Glee Recap: Hustlin' Bro

darren crissThings were heavier than a full-grown elephant with an anvil on its back at the end of Glee‘s last new episode back in February. Karofsky had attempted suicide (but thankfully survived). Quinn was involved in a horrific texting-while-driving accident. Rachel and Finn were on the precipice of a poorly thought-out trip down the aisle. And we had to endure another performance from New Directions — sans Blaine. (Gack!)

So you’ll forgive Ryan Murphy & Co. for lowering the emotional stakes in Glee‘s first episode back from a mid-winter hiatus (and, coincidentally the first step to a Season 3 finale/graduation for The Seniors). Quinn returned from her cliffhanger crash — paralyzed from the waist down but hanging onto hope that she’d walk again — and wheeled her way into an unexpected potential love triangle. Blaine dealt with some unresolved sibling issues. And seeds were planted for potentially game-changing story arcs for Finn and Rachel, as well as Sue. Plus, Kurt spent half the episode dressed like an extra for Madonna’s “Erotica” video. (O, wardrobe, where art thou?)

If you got distracted replaying Duran Duran videos on YouTube and missed parts of the episode, here’s how the central story arcs played out:

* Blaine, perhaps the only person on the planet who pairs sweater vests with cardigans and bowties, seemed a wee bit ambivalent about a visit from his big brother Cooper (the crazy charismatic Matt Bomer) — star of a legendary ad that served as Kurt’s ringtone. But after popping by McKinley and autographing Sue’s breast, Cooper agreed to visit the New Directions rehearsal space where he fondly recalled sitting in “a sad drab room like this with dreams like yours.” (Anyone else howl when Sue introduced Cooper as “Porcelain’s famous brother,” while Blaine meekly tried to point out the famous sibling was his.) Things got dicier when Cooper agreed to give an acting masterclass to the glee-club kids, musing that “theater is lame and Broadway is dead,” instructing the kids on turning in toward the camera when posing for a head shot, and discussing techniques for taking ownership of a dramatic scene (i.e., pointing, screaming one’s lines, randomly eating a roast-beef sandwich). But after a dustup prompted by Blaine confronting his older sibling about continuously dissing his own merits as a performer, the boys hit the McKinley stage for a Gotye singoff and a subsequent meeting of the minds. Turns out Cooper was hard on Blaine because he saw his potential to do movies, concerts, and Broadway, and just wanted to take a little credit for his development once he got there. Oh, and don’t count out Cooper for a role in the as-yet-untitled Michael Bay film!

* Quinn returned to school, announced her medical diagnosis and instituted a “no tears” policy on what she dubbed the happiest day of her life. (Hey now, don’t quibble: She could’ve been one of those creepy memorial pages in the yearbook.) Still, being in a wheelchair led to a natural connection with Artie that may or may not be headed in a romantic direction. (I kinda hope it does: New, improved Quinn might go for a guy like Artie, yes?) After he pushed her to tackle  the steepest accessibility ramp in Lima — it’s just like having a baby, she cheekily observed — the duo decided to conspiratorially take a pass on spending senior skip day with their buddies and instead hit the skateboard park where they attempted daring new tricks on their own wheels. (I wish some of those extras with prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs had actually gotten a chance to, um, speak like real humans, not just like props for a kicky musical number.) Quinn, though, determined to walk by the time New Directions head to Nationals, wouldn’t entertain the idea that she’d be paralyzed forever. “I’m getting out of Lima, I’m going to Yale, I’m going to walk again,” she told Artie, who just wanted her to consider that a medical miracle might not be in the cards. What’s more, new guy on campus Joe (Glee Project’s dreadlocked Samuel Larsen) told Quinn he was praying for her to accept whatever fate comes her way. Is Quinn about to be torn between two potential lovers while planning her future on the east coast? Stay tuned!

* Sue, who showed up 15 minutes late for the Cheerios’ regional competiton due to a medical appointment, was enraged to find Principal Figgins had appointed obnoxious Roz Washington as co-cheerleading coach. And while I could live quite happily without ever hearing another joke from Roz about Sue’s aging ladyparts — “the doctor had to shine a light up your va-jay-jay to get all the bats to fly out” — the threat to Sue’s position got her to promise Figgins she’d help New Directions work out their choreography woes, and win the $10,000 prize that comes with a Nationals win. After using her hallmark techniques of cruelty and verbal abuse, though, Sue found herself softening when her doctor revealed “irregularities” in her amnio test, and Becky told her she should try to be a little more patient once she becomes a mom. Somehow, Coach Sylvester ended the episode praising New Directions’ “optimisim and decency.” See what having a second heartbeat inside your torso can do?

* Puck tried to convince Finn to move with him to Los Angeles — the land of  800,000 pools needing maintenance. And that chat got Finn wondering — and grilling Rachel — whether she’d ever considered how his dreams fit into her plan for NYADA and Broadway stardom. Fair enough, but last time they were on the subject, dude kind of made it seem like Rachel’s dreams were his only consideration for the future, no? That end-of-episode “are you in love with me or the idea of who you want me to be?” ultimatum seemed way harsh, but I guess that’s the way (overly serious teenage) love goes.

