Glee 'Dance With Somebody' Preview: Wedding Jitters, Blowout Fights, and Crazy-Good Music

The graduation countdown clock ticks down to 42 days on Tuesday night’s Whitney Houston-centric episode of Glee (8/7c, Fox), and the prospect of huge changes on the horizon drives one couple to the brink of a breakup, sees another duo experience tension over their wedding planning, and spawns the unlikeliest of musical partnerships. Here’s a little tease of what you can expect from “Dance With Somebody”:

Chris Colfer on Glee’s Big Role-Swapping Episode: ‘I Didn’t Want to Disrespect Anybody’

Quinn gets a tingling sensation…in her heart | Last week’s Glee found Quinn spending increased quality time with both Artie and recent New Directions addition Joe (The Glee Project‘s Samuel Larsen). In this week’s episode, one of those suitors turns up the heat (with adorable/awkward results) in an unexpected venue: During a trip to the physical therapist. Plus, Brittany gets to hilariously weigh in on the new kid’s appeal: “Joe’s really pretty, but I heard she doesn’t shave her armpits.”

Schue and Emma seek professional help | Even in Northwest Ohio, finding somebody to plan your nuptials doesn’t come cheap, but thanks to a healthy tax return and the sale of some blood platelets, Will manages to secure the services of the “Northwest Ohio’s premiere wedding planner.” Ultimately, though, when one half of the engaged couple clashes with the in-demand Mr. Lavender, concerns bigger and more serious than color schemes and reception favors bubble to the surface, leading to a particularly nice scene for Jayma Mays.

Exclusive: Glee to Air Super-Sized [Spoiler]-Themed Episode on May 15

One couple suffers a bout of “Lesbian Bed Death” | Wait, two randy teenagers who haven’t had an unscheduled makeout session in a month? Sounds like a case for one of Ms. Pillsbury’s trademark pamphlets. Or, on second thought, maybe not?

Mr. Hummel returns from Washington | Glee is always a little better when the fantasic Mike O’Malley is in the mix, and this week the newly elected Congressman takes time from his busy schedule for a touching one-on-one with son Kurt featuring this fabulous little zinger: “I was 9. Who knew paella was gonna be so complicated?”

Frenemies make beautiful music together | Rachel and Santana team up for a spin on “So Emotional” that’s so sensational, I’m not sure why Mr. Schue doesn’t immediately add it to the set list for Nationals. Perhaps just as interesting, though, the new musical alliance leads to two out of the following three things coming true: public displays of affection; class photos hung in each others’ lockers; and eventual accusations of stalking.

Kurt’s fashion sense leads to serious relationship woes for Klaine | No, it’s not that Blaine doesn’t appreciate things like Kurt’s hippo-head brooch, it’s just that Porcelain’s outre accessories happen to catch the eye of a certain someone else. And that someone else happens to be pretty handy with text-message compliments. You see where this is heading, right?

Major musical moments galore | From Whitney’s early hits (“I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” a stunning a capella “How Will I Know“) to her later chart-toppers (“It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” “My Love Is Your Love”) the hour is packed with music from a variety of New Directions members, and there’s not a weak link to be found.

Excited for “Dance With Somebody”? Which story arc are you most looking forward to? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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  1. logan says:


  2. vomits says:

    quinn/joe is the biggest no-no in the history of this trainwreck show

    • Russ says:

      Seriously! I want to see Artie/Quinn, but if you look at one the previews for the episode it shows Quinn and Joe at PT.

      • Amiee says:

        I just think it’s sad that *suddenly* everybody wants Quinn with Artie. Nobody EVER wanted those two together until she was in a wheelchair. So what, she was too good for him when she could walk or maybe he doesn’t deserve a girl unless she’s in a chair? Sad. Predictable, but sad.

        • I don’t think that’s it: I think he was too good for her when she was such a one-track “popularity or death” mind. Quinn has experienced a lot of growth, this season in particular and absolutely since the start of the show, so that I think she and Artie might actually be the two most grounded characters at this point, and they also complement each other because they have such different backgrounds. She’ll challenge him to be more outgoing, and he’ll make her a better person.

        • If it makes you feel any better, I don’t want them together.

        • Julia says:

          That’s not true. I’ve shipped Quartie since that one moment in season 1 when Tina danced with Mike and Quinn sympathetically put her hand on Artie’s shoulder. If anything, I don’t want them to be together now because I don’t like the circumstances.

        • Dan says:

          I actually wanted them together for the past season, maybe even more. Idk why but i did, and when i would imagine them, she was always walking.

    • Getoverurself says:

      if it is a train wreck why the h do you care? stfu

    • anna says:

      Almost as bad as samcedes.

  3. So we have lost faberry to pezberry, I guess it was inevitable what with Santana staying next year. Not looking forward to Joe/Quinn but at least it isn’t another round of Quinn/Finn.

  4. Rachel says:


  5. Em says:

    What a joke. You’re suppose to tell me Quinn, a senior, hooks up with a sophomore with only 5 episodes to go? Glee can’t do friendships anymore? The treatment for her character never ceases to amaze me.

