Vampire Diaries Triangle Scoop: EP Julie Plec Confirms Elena Will Make Her Decision By Finale

Holy hot Vampire Diaries kiss! Our girl Elena locked lips with a Salvatore brother in Thursday’s episode, and it wasn’t ex-boyfriend Stefan who was on the receiving end of her affections. Below, executive producer Julie Plec weighs in on what the bold move means for Elena’s relationship with Damon and whether she’ll finally figure out which sibling she truly wants (hint: a decision is coming soon).

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TVLINE | How will the kiss change Damon and Elena’s relationship in the upcoming episodes?
What’s going on now with Elena and Damon [and] Elena and Stefan is a lot of exploration and a lot of thinking. As we’ve seen [with] Damon and Elena’s relationship in the past, they keep being drawn to each other, but obviously there’s something holding her back, rightfully so in a lot of ways because they’ve been through a lot together and not necessarily all good. As we get closer to the end of the season, really the key word is “confusion” for Elena. The brothers have to decide if they’re going to be OK with allowing her to think this through or if they’re going to reach a point where the confusion becomes frustrating for them.

TVLINE | So for Damon and Stefan, is there a peace treaty? Like, “Whatever she decides, we’ll be fine with it”?
The conversation of what will it be like when she does choose is something that happens in the second to last episode of the season. It’s actually a really introspective, nice and emotional moment between the brothers. It’s a scene I really like, and I think other people might like it too.

TVLINE | Will Elena make a definitive decision by the end of the season?

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TVLINE | Can you rule out a Kelly Taylor “I choose me” ending?
[Laughs] No, I can’t rule it out. That would be giving too much away to rule out one of the three options. I guess there’s a fourth option, which is, “I choose both of you.” [Laughs] The big thing with her choice is she’s not the one in complete control of it. These two men really deeply care about her, and she deeply cares about both of them. It’s really a decision about what does love mean to me and to us and where are we supposed to be in our lives with each other. It’s pretty poignant.

Vampire Diaries Damon and ElenaTVLINE | I have to imagine it’s pretty hard to go back once you’ve gotten a little taste of Damon. Is she able to restrain herself? Or are there some more heated make-out sessions on the horizon?
[Laughs] Well, look, after that hot and heavy make-out session, I [have to] imagine it’d be a little distracting. Unfortunately, the chaos hits Defcon 11 in the next episode, so she’s not going to have a lot of time to think about it before things start going terribly wrong in Mystic Falls, once again.

TVLINE | Right now, the only person who knows about the kiss is Jeremy. Is she going to confide in anybody else? Will Stefan find out?
Yeah. Put it is this way, she’s not going to be deceitful or lie about it or keep it secret. So we’ll see what happens in the next episode.

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  1. Miles says:

    I imagine A LOT of people will be happy to hear this news

    • B. says:

      I couldn’t care less, the whole triangle lost its momentum a season ago. Unless Damon hooks up with Bonnie or Elena with Matt – Stefan is hopless for Elena – there’s absolutely nothing they could do to spin this in an engaging way. It’s time to cut your loses and lose half the viewers that were still watching for either “team”.

      • Anna says:

        For me the problem is that they’ve turned Elena into a really unlikeable person so I think both Stefan and Damon would be better off without her. Damon especially would be better without her. She is so judgy and they are vampires! They are going to do bad things it is in their nature!

        • Dale's RV says:

          I see Damon stuck as a doormat with Elena, there’s nothing she could do for the character other than ruin him.

          • Move On From the Triangle says:

            Agreed. I can’t stand Elena with Damon, it sucked in the books and it sucks on the screen. And to be honest, @Anna is right, Elena has become very unlikable (a real shame considering Nina Dobrev’s character was so different from the VERY unlikable Elena in the books). Right now, she comes across not as a poor girl who’s heart is torn in two, but more as a trampy ho that wants the best of both worlds. This love triangle stuff has turned very unpleasant to watch so I’m ready for “Delena”‘s demise. And I actually wouldn’t be heartbroken if Stephan cut his losses and ran too.

          • A. says:

            I think Elena wants the best part of each brother without none of the worse, hopefully at the same time and with their “blessing”, which means she doesn’t care about neither of them IMO, nor do I care about who ends up being the tool/accessory either.

        • Mikael says:

          I’m so over this triangle! I find the Caroline/Klaus/Tyler triangle far more interesting. It’s going on 3 years of this I love Stefan but I love Damon too crap. They need to get over that and give more screen time to Bonnie! Or Caroline, who is quickly becoming my favorite character. She’s far more interesting and likeable than Elena.

      • Ms. Chanandler Bong says:

        THIS. Seriously, when Elena proclaimed at the lake house that she wanted to grow up and get married and have kids and NOT be a vampire was when the so called triangle was over for me …and that was technically before it even started on Elena’s end. The “shippers” are controlling the show and it’s getting annoying. I know that in book she had relationships with both but too many people cling to that as an excuse.

        • Ari says:

          Exactly. It’s all a moot point (or a moo point as Joey Tribbianni would say) until Elena changes her mind about becoming a vampire. If she wants to grow up and have kids and a life she needs to stop hanging around with vampires. When you are crying and hysterical over not having a future you can’t then turn around and say, “Oh j/k y’all!” I think that episode at the lake house is when Stefan should have been wise enough to bow out and tell her that they could be friends but nothing more because he can’t give her what she wants. Honestly if I were dating someone and they told me they wanted to have kids and get married and I wasn’t willing (or able) to provide that then that would be a deal breaker.

          • Kellie says:

            True statement. Elena wanting kids and admitting she didn’t want to become a vampire rules out Stefan AND Damon yet she continues sending mixed messages to them. Seeing Elena fawn over Damon and still pine for Stefan makes her look like a tramp.

