House Exclusive: Amber Tamblyn Back for Finale

Add Amber Tamblyn‘s Martha Masters to the handful of familiar faces who will be on hand for the series finale of Fox’s House, airing May 21.

Tamblyn shared the news with TVLine on Friday night at a red carpet event commemorating the medical drama’s eight-year run.

The actress said that series boss David Shore had e-mailed her with the invitation: “So, are you going to come back and do this thing or what?” Her simple response: “Duh.”

Robert Sean Leonard on Cuddy Returning for House Finale: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Necessary’

Olivia Wilde is also confirmed to appear in the finale, titled “Everybody Dies” — as well as the episode before it — reprising her role of Thirteen.

Tamblyn, who last aired on House almost exactly a year ago after being a part of most of Season 7, didn’t share any details about the why of Masters’ encore, only to say that it was fun to slip back into the brainiac’s eclectic wardrobe and “cut her bangs short again.”

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  1. shiremaid says:


    • just saying says:

      What, wait? No disrespect to Aber Tamblyn, but really? People actually liked/cared about Masters? She was just one of many characters i really grew to dislike on this show. Never liked 13 or Masters or whatever the new chick with the anoying squeaky voices’s name is. Didn’t HATE Taub at first, but now I do. The whole I got two women pregnant at once storyline was ridiculous and took whatever sympathy I had for him. Odette Annable’s character? Never particularly cared for her either. It’s like they just made the entire premise of the show, how many unlikeable people can we put on one screen and keep viewers. Well, they lost me a while ago. I’m not even interested enough to watch the finale. I’m sure one day when i am bored enough with nothing to do, I will catch it on one of USA’s House Marathons.

      • maggie says:

        Yes, people actually liked and cared about Masters.

      • George says:

        Im gonna be short, but I agree 100% with ya!

      • Liz says:

        Seems like the only character you like on House is…House!

      • CrazeeAZ says:

        So, you read an article about a show you no longer watch? Sounds like you’ve achieved nothing to do.

      • T says:

        Cutty too would be nice

      • michaelScarn07 says:

        So you read an article about a show you hate, then took the time to comment on it, not just a short comment either. Congratulations…

      • Stormcrow says:

        I liked Masters

        • Wilkov says:

          I think I’d prefer to see the return of the Doctor from the antarctic in some form…

        • andrew says:

          I liked masters. I thought she was interesting.I think HOUSE series should have had at least one person in the team with a very normal family. Someone with a spouse and kids, and a stable marriage. Also someone really religious would hav been good.To me the homes of the members of the house team wasn’t ‘different’enough. House seemed to really be the only interesting character. No one
          Was nearly as interesting as House. Never the less, its still one of the best series ever.

      • Liz says:

        Well, I like her better than Cuddy, that’s for sure. I don’t mind to see Masters again.

      • LJM says:

        Doctors, unlikable, Doctors with dysfunctional real life relationships, that’s just plain fiction! This is what I like about HOUSE so many irritating characters, but not like 1 note irritating they are a bit more complex than your average drama or sitcom. Rotating or eliminating supporting characters beginning around season 4 was a a very smart move and the show never jumped the shark, those moves underline the fact that it’s called HOUSE and not Princeton Plainsboro. I like how they engage in nonsensical irritating conversation right in front of patients, yes it’s a plot device to mingle the mystery and the characters story arcs but it’s in my experience very true, moreso when you get Doctors and Nurses from the same unit.

      • Housefan says:

        so wtf are you reading this for, jackass? stfu and go home

    • Nicole says:

      GOSH!! i just thought i was reading my own thoughts, it was like i had already log on and typed this, i had to check the name to see if i had done it… No i do think the team should have stuck with the original 3 Foreman, Cam, and Chase and it would have LASTED a lot LONGGGGER. But too late now.. and this has nothing, nothing to do with HOUSE- i think he is holding up his end.

  2. Eliza says:

    Look I am happy to have Amber there, I like her and I always liked Masters but her inclusion just makes Lisa E/Cuddys abscence all the more obvious.
    I am really sad that LE/Cuddy has been excluded from the finale when other actors/actresses who did not give the same amount of time or dedication to the show (OW,KP,AT) are considered more worthy. You FAIL David Shore, you just FAIL bigtime.

    • Dani says:

      Word! I kind of get the feeling they’ll have everybody who’s ever worked on the show back at this point, which’ll make Cuddy’s (and Cameron’s) absence all the more conspicuous. It’s just incredibly sad.

