)
    Two main characters end up together as we are approaching the end of the series… Veeery creative.. I have never heard of this.

    There was a time when I hoped Barney and Robin would end up together but it was obliterated by the other reason why it would be a mistake, I don’t think im the only one who thinks this, Barney left Nora for Robin, who then didn’t break up with Kevin, breaking Barney’s heart. And this was in my opinion even highlighted with the narrator Ted saying “…For Barney the second that would never end was this one” when Robin shook her head to him.

    It would be bad writing to then push them back together IMO, but as many have said before me, Robin/Barney wouldn’t spoil the whole show for me.

    • Sunny says:

      BUT the Racehl-and-Ross-thing was so awesome and cute! Maybe it’s boring and unrealistic, but it just was the perfect choice because almost every person sitting in front of the television was hoping that Rachel and Ross would end up together. And that’s the same thing with Barney and Robin. Maybe it’s uncreative, but it’s awesome!

  28. Jessibel says:

    Ok, does Quinn have any other shoes? In every single episode where she’s in non-stripper gear, she’s in those grey booties. Which I find hideous, but that’s just me.

  29. Super Blasto says:

    Who’s the guy in the last photo? Hope is not Don, can’t stand that little %$&*(*.

  30. murley says:

    i think that in the current day timeline (lily is having her baby) barney will propose to quinn. maybe the atlantic city trip has to do with that. but at the end of the episode it’s revealed his future bride is actually robin, meaning sometime between now and that future date, barney and quinn will break off their engagement and barney and robin will reunite. which will be the story for next season ending with the actual wedding and the mother reveal. that is my guess.

  31. Kpate says:

    Everyone who is saying Ted meeting someone new and her being the mother is a bad ending is retarted! That is the whole build up! Thats why we have been learning about the mother for 7 years, cause we are getting to know her through the adventure and we are seeing Ted grow and get ready to meet her. I really hope its not Robin cause she belongs with Barney. And the mother being dead would be such a depressing end to this series, like come on…And this whole journey we have been on was all for nothing thanks for watching :). My prediction is Robin is Barney’s Bride. Becky and Barney end in the final episode. And the last line of season 7 is and that is the story of how I met your mother :) (or that was the first time I saw your mother, they may do the umbrella blowing away after, during the actual wedding episode next season during the actual wedding episode idk). My guess is next season is getting to know the mother and learning the story of how Ted falls in love and proposes to her.

  32. Melissa says:

    I think Barney and Quinn are awesome together !!!
    I like Robin but i don’t like Barney&Robin as a couple.
    I hope that Barney choose Quinn :)

  33. Sunny says:

    Now the secret about Marshall’s t-shirt and the return of the ducky tie is revealed. :) wasn’t that spectacular. :/
    But I’m so curious about Barney’s wedding! I can’t wait to see it and find out his wife!
    Although I’m hoping it will be Robin it seems clear that she’s not… :(

  34. nd says:

    Steph is Marshall’s ex, he wears the shirt when he is mad at Lily.

    I like Barney and Robin, I agree with the arc presented in previous post. Season finale Monday!!

  35. Babar Suhail says:

    I think “we meet Barney’s bride” would be more appropriate :).

  36. Catecca says:

    You’re missing something very important! Robin isn’t Barney’s bride because we already know who robin’s future husband is! It’s that guy she was thinking while havig sex with Ted after he bought his red cowboy boots!

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