House Series Finale Shocker: 'Everybody Dies'

If you were thinking House might check out next month with a big burst of sunshine and happiness, it’s time to readjust your expectations. Newly-obtained intel about the series finale all but confirms that the swan song will be as dark and twisty as Hugh Laurie‘s titular medicine man himself.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the May 21 capper is titled, “Everybody Dies.”

The morbid epithet is a fitting bookend to House‘s eight-year run, seeing as how the 2004 pilot was called, “Everybody Lies.”

It’s also likely to intensify speculation that the show’s final arc will find the doctor becoming the patient.

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In a recent interview with TVLine, House creator David Shore — who co-wrote and directed the finale — described the hour-long send-off as “a fitting ending” that will feature “a few” of the show’s alumni (Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen included) reprising their roles.

Speaking of Wilde, TVLine has learned that the actress’ return engagement has been expanded to two episodes. In addition to the finale, she will also appear in the penultimate episode on May 14.

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  1. SVClois says:

    what about Jennifer Morrison she is an original from Pilot :(

    • JAA says:

      Didn’t she say that they haven’t asked her and it was mostly too late to come back?

      • Erin says:

        Morrison, who played Dr Allison Cameron from 2004 to 2010, told Entertainment Weekly: “No-one’s contacted me [about returning], and we’re way too close for it to even be a possibility.”
        So yeah, you’re right. I think House is going to die, though after the way they killed Amber, they need a more intense death scene for House if it is in fact him who dies. By the way, the only pact he made with Thirteen was that he would euthanize her if he were still around when the time came. It wasn’t as if he promised he would die too. But that would be interesting to see.

    • Sally says:

      I’d love to see her again in the finale too, but I’m afraid it won’t happen :-(

      • Nicole says:

        Ugh. least favorite character in the show’s history – well its a close one with Yi. Either way, i hope she keeps her whining off what’s left of the show!

        • Lauren says:

          Bitter much?

          • Sarah says:

            Childish much? Are we in elementary school? It’s her opinion, get over it.

          • @ sarah says:

            You give over it, is free country i see BS i call it

          • @ sarah says:

            You Get over it, I see BS i call it.

          • Jo says:

            Couldnt stand cameron or 13. I must really be bitter. I am bitter that there will be no cuddy.

          • elisa in new york says:

            “Lauren” – are you “Sal” (from below)?

            Both of you silly tools called people “Bitter” simply for expressing their opinions about characters they don’t like. NEWSFLASH: You’re disconnected from reality. The characters the people are criticizing here are FICTIONAL. The people, on the other hand, that you’re personally attacking for expressing their views are REAL. Seek help for your delusions & stop cry-whining. Thank you.

        • karenkaback says:

          Yi definitely the worst!!!

          • Ellen says:

            Hmmm, Yi is bad but I’ve started to warm to her, who I REALLY hated was Masters. And i’ve read on a different article that she is meant to be coming back on the last episode… i really hope she doesn’t.

      • “I’d love to see her again in the finale too, but I’m afraid it COULD NOT happen ”
        Have Faith!

    • Pia says:

      @JAA is right, she said in one of her interviews that nobody asked her to come back. It is very very sad that she won`t appear in the finale at least for a short cameo. Poor JMo, Cameron was such a great part of the show and i never got as attached to the new women as to her. :(

      • Heather says:

        I agree. I’m glad Jen has so many great things going on with her career that she’s not waiting around for those guys to call her. She’s doing just fine. =) I will admit that part of me kind of hopes she does appear and they were just keeping her appearance a secret to surprise the audience (not sure if they’re smart enough to do that though, LOL) and part of me hopes she stays as far away from this potential trainwreck as humanly possible. Count me as another who wonders how OW’s Thirteen was deemed more important to bring back than Cuddy or Cameron, both of whom were there when the show first started and IMO, were always more important and part of the show than her. C’est la vie. =(

        • Diane says:

          I feel the same way.. neaver got into “13”

        • Rob says:

          My thinking is that Olivia’s character, Thirteen, is brought back because she had that death agreement with House. Right? They agreed that the other would be there to ‘pull the plug’ on the other if it was needed. Right? Or am I remembering it wrong? I think that’s what it was though. I have to agree that Cuddy should be brought back, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I think with Cuddy being gone this season, that’s why a lot of people seem to have a major gripe with this show. It was a huge loss for that character not to be part of the show, and some of the new characters just weren’t strong enough for the shows viewers to care about. I definitely had a hard time watching the beginning of this season, and now that I’m FINALLY comfortable with the show again, it’s about to end. UGH! I’m gonna miss “House” not returning next year.

          • Andrew says:

            I agree with you. I thought it might have something to do with their agreement, but I think that idea was before they decided to cancel the show

          • This is how it ends. says:

