The Secret Circle on the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

Come mid-May (if not sometimes sooner), the networks will be making some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2012-13 TV season, and which … won’t. As we did last spring, TVLine is singling out select “bubble” shows to survey their prospects. Next up is a freshman drama hoping to conjure up a pick-up:

THE SHOW: The Secret Circle (The CW)

THE TIME SLOT: Thursdays at 9/8c.

2012 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

THE CASE FOR KEEPING | With so many plots still to be resolved and mysteries to be delved into, a well-crafted season finale unleashing the right twists and a great cliffhanger could push the show into the Must See category alongside The Vampire Diaries. The ingredients are all there – an appealing cast (more Diana, please!), dark threats, intriguing power struggles – but it just needs that extra “something” to kick the show into full gear. Also, considering the timeslot competition (Grey’s, the red-hot Person of Interest, whatever’s airing after American Idol) and the challenges that come with a first year show finding its storytelling groove, it’s possible Secret Circle just hasn’t yet gotten a fair shot to show us everything it has up its sleeve.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | The witchy drama is a solid companion to The CW’s vampy crown jewel, yes — but is that enough? There’s no sugarcoating it: Despite the build-up to its launch – It’s from Kevin Williamson! It’s also based on a L.J. Smith book series! It’s got magic! – TSC hasn’t been able to generate the same level of dynamic storytelling, ratings and buzz as its lead-in. And with so little real estate available – The CW only programs 10 hours a week – perhaps its time to give another series the plum perch behind the netlet’s most watched program?

Fox’s Fringe on the Bubble: Keep or Cut?

Vote below, then hit the Comments to make your own case for keeping or cutting The Secret Circle.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. rod says:

    i tried to like this show but its just not as good as TVD, kiling a main character in the first episodes was a good idea but they did nothing with it, they just replace the dead guy with another. and thomas dekker´s acting is so bad i couldn take it anymore

    • markoo says:

      Currently it’s better than TVD! In my opinion! The story develops pretty slowly, and after some ups and downs it got pretty AWESOME! This show is a keeper! It always makes U want more and the story the cast is pretty great with exepction of Thomas Dekker and Chris Zylka! It deserves a second season at least!

      • rod says:

        if only they could get rid of Dekker and Zylka i might consider watching again

        • Anon says:

          Dekker and Zylka really have very much improved! However, it’s the four females of the cast that are the strongest. They writers have definitely built up a beautiful friendship with Diana, Faye, and Melissa. If anyone watched Charmed, then the three of these brunettes on The Secret Circle definitely remind me of them!

          • luli says:

            you used to watch charmed?? that’s my fav tv show…. and as for the secret circle I stopped watching it after the first ten episodes, but myabe it deserves a second season :=

          • Anon says:

            @luli I loved Charmed! And now I love The Secret Circle. You stopped right when the show really started getting good!! I’d recommend catching up on this season because wow has it gotten to be such a good show!

            It certainly deserves a 2nd season.

          • cassidy says:

            Secret Circle is in NO WAY as good as Charmed…Charmed is the best!

          • ChrisGa says:

            All the males teens on the show are a mess and I agree that neither Dekker or Zylka are very compelling as leads; frankly I’d buy it more if those two characters were paired up because Dekker has zero chemistry with any of the females. As for the females, Cassie is basically the Elena of this show; whiny, boring, and fairly one-note. The other three are great; I love Phoebe Tonkin’s Faye, but I’d love to see them showcase Melissa(who’s grown on me exponentially since the winter break) and especially Diana(of the six principals, Shelley Hennig is the best actor among the group IMO) more in the future. Hopefully, we’ll see a second season as there are definitely other CW shows that could benefit from retirement(90210 and GG to name two).

          • Irvboy98 says:

            Omg i love Charmed!!! I still watch it now, Faye reminds me of Phoebe. But yeah, they should defineantly have TSC for another Season

      • markoo says:

        and they have the best raitings after TVD and tieing with Supernatural!

        • Matt says:

          Ehh…this show is just boring and doesn’t have the same intrigue as Vampire Diaries does. It makes me sad, as a fan of the books, how much they’ve “messed it up”. It’s just SO unlike them and not in good way. They’ve just really been a struggle to get into. Half the reason is just how lame a MC Thomas Dekker is, I think. Half the reason I’m still watching is just because Phoebe Tonkin is SMOKING hot and has the cutest sly smile. But looks don’t save a show, so…hopefully it will get better, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s good enough for a renew and good enough to really build up and draw in it’s own audience (not just Vampire Diaries stragglers).