Anyhow, now that we’ve covered all the pertinent plot details, let’s review the best quotes from “Big Brother”:

“My Droid!” –Mercedes, responding to Sue hurling her cellular device into the auditorium seats

“I have no idea who Porcelain is refering to: I’m assuming it’s gay and niche.” — Sue responding to Kurt’s complaint that she was meaner than Bravo TV’s Tabatha Takes Over

“If Alan Menken isn’t personally writing you a fairytale musical at this very second, I will hunt him down and beat him senseless with a cudgel, because you, sir, are a Disney prince.” –Sue, responding to the general dreaminess of Cooper Anderson

“It’s springtime. I would like to see something give birth.” –Brittany, brainstorming ideas for senior skip day

“It also wouldn’t kill you to let Kurt stop picking out all your clothes.” –Cooper, weighing in on Blaine’s often painful threads

“My nana watches that!” Puck, dishing/dissing Glee’s timeslot competitor NCIS

And now, let’s get on to the grades for this week’s musical numbers:

“I’m Still Standing,” Artie and Quinn
Cute harmonies and wheelchair-ography, though the song choice was a little bit of a groaner, no?
Grade: B

“Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio,” Blaine and Cooper
Too. Much. Auto-Tune. And peculiar choreography.
Grade: B

“Fighter,” Blaine
Xtina’s original is my No. 1 treadmill jam, so it’s hard for anything to compare. Still, Blaine at the punching bag and in the shower had to be a milestone moment/screengrab extravaganza for Darren Criss fans.
Grade: B-

“Up Up Up,” Quinn and Artie
I just kept worrying Quinn was going to lose control and get seriously hurt during this number. I know, I know, I’m a killjoy. But everything else felt secondary, y’now?
Grade: B-

“Somebody That I Used to Know,” Cooper and Blaine
I bought the sibling angst in the room, and Matt Bomer really is a charismatic fella, no?
Grade: A-

Now it’s your turn. Hit the comments with your thoughts about “Big Brother”  in general, and Matt Bomer specifically. And for all the Glee news, views, and interviews your heart desires, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m sorry but couldn’t we get this one episode devoted to Quinn and the aftermath of the wreck? I actually enjoyed Blaine and his brother and any other time would of been happy but really Glee? It was 80% Blaine and 20% Everything else.

    • K says:

      Pretty much. As someone who has worked in a rehabilitation center with people in wheelchairs and other disabilities I was hoping there would be a good resolution to the cliffhanger but this episode was terrible. I know it’s a comedy but at least give a little realism to the storyline and don’t sweep it under the rug. Basically a week later she’s back in school performing a song…give me a break. Glee has dedicated a ton of episodes on Kurt & Santana’s struggle with being gay but can’t do the same for individuals who suffered a terrible accident in this instance?

      • Avi says:

        When they did focus on it they tended to focus not on Quinn being in a wheel chair but how Rachel felt like it was her fault. I wanted someone to slap Rachel. Not everything is about her, least of all Quinn being paralyzed.

        • Lily says:

          Quinn was responding to Rachel’s texts when the accident happened. How would you feel if somebody got involved in an accident after they read your text ?

    • Lily says:

      I think they will devote several episodes to Quinn and the aftermath of the wreck. It will affect the dinamics of the group. I read some spoilers about Quinn in future episode… so they are not done with her yet…. I feel that Blaine’s NON-Kurt -related storyline will only be limited to this one episode.

    • Linda says:

      I thought Quinn got a lot of material (50%) and I liked that they didn’t dwell on the immediate aftermath of the accident because to me that would have been a boring waste of time. I enjoyed Blaine’s story with his brother and I thought they did a nice job of playing siblings. I thought the episode had quite a few humorous lines and was overall pleased with the episode.

      • Mal says:

        I don’t think it would have been a boring waste of time; I think it would’ve given them a chance to let these actors ACT for once. They could’ve shown real drama with finding out Quinn was in the accident, finding out her condition, etc. rather than just show a couple people cry about it. When someone close to you is in a major accident, it makes you pause and reflect on not just them but your own life, and there could’ve been some real character developments from that. Instead, they just washed it away and had her back at school all “I’m good, just paralyzed for now.” Blah.

  2. Liam says:

    Leave it to Blaine to make an episode super boring.

  3. Spookykat says:

    Um Ausiello, it wasn’t ‘Stronger,’ that was Artie’s cover of that Brittany Spears song. It was Xtina’s ‘Fighter.’ Get your song-titles right before you diss them, and clearly you’re not a Blaine fan, but I loved that scene.

  4. Alex says:

    I get that it was the message of I’m Still Standing was supposed to be good, but having kids in wheelchairs sing that song is kind of awkward and a little disrespectful….

    Also, we get the texting and driving is bad, but they went overboard that with Quinn lecturing Finn not to text and walk. Perhaps it was just my local station and a coincidence. but there were no less than 4 “don’t text and drive” ads during the commercial break.

    LOVED Matt Bomer. Awesome and hilarious and charismatic. Hope White Collar, or whatever other projects he pursues in the future, finds some more opportunities for him to sing!

    • Katie says:

      Perhaps Quinn has PTSD? Maybe she’s just really afraid of someone else getting hurt like she did?

    • Lily says:

      I also tell my friends not to text and walk, especially on stairs… because I fell and hurt myself badly in one moment of inattentiveness.

      • Joe Park says:

        What about walking and chewing gum at the same time?

        • Lily says:

          Might be dangerous if all of a sudden you trip and out of shock you will swallow your chewing gum .. LOL and about my fall… I ended up using crutches for a few months… not much fun if you live in an environment that has never heard of improving accessibility for buildings for less abled people.

    • Spider3tattoo says:

      “I’m Still Standing” is a song about being strong when something knocks you down. It was appropriate in this context.

    • AngieD says:

      There have been plenty of viral videos of people having mishaps whlle walking and texting. Especially infamous is one woman falling into a mall fountain. IMHO, texting while walking is somewhat rude – you’re either bumping into people or you’re forcing the people behind you to walk slower.

  5. Suz says:

    Matt Bomer is amazing, he can sing, dance, drama and now comedy! He is of course good looking too. I loved the Duran Duran number so I would have given it an A- and Somebody that I use to know an A. Loved the episode and Still a huge fan of Matt’s!!

  6. Penelope says:

    I didn’t like how Glee skipped over why Rachel and Finn didn’t get married (even though they stated why in a sentence) and the aftermath of Quinn’s reaction– such as everyone’s reaction to the news, Quinn being in the hospital, ect. Those could have been great scenes. I truly felt like this episode was to introduce Matt Bommer (Cooper) something that I felt could have waited until next season. Truthfully, I’m indifferent to Blaine, I don’t hate him or adore him but he was too much tonight. The musical numbers were forgettable and the acting this episode was forgettable. I’m not too much of a Finchel fan (or any coupling for that matter) but they kept me interested tonight and Finn’s business proposal with Puck kept me wondering about the future of the couple. ‘Big Brother’ falls into the category of ‘Home, Night of Neglect and “others like it”. You all know why.

