TV's Most Divisive Love Triangles: Which Pairings Get Your Vote?

When it comes to TV love triangles, there is no such thing as “in between.” You are either Team Ben or Team Noel. Team Stefan or Team Damon. Team Brandon or Team Dylan. Period.

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If you doubt it, check any TVLine comments section that veers toward a discussion of Gossip Girl‘s Chuck/Blair and Dan/Blair, and you’ll get all the proof you need. Couch potatoes are as passionate about which couple should be/stick together as Republicans and Democrats are about who should be the next president.

In honor of this phenomenon, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of TV’s Most Divisive Love Triangles, from classic Gilmore Girls and Friends threesomes to current obsessions from The Vampire Diaries and Revenge. We won’t bother to remind you to hit the comments afterward to let us know where your allegiances lie and to chime in with any trios that we snubbed. That would be as silly as Frasier ending up with [insert the name of Diane or Lilith, whichever you didn’t favor].

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kelly says:


    • Susan says:

      Team Delena all the way!

    • Peeta says:

      What’s Glee?
      And you missed Awkward’s Jake and Jenna

      • Nicole says:

        I agree

        Rory/jess (I was never a fan of Logan)
        Zoe/Wade (I like George and Lemon together.)

        My own
        Buffy/Spike (After all we like our vamps only slightly good)
        Fred/Gunn (even though I liked Wesley)
        I’m not sure who I like Jeff with… I love him with them both for seperate reasons

        • ade says:

          I agree with EVERYTHING you said except for felicity and noel. I Liked ben a little better. oh and I like Jeff and Britta, although I like Annie as a character.

      • macinze says:

        Glee is like the most awesome show in the world (i think it is tied with The vampire diaries in my opinion). it really just depends on what you like its a drama with comedy and romance!

      • julia dorochenko says:


    • Dale's RV says:

      Definetely Lost’s Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet (that was the most complete, effective and well resolved love triangle/quadrangule of the XXI century),
      The Walking Dead’s Shane/Rick/Lori (perfect in every way),
      and Eric/Sookie/Bill from True Blood

      I would put Game of Thrones Khal Drogo/Daenerys/Ser Yorah too
      and the old Logan/Veronica/Dunca from Veronica Mars for good meassure.

      The key to any good love triangle is timing and a satisfatory ending and these examples bever disappointed IMO.

    • Keenan says:

      I’m not even going to bother. This flavour of the month will win anyway.

    • Cheryl A says:

      Buffy and Angel. *swoons*

      • Melinda says:

        I loved Buffy and Angel but there was such an intense chemistry between her and spike that it started to make Angel look Blah! I felt sorry for the Spike, here’s a vamp (without a soul) who’s so much in love he allows himself to be tortured and eventually given a soul and all the pain that goes with it just to prove he’s worthy. Made ya wanna root for him.

        • kaodai says:

          Exactly my thoughts. In comparison to Spike, Angel was boring and one-dimensional. Bufy belonged with Spike.

        • Veiry says:

          Very well said Spike and Buffy belong to eachother. Buffy and Angel were boring. I like Angel better with Cordy, even with Darla.

        • jonstewart4president says:

          And see, I hated Spike/Buffy because I thought Spike was his most interesting and had the most chem, with Druscilla, But than I wasn’t a fan, nor did I believe in the hero-ing of Spike. Nor did I like that the essentially changed the entire canon of vampires for his character (Spike is just such a special snowflake) just because Marti Noxon and Jane Espenson wubbed James Marsters. I like the guy, liked Spike, but didn’t think the character or actor was worth doing that to canon.

          For me, if not Druscilla, the second couple I liked Spike with was Angel, actually. They were much more fun to watch than anything Spike/Buffy.

          • Annie says:

            Ha, I see, you hated Spike because they made him better and more complex character than Angel ever was. Unlike you I loved the hero Spike, who fought for his soul and earned it because his love to Buffy. And yeah – Spike&Buffy all the way! :)

          • Melanie says:

            I love all of the passion that we all still feel for BTVS and it’s characters. The debate over Spike/ Angel goes on….

    • Rumor says:


    • Z says:

      Is it just me that remembers that Damon fully intended to kill Jeremy (and succeeded) and it was just luck for Jeremy and Elena that he had the ring on. Damon didnt know he had the ring on and intended to kill him.
      This is why I will never buy Damon and Elena as a couple.