          • Sabrina says:

            I happen to disagree. I think The Vampire Diaries has actually decreased in entertainment. I can predict what happens BEFORE i watch it every week. The Secret Circle, though it started off kind of slow, has more of an unpredictability to it and has generally gotten better over the season. It deserves a 2nd season.

          • cloe says:

            Haha vamps sucks they r getting to be stale bread secert circle is way far better then this trash they feeding us

        • Annie says:

          I love love love this show, and I just spent the last ten minutes writing the CW and NBC trying to get them to bring it back. I wanna know what happens! Its so unfair!

      • Tarc says:

        TVD is finally (finally!) finding a groove. It’s too bad that they have to involve so many of the parents to get it there, but the last few episodes definitely show that the show could have legs. And sadly, TSC is actually gaining on TVD – this endless (increasingly boring) Originals storyline is getting stale. I’d bet Joseph Morgan is a great guy, but he’s a boring “most powerful vampire/werewolf/hybrid/whatwever”. Elijah is far better candidate (and Dan does it so much more convincingly) for the eldest vampire in the world. And the other originals? So dull they made them go away after an episode. with the exception of Rebeckah, who has potential which is never used with that flat characterization (that’s the writers, the actress seems fine) could be interesting as well. I just hope we gets some resolution (aka multiple Original deaths and something that takes Klaus away for a while – or better yet removes him and retains Elijah). If they find out that the Slavatores are descended from Klaus (rather than Elijah or Rebeckah), I just might quit watching. The whole Klaus thing is tired.

      • melosm says:

        I agree! I record both TVD and TSC and I always watch TSC first. It is more interesting. I loved the addition of Jake. He and Cassie have great chemistry.

      • cb says:

        agreed it started slow but has gotten really good. I’m also starting to like this more than vamp diaries. tvd is just getting a little stale to me, the twist last week with the originals was good but I’m kind of over the originals and the whole delena crap put her back with stefan already. They also need to start some of the stuff that happens to elena in the books.

      • Mankan says:

        Kaay, I Got To Agree With Markoo , The Secret Circle Is Better Then The Vampire Diaries.. It Does Deserve Another Season !

      • Xperiababy says:

        i agree i want more!

      • B@KEA says:

        i dont watch tvd but i did really get into tsc. despite the bad acting which i have come to except from the cw (a lot of young people) i couldnt stop watching and i would be sad if there is no 2ond season… it was one of the main fall shows i was looking forword to this season.

    • Prue says:

      I agree. It’s not the same as TVD. I gave it a chance. And I think it should be cancelled to make room for other CW pilots that seem really cool.

    • dane says:

      I actually completely agree Rod. Thomas Dekker is NOT a compelling lead actor and his chemistry with the lead actress is really off. They are supposed to be ‘written in the stars’ and I just don’t see it at all.

      I voted ‘keep it’ because I hate the idea of anyone being out of work though.. LOL

    • Miss lalala says:

      I agree about Thomas being bad. I’m convinced that the circle has 5 girls and 1 guy (Jake).

    • Sonic says:

      Well if you kept up with the show you would have seen the latest episode where character who was killed off returned. The finale will be crazy, there is just too much going on, but I feel the drop in viewers is due to CW taking too many damn breaks. They are so inconsistent, the show ought to play weekly.

      • Penni Fields says:

        I agree. Viewership has dropped, not because the show sucks, but because there have been too many long breaks in between episodes. Out of sight, Out of mind is real folks. I think 3 weeks is way too long without the consistency of the show. Another thing, I don’t see the CW promoting this show like the other ones on their network. Usually see promo for TVD or Hart of Dixie most. TSC deserves to be pushed more.

    • BRITTNI says:


    • Joe says:

      They didnt replace him thsts his brother and he ends up back in the series as a demon

    • secret circle fan 1 says:

      I love this show its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!#1FAN

  2. PCT says:

    Cut. Tried to stick with this show and made it about 13 episodes in before deciding it wasn’t worth my time. Their other pilots sound much more promising.