  7. Kim says:

    Mercedes said “My drawing!” as in, she was playing Draw Something, not “my droid.”

  8. Melanie says:

    That was an unnecessary Blaine episode. Should have been more focused on Quinn; what’s the point of that triangle? Also–Somebody I Used to Know doesn’t deserve that A.

    • yep says:

      Totally agree. Quinn’s character has been assassinated beyond repair. She deserves better. Blaine is a complete bore and a junior. I don’t care. Somebody I used to Know was OK a C at the most. Duran song was meh and forgetable. Excuse me for being brutally honest and not politically correct.

  9. 8daysmeg says:

    I really loved “Somebody that you used to know.” It’s probably one of my top 5 favorite Glee performances.
    Anyone else get a feeling Blaine’s “famous” brother might be the “famous” father of Sue’s baby?

  10. Gord says:

    Most BORING episode ever. Wait, its just everything Blaine is boring. Quinn’s accident seems like a joke.

    • Katie says:

      They really did skip over Quinn she was like an afterthought except I did enjoy her and Artie but I hate the idea of her being paralyzed permanently. But yea this was a Blaine episode that could of waited it was a good eppy but to soon I suppose.

    • yep says:

      EXACTLY. Quinn’s devasting and life altering accident was a casual mention while super Blaine gets in the shower to be sad over how aweful his brother has been to him. Again excuse me for being brutally honest.

  11. karenb says:

    So tired of the Blaine Show. Let me know when glee returns.

  12. Kristen says:

    Wasn’t into tonight’s episode. Though Sue’s comment about Sam and Mercedes’ sexual tension was pretty great.

  13. Amy says:

    Was this Glee? It felt like an entire episode of Blaine! I like the guy but come on we didn’t meet Rachel’s dads until the last episode. Blaine and his bro could of waited till next season. Quinn was in a freaking car accident and we got nothing, no flashbacks, not even a parent mention.

    • Gord says:

      I feel like the whole point of the Quinn accident was to make the audience still want to tune in (for absolutely nothing) after the hiatus. They really did an AWFUL job with the accident and follow up. I wanted to see the reaction at the wedding and all that drama and got NOTHING. The whole episode is like GLEE SURVIVOR, where we see if the audience can make it through 45 minutes of banal and boring.

      • Erin says:

        Totally agree. I was really hoping for the reaction shots as they found out, maybe a hospital scene … not her rolling down the hall all sunshine and nothing-is-wrong … 7 weeks of waiting, for that?!

        • Amy says:

          That’s exactly how I felt. I waited 7 episodes for this? This is why Glee isn’t as relevant anymore as it could be.

        • Vicky says:

          Gotta say , this episode was a long wait for a letdown. The cliff hanger episode was imho one of the best they’ve done – and yeah we needed some levity after all that drama. However not enough due was paid to Quinn’s accident. I kind of figured Rachel and Finn wouldn’t be married yet. The song choices were kind of weak except for Somebody That I Used To Know – it was boring.

    • Jully says:

      Unfortunetly they only went for that accident to get out of the worst storyline in Glee’s history: FINCHEL wedding. They saw how everybody tought it was crazy and that was the only way to stop it without breaking Finchel up. I dont understand why this couple can be broken up, they are awful together. Anyway, I hated this episode. No wonder I didnt miss Glee during this hiatus.

    • Chad says:

      This is Glee. That’s really weird. When I watched the show it flashed “Glee” in the beginning so it wasn’t hard to figure out what show I was watching.

      I hate to tell you, but the entire episode was not about Blaine. You say that we met Blaine’s brother so soon (when Blaine has been on for almost a season and a half) yet we met Quinn’s parents in the first season. I don’t hear any complaints that we met her family too soon. She isn’t my favorite (or least favorite) character, but I didn’t complain that we met her family “too soon”.

      The Glee episode I watched had a storyline for Rachel and Finn, Artie and Quinn (with 2 musical numbers, one less number than Blaine and/or Cooper), Sue and her unborn child, and Blaine and Cooper (hence the aptly named episode Big Brother.) Unless there is another version of this episode out there, I don’t understand how you can say this entire episode was about Blaine. It would be impossible to meet every single family member of every single character on this show.

      It seems that no matter who has a storyline, someone always feels slighted. It seems no one is ever satisfied. I for one am grateful that Glee exists.

      • Chelsea says:

        finally someone else sees what saw! thank you!

      • preach says:

        I agree with Chad

      • Jaime says:

        Completely agree :)

      • LeSo says:

        I was happy to have Glee back this week, so I’m willing to let them get away with glossing over Quinn’s accident since they at least tried to fill in the blanks of the time lapse with dialogue. However, I can’t say that an episode devoted to Blaine’s family sounds like a logical progression from last episode’s cliffhanger. I am not the biggest Blaine fan, but I don’t hate him either. I am kind of indifferent to him at this point. That said, I have to say that comparing the introduction of Blaine’s brother to the introduction of Quinn’s parents is rather flawed. When Quinn’s parents were introduced, it made perfect story-telling sense that a pregnant teen would eventually have to face her parents. Finn has a lot of character flaws, but at least he tried to be an honest, stand-up guy when he confessed their secret to the Fabrays at dinner. I believe that it also made sense that Quinn’s mom would return to Quinn’s life after filing for divorce from her controlling husband, so having her around for Regionals and for the birth of Quinn’s baby would fit as well. Where Cooper Anderson is concerned, that plot point was completely random. I have never held stunt casting against Glee as a whole, but this certainly seems like blatant stunt casting given Matt Bomer’s current popularity. Don’t get me wrong.. I thought Matt Bomer did an amazing job playing Blaine’s brother. It just felt really forced and out of place to bring him into the fold at this particular point in the series. I think the timing of this storyline was the biggest problem.