            When I think of this show and how massively watched and liked it was back in the day, to think this is what it all comes down to– It’s a great example for the wise and those who learn from the mistakes of others of what not to do with a show. They never listened or cared about their fans, when they upset their fans they ignored them and let things fester, they grew sloppy with the writing, let threads drop, never developed any characters, focused on the unpopular characters and lost and ignored some of their most popular ones, told us House would never find happiness–Do show runners ever stop to think even a minute about their fans? Do you really think this depressing vision is what people want? It seems as if show runners are making shows for themselves entirely these days and they lose fans because they have no clue what their fans love or care about and/or could care less about satisfying them. Yeah we want good drama, and there have to be real costs but there need to be good payoffs and some real joys too. That’s life. House lost that. Then they had him crash his car into Cuddy’s home last season and ended the season with him happy and careless about what he’d done. This season he’s just been worse. He’s given up any sense of trying to be better and is just a selfish, unlikeable, skeezy old perv. I used to like House, now he either disgusts me or I feel complete apathy towards him. Sure, kill him off. It truly is a fitting end for such a rotten character.
            Don’t ignore your fans show runners, don’t get so caught up in the drama and darkness that you forget this is entertainment and that your audience is there to find an escape not to be depressed further, remember that if you want us to continue watching your show you need characters that people love and care about. have some guts like Matt Weiner and fight for the characters we love, fight to keep them and also listen and know your fans, again, like Weiner does. He puts out quality work, characters all well-developed, realistic, and you can tell he really cares about them like we do.
            How you begin a show is no more important than what you do in the middle and the end of a show. I am not investing any more money in this show, I sold my DVDs, and won’t watch reruns of it because there’s nothing left here for me as a fan. All the things I loved about the show are gone and I could care less about House.
            House’s legacy is this: they were the most watched show in the world and now look at them. Their fans are miserable, most of the fans left who do still like the show are few and far between and watch for Hugh or other favorite actors and characters, not because the show is good anymore, their numbers have sunk to series’ lows, in the demos and in overall viewership, no reputable critics are covering the show, watching the show anymore or think that it’s good anymore, House has whittled its legacy down to nothing. What a sad way to go out.

          • heather_kaye says:

            I thought the same thing – even if that was before they officially decided to end the series, they do pay some attention to their continuity (right? Hello? )

            It seems the only fitting end, honestly, so far as the character is concerned.

          • lisa russell says:

            your right about house pulling the plug, i tape all the old house episodes on my dvr and at the end of the onew where he got her out of prison, he says at the end of the show “i will kill you” to13

          • Anouk says:

            Given what an insufferable Mary Sue-character Thirteen has always been, I strongly suspect that Chase and Taub will contact Thirteen for help when/if House gets sick. She’ll find a cure but it’ll be too late, and House is about to meet Kutner and Amber in the after life. Thirteen and Chase will end up together, leaving Park and Adams looking like idiots in a cat fight. Chase, who has offed a patient before, can fulfill House’s promise when Thirteen’s time comes. Plus, they can make a subtle and clever reference to Chase’s ex who once married a dying man too. Same might happen to Chase with Thirteen. I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s such a sad and pathetic possibility. Almost as pathetic as the return of a bunch of characters that I never cared about. Thirteen, Kutner and possibly Amber? Really? My personal worst case scenario. :(

          • Sandy Becker says:

            Yes, my thoughts precisely…..I feel the same way about Cuddy, and we never knew her reasons for not returning. A real shame that was.

        • dude says:

          Because Olivia’s a bigger star and she’s loyal enough to the show to come back. 13 was the best female character they had. Excited for her return.

          • Roxi says:

            13 was better than Cameron,but not she the best(and the most important) female character!

          • Robert Stewart says:

            Bigger star? Obviously, you haven’t followed her career. Why else do you think she came back to House?

      • Josh says:

        Yeah, why’d they ever write her off?

        • Robert Stewart says:

          She wanted to pursue an acting career. Great reason to leave, but it bombed big time. That’s why she came back.

    • shiremaid says:

      Jenn was really busy working on Once Upon a Time, couldn’t commit

      • Diane says:

        it’s hard time seeing her on Once Upon a Time.. But am very happy that she’s not wasting her talent.

      • Pia says:

        Right she is working on another show but they finished shooting a month ago, so she would have been able to take part on the House series finale. The other actors are participating on other projects too beside House and were able to shoot the finale. SO, where there’s a will there’s a way. ;)

    • Sal says:

      Yes but she was boring. No need to bring her back.

      • @ sal says:

        That’s your opinion and I think there are others who do not agree with you, Why so bitter ? get over it

        • Sarah says:

          First you say it’s their opinion, which it is, then go on to call them “bitter”. Can we grow up and stop with the overused “bitter” name calling? I wasn’t a fan of Cameron, does that make me bitter too? No, it makes it MY OPINION, whether it’s in the majority or not. Goodness.

          • Cam says:

            Are you ok or are you going to explode on everyone who criticizes one another? Oh wait, isn’t that what you’re doing?

          • @ sarah says:

            @ Cam indeed she is, methinks she protests too much.

            Touche Sarah.

          • Robert Stewart says:

            Being in the majority doesn’t make one right and oftentimes, it actually the minority group that is right. Bringing her back didn’t make sense from a plot standpoint given how House give her the cane.

        • tripoli says:

          The Morrison fans could also be accused of being bitter. It’s been quite some time since she’s been on the show, but not an article goes by where someone doesn’t reference bringing her back. Get over it already. She’s gone, on to another show, and House is ending.The end of a show doesn’t mean that every major character has to return for the finale. Bringing her back is not relevant to the story at this point. Perhaps her ending wasn’t what people wanted, but why bother with that now that the show is ending? It’s pointless. 13 on the other hand, is still relevant to current story lines, and therefore it makes sense for her to return. Cuddy was always useless and annoying so no need for her return, but I can understand why fans of the character/actress would want a different ending for her.

        • elisa in new york says:

          “Sal” – are you “Lauren” (from above)?

          Both of you silly tools called people “Bitter” simply for expressing their opinions about characters they don’t like. NEWSFLASH: You’re disconnected from reality. The characters the people are criticizing here are FICTIONAL. The people, on the other hand, that you’re personally attacking for expressing their views are REAL. Seek help for your delusions & stop cry-whining. Thank you.

          • Dolcetti says:

            And yet you’re doing the same here. classy……..not

          • Robert Stewart says:

            The difference is that elisa is talking about real people and not fictional characters. Sad that Dolcetti and others don’ t get that concept. They are so hung up on these “people” they can’t accept they are only characters. They would go out of their way to help them while ignoring real people in their own neighborhoods.

    • Rose says:

      She’s also in another show and probably hasn’t the time or inclination to return.

