House Series Finale First Look: 'The End' Is Here

House fans, time’s running out for you faster than a Princeton-Plainsboro patient covered in boils and bleeding from the fingernails.

With less than a month to go before the long-running series’ finale, TVLine has your exclusive first look at the new key art hyping the May 21 event. In the Fox drama’s just-released image, a resigned-looking House holds his broken cane in front of his chest. The words “the end” float behind him.

Falls right in line with the final episode’s ominous title, doesn’t it?

What’s your diagnosis for the end of season eight? Hit the comments and tell us what you think about the stark new photo.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kine says:

    In my view,House will or die or incure his leg.Even maybe it’s about amputation,because his legs on that image are not shown

  2. Kine says:

    I hope season finale be unexpected and amazing

  3. tahina says:

    Since House is an extremist, yes pun intended, he, I think and hope, will decide to have his leg amputated. What or whom made take that decision? Interesting!

  4. Sam says:

    Photoshop really does wonders. That promo pic looks nothing like the disheveled vagrant in the vid below.
    Anyway, glad TVLine could squeeze another “article” out of this dying show (that pic definitely needed its own post); maybe once House is officially dead you guys can regain(?) some respectability…

  5. James says:

    13 dies that’s all

  6. Jules says:

    God, I’m gonna miss thoses promos/posters….after may21st…TV (specially monday nights) would never be the same…..
    And most of them, was conceived (idea) by HLaurie himself…a proof of his dedication to the series.
    …simply priceless!…

    • tripoli says:

      HLaurie is not a word. If you would like to refer to Hugh Laurie as H. Laurie, then do so. It`s far more appropriate than what you usually type.

  7. coastspy says:

    Maybe he has to follow thru with his promise to kill 13 and in return she tells him to amputate his leg to live a life without the constant pain.

    …well, we will see…

    I’m definitely dying to know what happens. Can’t wait!

    • Robert Stewart says:

      Amputation doesn’t remove the pain. Ask anyone who has had it done if you don’t believe it.

      • Annie says:

        Ugh. Such a misconception. SOME amputees experience phantom pain, which House has already cured once on this show (Wilson’s cranky downstairs neighbor). But not all, and it’s not generally exactly like any chronic or acute pain that preceded the amputation.

  8. dee says:

    You’d call the look on House’s face in that photo “resigned?” I’m not sure what it IS, but I know what it’s NOT, and that’s “resigned.”

  9. flo says:

    It will be awful to kill him off. He should ride off on his bike with STACY, his true love.

  10. Betsy Fisher says:

    All I can say is that I will miss this show more than any show I have ever watched.
    And I am an OLD fart!
    Live long and prosper, Gregory House …

  11. Dee says:

    It’s a reference to ‘The Tempest’. He’s giving up medicine and leaving PPTH, There’s probably a near death experience/fake death thrown in there somewhere too. It is, after all, House.

    • Sonja says:

      *rummaging around in the tiny Shakespeare section of my brain…* Nice idea, you could just be right about it :)

  12. D says:

    That cane’s a metaphor. Never mind House, with that many hookers it was bound to happen sooner or later. :(

    • Robert Stewart says:

      VDs. How many has he caught from all those hookers? How can he even do it since Vicodin would have ruined his ability to perform. Not even Viagra or Cialis could overcome that much Vicodin.

  13. love this show ..I’ll miss it especially Hugh Laurie one of the best actors ever passed from TV…. I wish somebody could make him stay and not retire ..He has so many things to show …. Whatever happened with ratings, fans, viewers ,plots etc H deserve our respect b/c an antihero make us see the life through his eyes… There are no happy ends in life ,in movies maybe but not in real life.. Are not all people good,polite and handsome but House proved that out there are many people similar to House and even worst …House was clear from the beginning ,he never pretend the good or someone else ..Congrats to all ..A big thank to DS ..I’ll miss this phenomenon

    • Joyous says:

      Ditto Julian. I’ve enjoyed this show more than any other … ever.

      • MISTI GEARY says:


      • i so agree with all the hard core house fans like myself it makes my mondays a lil more tolerable i love his character hes made me laugh,cry,and mad my son of 25 died a few yrs ago of lung cancer n it was his favorite show of all n we use to watch it together i so wish the show wud stay on but if they have to go then i shall do what i usually do n watch the reruns of the house clan on the cloo channel on satellite ch 198 i wish i cud watch the show with my son one more time*****KUDOS to ALL OF YOU on the show you have given me many memories

        • Looking on the Bright Side says:

          I am very sorry about the loss of your son; please accept my sincere condolences. I’m happy that this TV show gave you something the two of you could share, and something that gives you a happy memory of him. That’s the best reason in the world to love “House.”

