Relive the One Tree Hill Series Finale's Best Moments - Plus: Mark Schwahn Thanks the Fans

Warning: If you have yet to watch Wednesday’s One Tree Hill series finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on….

One Tree Hill — the little show that could and did, time and time again — came to an emotional end Wednesday night after nine seasons. But how did life pan out for Brooke, Haley, Nathan and the rest of the residents of the tiny North Carolina town?

The always-wise Haley James Scott set a fitting tone, telling the Tric crowd, “As most of you know, tonight is a very special night for us, so I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for being here. The time that we have spent together over the years has meant so much, and without you we would not be here tonight. Thank you. The night is yours, the night is ours, and it’s full of all kinds of surprises!”

More perfect words could not have kicked off the event, in which — Spoiler Alert! — everyone received a much-deserved happy ending.

IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME… | The episode began with a trip down memory lane for the series’ three core characters — Brooke, Nathan and Haley — who, in present day, observed their younger selves. Emotional monologues from each accompanied the visually stunning scenes, and carried on throughout the episode up until the end. At that point, in memorable moments from Season 1 — Nathan at the free-throw line, Brooke cheerleading, Haley supporting from the stands — characters appeared to directly address their older selves with a wink and a nod, like, “We did it. We’re OK.”

STORMY WEATHER | After a season of very few ups and so many downs, Nathan and Haley shared a handful of what felt like earned, tender moments. The once again happy couple shared a romantic dinner, kissed — a lot — and took one last sexy, very sweet romp in the rain. (Longtime fans will appreciate that one.) Meanwhile, father and son exchanged an odd joke about kidnapping — too soon, guys — then engaged in the conversation Nate always longed for with his own father: the “you’re good enough and don’t have to be a star athlete” one. Upon hearing Jamie say that he needed to live up to his dad’s legacy, Nate assured him that whatever he chose to do and be in life would make him proud. All together now, awww. Later, Haley showed her son the wish box she shared with Lucas and even Nate, passing it on to Jamie to store all of his hopes and dreams — which, of course, consisted of besting his dad’s basketball scoring record.

HOME SWEET HOME | After Brooke confessed that her childhood house ” deserved better” than what her dysfunctional family gave it, Julian (aka Husband of the Year) went out and purchased it. Upon receipt of this major gift, a tearful Brooke — clearly speaking on behalf of fans — said, “I knew in my heart there was treasure here. And I found it.” (Sob!) In less-important-but-still-wonderful Brooke news: She and her parents successfully launched Baker Man — first the shopping site and then a storefront.

PRECIOUS MOMENTS | Foregoing their plan of a big wedding — mainly because Logan is the cutest kid ever! — Clay and Quinn quietly exchanged vows at the town courthouse right before legally adopting the aforementioned ball of adorableness. Of course, the kicker — for both Quinn and viewers — first came when Logan said to Clay, “You’re already my dad, Dad” and referred to Quinn as “Mom.” (Sob!)

TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HURT | Mouth, shockingly, inherited half a million dollars from the late Dan Scott, and struggled with both accepting it and putting it to good use. Ultimately, in a full-circle moment, Tree Hill’s newest sportscaster founded an athletic scholarship in names of both Keith and Jimmy. His reasoning: So, that one day this good thing might “eclipse” the negativity surrounding his onetime friend’s horrific choice to shoot up Tree Hill High.

EVERYTHING ELSE | Chris Keller signed with Haley and Red Bedroom Records, finally getting that second chance he so deserved… Chase stayed Chase, becoming the owner of Tric and continuing to search for love… Gavin DeGraw provided the soundtrack to much of the finale, including an episode-ending performance of “I Don’t Want To Be” that showcased the entire cast dancing and singing along.

IT’S NOT GOODBYE… | The perfect hour ended with a flash-forward to the gang gathered in the Tree Hill High gym to watch a teenaged Jamie play basketball. (P.S. Yep, he beat Dad’s record.) Millie was preggers, Skills and Bevin (!) were a couple, all the little kiddies were grown up and everyone was as they should have been — happy.

As we told you earlier today, we invited showrunner Mark Schwahn to share any parting words with his immensely loyal One Tree Hill fans. Here is what he said:

Do you remember the way we used to use classic literature quotes on the show? Well, I often recall the one from Julius Caesar:

‘There is a tide in the affairs of men/Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;/Omitted, all the voyage of their life/ Is bound in shallows and in miseries./ On such a full sea are we now afloat,/ And we must take the current when it serves,/ Or lose our ventures.’