    • Danielle H says:

      I agree and this was my experience as well. It just didn’t take off because of the acting and writing. I say get rid of it and try something new.

    • Bobby says:

      I’d rather cut TSC, so the chances for Nikita and HoD would improve!

      • :) says:

        I agree! X1000

        • Nat says:

          I do not think that The Secret Circle is getting a fair review. The show has essentially 2 parts. The first half and then the last half when John Blackwell arrives. How can you judge? Its ratings are sound enough to have a 2nd season. Keep the strong characters and use the weak characters less.
          People are promoting the show they like. I know that is common, but some of the shows have low ratings. The shows with the stronger ratings deserve to stay.

          • timmantis says:

            i dont know why a lot of the comments are bad for tsc when only 24% of people dont want to keep it that voted lol my cousin told me a bout it couse i didnt really like how the first preview of the show on youtube looked like it was the whole episode hate howe they do that these days btu what shwe told me about the show sounded good and i gave it a go lol watched it all in 1 night then looked to see when season 2 started and it anint looking good lol really hope they get a second season tvd is getting lame supernatural is getting alrite looks like there trying to get it bak to wat it use to be hunting but yer if use havent watched tsc really should give it a go i liked it from start to end but people seem to stop when its get s better lol

        • Nancy says:

          What is Nikita’s ratings? Does the show deserve to stay?

          • Jeremy says:

            No Nikita doesn’t deserve to stay. It was only after a few episodes of Nikita of season one that I gave up on it. How the heck could I enjoy at least 90% of The Secret Circle, hate Nikita and the show I like doesn’t get a second season? It seems like my judgement isn’t great. The last few years the freshmen CW series I’ve liked haven’t succeeded.

      • Matt says:

        Hart of Dixie YES! This show is so much better than TSC. Let either their Beauty and the Beast update, Green Arrow, or The Selection follow TVD. I’d much rather give those 3 a chance for a season.

      • Flave says:

        That’s actually almost impossible, since HoD and Nikita have way poorer ratings. The Secret Circle is tied with SPN as the second best rated show in the network. So keep it, CW!

    • tvfan says:

      I tried to like it, but the acting and the story telling seems lazy.
      Just because it is about witches doesn’t mean that you don’t need interesting stories and compelling characters.

      • TVTime says:

        I totally agree. CUT. The Secret Circle’s premise is a good one, but the show’s slow pacing and lack of chemistry between characters make it tedious to watch. When the concept of demons vs. the protagonists was introduced, I was expecting it to be done in interesting ways (a la charmed and supernatural). But the show hasn’t really gone…anywhere. It’s not fresh or creative and the characters need more development ASAP. I wanted to like this show, but it’s just been a disappointment.

    • Miss lalala says:

      I stopped when Cassie went with Adam. It’s so wrong for such a pretty girl to be lesbian in front of everyone.

    • Kreep says:


  3. Lisa says:

    Terrible show. CUT.

  4. This show has so much potential, but week after week they keep failing to live up to it. Joe Lando as Cassie’s father is my favorite thing about the show right now. Each week I hold my breath, afraid they’ll kill him off and then I won’t have any reason to watch.

  5. Jessica says:

    Cut. Tried to get into the show but nothing really made me want to tune in every week. I mean, it is an ok show but I really wouldn’t miss it.

  6. jessa says:

    The show has a great premise…I just think some of the acting (and the lines they are given to act) is too cheesy and some of the acting is just plain bad. However, because I’m hooked on TVD each Thursday night, I can never manage to make myself change the channel so I watch and am hooked on the show anyway. Wouldn’t have my feelings hurt if they replaced some of the actors/writers though.

  7. BOMERFAN says:

    IT was good the first 11 episodes after that it just went downhill…they should just put it out of its misery and Cut the Damn thing

    • Anon says:

      100% disagree. Episode 12 was fantastic, Episode 13 was solid, Episode 14 was just plain awesome, Episode 15 shifted the gears, Episode 16 was great, Episode 17 was pretty much flawless, and Episode 18 was a game changer!

      Ever since the show got back from its Winter Break, it has gotten so much better.

      KEEP IT!

  8. Keep!!!
    Amazing logically grounded SL, great actors, fantastic EP. I’ve switched from TVD to TSC since 1×08 and nothing hurts =)

  9. The fact there’s only 2 young male characters on the show, as opposed to 4 female, not only feminises it to men, but also doesn’t provide any eye candy for women. They really need to bring a new guy in at least. Not to mention that Cassie and Adam are the most annoying characters on the show.

