Smash Recap: Bonfire of Insanity

anjelica hustonI’ve said it before (and I can’t promise I won’t say it again): Smash is at its best when the show focuses on the drama of mounting a major Broadway production. And while I don’t expect it to serve us Law & Order-style “all work life, no home life” story arcs, I sometimes wish the pesky peccadilloes of its central characters were a wee bit less unrealistic.

Uma Thurman’s Smash Landing: Will Star Quality Save Bombshell or Detonate It?

I mean, I can suspend my disbelief to an extent, but NBC might as well have Ivy Lynn and Karen score side gigs as Charlie’s Angels-style agents if they’re going to ask me to swallow Dev punching Karen’s boss in the face. And Eileen burning her investors’ contracts in a metal wastebasket (just because they had the nerve to include some demands with their $7 million). And (ugh) Ellis not being unceremoniously hurled into the unemployment line (and/or fed to the bears at the Bronx Zoo).

Which isn’t to say the episode was all ridiculata all the time. Here’s how things played out in “Understudy.”

* With movie star Rebecca Duvall stuck in Cuba because of her assistant’s visa troubles — wait, did the Broadway neophyte score the role without so much as an audition? — Karen stepped in as understudy/punching bag for Derek. Cut to Karen accidentally spilling to Dev that her director “sexually harassed me the day I met him,” Dev somehow using that as an excuse to get angry at the victim, and then Dev going to bed angry and shirtless. (Yay for the shirtless part!) As Ivy’s urging, Derek decided to try being nice to his inexperienced muse, going so far as to give a hilariously roundabout (and in-person) apology for his former sleazy behavior, but getting rewarded with a punch in the face from a jealous Dev. (Boo!) I’d accuse Dev (who hasn’t told his live-in girlfriend that he officially got passed over for press secretary) of purposely making things awkward for Karen at work — “I don’t want you anywhere near that sod!” he huffed — but then again, Dev is the type who makes out with Karen at work with his office doors wide open. (Gross!) So maybe he’s into awkwardness generally?

New Spoiler Alert! Hot Dair Gossip! New Girl Trouble? A Smash-ing Shake-Up! Lost Redux!

* Tom stepped in brilliantly in rehearsing the role of Darryl Zanuck in a snappy production number set in a steam room. Best line of the song: “I made a star out of Rin Tin Tin, and paid him with a bone!” Plus, Karen got to deliver a lovely reprise of “Never Give All the Heart” — but all the applause went to the Lady Duvall (Uma Thurman), who made a grand entrance (and activated Ellis’ starf***** gene), as the number drew to an end.

* An unemployed Ivy — yep, the Heaven on Earth meltdown cost her her job — wiled away the hours by defacing Rebecca Duvall magazine covers, befriending Karen (with possible ulterior movites?), and delivering a knockout cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” while fantasizing about getting back the role of Marilyn.

* Julia used Leo’s phone to get through to estranged hubby Frank, telling him she was going to die if he didn’t talk to her. But alas, it looks like Frank is waiting for a call from the coroner’s office to come identify his wife’s body, because dude is not talking.

* Tom had two conversations with Sam in front of his boyfriend whose name I can’t remember, but when he showed an interest in the score of the Knicks game, boyfriend got all Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer and said “Enough Is Enough.” “You never look at me like that,” he sighed before a not-so-dramatic exit. Will he be back, or is that all there is? If it’s the latter, kudos to the writers for the rare acknowledgement that sometimes breakups can be utterly mundane.

* Eileen’s bartender beau Nick introduced her to very rich rock star Randy Cobra, who agreed to put up $7 million to fund Bombshell, allowing the power producer to ditch her early (and mildly demanding) financial backers in a surprisingly blasé fashion. But what Eileen lacked in professionalism, she made up for in bitchery to Ellis. When he overheard her Spanish-language phone conversation about The Book of Mormon and started snooping for deets, she sarcastically told him she was on the line with “Castro’s brother, Raul.” And later, when Ellis began to question the source of Nick and Randy’s cash flow, Eileen let her whippersnapper assistant have it.: “Who are you go delving into the personal lives of my friends?!” she yelled, handing back his intel without glancing at it. “Go get me a coffee and take this with you!” Hrmmm…I don’t mind Ellis so much, as long as he’s being yelled at early and often. And being reduced to coffee-fetcher in chief.