      • alwaysdair says:

        I agree.. I do not care.. I would not date someone who killed my brother .. even if i forgave them you do not date them. Damon needs help.. and Elena needs help to even consider it. I hope Stefan leaves town and moves on.. he can do so much better. Hell hook him up with Bonnie.

        • Eliza says:

          Stefan, who can’t handle his blood like a drunk that can’t handle his booze, can do better than Elena? Please! I seem to recall Stefan going all ripper and murdering women. Yes, Klaus pretty much told him to lose his humanity, but this isn’t the first time Stefan has done that.
          Elena is far better than Stefan could ever dream of being, Neither Damon nor Stefan are “good guys”. Stop deluding yourself.

    • macinze says:

      Oh yeah Delena till the end!

  2. George says:

    OMG! You included Bridge vs Tridge! LOVE it!

  3. AJ says:

    About Luke/Lorelai/Christopher, was anybody ever team Christopher?

    • LOL! My thought EXACTLY!

    • val says:

      Sure was! Mr. and Mrs. Stalin :) Don’t you remember?

    • Barbie says:

      MEEEE. ANd my my mom!! We loved Chris! Still do!!! Team Chris <3 Luke's a wimp!

    • tjj50 says:

      I was team Christopher!!

    • Ali says:


    • tacos22 says:

      Christopher. And Rory for a season or two before she came to her senses and switched teams. Pretty sure that’s it. I don’t even think Lorelai was ever really team Christopher.

    • ally says:

      hey there were fans that were rooting for christopher okay! i actually wanted them to end up together!

    • Billie says:

      I was and always will be on Team Christopher. Although I’ve never met another GG fan who shares that sentiment. I just always felt like Chris just got/understood Lorelai better than Luke did. And the Lorelai/Chris banter was always so much better than the banter with Luke. I sometimes felt like Luke couldn’t quite keep up when Lor got on one of her crazy rambles.
      Don’t get me wrong, I loved Luke as a character. But if it had been up to me – Lorelai would have ended up with Christopher.

      • Ange says:

        Totally agree with this. I loved Christopher, he and Lorelai had a spark that was totally lacking from Luke and Lorelai. I was seriously annoyed with the way they destroyed Lorelai and Chris’ connection in the end. I will always be Team Christopher. Luke and Lorelai just didn’t work as a couple…

      • Anna says:

        Gilmore Girls-I was Team Luke until the whole stupid secret daughter SL, then I became heavily Team Christopher. I kind of still am Team Christopher.

    • Claire says:

      Chris all the way !

    • Lacey says:

      I was always team Christopher! I liked the Luke & Lorelai friendship but absolutely hated them as a couple

    • annie727 says:

      absolutely! I loved the Lorelai/Christoper dynmaic. Luke was so annoying. When I
      watch a season of GG on DVD I have to start FF any Luke scenes because of all his complaining negativity.

    • Laura E. says:

      The Luke/Lorelai/Christopher triangle ruined Gilmore Girls. It was a great show until the last season and a half, and then it became unwatchable. I can’t even watch it in syndication because of the Lorelai/Christopher marriage.

    • Jennifer says:

      I was. Chris was hotter than Luke,

    • Katie says:

      so true christopher was just awful noone likes him

    • Kristen says:

      I was Team Luke from the pilot and NEVER wavered from that (even in the second half of Season 6 and first half of Season 7). I don’t really understand the Lorelai/Christopher appeal, though I have to admit if he was a townie/other recurring character I would’ve loved him. His sense of humor killed me.

      • Cat says:

        I agree I was Team Luke from the beginning and all the way to the end. I think her and Christopher had a connection but she was always going to end up with Luke, and whoever said they didn’t have chemistry – you are crazy. They were the perfect match. I also loved Rory and Logan with some of Rory and Jess thrown in as well.

  4. Ella says:

    Team Noel

  5. Sabi says:

    I choose Chair over Dair, but LOL I just remembered that there is also somehow a Nate/Serena/Dan triangle going on at the same time…These shows…

    Ann/Seth/Summer Team SUMMER ALL THE WAYYY!