          • Tracey says:

            It wasn’t at the lake house Elena said to Stefan she didn’t want to become a vampire, that was
            Ep-14 ‘Crying Wolf’ it was Ep-20 ‘The Last Day’ after Stefan took Elena out for the day climbing by the water fall.
            And she Did Not say she wanted to grow up get married & have kids!
            She said “I’m only 17 years old how am I suppose to know any of this yet, I’m suppose to grow up Decide if I want to have kids & start a family,grow old.”
            I’m sure very few people at the age of 17 know what there life will be like, she was just pointing out that she should of had a chioce to make that decision, because Damon took it away from her by feeding her his blood.

      • well i actually think that Elena is going to tell Stefan that she still has feelings for Damon and then Elena is going to get back with Damon

    • lacysos says:

      Vlada Gelman

      “TVLINE | I have to imagine it’s pretty hard to go back once you’ve gotten a little taste of Damon. Is she able to restrain herself? Or are there some more heated make-out sessions on the horizon?”

      Good thing we all have our own opinions, cause you see I would say just the opposite. Damon MIGHT be good for a one night stand, but Stefan’s a keeper. I want to take him home and keep him FOREVER!

      • Irene says:

        i absolutely agree!!! Stefan is worth all the money!!!!

      • Stelena for ever says:

        I totally agree. I liked Damon for 1 episode but it’s been Stefan the entire series. He’s right for Elena in every way and no matter what happens he always comes back for her. Elena needs to grow up and realize that she honestly loves Stefan and Damon doesn’t belong to her and she has an amazing guy waiting for her. It’s so frustrating!

        • Tammi Bondurant says:

          Ok I think I have processed I am pretty much the only delena fan on here. (ha ha) I honestly think Damon would be better for her I mean in a way there is more good in him than there is in Stefan. you got two brothers one cant control even control himself when it comes to blood (most of the time) and the other is unstable when there is a “bump in the road” as Elena put it. And Damon he does challange her.He also gives her romance adventure and a little danger from time to time and i gotta say he is a lit bit more humorous than stefan. And think about everything he has done its been to protect her it doesnt look that way but it is. there is a better chance for damon and elena than there is for stefan and elena. all those times damon compelled her it was after he told her he loved her and his brother deserved her and then there was that time when elena said to damon that only if he met her first. and we all saw that they did meet first and he would be better for her…i dont know about u stelena fans but im seeing a pattern and ur not gonna like…

    • matt says:

      It’s already been revealed that the Salvatore brothers make a deal that whichever one she chooses they will respect it and the other will leave town. Just look it up. Don’t know why they didn’t just put that here too since it’s old news. This will be in the finale, leaving you dying for next season.

    • desirae says:

      i want stafen because he was always there for elenas life and stafen had her first dammon did not

  2. Radina says:

    Okay I think it’s obvious enough that Stefan will tell either Elena or Damon to go for it, despite the fact that he’ll be brokenhearted and also after 3 seasons it’s obvious Elena will give Damon a chance. What’s the big deal with this non-stop talking about the triangle?

    • Jane says:

      Non stop talking about the triangle? Oh, I don’t know, it’s only the central dynamic of the TV show involving the three main characters. Of course they are going to focus on it. And clearly, it is reaching it’s end, so just relax and stop griping everybody.

      • EDM says:

        Agreed. It’s just a big part of the show.

      • Radina says:

        I meant the media non-stop talking about it, I’m okay with Julie focusing on it, don’t worry I’m not that stupid to hate the central topic of TVD xD

        • Jane says:

          Oh, right, I sort of agree with you there. But honestly, the media’s going to keep talking about it because it’s always guaranteed to engender a strong response in people. I’m just also kind of sick of fans of the show complaining about there being a love triangle, when it was pretty obvious from halfway through the first season that this was the direction they were going to go in. No more people saying they’re going to quit watching the show if Elena doesn’t choose who you want her to choose! If people stop watching, then our beloved show will disappear!

          • Radina says:

            I know! So man people are saying that… and I’m like… how can you people be so biased to stop watching because it’s not going the way you want it. I mean I like both SE and DE but I think it’s pretty obvious it’s about time DE happens for real. And I just wish people won’t be bitter about it :/

      • Ari says:

        I have always thought that the central story of the show was the relationship between Stefan and Damon, ever more so now that they have gotten to be on better terms with one another.

  3. Tracy says:

    It will be such a cop-out if she chooses neither brother. That would be super annoying, at least at this point in the show.

    • Helen says:

      I agree…she should choose neither, but she NEEDS to have crazy, vicious and nasty sex with Damon first…oh my goodness…Damon is a sexy beast!!! That man is on fire!

  4. Spike says:

    so tired of love triangles tbh, thats so dawsons creek ago ..

    • Josh says:

      Right, cause Dawson’s creek was the first show that ever had a love triangle.

      • MusicGrrrl says:

        Haha! That’s what I was thinking. Whatever was the very first tv show with a love story in it probably had a love triangle. Dawson’s creek was probably the thousandth show with one. It’s because in soap opera type dramas, the writers are always looking for ways to bring conflict to the characters’ lives, and a love triangle is always an interesting one. Either that, or they go through love after love like poor Jeremy.

    • julia says:

      By no means was Dawson’s Creek the first triangle, but it does seem to be one of the most obnoxious ones. Maybe TVD will give it a run for it’s money in how unwatchable this all has become.

      • B good says:

        The best triangle of all times was Lost’s Jack, Kate & Sawyer. You know why? Because Sawyer actually made the choice instead of Kate and he was all the more happy with Juliet because it. TVD is going nowhere as far as I’m concerned.

    • Anna says:

      I am getting really tired of both love triangles and the whole will they or won’t they storyline in other shows. After 3 seasons, I would hope your show evolves enough that you can resolve these issues and move on.

  5. Lauryn says:

    I’ll die if she won’t choose Damon. Not even kidding. I’ve been waiting so long for them to get together, and I feel like she needs to give him a chance before she can really truly choose, because she’s only been with Stefan so far, so that’s not really fair.