  14. Cecelia says:

    House, using his brilliant diagnostic skills, finally finds out what a razor is for and shaves! The end.

  15. Dolcetti says:

    A hope House not will die! He just ends his career and goes to search Cuddy :D

    • @Dolcetti says:

      Keep dreaming never gonna happen and i think you’re confusing your soap opera with House. delusional much ?

      • Dolcetti says:

        You don’t want Cuddy’s back,so I hope you enjoy the newest soap-opera thread with the green card wife Dominika….. boffa

        • @ Dolcetti says:

          I enjoy the show for HOUSE only Period.
          I could care less about stupid ships, that was what ruined the show on the first place.

          But please don’t stop on my account and keep crying over your delusional romantic soap opera story that end ages ago and Never gonna happen again, It look like that’s all you really care about.

        • Se8 says:

          What soap opera? Domenika left him as well.
          The real soaps were the Huddies.

          • H says:

            You watched already The Fox 25 anniversary House video? just see and learn what is it really matter!

          • Dee says:

            Seriously why does two adults in a relationship automatically equate to a soap opera? What you’re saying is actually incredibly juvenile. I, for one, thought they could have done something really interesting with House and Cuddy, but they took the contrived and then offensive route. Sadly they’ve continued with it into this Season.

    • Robert Stewart says:

      Stalking as well as domestic violence. Great examples of his lack of ethics and morals and you want the show to continue?

  16. The A. says:

    It just f***ing breaks my heart that House is ending.I love this show! <3

  17. tiffany says:

    21 Vicodin hair length – YES! This must have been taken last summer.

  18. sven house says:

    he brakes his cane. he cured the leg 100 %

  19. Bman says:

    I think he will reveal that he was faking his leg pain all these years, for some twisted psychological reason. He’s faked a marriage, faked Wilson’s kid, and loves messing with people’s heads. The broken cane is a hint. ;)

    • Looking on the Bright Side says:

      Here’s an idea: maybe he ‘faked’ his leg pain because he’s a low-down, lying, conniving drug addict. Whaddaya think?

  20. Z says:

    Remember how House said when the time comes he will euthenize 13 to prevent her huntingtons from torturing her? Like she did for her brother? I think he will euthenize her and go back to jail for it.

    • Troostie says:

      I agree. I heard that 13 said on letterman that she is in the last show. He promised he would kill her in the end. Then back to prison he goes or he kills her and himself so he will not have to go back to prison.

    • D says:

      The euthanaizing 13 theory is really silly. It takes years for the Huntingdon’s to get to the point where somebody would want to be euthanized. The last time we saw her there would have been signs of it progressing and there was nothing.

  21. marlene says:

    House breaks his cane when he learns through the grapevine that Cuddy had his babyboy and he screams that ‘s The End!!!

    • Looking on the Bright Side says:

      If Cuddy gave birth to House’s child, she’d probably euthanize it. Or slap a dog collar on it and try to sell it on Craig’s List.

  22. We will me you Dr. House..Good luck!.<3

  23. Anna says:

    I know it is not going to be like this but I still hope that some how Cuddy comes back <3

  24. jman says:

    he wakes up in prison and the last season was a dream

  25. Tammy Hayes says:

    I can’t stand the thought of it ending. House is the guy you love to hate. On one hand you want to smack him and the other you want to hug him. And it is amazing how Hugh never lets his British accent out. Love the man and the show, I’m so sad. Tammy

  26. Helen says:

    I think House will end up with his “roommate” the Russian girl” why else would he throw away her green card. As for Dr. Wilson, I do hope he ends on a good note. Both House and Wilson made the whole show. Loved the beginning years with the original cast. I started to lose interest in the show when the new characters were introduced. However, “House” will be missed. What am I going to watch in that time slot :-(

  27. kacy says:

    i think that wilson is going to die, and it will somehow be houses fault. which will cause house to have to leave the hospital because he cant live with himself knowing that he killed his one and only true friend

  28. mike says:

    House kills 13 and 13 comes back from the dead and cuts off his leg,and they all live happily ever after……oh not 13

  29. Kathy Worsey says:

    Am really going to miss House, Don’t want it to end, hugh really played the character real good, to a T.
    Kathy Worsey

  30. Britta says:

    He dies of lupus.