  6. Amy says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the Rachel/Santana duets?

    • GBz says:

      No you aren’t.

    • Kay says:

      Nope, you’re not. I love their voices but they just don’t go together.

      • yep says:

        Agreed. I love each of their vocals and respect them as professionals. They have sung several times this season with only one sounding good. I feel they sound better with others in duets. Santana and Mercedes are perfect together. Rachel and Kurt are too as well. Can’t wait to hear Rachel and Tina together.

    • Mary S. says:

      I enjoy they’re duets, and I really love this song, but I’m not a fan of their new friendship. Santana is at her best when she’s bitching at everyone, and I really dislike Rachel. I can’t help it. I just do.

      • Kelly says:

        I agree completely. I love Santana’s constant swipes at Rachel and to have them forge this bizarre last minute friendship (just because it’s graduation??) doesn’t work for me. I guess we’ll just have to watch and see how it plays out. P.S.: NO PEZBERRY! I don’t like them as friends…I certainly don’t want to see them as a couple! YIKERS! ;)

    • Kristyn says:

      Nope, their version of ‘So Emotional’ is just AWFUL. Its my favorite Whitney song and they killed it, not in a good way though.

    • Rachel Scott says:

      definitely not the only one

  7. Magui says:

    I really want to see Kurt singing “I have nothing! Chris voice is so amazing, finally a solo sinse episode 2!

  8. Brenda says:

    Not only that but its getting more and more clear that Quinn will end up being paralyzed permanently as if they can’t do more to the girl.

  9. Dee says:

    It’s hilarious how they’re forcing Rachel and Santana down our throat now, because Naya is staying next season. Those two characters barely interacted in the first two seasons. And ‘new musical alliance’ – this is they’re 4th duet this season, hardly new. But yay. I get to watch contrived hugs and hand holds all over my screen. Watch them end up being more couple-y that Brittana this episode. Blah.

  10. someonewithtaste says:

    glee’s reached a new level of flop

  11. Divine Intervention says:

    I don’t see how ANYONE who appreciates Whitney Houston’s music could find most of these covers remotely good. I am really trying to figure out if we are listening to the same music. All of the covers with the exception of “How Will I Know” and possibly “Saving All My Love” were HORRIBLE. The arrangement was too fast, the singing was bad, and the one person who can sing her music barely got to sing. If this is what Glee calls a tribute, they should have left it alone.

    • Brenda says:

      Thank you!!! I agree so much but yet so many critics are eating them up.

      • Divine Intervention says:

        I don’t know what the critics are listening to. I grew up with Whitney’s music and this “tribute” did her NO justice. It wasn’t even mediocre. SMDH.

        • Amy says:

          I don’t understand why they have to change the music up so much? There is a reason she was an icon her music was awesome, why change up what worked? The only song I like is Saving all my love for you and that’s Joe/Quinn. Shame they wasted so much potential.

          • Divine Intervention says:

            100% agree about the music. And they definitely wasted A LOT of potential.

          • Kristyn says:

            Agreed. I think Mercedes should’ve sang ‘Saving All My Love For You.’ Its more fitting for Mercedes/Sam. Quinn/Joe singing this makes no sense what so ever.

    • GBz says:

      AGREED!!! Most of the songs are crap and it just makes me sick that this clusterf*ck of bad covers are being considered a “tribute”. Anybody who thinks that this was done well does not appreciate good music.

      • Kat says:

        Guys, it’s called opinions. I grew up listening to Whitney but I can appreciate these covers as well, that’s why they are COVERS. Of course they’re not going to have the same tone and texture as Whitney’s does but that doesn’t mean that the people who enjoy them don’t appreciate good music.

        • mooogn says:

          This. I agree completely. Of course the songs change when they become _covers_ and are meant to be contextualized. I also grew up loving /the early/ Whitney and I appreciate Glee’s covers for what they are.

        • Heather says:

          I agree with you Kat. There is also a thing called copyright infringment that may have forst them to change up the songs so that they could preform them without having to pay an arm and a leg.

        • Kelly says:

          Excellent response. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Once people stop trying to compare each singer to Whitney (there are no comparisons…even Amber Riley is no comparison to the original) and just appreciate the music for what it is (COVERS) you may actually find it quasi enjoyable. At worst, the songs are innocuous. Everyone needs to get over themselves and quit being armchair recording artists.

    • Rachel Scott says:

      totally agree i feel like mercedes is the only one who can do her sings justice and i think she had a part in like two songs, the only reason i will watch this episode is for any sam/mercedes glimpse that i may get

  12. Blainers says:

    Toying with the only healthy relationship on this going-down-fast show… Bold.

    • lol no says:

      laughing because it’s one of the most unhealthy relationships depicted on television.

      • come at me bitches says:

        KLAINE’S one of the most unhealthy relationships depicted on television? in what world? i understand you don’t “ship” them, but accusations such as these are just plain ridiculous. say why you can’t stand their relationship for reasons x, y and z, but don’t go saying things you and i both know are completely untrue. they love and support one another, they make each other happy. neither is abusive, physically or verbally, to the other, either. so i really don’t understand how you can possibly think such a thing.