I always thought about that quote because opportunity presents itself sometimes and it’s not always obvious; sometimes it’s quiet. And this show was an opportunity to tell stories and to connect with people that I’ll never meet. We took the current when it served and it led on to fortune — for everyone! We all got closer to our dreams and our lives became exponentially better because of the show…. The fans, in their allegiance to the show, may not have known this, but they were giving us all quiet confidence in who we are, in our abilities, in our choices and in our instincts artistically. You may not have loved every episode — and a lot of people didn’t like the show at all! — but because there were fans that loved it, we all believed in it. We were proud not to be included; we decided to start our own club, and after 187 episodes, we were the cool kids. And I’m proud of that. And the fans made all of us better. They gave us things that are life-changing — and they might not have even known they were doing that.”

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  1. dave says:

    still upset there was no surprise appearance by Lucas and payton.

    • This times 10, instead we got some creepy scenes with Bevin!

      • Calla Lilly says:

        Blame Hilarie, she refused to come back. It isn’t the show’s lack of caring. I’m so tired of seeing people say this.

        • A says:

          I was glad that Mark had Chad come back earlier in the season, since he voiced how badly he wanted to return for the final season. However, I am even happier that neither Chad nor Hilary returned for the final episode because, why make it about them? They left the show. The actors that stuck around deserved to send the show off right and not have their moments overshadowed by those that chose to leave the show behind.

          • Trish says:

            I agree. I was glad the two of them weren’t in the finale. I loved the characters but they left and this needed to be about the rest of them. the ones who stayed for us. I am going to miss this show.

          • Suz says:

            I’m sorry but six of the nine seasons they were key characters and the best part of the show (this is of course my opinion). I would have enjoyed the finale much more if they had been there. I understand they both left but in the world of TV this happens quite often and most of the time they do come back for series finale. I don’t know the specifics on if they were asked to return I only know I really loved Lucas and Peyton and really missed them in finale!

          • Chad Smith says:

            They didn’t leave the show. They were dumped as a cost cutting measure. They didn’t abandon anyone they were deemed expendable by the producers and the network. Get a clue before you make such an asinine comment.

        • Amadeu says:

          At least they could show Lucas and Peyton’s flashbacks… with the other characters… or mention them! I don’t know… or bring a sawyer for the last scene…

          but i did like the series finale (ps- i don’t watch the show since LP left)

          • Anthony says:

            To be fair, there was an homage to Peyton, in that her bedroom was used. That was enough for me.

          • HazzyDee says:

            I thought that exact thing, especially right at the end when young Brooke winks, if the camera zoomed out at that moment, Peyton is in that scene! While I’m glad that they didn’t turn up, I would’ve appreciated some flashback scenes. Also, can someone explain the ending for me… is it a flashforward if our main characters, apart from Preggers Milly, all look the same. Shouldn’t they have aged? That really ruined it for me.

          • songbyrd86 says:

            I don’t think they should’ve aged – I mean none of them actually look much different even 9 years later as it is…. I think making them older would have ruined it.

            Also there was a bit of a nod to Peyton. Does no one remember her obsession with red lights? Every opportunity they showed her in her car threatening to run a red light. Then they had the light turning red. It was a bit of a nod I think. That really got me.

        • Amanda says:

          Hilarie didn’t refuse to come back; she was unable to come back because of commitments to other projects. I missed Peyton, too, but Hilarie’s life and career didn’t end when she left One Tree Hill.

        • Larry Crane says:

          No Lucas and Peyton -they were the show and the last 3 seasons were just filler. Come on the show was created around these two and they were the heart of it. And by the way Hilarie didnt quit -she had to leave when Chad did so stop blaming her.Watch any interview by Hilarie and she always says she loved the show. They didnt ask her to come back for finale. Watch the first 6 seasons as that was One Tree Hill!!.

    • taylor says:

      My sentiments exactly. I wanted them to come back more than anything! I mean, I understand that both actors had a falling out with the director, but you’d think that they would’ve brought them back just one last time for the fans’ sake. :(

  2. @RichieOnTV says:

    I am going to miss this show SO MUCH! I remember watching the pilot when I was 14! I remember watching the high school shooting episode when I should have been studying for my exams. I remember watching the first episode of season 6 in my dorm room. Now I’m 22 and I just watched the finale. I grew up with these characters… and I’m going to miss them. Thank you, One Tree Hill. x

    • Jessica says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I am also 22, and feel I grew up with these characters. Watching the finale was very nostalgic for me and I think it was a great end to a wonderful series!!

    • Marisa G says:

      Me too! Though I was 13 and I’ve 21.

    • Marina says:

      Same. Middle school to university. Quite the journey. This was a great wrap-up for the series. Props to Mark and the cast, looking forward to your future works.