  6. Lauryn says:

    And it’s so obvious that Elena loves him, the whole “I don’t know” crap is getting annoying, she knows she has feelings for him, or she wouldn’t have kissed him! Ugh. I just want Damon and Elena to be happy together. That’s all.

    • Michael says:

      I find it annoying. It’s easy to see Damon as the riskier choice because he reacts violently when things don’t go his way. He’s had quite a few relapses. To know now that Stefan, when he does relapse, goes on months long benders of violence, might make the decision a little easier. It seems to me that Stefan is darker and more dangerous than Damon ever was when he is at his worst. Being in love with two men with very dark sides doesn’t make ANY decision easy.

      • Jill says:

        Absolutely agree with this. In my opinion, Stefan has always been the scarier of the Salvatores. There’s no easy or safe choice here. So… good luck with that, Elena.

      • MusicGrrrl says:

        I always thought Stefan was the worst brother (and not just because he’s so boring) even before we found out that Damon never wanted to drink from a human when he was in transition and Stefan kind of forced him into it. Damon was content to die and never become a vampire, so that confirmed to me that he is really the good. Either. Choose Damon, Elena! He’s the only one who deserves you!

        • Susy says:

          Amen to that! Damon deserves happiness with Elena. It is obvious their love is mutual and longlasting- so I hope it gets Delenalicious soon!!!!
          Delena forever!!!!

        • Greta says:

          OMG are serious?! Don’t you remember what Damon did to Elena and her family? I agree she makes him a better person and stuf like that, but really? I don’t think you can forgive a person who literally killed your brother… Yes Stefan hurt Elena too but this was to protect her, make her forget about him he thought she will be better without him, but how you see she still loves him…

          • Siegrid Dero says:

            love is blind and love conquers all so yes she has to choose Damon and follow her heart instead of head.

          • Xel says:

            Forgiveness is the most important and obvious thing to prove that you love. There’s no point to love if you can’t forgive.

          • Xel says:

            “love is blind and love conquers all so yes she has to choose Damon and follow her heart instead of head.”

            I could not agree with this statement more.The most dangerous thing a person can ever do is “follow your heart and not your head”. The heart is deceitful. It makes you do/say/believe things that are not true, that are immoral, that are not real, and that are not logical. Why do you think so many bad things happen to people when they follow their hearts? A woman in an abusive relationship is “following her heart” and not leaving the abuser because “my heart is telling me I love him”. But really she would rather be beaten than be alone. I understand that that whole situation is not cookie cut and there can be MANY different circumstances to that particular situation, but the idea is still proper. You dont FEEL love… you DO it.

            The whole “if it feels right/good, do it” nonsense is why people get screwed up so badly. I mean heroin FEELS good, but should anyone EVER do heroin? No.. why? because it ruins you.. it kills you. it makes you do horrible things. A human beings heart is so selfish. Love is NOT how you FEEL, love is an ACTION. It’s what you do. You devote yourself to someone no matter what. Whether that person gets hit by a car and is comatose, loving them means to stick by them. OR to wake up way earlier than you would like to cook breakfast for your mate because you know that they need to eat in the morning or they will feel bad throughout the day. You are tired and dont want to do it, but you do it anyway because you know they will appreciate it. Love is not selfish but our hearts are inherently selfish.

            How this pertains to Elena? It doesn’t… because this is a TV show.. it’s not real. She can pick whoever she wants or doesnt’ want based on how the writers want it to go. Doesn’t matter in the end. Because it’s for entertainment purposes. It’s all to strike an emotional chord. And it does its job well.

            The fact that people believe that Love is Blind is a perfect illustration on my point. Love is NOT blind… it should never be blind. Because when you’re blind you cannot see. And you don’t only fall and get hurt easily, you also make decisions without knowing anything about the choice, which can prove disastrous. You should ALWAYS think through what you do. Never just blinding follow how you feel. Your emotions can and will deceive you.

            “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9

          • Brittany says:

            Yes Damon did kill Jeremy but he was drunk and everyone does stupid things they wouldn’t really do when they are drunk. Plus Jeremy didn’t really die. I think Stefan is the scarier brother he rips people to peaces. And as Johnny depp said If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.

        • Kitty says:

          I completely agree with you. I’ m so happy to read this, because that’s exactly what I think. Damon is the good one, the bravest, the one who’s always taking care of Elena, the one who would even die for her. Please Elena choose Damon.

        • Didn’t Damon want to not transition because he thought Katherine was dead? That was his whole reason for becoming a vampire. He didn’t want to not drink for moral reasons. And Damon knew about Katherine being a vampire when they first got together. Stefan was the innocent one. The triangle stuff is a little annoying, but definitely central to the current feel of the show. I’d love for them to find a way out of that being so much apart of it though.

        • happyearthday says:

          MusicGrrrl agree with you 100%. Especially about Stefan being boring. He really is! But I think Damon was a good soul that Stefan twisted and now he’s wounded. Still, he’s usually the one to keep Elena alive. If she was only around Stefan she’d be dead ten times over an then there would be no show. And the other poster who said she’s been in a relationship with Stefan, but not Damon yet also made a good point. She won’t know what she’s missing until she goes for it, full stop.

  7. teambuckner says:

    Is it wrong of me to hope for the “I choose you both” option?!?

    • bommarito says:

      no you are not wrong I feel the same way….they both love her so deeply that it makes Romeo and Juliet love story pale in comparison……Stefan is so understanding of Elena even though in his darkest period you still see love in his eyes compulsion or not……he came back to her as much as there is pain in his soul…….Damon well what can one say about him is that he is so devoted to Elena that that alone is his demon…….he will do whatever it takes including live with her hatred than lose her to death………..SO HOW THE F………can she choose……..the writers have this and they are going to take it to the edge with it ……….I have a very sad feeling about it

    • Danielle H says:

      Nope, cause that’d b HOT :). Seriously though.. she better have a decision because it’s time. It’s hurting the show for her not to choose something one way or another. I’d like to say I’d stop watching if she just chose neither, but I won’t *sigh*. Good interview. Answered alot of questions I had.