    • I have little hope for House because i have seen this Greek tragedy before in my life. This has been the first honest Television show ever. If the character dies OK if he lives it will be a twisted existence. It is like a friend only a true friend would accept the character with all it’s flaws and stay with it until it’s death . . .. An alcoholic is an alcoholic forever, a drug addict is a drug addict forever and an egomaniac that believes he is above the truth and wants TV shows to end well needs an education.
      I want to see House be at peace . you know one with the universe. He may be the first Bodi in TV history and be reincarnated as ( we will let the writers handle that one)

  2. Keenan says:

    I don’t have a problem with 2 or 3 of the characters dying, horribly hopefully.

    • Karen says:

      I can’t wait to see House on his death bed, surrounded by hookers,chickens & a cool monster truck. Also, please make sure that Wilson brings his “not son” to say goodbye to House and that green card bride comes back and offers sexual services to House before he croaks. lmfao..this show is such a joke now.

      • Poliom says:

        Lol i’d like to see Cuddy back but your dream finale sounds perfect

      • Liz says:

        You Huddy fangirls are a joke. Get over it and STFU.

        • Karen says:

          Who said I’m a Huddy fan? Quit trying to make ever comment on what crap that this show has become linked to a “Huddy”. Now move on.

          • Adrian says:

            You are the one who can’t seem to move on.

          • tripoli says:

            Perhaps you should heed your own advice. You clearly have no interest in the show, other than spouting off negative comments, aimed at starting an argument. Move on.

        • Brit says:

          I can’t wait ’til this show is over. No more vitriolic Cuddy/Huddy hatin’ comments from Liz. I’ll almost miss you! xo

        • Kriszta says:

          @Liz go to a psychiatric you have serious Cuddy fobia!

          • Sal says:

            She is a bitter hameron. lol

          • @ sal says:

            @ sal Really get over it already also why start with the pettiness and jealousy. You are so Sad.
            I am house fan and i do not like cuddy either, I prefer stacy with him or better yet Alone, does that make me a hameron I don’t think so, but then you people complain when someone say that the huddy fans are bitter and jealous. also aren’t you guys that said you quitting watching the show and yet you bunch are here anyway.

        • K says:

          HATE the way any well deserved criticism about the show winds up with people just saying ‘you’re a bitter huddy!’ The show has been crap for a looong time. The presence or (lack of) of JM, LE etc etc has nothing do with it. However good the actors are, they can’t make the writers look better then they are. Recycled stories, lazy medical mysteries wit no substance and cheap hooker b plots are NOT what I would have expected watching House 6,7 or 8 years ago but now that’s the best we get. I’m gonna watch just to see the way they put it out of its misery. Let House be killed off, someone like him would have wound up dead a long time ago anyway

          • Stop Being a Bot says:

            Agreed. If you can’t be a fan without being a hater when someone criticizes a show, you are the person with the problem.

            It was good for the first half and for whatever reason, the second half went downhill fast. A first year med student would have come up with a lot of the diagnoses from the last 2 seasons long before House or his team did.

        • Robert Stewart says:

          So, people like you are the only ones allowed to have an opinion on the show? Everyone has a right to their opinion, including you, but that doesn’t give you the right to tell people to shut up because you don’t like their opinion.

      • Annie says:

        Seriously. (And sadly.)

    • Allen Smith says:

      I agree

  3. logic says:

    i hope we can get a nice chase/13 scene. i’ve always loved their acting chemistry.

  4. Theo says:

    I think thirteen might die as well… based on nothing but a nagging feeling that i hope is wrong

  5. nikki says:

    It will be a fitting end of House dies. He has been suicidal/self destructive his entire life.

    • I agree. This is the only show I have ever watched where I hoped that the main character I loved dies in the end. I’m 90% sure the series will end in House’s death but for some reason a part of me feels like its Wilson who will die and then House will leave medicine because he couldn’t save his only friend and try to find some happiness with Dominika.

      • JD says:

        This is the fate worse than death that House must have. What would Sherlock Holmes be without Watson? Something will happen to Wilson and House will not be able to save him. Which will lead to House leaving Princeton-Plainsboro for good. House won’t die at the end, it would end his suffering. House can’t have a happy ending.

        • Diane says:

          hummm.. nice spin.. but love Wilson.. it would be sad..Wilson had it hard?????

        • Michael says:

          Agreed. House must live to suffer the rest of his life. A better ending would be Cuddy returning for treatment of a mysterious, life-threatening disease that House can’t solve. Her death causes House to suffer a destructive breakdown, where people die because of his actions and he winds up in the criminal loony bin.

    • Bryan says:

      House needs to die of Lupus at the end.

    • Maria says:

      Yes it would be fitting. The show has been decomposing for years, it’s about time that the titular character goes to meet it.

  6. Poliom says:

    Is Lisa Edelstein in the finale? I want to see House and Cuddy together at the end

    • Liz says:

      Nope, not happening. And I’m REALLY grateful for that. No thanks to Huddy, it was awful enough as it was, no need to revive the crap.

      • Ellen in NYC says:

        I’d rather they dig up Sela Ward’s long gone Stacey before they bring back Cuddy.

        • Heather Cook says:

          Eww,no. I hated Stacey!

        • Criffer says:

          Dear Ellen, Although I rarely go on any of the numerous House blogs, yours is the first comment I have ever seen about Sela Ward and her character Stacy. To me, there was a special and unique connection between the characters…and in the acting process Hugh Laurie and Sela Ward had in creating them. Stacy’s character reached a special place in House’s emotions which I never saw again. I guess I’m the only one who hoped that Stacy and House would reconnect before the show ended. Something about Season 7 and the relationship between Cuddy and House really impaired the show for me…as do the new, rather boring characters of Adams and Park in this final season

          Thank you again for your positive remark about Sela Ward’s Stacy; I so enjoyed the complex, both positive and negative, situation of their relationship.