  31. Karen Combs says:

    Man I didn’t know the series is ending, how come they get rid of all the good series just when it is really getting good. I really really really will miss this show. House is so madning at times with his attitude but at times you see the softer side of him, not for long but it’s there. This series is more true to life than a lot of others. I hope they do a lot of reruns. I would like to get copies of all the series so I can rewatch them all. R.I.P. House – You will be sorely missed. Please don’t go :(

    • O-Dog2gxi says:

      youll see him on album covers soon

    • Robert Stewart says:

      Whether or not the series was getting good, the viewers were not of the same mind. It has lost a lot of viewers over the last 4 seasons. It doesn’t matter how good a series is if the viewers aren’t there. There are plenty of great shows that ended because people stopped watching. Or, a bunch of great ones that started and were killed within 1-12 episodes before they had a chance to get started.

      The series is available on DVDs and probably rental/downloads. One of the smaller networks already reruns the old ones and it probably still will. They will probably do an all-in-one DVD series collection with a bunch of extras (staff outtakes, cut footage, etc.) running for about $99.99.

  32. wescobedo6 says:

    I believe I may have something tto do with wilson or cuddy..(assuming cuddy signs a one episode deal)

  33. gregory house says:

    it’s never lupus

  34. hitman says:

    kawasaki disease or maybe sarcoidosis or maybe autoimmune disease………
    NO you Idiots. Its Lupus!!!!!

  35. O-Dog2gxi says:

    Maybe some vikes were stashed in the cane

  36. Alice says:

    I love that show and wish it would not end love watching House it is my favorite show love you Hugh

  37. jklpre@yahoo.com says:

    He cures his addiction to pain medication and finds that the pain was never really there it was the withdrawls of the drug. And maybe him and cuddy will get back together it seemed in other shows he actually like her little girl and the child took to him as well. Two people whom are afraid to show they love.

    • Robert Stewart says:

      Only a fool would get back together with someone who tried to murder them and put their child at risk. Talk about DV. Surprised that NOW and other groups weren’t boycotting the show for this reason.

      • Valerie says:

        What do you expect of a cuddy / huddy fans. They are all delusional.
        First they hate the show and house for what he did to her, Also they keep talking trash about the show actors and producers, But now they want her back on the show ( that they “hate” and “swear” never watch again ) and them back together.
        Seriously when they are gonna make up their minds already? I mean this people can be such of hipocrite and attention seeker.

      • Kriszta says:

        He don’t want kill Cuddy! What do you not understand this?

  38. Johnny5 says:

    Really? Am I the only one that remembers the season’s early episodes? Things are finally going to fall ‘in place’ for house and then at the end, he is going to get killed by a hitman from sent from the White Supremacist from prison of which House screwed over by not delivering the ’20 Vicadion’.

    • Robert Stewart says:

      That’s funny in a way because I had the same thought about them. You don’t screw over a group like that without serious consequences. Hiring Yi to do it would be the obvious choice because no one would believe that group would hire a non-white to do the dirty deed. She frames Taub which is something that works with the current plot line developing between them.

  39. linda sawyer says:

    why would you take the best series on tv off the air

  40. Pat says:

    House is my all time favorite show..heck its the only thing I really watch anymore..really bums me out that it is ending :(

  41. Me says:

    Well, lets hope it IS ‘uplifting’ as I’m very ‘upset’ about the end of House :'( Loooove the show!

  42. laethyn says:

    personally, I think it means that house is broken. Period. Forevermore Gregory House becomes a broken man, just as the cane is forever broken.

  43. Me says:

    Hmm…perhaps he will euthanise 13 who knows… but I sort of hope this whole show from the beginning was just a bad dream or a vision into the future if he keeps the leg, in reality he wakes up in the hospital next to Stacy without a leg :)

  44. Dortha Rosenow says:

    Sure not been the same without Cuddy or any of the other regulars. These new ones are a little strange sometimes. Wish they could have stayed together till the end, or it might not have ended if they have stayed together. Wish they would bring all the regulars back for the final show in some way. kind of nostalgic. Guess thats why we watch reruns.

  45. Epicurious Erin says:

    Oh duh! The “C-word” could mean Cured, not cancer or commitment

  46. terryschlueter says:

    i can’t believe that you people are on here actually fighting over a t.v. show…wow ya’all must be really bored!!!!

  47. kh says:

    you can not take house off air it is the best show ever one tv i record every sshow even reruns.

  48. Mitch Fisher says:

    We’ll find out he’s been faking the leg injury the entire time as an excuse for close parking, drug addiction, and sympathy. Just another typical House social experiment to see if he could actually pull it off. Its all about the challenge.

  49. jhon says:

    Hugh el mejor actor de tv

  50. lola says:

    House is hallucinating from 7×15