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Did you like this week’s musical performances? And did any story arcs strike you as too unrealistic? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jasmeen says:

    I disagree like drama OUTSIDE of broadway involving characters in Broadway. For example, when the hell are Karen and Derek going to hook up? Their chemistry is absolutely amazing!!! But I agree with getting rid of Dev And I dont really care about Debra messing martial problems on the show.

    • Michelle says:

      I completely agree with the amount of chemistry between Karen and Derek, but I just don’t know how soon I want anything to come out of it. But Dev’s behavior in this episode would’ve been a complete deal-breaker for me — I can’t stand overly-jealous significant others!

    • Kathleen says:

      I agree with u..However the commercials are so annoying, I want to let the NBC folks know that I think there are too many, then u have the captions that appear on the bottom of the screen, so u can’t even enjoy the show, cause u have Betty Whites Show popping up being advertised. And also, Smash, has too many things going on. Too many little stories, Gees…just stay on the main story of getting this play on with…..

      • Kathleen says:

        I really liked this show in the beginning, I adore, Catherine, but could not see what the attraction is beween her and Dev, he is not handsome at all, and his personality is so, so.
        I would like the show to slow down a little, it seems everything is going on at once, so that the viewer cannot concentrate on what is happening.
        I see Tom as very jealous. Sometimes he is corny…..I really like Julia’s husband. Ivy is good too.
        I love the song and dance routines. Angelica is always a delight, she lites up the part she plays.

  2. Che says:

    Can we just clear out that this show couln’t be any gayer. I mean, that all boy number was awesomess-gayness all over the place! Not complaining though.

  3. Jason says:

    I’m not judging, but in what world does a guy like Tom get two bodacious studs going after him?

  4. nyguy says:

    Train wreck supreme this week, pretty much none of it made a lick of sense! Smash’s idea of a super couple: Eileen and Nick? Reality check, stat.

    I just watch the show with either my jaw dropping or my eyes rolling. Speaking of that the Huffington Post does a great piece each week with the number of ‘Eye Rolling” moments listed in order. Campy has a knowing element, this show has none of that. I vote for Ivy to star in a competing musical: “Midget Marilyn” that Ellis not only “co-produces” but writes too. It couldn’t be sillier than Smash.

    • Franklin says:

      Geez, Louise. Why do you watch if it’s so silly? Turn the channel, Mr. Critic.

      • nyguy says:

        Because as I said it’s a train wreck, so bad you just are glued to watching it crash. I mean, this is John Water’s kind of “so bad you have to laugh”, an unintentional comedy.

        • Renee says:

          Isn’t that paraphasing a line from the most recent Smash episode — ‘trainwreck=must see”? So @nyguy is bagging on the show while stealing its punch lines? Whoa, that’s too hip & meta for me…

          • John says:

            I see where you’re coming from, but I’m also pretty sure you must realize that SMASH did not coin the notion that “train wrecks” are perversely and compulsively entertaining. Frankly, I am in nyguy’s corner on this one. This show is a mess, but I cannot stop watching to save myself.

  5. Josh says:

    Definitely on of the better episodes…Save for the Dev stuff. I hope Ivy isn’t being too sneaky. I like her and Karen as friends. It would do both characters so much good.

    • McFudge says:

      Incorrect. The Dev stuff was fabulous, because it pushed his exit from Karen’s life just that much closer. What is up with that “would you give it all up for me” crap? He didn’t even tell her he lost out on the job and was investigating a possibility in DC. How is it, then, that he’s allowed to get PO’d that she didn’t tell him that Derek made a pass at her and she handled it? (Awesomely, I might add.)

  6. A says:

    The actor that plays Julia’s son has to be one of the worst actors ever. I mean he’s so fake. there’s no believable emotion from anything he says.
    also kinda disappointed that uma didn’t show till the end, was looking forward to it.

    • fred says:

      Have to agree here. I’ve tried to give him chance after chance when I watch but he just seems like something out of a bad high school play. Its a shame because good acting in that part would have the potential to make the home storyline there a bit more interesting.

      • Joseph says:

        I have less of an issue with Emory Cohen and at least being a native New Yorker the accent is natural. As for the acting , again no issue here since his is the least over the top performance in the group.

      • jenna says:

        agreed. How he landed the job still boggles me, I have nothing wrong with the accent, itst his complete lack of range that really gets me

  7. Smooshiest says:

    Does anyone know who played Randy Cobra? There seemed to be no credit for the role; he seemed quite Hugh Laurie-ish.

    • Steve Z says:

      I think it might have been Terrence Mann… he looks like the guy that played “Larry” in the movie version of “A Chorus Line” and I think he got his start in “Cats” so it would make sense.

