Supernatural Shake-Up: Sera Gamble Exits as Showrunner, Jeremy Carver Returns to Fill Spot

Supernatural is saying goodbye to showrunner Sera Gamble and in turn welcoming back a familiar name into the fold.

Supernatural Enlists Geek Goddess Felicia Day

Gamble, who has served as co-showrunner alongside Robert Singer for the past two seasons, is stepping down to focus on development, our sister site Deadline reports.

Although the CW series has yet to be renewed for an eighth season, a new co-showrunner has already been named: Jeremy Carver, whose name should ring a bell for longtime Supernatural fans. He started as an executive story editor on the show in 2007, eventually working his way up to co-producer during Season 5 before departing to exec-produce Syfy’s Being Human port alongside his wife Anna Fricke.

Carver penned some of Supernatural‘s most lauded episodes, including “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels.”

As Fricke takes the reins on Being Human, Carver will retain his executive producer credit.

Supernatural fans, what do you think of the regime change?

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  1. Brooke says:

    Oh dear, I will not be reading this comment section later as the loud fans who love to hate everything begin to talk…but I am very fond of the episodes that this new show-runner has penned, so it will be enjoyable to see what he brings to the Head Honcho Table, and a very good luck to Ms. Gamble on her next projects.

    • Randall says:

      I’m with you Brooke, I am slowly giving up on reading comments after articles like this. Way too many negative people who love to hate. If you don’t like something then don’t read the article. And god forbid if you like something or disagree with them.

    • JD says:

      They need to let Ben Edlund take over the show. He wrote some of the best episodes of the series, including “The French Mistake”. That should be enough to get him the job.

      • cturell says:

        Ben Edlund doesn’t seem to want the job. In seasons past he was an executive producer and billed on the same card as Robert Singer, but has relinquished that responsibility to be solely a writer again (and for those who are not aware, “consulting producer” is the title you give writers with a great deal of experience, but that are not taking on extra responsibility). Ben has always been able to write in Kripke’s voice, while seamlessly adding that little extra whimsy on top. Like Ben, Jeremy Carver has written some brilliant episodes, so I hope he can return the show to it’s full glory.

        Sera is a terrific writer who penned one of the best episodes of the series, “Death’s Door,” so while the direction she took the show this season was not where the audience (or apparently some cast) wanted it to be, she had the balls to do what she thought was best for the show and for that, I applaud her. Whether she really opted not to renew her contract, or if that’s just the network’s way of letting her save face, doesn’t matter at this point. I hope whatever she is developing becomes successful.

        As for Carver, I am curious as to what we are in store for next season. Hopefully it includes Cas and maybe even Bobby (I really love that character!). At least we know this is the unofficial green light for a season 8, so yay!

      • Sorry, but A Very Supernatural Christmas, Mystery Spot and Changing Channels are SOOOOOOOOO much better than whatever The French Mistake mistake was. I think that if Edlund and Carver would work together we’d get something God-like from this show (you know, since Chuck’s name was Carver Edlund….. get it?) ;)

    • Ines says:

      I agree with you so I’m just gonna say that I liked Sera Gamble the writer (she wrote great episodes throughout the show) but I disliked her as a showrunner (season 6 was horrible because none of its potential was exploited properly and season 7 is a contrast between extraordinary episodes and lame ones). Not everyone is cut out to be the boss. I wish Gamble the best of luck.
      For Carver I hope he has a different fate than Gamble, that he is a good showrunner as well as a writer. And I hope the writers can come up with a solid story for season 8 instead of having ideas and see where they take them (I’m thinking about the Mother) or re-doing the same stories.

    • Ian says:

      All I’ll say is that I blame sera for how much season sucked, and I think that’s why Eric kripke came back again to take a role in season 7

  2. Lisa says:

    Supernatural needs to be cancelled, it’s gone down the dumpers and barely has any viewers.

    • ShiryuForever94 says:

      I don’t think so. I love the show. If you don’t love it anymore, just say goodbye. The show has a powerful fanbase. I will love the show, forever.

      • Brooke says:

        Agreed. There have been innumerable shows I stopped watching when I didn’t enjoy them any longer. I didn’t care if they were still on air or not, I just didn’t tune in.