      • Vero says:

        At least with Cuddy there the show wasn´t cancelled XD

      • Diane says:

        I agree 100% Cuddy end was not nice and they just let her go.

    • Is not necessary to come back..she left and refused to go back ..That’s disrespectful for me… She said she was imprisoned to her role and she didn’t have time for anything less so she took the decision … I can’t imagine how tired is Hugh or Omar and everybody else who had more lines from her..Let’s say goodbye and look in front and not behind..at least for the good memories this show gave to us

      • fiz says:

        There is absolutely no comment from LE or the House Producers or Network that says anything about LE refusing to go back to the show in fact the indications are that she and Jennifer Morrison were not even asked to return, even though many fans would have loved to see them appear. Also your “imprisoned” quote comes from a badly translated French article. Could you do us all a favour and stick to the facts instead of spreading your hate and vitriol towards LE on every site you go onto. How about you look forward instead of fixating your misguided hatred and blame for anything House related on an actress who has been off the show for over a year. How about you move on!

        • Tatjana says:

          Something has been weird for some time now, both Cameron and Cuddy were way more important than 13 is, but looks like she has some private ”affairs” with either producers or directors they have been ”pushing her in” all the time and I still don’t buy it. Somebody has ruined the show on purpose or the creator cannot keep his depression inside his own house. So sad.

          • dee says:

            Am I misremembering, or didn’t House promise to off 13 when her Huntington’s got bad? They have unfinished business. That’s why she’ll be back.

          • Alex says:

            Actually when 13 left,it was said that she will come back for the end.And 13 had signed a contrant for this season,but due to her hollywood carreer she had to quit the show.So it is logical she to come back.What would be difficult though is that cuddy or cameron come back,as they left the show,not with a very “friendly” breakup.But feel free to speculate that wilde sleeps with producers!

          • Michael says:

            Interesting. Wouldn’t be the first time that the casting couch decided who got the part.

          • Shana says:

            I agree with Dee. I thought the same thing able how 13 helped her brother and she broke to House saying she didn’t have anyone for her when she gets bad with Huntington’s. House said he would do it.But, it does say it’s suppose to have a twisted end!

        • Sal says:

          Because she is Vasia. One of the biggest morons in this fandom.

        • Stop Being a Bot says:

          According to an article on this site, Lisa declined coming back. A brief bit of digging should turn it up.

          In terms of hate, your hatred towards the poster you are responding to far exceeds any hatred they have towards Lisa.

      • Maria says:

        Mathe na milas agglika toulaxiston. Den ftanei pou prepei na diavazoume tis malakies sou, prepei na upostoume kai ta agglika sou;

        • krima says:

          oh wow! greeklisch.Gives you the opportunity to swear without being detected….Ha ha.
          By the way i rather agree with Vasia.
          And that article was correctly translated. What’s more LE, commenting in some english language articles, indicated that [H] was stultifying her creativity (!) and compared unfavorably the working environment of [H] to that of TGW.
          Krima, kapote tin sympathousa…
          sAs for the finale, I just hope it is Soap opera-less: about House and his personality, not about his love affairs.

          • Maria says:

            There are 63646 different ways to interpret what somebody says. You interpret what she said wrong. You made all sorts of assumptions, without having any clue as to what happened and you ended up demonizing someone for no reason other than the fact that Hugh Laurie makes you wet. Which is completely irrelevant, but you’re stupid like that. I know that you’re claiming to be watching because you love the show and you ~trust DS’s vision~ but honestly, that is so sad that I choose not to believe it.

            As for her comments that you mentioned, I bet everyone else on the set agrees with her. RSL even told fans who went to see him at the theater that nobody cares about the show or the characters anymore and it’s just a job. Also, I’ve never heard anyone talk about how much fun they have shooting House. I’ve read the exact opposite, pretty much. And why is it wrong to say that she had more fun at TGW?

            Afou s’aresei auto to ektrwma pou katelikse na einai o Xaouz, kala ekanes kai stamatises na tin sumpatheis. Rezili.

    • shiremaid says:

      Nope she was toast long long ago.

  7. Janet Pelly says:

    I wanted to Unlike this idea! I have been through so much with House, now that the show is ending I want him to be happy or at least happier!!! My mother feels the same way.

  8. Boiler says:

    What is with all these shows killing off people? To me it leaves a very sour taste and I think this has been a good season for House. Still don’t like what they did to Mike Delfino

    • Michael says:

      Wrong show there buddy he on ABC and killing is a part of our life people die ever day

    • Robert Stewart says:

      Killing them off makes it impossible (at least in theory, but TV series have a way around that: Dallas; various soaps; etc.). Although, once they add the identical triplet nobody knew about (on top of the identical twin no one knew about), it gets old fast.

  9. Kate says:

    OW-no hum

  10. Kate says:

    OW-hoo hum.

  11. Keir says:

    I have an awful feeling that House will die and be met in the afterlife by Kutner and Thirteen, since we know they’re going to be in it. Maybe then they’ll begin diagnosing what people really died of…? As I said, awful.

    • Thats a good theory. From the moment I read that Kutner would be back I knew that House (or at least someone) would have to die. Does anyone know if Anne Dudek will be too?

      • bandeti says:

        1) Once everyone reads that Kal Penn will return, they naturally assume that Kutner will be part of an ‘afterlife’ sequence. During the Kutner suicide episode, wasn’t it mentioned that Kutner had a twin brother?

        2) While I’m here… one word for you: Seinfeld! Remember how everyone speculated how Seinfeld would end its run, and they even incorporated some of those speculations into the finale, and then came out of nowhere with its ending? If the ending did not come out of nowhere, I will be disappointed. I still would like to see House stay alive and do a crossover episode with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ where Sheldon has to go to see a doctor… and the doctor turns out to be…

    • Joe Strummer says:

      I find this unlikely since throughout the show’s run, they’ve always always conveyed the opinion that there is NO afterlife.