    • Linda says:

      Some women don’t need to have eye candy to be able to enjoy a show BUT Joe Lando is just fine to look at.

      • Alice says:

        Agreed. As is Adam’s Dad if they would ever give him stuff to do. There are more grown up men than women in the cast, so I think it’s pretty balanced.

    • Alex says:

      ITA. And I didn’t care if there was enough eye candy, but I seriously think that Adam has been horribly miscast in this series (even though yes he looks a lot like his TV Dad). The reason TVD got a lot of it’s pull is b.c of the strong sexy male leads and even the male supporting cast. Adam’s not exactly what I would call head turning must tune in TV. I find myself being more interested in the adult characters and Cassie’s Dad. And Nick? Seriously??? He’s got as much sex appeal as the tiny one that played his brother before him. It’s not even enough to warrant me clearing my schedule out to watch the show weekly as I do with TVD.
      I know people hate TVD comparisons to this, but with the schedule plotting it was intended to reach TVD’s audience. I just feel overall the ensemble isn’t what it could be. I’m not frightened of the plots. And this whole only Cassie seems to have power now…dragging…

      • isabella says:

        hahaha wow well duh i wuld hope u wuldent like them they r guys like u or if u did then i say u were guy and vamps getting stale!!

    • Lauren says:

      Uh hello what about the dads?!?! They’re just as MUCH eye candy…

      • ChrisGa says:

        Yeah, the adult characters(Charles, Jane, John,etc.) on this show are far more interesting than the teens; unfortunately, this is the CW, which means the teens have to be the focus and the adults get Gale Harold’s sha…..I mean, the shaft.

    • Marva ORLY!? says:

      I totally agree. Thomas isn’t good. He looks like a girl. Chris is okay. All the witch hunter boys look bad. They do have good clothing btw. But still, they’re bad looking. If they could just replace Thomas with a good looking tall jock so it would be nice to watch the show again, I’d think of keep. But sorry, CUT!

  10. Shirece ross says:

    I absolutely love this show. Watch it every week, never miss an episode. I would be devastated if the show got canceled.

  11. Kim says:

    Are you kidding me? #TSC is the best TV show in the world right now. It’s story-lines, the actors, the characters, everything is amazing about this show! CW would be making a mistake cancelling this show. Even my mom loves it. We’ve watched old episodes over and over again without getting bored. CW would regret cancelling this show.

    • Kit says:

      I completely agree! The Secret Circle is awesome and better than the overrated, boring, cheesy and disappointing Once Upon A Time! You would be crazy to cancel TSC, CW!

  12. Megan says:

    I love this show… I got addicted quickly but I do think that they need to have more story lines. I like Adam and Cassie as a couple and hope that they bring them back together. I hope this show makes it for another season

  13. Ross says:

    I tried to get in to this show but it just didn’t do it for me, even though I love Britt Robertson & Thomas Dekker. I would rather the CW keep Ringer over this…

    • sylvia says:

      Keep Ringer – do away with Secret Circle – these school kids are so sexually active and running around so late – not a very good example for our teenagers. Liked it at first, but too much of the same stuff.

      • isabella says:

        helll no u wrong grow up k ringer an that vamps show r getting old u can just like look at it an no wat happens

  14. Anon says:

    KEEP IT! Ignoring the first two comments, this show has honestly turned itself into a respectable and must-see television series. Ever since Blackwell came into the show, everything has been moving at a much faster pace and we’ve gotten direction to where we’re going for this season. We’ve been getting a lot of [surprising] answers from questions that were presented at the beginning of the series and loose ends are beginning to get tied up while the story, history and mythology continues to get so much deeper. Lately it has even become better than The Vampire Diaries for me.

    The entire cast is great and since the start of the series has grown so much. The story and plot is great as it only continues to thicken. It’s great the the writers are also letting the characters have fun with their magic now and grow closer together as they begin to experience similar situations in love, loss, danger, and so forth.

    The writers have really found their way around this show and it has just gotten to become so good! At this point, the CW would be ridiculous to let it go.