        • Ria says:

          I’d have to disagree. Abuse doesn’t have to be upfront like Karofsky’s bullying (or physical attacks were.) But Blaine has systematically been tearing Kurt down since they met in Season Two- from deprecating comments on his method of performance to his very /appearance/ (Gas pains, anyone?), all the while failing to support and encourage his boyfriend in the moments it actually counts (Sitting down and watching Kurt while the latter is -bawling- openly- yes, he danced with him, but at LEAST he danced with him.). Even worse is the fact that the song Blaine is singing is an all-around accusation of cheating which is absolutely RICH, coming from Blaine, seeing as Sebastian has spent the ENTIRE season openly hitting on him and Blaine hasn’t batted an eyelash, even agreeing to give his number to Sebastian and spilling ND secrets while ALLOWING Sebastian to INSULT Kurt right in front of him without any sort of protest, or much less some kind of warning to Sebastian. I’m not saying Kurt is a damsel in distress- rightfully, he can take care of himself- but Blaine’s behavior in regards to Sebastian and how it affected his relationship (Which led to the near-rape outside of Scandals) is NOT okay and Kurt should NOT have needed to apologize in ANY form. Klaine is not a healthy relationship, It isn’t and has never been a relationship of equals, and I am glad that Kurt is finally receiving some well-deserved attention instead of having to settle with Klaine “Oh look you’ve been there even though you told me you had feelings for me five episodes or so ago but i still chose a few other people over you” or Kurtofsky’s undeniable emotional issues that need therapy and which Kurt shouldn’t be saddled with.

      • Yana Zlo says:

        How is it unhealthy?

    • mumu says:

      LOL, how are they healthy?

      • um? says:

        um…they love each other? (“he’s actually gay and i’m in love with him”/”i love you” “i love you too”/THE FIRST TIME/the way Kurt reacted to Blaine’s eye injury in the Michael ep/etc). they support each other? (blaine to kurt when kurt was worried about not getting into NYADA: “we’ll figure something out. never give up hope.”/ kurt’s advice to blaine in big brother/ etc) they make each other happy? (do i even need to give examples? hint: the answer’s no.)

        it’s obvious they’re healthy. the only reason you’d say otherwise is because you’re a bitter ___ shipper.

        • logic says:

          being in love does not make a relationship healthy. as guy man i can safely say “he’s actually gay and i’m in love with him” always happens because of the feelings of utter despair at finding someone who could like you. also the first time was a Horrendous moment for Klane or did you forget about Blane trying to force himself upon Kurt in the back of a car, drunk or not, it was sexual ASSAULT, being in a trusting relationship does not make this okay it makes it worse. the advice they give each other is good ( apart from courage but i think that Kurt interpreted it wrongly- please note when face pounding is possible don’t taunt it) but they receive advice from other friends as well. they make each other happy? they also make each other sad and feel worthless or have you not been paying attention to Kurt sine they meet

          • Clara says:

            Um, what show are you watching? From what I’ve seen Blaine has only improved Kurt’s happiness and confidence, and vice versa. Of COURSE they’re going to have some bumps in the road, every couple does (heck even TIKE who’ve had like 2 episodes centered around them have had problems). The car scene in the First Time was one of them, but Kurt stopped it before it got out of hand and later they worked everything out. Conflict does not make a relationship unhealthy, unless it is threatening and/or happens constantly *cough*Finchel*cough*. And how the heck do they make each other feel sad and worthless? It’s other people that do that to them, Klaine cheer each other up!

            And btw Kurt liked Blaine even before he knew he was gay.

    • i smell a kleakup says:

      wait but do you realize that klaine/blaine is the reason for ratings dropping? (well, bad writing in general, because it’s glee, but the majority of the contribution has been this couple)

      • Amy says:

        Klaine’s not the only reason, Finchel has also been forced down peoples throats, the writing is awful, there is no continuinity yet we still watch.

        • i smell a kleakup says:

          continuity (or lack thereof) kind of goes with the bad writing ,which i mentioned. and oh trust me, i know, finchel is far worse than klaine. i am not shy about that either. but i find it ridiculous when anyone claims that either of these relationships are healthy. and even more ridiculous that they exist period.

        • don says:

          how about the acting? i think joe and the irish guy are just awful.

      • awesome person says:

        Klaine is most certainly not the reason ratings have been dropping. If anything, it’s Finchel. They’re the couple that’s been shoved down everyone’s throats. Klaine’s barely been shown. If anything, showing Klaine more would increase the ratings. They’re the most popular couple on that show, most talked about by the media and have one of the biggest, if not the VERY biggest, fan base(s). You can deny it all you want, but the numbers are there.

