Ratings: The B---- in Apt 23 Gets Warm Welcome, Best Friends Falls, SVU Steady at Series Low

The B—- in Apartment 23‘s new roomie might want to plan on staying a while, as ABC’s freshman comedy opened to solid numbers this Wednesday night.

With 7 million total viewers and a 2.9 demo rating, Apartment 23 matched the year-ago premiere numbers for Happy Endings, and improved on Happy Endings‘ Season 2 finale tallies by 33 and 21 percent.

ABC notes that Apt 23 delivered the best audience and demo retention out of a fresh Modern Family in a year, since Happy Endings‘ own debut. But do you give the B an A? Vote down below in our poll!

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Elsewhere on the night….

8 pm | American Idol‘s Top 7 sing-off was steady week-to-week with 16.4 million total viewers and a 4.9 rating. Survivor (9.6 mil/2.6) dipped 7 percent to a new series low. ABC’s The Middle (7 mil/2.1) and Suburgatory (6.1 mil/2.1) were steady in their returns. NBC’s Off Their Rockers (6.2 mil/1.6) slipped double digits from its premiere, while Best Friends Forever (2.94 mil/0.9) plunged 25 percent.

9 pm | Criminal Minds was flat with 11.8 million total viewers and a 3.0 rating. Modern Family returned to 10.3 mil and a 4.1, down just a few percent points from a month ago. Rock Center (2.75 mil/0.6) dropped 25 percent in the demo from its last 10 o’clock outing.

10 pm | CSI led with 9.8 mil and a 2.3, despite slipping some 20 percent week-to-week to match its all-time low. SVU returned flat at series lows of 5.4 mil/1.6, and was bested/matched by ABC’s Revenge-cap special (5.6 mil/1.6).

What were you watching this Wednesday night?

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  1. Spoiler Junkie says:

    I loved “Don’t trust the B***h in Apt.23”. Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker and James Van Der Beek really knock it out of the park.

  2. Balaji K says:

    It’s not as hilarious as Happy Endings but it was decent.

    • Idgie says:

      I did enjoy the new comedy but I think Happy Endings is absolutely the best Comedy on the air today, including Modern Family.

      • leahbh says:

        sorry, you are mistaken. the best comedy on tv today, BY FAR, is Community.

        • Quincy says:

          As an avid community fan, i think its safe to say season three hasn’t been anywhere near as good as season two. Happy Endings, however has been consistently hilarious since its premiere.

    • Jess says:

      Agreed! It was good, to HE’s great.

    • Trent says:

      Happy Endings is the Best!

    • sam says:

      i’m telling you that the second episode of Apt 23 is so laugh out loud hilarious that it makes the pilot seem so dull. I don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard in a sitcom in years. I saw it online.

      • Kari G says:

        I agree whole heartedly. The pilot was decent but the second episode is definitely worth watching. I was laughing pretty hard. (James Van Der Beek is fantastic!)

    • juan says:

      HE not as awesome and funny as Cougar Town, though close second

      • Jess says:

        as someone who’s seen both series from the beginning, I disagree. Cougar Town, while still very funny, is losing a bit of its steam as each character settles into his or her personality niche, whereas Happy Endings still has tons of crazy to explore.

        • darcywilson says:

          I disagree. I feel that having fallen into those personalities, CT can now tell great stories without having to develop it’s characters along the way, leaving room for more story and more laughs. Honestly, I would put CT, Apt. 23 and HE all together.

    • Jess says:

      pretty much exactly what I thought. B**** was pretty good (and better than a lot of others on TV), but below the far far superior standard of Happy Endings.

    • jenna says:

      my thoughts exactly, the pilot wasn’t as entertaining for me to make the series must-see tv for me every week but I’d probably catch it every once in a while

  3. Gem says:

    Loved it! I’ve been waiting for this show to premiere since upfronts last year!!! Love James Van Der Beek not taking himself too seriously and the ridiculous Dawson’s references are hilarious!

  4. bad kevin says:

    Hope ABC cancels Apartment 23 after the season is over as does Best Friends Forever on NBC. :-( :-(

  5. Martin says:

    didn’t even need to read the other options, it was straight to an A for me. hope the week 2 retention is similar to another ABC show GCB or maybe even better. From what i’ve heard from people who have watched the second episode on the ABC website, it is even better than the pilot.

  6. I saw the Apartment 23 pilot on Hulu, and I thought it was good. Way better than 2 Broke Girls, that’s for sure. I could see myself continuing to follow it.