        • Chad says:

          LeSo, I have to concede that comparing the introduction of Blaine’s brother and Quinn’s parents was not the best example. You make some very good points and appreciate your level-headedness in making your arguments. I merely used them as example since Quinn was brought up in the original complaint. I should have used a better example.

          Ultimately what triggered my response was the statement that this was a “Blaine” episode, which reeked of the blatant anti-Blaine vitriol. It seems when there is a focus on a character or actor that someone doesn’t like, someone screams foul play. I have a feeling if a family member of any other character had been introduced and had been the focus of the episode, the OP’s complaint would not have been made. This was the point I was trying to make and should have used this as my original argument.

      • CJ says:

        The fact that Blaine had a story line at all is crap considering where the last episode left off. There’s all of season four to introduce his family and their nonimportance. Do you stans seriously expect people to not at least be a little miffed that what happened to Quinn was jammed into cliffnotes at the beginning of the episode (While the rest of the time we’re treated to BS sub plots that get .3 seconds of screen time and an unnecessary lingering over the complete joke that was Blaine’s “angst,” might I add)? Forgive me if I didn’t want to watch a rich kid who’s had people do nothing but tell him how awesome he is and generally ride his dick, moan about his brother having the audacity to visit him from out of state and not worship him like the sun shines out of his ass. How dare anyone find Blaine’s mediocrity nothing short of perfect! But I guess the demographic of brothers that get into a mild tiff only to quickly make up just really needed a voice.
        By the way, it’s hilarious that you act like you’re such a good person for not bitching about Quinn’s parents being introduced season 1 (Were you even old enough to know how to read back then?). At least her family served a purpose toward the plot while only needing a grand total of two scenes to accomplish this. Four, if her mother coming back for one whole minute to tell her she’s not homeless anymore and to take a prom photo count.
        So thanks for the sanctimony, but everyone who isn’t hypnotized by triangular eyebrows are sick of being subjected the steaming pile of Blarren that Glee’s been shoving down our throats.

  14. GBz says:

    That episode was an hour of my life I can never get back.

  15. Rio says:

    … Can’t wait til Rachel finally graduates and leaves … so tired of her over-acting.

  16. hey says:

    Would it be too much to ask for a bit more Teen Jesus?!?!

  17. Renee says:

    I swear Ryan Murphy wakes up wondering how to schmaltz up Quinn’s character. It’s gone so far past ridiculous. And I have to say I find the suggestion that Quinn and Artie should now date just because they’re both in wheelchairs to be a little creepy. (Sorry Michael) Glee is too often Noah’s Ark anyway in insisting on romantically pairing everyone on the show but that would be taking it to a distasteful level. The good part – Matthew Bomer! Wow. Ironically this truly was a master class for the Glee actors. (I do love Darren Criss but his acting can be a bit hammy – Bomer can go broad and comedic then shift on a dime to subtle, emotionally engaging.) Glee’s only consistency is that it is too often a soup of awesome and awful.

  18. WTH says:

    This episode was so not worth the wait.

  19. A says:

    Great episode. While I would’ve liked to have seen what initially happened when everyone found out about Quinn, it was still good. Loved the Artie and Quinn interactions. And Cooper’s master acting class was hilarious. They need to bring Matt Bomer back next season!

  20. Bee says:

    uh.. i LOVED it! idk why i’m surprised by the feedback on the online boards, but i am. this reminded me SO much of season 1 glee; it was funny, happy, and entertaining, while also adding to storylines/characters in some way. i was thanking the heavens that they skipped the accident drama. glee has been so darn heavy lately that it was nice to have an episode that was not loaded with depressing storylines about accidents or suicide or sexuality or whatever. those are fine and all, but glee did so much of that already this season alone. instead, we thankfully got senior cut day and the kids getting hilarious acting lessons. SO glad we didn’t get half an episode of people crying and worrying and hugging and all that (in which case, everyone would be complaining about the lack of fun and going “where’s glee!?”). quinn survived and they did a very nice job dealing with her own personal aftermath. absolutely loved the scenes between her and artie! and people, blaine finally had a STORYLINE. even if its for one episode. usually he’s just singing or saying nice things to kurt. about damn time. the music was fun, darren did great, and matt bomer was wonderful.

    p.s. kurt’s margaret thatcher joke was totally adorable.

    • A says:

      finally someone agrees! I feel exactly the same way. it was like the first season. and honestly seeing them have fun on the roller coaster and in general is just so much fun and entertaining to watch. there’s been so much drama that has overshadowed this comedy in the past few episodes which I understand but this was a nice change. this is the first episode in a long time that I actually laughed so hard.

    • Chelsea says:

      I love when people are actually sensible. thank you for this post

  21. Rande says:

    Why wasn’t this entire episode about Quinn!? I mean i dont even love her character but she was in a horrific car accident that left her in a wheel chair for possibly the rest of her life and she got about 10 minutes of screen time?

    I like Blaine as much as the next guy but his storyline with his brother shouldve waited till next week or something. Its another prime example of Glee sidetracking any storylines based on the next guest star they have.

    If it wasn’t for that final cover of Somebody That I Used To Know, I would give this episode a 0/5 but because of that it gets a 1…

    • Lily says:

      I think Quinn’s storyline will run over several episode , as opposed to Blaine whose NON-Kurt storyline will only be limited to 1 episode.

  22. Jully says:

    Is it to much to ask for Finn and Rachel to break up and never get back together? I don’t think I have ever seen a worst TV couple. Finn please move to LA and never return! Thanks!
    Also, what a dissapoint episode.. why make people wait 7 weeks for that?