        • Jess Leeming says:

          I agree with you. The only reason I watch Glee is for Klaine. The Media are already saying that the rating’s are dropping. If they go and split up Klaine, they are going to have no viewers to rate. Xx

        • Wooosh says:

          Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the couple, but to say that they’re why ratings are dropping is kind of silly. They’re probably the most popular couple in the history of the show! I think they’re alright together, not super interesting to me but certainly not dull by any means. I’m really just kind of happy that Kurt found someone he meshes with instead of pining for Finn.

  13. Adam says:

    I love to see a jealous possessive Blaine thats going to be hot. ME GUSTA!!

  14. lame says:

    stop forcing Rachel/Santana, so lame. And haven’t the writers put Quinn though enough? Must they give her another penis with hero-issues?

    • Heather says:

      I hope she never walks again

    • Julia says:

      Thank you! Plus, what happened to the “I don’t need a guy to be happy” just before the crash? I really appreciated that because come on, no matter what Finchel think, how likely is it that everyone finds their soulmate in high school?

  15. i smell a kleakup says:


    • oh lord says:

      I hope so. This boring mess has been going on long enough. Same with Finchel.

      • i smell a kleakup says:

        Finchel is so far passed saving, but I am PRAYING TO GOD that Kurt will come to his senses and kick bowtie boy to the side. and i don’t even believe in god gurl.

        but with talks of Sassy!Kurt returning this episode as well (LOL at his line to Blaine), I have hop that Kurt is starting to pull out of his puppy love and reality may be hitting him.

        It sickens me how kurt has gone from being independent and proud with a dream to strive for, to some dependent puppy whose talent has been shoved aside to make room for blarren. It actually disgusts me.

        If they don’t restore Kurt back to his fierce self and get his ass to New York, i will seriously slap somebody.

        • Lucy says:

          OH my gosh, I don’t even SHIP klaine but people saying that Kurt isn’t independent and proud is absolutely ridiculous! Kurt has always been and will always be a proud, driven individual. He hasn’t tossed aside anything for Blaine. Sure, now he has someone to SUPPORT him but that just means that he has someone else who believes in him fully (along with Burt and Finn(?)). Kurt grew up, he matured. That’s what happens. Blame the writers for his lessened song repertoire.

        • Heather says:

          I can’t understand it I would be absolutely devastated if Kurt and Blaine broke up that would be awful PLEASE GOD I hope they stay together

  16. Moonisah says:

    If Klaine break up my heart will shatter.

  17. Candy says:

    Hey Slezak, where is Ideology???

  18. elsa says:

    Seriously Joe a 15 year old that doesn´t look like he bathes is gonna romance Quinn an 18 year old that is about to gradutate. This show is so stupid i cannot, nobody regardless of who they ship Quinn with likes this pairing NOONE !

  19. cc says:

    I love how people are saying they love the music when its all been autotuned and turned into club mixes that suck all of the soul out of the original versions. Dance With Somebody, It’s not Right, So Emotional are all soulless. How are you gonna make the Whitney tribute and not have anybody sing SOUL when Whitney’s voice practically oozed it. This wasn’t done to pay tribute to Whitney, but to cash in on her name before she was cold in her grave. If they had cared they would’nt have thrown the episode together like they did.

    • Divine Intervention says:

      Thank you!! EXACTLY!!

    • dario2 says:

      Never thought someone else could agree with me so clearly. I loved your statement is exactly what I’m thinking. Apart from this new “friendship” Rachel / Santana, as two people who hated it (remember that Santana slept with Finn) can now turn to be great friends in the world?
      I hope Amber Riley did not return for season 4 so I will not need to accompany this series again,why do I only see Glee because the couple Samcedes.

  20. Iya says:

    Sigh I wish we would know somehting about Brittany’s future… I do like the line you quoted though.
    Looking forward to anything Brittany and/or Santana. I hope the Rache/ Santana scene won’t feel forced and Santana will still be snarky.
    And I don’t care at all about the new kids( the ones who weren’t there in season 1) except for Sam and Sugar…

  21. HD says:


  22. Lily says:

    Once again Glee disappoints. They make this whole tribute about Klaine/Joinn/Finchel/Wemma. There is no solo for Amber/Mercedes who states multiple times in and out of the show that Whitney is her idol. I’m 100% sure if this was a Barbra Streisand themed show, Lea/Rachel would be singing all of the songs.

    Glee seriously needs to stop pairing singers together on their relationship status on the show and utilize their singers. Kevin/Artie and Amber/Mercedes make magic together yet they hardly let them sing together. And don’t even get me started on Jenna/Tina. She is a broadway singer yet she doesn’t get any songs/solos or storyline.

    They pushing together this Quinn and Joe romance when we don’t even know anything about some of the other kids home/family life. On top of this more then half the cast is coming back next season, they have 4 Glee Project winners to still write for, and they are doing Glee Project 2 right now. They kicked out 2 cast members last season and they refuse to even write deep storyline aside from Kurt, Rachel, Finn, and Blaine. Why are they searching for more people?