    • Zac says:

      I loved this show!!! After Dawson’s Creek ended (MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER), this became my new Dawson’s Creek!!! I loved this series and hate to see it end, but there is an ending to everything in life and it was time for them to go!!! I hate that it had an odd number of season’s and that this season was soo short!!! I too am 22 and I know these characters thoroughly!!! DC & OTH will forever be my teenage tv series!!! They will be hard to replace!!!

    • dk says:

      Me too!! I was 13, freshman in high school, now im 22 all dome with college and employed in the big city. It was the last show I watched from the wb and the last show from my childhood.

  3. bkwrm says:

    I totally loved that Bevin and Skills got back together!

    I liked how understated the finale was. I wished we could have seen Whitey again or heard about him at least.

    I will miss this show especially for all the great music it introduced me too. Thank you OTH for all the wonderful music that now fills my iPod. And now I am going to head to Netflix and start watching from the beginning.

    • bluebonnetbelle says:

      I started yelling at the TV when Bevin showed up! She really was one of my favorite characters and I adored her and Skills together. So happy to see her again!

  4. Alec says:

    Beyond upset that Lucas and Peyton didn’t come back at all… not the true finale I was hoping for.

    • Calla Lilly says:

      Blame Hilarie, she refused to come back. It isn’t the show’s lack of caring. I’m so tired of seeing people say this.

      • Jennifer says:

        Even if Hilarie, the actor, does not want to come back, Schwahn shouldn’t be punishing the fans by trying to erase the character of Peyton. There are so many ways he could have written both Peyton and Lucas in without them actually being there. Emails, phone calls and text messages go a long way.
        And when Lucas came back, he had that awful short scene in the airport? What a horrible use for his one episode,

        • Amy says:

          While I loved Lucas and Peyton, Chad and Hilarie, they chose not to be part of the show past season six. I believe that if Schwahn chose to continue to try to hang on to those characters any longer than he did (in season 7 and most of 8 I don’t think we went an episode without mentioning their names) it would have been detrimental to the story lines of the characters that were still there and the actors that chose to continue to be a part of Tree Hill. People move on. In Peyton’s words, people always leave. And, I think by paying homage to those characters through revisiting Peyton’s room or reading Lucas’s book was enough to pay respects to true fans of those characters without taking anything away from the characters that are still in Tree Hill. They deserve that screen time out of a limited 43 minutes or so.

          • I completely agree. Those actors, those characters that were there for 9 seasons deserved their screen time. I loved that most of the episode focused on Brooke, Haley and Nathan because we’ve all taken this ENTIRE journey right along with them. And Mark did a great job of paying homage to earlier seasons, where it all began. He acknowledged Lucas and Peyton in so many small ways from Peyton’s bedroom, to Julius Caesar, to Jamie being dressed just like Lucas and playing on the Rivercourt like the pilot. What he showed us wasn’t the characters themselves, wasn’t an interaction with them, but it was memories as the remaining characters saw them and showed the importance the other characters place on those moments with them. Like Brooke stopping at the locker with the NOFX sticker because it reminded her of Peyton and high school. It was all there. I felt like Mark really did right by the fans, characters and especially the actors. After spending the last 9 years, a very transitional period of my life, with these characters, with this show I can’t complain. All I can say now is “Goodbye Old Friend”.

          • Cynthia says:

            I was actually under the impression from several articles that were published around the time that Chad and Hilarie left the show that it came down to Chad’s contract negotiations. Chad was holding out for more money, and they couldn’t settle, so he left, and because of that, Hilarie had to leave too. Granted, that’s just what I read a couple of years ago and I’m not 100% sure that it’s true, but I do remember it being something to that effect.

          • Slayvi says:

            Chad said once “They don’t want me” or anything like that. So I guess he didn’t liked to leave the show. And in my opinion, that was a really bad mistake.
            Maybe because the two got everything they wished for, and that would be boring after some time.
            Somehow I can understand that, but I will not buy a single DVD without Chad ;)

        • J says:

          Totally agree. I get about them not wanting to come back to the show and all that stuff. But how about you mention Lucas and Peyton a couple of times during the finale. Pretend you are talking to one of them on the phone or something. I’m shocked that there wasn’t more of a mention of them in the finale.

          • Lauren says:

            Yeah I was a bit annoyed we didn’t get any flashes of their younger selves. But ultimately I loved the finale and found it very fitting. Especially loved the flashforward at the end with Jamie playing basketball.

        • Lauren says:

          I agree with Jennifer. Also, they could have shows their younger selves like they did with Brooke, Haley, & Nathan.