    • D.C says:

      You know I really don’t understand the internet fandom’s dislike of Finchel. There is no other couple of the show any better. ex: Santana is manipulative throughout most of her relationship with Brittany and Klaine whines to much! And I’m pretty sure Mike and Tina would have obvious flaws too if they had screen time. The dislike of Finchel (internet fandom) seems kind of strange because since the Pilot, I thought it was pretty obvious they would be the center couple. And if the majority of viewers seriously hated them they wouldn’t be together. They made Glee (especially Rachel and Finn) what the show is. .or was. All the couples on Glee are horribly written equally annoying including Finchel. And with Lea Michele and Cory Monteith dating in real life, I highly doubt their characters will break up any time soon. .unless they pull a Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush.

      • Kelly says:

        The problem people have with them is that they are the main couple, they are horrible together, and we still have to watch them over and over again. I agree with you, I also dislike most of the other couples, but I just wanted these characters to have options. They never had Rachel date someone else for more than 2 episodes. Mix it up, have her meet someone in college. Limiting the show to endgame couples is really bad.

        • Pam says:

          Exactly. I agree. I don’t think Rachel and Finn are horrible (I don’t get why some people think this) they truly act like teenagers, but I don’t think they’re so freaking amazing like a blind teenager either, and they are the main characters so their relationship would be featured the most. Rachel never really liked anyone as much as she liked Finn (and maybe vice versa) because throughout her relationship with Puck and Jesse she pined for Finn, as he did when he was with Quinn. I think Glee just wanted us to believe that within the show they were “meant to be”. But I really want Glee to be realistic and let them experience college and other people and then after all that (imagine the drama) then do whatever with them. Who knows they both might end up with other people. I agree about limiting the show to endgame couples is ridiculous especially since all the “kids” date everyone in the Glee club as if there is no other people in the whole school and only have dated 1 or 2 people within the club. If Glee wants to have an endgame couple (besides Wemma and want it to be Rachel/Finn) make “Finchel” the only endgame. Having Brittany/Santana, Kurt/Blaine, Mercedes/Sam, ect date throughout highschool and college is completely unrealistic. All the couples should go their seperate ways, tbh, they’re all at that end point.

      • Amy says:

        Yea I don’t even believe they are dating in real life.

      • Katie says:

        The internet fandom is sick of the Finn/Rachel relationship because it is not a good relationship and they are terrible together. The show told us we were supposed to root for this couple in the pilot but I haven’t seen any reason why I should. By declaring them the “endgame” couple in the pilot limits their characters and at least with Lea Michele we’ve seen better chemistry with her other romantic partners. I see the arguement that “they made glee” but I don’t think they did at all I think that’s shipper delusion. If anyone or anything is to be credited with glee’s initial success I think it’s the novelty of the concept (a dark comedy with singing) that initially drew viewers. I would also say Lea Michele and her voice is partially responsible. If it were the Finn/Rachel relationship that you tell me built this show and that everyone loves why is the show (especially in the third season) shedding viewers, if this one relationship were so responsible for drawing people in I would expect steady demo and overall numbers – maybe even higher because oh the wedding storyline. I highly doubt the actors are dating in real life, based on the hiatus timing of their “relationship” getting publicity it smells like PR to me.

  23. Nath says:

    The song that blaine sung was ‘fighter’ not ‘stronger’

  24. Annie says:

    It’s funny that Glee thinks it’s in a place where it can take a jab at NCIS, who not only crushes Glee in the ratings, but also is the most viewed scripted show on network TV and is basically the darling of current crime shows. Quite amusing, indeed.

    • Jaime says:

      I didnt take it as a jab to NCIS, more like a nod… if it was a jab they would have made a mockery of it, but all it was was “Agent Scuito” finding a body, which is a frequent occurrence on the show, nevermind that Abby isnt an “Agent”… they could have done something ridiculous but they did something that happens frequently on the show. Not only that, but when Cooper said he auditioned for it, everyone was impressed, and it was only Puck, who often makes comments that are disconnected from reality, that said his grandma watches it…

  25. Jully says:

    Im sorry to his fans but Finn is now the most unlikable character in Glee. I mean does he really think Rachel should drop NY for him? I mean SERIOUSLY? Just because now he has a “dream”. Finn has a dream? PLEEEEEASE! He has no clue what he wants out of life. One episode ago he wanted to get married just to cling on to something. One episode his dream is football, the other the army, the other to follow Rachel, now is to clean pools, what’s his next dream? Does he want to be a superhero?

    And is she supposed to give up something she’s been wanting her whole life for him? I’ll tell you what his dream should be, stay in Lima, run Burt car shop, it wont get better than that for a guy that never planned his future and didnt apply to any colleges, and isn’t smart to get in any of them for that matter.

    • Amy says:

      I hated how he thought Rachel should drop NY because of his dream its always “ME ME ME” with Finn. Don’t get me wrong I like them separately but not together both of there characters have became duets they have hardly any separate storylines.

    • A says:

      I know and of all the things he wanted her to quit NY for, a pool-cleaning business? WTF!

  26. Spencer says:

    I fracking HAATE Blaine. I have never hated a TV character more then I hate him.

    • Kelly says:

      I hate Finn and Mr. Schue more, Blaine is just annoying and pointless! =)

    • Lily says:

      @Spencer . just wondering, who is your favorite character on Glee ?

      • Spencer says:

        I LOOVE Tina.

        • Lily says:

          hehehe… Now I understand your hate for Blaine… who takes up a lot of time with his Klaine relationship and all the songs he performed, especially in Season 2… Mike already had an episode for himself (Asian F)…I hope and pray for a Tina centered episode before the end of Season 3 because we have to be able to root for her in Season 4 when she, Artie and Blaine become the main characters in Glee…

        • Lily says:

          And by the way, I am a huge Kurt fan… not necessarily a Klaine fan except for Margaret Tatcher’s dog. . I noticed that Kurt and Tina end up singing together sometimes: ABC, Born this way, but not really a duet. Tina and Rachel will be doing a duet. Hope this means more screentime for Tina ???