    • Mel says:

      I don’t think that’s true at all, Superbaturalnis a very sifferent show with lots of intriguing story lines. I find it to one of the best shows on television and it might not attract a huge following because of how different it is but that’s for close minded people.

      It brings alot to the table as some of the other shows in television leave alot to be desired.

      • erb says:

        I’m curious by what you mean by close minded people. What exactly are those who don’t watch being close minded about? Many people just don’t enjoy this genre.

    • Chris says:

      Shut up don’t watch. In if you notice the whole CW went straight to Hell.

    • Jeff says:

      Uh, if it barely had “any viewers”, they WOULD cancel it. use some logic, please. And the show is still great. This season is a big step up over last, which was still fun, despite some issues. Stop watching if you don’t like it.

    • Sue says:

      I don’t agree at all. The show has gotten better every single season. EVERYONE I know that ever watched the show, still does!

    • Jude says:

      Lisa…speak for yourself…… and don’t let the door catch you on the way out.

      You have absolutely NO IDEA how many people worldwide watch this much beloved show. I doubt you’ve ever been to any of the conventions devoted to nothing but Supernatural and the Winchesters. Three years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely woman, who was the president of the fan club in CHINA, when I attended the convention in Chicago. Their fan-group had raised the money to fly her there.

      The show is so ‘downhill’ it won both Favorite network Drama …& …..Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy show with People’s Choice Awards. Maybe you should something else to do with your Friday nights.

      Sera Gamble will certainly be missed but she probably got tired of all the bashing from non-devoted fans like you. Jeremy will, I’m sure, make a seamless transition and bring something new to the table after his time away. Best wishes, Sera…….and welcome back, Jeremy.

    • Evyn says:

      Actually for a CW and a Friday night show it has really good ratings, better then Gossip Girl, 90210 and Ringer, and they all air on better nights.

    • lenka says:

      how dare you!!!!!!!!!! This show is the best show ever. You don´t like it – so stop watching it. It´s popular even in Slovakia (and it´s a hell of a small country) – for Christ sake!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Speak for yourself Lisa! How horrible to have the same name as someone that feels this way! It’s outragious for you to assume that the show hasn’t any fans!! The fan base is huge and very tight nit family! If you don’t think so then walk out the door! We’ll slam it behind you! Lol! ;D

  3. Tom says:


    • Shepherd says:

      Hear, hear! But really, too little too late…

      • Jeff says:

        For what? The show is still good. Not being as good as it used to be doesn’t mean it sucks. Still a very good show.

        • Carrie Ann says:

          I agree. Just because the show has changed does not mean it’s no longer good. I think it has evolved and expanded. If it were still the same show in its 7th season as it was in Seasons 1 & 2, that would be lame and people would be complaining about how boring it is. SN is still very clever and well-written, and I still get excited about new episodes after all these years.

  4. Pete says:

    I don’t watch the show, but I watched some episodes from the first seasons and they were good. Hopefully, Carver will fix this mess.

  5. Misty says:

    As an avid Supernatural fan, once Eric Kripke left the show went downhill with Sera as the show runner. I am excited to see what Jeremy has in store for season 8. He was involved in some of the funniest episodes ever written for this series.

  6. luis says:

    umm so this means that a season 8 is on the way? :D…i’ll take in that direction :)

  7. Lisa says:

    I was so upset when we lost Jeremy Carver, so I’m thrilled to be seeing him come back to take the reins. I can’t wait to see what next season has in store now!

  8. tvaddict says:

    Very excited to see what he brings to the table. If the episodes he was involved in are any indication, season 8 will be very good!

  9. Frances says:

    Sera Gamble has written some fantastic episodes of Supernatural and I think she has done a great job in filling the place left by Eric Kripke. It was never going to be easy following the Apocalypse. But I am extremely excited about the news of Jeremy Carver returning, as he has written so many of my favourite episodes of Supernatural. Hopefully it’s a smooth transition into Season Eight (which is hopefully being picked up).

    • Stephanie says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

    • Tiffany says:

      Hear, hear! Poor Sera Gamble. She was never going to have an easy time of it.

