Matt's Inside Line: Exclusive Fringe Scoop, Plus The Mentalist, Hart of Dixie, Suburgatory & More!

Is the Fringe team in for a future shock? Has The Mentalist gone wild? What on Earth has Hart of Dixie‘s Wade been up to? Suburgatory romance squashed? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Fringe | We kick things off with no less than an exclusive video pertaining to this week’s curiosity-arousing 19th episode, titled “Letters of Transit.” By pressing PLAY below, you’ll get to see Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Anna Torv, Lance Reddick and Jaskika Nicole tease the trippy hour in grand fashion, save for some skritchy-skratchy “interference” that interrupts Noble at a most inopportune moment. Check it out and squee:

The Mentalist | Next, we take a trip to the reader mailbag, where Luis clamors for “scoop on The Mentalist. Anything you can tell me will work!” Well, rather than settle for “any” scoop, how about some juicy goodness regarding the season finale? “It’s a big one,” Owain Yeoman promises us, adding: “Jane really does go off the reservation.” And along the way, the CBI consultant might take someone surprising down with him, literally. “I can say that he will end up shooting….” Er, actually, we’ll save Owain’s bacon and cut him off there. But he does go on to say the shooting “is a really, really big deal for us” and part of “our most action-packed finale to date.” As for the Vegas cocktail waitress being played by Emmanuelle Chriqui, looks like she’ll be a far cry from Entourage’s well-heeled Sloane. “She is kind of representative of Jane at his lowest point,” says Yeoman, “so there’s a whole side of him that we’re going to see that we haven’t seen.”

Private Practice | If you’re among the many PPP fans who emailed me to ask if the whole Mason sitch might give Charlotte the itch to carry her own child, know that KaDee Strickland is one of you. “I pray that [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes] let’s Charlotte want her own child, because I think that would be so much fun,” the sunny Southerner told me. “But only Shonda can accept that invitation from the audience.” One story beat that titillates Strickland most? “Can you imagine Charlotte pregnant?” she asks. “Let’s just talk about that for a minute!”

Hart of Dixie | Inside Line reader Amanda declares, “I’m dying here — have you got any good Zoe and Wade news?” Hmm, Zoe and Wade? I will leave that up for interpretation as I part with this preview of Monday’e episode: Says TVLine’s Meg Masters, “If you’ve ever wondered what The Hangover and a musical revue would look like all jumbled together, this week’s episode is for you.” Elaborating on that intriguing first part, she says, “Wade wakes up with no recollection of the night before and must piece together the events based on a number of clues.” So the question for you, Amanda, becomes: Was Zoe in any way a part of those missing moments?

Suburgatory | Now that George and Alicia Silverstone’s Eden are giving romance a go, the question becomes: What will Tessa think of her dad wooing a pregnant surrogate? Interestingly, Jeremy Sisto tells us, “Her reaction to it is pretty disconnected. She just kind of goes pretty extreme in this other direction.” Instead, any viewers who were holding out for a George/Dallas romance might be the ones to bristle most at this development. Says Sisto, “The potential relationship between Dallas and George might possibly be slipping through their fingers… [and] that will be kind of tough to watch if you are rooting for them to get together.”

Once Upon a Time | I just got off the horn with Jane Espenson, who wrote this Sunday’s episode, “The Return,” and used the opportunity to pick her brain about those photos from the Mad Hatter episode showing August talking to Jefferson – even though no such scenes aired. She shrugged and explained, “Sometimes episodes come in long,” and maybe that is why the intriguing encounter was left on the cutting room floor. As for Sebastian Stan reprising his role later this season, I’ve got many of you asking if that’ll lead to any new Emma/Jefferson moments. In response, Espenson only teased that Jefferson “is a character who has tremendous romantic potential.” Hey, I tried!

Homeland | On the heels of my “early intel” report on Season 2, I got my hands on several casting calls for the Showtime drama’s sophomore run, and they hint at some additional plot details. For one, it appears that Carrie – who we learned may be working “outside the lines” of official CIA channels — will turn up in Beirut, using a cover identity. Elsewhere, newbie politico Nicholas Brody is getting a chief of staff, and he’ll also cross paths with a beautiful Middle Eastern woman who comes bearing an ultimatum. Brody’s daughter Dana, meanwhile, it turns out has for a class mate Vice President Walden’s son Finn, and they will trade opinions when a school meeting touches upon The Wanted versus One Direction the Middle East crisis. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Gabriel says:

    “The Wanted versus One Direction” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Can’t for Homeland season 2!