    • Matt says:

      I fracking LOVE Blaine. I do not understand why people have such a strong dislike for him. What has the character done to deserve the hate?

      • Sushi says:

        Because he’s not all that and he gets three songs in an episode? And I’ve seen the stills for the next two episodes. Blaine solos in both of them. WHERE THE F*CK IS TINA’S SOLO? Hell, has Kurt (the character Blaine was written for) even been able to sing a tenth as much as his bland, poorly dressed other half with pathetic sibling white boy problems that don’t even compare to Quinn possibly being paralyzed. Uh yeah, the hate is justified. Honestly, I feel there is less hate but more butt hurt Blaine fangirls who have to defend this blatant case of overexposure the show is facing. The show had a soul before do you Blaine fans really want a cash cow with no depth or personality as a replacement?

  27. beth says:

    1. Can Blane get some pants that are actually the correct length?

    2. Does Ryan Murphy dislike Quinn? She went from Byotch, to pregnant, to outcast….got her life together only to be hit with a truck & not really have her aftermath featured…..


    3. You would think that when they wanted to kids to go to an amusement park for “senior ditch day” they would have chosen one of the two MAJOR amusement parks in the state…….(by the way SIX FLAGS isn’t one of them)!

    • Anna says:

      2. I do wonder if Dianna Agron pissed off Ryan Murphy somehow. She might not be the strongest actress but Quinn deserved more

    • Jaime says:

      THANK YOU!! When I saw it and they said they were going to Six Flags, I was like “What?? They’re in OHIO…WHY are they not going to Cedar Point??”… I know its a minor criticism, but still… do your research people!!

  28. Jake says:

    I thought if I had to hear Blaine sing another song I was going to HURL!!!

  29. Kelly says:

    A couple thoughts-
    1) Quinn seemed too optimistic, which leads me to believe she won’t be walking by Nationals, because that would be too “perfect” and this is Glee. It’s also odd that she’s probably never spoken a word to Artie before this episode- have the two had any significant interaction before this?
    2) Blaine’s facial expressions are ridiculous. His eyebrows bob, his mouth gets really emphatic, he keels over like he’s taking a dump . . . maybe that’s just Blaine, but sometimes it comes across as overacting by Darren Criss.
    3) Still don’t know where the pregnant Sue storyline is going . . .
    Overall, this episode wasn’t as big of an event as I was expecting and hoping for. Quinn’s situation, a several-month-long cliffhanger, was barely dealt with when that was the thing everyone has been buzzing about. Matt Bomer was great, especially given how un-Cooper-esque and gracious he is in real-life.

    • Sean C. says:

      In terms of Quinn/Artie interaction, no, there’s been nothing prior to this. Not that unusual – quite a few character pairings on this show have never happened (for instance, Finn has never had any meaningful interaction with Mercedes or Tina, two of his fellow Original Six Gleeks).

    • Lily says:

      If you notice in Quinn’s solo : “never can say goodbye” you will notice that there is one nice picture of Artie in her locker, which surprises me because as you said, there was almost no interacion between the two.. Maybe she has a bit of an admiration for Artie…

  30. Chelsea says:

    god forbid that Blaine has one storyline that doesn’t involve Kurt. when i can guarantee it will be the only until next season. he is a series regular and deserves to have at least one storyline like the rest of the characters.

    • fiona says:

      Tina is a series regular can she ACTUALLY get a story line?

      • James says:

        She should yes, and you should definitely check out some recent spoilers for the last episodes and the current one being done. The fact is though, that Blaine or no Blaine, Tina has always been treated this way and Blaine is not the character who suddenly took away her storylines. Case in point, Mike has more songs this season than she does and Harry is a mediocre singer at best while Jenna is really good. Blaine got his one episode of this entire season and he will get no more. If there is anything else for him, then it will be some Kurt story where he has a line or two so do not begrudge him that. He is a regular character and he is getting his own development which is needed.

    • Mark says:

      here’s the problem: Blaine’s not a character, he’s an etch-a-sketch that the writers use for whatever plot device they need that week. His only consistent character development is that he’s a whiny attention whore who gets super angry when people don’t acknowledge how awesome he is.

      • James says:

        Ah, the goggles of a hater. Yes, Blaine is a character who is actually surprisingly for Glee, managed to hold on to certain traits throughout his time on Glee and accumulated a hodge podge of others that yes, make for an interesting character for quite a lot of people. Now of course, for whatever reason – shipping, your favorite is somehow being dissed by his appearance in your head, he’s taking away time from them, whatever – you simply cannot help but resort to the standard, but really old and ridiculous by now, wha wha wha of a true hater. If Blaine is an attention whore, I wonder what that makes Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes or Santana? Right. And Blaine has plenty of reasons to be angry, like a homophobic father or you know, that little thing called gay bashing, a hate crime which he went through when he was around 14 or 15. Totally stupid to be angry about that right and to be angry at a brother who was not there for him and when he is, it isn’t exactly pleasant for him. Of course, yes, let us ignore all facts and go all wha wha wha. That so makes your case a strong one. Honestly, by now, I just laugh at posts like this.

        • Kira says:

          Amen to James.

        • Seamus says:

          I’m afraid all of this angsty backstory of Blaine (as pretty much all of his characterization) consists just of plot devices, created by the writers to further other character’s storylines.
          If they really wanted to adress that backstory again, they would have in last night’s episode, instead of creating a new one with this sibling rivalry.
          I think the writers want to forget and make us forget they ever mentioned something as dramatic as unsupportive parents or physical abuse. In fact parts of that backstory already went pretty much out of the window in episode one, when Blaine’s parents allowed him to transfer to his boyfriend’s school and in episode five, when he had his first time with his boyfriend in his room in his parents house.

          • LIly says:

            Yeah you are right… Haven’t thought about it… If Blaine’s father is reluctant to accept Blaine for who he is… how come he let him transfer to Mc Kinley etc ?