  6. Ashley says:

    Damon and Elena-TVD (LOVE them!!!)
    Ben and Felicity- Felicity
    Chuck and Blair- Gossip Girl
    Pacey/Joey- Dawson’s Creek

  7. Amelia says:

    Luke! No question about it!!!

  8. Ashley says:

    Damon/Elena/Stefan is great cause they’re all SUCH amazing actors.

    Kelly/Dylan/Brenda was EPIC.

    Ben/Felicity/Noel was lots of fun though I was Team Ben and I knew Felicity was too!! :)

    And Blair/Chuck/Dan? PLEASE. Muppet’s not even in the conversation. They remind me of brother and sister.

    • Meg says:

      I agree. Dan and Blair drive GG into the ground and is more hated than liked ( check twitter and FB)

      I forgot Ben and Felicity

    • Anna says:

      Dan and Blair were so uncomfortable to watch that I literally dropped Gossip Girl from my DVR. They feel so forced together that it was hard to stomach. I’ll come back to GG when I read the horrible D/B SL is over. I know that some people like them together but I don’t see the appeal. It’s forced and it brought the show to a screeching halt.

  9. Claire says:

    Team Damon/Delena always! <3333

  10. Wow awesome list! I have so many investments in about a third of these triangles.


    • Dena says:

      Eric/Sookie! Forgot about them! All the way! :D

      • HazzyDee says:

        I could choose from all of those triangles but Eric/Sookie/Bill…..I’m on Team Sookie because I can’t possibly pick from Eric and Bill…..both are yummy!

    • Juventina says:

      I agree with all your choices!!
      I would add Dylan/Brenda, Rory/Jess, Ross/Rachel (who would ever pic Rachel/Joey??!!)
      Joey & Pacey… my favourite tv-couple ever

    • Liz says:

      Agree with you all the way!! Maybe always a little divided between Spike & Angel but one relationship never existed at the same time so it’s cool. And I still believe that Joey & Pacey are the best couple. And DC having the best love triangle. Good work Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec

  11. Jeff/Britta. Ross/Rachel. Barney/Robin over Ted/Robin because B/R actually has a chance.

    • rachelleet says:

      Seriously, um, who was ever Joey and Rachel…I don’t even think the cast members like Joey and Rachel. Gross.

      • Tegan says:

        I was Joey/Rachel!! Still am. Even though barely anyone online ships them, everyone I know in RL does.

        • Jenny says:

          I enjoyed watching the whole Joey/Rachel thing even though I knew that she would probably end up with Ross. It was entertaining, and I loved seeing Joey really fall for somebody.

  12. danielle says:

    Where is Fine, Rachel, and Quinn???

    • Alice says:

      They really could just put the entire cast of Glee on there. The choir is really quite incestuous.

      • HazzyDee says:

        haha! Exactly my thoughts!

      • Adam says:

        Yeah there can literally be a connection like Mike/Tina/Artie/Brittany/Santana/Sam/Mercedes/Puck/Quinn/Finn/Rachel/Blaine/Kurt. All of these (and more) were at one point a couple or romantic interest, legitimate feelings or not.

  13. val says:

    Veronica & Logan, Rori & Jess

  14. Veronica and Logan!!!
    Damon and Elena
    Pacey and Joey
    Chuck and Blair!!
    Jess and Rory!!

  15. heather says:

    lucas & brooke
    elena & damon
    jax & brenda
    joey & dawson
    chuck & blair
    serena & nate
    kelly & dylan
    joey & rachel
    rory & jess
    lorelai & chris
    lexie & mark
    zoe & wade
    barney & robin
    emily & daniel
    big & carrie
    caroline & klaus

    • Beckmen says:

      Brenda and Jax on GH were the best.

    • macinze says:

      All of the shows i watched on her my favorite couples are
      Tina and Mike (Tike)
      Barney and Robbin (Barnobbin) hehe just made that up!
      Summer and Seth ( Smeth)
      Lucas and Peyton (Leyton)
      DAMON AND ELENA (Delena) I will DIE if they dont end up together!!!!!!!
      I haven’t decided if I want Caroline to be with Klaus or Tyler guess I have to watch season 4!

    • lulu says:

      Dylan and Brenda..Dylan Kelly was NOTHING !