  2. dre23222 says:

    The Mentalist and Suburgatory are great shows… So funny.. Love them both.

  3. chloe says:

    You know, Matt, TVGuide is totally beating you guys out on the Grey’s finale – – lots of teases being posted on Keck’s twitter stream. Are you and Ausiello going to let them get away with that?

  4. JAO says:

    LOVE ME SOME FRINGE!! Awesome…

  5. Deborah says:

    Finally some Wade and Zoe scoop. I hope next week’s episode is a good one for them.. I can’t take this George and Zoe thing anymore.

    • Yvonne says:


    • Anna says:

      I don’t get the appeal of George. He’s kind of a jerk who heavily flirts with Zoe when he was engaged to Lemon.

      • tp says:

        I don’t get the appeal of Wade. He’s been an ass to Zoe the whole time. Even went so far as to sabotage her date with the vet (who she never should have gone out with) to win a bet. Lastly, calling her snobbish and self centered. Really? Because she’s not attracted to the womanizing man-child that he is. Yeah, she should jump all over that.

        • Jen says:

          He only called her snobbish and self centered because he doesn’t want to admit his feelings for her. It’ a way of protecting himself because he knows she doesn’t feel the same way. I think she does but doesn’t realize it yet :) Love Wade and Zoe together!

    • Elyse says:

      Wade and Zoe are amazing together. George seems like the kind of guy who should be with a control freak like Lemon. Wade and Zoe forever!!!

  6. Angie says:

    Thanks for including Hart of Dixie. Wade is my favorite character on that show.

  7. yippity says:

    I don’t watch ANY of the above shows :-(

  8. valezza says:

    I think I know what will happen in the Mentalist’s season finale: Patrick founds a new solid lead on Red John or on one of his accomplices. So he pursues them, finds them, but before he’s able to exert his vengeance upon them (or torture them to find other clue to RJ’s location), he’s being stopped by Lisbon. Patrick, while being obsessed with his revenge, intends to go over that obstacle, so he shoots Lisbon. Emmanuelle Chriqui’s character will encourage Jane’s dark agenda. (Ruby from Supernatural anyone?)). She might be one of Red John’s accomplices as well. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Se7en”, you can get a good idea of what RJ’s real plan is.

    • @valezza says:

      I really hope he’s not going to shoot Lisbon. Lisbon is so awesome, I hate to think of her character getting shot again. I do want something great for her in the finale, though. Next to Jane, she’s my favorite. Actually, I love them both about equally. Bruno is so awesome for creating them. :)

    • Sina says:

      I don’t think it’s Lisbon.. they shot her in the last finally.

      • @Sina says:

        To respectfully disagree, I’m not so sure. Just because she was shot by O’Laughlin last finale doesn’t automatically rule out her being shot this season finale. After all, Jane has shot someone once a season so far and they’re doing it again this season. So I don’t think it should be ruled out a priori as a possibility. I really think that “one of his own” is very vague and could be anyone who is at the CBI. But if Jane shoots some random person at the CBI, someone we don’t know or even say, Darcy or Wainright? How much impact will it have on the audience since we have very little emotional investment in any of these characters? It doesn’t rule them out, of course, but it does make it seem like “much ado about nothing” in a sense.
        Also, if he shoots someone, like last season, how does he get out of it this time? Last time he talked his way out of it to the jury. The prospect of another trial seems unappealing at best and him getting out of it again seems to stretch plausibility. If he shoots someone from the team, and it’s an accident somehow, which I would think and hope it would be, then that person would probably understand and not press charges against him-leaving him free to run off without legal repercussions. Whoever he shoots, puts him in a state of deep guilt, I would imagine, adding to him hitting “rock bottom” in the finale.
        Of the team who is the one that would be the most shocking for him to shoot? They all have a sort of camaraderie with him and he’s about equally close to the other three-so shooting any of the three would be about equally shocking and impactful for us and for him, but Lisbon would have the biggest impact on Jane and on the audience. We are emotionally invested in her, she’s a very popular and well-loved character, and seeing her shot by Jane would definitely be unexpected. Lisbon is the person closest to Jane, and has been throughout the series. They protect each other, have helped each other out countless times-even at possible personal cost, he’s trusted and confided in her things that he hasn’t trusted anyone else with, like telling her about the Hightower mess last season, and Lisbon has put her job and freedom on the line this season for him by helping Jane out with the Red John shooting debacle, she’s the one that would affect us and him the most if he shot her with his own hands, accident or not. She would have the most dramatic impact emotionally. So I think it could be her.
        I’m just wondering, if it is her, what happens after that? How will Jane, and Lisbon, react to this? How would Jane react to hurting her? If it’s her he shoots they have to play it very carefully. Because everyone’s going to be feeling sorry for her and I’d hate to think of him shooting her, being shocked and running off without doing or saying anything to her, and going to Vegas and hooking up with some chick, no matter how sweet and charming, while Lisbon is lying in a hospital bed. If he shoots her and shows his remorse to her, and to us-the audience-and then full of self-loathing and recriminations because of this fiasco and losing RJ again, goes to Vegas, then it’ll be understandable.
        We know Lorelei is in five episodes (at least) next season and we know she lives in Vegas. So how are they going to have Jane be at CBI and still be with Lorelei? Will he be in Vegas all five episodes? What about the team and Lisbon during this time? How does he end up coming back and how do he and Lisbon grow back to their closeness again, which is something many of us value about the show? How does the team react to the shooting and him coming back? They’re pretty tight and they look up to and respect their boss. If this, or something similar is what unfolds, I’m eager to see more of Jane’s (and Lisbon’s and the rest of the team’s) journey next season. I just want them to leave me wanting more and still loving Jane and Lisbon and everyone else. So this drama has to be done with a delicate hand. Considering that Bruno’s writing it, I have a lot of hope that he will do a good job.