        • Jessica says:

          But I feel like Mark did respect exactly what happens in life. Peyton and Lucas were big parts in the group but they left, both at the same time and they CHOSE not to come back. Lucas did come back, they gave us that little insight that says that Lucas Sawyer and Peyton are all happy. That’s really all you need to know. The other characters still live in Tree Hill and most likely like said Haley “you don’t call you don’t write.. but I love you” cos that’s about it, you’re gonna meet people who are going to mean so much to you, and they always will, even if sometimes you lose touch, they will always be special. Peyton and Lucas are always going to special, if they choose to come back to Tree Hill they still have their part… I will just finish with: what an awesome show. Loved it. And I would like to see a spin-off focused on Jamie in a few years and yes with the same actor!

          • Jessica says:

            It’s like… you know you think of them, they’re always in your memory.. but you don’t see them anymore. I think that’s what Mark was trying to mean by not showing flashbacks of them. You did think of Peyton and Lucas? You did know that Jules Cesar was for Lucas and that wink was for Peyton.. So they were there, in memory. For them, for us, for everybody. That’s why Brooke always talks about what if it was the last time you were seeing a friend.

      • Kristen says:

        Oh get a clue – it had nothing to do with Hilarie not “wanting” to come back. Did she tell you that directly? You can’t believe anything you read in the press. She was a regular cast member on a USA Network series, which usually entails contracts about making appearances on other networks.
        Someone was obviously not a fan of Peyton.
        The fact remains, that you can’t have a series finale, and not pay homage to two of the main characters from Season 1. When this show first aired, Brooke wasn’t even set to be a main character (which quickly changed, and I’m glad it did). It was going to be Peyton, Haley, Lucas, and Nathan as the main four. Peyton and Lucas were a very, very heavy part of making this series what it was, and I’m honestly shocked at how easily Mark wrote them out.
        I get that they left, which again no one knows the specifics of so maybe think twice before spouting what you think is “truth”, but if you are really trying to make the final episode a tribute to Season 1, Episode 1, then it was a fail in my book. Way to botch the end to one of my favorite series ever Mark.

        On a positive – loved the Haley and Nathan moments, and as always, loved Brooke and all her happy endings, and yay for Bevin and Skills! :)

    • heather says:

      I agree. It was good. But it still didnt feel like a finale. It did have it moments though. Its sad that it all done with.

      I like that they had the theme song on with Gavin DeGraw singing it.

      I so wish they could of at least mentioned Luke more or even had his mom come back or mentioned.

  5. Joy says:

    It was a lovely and sweet finale. It might not have been the best show on tv or critically acclaimed but I enjoyed it for 9 years and I will miss it.

  6. Lo says:

    The first show I ever watched in my very first apartment was the OTH pilot and I was a fan ever since. While I missed Luke and Peyton being there for the last hoorah, I think it was an appropriate send-off. The only thing I would have done differently is maybe age the characters a little bit for the flash forward. I’m 31 and I look older than when I was 25. So presumably the gang is about 35-36 or so, give the guys some graying hair or a beard! Pin up Haley or Brooke’s hair, anything! Otherwise, they did a great job.

    • cassidy says:

      MY the shows calculation they were 16 when they started so by season 7 they were all 26 (there abouts) so even with the flash forward at the end they would be about 32/33 as Jaime was 8 or 9 the last season I think…I am 32 and have no grey hair and do not dress like an old woman and pin up my hair…..just saying

      • cassidy says:

        I meant BY

      • Cynthia says:

        Was there another time jump? I stopped watching after season 6 and started again recently. In season 6 I remember someone (Brooke, I think) mentioning that they were 22/23, and I know that in the Nathan/Haley anniversary episode it was their 7th anniversary, so they would have been 23 at the end of season 6/beginning of 7. Unless there was a jump that I missed, of course.

        Using the fact that Jamie was 17 at the end, and Haley was at least 17, but more likely 18 when she had him, they would be at least 34, some 35. My mom is 35, and doesn’t look it, but she definitely looks older than she did when she was 25/26, which is the oldest that they would have been at the end unless season 7 or 8 had a time jump. It would be more apparent if the actors weren’t older than the characters they were playing.

  7. Sam says:

    Regardless of how you feel about OTH’s quality, you can’t deny that the show knows how to tug at your emotions. This was a great finale. Gavin Degraw playing I Don’t Want To Be over the characters singing along and hanging out in Karen’s Cafe is probably one of my favorite sequences in the entire show.

  8. Kimberly says:

    My sister got me hooked on dis show… I loved it I’m so sad its almost over I love Sophia bush… I’m gonna miss u OTH….

  9. jackie says:

    can’t believe it’s over but it was the PERFECT sendoff! I just wish they would of had Dan or Deb in there or even Whitey.
    I feel like one of the adults should of been there..but mark couldn’t of done a better job!!!!