    • Cynthia says:

      Frances, I agree with you. Sera Gamble has written some great episodes and has done a great job! She will be missed, but I am confident Jeremy Carver will also do a great job. Best of luck to Sera and I would watch anything she has written!

  10. Ant says:

    Surprised this was announced before any news of the show being renewed

    • Brooke says:

      It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. The CW’s top rated show is the Vampire Diaries. SPN follows right behind. TSC is in the middle of the pack. Then, you have all the rest of their shows absolutely sinking. The network won’t be eager to let SPN go anytime soon, I’m sure they’re praying that the actors don’t decide to leave.

    • Sue says:

      I bet everyone on the show already knows if it’s renewed or not. They just haven’t told us. I have loved every season. That’s what makes this show so great. It’s different from any other show and every season is different from each other. I think Sera Gamble did a great job. I love season 6 and 7. And I will love season 8, 9, and 10. (Hopefully it goes that far)

  11. Kevin says:

    I don’t dislike Gamble as a writer, but she has really sunk the show under her control.

    All they’ve done is rehash the same old sam vs dean dynamic and killed off supporting cast that play well of the boys and add depth.

    Admittedly , the most recent episodes have gotten better , but did we really need this season to be one continuous Dick ( ahem…Roman) joke?

    • Brooke says:

      Gamble took over the show after Kripke played out his entire 5-year vision, so she had the disadvantage of having to start from scratch and play it by ear. I’m sure even Kripke himself would have struggled.

      • Jeff says:

        Actually, Kripke DID struggle. He admitted himself at a con a while back that season 3 was a little aimless and all over the place, much like season 6 was. Season 7 has still had problems but it’s been a big step up.

  12. Nikki H. says:

    Sera has written some pretty amazing episodes on the show throughout all 7 seasons so I’m sad that she’s leaving but I am excited about Jeremy Carver. He’s done a great job with previous episodes of Supernatural and with Being Human.

  13. Lex says:

    SPN do need Sera the writer, look who we got on the staff Adam Glass.

  14. Elle says:

    I liked Sera for the fact she got rid of Castiel. Now, I’m kinda scared. I like some of Jeremy’s episodes though.

  15. Dave says:

    Hey Sera, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
    I bet she jumped before she was pushed. She ruined the show and now that she’s gone-GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • Jeff says:

      Wow, what an incredibly immature boy. The wicked witch? She’s a witch because you didn’t like the direction she took a TV show in? Grow up.

      On that note, she hasn’t ruined anything. ANYONE would have trouble following seasons 4 + 5. Even Kripke. Season 7 has been VERY solid, despite some issues with the Leviathan plot.

      • hlots11 says:

        Her formula is terrible. It’s all over the place – way too many variables, most of them written off abruptly and with little actual closure. The MOTW episodes end up feeling like stagnant filler episodes because S6 and S7 have had no cohesive plan for the meta plot. Then, everything gets rushed to conclusion in the last two or three episodes. There are hanging plot points everywhere. (Lisa & Ben don’t remember Dean, but they’re still “important” to him, so what’s to keep monsters from attacking them anyway to get to him? Except now they don’t remember how to defend themselves or who to call. Pretty sure they’re dead by now and he has no idea. Then, there’s Adam – for a guy so focused on family, Dean sure doesn’t seem to have any qualms about leaving him in the pit – and they even had Death on a leash at the beginning of S7, and he had to do whatever they said. Genius.) Seasons 6 and 7 are as bad as Seasons 4 of Angel and Buffy as far as meta plot goes, and the only thing I’ve seen that was worse was Buffy season 7 (aka – lets just have meetings and talk about it). Then, there’s the fact that her idea of developing a relationship between two characters is as realistic as a bad romance book or a porn. Sera Gamble is far better off as a writer (she has written episodes that I really like) and not being the one making the big decisions. Also, since when is she a co-showrunner? I’ve always heard of her referred to as THE showrunner.

        • J M says:

          Another gripe about the Lisa & Ben thing is the boyfriend. How can they just “forget” that they were attacked when he died during that event? Does HIS DEATH get explained away too in their minds somehow? So there are no cracks in that scheme? Nobody knew the guy or do they just report the long-dead body when they get back from the hospital??? Or did Dean ask for Castiel to dispose of the body, come up with an alibi, changed the coroner-report, etc. Whatever. I didn’t watch the episode too closely but if I remember correctly it was a VERY loose end.