    • Observation says:

      There are wants and needs. We don’t need Cuddy to conclude the season.

      • D says:

        And I suppose Masters, 13 and the deceased Kutner are vital eh? I dread to think what Shore has come up with for the finale.

        • Observation says:

          Never said they were. Why not just sit back and relax and enjoy the few remaining episodes?

          • @Observation says:

            It’s hard to when all your expectations about where this once brilliant show is going have been systematically trampled on over the last couple of years. The OCD part of my brain wants to finish what I started. The rest is screaming, “Why the hell would you want to?!”

        • 13 is vital because before she left, House promised to kill her when her Parkinson’s got to the point where she couldn’t handle it anymore. Just like she did with her brother and why she went to jail. They have to wrap up that storyline. Not everyone like you forgets that kind of stuff. The other two, on the other hand, I have no idea.

      • astrid says:

        Like Robert Sean Leonard said:
        how could anybody come up with a story that makes any sense that involves Cuddy willingly coming back after all that happened?
        They had Cameron haunting Chase for signing divorce papers and then ending up having sex again.
        I am not sorry for LE for not having some forced and stupid scenes smashed together in an effort that could not succeed after the way that story line already did play out.
        The other people coming back are way easier to write into the episodes, because they were not that vital, so them leaving did not require driving into their living-rooms.

        • Maria says:

          See, and the people writing the show completely understand what happened, which is why they don’t want her in the finale.

        • heath says:

          Yes, however would you ever be able to find a way to write a character back into an episode of a series that takes place in a hospital? Is there any clever plot trick that would permit some kind of an emergency that results in a person suddenly appearing at a hospital? Oh, if only there were some ingenious dramatic mechanism by which we could have a character appear – COMPLETELY UNEXPECTEDLY – at a HOSPITAL. What a terrible curse by the gods of screenwriting that there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER that a character could ever need to end up at a hospital without substantial notice or an inner drive to appear there of her own free will!

          Too bad, I guess, that there’s no such thing. Alas and alack.

          • chyron says:

            Cuddy could have a car accident, get taken to the hospital and House works on her. THAT’S how she could be written in.

          • Raist says:

            Huddy fans she IS NOT COMING BACK get over it and stop bitching, that was by far his worst relationship ever anyway and she was an annoying character anyway, so lets all agree to disagree on LE’s skill level on everyone quit bitching bout how David Shore didn’t bring her back for a finale, she sucked and a story with her would suck even more, so stop complaining and move on

      • Kriszta says:

        We? Who is we? I need her in House and many-many people too!

        • @ Kriszta says:

          Well the producers don’t agree with you on that one, And is their show so who cares what you need certainly not them and many more people too.

          • Roxi says:

            Yes,the producers :D their smart decisions killed the show.!

          • @ Roxi says:

            The show was killed since season 5, where the giant joke soap opera moronic storyline begin and that’s it when House become a joke , so for them is not really a lost at the end of the day.
            Whatever you like it or not , They are still making money thanks to the show and dosen’t care what any of us think.

        • maggie says:

          After House drove his car into her house, there is no reason for her to come back and be around him again.

      • Stormcrow says:

        Agreed. The only thing ruins shows is rabid fandom from people too invested in TV shows. “Huddy” and shipping, really? Get a life. It’s a medical show about a Machiavellian genius with a bit of Asperger syndrome. Any “love stories” are filler material and not the most important of the show as some seem to believe.

        • Cuddy's lawyer says:

          Please just watch Fox 25 Anniversary House video and you will get answer your question what was important!

    • Jill says:

      Just saying How do you know LE has been excluded fron the finale, or even tonights wrap party! What do you know?. She may of simply declined, as it is her right to do. I am saying we have to stop jumping to conclusions here and stop with the attacks on people we do not even know. Its a TV show its Hollywood. We do not know what has gone on behind the scenes, Do we?

    • D says:

      You can’t be excluded if you said no. She didn’t want to come back, and no one forced her to leave in the first place. Her choices.
      If anything, they’ve completely ignored Jennifer Morrison, who actually was kicked off the show.

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      This made me soooooooooooooo happy. This was a great surprise. So excited!

    • Kim R says:

      Perhaps they are going to have Cuddy die which will open the plot line for the others to return for the finale…to pay their respects. It’s called Everybody Dies, right?? :)

    • Ariatan says:

      Nothing to see here, just some disgruntled Huddies. Cuddy and Cameron were excluded for one very simple reason you people can’t seem to grasp– their involvement in House and Chase’s lives are over. Their chapters are concluded. They already got their send-off. Move on, people.