      • But they he has also admitted seeing things as he “died” in Three Stories and he sat with Amber on the bus after she died and he was in a coma. So its possible that while he is not seeing them in the afterlife he is hallucinating as he dies. Also, its entirely possible that they prove House wrong by showing up in the afterlife (although the first scenario seems more likely)

      • Stop Being a Bot says:

        I disagree. Amber and Three Stories are a good case in point. Besides which, House’s opinion has changed a variety of times, usually after something major happens.

  12. Liz says:

    Seriously, this is House we are talking about. If anyone expected that this show will end with happiness and sunshine, they are delusional.

    • THANK YOU!!! I was about to post the exact same comment. It’s a show about miserable people and run by a man who is never happy (I speak of both House and David Shore). This show was never going to end with any sort of happiness. Indifference at the very best.

      • Kriszta says:

        Is stupidity! All of people can change and House was happy more times!

      • Stop Being a Bot says:

        Happiness, and unhappiness, are states of mind. I haven’t followed Laurie or Shore enough to know how unhappy they are in real life. Having said that, the fact that both have been part of the series for 8 seasons speaks volumes about their unhappiness. Even a very happy person would have their happiness tried after being on this show for 4 seasons, much less 8.

        • Jenn says:

          the point of the series is probally there also miserable peopl that are not happy and maybe dont want to be happy
          But everybody apparently has an opinion i just dont anybody here has enough insight about Hugh Laurie or anybody else to say they themselves are unhappy
          We who like the show have to get over it and those that dont get over it also

      • Jake says:

        I had no idea you knew David Shore so well.

    • Bobby says:

      Happiness and sunshine are obviously not going to happen but what I at least hope for is closure. I mean that’s not something that is completely farfetched for the writers

    • djesus says:

      and tragedy is so much more beautiful than a happy ending!

      • Stop Being a Bot says:

        Are you being serious? I have lived through a bunch of tragedies in real life and I’ll take happiness/happy endings over it any day of the week.

  13. well I trust Shore..all the episodes he wrote were fabulous …he is the only one who knows how this era must end…and I want drama,shock,pain everything …Love Hugh Laurie :)I’ll miss him a lot

    • Vero says:

      You trust Shore? You must be one of the very few left :) The show is not even making 6 million viewers and i´m sure half of them are sleeping while the episode is on

      • Kriszta says:

        Haha,you are right :D

      • you can’t talk about all ..for God sake House is against Dancing with the stars Voice etc which have fanatic viewers.. I haven’t seen all S7 but I start watching S8 and I love it with 3 episodes ..you can’t talk about all people..may u sleep but some ppl don’t and u have to respect that… and why I shouldn’t trust Shore? wasn’t the one who create House? strylines change some are boring some more interesting ..It’s …a hospital..I’m not gonna lose or ruin this great show … for me had his good and bad moments …

        • Diego says:

          Shore is an MORON. He ain’t no JJ Abrams. He ignore continuity.

        • D says:

          Actually no he didn’t create House. The idea for the character first came from Katie Jacobs and her husband. Shore developed it. And if you still trust the guy then more fool you. He hasn’t been invested in House since he left at the end of Season 5 to work on his doomed ‘Rockford Files’ project and was then dragged back kicking and screaming. It really shows too.

          • D says:

            Completely different D here, but the D above couldn’t be more misguidedly, jadedly wrong. There’s a, hopefully, obvious difference between a concept, from Paul Attanasio, and a character, from David Shore. The guy is based on Shore himself.

        • Stop Being a Bot says:

          Being against those other shows doesn’t matter if the viewers like House more, which they used to. I have seen plenty of shows that were against stiff competition and did a lot better than House. It screams volumes that House is losing viewership to crap shows like those two.

    • Maria says:

      Malaka, tha se paroun me tis petres. Ektithesai, stamata!

  14. Mia says:

    I just want Chase to be HAPPY when the show ends!!!

  15. Ems says:

    I’m hoping that 13 is returning so that House can fulfil his promise to her to help her end her life, and if he has cnacer/os dying maybe she’ll help him out too?

  16. RyanC says:

    Presuming Kutner is meeting House post-death in the finale, I would love for Cutthroat Bitch to make an appearance too.

  17. BeaMD says:

    What’s wrong with Cuddy? I loved her, and I’d like to see her again in the final ep, yet well I know that she won’t come back. To me, 13 and House will die, 13 because the Huntington, House.. maybe ’cause the Vicodon, or suicide, or homicide. (sorry for the grammatical mistakes, I’m italian.. )

    • Robert says:

      I agree – there is nothing wrong with Cuddy and it would have been nice to see her in the finale. Why OW is there for yet another good bye I just do not know. House dying also seems like a pretty obvious path to take. Neither this plot of this House Dies plot excite me to be honest. Ho Hum indeed.

    • Annie says:

      Sorry, can’t agree. She irritated me almost as much as Edelstein did in her press for the show. I hate that, too, because I really loved her in her West Wing arc once upon a time, and other things, too. I *want* to love LE. I just … can’t. *sigh*

      • Stop Being a Bot says:

        Try won’t, not can’t. If you really wanted to love her, you could. Love and hate are choices. If you hate someone because of a show, you really need to re-examine your life and get your priorities in order. This is a show, she’s an actress.

    • D says:

      Lisa Edelstein was asked back, and she declined. No reason was given. It was reported here at this very website.

      • Flor says:

        Ahem! You read it wrong. No one ever said she was asked.