          Season 6 was good but season 7 blows (as a whole) so far. I’m at episode 14. The humor is CORN-EEYY! I knew there was a HUGE change in writing just from watching. I didn’t know about Kripke and Sera blah, blah blah BUT IT WAS OBVIOUS there was a HHHHUUUUGGGGEEEE change from season 6 to 7. The only good episodes have been the last 3 w/ Elliot Ness, Chronos, and the Amazons (the weakest of the few). I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that at these three episodes there was some big creative change or some kind of boost to make them stand above. I was right about the seasons after-all! I felt like “ugh” when Chronos talked about the future though. It was like a bad predicition: “I see lame, black goo in your future equating to bad episodes with lame villains. I hop you enjoy!!” How come nobody ever tried BURNING the black goo?? I mean, I don’t care if it worked, it just would make sense to try since the stuff looks just like tar… but THAT was never written in!!

          And the heart-felt episode wrap-ups?!??! Talk about forced-in and crammed!! What happened to setting the ambiance and tone before jumping into emotional discussion??! What is with the black-and-white state-your-case get-the-information-out-and-end-scene post-haste bull-snot?! What was with the speeding and full-throttle engine in the episode 13?? There has even been a big change in sound engineering/choice. Not discussed but I guarantee a change occurred with staff.

          Also, have respect for the characters and don’t have them act out of character just for ease of writing… FAR too many “dumb-as-Clark-Kent-on-Smallville moments” where characters should have known better and acted inappropriately.

          Lastly: “Wow, what an incredibly immature boy. The wicked witch? She’s a witch because you didn’t like the direction she took a TV show in? Grow up.”

          You know… when I was younger I thought calling people funny names was fun. As I got older, I thought doing so was immature and would get offended and call people out. Now that I am even older, I think getting so offended at silly name calling (which is obviously not terribly malicious) and calling people immature is the most immature of them all. Progression is linear. Maturation isn’t stasis and shouldn’t double-back. Next time, please don’t take the opportunity to call a name-caller a name. The slight in his mind is only different than the one in yours. The action is the same. Congratulations. Sera is a professional and knew that some people, no matter how well she performed (not that I’m saying she did necessarily), would dislike her direction. It’s part of the gig. You don’t need to defend her or bash people who express their opinion in colorful, less politically-correct ways, as long as they’re not pulling Dark Knight Rises Rotten-Tomatoes s#i!.

          Also: you got offended by a playful literary allusion. Really?!


    • Zee says:

      I don’t like Sera Gamble as showrunner either but this is uncalled for.

  16. Molly says:

    THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS I HAVE EVER HEARD. Almost every single one of my favorite episodes was written by Jeremy Carver (Point of No Return, Free To Be Me And You, Changing Channels, In the Beginning, among others) and I could not be happier that he’s back!

  17. kate says:

    The show was a bit shaky in season 06 but this season has been pretty solid. At least this means we won’t have to listen to people whining on every piece of Supernatural news. “BOOHOO! Sera Gamble is ruining the show and she loves Sam more than Dean and everything’s terrible and….” Yeah. At least we won’t have to deal with THAT anymore. Glad to see Jeremy Carver back, he’s done some great eps in the past, good luck to him!

    • Jeff says:

      Nah, now you’ll just hear WAAAH CARVER RUINED THE SHOW. Because nothing says “fan” like people who watch a show despite thinking it has sucked for two years just so they can complain on websites.

      • SG says:

        A lot of the time the people who carry on watching a show while complaining about it are fans of the *actors* on a show, not the writing of the show itself. So they keep on watching because they love the actors, and want to support their work, but have all sorts of problems with the direction the show has been taken in by the writers. Hence – all the complaints.

  18. I’m a huge fan of Sera Gamble, and I’m sad she’s leaving since she’s been with the show since Day One, but I think the show is in good hands with Jeremy Carver at the helm. I also think next season should be the last, as much as I love it.