  16. vampire diaries- #Stelena (stefan and elena)
    Gossip Girl- Serena and Nate
    Glee- Tina and Mike
    You for got about 90210 !!!!!

    • R says:

      i though about 90210 too! but then i realized there won’t be any triangles but so many zig zags!

      take Silver for example: Dixon then Ethan then Teddy then Navid and now Liam!! Dang that girl has gone through all male co-stars – more like a Complete circle than a triangle! :P

  17. Richard says:

    Noah/Luke/Reid on “As the World Turns”

  18. Kay says:

    I was always about Nathan/Haley, but what about Brooke/Lucas/Peyton from One Tree Hill? That entire fandom was intense.

  19. Mary Faith says:

    Oh man, Fred/Wes/and Gunn. Still the absolutely saddest.

  20. ashleigh says:

    Obviously team damon he’s hot and has so much chemistry with Elena!

  21. Elise says:

    Tim/Lyla, Mark/Lexie, Zoe/Wade, Daniel/Emily,Elena/Damon, Caroline/Tyler

  22. Amelia says:

    Chuck/Blair all the way. and DEFINITELY Damon/Elena. Vampire Diaries owns at love triangles.

  23. Linda says:

    Noel and Felicity – Felicity
    Dean and Rory – Gilmore Girls
    Pacey and Joey – Dawson’s Creek
    Peyton and Lucas – One Tree Hill
    Angel and Spike (okay fine Buffy and Angel) – Buffy/Angel

  24. Cottage101 says:

    Team Delenaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Sawyer/Juliette (what was their shipper-name by the way?)

  25. Dena says:

    Current triangles – Still rooting for a Jackson/Lexie
    & Addison/Sam hookup but I think I’m in the minority for those pairings. Also House/Wilson! Past – Dylan/Kelly, Pacey/Joey, Ridge/Caroline, Angel/Cordelia, & Spike/Buffy!

  26. sarah says:

    Chuck and Blair -Gossip Girl Team Chuck

  27. Emily says:

    Stefan/Elena on TVD, but I think the triangle is well-done either way.
    Weirdly Jeff/Britta on Community, but I know it’s not going to happen.
    Chuck/Blair and Nate/Serena on Gossip Girl, thank you very much.

    And, awww… I miss Dwight/Angela :( :(

  28. laboricua91 says:


  29. Joan says:

    Kelly and Dylan
    Ben and Felicity
    Pacey and Joey
    Ross and Rachel
    Chuck and Blair
    Riggins and Lyla
    Luke and Lorelai
    Jess and Rory
    Sonny and Brenda
    Mike and Tina

  30. angie says:

    Duncan/Veronica (anyone else?….bueller?)

    As for Cappie/Casey/Evan…I’m pretty sure everyone was team C/C!

    • Stephanie says:

      Yay for Duncan/Veronica! Me too! Everyone I know who ships Duncan and Veronica also ships Angel/Buffy over Spuffy. Those two love triangles are sooo similar. Maybe it’s why Joss was such a fan of Veronica Mars.

      • angie says:

        Yup, I’m bangel over spuffy, too!

        • definitely Bangel <3 my favourite show and couple ever. oh BTVS also Willow/Tara too bad Joss likes tragic endings..

          • jessica says:

            Omg yes willow and Tara all the way! Will was great with oz and ok with Kennedy but Tara will always be her true love! Bawled my eyes out

          • Annie says:

            Definitely SPUFFY!!!! Read the comics – Bangel’s dead forever! Thank Joss! Joss always liked Buffy with Spike, not with Angel or Riley. He said it in an interview! :D

      • jonstewart4president says:

        I root for Buffy/Angel over Spuffy, and I hate and loath Duncan/Veronica. And I know many other fans of both shows, who feel the way I do. So not a correlation for everyone ;-)

        • jonstewart4president says:

          Unless you’re saying that all fans of Duncan/Veronica also prefer Buffy/Angel, which that distinction would be important. Though there again I would say I do know fans of Duncan/Veronica who also preferred Spike/Buffy. I think they’re horribly wrong on both counts, of course, but those (very bad taste :) ) people do exist.