        • D says:

          Nope! http://tvline.com/2012/03/21/house-series-finale-spoilers-season-8/

          This is literally the only piece of information regarding her non-return on the internet that’s not crazy fan shouting. Edelstein has a Twitter account, and Shore and plenty of House staff have them also. Unless someone credible(read: not a commenter) comes out and disputes it, I’m going with Ausiello.

          • Maria says:

            Did you even read the original article? There’s nothing about her declining an offer there. Get your facts straight!

          • D says:


            Did you read what I linked to? It explicitly says “declined.” I wasn’t referring to the link within the link.

          • Kriszta says:

            Everybody lies! Lisa wasn’t invited!

        • @flor says:

          It was the beloved Aussielo LE`s friend himself who said that LE declined the invitaion. Sorry to destroy your illusion *hands you a tissue

          • Everybodylies says:

            Yup it was Ausiello who also has to stay sweet with the show to get scoops. If she was asked and IF she declined I’d imagine the last minute nature of the whole thing played a part. She left the door for Shore to make a phone call last year. Way more than meets the eye on this one, and a ton of politics involved.

          • Se8 says:

            Agree with @flor.
            What’s more, she is the one who abandoned the show and, boy, am I glad she did.
            And no, I am not a Hameron, Hilson or any other ship. I am H-alone. More angsty!

  18. James says:

    13 will die house will be devastated he could not save her. Would be nice if she crossed over and kal penn met her there.

    • manu says:

      the 13 meets kutner in afterlife situation has nothig to do with house, so is unlikely to be the show’s endgame

      • Joe Strummer says:

        Also throughout the show’s run they’ve tried to convey that there is no afterlife so this is very unlikely.

        • Alex says:

          actually when amber died,house had an afterlife experience.when amber told him to get off the bus…so it would not be out of the course of the show.Also remember the episode when wilson said to house “you will end up alone”,whith smth devine in the air,or the episode whith amber as an illusion,when he dreamt the future…So,it is unlikely,but not unseen!

  19. ana says:

    iloved Cuddy,but some fans camerom/Hamerom just hate,becauso also Camerom and Cuddy go back this season finale,but Cuddy is the best womam for me,my opinion

  20. Moochoo says:

    I didn’t know the first episode was called “Everyone Lies” I thought it was and as always been called “The pilot” on the DVD release the first episode has no real title

    • Ems says:

      Yeah, I just thought the motto of the show was ‘everybody lies’? They did those promo posters with the t-shirts (…..I may own one…..)

  21. lottswope says:

    Irrgardless of how the quality of the show has declined, I am going to miss the show. I would like to see Cameron, Cuddy, Kutner and Cutthroat Bitch. Just for grins and a big grand FINALE.

  22. Kathy says:

    I think they should have asked Cameron to come back but then again they should never have let her leave! None of the newbies were ever as good as the original three! Why don’t showrunners ever listen to the fans? They want us to watch but they rarely give us a reason to!

    • irishgirl29 says:

      The biggest mistake they made was writing Cameron out – I will never understand why they did that. Jennifer Morrison didn’t want to leave but I am so glad she is doing so well in her career now.

      • Dav says:

        I was so happy when Cameron left. She was utterly annoying. I could never stand her.

        • Chloe says:

          Who care what you think? Stop trolling and Let other peolpe enjoying whaterver character they like in peace .. seriously grow up

          • tripoli says:

            Who cares what you think? Let Dav like or dislike whoever they want. You ask people to let others enjoy the characters in peace yet you aren’t doing it. You might want to grow up and lead by example before you jump done someone’s throat for having an opinion that differs from yours.

          • @ tripoli says:

            And is my opinion telling him that, Yet you are here doing the same thing methinks you too protest to much , touche.

        • @irushgirl29 says:

          It is your opinion. She was the moral core of the show and is utterly missing on the show recenty. None of her substituentes have her charisma and they apear to be what they are Cameron clones. I miss her and a lot of others too.

  23. sam says:

    Last generation, almost all TV shows end up with happy ending. It’s borning.
    But today trend is sadness. Borning too.
    Why house can’t surprising me? To me, happy endding is not that bad.

  24. djesus says:

    YES! House the last patient of this show! I always thought that it could be absolutely epic with an idea like that but don’t worry he won’t die!

    • Stop Being a Bot says:

      He’ll die. Since Cameron isn’t coming back, they will allude to it being her without actually showing her. She gets revenge for the way Chase became a Jr. House when he whacked the dictator and the way she killed the other guy.

  25. Joe Strummer says:

    Just because the title of the show is everybody dies doesn’t necessarily mean everybody is going to die at the end. Everybody takes things so literal. It could just mean that in this life — no one here gets out alive. It’s probably a quote from one of the cast members.

  26. Lisa J says:

    Kal Penn coming back makes a bit more sense now.

  27. Kriszta says:

    I hope some years later will a reunion! So HOUSE STAY ALIVE!

  28. Axle says:

    If House and Wilson will just admit they love each other before it ends I will be A-OK.

  29. mel says:

    I find it ridiculous they are not bringing back Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) and they’re bringing back DEAD PEOPLE like Kal Penn (Kutner). Ridiculous.

    • may the fact that Jen is in Once Upon A Time satisfies you ? she is too busy now…and they should find a way to bring her back with logic..H gave a promise to 13 that’s why she is coming back and Katner nobody said that is sure ..they just discuss

      • get a grip says:

        It is not logical to bring back 13 after he kicked her to curb like a mangy dog. She should be ashamed that she crawled back to him like a wounded cur would to an abusive owner.

        Funny how all the uber-fans forget how abusive House was to everyone. Would you be okay with a person or dr. doing that in real life? No.

    • djesus says:

      dead people means House hallucinating again and probably in a dangerous state, I find his return very interesting! Jennifer Morrison or Lisa Edelstein for this finale have no place, maybe later if they want to do some movies!