  31. Deena says:

    It was so nice to actually laugh out loud at Glee again. Matt Bomer, you are amazing & I am keeping that episode on my DVR forever just for his scenes. That acting master class may have been the funniest thing all season & reminded me why I started watching Glee to begin with. I don’t care how they got him on the show or whose storyline he was involved with, he was a GIFT. And I agree with Sue Sylvester, a Disney prince :)

    • Mara says:

      AMEN! :D

    • Jaime says:

      100% Agree!!!

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree Deena It was great to laugh outloud again at Glee,thanks to Matt Bomer who just lit it up and brought some life back in it.This show has become horrible storyline and character wise Not that they were great at either to begin. I don’t get all the b*tching about Blaine I loved Darren and Matt as brothers and them singing together

  32. Sean C. says:

    Blaine’s storyline was ludicrous. Cooper was a perfectly normal brother, and a showboat like Blaine, yet Blaine acts like he’s been molested or something. Cooper himself was hilarious, and tons of fun in every scene he was in; indeed, the writers inexplicably put Blaine in the role of the wet blanket (that sort of character is only fun if we’re supposed to be laughing at his frustration, but the writers seemed to think we should be on his side).

    The Quinn and Artie stuff was overall pretty good, though Artie seemed absurdly certain that Quinn wouldn’t walk again, which is bizarre – I think Quinn’s doctors would have given her a better understanding of her prospects than Artie has. Joe (Teen Jesus) had the better balance by saying he was hoping she would prosper whatever happened.

    Finn’s stuff sort of had a point (maybe going to California is what’s best for him), but he was also totally insufferable. The idea that Finn doesn’t think about himself when that’s pretty much all he thinks about most of the time, for starters. Moreover, Rachel’s dream is New York. She was 100% clear that that’s where she’s going, she told him that before they started dating. The more serious commitment started when Finn talked about going with her. So for him to start suggesting that the relationship isn’t working because she won’t consider changing her lifelong dream for his dream of the last five minutes makes him look like an utterly inconsiderate jerk.

    • Lily says:

      @Sean C… so you have never been criticized over and over again… in such a way that it crushed your self esteem. Blaine had the impression that his brother never appreciated him no matter what he did. That is why Blaine started to cry when Kurt said after West Side Story that he was proud of Blaine .. that is why Blaine is such an attentionwhore , to get the validation he never had from his brother.

      • Sean C. says:

        This is the show that evidently expected as to side with Kurt in trivializing Quinn’s experience in getting pregnant, being disowned, permanently losing her father’s love, as “rich white girl problems”. When compared with how Quinn was handling a much, much worse issue in this same episode, Blaine’s problems were insanely petty.

        • Lily says:

          Showing Kurt being condescending towards Quinn and Quinn not able to defend herself …does not mean that Glee agrees with Kurt’s behavior… Showing Brittany sleeping with a lot of guys or Puck impregnating Quinn and both getting away with it lightly , does not mean that Glee agrees with Brittany’s and Puck’s behavior. However Kurt’s, Brittany’s and Puck’s attitude does stir the conversation and I think that is what it is all about in Glee. So that the fandoms keep on talking and bitching about it until the next episode goes on air.

          As for Blaine’s issues being petty… Just because his self esteem is trampled only by his sibling… and not by someone with more heavier emotional luggage like e.g. a parent… it does not mean that it is petty… Just ask any husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend being ciriticized constantly by their partner , or any employee being criticized constantly by his/her boss…

        • Lily says:

          And I am sure that Blaine’s solo storyline ends in this episode and he will be drowned in Klaine again… As for Quinn’s storyline, I already read the spoilers.. we are not done yet with her…

  33. kitqt says:

    lol this show. what was that brother plotline even about? and they completely screwed over any kind of real potential with quinn. matt bomer was cute and funny at times, but this episode was pretty weak. it just felt so pointless, and an excuse to give blaine slightly more reason to sing his dumb solos.

  34. Lisa says:

    I hated this episode! They should have titled it “Pointless” or “The Cliffhanger that wasn’t”. They basically ignored Quinn’s accident and why was Blaine’s brother visiting? There was zero point to this. The Roz/Sue scene was just ugly, nasty and awful – it was NOT entertaining! This episode was terrible!

  35. Moira says:

    I am sick of Ryan Murphy using Glee to foster his own agenda. He’s been promoting gay rights for two years (I believe in gay marriage), he set up what could have been a wonderful storyline with Quinn texting while driving and then ignored it, he builds storylines around his pets and now he has Mercedes donating to Obama? I watch Glee to be entertained but RM doesn’t seem to remember how to do that.

    • Lily says:

      It is still a wonderful storyline with Quinn but after all that Karofsky hospital drama… I prefer to see a Quinn who tries to deal with the aftermath after the hospital part is over… Quinn is not a dramaqueen… and I am sure her storyline is not over.

  36. Lancen says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. After the drama of On My Way (an episode I really didn´t like), a fun episode like this was great. Love Matt Bomer, the acting class was hilarious. It was nice to see Blaine get a Storyline that doesn´t revolve around Kurt. I felt that Fighter didn´t really fit the situation, but I liked the song tho.

    • Lily says:

      Fighter did fit in my opinion, because I think that the constant criticizing from big brother is a kind of bullying as well… and therefore it did not put Blaine down, it made him stronger instead,.

  37. Troy says:

    Rachel was more affected than Quinn about the crash, Quinn had to console her??? that was really weird and awkward. The constant faberry fanservice is getting really annoying.

  38. Laura says:

    What a waste it is to have Dianna and Kevin (Quinn and Artie) in wheelchairs, they are two of the best dancers on this show. On the other side there’s Finn, who still hasn’t figured out how to sing and walk at the same time.