    • Ro says:

      @Eliza you are totally right!Shore a complete idiot !

    • Shi Wei says:

      I hope they revive kutner from the dead lol

    • Raist says:

      are you F***ING serious! They offered her a chance to return, she declined! they also gave her a chanec to renew her contract before she was given the boot and she declined that too because she didn’t want a salary decrease, what she is better the Hugh? LE was good for an occasional joke, but she wasn’t that great of an actress, JM was much better then her, LE fans, deal with her, you support and greedy, stuck up woman who didn’t support a show that supported her for so long. And Olivia Wilde, KP, AT, all of them are extremely talented and that is why they are returning, it does not mean that it makes it even sadder then Cuddy isn’t, if anything it is better that she isn’t. Think from a writers perspective not a fans for a second, what would the storyline behind that be, Cuddy going to House saying, oh I forgive you for crashing into my living room wall and sending you to prison, come on idiots, think before you post these things

  3. Shepherd says:

    “The actress said that series boss David Shore had e-mailed her with the invitation: “So, are you going to come back and do this thing or what?”
    Wow, so you mean Shore shot off an email to her just like that? You mean he is in fact capable of using basic communication technology? Yet he couldn’t manage to contact LE or JMo? That’s soooo weird…

    • Hyperbole Hater says:

      Very illuminating, isn’t it?

    • tripoli says:

      Perhaps the animosity that clearly exists between the show and those 2 is reason enough that they were not contacted. That and they are completely unnecessary to the story at this point.

    • u r slow says:

      @shepard… how do u know he didnt email the.others??? we r just reading about.Amber tamblyn and HER email, u ask why he didnt email the others? u have no idea whether he did or.not… ignorant ppl….

  4. Kristen says:

    I hope that’s not really the way that he asked her. Maybe I am naïve and that’s how things are done on successful shows, but that seems like rude way to ask someone to do you a favor.

    • Observation says:

      How is that doing David Shore a favour? They didn’t need Masters back on the show to conclude any story arcs.

    • Emily says:

      Assuming that they are friends, I don’t see it as rude at all. Amber’s reply of “duh” isn’t exactly professional either. It’s called rapport.

  5. Heather says:

    The finale airs several weeks from now and they still haven’t finished it yet? The more I read about this show, the more I’m starting to think that the people who run it have NO clue what the heck they are doing and are making it up as they go. I can kind of understand Cuddy not coming back (I don’t agree with it but story wise I can see why that would be challenging, though still not impossible) but not having Cameron back somehow, especially in light of some of these other names coming back who weren’t there from the beginning, makes no sense whatsoever. *shakes head* =P

    • Observation says:

      She does already have a full time job. *shrug*

      • I know, right? People don’t understand that! Best thing EVER that Cameron left House. EVER! First off, because she was done on the team. At some point, her character lost the light she once had. They moved her, and it just wasn’t the same. Secondly, because Thirteen was the best diagnostician they’d ever had, when it comes to actually making diagnosis, and to attitude, (I think it’s even always been obvious that House liked her the most) and there wasn’t place for both of them. And, most importantly, because JMO is perfect for/in ONCE UPON A TIME. Her time in HOUSE was great while it lasted, but it’s done with. Why can’t people get passed that?

        • @ Barbie Furtado says:

          No they can’t, just like they can’t passed why their favorite character ( Cameron or Cuddy) is not coming back, also i don’t think this people are hurting anybody just by giving their opinion on that matter,They were part of the show since the beginning, Like it or Not.

        • Brit says:

          What I can’t get past is how badly TPTB wrecked the characters of both Cameron and Cuddy. DS definitely has issues with women.

    • Shepherd says:

      Actually, the penultimate episode isn’t even finished either (it was just reported that they added 13 to it). Basically the entire hack job season is culminating in a massive clusterf-ck, and at this point it kinda seems like Shore intends to crash and burn.
      Welp, as long as he delivers on the finale title, “Everybody Dies” (is that a promise?) ;)

      • Hyperbole Hater says:

        D’s right. I think they finished up filming the last episode earlier this week.

      • Maria says:

        To me it’s starting to seem like the whole finale is one big f*ck you to the fans. Maybe he hates us in advance for not watching his next sh*tty a$$ show. He’s even bringing irrelevant character and dead guy back, but LE and JM don’t even get invited? I wanted to watch the last episode, but now I’m even afraid of whatever it is that will air before it. Seriously, what even is this?