    How is this show going to make it through season 4? They could of easily did a another whole season filling in the gaps for Mike, Tina, Mercedes, Puck, Sam, Artie, Sugar, Rory and Joe. But no. These last couple of episodes we are getting Finchel and Klaine shoved repeatedly down our throats, sprinkled heavily with Brittana and dashed with a budding & nonsense romance between Joe and Quinn.

    Another problem is the tunnel vision of the Glee gay fetishistic fandom. When I go to see Mercedes singing Disco Inferno on youtube and the top comments are about Brittany and Satana who only added stray ‘Burns” to the song, that’s when I know there is a problem with the fandom .

  23. lbw says:

    Forget about Glee..where’s Idology?

  24. Camila says:

    I’m having SO MUCH FUN reading all the butthurt Faberry shippers complaining for all the Pezberry interaction.

    Naya has a better voice than Dianna, that’s probably the only reason, so stop trying to say that Naya and Lea don’t sound good, that’s cheapening both’s talent.

    Also… Pezberry would me HOT.

  25. Rachel says:

    What is this crap? Quinn came back from an accident, FINALLY happy for once, with Artie. Then they just move that out of the way like it’s trash and we never see the rest of that story again because of Quinn/Joe? That doesn’t even make sense, it’s disgusting. He’s FIFTEEN, she’s EIGHTEEN, they’ve barely had interaction and he doesn’t wear shoes; the only thing they have in common is there religion. But why am I not surprised? Glee’s been putting random couples all over the place.

    • Amy says:

      Are we sure joe is 15? I was under the impression he is a sophomore cuz he was home schooled. That doesn’t for sure make him that age. He could be older but lagging behind educationally

    • yum says:

      Who cares how old he is?! Dude is HOT.

  26. Larry says:

    The level of nasty that is spewed here is incredible. Shame on all of you haters! You need to get a life before you crucify these actors and this show in these comments. Are you all 12 year old children who just got their feelings hurt over something petty? Grow up! This show misses the mark from time to time but don’t we all? It is still made up of some of the most talented and hard-working people in show business! It is still a world-wide hit. Kurt and Blaine do have the most healthy relationship on the show, particularly considering what these 2 characters have been through in the past… Shame on you haters!

    • Matt says:

      Agreed! If you don’t like the show or don’t want to watch it…why comment on an article about it?? It would seem like a waste of time.

      • CLJones98 says:

        I agree with you. And who should not like finchel I think they are a nice couple.

        • candi says:

          What I don’t like is the fact they are engaged and want to get married so young. Yes I know this does happen but majority of the time it won’t work out. They are young and what the like or love will change as they age and mature.

    • Lily says:

      Tunnel vision gay fetishistic proof right here. If you were honest with yourself, you would KNOW they don’t have a healthy relationship. No one really does aside from Samcedes.

      But yes, go on and shame people who are upset that other characters don’t get to sing and don’t get decent story lines. Yes, shame people who fell in love with the show’s original theme and are upset it’s turning into a trainwreck with useless romantic situations guiding the songs instead of the talent. Yes, shame on us for wanting the rest of the cast members some time to shine. Shame, shame, shame on us!

      I mean after all your favorite couple is getting plenty of attention. So naturally you don’t care about all the talented singers on the show getting paid to clap while the same 4 people sing solos and get storylines. Shame.

      • Larry says:

        And your reply proves my point.

      • Larry says:

        “gay fetishistic” indeed! How offensive can you be?

        • Lily says:

          How is it offensive, maybe try going to look up the definition. Classic tunnel vision and your replies prove my point.

          People here are upset because Glee isn’t tying up loose ends but instead going on with storylines like we don’t have seniors graduating. I know that YOU don’t care but it’s not your place to shame any of the repliers because you are fine about NOT learning anything but seniors we know nothing about.

          • Larry says:

            Interesting that you assume because I like the pairing of Kurt & Blaine that I must be gay or have some gay fetish… Actually I like Sam & Mercedes. Must I be a black diva or maybe a blonde southerner to like them? That is why your reply was offensive.

      • Matt says:

        Here’s a solution…Don’t watch the show then. Yes, the romantic storylines aren’t always the most interesting, but if you don’t like it, don’t watch it then. (Although I’d venture a guess that if the show focused more on Sam & Mercedes you’d be fine with the “useless romantic situations.”) Follow the careers of the actors you consider talented and watch them on other things.

        Also: “Fetishistic”? Not a word. And not really at all the point of Larry’s original post.

        • Kimmie says:

          People are starting not to watch the show anyways. But I don’t understand why people can’t be upset about the direction the show is going? Anyways this is my last season. They butchered too much while wasting too much talent. Hurrah for being passive!

        • Larry says:

          Thanks, Matt!