    • Maggie says:

      that’s Terrence Mann, he’s a broadway legend, the original Javert in Les Mis and the original Beast in Beauty & the Beast

  8. mawhi says:

    Dev UGH. Victim-blaming, unsupportive, put on this sexy dress so I get a promotion but how dare you put your dreams before mine… I don’t even care about Karen that much but he is the worst sometimes!

  9. Trina says:

    Judging by the promos for next week, the movie star is going to be very, very bad at singing and dancing so please do not let them go to the old standby of a stand in for her singing ala Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn!

  10. I just have a love/hate relationship with Smash. i love all the stuff about working in the world of Broadway (Oh, my GOD, I’ve never seen a credit card bill that small before) and hate everything they’re doing with almost every personal relationship. Is it just me that thinks there is something cosmically wrong with Ivy and Derek being the most stable relationship in the show? I also love the music… a lot. I would totally go see this if it were really a production. The Julia and Michael story line was disgusting. Karen is being a completely selfish stereotypical actress who isn’t even looking at her boyfriend long enough to realize that he is in major crisis mode at work. Tom is being a vascillating indecisive little tool but I love everything he does in the workshop story lines. Ellis is just horrible in every story line. I love Eileen and if she wants to do a bartender then more power to her. She deserves it with as big a prick as her husband is being.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      KEEP THE HUNKY BARTENDER! (though I’m not quite sure I buy his attraction to Eileen)…I am, however, happy to see Angelica Houston’s role getting meatier (in more ways than one) as the season progresses

      • bulldog1963 says:

        I can’t explain it, but I have always been attracted to Angelica Huston. At the same time I find myself equally attracted to Miranda Kerr (Victoria’s Secret supermodel. I suppose my tastes run in all directions. And Catherine McPhee is one of the hottest women out there right now.

        So why can’t the bartender have the hits for Eileen?

    • Renee says:

      I agree with almost all of this. I think the way to building an audience is to give us something they we haven’t seen – at least not in a series. The actual workings of putting a show together. One of my favorite parts is dropping in to listen to the ensemble chat/bitch – because it really is all ‘hurry up and wait’ at this stage. (Would love to see someone interesting cast as choreographer because that’s a huge role that would have to deal with Derek esp. Currently they all show up for numbers knowing fairly complicated dance routines. I think it’s practically unanimous for Julia – resolve the husband situation, send the kid away, kill or indef delay the adoption thing. We WANT to see Tom and Julia working, arguing, creating. And long days in studio w/repetition and long hrs as background – you can have drama in foreground.

      Derek and Ivy are great IMO. (I find the idea of Derek and Karen laughable. She’d get that wooden wounded look every 10 secs. Can you imagine how she would have reacted to the hysterical dead hooker comment?) Too few reviews have credited the Ivy/Derek exchange where Ivy told him he could be smarter. I love it when they leave off portraying her as dumb, backstabbing diva – and reveal she’s actually smart and committed to the show – has read every book, watched every movie – she wants this and is willing to fight. I esp hope they are building more songs and we get to see more numbers in dif ways — and then see what gets cut. Reminds me – I was completely puzzled by Derek’s hallucination of Marilyn – I thought he was having an epiphany for a new song or dialogue for Marilyn… then they just left it hanging after her long monologue. ?????

      Let’s keep Ellis around long enough to do something really horrible to him. Maybe Eileen can trade him to Harvey Weinstein:)

      • First, I just have to say, I laughed so hard I was coughing at the idea of trading Ellis to Harvey Weinstein. I really enjoy it when they show what all her years in the business have given Ivy. It’s not just knowing stage directions and knowing the ensemble. She knows the world and how it works and if they focused on that instead of trying to create drama with a bitchy diva character then her and Karen’s dynamic would be so much more compelling. Derek would eat Karen alive. He needs a strong, smart, no-nonsense girl that will give him what for when he deserves it and accepts his failings where he won’t change. Karen would never do that. Half the things that come out of his mouth would shock and appall her. I think they have great chemistry in the work room but I really don’t think it would translate into a real relationship. They could probably have a tawdry affair but that’s it. I don’t think there is anything wrong at all with the Ivy/Derek relationship. I actually really like it. I was saying that there is something wrong with them being the only functional couple on the show. They are two of the least stable characters on the show and their relationship is the only on that even approaches a mature relatiohship right now. Unless you count Ellis and his girlfriend…… which I don’t.