    • D says:

      Where did you get the impression they’re still filming? They’re done. Just because we’re only now hearing this news doesn’t mean it’s happening right this second.

    • Erin says:

      At least know of what you speak, they are finished and did it in the time frame they usually finish, April.

  6. Marcie says:

    I LOVED her in House. She made me watch it again.

  7. Erin says:

    I always liked Martha Masters and will happy to see Amber Tamblyn back on the show.

    • J. Norman says:

      I agree.
      Actually, I thought that out of all the characters on the show, that Amber would be the best one to have a spin off follow.

      Maybe the CTB would have worked also, but they stupidly killed her off.

      The finale is going to be titled “Everyone dies”

      Probably what dies is their love and respect of Medicine after coming under House’s will for so long. That was, by the way, the reason why the (character) Amber left the team and hospital. She saw what was in store (for her) if she stayed.

      • Maria says:

        Or maybe everyone is going to gather to PPTH to celebrate the fact that House croaked and then stones will fall.

  8. Boyer says:

    I would have liked to see Jennifer Morrison return.

  9. megg says:

    Finally! Somebody we actually care about!

  10. Emily says:

    Everyone (or the same people, who knows) just goes on and on and ON biting each others’ heads off about it with every single House article. Don’t you guys have better things to do? It is what it is, you are not going to change it. Boycott the finale if you wish. You Cuddy devotees are just as bad as those kids that rant about Glee.

  11. irishgirl29 says:

    WTF!? I just want Cameron back! :(
    She was such a huge part of the show and is still one of the most popular characters and JMo might gain them some much needed viewers – her show is so much more popular.

  12. gio88 says:

    Eldestein and Morrison not returning for series finale?it’s a SHAME!!!!!!!!!!this really SUCKSSS , who cares about tamblyn!!!

  13. Alli says:

    The more former characters they bring back, the more noticeable the absence of Edelstein and Morrison becomes. Those women were part of the original cast and were major characters for most of the show’s run. I am not of the opinion that shows need to bring back old characters for the finale, but when you bring back as many as House is, there is no excuse for not having major players appear at least at some point during the finale season. Can you imagine if they hadn’t brought back Dr. Carter on ER? Heck, they even brought back Dr. Greene, and he had passed away during season 9.

  14. Jules says:

    Seriously!!! Why!!!!!
    I’ll preferred Edelstein’s return, rather than Tamblyn….
    Even if, I didn’t digest her “stupid” desicion to quit already..
    But at this point, whoever show up in the finale..it’s because, they respect the series & cast/crew and it’s their own way to thank them for helping to “re-launch” their career in a way….
    -I still hoping/dreaming for a possible cameo of Fry….that will be priceless!!-

    Anyway, will be a bit weird, but interesting to see her again and have maybe a little showdown (sort of) with Park….who’s a bit annoying, but at least she’s capable to lies and take risks more than Masters…

    And thoses still claiming they hate the show now & stop watching…Why r you on this post?
    Go watch yr favorite shows and leave us alone…

  15. Kriszta says:

    Masters and the dead(!) Kutner back for the finale,but the most important female character don’t! Again and again ridiculous!

    • Vasia Cy says:

      why the hell is ridiculous ???Find some reporter or ask LE to tell you that she was invited to be part of the end and she refused so don’t blame Shore..she said that she was imprisoned to her role and she wanted to go to do more things …Her problem they are not gonna beg her ..She refused to go to the wrap party too..who she thinks she is ?Angelina Jolie? Give me a break

      • Kriszta says:

        “She refused to go to the wrap party too” Where is your information from??

        • Vasia Cy says:

          well she was invited and she help someone from writers to choose clothes that day so she had plenty of time + in an interview they ask her if she still communicate with some from the cast ans she pass the question and the only she said is that now she is free to do more things and that H gave her a lot of money WOW such respect and thankful …Jen Morison left and still is talking for H polite and with respect su OW and all actors only Edelstein sounds rude ..I used to be her fan but I feel like an idiot ..even David Boreanz of Bones said goodbye to H and thx actors and creator except LE who was part of it

          • Maria says:

            Isn’t Boreanaz the guy who got sued because he promised an extra he would get her a job or whatever if she slept with him and then he didn’t follow through? Maybe he just has more in common with the House people.