      • Dino-Man says:

        Count me in as another person who really liked the Duncan/Veronica coupling. Logan/Veronica, while an okay couple, always seemed a little too non-viable to me. Logan was immature to say the least. He fit the trope of volatile bad-boy who seems like a viable candidate because of his rebelliousness, yet whose very rebellious nature makes him a bad idea. He was a phase Veronica needed to go through.

        I mean, be honest, ladies. Would you want a boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) who was as quick to violence and irrational as Logan Echolls? There’s a reason he and Veronica didn’t even work out in the end and why Veronica even told him she wanted nothing to do with him (after he beat the crap out of Piz).

        Duncan was always the more mature and even-tempered one of Veronica’s boyfriends. And to say that a guy with a type of epilepsy that manifests in violent outbursts is more even-tempered than a guy who doesn’t have said illness says a lot. And plus, their romance was fraught with such palpable tension: from the possibility of them being siblings (and the fact that he still couldn’t get over his feelings even then) to the fact that their families had huge falling outs over Lily’s death.

        Anyway, I’m glad that this particular triangle made it onto the list, because its really the only triangle I’ve seen where both guys have their appeal as viable candidates for the girl. In most other triangles I’ve seen, its quite obvious that one option is just keeping the other’s seat warm. Take the example of Brennan/Booth/Hannah. Regardless of what the showrunners told us, it was obvious from the get-go that Hannah was just holding Brennan’s place for her.

        • lulu says:

          euh totally disagree it is LOGAN and VERONICA all the freaking way, Duncan was nothing at all on this fandom..wake up. Angel/Buffy/Spike is a more legit triangle, to say the least

    • Heather says:

      yes to duncan/veronica

    • Christine says:

      I agree with every single one of these, except for the HIMYM one. I don’t really have strong feelings either way, but I’d prefer to see Robin with Barney.

  31. Willa says:

    Chair over Dair-easily!
    Delene and Stelena are hard cause I don’t care
    Luke lorelai
    Ben and Felicity

  32. Erika says:

    The Lost triangle of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer! Seriously really good arguments could be made for why both guys were right for her.

  33. nk says:

    Damon and Elena-TVD

  34. daniexj says:

    Oh, c’mon…. Lauren/Bo/Dyson isn’t on there… from Lost Girl. It’s frickin’ epic…. *sigh* not to mention all the other Sci Fi triangles that are woefully underrepresented on here…. oh wait, ’cause there really aren’t any…. like Jack/Allison/Nathan from Eureka (though I guess that triangle could change after the Season 5 first episode.

    • Melaure says:

      THANK YOU for mentioning Lauren/Bo/Dyson from Lost Girl!!! I’m Team Lauren myself, but the whole triangle is worth mentioning! Even when you consider the complications in season 2. . .

  35. Lorie says:

    Definitely Peter/Alicia/Will from The Good Wife and of course Brooke/Lucas/Peyton from One tree Hill!!!!!!!!

  36. Zoey says:

    Dan/Blair and Nate/Serena all the way!!

  37. Rebecca says:

    Jax/Brenda-General Hospital

  38. athena606 says:

    omg spuffy, delena, dair, Apollo & Starbuck, Jax & Brenda, Dylan & Brenda, Forwood, Zoe & Wade, Suliet, and Jakate — i love that you all included soap couples by the way!!

  39. Oh my, so many love triangles!!! Personally, I am Team: Damon/Elena, Klaus/Caroline, Stefan/ Katherine, Spike/Buffy, Angel/Cordelia, Rory/Dean, Pacey/Joey, Jeff/Annie, Rachel/AnyoneButFinn, Blair/Chuck, Sookie/Eric, Jason/Jessica.

  40. sweet0ebe says:

    Dylan/Brenda -Beverly Hills 90210
    Brandon-Kelly -Beverly Hills 90210
    Pacey/Joey-Dawson’s creek
    Rachel/Ross -Friends
    Rory/Jess -Gilmore Girls
    Luke/Lorelai -Gilmore Girls
    Serena/Dan -Gossip girl
    Chuck/Blair- Gossip Girl
    Barney/Robin -HIMYM
    Jack/Kate -Lost
    Sawyer/Juliet -Lost
    Summer/Seth-The O. C.
    Lucas/Brooke -One Tree Hill
    Henry/Betty -Ugly Betty
    Stefan/Elena -The Vampire Diaries
    Caroline/Klaus -The Vampire Diaries
    Logan/Veronica -Veronica Mars