    • Shana says:

      I don’t think quinn is among the best dancers on the show… Brittany, Santana, Mike and artie like you mentioned. the rest are just average

  39. Iamlordvader says:

    Why can’t this crappy show jus die ? There have been so many good shows that have been canceled and yet this crap is still on the air

  40. Mara says:

    The only thing who worth the entire episode was the adorable Matt Bomer!
    In White Collar he is very charming and seductive, but in Glee was so funny! And his voice and dancing… OMG! Is there anything that Matt can’t do? ;)

    • Deena says:

      I KNOW! My sister literally turned to me at one point & told me to stop drooling because the smile on my face was so big. He is the total package. Glee needs to bring him back soon.

  41. Nessie says:

    “Blaine, your brothers the best looking man in North America.” – Best line of the night for me. I enjoyed the episode and Matt Bomber was awesome in it. I’m glad to see more Blaine story outside of Blaine/Kurt. I also had no problem with how they handled Quinn’s story, it was kind of nice to jump passed the drama of the accident and get down to her dealing with her situation (or not dealing as it were).

  42. Karen L. says:

    Cannot believe Blaine got to sing thrice in one episode. I’m just so sick of Darren Criss’ whole shtick of lowering your eyebrows, making a Renee Zellweger squinty smile, bobbing his head while he says “YYYEEEEAAAHHH,” and just trying generally too hard at acting.

    And I can’t be the only one who hated “Fighter” right? That was TERRIBLE! Darren Criss sounded fine in the duets, but this was one of the most ear-grating covers I’ve ever heard! Not to mention the general weirdness in video and sound editing and the most ludicrous reason to get Darren Criss half naked taking a shower.

    At least the episode fully utilized the brilliance that is Matt Bomer. That acting class was just hilarious!

    • 777 says:

      You are not the only one who hated fighter. IMO, in his best day Darren can MAYBE do a mediocre cover of genie in a bottle.

    • Lily says:

      Loved the “Fighter” cover. Blaine was so full of aggression that he tried to channel through boxing and showering instead of e.g. bullying someone else… Some people told me.. if you are so angry that you don’t know how to deal with your feelings… wash your face or take a shower…

  43. xxx says:

    So Darren Criss Can’t act so they give him 3 songs.

  44. Fluffhoof says:

    This ep was something bad. They didn’t even mention Dave (y’know, suicide is a thing only good for ratings and shock factor, it’s not like you have to recover from it or something). Too much focus on blein after OMW, stuff like this should be in season 4, where the seniors are no longer the focus of the story. There was a mood whiplash (Sue, cg it’s a girl! Yay! But there are some irregularities, which means she’s probably got Downs. Yay, Brittany can’t take photos!). It left a sour taste in my mouth afterwards.

    • Lily says:

      Max Adler who plays Karofsky is not available at the moment… So I guess that is why he is not mentioned at all… No need to worry.. Chris Colfer mentioned in an interview that Kurt will have a storylines that fans might not like… i think it might be about Klaine or Karofsky..

  45. J says:

    I like this episode, it’s hilarious and fun

    • dani says:

      Me too. It was nice to have a lighter episode too after “On My Way”, which I still liked but I am glad that Glee got a little more glee-full.

  46. Mark says:

    Your ratings on the Blaine songs are way too high. Fighter was an abomination, STIUTK was incestuously creepy, and the Duran Duran mashup was facepalm-worthy. The Quinn and Artie songs were decent, if thematically strange.

  47. Lily says:

    Randon question, who was sitting next to Kurt in the roller coaster ?

  48. Eric says:

    Why is Darren Criss so talented???!!! The man can sing (best male singer on the show, period!) he can dance, he can act, and he looks amazing!!! Glee is extremely lucky to have this rising star on their show!!! Keep up the great work Darren!!! And everyone stop hating on Blaine!!!

  49. Shawn says:

    um did fox watch this episode before giving glee a 4th season. I love glee but this was just awful. It felt like a filler episode. I can’t believe that they just threw Quinn into a wheel chair and that’s it. They should have picked up at the wedding and shown everyone going to the hospital to be with her. And not only am I bothered by the idea of her and Artie romantically how about just the idea that they would be friends. Just because she is in a wheel chair as well doesn’t mean her and Artie are best friends. Glee could have had Quinn rebuffing Artie’s attempt at helping her cope the entire time to be more realistic. Same for Finn only realizing that he has no plans for the furture after talking to puck about cleaning pools in Cali…..really. if he is that dumb I guess maybe he shouldn’t be considering colleges in NYC. Heres how it should have played out Quinn should have been in the hospital and Finn at her side and his guilt about her being on the way to the wedding coupled with some old romantic feelings could have made him doubt his blind love for Rachel and only thinking about her furture. Also to be more realistic about Kurt and rachel getting into Nyada they should have been told to have a portfolio ready for the recruiter which they dont have so I would have liked to see them trying out for local commercials and such hence a more realistic way to introduce Blaine’s brother they could have gone to him for help. Also to play on rachels insecurities all the girls at the auditions could be thin, pretty blonde Quinn types and all the guys like Finn and Rachel would be jealous when she sees Finn visiting Quinn so much in the hospital. that is how glee should have gone down instead we got big brother.

  50. Marco says:

    Ah, the ND in OMW were Blaineless? So THAT’s why they sounded better than usual. That being said, this episode was pretty awful. Fighter was THE WORST SONG OF THE SEASON (why did the music try to cover Darren’s voice? Why was Darren so subdued? He’s supposed to voice all his hurt!) and Somebody That I Used To Know is a close second (not to mention Fighter should’ve been the ‘flashback’ song and the flashback should’ve been flashbackS, plural). Blaine’s plotline was pretty hackneyed and clichè, and sadly showed that Matt is an awesome actor, while Darren is… good, but clearly suffered from the comparison (I think Darren’s a singer first and foremost, even if 99% of his songs as Blaine are Bland as Hell). Quinn as a B story after the cliffhanger was about HER is moronic, and no mention AT ALL of Dave, not even a quick ‘we’re in touch’ by Kurt? Glee is getting lazier and lazier

    • Uma says:

      actually they sounded pretty bad in OMW. Worst competition performance ever IMO. I hope they never cover Nicki Minaj again.