    I’m loving where the show is headed with the Eben and his hunters using the demons and now the Circle and the parent’s story lines are quickly coming to collision. Not to mention, The Secret Circle is literally exploding people!! That’s just good television right there. So, I say again, it’s a definite keeper.

    Anyone who is wondering whether to get into the show or not, my answer to you is definitely try it and watch through the entire season.

    As for those who quit on it too early, they should definitely pick it back up, because the show got a whole lot better! What the writers set up from the beginning of the series is definitely coming into a much bigger play right now as we head closer to the season finale.

    I agree with Price Peterson. #SEVENseasonsandamovie

    • isabella says:

      yes ikr exactly Please keep this or i wont watch cw u hav canceld all the shows i hav watch on cw that i hav none to wach beside this so please dont crush that or u will lose more the 1 or 2 ppls there are alot ppls like me out that that will happen

    • Marc says:

      I can’t agree any more with this post. I’m gonna be pissed if garbage like this or Ringer gets renewed and Nikita doesn’t.

    • Nikita fan says:

      I agree Nikita is way better.

      • Tony says:

        Tsc is best program ever I can’t believe it has been axed or the reviews on this site about crap like nikita or hart of Dixie being better Tsc has a story to it and great actors how can people say the acting is bad compared to other program’s on tv I once watched an episode of nikita and it was rubbish if you have brain of peanut watch nikita and all the other crap out there but I want a second series of tsc because it is quality entertainment on a par with supernatural which is saying something.

  15. Elizabeth Klisiewicz says:

    Keep the show. It’s getting better with each episode, has an appealing cast, and is only just gaining momentum. To cut it now means never giving it the chance it deserves. I don’t compare it to TVD because it’s a different sort of show.

    • Anna says:

      I agree. I don’t watch TSC regularly but I caught an episode a couple of weeks ago and it has gotten MUCH better. I think they could cross the threshold into must see territory if they are given a second season to flesh out the story.

  16. Gerald says:

    Keep it. Me and my friends watch it every week. The plots are getting good and the acting is getting better. I enjoy the parents plots also. I think Dekker and Zylka are getting into thier groove.

  17. Liz says:

    Cut it. I’ve tried to watch it 3 or 4 times and it’s just not good. It’s also wasting the best leadin on the channel. I’d much rather see Hart of Dixie get renewed.

    • Tarc says:

      If that were the choice, I’d renew Hart of Dixie over TSC, but I’d give TSC one more season to make good on the recent improvements. Dixie is just way too likable, with the writing, acting, and characterization being quite high for the CW.

    • isabella says:

      nope srry but when u watch the whole season tell me then and dont say u just did an dident like it cuz it hav more then 3 LOL K

  18. mgbhighlander says:

    I love this show. It’s the only CW show I watch except Supernatural now that Smallville is gone (sob!).

  19. Lauren says:

    I think it should definitely get a second season. I think the first season of TSC is better than the first season of TVD, it should the chance to improve like TVD did. I don’t really like Diana though, I’d rather more Melissa!!! And I hope Nick sticks around once he comes back.

  20. Maranda says:

    I love this show. I look forward to watching it every thursday. My mom even likes the show. She is in her late 40’s. Me and my mom watch the show as a family thing. KEEP THE SECRET CIRCLE!!!!!

  21. I haven’t watched since the pilot, which did not draw me into the show. I voted cut, though, I don’t have a great opinion on how the show has progressed. I just know that I personally wouldn’t be watching if it got another season. I could see them getting rid of Nikkita and saving The Secret Circle, but I doubt they’ll keep both. I just want the new Green Arrow show to get picked up!

  22. kavyn says:

    It was an interesting concept… I guess. They really wanted to take advantage of the TVD lead in. But honestly, the reason this show is terrible is due to the writing. It went from a major focus on the supernatural, demons and magic to a major focus on the teen drama. The characters themselves are also very generic and not unique – generic female lead that’s fallen in love with another girl’s boyfriend, the character who cares about their own desires and not those of the rest of the group, the “trouble-maker bad boy” (x2). The only one I found remotely interesting was the friend to the bad girl, she was the only one that seemed unique to the generic character model, but she’s definitely not enough.

    I say cut it.

  23. DRW says:

    I am enjoying it (bar Dekker’s acting), so I say keep.

    But if it came down to either this or Ringer, for example, then I’d rather keep Ringer for sure!