  11. Maggie says:

    LOVED Christian Borle tonight, he has great chemistry with the guy who plays Sam & he was so funny & quick in the new production number. major kudos

    • Danielle H says:

      I always love him. He saves the show alot of the time.
      My thoughts: I am sadly coming to the conclusion that this show is not going to be the same as it was the first handful of episodes, with all the Broadway numbers and excitement etc. again. I still really like it, but I absolutely freaking loved the first few eps. The show just struggles with believability at times hardcore, and I hope that gets resolved in the 2nd season.

  12. Toby says:

    I HATE ELLIS! The end.

  13. Caro says:

    I totally agree with you on all parts. I only want to add that I LOVE all the singing. I prefer Karens voice over Ivy’s but I always love to sit back and enjoy the music. Tom’s stepping in for Zanuck was amazing and really fun to watch. Hilarious and great lines!
    The adultery scenes were heartbreaking… great acting.

  14. Caro says:

    P.S. I hate Ellis, too. I’m waiting for him to get all that he has coming to him, somebody really needs to figure out what a wheasel he is and FIRE HIM!!

  15. Ashton says:

    So glad we finally got to hear Tom sing! I’m a huge Legally Blonde the Musical fan and have been waiting for this.

    Other than that loved it. I know i’m probably alone in this, but Julia is my favorite character. I just wish we could have seen more of her.

  16. Lisa says:

    I liked this week’s ep. I can see Dev being threatened by Derek, especially when he is under so much pressure at work. I couldn’t see Eileen burning bridges by way of contracts but it was dramatic. Tom was great! Ivy was boring in a manipulative kind of way. The chemistry between Karen and Derek just gets better and better! It made the ep!

    • Tarc says:

      My general problem with the Dev storyline would be that a decent press secretary in waiting could have easily spilled the dirty info on that guy to the press (‘anonymously’ of course) and got him booted – locking in the job. So, boo hoo Dev! You didn’t get the job because you don’t deserve it!

  17. DT says:

    I’m getting a little tired of Katherine McPhee’s acting. She really has no emotions other than the whiny pity me thing. Her tone/voice/emotion didn’t even change when Dev and Derek were fighting…

  18. DT says:

    OH! And how unreal is Nick taking out 2 stacks of money from under the bar?

    • Jess says:

      lol yea, all I can think of is “damn, i need to rob that bar to pay off my student loans.” haha…

      • larry says:

        I think Ellis’ ‘dirt’ on Nick is that he is a pretty dangerous dude…meaning he feels pretty confident he can keep piles of cash under the bar without any risk of someone stealing it…because stealing it would be a suicidal act. Shades of the Goodfellas scene when Henry Hill laughs at Karen during their wedding reception when she worries about someone stealing their grocery bag of wedding present cash.

  19. secretstar77 says:

    My favorite part was Derek’s flight of fancy to Karen-as-Marilyn. His expressions were SO priceless!

  20. Dennis says:

    I wish you would quit ragging on my favorite character. Every good melodrama needs a nasty villian to keep the pot boiling, and Ellis does an excellent job of it.[

  21. Jess says:

    1) I LOVED Tom’s performance. My favorite of the episode for show, although both Karen and Ivy did great on their songs. 2) I also cannnot remember Tom’s bf (ex-bf?)’s name, so for the past 2 months I’ve been referring to him as Danie’s hot half-brother from Ugly Betty. 3) Also, i really enjoy seeing Ellis being yelled at by the boss lady. Awesome. :D

  22. I love Debra so much but I can not stand Juila, She bores me and theres been plenty of times that she has been so mean on the show, I can understand Ellis but still I feel as shes cold hearted and why does she always wear glasses inside the office of Elieen when they all have a meeting.

    Why did the writers even write Ellis, he dosent do a thing, what did he do this episodes, nada.

    I love Tom he’s my favorite guy right now and Karen my favorite girl, I started team Ivy but I can not stand Ivy anymore.

    And I think i’m the only one who does not care for Uma and her person on the show, Karen is so clearly the star of the show but still has not been picked for the role.

  23. oh also does anyone else thinks that Juila could have been played by Brooke Shields, every time I see Juila I picture Brooke idk I mean Debra is fine as Juila but I can so see Brooke playing her

  24. Carla says:

    Why can’t they decide how to write Ivy? Last week she was hooked on drugs because she lost out on Marilyn, this week she had no job at all anymore and seemed remarkably relaxed. So. Weird. Also, Karen-as-Marilyn in Derek’s hallucination was terribly bad, in my opinion. If she’s going to end up as Marilyn -which I’m afraid she will- I will be so mad. Ivy was ten times better just in that short dream sequence of hers.