  7. Alex says:

    Loved Apartment 23. Though perhaps it would be a better fit with Happy Endings and/or Cougar Town than Modern Family should it be renewed…

  8. ggny says:

    maybe next time when ABC wants big ratings they wont debut their most buzzed about show Online 2 weeks before in premiers

    Just dont get why networks do that

  9. zakspeak says:

    Wasn’t planning on watching it, but was asked to answer a survey. Glad I did. I’ll add it to my DVR list.

  10. Brad says:

    Can’t believe such a high rating for this show… wondering if you people even watched what I was watching? The show seemed so forced and the story was pretty lame. Seemed like a bad rip off of 2 Broke Girls without the laughs. I’m not saying there isn’t potential to become a decent show… with better writing and a lot of work, but to give that pilot an A seems crazy to me. I give the pilot a D.

    • mookie311 says:

      THANK YOU BRAD. this show couldn’t hold happy endings’s jock. it’s trying way too hard to be edgy and witty, and it’s doing neither. the only potential saving grace is james van der beek, but i have a feeling he’ll be getting more cartoonish (like the two lead girls, and the stalker down the hall) in a hurry. i gave it a D, with potential to upgrade to a C-.

    • Christie says:

      The show wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. I thought it was definitely better than 2 Broke Girls, which I find to be the most overrated show on tv.

    • ted says:

      Brad, watch the second episode before you write this off, seriously it is really funny.

  11. mark says:

    I watched the first 10 minutes and wasn’t impressed at all. It seems like the chick on here is supposed to be the new girl’s evil twin or something. I can’t believe they ended Happy Endings’ season early for this crap.

  12. Turnitup says:

    They need to stabilize the brunette. I understand “over the top,” but there’s a limit, and she’s no longer in drama class.

  13. jon says:

    A solid B.Could use some improvement. Not as annoying as 2 Broke Girls. Best thing about the show is James Van der Beek.

  14. Boiler says:

    Not my type of show but at least its not reality TV!!!!!

  15. leahbh says:

    i watched the premiere online a couple weeks ago. I didn’t like the 2 main characters at all. The only parts I thought were funny were the scenes with Dawson.

  16. Sarah says:

    I really wanted to like it, but Krysten Ritter was too obnoxious. I think we were supposed to find her over-the-top behavior endearing, however, it was anything but. James Van der Beek was the best part of the show. I loved him carrying around the Dawson flannel. Too bad the rest of it was so off-putting (what’s with the creepy neighbor in the next building?), I just can’t make myself watch this show again.

  17. Nadine says:

    Thorougly enjoyed it, will watch again. The whole cast is fantastic.

  18. Dee says:

    SVU is close to becoming unwatchable. Seriously, what was that crap?

    I hated, hated, hated what Olivia did. Her self-rightousness was beyond ridiculous. They do need to review every single one of their cases. How many times has this happened? Brow-beating a suspect for 9 hours?

    Yes, I know, just a show, but this one really bothered me. I might forget it is on next week. The storylines are beyond lame. They should quit while there is some dignity left in the franchise.

  19. juan says:

    I really like the premier of Apartment 23, will definately keep watching, also can’t wait for Revenge

  20. Jess says:

    can’t wait for revenge next week! (i thought it was ridiculous that they had a catch-up hour yesterday… such weird nonsense. i guess abc execs tend to do this, they did it for DWTS a couple of weeks back… oh well, i guess it got pretty good rating, and it must’ve been super cheap to produce so win-win).

    • ggny says:

      why is it ridiculos they had a catch up hour? the show is getting great buzz right now and people that havent watched any of the episodes before can catch up and watch next weeks new episodes…make alot of sense

  21. Am I the only to think that ABC could have a great comedy block with Happy Endings, Cougar Town, Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 and a new one (also a young skewing one) ? Sadly the ratings wouldn’t be good but that would be a good night on TV.

    • Jenn C says:

      I would love a comedy block of these 3 shows. The only problem is, on ABC, they already give up two of their nights to Dancing with the Stars, and Thursdays and Sundays are their primetime soapy nights. The only other option would be to possibly go back to a TGIF Friday night comedy block (which would sort of be refreshing, IMO, since Fridays at the moment are pretty much dedicated to cult, niche TV. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but it’s nice to have other options). Unfortunately, I’m losing faith that ABC will renew Cougartown, with the shoddy way it’s been treated lately. It’s a shame, I still enjoy the show a lot, and miss it when it’s gone. But it would be a great fit with some of these comedies, wish more people would watch!

    • Completely agree with this, was just saying it to myself! Cougar Town, Happy Endings and Apartment 23 with a new one on one night and The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family and another one of the other night!

  22. Mikael says:

    I liked the show, but it had BETTER not take over for Happy Endings permanently. ABC needs to renew Happy Endings! (And Cougar Town!)

  23. Christopher says:

    The B is baddarse! I love Krysten Ritter!