Catwalk Bloodbath: America's Next Top Model Fires Nigel Barker, J. Alexander and Jay Manuel

Nigel Barker J. Alexander Jay Manuel America's Next Top ModelNigel Barker, J. Alexander and Jay Manuel are in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model has-beens.

The show’s longtime mentors/judges were fired on Thursday as part of a major overhaul ahead of this fall’s 19th cycle, the New York Post reports.

ANTM host and exec producer Tyra Banks confirmed the dismissals on her Facebook page. “To my Nigel Barker, Miss J, and Mr Jay: Thank you for all of our years together on America’s Next Top Model,” she wrote. “Working with you is always an absolute pleasure. Excited for what the future holds for us.”

Added fellow EP Ken Mok in a statement: “Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander have been an integral part of the America’s Next Top Model brand and they helped turn this show into the household name it is today. They have been amazing assets to the show and will always be a part of the ‘Top Model’ family. We will continue to actively work with each of them on future projects.”

In a blog post, Barker said his departure will “allow me to take on new projects and turn my attention to other business prospects in the worlds of fashion, beauty and entertainment. I also have a number of new ventures that have been in the works.”

No comment yet from Alexander or Manuel.

Thoughts? Are you in the running towards becoming Model‘s next lapsed viewer?  

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  1. Pennagirl says:

    I wrote on FB that this is the death nail in the coffin of this ANTM. Hopefully they all get their own shows. Shame on Miss Tyra!

    • ceeli says:

      mixed metaphors… death knell + nail in the coffin. heheee!

    • India says:

      I agree completely. They were a huge part of what made the show fun to watch!

      • Tish says:

        I absolutely agree. Those three were the reason I watched. Just walk away now, Tyra. You just killed the show.

        Miss Jay, Mr. Jay, and the adorable Nigel Barker…Much love to you all.

      • Pami C. says:

        Yes I agree once I read this I was like this is going to be crappy but I will give the new judges/mentors a shot but I am very disappointed at Tyra!!!!!!!!!

    • Tia says:

      Okay. Then that is the end of antm. Tyra has been logging the spotlight anyway. pot ledom…wtf .

    • Not sure I agree ,
      One of the issues with ANTM is that they are have not been mixing in new judges / mentors fast enough to keep the show fresh ,
      Plus ,
      They really need to stop casting women that go all Ghetto when they get on camera and stop depending on sob stories to justify whey someone continues , it makes the show come off like a Special Olympics for models.

      • Erin says:

        I think the main issue is that Tyra thinks she’s the be-all and end-all of the modelling world, and feels the need to insert ridiculous ‘booty-tooch’ lessons and music video challenges into the show. Did you even SEE that self-indulgent Modeland movie she made the All-Stars do? Tyra needs to step back and let the models be the center of attention.

  2. Can Miss J now go be on Drag Race? I’d love to see him mentor the queens!

  3. Amanda says:

    The three reasons I watch ANTM. Looks like 19 should be the last cycle!

  4. Shazay says:

    I actually really liked these three, especially Miss J. Alexander. I would have preferred if Tyra got rid of herself and that witch Kelly Cutrone.

    • Kathy says:

      Completely agree!!!

    • Ava says:

      Every time Tyra has a “lesson” episode where she tries to teach the girls something I feel like I dropped acid watching her try to teach them to booty tooch or be supersmize. I would prefer less Tyra and more Nigel Barker and Miss J

      • RAF says:

        Agreed – Nigel and Jay seem to have checked their egos and keep themselves fashion forward – Tyra has let herself go and she believes because she was once a model that it entitles her to be anything other than that. Cutrone is a witch!

        • Tish says:

          Exactly. You never see Nigel or Jay leading with their ego and monopolizing the show.

          This was a really bad move.

          • Denis says:

            I agreed. Tyra Banks is not smart at all. Her choice of her Judges replacement won’t last. Her Baby Boyfriend Is attractive but a user and he is using Tyra as she rocks the Ctaddle. ANTM has become Boring!!! I won’t miss it if it’s taken off the AIR.

      • India says:

        I had to laugh when I read your comment because I’ve thought the same thing. For being such a “smart businesswoman” this wasn’t such a smart move!

      • Arr says:

        Absolutely! What a joke!

    • J'aimes says:

      Ugh @Kelly Cutrone!!!

    • CM says:

      Completely agree! Those three were the only reason to stay tuned. Sad. Very sad.