  25. The episodes swing in quality like a pendulum. Overall this was pretty terrible (though we praise Christian Borle’s number in our recap because that was quality entertainment). Most everything else was pretty terrible – though not ‘The Coup’ levels of bad.

    Oh Smash…when are you going to get your act together?

    Bring on Uma!

  26. syb says:

    My infatuation with Smash is just about dissipated. Too bad. It was promising. Now silly OTT melodrama.

  27. TheBeach says:

    I really enjoyed Tom’s number but the rest of the episode was pretty weak. So much of it was boring or contrived. It really asked that you suspend belief more than any other episode I can remember. And all that promo about Uma Thurman and she appears in the last 2 minutes?

  28. Jess says:

    I wouldn’t mind some personal stuff on the show – the problem I have is that it’s not very believably done. Dev not telling Karen about his job is just kind of dumb. Julia cheating on her husband was out of no where and completely unbelievable, and then faded away just as uneventfully so that it was clearly just a plot point not based in character.

    Also, there is no way Eileen could have gotten where she is if everytime she had a falling out with an investor she took them out to a bar with the express purpose of humilating them. Especially since it’s so clear from the show that the pool of investors is small, so at some point she’ll need to go back to these people, and it’s an insular community, so they clearly will go home and tell all of her future investors what a jerk she was.

    • sana' alian says:

      Completely agree with you Jess. what Eileen did to the investers’ contracts, and infront of an applauding audience, was nothing short of professional suicide. seriously, does she think or hope that a Cobra-like financing would come to her rescue every time she takes on another production – assuming that she gets any after that show!!

      Also, i absolutely loved Tom’s performance in tonight’s episode,as in every past episode to be honest, he’s always fine. just fine. maybe now they’d pickup that storyline of him and Sam!

    • larry says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Eileen burning the contracts (and her bridges) was absolutely a ‘wtf is she thinking’ moment (or rather ‘wtf were the writers thinking). It was absolutely absurd and unbelievable given her supposed success as a producer. I hate when tv shows/movies have a character do something so absurd and unbelievable for THAT character (as written) that it is jerks you into a momentary recognition that this is completely fake – as if a boom mike suddenly drops into the top frame of the shot and hits the actor on the head.

  29. Heidi says:

    The music on the show is great. The writing is insipid. So obvious there are multiple writers and non of the story lines merge smoothly.The uneveness, unreality, and contrived nature of situations is galling. So much money has gone into this production…but the head writer isn’t doing his/her part.

  30. Linderella says:

    I love Julia as well – especially without Michael – her little personal drama gives some justification for the delay in getting the script and songs finished. Dev is the kind of guy who needs support but is not supportive; the punch was more because he felt humiliated by Derek, not to uphold Karen’s “honor.” Without Dev though, Karen’s credit card balance would probably be a whole lot more than $300 as her part-time coffee shop gig is not paying the rent. Karen and Derek have terrific chemistry and I think he realizes it far more than does she. As for Ivy, I still think she’s a needy train wreck. There may be some glimpses of reality in the Broadway part of the show, but I’m not looking for reality – I’m looking for entertainment and that’s what I’m getting.

  31. #jc says:

    I enjoyed this episode, and am finally starting to get on the Karen/Derek train, lol! Loved when he got all flustered after he imagined Karen as Marilyn – that was a pretty good Marilyn impression btw. Impressed.

    Dev gets worse and worse. The type of BF who is happy to have Karen as his beautiful Broadway starlet on his arm when it suits his political needs, but as soon as it impinges on him personally he has the nerve to try and tell Karen to quit. I hope this speeds up their demise though. He’s dragging her down.

    Oh Ivy. I want to like her but I feel the writers have no idea how to write her, and her personality has become so off-putting to me now. I just want her to be genuine, but even when she’s being nice to Karen its only to manipulate her for her own gains. I blame the writers. She was perfect in the pilot, but she’s not an easy person to root for anymore. I actually found the scenes last week when Karen and Ivy were in times square the most genuine, cos neither of them had any agenda. It was sweet. I think i prefer them as friends than enemies. I can see in future series (if we get that far!) that they will end up as friends. They can’t keep the rivalry going forever.