  24. Aerilyn says:

    Definitely KEEP it. For the CW to cancel this show, that would be a big mistake on their part and a terrible loss. The show has definitely caught its groove, the cast has developed and grown so much just as their characters have. Plus, it’s one of their higher rated shows.

    The story line has developed so much since the start and the show knows where it’s going. The cast is great and has gotten a lot better. The characters have all become likeable. There is more and more magic every week. The characters are also having fun with magic as they should be. We’re getting a lot of answers that keeps the plot thickening and keeps things interesting. Since Blackwell came into town though, the show has really gotten to be amazing and keeps me anxious for a new episodes every week! The writers are doing such a good job with Blackwell (Joe Lando) and they are building up the adults story line quite well. Not to mention, the different dynamics they are having with the Circle and the friendship (LOVE Diana, Faye, and Melissa) / relationships they are building are all very great writing on the writing staff’s part.

    Seriously, at this point in the season, The Secret Circle is becoming better than The Vampire Diaries, and I love both shows!

    I’d recommend it to anyone, and for those who quit on it early, I’d suggest they pick it back up and watch through the entire season. The show is fantastic!!

    It literally blew someone up in its last episode (Never forget!) and it was a game changer of an episode that pretty much affects where the rest of the season is headed in a great way.

    As for those who wants more eye candy in the male department, the show has gotten more male cast members and SPOILER ALERT Nick is said to be coming back!

  25. gigi says:

    keep it ….best thurs show combo rather watch it than Americrap Idol!!

  26. I vote to keep it, if only for an opportunity to prune the storylines and setup a good Season 2 premiere. Then they can marathon the heck out of S1 and season 2 can be a new start.

    Killing Nick and bringing in a 2nd composite character in Jake with an attached massive storyline was a mistake. We missed an opportunity for witchcraft experimentation and there’s too much shipping. Also, while I love Melissa, Faye and Diana, the average male viewer needs a “Bro” (Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan, Jeremy, Puck on Glee) and the average female viewer (I fall into neither category) needs a bland brooding no personality guy that never makes mistakes or seemingly is infallable (Stefan Salvatore, Finn Hudson, Edward Cullen, etc). Adam and Jake are neither.

    So while the show has issues, but none of the issues are without a solution. Get a male character (witch or non-witch) who isn’t out to hurt the Circle and relates to the average American. Contrive a situation where Melissa, Diana, or Adam discovers individual power and safely refines it. Fall back on the ‘shipping BUT at some point (a little selfish plug) get Diana and Faye to hook up. Yea, I said it. Fayana must happen. Period.

    • Tarc says:

      LOL! Some interesting ideas. I found it kinda odd that they hired Chris Zylka and then cast him in a role that undercuts all of his strengths as an actor (including his best weapon, that stunning smile) by making him invariably dark and gloomy. Dekkard is not producing much wattage either. I was very disappointed that they killed of Grey Damon, who was a little reserved on the show, but had great potential as someone outside of the circle, but could hold his own, hence could be either a romantic interest or a frienemy to the Circle as things go on. TVD also has the problem in that the actors that play the adults are just so much stronger than the actors that portray the kids.

  27. Cookie says:

    Cut. Keep Nikita instead.

  28. Circles says:

    Keep it. I used to be a fan of TVD but this season has been a disaster – I have enjoyed TSC far more this year so please just give it a chance. It’s just been getting better and better and the last few episodes have been especially exciting with John “The DILF” Blackwell turning out to be such a badass (although I’d love more Jake/Cassie scenes and also more of Cassie bonding with the other girls cos she seems to be kind of isolated from them in the most recent episodes). Perhaps if they put TSC on at 8 and TVD on at 9, it would get better ratings?

    Anyway, isn’t it consistently the second/third most watched show on the CW? Why would they cancel a show that’s only finding its feet and keep crappy shows that have been on air for ages like 90210 and Gossip Girl?

  29. SW says:

    The Secret Circle is tied with Once Upon a Time as my favorite show of the new ones that premiered last fall. It was a bit rocky in the beginning, but I think it’s definitely found it’s footing. The cast is great and they’ve all gotten better as the season has progressed. I love this show and I would be so angry if it were cancelled before shows like Hart of Dixie or Ringer.

    • Misty says:


  30. Anonymous says:

    Two words: Keep It!