    • Dom says:

      Nope because I’d totally be on board with that. I would love for Elena to say that she can’t choose because she needs them both in her life equally. Not sure how most viewers would react to that but I’m positive Julie could pull it off.

    • julia says:

      I am also hoping for this. But I think it may be along the lines of I loose one of you by choosing, so I choose neither and keep you both in my life. For the time being anyway.

      BTW I would not be opposed to the all out choosing them both romantically, wouldn’t this be so much more interesting if this show were on HBO and not CW?

  8. Mizplayst says:

    She has to chose Damon! It’s too much should I, shouldn’t I!

  9. jofrenchie says:

    I’m rooting for Stefan, however considering the actor’s strong desire to play more dark material for his character… I have little hope personally that the show runners will write a good healthy romantic art for Stefan & Elena. :/

  10. Lisa says:

    I vote for “I choose both of you.” Works for me! ;-) No seriously, why not? It would definitely be something that I’ve never seen on TV before. I just saw this trailer for this movie called “Savages,” I think. This woman had two guys who were her boyfriends. And they were totally cool with it. I’d never seen something like that before, and it kind of has me intrigued. Actually, the saner choice would be for her to walk away from both of them, because really? She might want to give vampires a break and go for a human. Those boys have brought her nothing but heartbreak.

  11. E.M. says:

    It would be so typical and predictable to say that Elena may choose Stefan. Coz that would be the safest and constant decision any lady would make and also referring to the books series too. But I would be entirely surprised if she does choose Damon coz that is one risky move. Even so, I love Damon and Elena.. They so much passionate than .. well, you know.

  12. Bibi says:

    I hope she will choose her love – Stefan, not Damon, because he is only bad guy and handsome boy. Stefan is someone, who love her, respect her and her decisions and take care for her and her circle of people, who is she beloved. Damon don´t respect her decisions and this is not love. Sorry for Delena´s fans but it is true. Be happy that in real life Nina is with Ian. :)

    • Kristy says:

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking. I hope she chooses Stefan.

    • MusicGrrrl says:

      But Stefan is the truly bad of the two brothers. I suspected that all along, but when they showed how they became vampires, Damon was the one willing to just die in transition so he wouldn’t ever hurt anybody. Stefan forced him to become a vampire because Stefan was already killing people and loving it.

      • Cathy says:

        Damon wanted to die because he thought Katherine was dead. Does nobody remember how Katherine was teaching him how to drink blood when he was a human? HE wanted to be a vampire but there was no point in becoming one when the love of his life died. Stefan just wanted his brother with him and the whole reason why Damon hated Stefan was cause Damon was suppose to the ONLY one who was turned. Gosh you people say you’re fans of the show but clearly don’t remember anything about S1 or S2, just moments when Damon is being good. He is the darker brother with a hint of good. Stefan is the good brother with a hint of bad. Thats how it’s always been. Maybe Damon fans should brush up on past seasons.

        • Marianna says:

          There’s obviously a darker side to Stefan because he turns into the “Ripper”. Even when Damon is at his worst, he’s never like that. And if you also remember, before he met Sage, Damon didn’t “enjoy” drinking blood.

          • EdMG21 says:

            It is true that Stefan is a ripper but he has fought and resolved thanks to Lexi, even Stefan does not enjoy hurting people, unlike Damon that in several episodes we have seen said that he missed act as a vampire and drink blood from the people (in several episodes)!

            But I can not imagine how they say that Stefan is the real evil, when it has risked all in the series, including decided to go with Klaus to save his brother,leaving everything. I think we should remember what the Bennet witch said in season 1: Stefan your heart is pure even in the most darkest place.

            Damon unlike Stefan only care about Elena, doesn’t care about others only she, on the other hand Stefan worries for others! I think you should look again at the previous seasons and analyze the characters as such and not focus on faces!

            I also want to clarify that I am not against Damon, he also has done good things too, but if you put in the balance the facts of both, I think anger will go at you know where! It’s just not fair, because maybe Ian has a prettier face and beause of that the fans want to portray him as the hero of the story when he hasn’t suffer a lot, and only suffers when Elena refuses him!!! If you’re truly a fan of the series and looks all the characters and their actions and see who is less selfish and analyze what have their done and then explain it!!

      • Elena says:

        True! Stefan is like an alcoholic who stays dry and then goes on the booze. Who knows, may be one day he won’t be that nice to Elena :))

    • julia says:

      I just want Stefan and Elena to end up together happy in the end, without breaking his heart into a thousand pieces with Damon in the process. Is that too much to ask?

      I like Damon but come one, who hasn’t he already been with on this show? While poor Stefan remains faithful. Sigh, just to crush my bb Stefan, okay Elena?

  13. JJ says:

    Damon and Elena forever! It’s the only way this can really work out.

  14. NOOOO. That kiss should never have happened! Stefan and Elena all the way. FOREVER

    • desirae says:

      yes u r right elena needs to pick stafen because he saved her life so many times stafen had elena first they stay together even when stafen turned bad for a little elena was still there by stafen side elena loves stafen and that is it so dammon ok get it leave them im not sayong dammon is bad but leave stafen and elena alone let them live happy ever after those kisses from elena to dammon was a bg mistake she even said it in the show if u listened to her carefully
      love ur girl desirae

  15. sindyr says:

    Rose: “It’s not just that she makes him a better person, and she does, but he changes her too. Damon challenges her. Surprises her. He makes her question her life, beliefs. Stefan is different. His love is pure. He’ll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst.”

    Both from a dramatic point of view, and the romantic point of view, the choice either has to be Damon or both of them. To choose neither (in terms of this specific story) is a cop-out (which pretty much everyone admits), and to choose Stefan (at this point) is boring – isn’t that what the last 3 years were?

    Personally, I think the chemistry with Damon and Elena is *way* more intense than the chemistry between her and Stefan, but that’s just me.