  30. mel says:

    What would have been even more fitting is if they somehow get Stephen Fry to come for the last episode…that would have been classic…

  31. June says:

    I predict House dies with 13, ironicly, administrating euthanasia as she made him promise to do for her. Every body lies to every body dies

    • Stop Being a Bot says:

      She didn’t make him promise to kill her. That was a spontaneous offer and given House’s willingness to lie, I wouldn’t count on it being a genuine legit offer.

  32. I thought it would be groovy if House and Wilson were really Sherlock and Watson, who borrowed H.G. Well’s time Machine and were returning to their real time!

    • Joe Strummer says:

      Actually, this sounds really stupid, but I like the idea of tying in the last episode with Sherlock Holmes somehow since the character is based on Sherlock Holmes.

  33. TRM says:


  34. Bill says:

    a guest appearance by the Ghost of CTB would be cool

  35. tmp says:

    What about CB (Anne Dudek)? Is she coming back?

    I wonder if the “Chase killing the African dictator” storyline will resurface.

  36. Jacci says:

    I just can’t believe it’s over. I have been faithful to this show sincere first season. And I’m sure however they choose to end it will be fitting to everything that’s happened over the past 8 years. Goodbye, House. I will miss you. :(

  37. Nico says:

    Im a huge Hugh fan & I love house (just to be blunt, Idgaf what anyone says or thinks of me for it either) I’m deeply saddened by the cancellation of house. Its honestly the only reason I ever watch TV & I’ve missed so many shows bc of the hours I work. Oh well, at least I can buy the seasons on dvd. =,(

    • Erin says:

      Hugh Laurie and House are the only reasons why I watch television as well. I might have to check out Sherlock. But it will never take the place of House in my heart and mind.

      • Maro says:

        Same for me.
        I only watch House on TV and now that it is ending I am trying hard to find another show to replace it.
        At least I have the DVDs.

      • al says:

        Please he suck! That’s why he never won an Emmy.

        • cindy says:

          He suck because he never has won an Emmy. You are an idiot,sorry. Seriously,we are talking here about the most watched show/ actor in the world!!

          • Hyperbole Hater says:

            Not any more. And not for a few years. I think Harmon and NCIS has that distinction now.

          • Agree :) House gain a place to Guinness Record 2012 as the most watchable show in the world with 80 mil viewers ..and Hugh IS THE BEST ACTOR well may the fact that the previous month was voted as the best Tv character on TV make sense?? Get over it Hulis and Huddys the fact that he didn’t won an Emmy doesn’t mean he isn’t the best ? he is just an antihero and Emmy voters adore good guys ..don’t be ridiculous

        • karomana says:

          And thus joined the illustrious list of great actors who never won an emmy!

  38. Mel says:

    I think “Everybody dies” isn’t going to be about the characters ceasing to breathe, but, more like “little deaths”…in other words, everybody is going to “get it on” by the end. Gosh, I’m good at this. :)

  39. Jules says:

    Love the title…nice conclusion for the entire series
    “THE END OF AN ERA” …was another possibility they could used…

    Remember, we have only 5 episodes remaining-so rather arguing about wanting Edelstein to appear in the finale..shut up and go watch some other crap…But let the true fans, like me and a bunch of others, who never miss an episodes during 8 years enjoy the ride through the end…
    Because, honestly we all know that she make peace with DShore/KJacobs already and still declined their offer for whatever reasons to show up in the finale…so can we move on…and let her struggle with her own stupid desicion..and regrets that will haunt her forever…and if RSL, OEpps,JSpencer renewed their contracts with the/that paycutt…I suppose it wasn’t so bad at all…
    So that’s why, i honestly think, she don’t deserve to appear in the finale(even of a 4min cameo) its not worth it!
    And even for wrap party/farewell celebration…
    But that my own opinion…..

    And did some of you saw the recent pictures…where HLaurie (a.k.a our favorite miserable limping diagnostician)
    …driving his own 1966 RED FORD GALAXY /a camera mounted on the back seat…on the streets of Sunset strip…
    Well..maybe a upcoming dream sequence or not..but love the idea of a possible heaven/hell hallucination…
    Or maybe it’s for the special bfore the finale?
    Anyway, we have 32 days(until the finale) to wait & see…

    • I am the real Greg Yaitanes says:


      • Alan says:

        your’e right Mr. Yaitanes. I keep seeing Jules here defending this Crap show. Don’t worry, she’ll disappear along with the rest of the cast and show.

    • Oh Bless! says:

      Oh Jules! Your punctuation fascinates me. What you have to say- not so much. I’m glad you felt the need to tell everybody which cast members deserve X and Y for the 900th time. I’m sure they’ll act accordingly. ;)

    • get a grip says:

      You can have an opinion, but woe unto those who disagree with you? Since you don’t think they should be able to voice their opinion, then neither should you.

      True fan? You’re joking right? True fans dumped the show when it lost it way halfway through. True fans don’t blindly accept the crap the show turned into. They write letters, start petitions, etc. to have the show turn back. Mindless, zombie fans blindly accept whatever changes the show makes, ignoring how bad it goes, and bemoan the fact when it ends, claiming they will never forget it. Until, of course, their next great show comes along. At that point, they’ll go Hugh who, House what?

  40. carol says:

    House the show is dying a slow ugly death this season. This past Monday it got fewer than 6 million total viewers and only a 2.0 in the coveted youth demographic. The show is a walking dead man with plots this season that creak with boredom and deja vu. Green Card brides, hookers, blow up dolls, fake Wilson kid? They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel this season.

    To end the series with an unjustified emphasis on the painfully uninteresting 13 seems criminal to me. Hugh Laurie should be front and center at the end. Lisa Edelstein and Jennifer Morrison should have been invited back for the finale.

    The way they are ending this show is an embarrassment of historic proportions.