    People should definitely give this show a chance, because it deserves it! The show has gotten so good lately, people who aren’t watching are seriously missing out. And people who quit too soon, should definitely pick it back up and watch through its entire first season.

    Can’t wait for April 19th when it’s back and we uncover who the other child of Blackwell is!

  31. popculturedrandoms says:

    I like the show, but don’t love it. If it gets cut, I won’t be upset, seeing as how it hasn’t lived up to its potential, especially with the TVD lead-in. Keep Nikita instead!

  32. michelle says:

    Its 20 times better than TVD right now. Its finally hitting its groove, and the storyline is moving forward. Why cancel it? Its getting great. You wanna get rid of something? 90210, Ringer, and Heart Of Dixie are ready to go. This show, along with Nikita deserve to be saved. Let the haters hate. No Pizzana for them! :)

  33. lacey says:

    I love this show! It’s totally better than the vampire diaries. In fact it’s one of the only 2 shows I’ll watch on the cw and one any I watch on any network at all regularly now that I think of it. I’ll be very sad if it goes, but I’ve really just come to expect terrible decisions and unending disappointment from this network for years anyway

  34. Cecelia says:

    I haven’t watched the show, but if it’s between this and Ringer then I choose Ringer, which is so much fun and I don’t want the crazy train to end.

  35. Claire says:

    I like the show, it has potential, but if it came down to choosing, I would rather see Hart of Dixie over TSC. The female cast is very strong –> Faye, Diana and Melissa, but honestly I am not that invested in Cassie or Adam for that matter, separate or together. The plot of having them get together seemed completely forced and totally unnecessary.

    • Christina says:

      This is exactly how I feel about the show. Faye, Diana, and Melissa are strong characters, Cassie and Adam are weak characters, and horrible actors. If it came down to The Secret Circle or Hart of Dixie I would keep Hart of Dixie without blinking an eye.

  36. Paul says:

    I like the show. The only real problem with are the huge discrepencies involving magic. Can’t you all hire a consultant that knows what they are doing? I am available.

  37. calicodrive says:

    I think it needs a second season. If BUFFY had been cut after its (admittedly terrible) first season then we would have missed out on some of the best television of the century. I say bring in some solid experienced writers, bang out some ace scripts, and give the show a chance to find its legs.

    As for Ringer? Pass. Tried it but it couldnt hold my attention.

  38. Brandy says:

    I’m so tired of people trashing other shows in favor of shows they like.Why write about a show you don’t like?The Nikita&Ringer fans need to accept they will be cancelled and SC more than likely renewed and that SC has much better ratings.. I say keep it, I like it and Faye/Phoebe is awesome.

  39. sam says:

    if they keep this embarrassment of a show and not Nikita, I will be LEGIT pissed.

    • Brandy says:

      Nikita is the SECOND LOWEST lowest rated cw show, SC will be THIRD HIGHEST RATED again so you do the math. it doesn’t matter what you want, it matters what has good ratings and makes money SC does,Nikita dosent.Nikitas hit 0.4s for crying out loud, it dosent have the ratings to earn renewal while SC does. I’m a Nikita fan too but feel like a lot of others that this season is dragging out the main mission too long, the max is micheals son is a stupid plot device and the writing is going downhill.

  40. C says:

    I say keep it! I have to admit it has taken a long time for this show to find its groove, but it’s starting to get there now. Sure it still has a way to go, but I think it has potential and a lot of the right ingredients are already there. When the Vampire Diaries began I wasn’t convinced by it at all. It really wasn’t until the season finale of the first series that I was like ok so THIS is what this show is about and ever since then it’s just gotten better and better. I have really loved this season and now it’s one of my favourite shows. I have to remind myself of that when it comes to TSC and give that show the same chance to grow and evolve. Obviously most other viewers (and networks) aren’t that patient, but at the moment I’m glad I’ve stuck with it. The last couple of episodes, particularly the episode that aired on the 22nd, have been really good. I’m definitely hopeful that the next few episodes will be to a similar standard and would like to see what they’d do given another season. If the show doesn’t improve next season (if it gets picked up) it’s then I might really question whether it should be kept or cut and whether I want to keep watching it.