  16. sindyr says:

    One other quote I saw that I think sums this up PERFECTLY: “Rose is right, she’s grown up so much this season, gotten so much stronger and it’s been Damon who has been there for her through that. She’s had her sweet innocent teenage love. It’s time for the grown up, messy, complicated, passionate one.”

  17. airhead says:

    Team Damon. Always. If she doesn’t choose him, I will not be a happy camper. There may even be some crying (I mean, come on, he’s DAMON)

  18. MrsSalvatore says:

    Damon and Elena ftw!!!! Next comes Klaus and Caroline. But if Elena doesn’t choose Damon then I’m throwing in the towel.

  19. Puck says:

    She will choose Damon, but he will have to leave/ don’t learn about the decision/ killed and return as a human next season. Yawn.

    • sindyr says:

      I don’t mind if Delena’s road is bumpy – Stelena’s was – it’s supposed to be. But I certainly hope that whatever they face moves their story FORWARD and doesn’t just delay/pause/back-pedal on it.

    • EDM says:

      I agree that whoever she “chooses,” there will be some crazy twists, and it won’t just be like the two of them head to the Grill for a romantic dinner. There will definitely be some bumps in the road, whichever one she chooses.

      I still don’t think she’s actually going to choose either one… I don’t see her choosing Stefan because that would be slightly boring, and such a reversal after the momentum that’s been going with Damon, HOWEVER, I don’t see her picking Damon either, because I just don’t think she’s capable of doing that to Stefan. I predict the “I choose me” option, which is terrible.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree with this idea completely. I fully expect her to choose Damon and then have him disappear in some way for the beginning of next season. I would be fine with this as long as it doesn’t lead to a reversal of what happened this season where she sways towards Stefan again. I want Damon’s absence not to be too prolonged. I definitely think she should choose Damon though right now. She needs to give him a shot especially after all of their build-up this season.

  20. laura says:

    I don´t like Stelena anymore, the writers ruined their beautiful history, but If she chooses Damon, I will quit the show… I don´t gonna watch a psicotic girl who dates with a guy who killed her brother… Damon and Elena are the worst couple ever…

    • Gen says:

      No, she should just date a guy who three months ago was ripping people to shreds and almost drove her off the bridge where her parents died… You’ve got to grade on a curve on this show, the morals of the vampires are always going to be off center. Dating your ex’s brother is hardly the most “psicotic” thing someone on this show has ever done. I think Stefan and Elena still have a beautiful history, made MORE beautiful by all the darkness, but I have to admit to rooting for Damon just a little bit more. I love a good redemption arc.

      • sindyr says:

        Agreed: “You’ve got to grade on a curve on this show, the morals of the vampires are always going to be off center.”

      • Delena says:

        Stefan was doing the same or worse. He was killing people. He was the ripper. He made Damon to turn into a vampire. He killed his own father. Stefan is not a saint. For me he is even worse,cause he is a hypocrite.

  21. L says:

    who really cares who she chooses anymore? They’ve dragged the storyline on for too long. I’ve actually always liked the Stefan/Katherine Elena/Damon pairing, because both have a hot badass in them. I’ve been a Stefan/Elena fan, but they are not as exciting as E/D or even better, Elena & Elijah, now those 2 together are even better than the brothers.
    As others have said, I would just like to see some forward movement in the story period. All this season’s back and forth is annoying. Season 3 = boring.

    only my opinion, so haters chill, the show will be whatever the writers make it.

  22. Penelope says:

    It should be “Elena makes a decision THIS SEASON”. There’s no way that she’s not gonna go right back to flipping between the two of them for seasons to come. Obviously the triangle is at the center of the show, they wouldn’t end it completely until the show ends. Just like True Blood, Sookie chose Eric and then went back to pining for Bill. Same thing will happen here

    • Sara says:

      I so Agree with you! Wouldn’t it be the end of the entire show if the triangle comes to a head??? The love triangle is the center story of the show. If it ends, the show won’t have a reason to be anymore! So i think Elena will probably choose both of them. I wouldn’t mind if she chooses both of them! TEAM SALVATORE FOREVER!

  23. sof says:

    damon wil do anything for her, he respects her, yes, and respects his brother, i love delena, i hope in the end of all seasons she chooses damon

  24. Marianna says:

    I REALLY hope she chooses Damon. She has to at least give him a chance. If not, was the point of these past 3 seasons?!

    Unfortunately, Joseph Morgan’s hint has me on edge. He said the decision would leave the fans even more divided. So that could mean she chooses herself? But then again if she chooses one brother or the other it could also leave the fans more divided. . .

  25. amy says:

    I think end game is going to be Stefan. I think this season she has been playing the whole I am confused about my feelings, so she is probably.going to pull a Kelly Taylor and choose herself.

    I vote for Elijah. There is something there that should be explored, even if it is just friendship.

    • Sara says:

      Yes!!!! It would be neat to see more of her and Elijah. They do have quite a bit of chemistry in my opinion. Failing that though…. I really hope she picks Damon. Stefan’s a tool, and always has been lol

  26. TVD Delena says:

    yeah damon and elena are beautiful.
    Yes they have had it not always easy but I would find it really great when damon, elena become a couple.
    Yes, I do not mind if elena and stefan come back together but they would stagger now 2 long so what would the other hand, if damon elena times and come together would be.
    I would just find it amazing when damon elena and finally come together would sometimes;)
    And Sorry for my englisch im from Austria and my englisch is bad :D
    I hope you understand

  27. Sarah says:

    dont care who she chooses just end the triangle i hate it. who is confused about feelings for a douche who killed your brother?? jeremys only alive cause of the ring that damon didnt know worked

  28. hello says:

    So many more interesting things to talk about and this crap is what people care about. Kinda makes me sick

  29. Rose says:

    Rose’s speech made me sure Elena will choose Damon, it was like the writers were talking through Rose to make us accept this! Well these same writers are the ones who made Elena say ‘It’s Stefan, it will always be Stefan” TO Damon!!! Sooo it is a little hard to accept! Anyway I”m more interested in knowing if Klaus will be back next season, cause if he doesn’t then I think I’m off this show!