      • Miserydane says:

        Those three were the show, they should produce ther own show, I would watch!d

        • That is the absolute truth! The 3 are the show. I am so over Tyra. Move on guys, you should start your own model show and have it like the old ANTM shows were. All about the pictures not the stupid stuff Tyra’s doing now!I watched the all stars and hated it and haven’t watched an episode of the new season. Not interested.

    • Jule says:

      Right on…considering not watching again as that Cu.tron woman is extremely unpleasant to watch…slovenly and bitter ugly person…will miss Nigel an Jay but comeon

  5. Laura says:

    I love Jay Manuel! What is she thinking? He’s the heart of the show.

  6. jimmy says:

    Wow. Biggg mistake. Nigel and Jay Manuel were as much a part of that show as Tyra was. Do I even want to watch anymore?

  7. Melissa says:

    Can’t believe this. These 3 have been a integral part of the show and I have always enjoyed watching them. I haven’t watched ANY of this current season that’s airing or last season. Why would you fire them? At least Nigel has class and didn’t bash Tyra.

  8. Amanda says:

    So now it can’t be the all Tyra all the time show? NO THANKS!

  9. Dahlia says:

    I already stopped watching in the middle of this season, but I certainly wouldn’t return after this. I don’t know what they’re going for here, but firing the only watchable people seems like a really questionable move. Here’s hoping its next season is it’s final one.

  10. Jane says:

    I think the most shocking news is that this show is still on the air.

  11. stcy says:

    I was never a a fan oft Jays, he was a condsencing litle man.Mis Jay I liked, but it got old, kinda like Nigel

  12. TVAddict says:

    No way I’ll be watching without Mr. Jay.

  13. avalon1970 says:

    Well, this will officially be the last season i watch. I will remove it from my season pass after this brit one is over… Boo Tyra!!

  14. Sharon W. says:

    When they got rid of the best model on season 18, I was outta there. Definitely done now.

    • BL says:

      Who do you think was the best model?! I was annoyed when they got rid of Az…

    • A says:

      AzMarie of course. I find it funny she kept getting best photo, then gets eliminated the same week she tells Tyra she won’t wear those *stoopid booty tooch pads. They should have sent home the girl (Kyle?) that they said kept getting worse and worse this week. Kelly Cutrone is a HATER and needs to go. I hope AzMarie makes it big without ANTM.

    • Ava says:

      They did the same last season with the All-Stars. Laura was the best model who did consistently well and got great feedback from the clients. Tyra eliminated her but not Angelea who was consistently in the bottom two throughout the season and got a lot of negative feedback from the clients. I don’t think there is any rhyme or reason to who they eliminate.

    • J'aimes says:

      They couldn’t dare have an out lesbian be AMERICA’S Next Top Model!!!! OH NOOOOO!!!!
      (please note the sarcastic tone in my voice)

  15. Eva LePelley says:

    yup this def sealed ANTM’s fate…i haven’t watched one single episode of this season because i saw that witch kelly in a preview and i didn’t want to listen to her idiotic bile…should have gotten rid of tyra and kelly..ANTM producers are making a huge mistake..huge

  16. gailer says:

    I think this show has run its course. Now with this news, it’s pretty much a given. The last 2 cycles have been unwatchable. It’s off my dvr.

  17. Lani says:

    I haven’t watched since like cycle 5! ANTM should have been over so long ago!!!

  18. Sidney says:

    That is just stupid

  19. Guest says:

    Wow that is super stupid! However I did not watch this cycle, but I think it is time to cancel ANTM. There are plenty of other shows on the CW that deserve to stay, RINGER for one and with the CW having 5 pilots to look at for the fall then they have to get rid of some shows and with OTH being done and having already cancelled that other stupid modelling show that so far gives 2 times slots so please cancel ANTM and that gives 3. So then the CW can just bring in 3 new shows and leave all the other shows on the CW. I do not watch Gossip Girl, Nikita or Supernatural but I do watch Hart of Dixie, 90210, Ringer, TVD and Secret Circle. So I want them to renew all those shows and for the sake of the fans that watch the other 3 then it would be nice to bring those back too as the CW fans are loyal!

  20. Jason says:

    Big question is: Will CW allow this franchise to die without ever attempting the 180-degree turnaround that just ONE cycle of male models would produce? I can’t even imagine the press and new viewers (along with the millions who fled cycles ago) that a hot male model cycle would engender. It boggles the mind that it hasn’t even been suggested thru 19 of the same-same-old-old girl-fight-nonsense cycles we’ve endured…while the ratings plummeted from an 8 to a 1. Doesn’t that suggest a more SIGNIFICANT change is needed than firing your main 3 assets, Tyra?