  19. Joana says:

    I think Sera is a great writer, but not a good showrunner. I love season 1 to 5. But for me, the show went downhill from there. And season 7 is just a huge fail. I think that filler episodes don’t work anymore. It worked fine on the first seasons but now it gets boring. Give us an actual plot like season 4 and 5. Something that will give us the motivation to watch the next episodes. But thanks to these good news, there is hope again! Can’t wait for the new season.

  20. Bobby G says:

    I thougt Sara did great work on the show she took a lot crticism from the fans but still produced very good product. Now that Jeremy is back we might see some even better eps. now being he was there from before and knows the show inside and out. Been fan from day one love the show and the cast put it right up there with True Blood & The Walking Dead.

  21. Josh says:

    He’s a great comedy writer, so I expect lots of funny episodes.


    A third showrunner? I just want to let it go.

  22. David F. says:

    I love how people conveniently ignore the fact that the worst SPN episodes happened under Kripke’s reign.

    The first half of season 6 sucked, but I’ve been really liking it ever since. They finally put a stop to the destruction of Sam’s character, something that was happening since season 3.

  23. Clare says:

    So the rumors were right! This is fantastic news as far as I’m concerned. Under Gamble’s inept stewardship, this show and its characters have become unrecognizable. It needs new blood and I’m really excited for season 8 now, having made the decision to ditch the show for Grimm if Gamble stayed on. All I need now is news that Misha is back in as a regular for season 8 and it’ll make my year.

    • Jeff says:

      Uh, what? How exactly do you not “recognize” the characters? It’s had some issues but please. She wrote the premiere, which was great, and “Death’s Door”, one of the best in the series.

      • Kevin says:

        The premiere was HORRIBLE. a huge letdown. The Leviathans are lame as a threat as they come off weaker than Demons. The ENTIRE seasons is a stupid frathouse penis joke.

        They killed off the REMAINING supporting characters to focus on the boys yet they just rehashed the same old personal issues and contrivances that have already been beaten to death. How many times has Sam been the idiot, crazy brother that no one trusts? How many times has Dean stopped trusting Sam?

        Since they’re bringing Misha back and Bobby’s back in a small capacity..Im guessing they’ve heard the fans a bit.

        “Deaths Door” and “Jus in Bello” were probably her best episodes , That doesn’t change the fact that some of the shows worst episodes have been under her watch.

  24. Julie says:

    I have watched all the seasons and there are very few episodes i have not liked, but I have LOVED all of Jeremy’s episodes he wrote and two of them had my favorite character in it: Gabriel! I wish Jeremy much success and hope he brings new flavor to Season 8

  25. There is a GAWD and he drives an Impala.

    So long Sera. You had some great episodes, but a showrunner you are not. Welcome back Jeremy.

  26. trina says:

    Sad to see Sera go, especially if she is leaving completely because I think she is a great writer. But Jeremy Carver was always one of my favorite writers so I am excited to see where they go from here.,

  27. Barbygirl12 says:

    Great news for the fandom!! Welcome back, Mr. Carver!

  28. Isabelle says:

    OMG I have missed jeremy and cannot wait to see what he has in store for SN. He does so good with being human. I like Sara as a writer. Won’t missed her as boss though.

  29. Daniela says:

    Wow thank’s God!!!! If Sera Gamble continues in Supernatural I’d kill myself!!!

  30. A says:

    I just want the show to get back to what it used to be… Sam and Dean hunting things together. The first few seasons were the best.

    • Jeff says:

      … How is that not the show still? That’s almost every single week. The first season is always there for you to rewatch.

    • Dilys says:

      You’re watching that show. That’s what this season was – back to the roots. And except for some individual episodes, it’s been lame and lackluster. Hopefully with Carver back we’ll get Cas back and Team Free Will flying and a villain that is actually worthy (the Leviathans are so lame as the Big Bad we’ve barely seen them all season). I want Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby, Gabe, the characters we love all back.

    • Evyn says:

      Are you even watching that is exactly what this season has bean… and I can´t wait for it to be over that format worked for the first seasons but it doesn´t anymore. We know so much about both Sam and Dean that we need the supporting characters to keep the show interesting.

