Chris Colfer on Glee's Big Role-Swapping Episode: 'I Didn't Want to Disrespect Anybody'

Glee is all about taking a walk in someone else’s shoes, but as the cast geared up for its big May 15 “body-swapping” episode, Chris Colfer struggled to perfect his new role.

“I really thought I had the hardest one because they were really hard to nail — they’re not over the top by any means,” Colfer told TVLine at the premiere of his new film Struck by Lightning, which he penned and starred in. “But it was also nerve wracking because I didn’t want to disrespect anybody!”

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Although Colfer wouldn’t confirm which member of New Directions he was tasked with playing, he did suggest that those leaked photos showing Cory Monteith channeling Kurt were a big clue. (Another pretty significant clue can be found in the image accompanying this story.)

“It’s kind of like a switch in your mind,” he said of getting into Finn’s his new alter ego’s mindset. “You see yourself in a different mirror, and then you go for it!”

As TVLine first reported on Friday, NDs’ bizarro reality — which will air as part of a special two-hour event on May 15 — takes shape when Tina suffers a mild head injury while rehearsing for Nationals.

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  1. Sam says:

    Oh so if Tina is Rachel then Rachel must be Tina.

    • klurt says:

      I thought Tina was the one who got concussed.

    • lala says:

      I believe it is Rachel as Santana and Quinn as Brittany.

      • Andy says:

        Not necessarily. That was based on an unsourced twitter spoiler and fandom rumors. No reliable spoiler source has said that. If the clue for who Chris is playing is in the article, it makes sense it’s a direct swap and Rachel be Tina then.

        • dude says:

          But just because two characters are directly swapping doesn’t mean that is the case for all characters. I’m pretty sure they’d assign each character to actors they think are right/would be fun to see in the role. I don’t think they’d limit it to “well Tina’s playing Rachel so Rachel has to play Tina”

          • STW says:

            It would make sense, though, for Tina to experience what it’s like to play the big star of the group and for Rachel to experience what it’s like to have to play the mostly background character. Could be really interesting.

      • RA says:

        No, that came from some random troll. Based on what Chris Colfer said, it’s more likely that Rachel will have swapped bodies with Tina.

      • guest says:

        That was actually someone trolling and made up that information.

    • Barbara says:

      Nope, Tina is Rachel… But apparently Rachel is Santana. Go figure who will play Brittany lol

    • Jessi says:

      No, I think Rachel’s Santana. That’s what I’ve heard.

  2. klurt says:

    So… Kurt is Finn?


  3. Katy says:

    if Tina is Rachel then she’ll finally have lines

    • Liz says:

      Things are looking like the last episode have a lot of Tina going. And mostly because everyone has been tweeting to her singing and scenes. Plus I do think they are going to be switch they filmed a duet a couple of weeks ago

  4. Sam G says:

    I think it’s going to be hilarious seeing Cory as Kurt, Mark as Blaine, Jenna as Rachel and so on. Gonna be funny!

  5. killer says:

    Seeing Mark with hair is weird.

  6. Tanookie says:

    Actually,, Kevin (Artie) is playing Finn & Chris is playing Sam. One of the writers confirmed it on Twitter. Also Lea is playing Santana.

  7. Wasn’t this an episode of Gilligan’s Island?

  8. Pete says:

    Does this mean that Tina will actually get a vague hint of a storyline? At long last, it’s taken three bloody years.

  9. Jaye says:

    If Finn and Kurt swap bodies, does that mean that Rachel and Tina, and Blaine and Puck are going to be switched as well? It doesn’t matter – this sounds like the sort of lolzy fun that Glee has been missing.

  10. gil says:

    So Kurt is Finn and Finn is Kurt. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!! Cory and Chris will kill this!!!

  11. justme says:

    Please be wary of the fake spoiler from twitter about who plays who. The person admitted it was all a joke and they know nothing.

  12. Oh, wow, Tina is going to have an important role.

    • Lily says:

      Yeah ! finally ! Seems that the writers really did not know what to do wih Tina ,so they invented this crazy scenario… Love this crazy scenario but I want more Tina in Season 4. Hire different writers who know how to make her shine !

  13. Shaun says:

    Colfer looks dressed more like Joe(Christian guy)

  14. Em says:

    That Damian kid tweeted a photo a couple of weeks back dressed like Puck – had the Mohawk and everything. So I don’t think it necessarily means it’s a direct swap.