  10. Alex says:

    I’m a little bummed that Bevin was the only returning character in the finale. I would have loved to see Whitey, Karen and Lucas at least once more.

  11. maria says:

    the season 6 finale has always been what i think should have been the end!

    • HazzyDee says:

      That was my season finale and it was beyond perfect…I watched the last episode purely cos I wanted to see the ending Mark wrote. It was emotional where Haley, Nate and Brooke were concerned but as an old fan I didn’t get the new characters nor care much for them.

  12. Frank says:

    Great finale loved all the flashbacks, having Gavin Degraw there playing the theme was great and ending in the gym with Jamie playing basketball was so fitting only thing missing was Lucas and Peyton in that last scene but great job and Mark reminded us all why we loved this show so much. Anyone k ow what the # 12 symbolized? Was that keiths number?

  13. Cee says:

    It was legitimately PERFECTION and for the life of me, I cannot stop crying.
    This show is in my heart <3

  14. Linda says:

    I loved Julian for buying Brooke’s home for them to raise their family in. I’m glad they brought back Gavin DeGraw to sing what was the opening song. I’m real sad that Lucas and Peyton weren’t there at the end and would have loved a shoutout about Whitey. I loved all the little tidbits that were added for the show’s fans (the waterballoons, the predictions, NOFX, Bevin&Skills[Poor, Tim.]). Logan is still a very adorable kid and I about melted when he said, “Aren’t you coming, Mom?” to Quinn.

  15. page Nichols says:

    I started watching the show on soapnet
    Love the show but really missed Lucid &I Peyton. A few other originals were missed. Otherwise enjoyed.

  16. Mary Kate says:

    I have followed the show since season 4 and have seen most of the episodes many times. Mark Schwahn and the cast should be so proud about how the show ended. Every character had great endings and, although I am going to miss the show, it did not have me wanting more. I am going to miss seeing these characters every week, but they could not have ended the show any better!

  17. Marisa G says:

    It was PERFECT. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than to know all of the people I love ended up happy.

  18. Susy says:

    Beautiful finale! Mark Schwahn did a wonderful job of giving OTH the send-off it deserved! I loved how the music set up key moments in the show.
    Thanks for a memorable finale!!!

  19. C says:

    Hey, I thought we found out at some point that Bevin married Tim (a.k.a. the awesome Brett Claywell). And now no?

  20. Jody says:

    I’m really going to miss this show. I was so happy they played the U2 song at the end. I was hoping to hear it. This show came into my life at a strange turning point and I appreciate the great distraction it gave me at the time. I’m so happy I kept with it. Miss you OTH….

  21. trooperwife says:

    Perfect…the OTH writers should have written the last ep of BSG

  22. Nikki H. says:

    What a nice send off! Great episode. I’m really going to miss this show.

  23. Samantha says:

    I was 14 and just starting tenth grade when OTH premiered and I couldn’t wait to watch it. I’m 23 now, and I’ve truly grown with these characters, with this show. One Tree Hill feels like an old friend that I already miss. So many great moments, but hearing Gavin DeGraw sing I Don’t Want to Be and watching the whole gang sing along and then getting to catch just a little glimpse into their future; I can’t think of a better way to end an amazing run. Thank you, OTH, for everything. (I was holding out hope for a surprise Lucas and Peyton appearance, but, eh, you can’t have everything…)

  24. Melissa T says:

    An amazing ending to an incredible show, OTH has influenced how I feel about love, friendship and becoming an adult. I remember when the show started and being genuinely moved by what was happening to the characters, the relevant topics that the writers brought to our attention demanding that they no longer be ignored. Thanks to the amazing work the crew of OTH did for these past 9 seasons. OTH always and forever!!

  25. I grew up to this show, it taught me so much! Fiction is one of the most fantastic things we have in life and they did it for years so well. These caracthers will stay with me for a long time, and they’ll live on with the fans. thank you so much OTH! (OTH fans are as dramatic as the show was)

  26. Kristen says:

    I hadn’t watched the show regularly for a few years, but the finale was everything I hoped it would be. All the cast, crew, and fans should be incredibly proud of the little show that could (and did)! :)