      • Ria says:

        Samcedes is really not the poster child you want to be looking for if you’re speaking of “healthy” relationships. We didn’t see how they got together, only that they felt compelled to keep it a “secret”. Mercedes was totally willing to toss Sam aside the moment she got a new boyfriend in the first episode (And /please/ don’t try and say that it was her being “hurt”, as Chord wasn’t announced to be returning until five or so episodes later, meaning the writers were completely okay with writing her to be well over Sam) and used such lovely words as “So last June”. Sam’s characterization was MURDERED the moment he decided to pursue her while she was still in a relationship, considering the fiasco he went through with Quinn the season before- and yet through his attempts she encourages him before finally openly breaking up with him through song IN FRONT OF THE GLEE CLUB, causing Sam to walk out. Mercedes earns my respect only for finally deciding that she isn’t ready for a relationship with either- only to have Sam, the sweet boy he nevertheless still is, helping her with her dreams make her fall right back into his arms like there’s no problem at all. Sam is great for Mercedes- he helps her believe in herself and encourages her, as is in his nature with all his friends- but give me ONE instance where Mercedes has done the same for Sam, has encouraged him and not tossed him aside like he’s basically been in EVERY relationship he’s had since the introduction of the show.

    • Rachel says:

      Wow. This is actually hilarious. You can still be a fan of a show and not like the direction it’s headed. Glee has been a train headed for a brick wall since the end of season 2. We’re just getting a lot closer to that wall now, and it’s painstakingly obvious. And I’m sorry, Tike is the healthiest relationship. Please do not insult the show by even putting “Kurt and Blaine” and “a healthy relationship” in the same sentence, unless they’re separated by “are clearly in anything but”. Ridiculous.

      And if you would actually read, the comments are showing a dislike for the show’s writing. No one has shamed any actors/actresses, because it simply has nothing to do with them, but the treatment of their characters.

      • Larry says:

        So glad that I could make you laugh today since you think my comment was hilarious and my opinion ridiculous… Maybe Mike and Tina do have a very healthy relationship, sorry that it stays on the back burner and doesn’t get the attention that you might think it deserves. Neither Mike nor Tina have ever been one of the most spotlighted characters. Yes, I did read the comments and most of the “hate” has been directed toward characters and the show, but frequently it is thinly-veiled hate for the actor. So I don’t buy in to that argument. And I guess you can give me a whole list of things that are wrong with the “Kurt & Blaine” relationship, but this is a relationship between a 17 & 18 year old who love each other through all kinds of adversity. What do you want from them? You want them to be dull as dish water or breaking up every 5 minutes like Rachel & Finn. I am a huge fan of the show and I like all of the characters and I actually think the writers this season have done a hell of a job considering what they were left with at the end of season 2.
        The show has powerhouse performers who ALMOST all get a chance to shine from time to time. What I was upset with was the amount of hate being spewed here in all directions just because someone’s favorite character didn’t get a solo in the next show. I think it is childish and I said so.

        • Rachel says:

          While Tike may not get much screen time, it doesn’t defer from the fact that they have been the only couple who have demonstrated behavior of a healthy couple. (I see that you spun your argument to “they don’t get the attention I think they deserve”. I didn’t complain about screen time for them, I simply stated that they are the most healthy and stable relationship). Finchel is completely horrendous, but Klaine is not that far behind. Despite the terrible development of their relationship, they are a couple who brushes all of their issues under the rug and pay no attention to any of them. Not to mention the relationship is heavily one-sided. And if all that wasn’t enough, one need only to look at the car scene after Scandals. I’m sorry, being young and being drunk are not excuses for trying to force someone into having sex with you. And if we’re being honest? Come on, they are /duller/ than dishwater.

          And, judging by your condescending tone in most of your comments, you seem to think that the only people putting their opinions in are 12 year old girls. Contrary to your belief, most people can separate the actor from the character. Do I dislike Blaine? Absolutely. But that says nothing about how I feel towards Darren. I actually love Darren.

          It seems the one not being able to separate the actor from the character here is you.

          • gjkdsghk says:

            Blaine’s not a rapist. He’s Kurt’s BOYFRIEND. Obviously they’ve been ~intimate~ before. Trying to have sex with your boyfriend, especially while your judgements a little fuzzy as you’re DRUNK, isn’t such a bad thing. And even though he was “forcing”, if you can even USE the word force, Kurt at first, HE DID STOP. Kurt wasn’t raped that night. He asked Blaine to stop, Blaine obliged. He also APOLOGIZED for it the following day, despite him not really doing ANYTHING. Your argument is foolish.

          • Larry says:

            I will certainly take any criticism that I am due seriously. Did I read more into your comment than was there? Yes? Did I sound condescending? Perhaps, and I apologize for coming across that way. You do know that one of the main reasons that Kurt & Blaine come across as dull is the gay issue. The writers have admitted privately about the network pressures and not treating them equally to the straight couples. There has been almost no PDA this season except in “The First Time” while the straight couples are all over each other.
            About the “date rape” attempt, I have heard that before and it it ludicrous. Getting handsy in the back seat of a car isn’t attempted date rape. As far as the 12 year old GIRL comment, that came from you. I never accused anyone of being a 12 year old girl. I asked if they were 12 year old children because it sounded like the comments were coming from children with their feeling hurt.
            I am glad you like Darren, sorry you don’t like Blaine and I had every right to get offended by Lily’s comments.