  41. Aims says:

    It had promise and it seemed fitting at first to have two shows based on L.J.. Smith books be back-to-back, but killing off a beloved book character (one of the most complex and interesting book characters, no less), not even halfway through the season just for a lackluster OMG-moment did nothing but irritate book fans. It didn’t help that Adam and Cassie, as supposed leading loves, are as flat together as a sheet of paper. I’ve never tuned out to a show quicker than I did with this one. Cut it.

    • Amy says:

      Uh DUH!! its not going to be like the books dumbo or ppls wuld just read the book like u an no that is like ppls they r not like th books i mean really think why wuld they make tv show based on the excact book when ppls can just go out an buy the book huh did u think of that nope i dont think dont think so im srry to be rude to u but its true :)

  42. anon says:

    I’ve followed two actors from one great show ( life unexpected) to two equally fantastic shows ( the secret circle and the ringer) and I don’t see why either should go. Despite some epic follies of the past, the cw has put up some great line ups with new programs this season. As oth takes a bow and shows like gossip girl, 90210, and nikita in what can almost only be considered ratings freefall that network heads should reevaluate their processes here

  43. Freyja says:

    They should cut this show, I am going just by numbers…

    The amount of promotion it gets combined with the lead in and it does the same if not worse than Supernatural which is on Friday. Why waste a good lead in on TSC again next year, moving it will not help the show at all.

    It’s gotta be disappointing for the network none of their new shows did well at all this year.

    I would say cancel all 3 new shows, TSC, Ringer and HOD start over from scratch if their pilots turn out good.

    • Jen says:

      Well I’d keep Hod but only because I strangely like that show (I don’t really know why myself) but other than that, I totally agree with you. Its numbers are not good for being paired with the most successful show on the CW. Where would they move it next season? I’d doubt it can hold its own when it already loses so much viewers (around a million) on a normal Thursday after TVD. Moving it to Friday would be stupid because then they could keep Niktia. It would probably do the same or even worse.

    • Amy says:

      Secerct circle is more mystery , Ringer, vamps is borning just my thought like one said u can watch an no what happened in the other u dont know so no cancel ringer and vamps Please they are getting stale im srry to be rude to u but its true :))

  44. tvaddict says:

    KEEP! It started out ok but has gotten so much better over the course of the season. The CW has a lot of good shows right now-TVD,TSC, Supernatural, Nikita, & Hart of Dixie. I hope they all make it to next season!

  45. Linda says:

    Keep it. I would like some more background stuff from the parents (John, Dawn, Charles, Amelia, etc) and even ‘the elders’. I’m not too keen on the Cassie and Adam, Jake relationship but I do love Diana, Faye and Melissa. IMO, the focus of TSC should be on the magic, powers, etc and less on the ‘teen romance’ (yeah, I know it’s on The CW ;) ).

    • Anon says:

      Luckily, they are focusing a lot more on the magic now and we’re getting tons of answers as we head towards the season finale, which from Joe Lando’s tweets sounds EPIC! This show has really gotten to be an amazing series. One that I hope lasts for many seasons.

      KEEP it please. :)

  46. Camilla says:

    I tried to watch this show, but the Cassie and Adam where so annoying. Please cut it and renew Ringer!

    • Amy says:

      Secerct circle is more mystery , Ringer, vamps is borning just my thought like one said u can watch an no what happened in the other u dont know so no cancel ringer and vamps Please they are getting stale

  47. A says:

    I say keep it and give it a chance to get better in the second season. The show has potential. However, the biggest problem by far is Cassie/Adam. They are supposed to be the couple to root for, but I’ve never seen a couple with less chemistry. It’s practically anti-chemistry. Whenever they are in a scene together, all the energy is just zapped out. They are painful to watch.

    More Diana, more Faye. Give Melissa something to do other than give advice based on her supposed great love with Nick. Continue giving Adam a storyline outside of pining over Cassie. (Seriously, this “curse” is the best thing to happen to him.) Get Britt Robertson some acting lessons. (It feels like she is still playing Lux but as a witch.) Get Chris Zylka in those acting classes with her. Keep Joe Lando!

  48. buffy522 says:

    Keep! I like it better than TVD and watch it first (okay I DVR all the three CW shows that I watch–Ringer also). I think it is different and compelling.

  49. Maria says:

    I loved the books and thought this would make a great show. However, I think the cast is what is the reason it hasn’t generated the same buzz as The Vampire Diaries. I honestly don’t see it staying.