  27. Trista says:

    Thank you! It was everything I hoped for and more. As a long time devoted fan I can’t imagine a better send off for my favorite characters.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Wow I am shocked at how much people liked the final episode. I was disappointed. I WANTED to like- I wanted to LOVE it. Unlike what Schwahn teased there were really no surprises or returns. Bevin? That is the return they teased in the wrap-up show. C’mon now.
    I have to say it was kinda sweet and they gave everyone a happy ending but it was kind of uneventful for me.
    And he really wants to erase Lucas & Peyton from the show, doesn’t he? Don’t understand why he hates those characters so much. Even if the actors couldn’t be there to tape the finale (if they were even asked) there is NO mention of them minus Peyton’s bedroom? (Who I don’t think Brooke even mentioned by name, likes it’s cursed.) I really expected to hear “P Sawyer” at least one more time, even if it was over the phone.
    I know Schwahn has said he wanted to honor the ACTORS who stuck with the show the whole time, but that’s not how you write story. You write for the characters. And to close out this show and ignore it’s history is heart breaking after being a fan for the entire 9 years.
    The biggest slap in the face to fans was not having Nathan and Lucas share a scene, and not having Brooke & Peyton share even a phone call or a mention as to why she’s not there.
    Having said all of that I will miss the show and sad to see it end.

    • I totally agree with you but I guess I resigned myself to the fact that the show really did end in the 6th season and the show had become a spinoff of itself. LP were the only reason I watched OTH and it was odd that in the interviews they never mentioned their names or anything at all, did they cease to exist when they left the show or something but the clips were still good enought LP not to make me pull my hair out!

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m glad I’m not alone! I just think that the blatant exclusion of LP was very obvious and almost awkward. I was happy to see that they were included in the clips too.
        I think you’re right- if I think of it as a spin-off of sorts I won’t be so disappointed.
        Like everyone else I think I liked the cafe scene the best- rarely are all of the characters in one place. It looked like real life, and it was sweet.

    • Lea says:

      I wish the was a “like” button. I totally agree with you. Especially about no mention of L&P. It was sweet and nice, but also a let down. The “flash forward” wasn’t clear enough because they hadn’t aged at all (Brooke’s & Hailey’s hair was longer…only difference from previous scene). Then they didn’t show Lydia and one of the twin boys. Why? Lucas & Payton were the foundation of the show and such a huge part of it. I never stopped hoping they’d come back. Based on the “teasers” I did think we’d see more than Bevin. Where was Chuck?? I wondered if he was #31 on the basketball team, but couldn’t recall his last name. They brought in so many old cast members over the past couple weeks, I didn’t expect to see the same ones tonight, but I did think we’d see some others, Although, didn’t Whitey die? Either his character or the actor who played him? I don’t remember. Anyway, a bit anti-climatic and a little disappointing, but still liked the “happily ever after”..

  29. Question at the end when they flashed forward did they show the twins as a boy and girl or was it just me? I know they had 2 boys (Daivs & Jude) but I swear I saw a little blonde girl.
    Also grown up Logan was well pretty ugly. I really loved the Cafe scene and Gavin ending things with a bang

  30. Steven says:

    I’m still upset this show got 9(!) seasons and Veronica Mars only had 3.

  31. Shannika says:

    I was 11 when it started, 14 when I first came across it on tv in the UK and now I’m 20 and I’ve loved it ever since. Bye One Tree Hill will miss you, you’ve been on most of my life and I will never forget it :D <3

  32. Danielle says:

    The only thing I may have changed was how the last scene. I feel as though they could’ve ended it with everyone singing the theme song and then cutting to Karen’s Cafe with all the kids and adults together. Even though I loved ending back at Tree Hill High, I thought it was a bit much. I mean, they aged… 6 years? I hope I look exactly the same in 6 years that I do now. Where was Brooke & Julian’s other boy? I just saw one… and was that other boy supposed to be the ADORABLE Logan? I hope not. Oh well… is Jamie single? ;)

  33. Richard N. says:

    I was late coming to the Tree Hill Club. I purchased the first two seasons at a warehouse store for $14.99 and came home and watched the first two season over a week. When they were over I kept asking myself where are my friends, Lucas, Brooke, Peyton, Nathan at(sounds lame I know)? Then preordering season three on DVD. I have been hooked ever since. I know a lot the fans aren’t going to be happy with the way the show ended. Like many I would have wished to have had Chad and Hillary back for the final show but I do feel the show moved on and was no longer about Lucas and Peyton, they had their happy ending and the show had to move on. I do wish Karen and her daughter would have dropped by Tree Hill just to check in. From a fan I want to thank the actors, writers and the crew for nine wonderful seasons and for allowing me to drop in and see what was going on in Tree Hill. Next week the final season comes out on DVD and I can’t wait to go back and revisit some of my old tv friends.