          • Kj says:

            Me personally. I don’t have a favorite couple, because to me they all have their moments, but if you asked me to pick between finchel and Klaine. I would pick finchel every time. I would rather have a couple shown on tv that has problems and works them out and comes to a compromise like they did last episode. To me that is real relationship stuff and what they have been going through this whole season is. To me it’s the most real high school relationship on the show. I don’t need something like Kurt and Blaine that is always so merry and don’t work out issues(like Sebastian). That’s not real to me. And for the most part glee doesn’t do realism very well, but sometimes they do. A healthy relationship is not never fighting. It’s how you solve your problems and how you get past it. Finchel has the most arguments, the most petty and stupid fights and the most drama about the future, but they also have some of the best moments when coming to realization. I mean you won’t recognize that if you hate them with a burning passion, but it’s true. I would much rather have a tried and tested couple focused on, than the happy go lucky one that lets everything slide. Don’t have to agree and I suspect some of you won’t. Just to be clear though. I love Klaine too.

    • Kelly says:

      Amen Larry! :)

  27. Matt says:

    I don’t understand the whole “He’s 15, she’s 18” argument… That’s not a huge age difference! When I was in high school, there were seniors dating freshman and, yes, some of those did start toward the middle of the senior’s last year. It’s not that unrealistic, especially not with some of the other storylines Glee’s done over the last couple years. Quinn & Joe interacted before her accident, so they think at least established some kind of relationship between those two before now, in my opinion.

  28. Cat says:

    The Joe/Quinn pairing is not the greatest pairing, but it’s not the worst. Yes, it’s a bit strange for a Senior wanting to date a Sophomore, but it’s not out of reality in anyway. One reason is that I was flirting with a Freshman a few weeks before I graduated, and the other reason is that it is just a television show in that the writers can do whatever they want to their characters.

    • Jason says:

      It’s just a bit too random for my tastes. I think since she is coming back, it could of been saved for next season. Joe isn’t even a series regular so they are probably going to extinguish and toss it out like Laurn/Puck. It just would of made more sense for her to go out with Artie.

      But in classic Glee style they can’t stop hooking up characters together. If they leave them single then we don’t learn anything about them.

      • gleeker says:

        How is it random? Both Quinn and Joe have the God thing going on.
        And speaking of leaving people for next season-I would be all for sending Blaine off somewhere until then. Way too much of that character.

  29. Sam says:

    It is a shame to see all the hate. It comes of making a cast too big and eveyone feeling insecure about their favorite character. I think the Faberry fans only have themselves to blame if the writers keep Rachel and Quinn apart – the hate tweets and postings about Rachel/.Finn and the actors portaying them have been sickening. it was obvious the ‘You’re my hero’ line was directed as much to that fandom and it wouldn’t suprise me if they kept the two former friends apart to cool off the Achele/Faberry shippers. As for the Santana friendship, it is obviously a season 4 set-up just as the Finn Santana stuff was and I for one am looking forward to that and the great duet. Last weekl’s episode was great, this one sounds good as do the charcter swap and nationals. Finally a focus on the core cast, no guest stars and real character development. I’m in!

    • Kimmie says:

      There are guest stars in the next couple of episodes though. I’m looking forward to Prom though!

    • Joey says:

      lol @Sam you are such a hypocrite. You were the one demanding more Finchel duets, beggins the writers for Finchel to go back together. You were the ones trashing Mark Salling and Lea when Puckleberry kissed in Special Education even Mark tweeted about your hate riots I remember he tweeted something about How it seems Puckleberry couldn’t have a little fun.

  30. holla says:

    Am I the only who likes all the characters? (Yeah, even Mr. Schue – though I do prefer episodes focused on the kids and not the adults.)

    I’m excited for this episode. I’ve been craving some Klaine drama since The First Time. Love those kids. I think How Will I Know is beautiful already, but I do agree that I’m not crazy about all the other arrangements. That rarely keeps me from enjoying an episode, though. I watch for the laughs (which are still plenty) and sometimes the tears (Colfer is especially good at getting to me – Jayma Mays as well lately).

    And am I the only one who still mostly enjoys the show with the occassional eye roll? Glee has not been big on continuity since season 1 and I’ve enjoyed the show since then. i don’t why people are so surprised or upset. If this had been the freshman season, everyone would still be watching like addicts. And if season one storylines had been done this season, you would all complain (fake pregnancy? real teen pregnancy? gay kid crushing on straight kid? oh no!). We just love to hate this show, don’t we? Usually I stop watching things when they annoy me (like Desperate Housewives and House) without bothering to go online and bitch about them,

    • gleek says:

      no you are not the only one. I still love this show and all of the characters! and I agree, if the show bothers people that much, why do they watch it? if they are only tuning in for one character then why don’t they just mute it when someone else is on screen. there is no point for all this hate and bashing. if you don’t like the majority of the show then don’t watch it. it’s as simple as that.

  31. awesome person says:

    lol to the people saying klaine’s unhealthy. YOUR KURTOFSKY SHIPPER IS SHOWING.