  9. Nicole says:

    I can not wait for Fringe and Once Upon a Time. Also, I may be in the minority, but I like the idea of Wade and Zoe so much more than George and Zoe. For once, can a female television character end up with the not so obvious love interest? Oh wait, that happened on the Creek. Sidenote: One Direction for me!

  10. HG says:

    I can’t wait for The Mentalist!

  11. Sunny says:

    Personally I’d be a lot more interested in Jefferson/Regina scenes on OUAT. Either fairytale flashbacks or Storybrooke ones. They had the most wicked and versatile chemistry in the Wonderland episode.

  12. Kendall says:

    It’ll be May soon, time for Patrick Jane to shoot somebody again. lol

  13. Kat says:

    Okay, I realize that there must be many women who like Bad Boys but the idea of Zoey and Wade getting together is RIDICULOUS! Yes, Wade is cute but he’s a not overly bright redneck with no initiative so the concept of he and Zoey having any type of happily ever after is insane. Could they have a hot night or two? Sure, but that would be as far as it goes.

    If you think back to the Zoey we met in the pilot, she was a great doctor with lots of ambition and no people skills. She moved to Bluebell because she didn’t have much choice but she’s made few friends and acquired even fewer patients because she has nothing in common with the people who live in Bluebell. Just like she and Wade have zero in common.

    Zoey and George connected on her first day in town. They have great chemistry and he is the kind of sweet, caring, educated man Zoey is looking for. Plus, he loved NYC so he wouldn’t mind moving there or to some other more civilized area when the show ends. Wade has made it clear he’ll never leave Bluebell.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I wish the women watching the show would be a little more realistic.

    • welington says:

      kat your comment follow two premises:
      *Zoey is basically the same person that arrived in Bluebell
      *Zoey will leave Bluebell when the show ends
      about the first one you didn’t take in acount that she can change a lot until the end, so the person she is going to be with depends in what kind of person she is going to became as well as George and Wade.
      Now about the second one, it’s possible tha she decide to stay in Bluebell and become a general practitioner. Why? you ask, to stay with the people that she cares about.

    • Christine says:

      The Zoe we met in the pilot needed to change. SHe may have been a good surgeon, and she may have been driven, but she didn’t really care about anyone. The whole point of the show is to watch her character evolve, and I don’t think it’s unrealistic to think that part of that change will be deciding to stay in Blue Bell.
      And chemistry is a very subjective measurement. The chemistry that you see between Zoe and George is pretty much non-existent to me. George is boring to me, and the character doesn’t have nearly as many layers as Wade does at this point.
      Just because people don’t see things your way, doesn’t mean that they are being unrealistic.

  14. Frivolouswhim says:

    I agree. I am a lot more curious about Regina/Jefferson, too. Their chemistry was awesome.