  34. AJ says:

    Wow, what an emotional sendoff. I have been a fan of One Tree Hill since day 1 and this series finale did not disappoint. It had the perfect mixture of reminders of seasons past, great music, light hearted stuff, emotionally heavy moments and happiness for all the characters. I would have been more than happy if the last scene had been the entire gang hanging out at Karen’s cafe, but then they went and had an even better last scene of everyone in the gym cheering on a teenage Jamie at his basketball game. Seeing that he went on to beat Nathan’s scoring record, hearing the voiceovers, the freeze frame on the Scott jersey, and the final words spoken by Nathan, Haley and Brooke…just perfect! Thank you to everyone involved with One Tree Hill, for 9 seasons!

    • AJ says:

      One more thing. I, like some others who posted, had held out some hope that Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Burton would make surprise appearances. That, I think, is the only thing that could have made this finale any better, to see Lucas and Peyton again. But that did not happen. So in giving us an ending for these characters who remained in Tree Hill, I think they did an incredible job!

  35. Angel says:

    I thought it was a great thank you to fans, with the flashbacks, and discussions about things past. I really wish they would’ve mentioned where Lucas and Peyton were, and that they had a happy life away from Tree Hill. The only thing the really did to address the issue was talking about friends you would never see again. That made me sad that they didn’t include more of a mention to them. The rest of cast got a great send off with great endings, and I loved seeing the final scene at Jaime’s game. Just wish they would’ve showed his grown up face!

    • Jennifer says:

      Well there’s the inconsistency right there…we KNOW that Lucas and Peyton are still in touch and are still close with at least Haley and Nathan (they’re related after all) since Lucas picked up Jamie at the airport when Nate was missing. So they are not the friends they will never see again. It’s just poor writing to imply that they are still close by having Lucas pick up Jamie and then again not even mention where they live or what they’re doing. Could have been a quick mention at the very least. I don’t expect L&P to get a lot of airtime mentions but do right by the fans and stop worrying about rewarding the actors who are still on the show. That’s childish. Just write the story and do it right.
      Despite my annoyance at that one piece of it, I think the actors did a great job and I was so sad to see them go. Like someone else here said, I felt like Dan’s death episode was more of a finale and there really wasn’t anything that could top that.

  36. Master_K says:

    I never realized it until now but it finally hit me that I won’t be seeing One Tree Hill on a weekly basis anymore. This show gave me wonderful memories, I haven’t watched it as long as most people (I started during the 4th season) but I’ve enjoyed it ever since. For that, I’ll miss it. RIP One Tree Hill, thanks for the memories :(

  37. Terry says:

    I enjoyed the finale as a long time fan, but really it would be hard for them to top the episode where Dan died. After that show, the last two just didn’t have the wallop of that episode. Still I am gonna miss watching this every week.

  38. Jelisa says:

    I remember being 15 years old back in September 2003 and going through some serious Dawson’s Creek withdrawal. I saw Chad Michael Murray was in this new show. I had had a major crush on him when he was on DC so I watched One Tree Hill. I fell in love with this show and the characters. I identified and related most to the character of Brooke. Her struggles for love and acceptance mirrored my own. I’m so glad that her character got the happy ending that she deserved. Here I am at the age of 24 saying, “Goodnight Tree Hill. You Are Loved, Accepted, and Never Forgotten.”

  39. Mal says:

    Did anyone else notice that at the very end when they showed all the kids grown up that brooks children turned into a boy and GIRL….cause before that she has twin boys! So confused!!

    • fiona says:

      the girl was actually lydia there was another twin to the otherside of her he just wasn’t paying attention to his dad

    • Sanjh says:

      Look closer! My guess is that the little girl is Lydia Scott (Nathan and Haley’s daughter), who is between the Baker boys (pause at 46:36, you get a better look at the other twin – they are both in horizontal stripped sweaters)!! :p I am a huge OTH and Naley Fan!! So I wanted to get a good look at all the kids grown up!! :D

  40. Conner Neese says:

    I’ve been watching the show since I was a kid and now I’m 20, I have always loved the show, the ups and the downs, and have always related to the characters on some levels. Thank you one tree hill for helping me find myself when I was growing up.

    • Sanjh says:

      Dito! I remember being in High School, waiting to watch the latest episode and after discussing what happened to the characters with my friends!

  41. Dominique says:

    I think I’m the only one here who thought the finale wasn’t good. There was nothing special going on, it just felt like another episode, a filler episode even. The only things I liked were Naley’s kiss in the rain and Logan calling Clay “Dad”.
    I love this show, and I will miss it so so much, but this episode disappointed me.

  42. missy says:

    This episode disappointed me…….. I expected a better ending

    Only 50min!!! Come on!!!