  32. klainer says:


  33. blaine stan says:

    I’m most looking forward to the Klaine scenes. They haven’t had any real focus since The First Time. It’s about time they finally got some well deserved screen time! This episode’s going to rock! (They better not break up, though!)

  34. a lesbian with a healthy sex life tyvm says:

    The use of the phrase ‘lesbian bed death’ is just gross. I really, really hope it was just an idiot mistake from the writer of this article rather than a line in the actual show. I don’t care what couple it is, but I don’t find it funny or clever.

  35. xxxx says:

    is obvious if you ignoring what’s actually happening on the show and where the writers have been taking the characters (especialy Rachel, Finn, Santana and Kurt) then you are watching the wrong show.

  36. Amy says:

    I would like some clarification from the show on Joel’s actual age. When he was introduced he made it sound lIke the school assigned him to sophomore status because he was homeschooled. He could be older than we think

  37. Kat says:

    So pumped for this episode, LOVE me some Whitney!! And strong Kurt/Blaine storylines! With Burt thrown in there too?! Can’t wait!!!!

  38. Mariana says:

    I want to see Sam and Mercedes!

  39. NSH says:

    All this hate is completely laughable. If you hate the charactes/storylines/songs so much, then do us all the favor and stop watching, or at least stop commenting on these articles. Thank you.

  40. Georgia says:

    the most important thing is: will we see Jessie again?!

  41. jenny says:

    All of your critiques are GREAT guys!! I’m sure the creators of Glee are prowling this forum right now just to cater to your needs :) :) :) :) :)

  42. peaceeee says:


  43. Dee says:

    im just basically looking forward to the graduation and all that friendship everyone is having and i wanna see them signing each others’ yearbooks and just put a pause for all the couples. thats already a pretty ending, and glee could put a settling prologue to everybody and thats it.

  44. DebLI says:

    Tired of all these hours devoted to one artist. It’s especially irritating if it’s an artist whose music you don’t care for.

  45. okiku31 says:

    Are we no longer talking about how they messed up Whitney songs? Hell they messed up Whitney songs and they messed up Michael songs. It’s what they do, but I’m still watching. I just like the show for some strange reason. Although I love me some Whitney, are they not going to touch on the fact that she was drug user? A lot of the Glee kids want to be famous on way or the other. I just think that they should say something in the show about not ending their career the way she ended hers. They didn’t do it for Michael, so I guess they won’t do it for Whitney. I mean it is a tribute show. Don’t mind me…sorry:)

    • gleek says:

      I think they are mostly just using her music to help them cope with upcoming graduation instead of truly paying tribute to the celebrity that she was. but to make a good point. everyone always talks about the amazing talent that Michael Jackson was (and I do believe that he was incredibly talented and an excellent performer) but no one speaks to his life after that and the way that it ended. it could be an interesting topic to touch on since they are doing Whitney but I doubt that they will

  46. Samone says:

    I also want to see more Sam and Mercedes! It’s frustrating that their romance gets brushed to the side.

  47. timothy adonis says:

    I really don’t like santana being so besties, can she even stay the same bitchie person?
    Maar as sy net vriendine met reahel daan wat sal gevord met brittney en hulle verhouding?
    Ek wil meer sien vir Kurt en Blaine. Hulle kan nou meer interarksie skep!

  48. Mr. Gee says:

    A gay couple (not including the coming-out-of-the-closet jock who tried to hang himself), a lesbian couple and a cross-dresser…and you wonder why Glee’s ratings are dropping. One of those three in a small Ohio community would be acceptable, but all three? Two on the same Glee club!?!

    Sorry, the message the Glee writers seem to be sending is the way to Glee club success is through non-traditional relationships/gender roles, not great singing.

    • Jada says:

      My kids and I (11 and 13) used to watch this show but then it got way too racy with stories about alchohol, sex, and over and over being beat over the head with homosexuality. And before you scream homophobe Kurt is my favorite character on here. We started watching for the songs, performances and that perfect combination of sadness/humor this show used to do so well. Now it is all public service announcements. Parents are turning the show off. All that is left is the so called fandom…and that is not enough to keep this show afloat.

  49. LOLLaur:) says:

    The hate is just laughable. My advice?( Not that its needed)…. Stop watching the show if it irritates you that much. We really don’t need to know about your feelings toward the shóW! I LOVE GLEE!:) Gleek For Life! =D

    • gleekyma says:

      I love the show. I’m a 48 year old GLEEK. I adore all the characters, and that cheerleading coach makes me laugh out loud. I have yet to see season 3 when it gets to Netflicks. Can’t wait. It’s dramedy, people. Don’t take it so seriously.

  50. BJ says:

    For all the commenters saying Blaine’s actions in The First Time would not have constiuted rape, I beg to differ. If he had forced himself on Kurt, bf or not, that is rape plain and simple. If took more than once Kurt saying “no” or something similar. Also, to the one poster that said they had already done it, no they had not. If they had done it in the backseat, that would have been their first time. Not really romantic at all.