Smallville Season 11 Exclusive First Look: Clark and Lois Discuss Their Super New Life

It’s not easy carrying on a romance when you’re the Man of Steel and your sweetheart is an ambitious news reporter. Yet Clark Kent and Lois Lane seem to be keeping the fire burning just fine based on this sneak peek at the second chapter of Smallville Season 11, DC Comics’ digital continuation of the CW series.

NBC Schedules Smallville Alum Erica Durance’s Saving Hope Series for Summer

Summing up DC’s Smallville extension, which debuts a new issue online every Friday, scribe Bryan Q. Miller says, “We catch up with what life has been like with Lois and Clark these last six months” since the events of the TV series finale, “and also see how Clark Kent and Superman each fit into Lex Luthor’s life.”

You also see how Lois fits into a Superman T-shirt and how they fit into each other’s arms after each enduring grueling work days. (Spoiler alert: Lois suffers no head trauma in any of these five panels.)

Allison Mack Lands Her First Post-Smallville TV Role

Smallville Season 11 made its digital debut on April 13. Chapters will also be aggregated in print comics, with the first issue to be released May 16 — almost a year to the day that TV’s Clark (ostensibly) flew up, up and away. The complete second digital issue will be available today at 2pm EST at Read.DCComics.com.

Click each image below twice for full-size images:

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  1. Lisa says:

    That is adorable!!! Clark & Lois are so cute. Nice to have a superman book I’ll buy after the new reboot because I was a bit down as a comic fan, DC has burned me :(

    • Scott says:

      this might be cute but its online..puh-lease! just bring back the series and fix the ONE thing that ended it; Clark still being Clark instead of the man in red and blue, and i don’t mean “the blur” either..thats what got fans moaning to begin with and after ten seasons, you’d think something more substanstial was happening there…otherwise, the online stuff isn’t for everybody, so bring back the series, right the ship and keep going another 11 seasons!…p.s. Erica Durance is louis, not the little brunette pictured.

      • Jude says:

        Who’s louis?

      • Emily says:

        21 years is a very long time to be stuck playing one character. Time to move on.

        • matt says:

          all i can say is simpsons……….

        • daz says:

          you have a point 21 years is a long time to be stuck playing a character but if the actors like it there should be some acception (if they do if not oh well im gutted) on the up side you get paid when its aired at some point theyll get someone to carry on the legacy eventually but i just hope they are just as good as the current actors which tbh theres always someone better p.s. ive only read 4 of these comments im just babbling hahaha

      • Rob Horine says:

        Don’t worry, DC will collect several online issue and publish a monthly book in about a month or two. Check out your local comic book shop dealer.

      • Holly says:

        I TOTALLY agree!!! I’m not reading the comic book, because honestly the series SHOULD HAVE just done a REAL complete story in Season 10! Rather than the crap we got of DRAGGING THEIR DAMN FEET! Now, it’s going to be better in the comic… why?! I would much rather watch Tom (actually become Superman after 10 freakin’ years) and Erica… than see these pictures *eyeroll*

        The very least, they could have done an ANIMATED series Instead for Season 11!!!

      • Oscar says:

        I agree you did even get anyone to say those famous word. Is it a plane? is it a bird? no it’s SUPERMAN. so bring it back get it right and keep it going.

        • Matt says:

          Sorry to correct a catch phrase but it goes like this: It’s a Bird, No it’s a Plane, No it’s SuperMan. Also sure i liked Smallville too, but the show got away from smallville the town and moved on to a different town too. I’d go for a animated series where smallville left off. But have tom welling and Erica do the voices. Only bring Cloe and Oliver back on teamup episodes and special episodes too. that way the people who played those 2 can do other things too. Also bring Pete Ross back as clark’s best guy friend and have him say Wow my best friend is married now? and have all these questions as to about how and such.

      • Bill says:

        I agree, please bring back smallville. It’s the greatest series ever!

      • prodigalben says:

        I wish they would continue the story on television as well good call. I want to see what it is like in a thousand years when he is head of other heroe’s. How he deals with the aging of Louis. Perhaps her getting older was the inspiration to search out other beings who could make her immortal too. I mean Smallville is such an awesome way of showing Superman and it needs to be finished because there are still so many unknowns for me. The possibilities are endless. Plus they don’t need 10 sessions to finish it. Perhaps a movie trilogy. Just got to hope the same actors are available and not to old before they do it. Sucks when they use different actors to fill the main rolls.

    • Smallville fan!! says:


    • Smallville fan!! says:


  2. Laura says:

    Thanks for the scoop Matt! Aww looking forward to seeing LOADS of Clark and Lois.

  3. woolanayu says:

    Sweet Clois! Thanks Matt. x

  4. baudyhallee says:

    Thanks for the panels, Matt. Just whetting my appetite even more. :D

    I’m sitting here waiting to download the comic. Fans of Smallville and Superman made the first issue #1 digital comic for a week.

    DC Comics website still says the print version will be out May 2nd.