  43. fiona says:

    logan is the cutest 5 year old ever (since jamie was 5) i really wanted to see what jamie looked like as a teenager! mad it only showed his back otherwise was a super cute ball of fluffiness finale =)

    btw chase and chris at the ending: bromance and bachelors for life =3

  44. Angie says:

    I gave this finale a “C.” Admittedly, I stopped watching after season 6 because I thought all the characters had reached good destinations and I was content to let the show go then. I did tune in last night because I read the article that this ep would be a love letter to longtime fans. Honestly, it didn’t really feel that way to me. I thought there would be more focus on Nathan/Haley/Brooke. I didn’t care about Quinn or Clay and I don’t think there should have been so much focus on Mouth/Millie/Skills etc. Also, when did Julian get a toupee? His hair looked awful lol. Having Gavin sing was a nice touch, but the ending with the quotes from each character was so high on the schmaltz factor. I did manage to catch clips of the ep when Dan died, and that is the OTH that I used to know and love. Oh well, so long show.

  45. Ravenous says:

    Im so sick of Mouth whining about that dbag Jimmy. He shot up a school, almost killed Peyton, and helped cause Keith’s death. Screw that loser. Naming a scholly after him would backfire PR wise.

    Jamie shoulda been a freshmen in HS. The ages of the kids were all messed up to have him be a senior. Good idea tho to close it that way tho.

    • Dominique says:

      I’m not gonna defend what Jimmy did, cause it was a horrible, terrible thing, obviously. But you forget there were a lot of things that made him like that. Mouth, Lucas and Skills being the primary reasons for leaving him behind when they supposedly had better offers. I think Mouth naming the scholarship after Jimmy was a risky thing to do, but I do appreciate the thought behind it, and his reasons for doing it. Because Mouth seems to be the only one, after all these years, to understand that he’s one of the reasons why Jimmy became who he was in the end.

      • Tanjie says:

        You cannot blame lucas, mouth or skillz for what Jimmy Did.. They were in NO way to blame for what Jimmy did… If someone shoots up a school, you dont get to blame the friends who “left him behind” as a reason to shoot up a school.. We all decide how we react to any given situation, and his reaction was his own, and a bad one.

        Anywho, about the Season finale.. I loved it. I do wish lucas and peyton had played a role in it. I’ve missed them so much, and chads small little role picking up the kids, was like a tease lol. But the part i really cried at was the Mouth scene where he does the charity.. Because, Mouth has always been that guy.. He’s always been so caring, and loveable, I cried.

  46. Sanjh says:

    Missed hearing….”Always and Forever”!! Loved the Finale!! Thought it could have been a bit longer, especially the flash forward bit!

  47. cas says:

    So I thought it was good but it could have been better. I get that Chad and Hilarie are no longer part of the show but I heard that they didn’t even ask them to be part of the finale. Which is dumb because I think it would have been 10 times better if they were in it. I also read something Hilarie wrote to her fans after she left the show. She was very grateful for her opportunities and she loved working there. She didn’t leave because of money. It seemed like they didn’t want her without Chad basically. Anyway I get that everyone thinks they don’t deserve to be in the finale, however, I think that the people they replaced Peyton and Lucas with were annoying lame and most of the time I had fast forwarded their scenes. On a different note I do love Chris Keller.

  48. The WB Frog says:

    Excellent ending to a great show! I absolutely hate it when a long running show goes off the air with a lot of death and macabre. This was a great episode and one of the best! Thank you, Mark, for giving us a happy present!

  49. Magically Suspicious says:

    I loved it. Nathan and Haley have always been the central figures for me, so I didn’t miss Peyton and Lucas. Although, it would have been beautiful to have one final scene with Lucas and Nathan.

  50. Carrie says:

    I’ve noticed that most of the people complaining stopped watching quite a while ago. I loved this episode, I thought it nicely tied everything up and left everyone with a happily ever after.

    Peyton and Lucas have been mentioned plenty this season, they took Nathan and Haley’s kids for a while for goodness sake. When Lucas was in the airport that was their finale, they gave you an update on the already completely wrapped up Peyton and Lucas storyline-still happily married. They were absolutely my favorite couple while they were on the show but I have not missed them much since they were gone. Adding them to the finale would have been quite awkward. There wasn’t anything like a wedding going on for them to come back for, the 10th anniversary fo Tric doesn’t seem like a good enough reason. I am actually quite glad that the focus was on tying up loose ends of all the other characters we invested in over the last three years.

    • Lisa says:


    • Lauren says:

      Thank you!!!!! This exactly.

      I thought this was the perfect send off for the cast, crew, and fans. I could not have asked for a better episode.

      • Lily says:

        One tree hill was the greatest show ever I loved it I could never stop seeing it just one problem one tree hill can not be over there stell needs to be 2012 please. :) I could write a book about the show its so awsome…:) I can not wait to see one tree hill 2012 there needs to be one?