    • Anaisa says:

      It has. After the cycle with petite models, there were talks of doing an all male cycle, however Tyra stated somewhere that it “wasn’t in the shows best interest”. Which translates to “I have no experience as a male model, therefore have no way of making this cycle about me”. She sickens me.

      • Karen says:

        Having women living together and competing against each naturally (unfortunately) creates a lot drama. This is not the case with men. Anyone who has ever watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise has seen this. The Bachelor seasons are (too) full of catfights and backstabbing, while the Bachelorette seasons have to create drama around the ‘Ette and HER feelings. Guys, even when they don’t like each other, don’t behave that way. They just say f you and walk away. They can even get in a fistfight, then go have a beer, lol. Men don’t hold on to feelings and grudges the way women do. I think that is what Tyra was referring to with the “wasn’t in the shows best interest” comment. They want drama in the house, and men wouldn’t bring it. That said, Nigel, J and Jay were my favorite part of the show, so I think I’m done.

        • nikkyX says:

          lol!!! riiiight because men NEVER gossip! what a joke. Karen must be living on the island of Lesbos or some such place where she never EVER encountered, dealt with or observed men in her entire life.

        • Lorna says:

          Not *mature* women, Karen. Understand that these are *reality shows* which are all about *ratings.* It is all just a show. Plus, some gay men can *definitely* bring the drama. Don’t say things like that about an entire gender. That is just plain ignorant.

  21. I dont even like Tyra, she’s quite annoying! But I do like Nigel, Ms J and Mr Jay, they are the ones that make the show! Without them, this show is going to go down hill!

  22. Jane says:

    A male cycle is actually brilliant. The girls and gays would watch and I assume that’s a large portion of cw’s audience.

  23. I understand their desire to overhaul ANTM because it has gone downhill with each cycle, but I think the real answer here is for The CW to cancel it and move on. After 19 cycles, what more can you possibly do with this show? The All-Star cycle was an attempt at shaking things up and it was painful to watch. Besides, these 3 are part of the reason people watch. I like Tyra, but she’s not the reason I continue to tune in especially since she’s started acting like a caricature of herself. I applaud Nigel for his positive comment about the situation rather than being negative though. I think it’s time for this show to follow these 3 right out the door and give new shows an opportunity.

  24. BL says:

    This show has lost what little fashion cred it had left. Ever since all- stars, its now about branding and becoming “commercial” (gasp!). Nigel, Miss J, and Jay do not fit with the new scheme and for that (and them!)I am glad. If Ken and Tyra want to make this Americas Next Perfume Pushing, Can’t Really Sing, Cover Girl Wearing Mediocre Model then thats on them. This show used to be about the fashion world and was a vestige to the 90’s and what it meant to be a model. The show has had surprisingly great mentor/judge talent, all of which Tyra has chased off the show (Janice, Paulina, Twiggy and Andre to name a few).

  25. mika says:

    Foolish! Too bad Tyra can’t see the real solution is for her to fire herself. She is the reason I hate watching.

  26. Britt says:

    Get rid of Tyra. washed up.

  27. A says:

    How funny. Tyra fires the 3 people that made the show and that people love, then they tell Tyra to fire herself. Just cancel the show. BIG mistake.

    • smidnite says:

      Tyra’s guaranteed two more cycles to sink the ship; meanwhile Bravo has already snagged Andre Leon Talley; perhaps there’s room for the others?

  28. The show has become less about modeling and more about being famous. Why not just have a bunch of young pretty socialites compete against each other to get the Papparazzi to notice them.

  29. QJ201 says:

    “Make me a supermodel” was actually a MUCH better show, more realistic about the business, the audience got to vote…and several of their contestants actually have careers. Unlike the losers on ANTM that go back home with their tails between their legs.

  30. Megan says:

    Tyra is the least interesting person on that show. Big mistake made here

  31. J'aimes says:

    There goes that show! It was beginning to get pretty wack anyway!

  32. Boombalatty says:

    Oh man, it’s gonna be a Tookie-Tooch-Pot Ledom Tard Fest!

  33. jozielee says:

    They will probably all have shows of their own produced by Tyra Banks’ company.

  34. Amanda says:

    Such a shame. They surely don’t need this show to be successful (all 3 are brilliant and talented and a joy to watch), but I think the show needs them. Good luck, Tyra.