  16. Se8 says:

    Although i never found Masters the most important character, i liked her and her place in House’s team.
    I find her return fitting as this season evolved a lot around House’s influence on his team.
    So team members who left without bad feelings are back . I wonder what Kutner’s role will be?

  17. aurore says:

    She was useless last year, why bother bringing her back.
    I can’t believe they are bringing her back and not Cuddy.
    This show should have ended last year.

  18. S says:

    She’s such a delight to watch so I am TOTALLY glad she’s coming back

  19. Jess says:

    isn’t kal penn going to be in the finale too, a la dream sequence? did I hear wrong?

  20. Carli says:

    SOOOOOO GLAD that LE and JM are not coming! Just because of that it would be a great finale!!

  21. CvCt says:


  22. erin says:

    Well with the ratings HOUSE has been getting this season WHO CARES who is showing up for the finale NO ONE will be watching. You know I love Cuddy but, the way she was written out the only way for her to come back to send HOUSE to HELL and take back her job as Dean Of Mediciene and kick Foreman,Wilson,Park,Chase,Adams and Thirteen’s Sorry ASSES to the curb

  23. Caity says:

    Wow, really didn’t expect this! I loved Masters when she was in it, so this is kind of a nice surprise! I don’t know why everyone is annoyed that Cameron and Cuddy aren’t returning. Don’t get me wrong, they were amazing characters (Cameron will forever be my favourite from House), but them coming back would make no sense whatsoever. They don’t have any reason to be there. At least Thirteen returning sort of makes sense and is feasible – the whole assisted suicide plot. Cameron left Chase and now she has a new life. Cuddy left House. If they came back, It would be great to see them; but the story line would be ridiculous. I can’t wait to see what DS has done for the finale :)

  24. LOL, to be honest, I’d completely forgotten she’d ever been on the show. I saw her, and I was like, “Oh. Right. There was that girl. What was her name again?”

  25. jhon says:

    increible !!! todos menos las autenticas personas que hicieron exitosa la serie jamas se puede terminar tan mal,siempre se recordara al primer equipo como el mejor el de 20 millones de televidentes las que vinieron despues ayudaron a su fracaso

  26. Rao says:

    I don’t agree with Robert’s point of view. Simply because House’s death would be enough reason for her coming back. If we pay attention to the title of the episode, which is Everybody Dies, my point seems very probable.

  27. Tyler durden says:

    Cuddy and Cameron are a part of what make House… well, House! Excluding them is just lame. ESPECIALLY because they were friends with Wilson. I was really hoping to see them. I think bringing back Masters and 13 is fine, but bring back the characters that made us fall in love with the show!

  28. Tyler durden says:

    Oh, and maybe a guest appearance from Amber/Cut throat for Wilson would be nice.

  29. Scott says:

    OH BOY!!! Lots of opinions here and lots to speculate….I am simply thankful that I got to watch Hugh Laurie these last eight years. I encourage the doomsayers and malcontents to watch the previous seven seasons and tell us all how YOU would end the show.

  30. Mel says:

    Bring 13 back!!!

  31. Shauna says:

    LOL at the people getting so worked up about this! It is a TV SHOW.

  32. Mark says:

    i still would like to have cameron back just so we can see the original three one last time.

  33. fiddlelilie84@aol.com says:

    How can you NOT have Cuddy in the season finale? That makes no sense. Cameron I could deal with, Cuddy, no. Boo.

  34. Shi Wei says:

    I hope they revive Kutner. Make him come back as a zombie.

  35. Erick says:

    I think House will die in the final episode.. It would be.. kind of grand finale.. the one doctor who could diagnose any rare disease, has to diagnose himself in time.. yeah.. even he could die.

  36. barbara craft says:

    Not bringing back Cuddy seems counterintuitive to House’s character. Certainly I would like to see cameron & 13 as well, but, to me. Cuddy is essential.

  37. rusydi says:

    i think wilson dies…

  38. someone u dun wanna knw says:

    spoiler alert, ‘everybody dies’ — house himself will die here thats why da series ends here.

  39. Mike says:

    I’d bang both of them……. At the same time. Lol.

  40. Dyanne says:

    I’ve always thought that the only fitting ending for this show would be for House to die. They are limited in the amount of endings they can choose that actually show a way forward for House – he’s not going to completely change in the next few episodes. Anything but him dying will leave us wondering…at least death is complete and final.