    • Gabby says:

      Yes, but she said that almost two seasons ago, when everybody was in VERY different places. Characters change, and I don’t think it would be hard to accept at all.

      • Rose says:

        That’s not a character change, that’s a whole new Elena, whom I don’t like! I much prefer Catherine who is yes a b**ch, but was honest enough to admit she wanted them both!

  30. Mary E says:

    this whole season built up Damon & Elena’s relationship. Am I the only one who thinks that It’d be just as predictable if she chooses Damon??

    I don’t actually see her picking either brother over the other. I honestly don’t think she is ready to be in a romantic relationship with Stefan again because she hasn’t had a lot of time to really think about her feelings for Damon. I see that still happening in the upcoming seasons. I also don’t think she will choose Damon either because I don’t think she could do that to Stefan, just based on the fact that their love story was at the heart of the first 2 seasons, and it would be a little out of character for her to completely disregard everything that her and Stefan have been through, and the same goes for Damon as well.

    But as a Stelena shipper, I have to admit that I’m sort of rooting for it to be Damon, strangely as that sounds. Angst and heartbreak feed my soul. plus it would make Elena and Stefan’s reunion more amazing IMO. As for who she kisses in the finale? Stefan. we Stelena fans haven’t had a kiss in a looonngg while. I also think it would serve as letting Stefan know that she loves him, but that she needs to focus on Damon for awhile to understand what is fully going on between them. I just hope it’s nothing like the wall groping that we just witnessed, even though it was totally hot.

    • EdMG21 says:

      I really think that she needs to pick Damon, because it’s time for it!! I was a Stelena fan , now I’m just Stefan’s. I think that he needs to let her go and be free for a while enjoy his life and be with other girls, not like Damon because he can’t be like him that’s the difference between the brothers, but meet a new girl and lover her and get over Elena, because I think that she doesn’t deserve him, she is more like Katherine, because I remember when Katherine said she loved Stefan but she liked Damon, so maybe it’s just the history reapiting…

      I think Stefan deserves someone more like him, that wont betrayal him with his brother or another one!!!

  31. Adie says:

    I’ve been always for Delena but now I’m not sure anymore. So I finally don’t care which brother she’ll choose. But I’m still hoping that something bad happens to Damon, so Elena worries about him badly.
    And Klaus should stay on this show.

  32. Amber says:

    I have a feeling she’s going to be all, “I want to be me and be alone”, which will be so frustrating, but totally expected going into a new season.

  33. dude says:

    As much of a Stefan/Elena fan I am, we all know she’ll pick Damon. The past three seasons have been building towards her picking Damon. What I want to know is if this decision is permenant. Will the triangle be put aside or will she date Damon for a seasn before going back to Stefan.

    • Beth says:

      This is what I’m wondering too. I think she will pick Damon for now but I’m fairly certain the triangle is far from over. Still hoping for her and Stefan to be the endgame.

    • Eeonyk says:

      Good point. DE fans may be thrilled if she picks Damon, but that doesn’t mean Stelena is over. There is probably another 3 seasons of show after this, so seems to me that we’re in for another 3 more years of Elena trying to figure out which brother she really wants to be with.

    • EdMG21 says:

      If she chooses Damon of course the love triangle is not over, it’d be starting because then she’ll pick Stefan again and then Damon and maybe someone new, but finally she chooses forever and who knows maybe in the process she became a vampire and it changes things!!

  34. Jose Torres says:

    Dont you think they’ll give that classic ending in which she goes to stefan and he tells her that she can choose damon because he wants her to be happy no matter who she’s with and that makes her choose stefan because she realizes he loves her more since he can see her with someone else so she is happy?
    Seems like a thing they would do

  35. MusicGrrrl says:

    I know the people behind the series think Stefan is her true love, so there’s no doubt they’ll have her choose him. They treat Damon like an annoying mosquito that just distracts and bothers her once in awhile. But I think a majority of the viewers would feel more satisfied with the plot if she picked Damon. To us, he’s the obvious right choice, and not just because he’s so much more interesting and better looking.

    • B. says:

      Don’t speak for me: I’ve been waiting for Damon to be with Bonnie longer than I’ve waited for Caroline to be with Tyler

    • Susy says:

      Amen! It is soo obvious to me that Damon is the better choice and Delena would make many fans happy! Delena forever!!!!!

    • Marianna says:

      You know, I honestly don’t think the people behind the series think Stefan is her “true” love. I think they’re kind of team Damon. For two reasons. One, there have been hundreds of polls that show that the TVD fans prefer Damon. Two, if they *sort of* want to stick with the books, L.J. Smith had originally planned to endgame with Delena, but then the ghostwriters took over.

  36. Carla says:

    I think she will choose Damon when she ask him to return to rescue her for drawning but she will die and remember the scene when Damon told her I love You but only the audience will know her choice and the season will end with this major cliffhanger!!! We don’t known how she’ll return for s4 and none os the caracters will known that she made her choice!

  37. Yata says:

    As a DE shipper of course I’d love if she choose him… But, honestly? Whaterver choice she makes I’ll keep watching the show. I know it’s the love triangle is a big portion of it, but I watch this show for the whole thing. Both of them made big mistakes and hurt her in someway. Both have dark sides to their personalities and both have different ways to deal with those darker aspects of themselves. But she’d hurt them too. She’d made bad choices too. It just makes me really sad to see people calling themselves fans of the show saying that they won’t watch it anymore if their ship(s) goes down. Really guys? I think I’d only stop watchig if they screw it up bad, like killing off one of them for no reason or killing Some of the other characters we all have grown to love with no explanation or reason.
    Btw this interview answered a LOT of things for me :) i like it.

  38. Rebekah says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Damon sleep with Elena’s biological mother Isobel and then turn her into a vampire?
    That right there is enough reason for Elena not to be with him.