  35. llws says:

    WOW…..what a mistake!!!!! That’s going to be it for this show….SMH

  36. SophieJ says:

    This will be the last season I watch. I loved that trio. This show has started to go downhill for me and I was already thinking this would be the last cycle for me, but this confirms it. I watch more for those guys than the contestants. Just like I watched Idol for Simon and quit watching it when he left that show.

    I really hope that Sophie or Alisha wins this cycle, but I’d be happy with any of the Brits winning. Azmarie was the only American I really liked this season, though Laura’s okay, too.

  37. Nene says:

    Bye bye Tyra! By firing these integral people, you’ve just sealed your fate.

  38. Dyl says:

    Man, since the All-Star season, something really happened to this show. It used to be a pretty interesting look at prospective modeling, featuring girls of diverse backgrounds and mentored by a fashion icon who knew the ropes and offered constructive advice. Now it’s just about reality-TV wannabes who don’t appear to do more than throw down, bad-mouth “all dem other bitches,” lay the hate on each other, and writhe around in fifth-rate music videos.

    I guess this is what Tyra learned in business school.

    I’m done with this show. Sad.

  39. Bobby says:

    I enjoyed the comrodery between Nigel, J & Jay working with the models & giving them advice & positive criticism to do better more than any other part of the show. I seriously hope & am rooting for these three to return with their own show & blow all other shows and ratings out of the water. They could totally do it, no doubt.

  40. wendeeloo says:

    If I could choose who I would fire, it would have been the supremely annoying Tyra.

  41. zombiehugs37 says:

    This show should have gotten the boot long ago, it’s a joke.

  42. bad kevin says:

    This is really the beginning of the end for Top Model, depending on how many more cycles it would take based on the network’s decision.

  43. Jan says:

    Like many others posting here, I’ve stopped watching. Saw one episode of the current cycle and decided it wasn’t worth my time. Enjoy each of those guys more than Tyra (who is just too impressed with herself).

  44. Kat says:

    The All-Stars cycle followed by the clusterf*ck that is the British Invasion have doomed ANTM in my eyes. I am already a lapsed viewer. However, firing the only reasons at all to even think of watching again confirms it for me. The show is a pale and ragged shadow of what it once was. I’m done and gone.

  45. Akira Hideyo says:

    ANTM & Tyra is way way passe overdue yonkers ago. The real TV entertainment is with Rupaul Drag Race. Main difference is; Rupaul is genuinely a great human being & drag icon that cares and is grounded unlike Diva T. Good riddance ANTM.

  46. Marc says:

    The main reason I can’t watch? I’m too “embarrassed” FOR the insane way that Tyra acts. It makes me uncomfortable. The one and ONLY thing that would bring me back to ANTM would be a male cycle. Dead serious…that’s IT. Young men…or nothing.

  47. Kellike says:

    Maybe they should get rid of Tyra & stop doing such weird photo shots.

    In the Australian version- they do photoshoots for real designers, not fantasy shoots

    • Alex says:

      Agreed. The girls on Australia’sNTM actually LOOK like models too.

    • TM says:

      So true!!! It’s funny how all the other NTMs out in the world (especially Australia) are 10x more legit than anything Tyra and ANTM has ever produced! A joke! The show has no credit in the fashion world! Wake up Tyra! The show was good (and ‘realistic’) for about 3 cycles… But then again I’ve continued to watch even though it’s been going down hill for a LONG time

    • Dyl says:

      Agreed. Both Austraila’s and New Zealand’s NTM are fantastic examples of what this show can, and should, be.

  48. Skye says:

    Is Tyra stupid? She must be. Dude, those 3 were the only people (and twiggy) who isn’t annoying. But oh no, tyra cant have anyone outshine her so she gets rid of them? Lmao. Have fun getting your pink slip you annoying cunt.

  49. IdaRed says:

    Jay M, Miss Jay and Nigel are not what’s wrong with the show. They’ve completely strayed from what made it interesting to watch. I don’t want to see them write songs or film music videos. This isn’t a music competition. I understand that there are many facets of the modeling biz but I don’t think music is one of them unless you’re a hot model cast in a music video as eye candy. Perhaps they could’ve replaced them one at a time? But all at once? WRONG!! They lent a lot of experience and valid input. I don’t like that new judge either. And where does Tyra get her wardrobe anyway? KMart?

  50. Danielle H says:

    Stopped watching a few seasons back.. but doing this to spark ratings on a show that’s almost 20 cycles in is just naive. The show itself is dying. These 3 were the only good thing about it. Boo on you if you had a say so and let this happen, Tyra.