  15. Egnirf says:

    So the most hyped episode 4.19 is going to be without Olivia/Anna Torv it seems, while she was in Vancouver willing to work, not even 1 scene, not 1 sec, in the promo.
    Anna had to destroy her own character Olivia twice, and has already been reduced to Peters Girl, who has to give up her being,how much more are they going to insult her?
    And on top of that they think they can replace Anna with any blonde actress, Aussie on top, even more insulting.
    Anna Torv is truly underrated, within the own production, well showrunners without her you would not have gotten away with the double memory storyline, degrading for any woman, especially Olivia.
    And this episode is supposed to set up season 5, so no longer season 5 for me, without amazing Anna Torv, no Fringe.
    Josh Jackson on the other hand shot a film in Fringe time, everyone had to adjust, but still got his scenes.
    Imagine if they would have replaced him with just another actor, in the episode that sets up the new season, the media would be in uproar, see S3 and S4.

    • Pickelbarrael says:

      wow, Josh/Peter was not in 4 straight episodes and you Anna torv fans are bitching about your precious blonde not being in this ONE episode? Just shut up.

    • Pickelbarrael says:

      Btw, idiot, that blonde woman you are bashing could might as well be Olivia’s daughter. So just shut up. Anna torv doesnt own the damn show, she doesn’t write the show, SHE DIDN’T EVEN CREATE THE DAMN SHOW, so shut up and go away.

    • Please ignore this massive troll. At best, it’s a 15 year-old with a huge crush on Joshua Jackson.

      • Pickelbarrael says:

        Of course as per usual, nobody EVER reads the massive Anna torv fan Aka
        Egnirf, Joshua Jackson hating posts and lies. They only seem to read mine and pick on me. So anna torv fans are allowed to talk crap about josh but when I defend josh, you people seem to want to bash me and act like only I have a problem.

      • mass says:

        sadly it’s a 30 year old

  16. Sarah says:

    Fringe is gonna be balls to the wall insane!

  17. Pickelbarrael says:

    Oh and btw, Anna torv fans, now you know how us PETER FANS FELT WHEN HE WASN’T IN AN EPISODE. Don’t like it do you?

    • anon says:

      hi patty

    • I can’t even begin to comprehend what issues would lead you to post these things in seriousness, so for my own sanity I have to keep concluding you’re just trying to fan some non-existent flames. They’re both spectacular, get over it and move on.

      • Ken says:

        Garrett/B – I agree,these are two spectacular people.Anna Torv, a woman with profound natural beauty and tremendous acting skills.Josh Jackson,tall hansom guy with great subtle acting ability,and great chemistry between them.Whenever these two are in a scene together,they feed off each other ability,they do not need words to convey what is going on,they can just look into each other eyes,and their expression and body language tells you every thing,that’s chemistry, that’s acting.
        So please,let us all settle down and enjoy these two wonderful people for as long as we can, and hopefully into a 5th season or more.

  18. Not much of a OUAT spoiler here.

  19. Dianna says:

    Hmm it will be difficult to force down Emma and Jefferson coz Seb Stan is supposed to be in a new series next season riiiiiiight? I maybe wrong. Anna Torv’s fans vs Joshua Jackson’s fans are still at it, apparently? UST!!!!!
    And ugh no thanks for both The Wanted and One Direction.

  20. Natalie A. says:

    I’m a bit worried about who Jane is going to shoot. I really hope it’s not one of the team – and *especially* not Lisbon. I think Darcy is definitely going down by the end of the season. I’m also worried a little about Jane going off the deep end. If done right, it can be some great television. I just hope they don’t go too far and make me dislike Jane. And where’s the team in all this? The spoiler you gave us seemed to hint at them being negatively impacted by these events. And what about Lisbon? Where is she? She was complicit with Jane all season about his cover-up and not really killing RJ and all that. So does it all come out, like it seems like it will? Does she get in big trouble over it? What’s happening with her while he’s off with this other girl? Ugh. I just want Jane and Lisbon bantering and being their awesome selves together again next season, and I want the team and Jane getting along. Why do finales always have to be so angsty? Ah well, BH is wonderful showrunner, and hasn’t let me down yet. So here’s hoping it’ll be everything I love about this show. :)

  21. cjeffery7 says:

    thank you for using the term “squee.” it’s nerdy and infantile; i’m somewhat in denial that i do it sometimes, but it’s oh-so accurate.

  22. Lisa says:

    I like the Mentalist. I really do, but how many season finales are going to have Jane shooting someone? Didn’t we just do this last season? Seems like the writers could go a different way.