    • Marianna says:

      I doubt either of them are dwelling much on that. It was in the past & he didn’t even know who Isobel was or that she was Elena’s mother. Not only that, but Isobel WANTED to be a vampire, Elena can’t hold a grudge on something that was Isobel’s personal choice.

    • Kara says:

      Yeah, sleeping with my mom would be a deal breaker for me. That and all the other stuff Damon’s inflicted on her. But not in TVD world I guess. That of course makes Damon a romantic option. LOL, only on this show.

  39. rachelle says:

    I love how everyone FORGETS that the reason Stef and Elena broke up was because Stefan risked everything to save Damon’s life. What a way to repay your brother, move in on the girl who he’s madly in love with! Damon would’ve never gotten the chance to get that close to Elena if it wasn’t for Stefan sacrificing himself to Klaus for him. And in what world is it not SLEAZY to have sex with someone and then their brother?? Julie Plexus is ignoring so much logic. The sex thing aside, anyone who betrays their brother after what he’s done for him like Damon’s doing to Stefan is a terrible person. Idc what anyone says. If it wasn’t for Damon, Stefan and Elena would still be together and madly in love.

    • Marianna says:

      & I think you’re forgetting that Stefan wouldn’t even BE in this situation if he hadn’t made his brother turn into a vampire so he wouldn’t be lonely. He brought it on to himself.

      • Rose says:

        And I think everyone is forgetting that Damon turned Stefan into the ripper!!

        • Marianna says:

          No, KLAUS did. How was Damon suppose to know that would happen? Not only that, it isn’t his fault his brother has a blood problem.

          • Rose says:

            Stefan had been away from blood for 50 years before he met Damon again and he made him drink that woman in 1912!!

        • Marianna says:

          -it didn’t let me reply to your more recent comment

          Anyway, Stefan started drinking human blood (Elena’s more specifically) because he knew he was to weak without it. And Elena was the one who had most recently forced him to drink blood because he was dying, not Damon.

          • Rose says:

            I’m talking about the year 1912 when the ripper was created thanks to Damon and his usual meddling!!! From then the ripper became a part of Stefan that he has to fight against for the rest of his existence!!

        • Marianna says:

          Okay, Damon didn’t know Stefan would turn into the Ripper! In 1912 was trying to stop him from being the Ripper. Trying to help him, but Stefan didn’t want it. Stefan obviously has some sort of complex that causes him to go that far deep. Besides, Sage was the one who showed Damon to “enjoy” blood. And let’s not forget who is the one always able to bring back Stefan from his Ripper binges. The only person Stefan loves more than Elena is Damon.

          • Jackie says:

            I agree with you. i like the way you think :) I do think that Damon is the only one who is capable of bringing Stefan back from the edge! Even Elena said that…

          • Rose says:

            I”m sorry dear, you’re wrong. In 1912 when Stefan tore that woman’s head from her body in 1912 was the first time the ripper appeared, again because of Damon! And Stefan wouldn’t need to be brought back if Damon hadn’t created him in the first place!!

          • Nicole says:

            Actually Stefan was a ripper ever since his first taste of human blood. Remember in season 2 when Elena was in her cabin reading John Gilbert’s journals, John wrote how a vampire attacked everyone and killed him (but of course he survived because of his ring). The vampire was Stefan. And that was back in the 1800’s shortly after he turned. He’s always been a ripper and Damon tried to help him after he met Sage but his plan backfired. Damon had good intentions. But Stefan’s always been a ripper.

        • Jackie says:

          I have to disagree with you here, Stefan always had the ripper inside him. Back on those flashbaks from season 1, Stefan had no control at all when he turned. if it wasn’t for Lexi, Stefan would have been the Ripper from the start. I’m not saying that Damon is completelly inocent on the 1912’s incident but he wanted his brother to learn how to control the thirst and enjoy being a vamp at the same time plus, In don’t think he had any idea of how Stefan would react.

          • Rose says:

            Exactly because he had no idea how things would go, he shouldn’t have meddled! Stefan had been away from human blood for 50 years, and would have gone on being well if it hadn’t been for Damon’s doing!

          • Jackie says:

            Rose I’m having a problem here and can’t reply you properly :/ , I hope you see this. I never said that Damon was right in feeding blood to Stefan in 1912, he was just trying to help him and teach him something he had just learned (he should have waited while and be sure he had learnt it before trying it with Stefan for that matter), we all know that Damon is impulsive.
            but I really think Stefan should learn how to control his thirst rather then running away from it (like he’s doing now, which makes me very happy). Both brothers had made several mistakes and they have a complcated past and, for me, it’s the flaws that make all the characters from TVD so amazing.

      • EdMG21 says:

        Yes, but let me remember you that Damon wanted to be a vampire he just changed because he though Katherine was dead!!! and after Damon became a vampire he just did suffer stefan and he apologize a lot for it!!! So he hasn’t a good heart of all, because thanks to his brother he is alive and meet new people in the process, hey and then he find that his reason for life was in a cave trapped (even was a lie of katherine)!!

    • Rose says:

      Soooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bommarito says:

      thank god there is someone else who sees the first season again ……..I totally agree with you….

    • Jackie says:

      Damon never made any move to get Elena when Stefan was gone. Nothing happened between them besides getting closer to each other, which, yes, was sped up by Stefan leaving, but it would have happened anyway (slower of course) since Damon and Elena were friends. He might have teased her, but that’s just who Damon is. And he was willing to bring his brother back to her arms just to see her happy. He was as worried as Elena for his brother’s life.

      • Marianna says:

        Thank you! Exactly.
        He loves Elena more than anything. He’d rather see her happy, even if that means her being with Stefan.

      • EdMG21 says:

        Maybe you have to see all the third season again, because why did you think Damon kill Alarick??? because he saw the flirtation between them, and he didn’t like it that Alarick tell that to him!!! Even when Stefan was back but compelled by Klaus he kissed her and said that if he has anything to regret that be for something that account!!!!