    • Kay says:

      This is reaching, it was just a faux hawk and it looked like him playing around honestly. I think it’s a direct swap. Also, Lea tweeting about all those Tinchel scenes leads me to think that she plays Tina.

      • Josh says:

        Seriously? You can’t just type out two names? They are no longer clever or funny. Let’s just give our fingers a little more workout and use full names.

    • killer says:

      He might have even been trolling.
      And he was wearing red pants? Puck doesn’t wear red pants…

  15. Jane says:

    I hope Damian and Becky switch places.

  16. dougie says:

    Um, if you look at Kurt’s photo, he’s got a notebook and pen like Quinn had in her promo photos- the article says that the photo is a big clue. And she isn’t over the top anymore, almost invisible just now…

    • Lily says:

      That would be wonderful , the Kurt-Quinn swap, after the argument they had in “On my way”… When he had that argument, I was thinking… Yeah, you have no idea what Quinn is feeling because you are not a girl… ok wish granted… thank you Glee Genie !!
      BTW hope Sam is Finn.

    • STW says:

      Those are just the ‘senior year photos’ for the characters — both Quinn and Kurt happened to have notebooks and pens in that set that the cast took last August. They chose to put the Kurt and Finn photo together and pointed in out in a sentence saying this is a clue to who Kurt plays. I mean, you can ignore that . . .

  17. SG says:

    I just cannot wait to see Cory Monteith play Kurt! He was epic in Glee-ver and so underestimated. This seems to be a chance for him to really shine. So glad Tina will get a chance too!

  18. EllyAnderson says:

    Glee. glee glee glee. I actually like this bodyswapping idea. Sounds cracky and a lot of fun.


    This is off topic but,

    After this season. THEY NEED TO TAKE A YEAR OR SO OUT. To plan out and write season 4 IN FULL.

    I love this show, but it’s so inconsistent and weird. and it could be so amazing if they didn’t rush it just so they can reference present-day occurrences and sell top 10 hits. Those are fun, but I would sacrifice them in an instant for actual GOOD writing. With story arcs that are actually REWARDING and not glossed over- sometimes it feels like they underestimate what their own audience expects from them…

  19. Wait . . . are you telling me that Ben is Glory?

    • cycylone says:

      yeah, Ben is Glory and Finkel is Einhorn.

      i don’t think there are direct swaps like Finn as Kurt and vice versa.
      but reading more things about this episode i can understand why Tina envisions herself as Rachel…because Rachel is the “star” of the group and that is something Tina has always wanted to be. it wouldn’t surprise me in Tina’s mind if Mike is Finn.
      I actually thought it would be funny if they all changed to characters they told Holly they were i.e. Puck is Finn and Santana his loud girlfriend Rachel and Brittany as Mike Chang.

    • murley says:

      favorite comment.

  20. armandol says:

    My guess, since he said he doesn’t want to irrespect anybody, it’s that he will be playing Becky.

  21. xxxx says:

    They have to be very good actors if they want to give the impression of another character. Just like Helena Bonham plays Hermione in ‘Deathly Hallows’.

  22. J says:

    I can’t wait!! this seems interesting !

  23. Rachel says:

    No it can’t be a direct body swap. No. I need Rachel to play Santana not Tina I need Quinn to play Brittany. Like I actually need this :/

  24. Kate says:

    The linked article says this: “There’s also a photo floating around of Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) dressed a lot like Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), headband and all.” but I can’t find the picture. Has anyone seen it??

    • cyclone says:

      yeah i saw that picture, it was in the same group i saw with Puck as Blaine and Finn as Kurt. The thing is Rachel and Tina kind of dress a like sometimes. they both have worn those like 60’s era mod dresses so it is hard to tell who is who but in these pics Jenna there are significant parts that let you know it is Rachel.
      Rachel will be Santana and Quinn will be Brittany (not much of a stretch IMO to change her look), someone who was stalking the set had a whole list of who will be who, but i saw it like 2 weeks ago and can’t remember or find it again. there are only so many options for the girls to swap with.

  25. Addie says:

    So Tina can’t get a story line as Tina she needs to be Rachel? I bet RIB had to teach her how to read a script!!