    • You’ve not even seen it yet, so you can hardly call it the same simply on the basis of it being another shooting. At least wait until it’s aired and you’ve got all the facts before passing judgement. Im so excited for the finale. Can’t wait.

      • Lisa says:

        I only commented on the fact that Jane shoots someone-Again. That’s how last season ended. I didn’t say I wouldn’t watch or even enjoy the episode. Why don’t you take a get over yourself before you judge someone.

  23. coach says:

    I love that AJ kid on Suburgatory. He is like the conscience for the men on the show.
    We need more from him. He is a riot…….

  24. HG says:

    Re: The mentalist “Jane shooting one of his own”
    The problem with hyping and speculating ad nauseum!! it’s that when we get to see the episode, and what actually happens, if it ends up being someone from the bureau (but not from the team) or some minor recurrent character, that qualifies of “his own”, people complain BIG TIME because “it wasn’t that big of a deal, after all” when in fact YOU were the one who made so much fuss that it HAD to be LISBON or CHO (etc) otherwise, “it’s crap and fans were cheated”

    I know that’s what’s spoilers are for, to get people talking.. but… gheez, you realize it’s going to far when people are complaining BEFORE seeing the ep..

    • @HG says:

      I think this is sort of a controlling and judgemental attitude, or comes across as such. People are speculating, which is the point and many are looking forward to it and we’ll all see how it plays out. We have a right to like or dislike how it plays out and state that if we so choose. I love this show and all the characters and the writing team, and I think they’ll do a good job, but what if I’m disappointed? I will still watch the show but I might state somewhere that I am and am free to do so without someone being paranoid and griping about my right to do so, if I’m respectful about it. I resent it when people who take it upon themselves to police others. I respect others’ right to have opinions and worry and be disappointed as much as I support them being able to express delight in the show. This isn’t some Orwellian novel we live in.
      That being said: If it’s not one of the team it will be less interesting and will have very little impact on me compared to anyone else, tbh, because I don’t care about “extra no. 1” or “special guest star for one episode or three” getting killed. That’s a simple truth. Will I feel bad for Jane? Yes. But if he shoots one of the team, and especially Lisbon, to me it would be a very big deal and very interesting, with farther reaching consequences. YMMV-and I’m okay with that. Have a good day. ;)

      • @HG says:

        Excuse my typos in this and I know tone can’t be conveyed on this but I do mean this response in a friendly and respectful manner. OTOH, I’ve seen a few of the same people get upset and talk down others if they get worried or upset about any spoiler on this show and I think they’re so busy looking at others and judging them that they forget to notice their own faults. I’m not saying you’re one of them. I don’t know if you are or not. But it’s important for people to be able to be free to express worry or joy without someone talking bad about them or judging them negatively if they don’t have all positive emotions about every spoiler. I’d like us all to get along here. :)

      • HG says:

        Hmm! Talking about taking things too seriously.. I’m not trying to police (or control..) anybody. As much as people are saying their opinion, THIS was mine too, and you don’t have to agree with… oh wait.. *reading your other comment* Ah! you’re right, it’s difficult to convey tone. ;) and I’m glad you clarified, I suppose I also failed to express my comment in a friendly manner, apparently :), but I assure you that it wasn’t meant to control or say “PEOPLE stop complaining you haven’t seen the episode” or something like that.
        I kind of get frustrated seeing every where (EVERY.WHERE) the same tone of comments about season finale (and let’s not get started on relationships). This is the first time I’m commenting about it, so take it as the straw that broke the camel’s back. Also, I’ve seen it (fans talking down other fans), I think it’s a action-reaction thing, at first OK, different opinions, but when it starts happening again and again then: others complain about people complaining about people complaining… LOLOL!.. I’ve seen it happens in every fandom.

        • HG says:

          PS: Not that I was complaining about fan speculating too much, more like saying, if you hype it too much and it’s not what you expect, then don’t say it’s crap, because it was not what you wanted :/

  25. kirads09 says:

    Re: Mentalist Ok, I could sort of take what happened with the guy we thought was possibly RJ last year. But if they take Jane too dark, I will be disappointed. Although it would go to my way-out-in-left-field theory that Jane himself could be Red John.

  26. larissa says:

    I think wainright is one of red johns members and jane will fing that out. I also think that jane and lisbin will end up togeather. And summer and cho. I don’t think jane will find red john or he doesn’t know he found him.