        • Jackie says:

          Sorry, but I do remember the whole season 3 and he killed Alaric bc he wanted to give Bill Forbes a lesson for being a dick to Caroline and trying to take over the council/ gerting rid of the vampires. Yes, Alaric told Damon to back off, but that was not why he killed him. That just got Damon pissed off. And when Damon Kissed Elena, Stefan was already free from his compulsion and had fled mystic falls with Katherine to steal the coffins. So, again, I DO remember the whole three seasons. i know Damon is not innocent and he can be a dick but Stefan is not innocent and perfect himself. And that’s the beauty of this show. Nobody is perfect.

          • EdMG21 says:

            Yes, you’re right in the part of the compulsion, I got wrong, but what I meant was that Stefan was on his dark side on that moment if don’t get wrong again, on the other yes darling he just killed him because he was satiated for people telling him what do or do not do… And yes you’re right about that anyone is perfect, that’s what about the show is!!! The only thing I don’t get is that the fan base want to put Stefan like the bad one…. When he isn’t. So don’t worry I want to Elena be with Damon because it’s time for it!! Even I’m not a Delena fan. But really, why did you think that this whole problem on the third season started, why did Stefan leave town?? Doesn’t it matter or what?? Love your opinion!!!

        • Jackie says:

          I get that! Actually it pisses me off too when people try to paint either brother as the bad one when none of them really is. There is no black or white in this show, only several different shades of gray…
          yep, I have to agree, the whole problem started with Stefan leaving as an exchange to get the cure for Damon’s werewolf bite problem, but if you think about it, Damon was bitten because he was saving Caroline from being bitten by Tyler. What I mean is that this problem was nobody’s fault… in another words, it was a chain of events and choices made by all the characters that lead them to that. hehe I like your opinion too, I love talking to people who know how to reason their thoughts using all the knowledge about the subject in question, not just the parts that favor their ship (in this case) :)

  40. SiHN says:

    She needs to remember her own speech about wanting a normal life, having children and growing old that she gave last season when she thought she might become a vampire. All this choosing between the Salvatores goes against the very things she told Stefan she wanted from life, so I think she should choose neither brother and just go for Matt… They’ve shared enough looks this season anyway to build on that story

    • Julia says:

      Elena really needs to explore that part of herself who thinks about her future and what SHE wants for herself outside of the Brothers for her to continue to have any credibility IMVHO. Well said.

    • Gail says:

      I think a part of Elena still wants that life, but I think she knows that for her, that life doesn’t really include love. At least, not right now. Unfortunately for Elena, she’s fallen in love with two very dangerous(ly attractive) vampires, so being with them is never going to be easy, and neither is being without them.

  41. pipper says:

    almost poistive shes going to choose damon because they havent explored being in a relationship together yet :( stelena belongs together and they will ALWAYS find their way back to eachother. but if she isnt with damon for a while shell regret it later in life. stefan deserves better though:(

  42. Luz says:

    I hope she choses damon however I agree with puck up there who said she will pick him but he won’t know it or dies or they both decide to leave mystic falls to ease the pain for stefan or something tragic. I mean no one ever lives happily ever after on tv right…

  43. Julia says:

    I’m going to step back from my preference for Stefan and Elena now, and hope that for now Elena chooses herself. As a character we have yet to really delve into who she is and what she wants outside of her love life with vampires. For her to remain a viable central character, at some point this needs to be addressed, at least for a little while. What about her humanity, growing up, having kids, graduating high school. What about this Elena?

    If she were to choose either brother right now, no matter now they try and dress it up she will be doing harm to their relationship. That would be selfish, and no better than Katherine. And that would be a character I no longer support no matter what contrived way they try to redeem her.

  44. Lola says:

    The writers have totally set it up so it seems Elena has to pick Damon. I mean, all the Delena fans aren’t going to be satisfied with all the build up and one major kiss. Which kind of sucks, considering I’m team Stefan. I like Damon, but I definitely don’t want her to choose him and hurt Stephan.
    Man, has this show changed a lot since season 1.

  45. Kim says:

    Can option 5 be Elena/Elijah? Much better than both Salvatores, IMO. Team Elejah!

  46. radha says:

    Is it just me who doesn’t care? I love the other characters on the show.

    • Yata says:

      whatever happens, I watch the show for the whole plot and all the characters, not just the triangle itself.

  47. Samantha says:

    GMAB Neither Vampire is perfect. Neither is Elena. She just loves stringing these brothers along and I’m sick of it. She chooses Stefan ZZZ Boring/predictable! I’d rather Damon but if not he needs to move on for good and get someone new for a change!

  48. Samantha says:

    If she chooses herself that will also be a cop out and way too annoying! If she does that I also hope Damon moves on for good. He deserves better than to be treated that way by her. So tired of Elena’s crap this season

  49. Brooke says:

    I’m getting tired of the love triangle myself. You can only use that story line for so long until it becomes stagnant and boring. I also find Stefan and Elena a verrrrrrrrrrry boring couple so if she does choose him I feel like the show will loose most of its excitement for me. When I seen the spicy make out scene between elena and damon this past episode I found it to be A LOT hotter than any love scene elena had with stefan and I’m sure many could agree with me on that one. I just feel like there is way more excitement and chemistry between damon and elena.

  50. I’d rather she not choose either of them. She doesn’t want to be a vampire, what sort of future would she have with them? Her stringing them along is frustrating, though. I feel like this season has led up to her choosing Damon, but frankly I’d prefer her not pick either and let them both move on. Or she could make that decision and then get turned into a vampire. Turning her would be a very smart way for an original to stay safe, since no one would kill him/her knowing that it would kill Elena, too. But not sure the show would go that route…

    • Ella says:

      THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. Great plot twist. Maybe you should join the TVD writing staff?

    • kim says:

      Like you thought process…..another option; Matt. They were “boyfriend & girlfriend” at one time and I think there might even still be “feelings” or a “small flame” that could re-ignite. Let’s face it, he’s the only one (other then her heading off to college to find that “Mr. Right”) that can give her what she wants.