  41. Lots here that I either didn’t watch, or didn’t care about.

    But, I’ll go with :

    Ben & Felicity (as if Noel was ever really in the running)
    Dan & Blair
    Nate & Serena
    Barney & Robin
    Jack & Emily
    Damon & Elena
    Both Kate and Juliet with Sawyer (not a Jack fan there, and both women had better chemistry and relationships with Sawyer)
    Wes & Fred
    Angel & Buffy
    Jax & Brenda
    Taylor & Ridge
    Mike & Tina ((were they ever a triangle with Mike? Rachel/Finn/Quinn is probably a better Glee example)
    Dawson & Joey
    Jeff & Annie
    Joey & Rachel
    Dylan & Kelly

    Would’ve liked to have seen Clark/Lana/Lex of Smallville been an option here, if only because the obvious answer is Clark & Lex :)

    • Alice says:

      I think you make a good point with LOST. Every woman has better chemistry with Sawyer than with Jack. I think I only favor Sawyer-Kate over Sawyer-Juliet because I did not like Sawyer in his “La Fleur” days. La Fleur was boring.

      • Ben says:

        Elizabeth Mitchell said in a season 3 commentary (which I watched long before Sawyer/Juliet) that Juliet is kinda immune to Sawyer’s charms, and I agreed with her. I just had trouble ever believeing Juliet and Sawyer would gravitate towards each other in a love-based relationship. Although I preferred Kate with Sawyer over Jack chemistry wise, I liked the Kate/Jack arc from a stroy telling perspective, but would have preferred a decision where Sawyer and Juliet just got over the need for Kate & Jack respectively and were happy in themselves (and became close friends, that still rewarded an emotional response from Sawyer to try to save Juliet, without needing to be lovers). But hey, it is what it is, I just have trouble buying into that relationship. I bought Juliet and Jack a lot less than Juliet and Sawyer. As you say, Sawyer had better chemistry with the ladies.

    • Dee says:

      Clark and Lex forever!!!! :)

    • Daisy says:

      It’s funny that you should say as if Noel were ever even in the running on Felicity because I always thought that Felicity belonged with Noel and I would much rather have had her choose nobody than Ben. Ben never really treated Felicity in the way that she deserved and I thought that she and Noel had a lot more chemistry than she ever had with Ben. All of my friends who watched the show were on this page, but I guess we must have been in the severe minority if a lot of people believe that Noel was ‘never in the running’. It’s unfortunate because Felicity ending up with Ben kind of ruined (on some levels) what has got to be one of my all-time favorite shows. *sigh* :)

  42. niks says:

    Pacey/Joey/Dawson & Chuck/Blair/Dan with Dan/Blair and Pacey/Joey being my all time favorites. One triangle missing is Castle/Beckett/Stupidity with both choosing Stupidity above each other.

  43. Josh says:

    Quinn/Rachel or more likely Quinn/Artie

  44. Camilla says:

    Buffy and Angel- BtVS
    Britta and Jeff- Community
    Noel and Felicity- Felicity
    Ross and Rachel- Friends
    Artie and Tina- Glee
    Alicia and Will- The Good Wife
    Lexie and Mark- Grey’s Anatomy
    Ted and Robin were great back in S2 but now it’s Barney and Robin- HIMYM
    Damon and Elena- TVD
    I love Caroline and Matt, but I guess Tyler and Caroline- TVD

  45. nikki says:


    I have just realised I watch too much tv and care wat too much about fictional couples :(

  46. Allison says:

    Chuck/Blair is as obvious as Ross/Rachel.

    Of course, I don’t think even Joey/Rachel screwed up their show to the extent Dan/Blair has…

    • Brit says:

      um, except not at all. the dair fan base is almost as big as the chair fan base these days, but if you want to be naive about it…

      • Fernanda says:

        Nope, the dair fanbase is very far away from being as big as chair’s. Go check twitter and facebook that represents casual viewers much more than biased boards. There are a lot more hate for DB then love. And oh, well, why the ratings are so awful now? If people loved DB wouldn’t they keep watching? The point is, Dan is a Dawson. He is boring, pretentious. I have to laugh at the writers attemp to make people care about him. Dan will never be Seth, Pacey or Chuck. Casual viewers hate him.