    • LJM says:

      I thought you’d either have to have House leave medicine or die to end the show they’ve explored HOUSE in prison and house going insane. I think last nights episode made it clear how the show is going to end and I don’t think it’s House who is going to die.

    • Brit says:

      Ah, but then that might affect DVD sales.

  41. bold predictions says:

    next week’s episode is called the C word, then it’s postmortem, then holding on, then everyone dies.

    wilson dies from his risky cancer treatment, thirteen and masters come back for the funeral, maybe something happens with thirteen (but i doubt it). last episode, house has to accept that “everyone dies” and find a way to move on and be happy without him. or something along those lines, i have no clue how the ending’s really gonna play out now..

  42. alan galloway says:

    As for me I have loved the show because of house and wilson, I will be sad to see it end. the only two I hated on the show was Edward Vogler and Detective Michael Tritter the one I loved to look at the most was CAMERON SHE IS HOT

  43. paolo says:

    this character was dumb!

  44. LJM says:

    Let’s differentiate what they have to do from what people want them to do, I don’t think they need to wrap up all story threads and I don’t expect them too, I mean it’s a medical drama not science fiction or fantasy work, life isn’t neat, just no stupid vague Sopranosesque endings. Cuddy not returning makes sense, House ran a car through her living room some relationships are just irreparable. What I like about the show is HOUSE, the way he interacts with Wilson and his team. Without Wilson the show isn’t the same, you can get rid of any other character but Sherlock without Watson just doesn’t work. Regardless of what other people think I think the show has been consistently good through 8 seasons will be sad to see it go I don’t expect everything to be resolved and if 13 doesn’t die before the end of the season that wouldn’t surprise or anger me.

  45. Natty says:

    if Cuddy weren’t so important there weren’t so many people talking about her being or not in the finale. she was the only person House once really cared, The only one that gave him some happiness. I think that’s enough to deserve being there

    • Cuddy's lawyer says:

      Because she was important! Just watch Fox 25 Anniversary House video, with some great House-Cuddy moments and Wilson nowhere….This isn’t random!

  46. Stormcrow says:

    This is a medical show about a Machiallevian mastermind that’s difficult to be with. Love stories are not part of the main show. Please take all your “Huddy” whining and go away. THIS SHOW WAS NEVER ABOUT HOUSE’S LOVE STORIES, they were only a passing chapter where he showed his lack of empathy and tact.
    A truer end to the show would be House dying because all his anchors to reality go/die. Or he suddenly feels he can’t continue medecine because he failed to save his friend. House driving into the sunset with Cuddy (LE CHOSE not to come back) would be anticlilmatic.

  47. Linda says:

    Are we not to see Houses first wife return?

  48. Em says:

    For all the people who say it would be ridiculous and unrealistic for Cuddy and Cameron to return to House for the finale, I say that’s completely crazy. It’s obviously a problem between Shore and the actors, not a problem of writing the characters in – because it’s *SO* realistic to have all these other random doctors returning? Personally, I just think it’s a shame that neither of these women were invited back for the finale (both have confirmed that Shore never invited them.) Whether you liked or disliked their characters( and yes, both could be annoying, just like all characters on House), THEY were the characters that made up the original cast that we all fell in love with. They were the two ORIGINAL WOMEN on the show. They contributed to the cast that made this show great during it’s – unarguably best – seasons, the first 3-4. I personally never wanted to see House in a relationship, so I’m glad his thing with Cuddy fell through. But I do think there’s a catharsis and finality to a show when all old characters return – think ER, LOST. Not having them will definitely feel like something’s missing IMO.

  49. Melanie says:

    I know everyone will think i’m crazy, but I have never enjoyed House more than this season. I like his relationship with the Russian girl. She and he actually make sense. His relationship with Cuddy was obnoxious and sickening- he acted like a sicko throughout their relationship and it got more and more bizarre because noone, least of all a woman like cuddy, would put up with such lunatic grotesque behavior. I really am enjoying this last season- all the characters are finally likeable and house is more realistic. Cuddys character made no sense toward the end and i think DE couldn’t take it anymore.

  50. chyron says:

    These comments on “both” sides are hilarious. If David Shore were to read them, do you think he’d care “one” iota what any of you know-it-alls think? He brought back who “he” wanted to bring back for whatever reasons that made sense to HIM! It’s HIS show, and you’ll watch! Lol. And if he does another show that you like, he’ll again do it HIS way without any input from YOU, because he DOES TV and you don’t. Lol. You’re just a viewer, remember that.