    • D says:

      On the money there, and it’s a massive shame that could have been avoided had TPTB not become so utterly arrogant about their success. Alienating parts of your audience by getting rid of your original female characters, being utterly repugnant to parts of your fandom on social media and then choosing controversial storylines, such as domestic violence that you clearly neither understand nor have researched properly, is really not the way to go.

      Hopefully the one good thing to come out of this mess is that other showrunners will learn from their mistakes.

      • K says:

        couldn’t agree more

      • get a grip says:

        Agree. Did they seriously think that many women and men would stand by the show after the stalker style attack on Cuddy? Some shelters were using the episode to raise funds and awareness about stalkers and DV. How many doctors were already ignoring ethics before the show and how many converts did it gain during its run? Too many doctors already think that lying to patients to get them to do something is acceptable.

    • well may the fact that Dancing with the stars and Voice are against House is a point or some ex cast members and crew who spread bad rumors ?? According to critics may the ratings are lower but S8 is better than season 7

      • H says:

        I think the viewers important than the critics! And the ratings too! The studios not for the critics make the shows!

  41. Jonathan says:

    First off, 13 is the first person this show made into a bigger star thats why shes back, second why does everyone assume kutner is back only in afterlife form? Could be a flashback, could be a ghost/silhouette, could be playing his twin brother…. Tons of options here folks!

    • SAMANTHA says:

      Bigger star? LOL She is in forgettable films with forgettable small roles.

    • Debateable says:

      Her star might be higher at the moment, but I don’t see longevity. She’s one of those actresses who her agents try and try to push, but the Hollywood machine will chew up and spit out sooner or later. I’m not saying she’s a bad actress, but she is mostly around because she’s pretty.

      Part of the reason she’s back for the finale is probably because there isn’t the same messy situation that there is between the network/studio and both JMo and LE. She also happens to share an agent with HL. People shouldn’t kid themselves that she’s back because she fits organically into the storyline. It’s a little bit of fanservice and she still had eps to burn on her contract I believe.

    • K says:

      If it ends up being his twin brother, anyone remotely involved in this episode/season should seriously go hide under a rock and never contemplate writing for televison ever again!

  42. shiremaid says:

    Just goes to prove I was right; you can expect ANYTHING to happen, and with David Shore as the Head Writer for this episode, that’s what’ll happen ~ anything. I’ll bet his intention was to stir up the fans. Why else release the title of the finale, but no titles yet for epis 20 and 21?

    • krima says:

      Evidently to give an opportunity for us to ‘create’ all these hilariously pathetic comments!
      Oh God, i shall so miss the Huddy/Hameron/Hilson anti-Shore fights!

  43. Pik says:

    The show hasn’t claimed that there is no afterlife. It has always left the questions of this nature open. It would be fitting if the show ends with House “seeing” the deceased Kutner (and possibly 13). We would be left to wonder if it’s a true vision after death or an event in House’s brain as he approaches death. Then, of course, we would be left to wonder if House really did pass or not.

  44. Mimmz says:

    i think that Cuddy should come back as Rachel is ill and only house can save her, she also has a baby son(houses child) then just as house cures Rachel, a bomb goes off in pediatrics ward,house dramatically saves Rachel, and delivers her to Cuddys arms, just as she shows him her baby son, then house dies off his bomb blast injuries! X x

  45. irishgirl29 says:

    It’s so ridiculous that Cameron and Cuddy will most likely not be back.
    They were in the original cast when the show was hugely popular. I did like Thirteen and Kutner but would have much preferred to see Cameron back :(

  46. AnnClau says:

    Happy endings isn’t really what this show does. I still hope Chase gets one but I don’t think House will. In fact, his dying would be a fitting end. Also, Thirteen dying is a possibility since she has Huntingdon and House agreed to help her end her life. As for Kutner I was surprised to see him coming back but then again House saw him at the end of season 5 when he was seeing Amber so.

  47. jhon says:

    House cameron exito 20 millones de televidentes

    • Maria says:

      Cree lo que quieres, pero si no lo emitieran despues de AI, nunca habria tenido todos estos televidentes. Cameron fue el papel mas odiado antes que vino la 13.

  48. Abby says:

    I don’t want house to end at all! Keep it on!

  49. People ! Cuddy’s role ended…. How do you want to see her in the final ? Fuc*ing with House or how ???? (sorry for my language) And it’s not all about what we want. Some actors refused to return and that’s it ! 13 has more chances to help with an interesting logical and epic ending !

    • Roxi says:

      Who is refused? This is just lie!

    • get a grip says:

      Admitting to Tritter that she committed perjury and testifying against House. He spent so little time in prison that they didn’t file the major crimes relating to the murder attempt. In prison, White Supr. get their revenge and every mindless zombie-fan head explodes, causing the Earth’s axis to tilt just enough the non-existent Mayan prophecy comes true.

  50. Anita Land says:

    Wll this proves a point…Somebody’s still interested in this show, it’s characters, and guessing what turn of plot will come next! Will miss HOUSE (and Hugh Laurie)-hope he’s happy in the end! That would be the ultimate twist of fate!

    • Ellen says:

      I also hope that House will be happy in the end, i think everyone who likes this show thinks that. But, it’s just not how House has ever been, the writers can’t upturn the whole show just to make the audience a little happier. I think that there is very few ways that they can actually go down that will suit the charracter.
      – He either dies (which has been my thought since they said that season 7 was going to be the last, not because of this article).
      – He goes into a coma.
      – Willson dies and House become depressed because he has no-one and he does something drastic (not sure what though)
      – He goes back into jail.

      Thoses are the only one’s that i can think of at the moment, but they are all up the depressing ending road, I would be very disapointed (but at the same time releaved) if House gets a happy ending, becasue its just not his character type.