        • bebe says:

          lol I love all these people speaking for casual viewers. He’s his own character for sure, but media people make comparisons to Seth and Pacey for a reason. Anyone who doesn’t see that is being purposely blind.

        • Bridget says:

          Yes, casual viewers hate Dan, and he is so irrelevant, yet he is the only GG character to be part of BOTH the triangles listed here.. SDN and DBC. Cry moar.

    • Emma says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. First of all, JR didn’t screw up Friends and DB haven’t screwed up GG.

      Second of all, if it wasn’t for Dan/Blair, there would be absolutely no reason to watch Gossip Girl anymore. Without their dynamic, it’s a sinking ship. (Which is exactly what I used to say about Chuck and Blair, btw)

      Plus, the will-they-won’t-they of Ross and Rachel became silly. They had great moments and chemistry, but they had PLENTY of chances to get back together and never took them. Not unlike Chuck and Blair. One of the writers even said that RR fans “would’ve hunted the writers with torches” had they not ended up together. So there’s that pressure from extreme fans, AGAIN, not unlike Chuck and Blair.

      • Allison says:

        You’re right about one thing, Dan/Blair is literally the only thing happening on GG right now. And viewers have left in droves. When you lose almost 1/3 of your audience over like 5 episodes, shouldn’t you question whether maybe you’re doing something wrong? I’m not even watching it anymore (and it used to be my absolute favorite show), so I think they’ve screwed it up for a lot of people. I stopped watching Friends during the Joey/Rachel debacle too, not for “shipper” reasons but just because it got weird and boring. But I did come back for the final season, so maybe I’ll catch GG S6 if it looks promising. Obviously I still care how the show turns out, i just can’t stand it right now.

      • Fernanda says:

        Uh? The ratings for gossip girl are awful, people are bored in twitter and facebook. There are a lot of negative comments about Dan/Blair. The only thing they are doing is ruining the show. Sad how the writers ruined everything to make Dan/Blair happen.

        • OhReally says:

          The biggest drop in ratings happened when Chair were a couple. The ratings actually went up after the Dair sex episode(you can check for yourself). Plus it’s always near or at the top on ITunes. If casual viwers “hated” Dan, you wouldn’t be going blue in the face telling everyone this.

          • Sally says:

            Please tell me you’re joking with this. Ratings went up from 0.97 to 0.98 or something after that ep? Those numbers are just plain embarrassing. Which is aside from the fact that hundreds of thousands keep tuning out halfway through each episode. I’m sorry, there’s just no excuse for these ratings. People don’t like what GG is putting out right now, and I can’t blame them. If it were on any other network, these writers would be unemployed right now.

    • Em says:

      I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Dair fans outnumbering Chair fans? PUH-lease. Chuck and Blair are the reason I got hooked on the show. Tearing them as far apart as they have definitely ruined the show. I can’t even watch Dair scenes without gagging, and it’s not that I don’t like Dan. I barely consider it a triangle, since there’s no way in hell she ends up with Dan. He’s a bump in the road to Chair endgame bliss.

      • bebe says:

        lol keep dreaming. Dair fans are everywhere. Chair fans are living in the past. it was once a super popular ship but not anymore.

    • dtse says:

      IA with you so much <3333333 dair sucks as the show sucks with them

  47. Cynthia says:

    I was a little afraid that Logan/Veronica/Duncan didn’t make the list for some reason…the reason being who would choose Duncan, right? LOL. Last but not least. (Side note: I need more Logan Echolls in my life)

    I love that Jax/Brenda/Sonny made the list. (I was Sonny/Brenda)
    Loved Cappie and Casey on Greek.
    Vampire Diaries- I’m team Stefan/Elena all the way. I also like Caroline/Klaus. Yep!
    Revenge- Team Daniel
    90210- Dylan and Brenda forever.
    And if Robin/Barney don’t end up together on HIMYM, I’ll start a mutiny.

    Fun list!

  48. Babybop says:

    Luke and Lorelai are perfect together! And so are Casey and Cappie!

  49. I feel like TVD is really affected by the fact that the actors that play Elena and Damon are together in real life. From a character stand point, Elena and Stefan make more sense and have a deeper connection, but Elena and Damon have more sexual chemistry.