  5. Barbara says:

    This is the only DC book I’m buying after the reboot. Dan Didio and Jim Lee lied about the Clark/Lois marriage timeline and insulted fans of the relationship by releasing the marriage retcon to TMZ. DC then tweeted the TMZ link with the taunt “it’s true”, rubbing salt in the wound. No matter, Smallville Season 11 of all places is where the real Superman and Lois Lane can be found. Not in the travesty of Action and Superman. I found it strange DC comics hasn’t put out a presser celebrating the digital sales of the first issue. Number one on comixology. Comixology on the other hand tweeted about it. What’s the matter DC? Afraid this version of Superman will outsell your poorly conceived roboot?

    • Jude says:


      I just downloaded the comic. A good read with keee-ute Clark and Lois, but I’m disappointed that Lois is drawn NOTHING like Erica Durance, and that a certain other character at the end of this chapter (trying to remain spoiler free) is drawn like Lois’ identical twin, except with different hair. Seriously, is it that difficult to draw different female characters? Or was it deliberate? Hmm….

    • RK says:

      The real smallville is dead, what is left now is shipping pandering and fan service. Half the book with clark and lois talking, really was that necessary. Dead Tess hallucination just too predictably cheesy and overdone (she looked smoking hot though, wink, wink) There is nothing really smallvish about this comic, it feels just more like a mixture of superman and Action comics.

      • @ RK says:

        where do you think smallville is based on? huh … comments like this make me wonder what is what people really know about Clark/Superman.
        Do you really think Clark never would find his destiny and work toward his future of becoming Superman.
        Or do you really think that he was just gonna stay on the farm and going to high school forever? seriously

    • Holly says:

      God lawd, I hope this doesn’t out-sell anything! I would hate to think that this version of “Superman” would be the foremost in anyone’s mind. A supes that doesn’t want to get out there and be a hero! Who’s all emo like the Blur and can’t think for himself, but is TOLD WHAT TO DO all the damn time by a little blonde girl! No, thanks!

      This character of Clark Kent was ran into the ground of the sake of OTHER characters and the Producers incessant NEED to have him ATTACHED to people from his High School like CHLOE and Lana for WAYYYYYYY TOO LONG!!! What a Shame! This show CRAPPED on CK for years!!

      Only redeeming thing about it was Lois, and Clark (when he had the guts to go after Lois), and Oliver (until he got sacrificed for Chloe-worship!), and Jimmy (before he got KILLED for Chloe!), and Chloe before she became a Clark-obsessed hero worshipper!!

  6. Isa says:


  7. Ray says:

    Thats pretty cool. I wish that they would just make a smallville movie (for either tv or the big screen). The guy in the comics looks like Tom Welling but Lois doesn’t really look like Erica very much. I wonder if that’s intentional?

  8. Natalie Emms says:

    Ooh, love the Clois :D.
    Definitely getting this right away!!!
    Though I wish Lois looked more like Erica Durance…

  9. Dee says:

    And I wish Clark had his green eyes. *Superman* has blue eyes.

  10. Adam says:

    Damn it’s good to have a good ol’ fashion superman book back with my favorite trio Clark, Lois and Lex. Although I’ve never seen Smallville, it’s cool to have a comic based on my favorite superhero “that I enjoy”.

  11. Bingo says:

    Lois/Clark stuff at last! It’s the relationship that revived Smallville. It should be right, left and center in these comics. Great.

  12. sarah says:

    Awesome news.

    Also the artwork looks Nothing like Tom & Erica Not even one bit, Pretty disappointing but other than that the storyline is great.

  13. luc says:

    I would have loved to see that scene on television. Just to see Tom Welling shirtless again

  14. I have two commets on the comics. I purchased the first one and was very disappointed. Basically it was 22 pages and equaled about 5 minutes of a live show. I was expecting a complete story to be told but just read a teaser. Now at $0.99 i will try it again. But if all of these comics are like this then I may not continue to read them. BTW. I am not a regular comic reader so maybe this is normal?

    As for the drawings. I too noticed that they don’t look anything like the TV characters. My guess is that this was done on purpose for financial reasons. I am sure that if they made the characters look like the Actors/Actresses then they would probably have to pay some kind of royalty to them.

    • Audrey says:

      A few answers to your questions! The reason that each chapter is short is because each week of digital is presenting a shorter chapter for 99 cents. Basically, it’s like commercial break to commercial break.

      In May, you can buy the first 4 issues all put together in PRINT for $3.99. I believe the book will be sold on Amazon and at any local comic shop. So if you prefer…you can wait to buy the book in print. I’m personally doing both since the price is so good. For .99….it’s totally worth my money each week.

      As for the art, the art was never meant to look ::exactly:: like the actors. It was supposed to capture the “feel” of the actors which I believe they have done well.

      It has nothing to do with royalty at all. It’s more that they are trying to make the book as broad as possible and they want people who may not have watched the show but DO like Superman to feel that they can jump in and read the book as well.

      Overall, I think it’s a great book that is off to a wonderful start. I really enjoyed both issues!