    • Dev is dragging her down? Seriously? He is financing her whole life right now. If they break up she is going to find out how hard and cold living in New York without a boyfriend paying the bills is. Yes, he should tell her what’s going on at work so she can understand his major freak outs but is she wasn’t so self-absorbed she might have realized that something hugely wrong is happening to him and then she could help him. But noooo, it’s all about Karen and a part that she doesn’t even have and crying and whining about how mean Derek is when she has the opportunity to understudy which as someone new to the business and the city she should be getting on her knees and thanking the Broadway Gods for. She is so ungrateful and feels so entitled to everything just because she’s talented. That’s not the way it works. There are millions of talented people out there and not everyone gets to be a star. You have to work for it. Dev is freaking out because not only was he passed over for a position that he is more qualified for but also because his new boss is a pediphile pervert and a throughly reprehensible human being. He isn’t sure if his career is going anywhere or if he’s stuck at his current level. Add to that the fact that his girlfriend is working with a sleazy jerk and is obsessed with the job and he is very rightly ready to explode.

      • diane says:

        Dev is dragging down both Karen and McPhee. The actor is terrible, the character is terribly written and he has absolutely NO chemistry, ZERO ZILCH with his leading lady. Their makeout scenes are awkward and gross. The whole idea that they are this super passionate couple who has sex in the office, in the cab and role-plays movies is beyond ridiculous because they have no spark, no sexiness, nothing. Like two rubbers rubbing off each other. Awful. Those scenes are bathroom break-switch the channel material. So since McPhee is designated star of the show, they better spare her this torture because her star quality is nowhere to be seen in Dev scenes. They sink and stink. She always stiffens so obviously she didn`t click with this guy on and off the screen. Unlike scenes with Derek where she suddenly comes alive. Now that`s a chemistry that doesn`t have to become romantic one (I`m a Divy shipper) but friends, collaborators, totally. Not to mention that it would be better for Karen to start struggling for a change. The idea to give her a fancy boyfriend as a meal ticket was bad because struggle is compelling and she has no need for it from the get go. Boring. So break them up, sent his ass back to Britain and lets not hear from him ever again.

        • Actually I agree with you about the actors. I don’t feel a bit of chemistry between them. Heck, there is more chemistry between Dev and Derek than there is between Dev and Karen but I was referring to his character, not the actor. In the context of the show Dev is not holding Karen back. In context of the real world actors….. well, I think it would be better for one of the leading ladies to be single anyway.

          • diane says:

            Yeah, in the context of real life actors, McPhee is defintely held back by the default of having to do scenes with Jaffrey. And they absolutely do not work. At all. Likewise, he is held back by the same default. Two actors who don`t create good TV are forced to do scenes together because they were paired by the script and casting. However, while she has an option to be in scenes with actors she has chemistry with (Davenport, Hilty), he can`t because his character is not from Broadway. So it`s McPhee and no one else from main cast (once in a blue moon Brit-off aside) for him. Which is a very bad place to be for a character who is also unexplicably billed as a main character.

            I say break them up for good. She`d benefit from finally having to struggle for living and he, well, never belonged in the show anyway so he`ll be put out of misery.

  32. godev says:

    Good episode I thought. Reminded me of 1-4 before it all got a little off-track. The Eileen stuff was super zzzz tho. Financing a Broadway storylines are just not fun! Starting to really despise Dev too. Knowing that its basically Broadway or nowhere for Karen and then asking her to ask him if he’d drop everything for her was super douchey, especially when its all hypothetical and he hasn’t even told Karen about his non-promotion. Plus, so he didn’t get the promotion. Deal with it – he’s still got a good job. Please Karen just ditch him already! Also waiting for the day that Ivy can please just act like a normal person without there being some agenda, or drugs, or baggage involved. I still have no idea who she is really. I thought it was kind of amusing though that it turns out Ivy and Derek’s disfunctional relationship is probably the strongest on the show right now, lol. Also loved the 2 original songs this week. Toms was a lot of fun, and Katharine McPhee really does have a beautiful voice.

  33. Millie says:

    I don’t think the teenage son is awful. That is exactly the way teenage boys act. Especially around adults!
    As for this episode, I just felt it was so choppy. Every scene seemed like it ended 30 seconds too early. It was Very distracting, annoying & super frustrating. Cut out a couple of dumb scenes so you can spend quality time on the good ones.

  34. ana says:

    Tom stepping in for the role of Zanuck was the best thing of the episode. I wish he could do a number every week.
    Just hate Ellis. And although I love Eileen, I think the character is completely unprofessional for a big broadway producer. Don’t believe any real producer would steel the writer’s assistant without talking to him before hand, or burn contracts in front of potential investors just because she doesn’t need them anymore. She may not need them for this musical, but she might need them again in the future. That scene was just surreal.