      • Holly says:

        Why would making the comic book characters LOOK LIKE the Smallville characters they are Supposed to represent, in anyway, keep people who didn’t watch the show away from the comic?! If anything the comic book characters SHOULD look like SV’s Clois since this is SUPPOSED to be a SV comic/Season 11. Not just some random young Superman and Lois Lane story, in fact!!

        It makes zero sense for the drawings to not look exactly like Tom & Erica! That’s the whole point. Fans of SMALLVILLE should, still be able to see the characters that we loved. Anyone, who just loves Superman and NOT Smallville, won’t miss a thing because of the way the characters are DRAWN.

        I think it’s terrible that Lois doesn’t LOOK LIKE Erica Durance… and that Clark looks more like Tom did when Clark was in High School (6 seasons ago), instead of how Tom LOOKED by Season 10.

        What an insult to SV fans!

    • Jelly says:

      Comics are traditionally 22 pages and a story is broken into “arcs” that span anywhere from 2-8 issues, but typically 4 or 5. It’s hard to compare it to an actual episode because the comic format just doesn’t work that way.

  15. Audrey says:

    Just read Issue #2 and I loved it. I’ve been a comics fan for a very long time but my relationship with DC Comics has been on shaky ground since the relaunch last September. I’ve still been buying books….but to be honest….now that Season 11 is out I think I’m going to drop the other Superman books and just by this one.

    I’ve been really unhappy with the way DC Comics has handled Superman since the relaunch. They’ve turned him into a very angry character and it’s been such a letdown. This book is really the only place I can find a happier, more hopeful Superman so I’m happy to support this book. I hope it does very well.

    The Clark/Lois scene was very well written and fun. Also loved seeing Lex and General Lane as well as a great twist ending!!!! I hope people support this book.

  16. Kalie says:

    Cute! I miss the show.

  17. Wrenn says:

    I just finished reading issue # 2. This is the first time I’ve ever picked up a comic. It was so awesome. I could hear the actors’ voices in my head while reading the dialogue. The twist at the end was amazing. I recommend people go purchase this. I’m so happy with it.

  18. Cynthia says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait for more, Clark and Lois were just adorable! Nice twist at the end…

  19. Monica says:

    Tom welling and Erica durance are an fantastic couple!

  20. poochie says:

    “available today at 2pm EST”

    You think it is Standard Time?!

  21. SVClois says:

    Loved Smallville issue #2 <3

  22. The comic is a good read. Keeps in pace with the speed of the series. But, after seeing the artwork, i m kind of glad dat they never showed Tom Welling in the Superman suit. He looks horrible in the suit. Maybe its d artwork, but i m pretty sure dat Tom might make an excellent Clark Kent but he’s is not suited for being Superman. (I know its a contradiction, since both are d same person, but i m saying in terms of character portrayal by the actor)

  23. pris says:

    I loved dc comics as a kid – left em while I was a teen and young adult – reintroduced 2 dc superheros thanx 2 the excellence that was smallville – and nw am genuinley interested in re-familiarising myself with the comics again – overall I think dc have shwn top marks in marketing intelligence…it’s worked on me!

  24. Better Tom Welling Superman Begin Movie and Justice Leage Movie Tom Welling Meet Bale Christian as Bruce Wayne if Real DC Comic Movie Vsthe … Averager But zack snyder Superman man of Steel Movie Ugly !!

  25. @Mrs_Lex_Luthor says:

    All the best to Mack.. She def got the best deal. Wilfred has a cult following. Sammyross has no idea what creative good entertainment tv is.

  26. Charles says:

    I luv dis film wit all my heart waiting 4 it 2 come out on disc dvd

  27. prodigalben says:

    wish they would continue the story on television as well good call. I want to see what it is like in a thousand years when he is head of other heroe\’s. How he deals with the aging of Louis. Perhaps her getting older was the inspiration to search out other beings who could make her immortal too. I mean Smallville is such an awesome way of showing Superman and it needs to be finished because there are still so many unknowns for me. The possibilities are endless. Plus they don\’t need 10 sessions to finish it. Perhaps a movie trilogy. Just got to hope the same actors are available and not to old before they do it. Sucks when they use different actors to fill the main rolls.

  28. steve says:

    Why not instead of calling it episode 11 but calling it Matropoless. And start superman’s life.

  29. Mercy meeky says:

    Waho! I lv smallville. Clark kent s indeed a great comic.

  30. Henry mangai. says:

    Waw!smallville is a powerful series.the characters are superb as well as the writers.we anxious await the release of episode 11

  31. They keep the name “smallville” because lois nickname for clark is smallville ……so lets have an animated version of the show or something! because season 10 left way too much out anyways! the show is about him turning in to superman, but actually it just jumped right in to him being superman…its like what happened between then and there

  32. Smallville fan!! says:


  33. Derek says:

    Nice,this series has a lot of potential.I personally think you guys must make Series longer.Allison mack youre an awesome person in story.I`m busy with Uni and i`m gonna become an journalist.Allison this Series is awesome but let them put Clark vs.Lex and let the earth people go to new planet and earth is busy being destroyed.It will be awesome.Allison go good and tell that company to start doing this.Bye.