  31. Moe says:

    Such exciting news! I have not been happy with Gamble’s run of the show. Last season was over stuffed with plots that were not done well. This season has been light on plots with a mytharc that has been boring when it could have been so much more.

    I enjoyed Jeremy Carver’s episodes and I am really excited by having some new blood and fresh vision coming on board! He’s done a great job with “Being Human” and distinguishing that show from the UK original and I fully expect him to bring that creativity and long term storytelling, to “Supernatural” and revitalize it for season 8!

  32. Zee says:

    Very exciting news!

  33. Tony says:

    Screw you Lisa! This show is awesome! I believe that Kripke has done a good job, and so does Gamble, and I’m sure Jeremy Carver will do an outstanding job on season 8, and all the upcoming seasons, I think the show should end the 10th season.

  34. Venny says:

    I have been following this show for a very long time and I have loved every second of it. If there is anyone who doesn’t agree, I fully respect your opinion, but if you don’t like the show anymore you should stop watching it and not come places like this just to rant. On the other hand, the episodes that Mr. Carver has done have honestly been some of my favorites and I am excited to see where he takes the show. I also wish Ms. Gamble all the luck in the world. Supernatural and everyone who works on it, I know you still have so many people who love you!! Carry on, wayward producers! :)

  35. Mickey says:

    I’ll be sad to see Sera go, but I love the work Jeremy has done on Supernatural. He has such a great, irreverent, wacky sense of humour that really came through on Supernatural in a way it never did on Being Human. Supernatural just allowed him so much more freedom for him to really stretch his wings. So I am thrilled he will be back!

    Sorry to lose Sera though, she was the Queen of Drama and a great counterpoint to the Kings of Comedy Ben Edlund and Jeremy. She has written some of the best serious episodes, including Death’s Door, Appointment in Samarra, and Faith.

    I hope this will at least put an end to the Sera hating, which I am quite frankly sick to death of.

  36. adriene says:

    Very interesting. Maybe I’ll start watching the show again. I’ll just have to see.

  37. Susy says:

    I love Supernatural no matter who is writing it and as long as it gets renewed!
    Now, being a fan of Being Human as well, I’m definitely looking forward to Carver’s sense of humor and how well he incorporates it in his writing!

  38. Jedaqia says:

    Too much Sera hate makes me hate Jeremy.

  39. karlyn says:

    Still the best show. Whats always been important is the relationship between san and dean and that has always shown through in every episode. These guys are professionals. All the complaining doesnt help keep a show going, not everyone has the same vision but regardless this show is still great. If you dont enjoy it move on but dont rag on it. A lot of us still enjoy it and just want it to continue. I have never been disappointed in any episode i have watched, are they different sometimes, yes but it keeps it interesting. Im glad sera wanted to step up and keep going after season 5. I will continue to watch this show and these actors til the very end. Looking forward to whatever comes along as long as it keeps going!!!

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Very well said Karlyn – I agree totally with what you said. It seams like some of the comments here do not sound like ‘fans’ to me. The main theme has always been the relationship between Sam and Dean and how they bond together to solve problems the rest of the world knows nothing or very little about. I have enjoyed the journey down ‘the road’ and will keep my course with the Winchesters for as long as the show is on. Sera G. and EVERYONE has done great work in providing us with intelligent, dramatic and sometimes hilarious scripts, unending and varied story lines, directing, lighting techniques, special effects and actors who portray their characters with ‘life’. For those of you who do not want to continue your journey, just get off at the next exit and let the rest of us continue where ‘the road so far’ is going to bring us next. .

  40. FairyTaleLover says:

    How can you possibly hate Sam and Dean Winchester? Hell, I didn’t think it WAS possible. Grow up. If you don’t like it, then stop watching it and leave the rest of us who love Supernatural enjoy the show (that barely has ‘any viewers’) without your negativity.

  41. Ding dong the witch is dead. Okay, just kidding. I actually like Sera Gamble as a writer, but she’s been a godawful show-runner. The whole theme of season 6 and 7 has basically been, “What’s wrong with Sam?” Sam without a soul; Sam being tormented. Sam, Sam, Sam. I’m tired of that. I am a Dean fan and I want more Dean of a storyline. Whether it’s Dean/Sam or Dean/Cas or Dean/Bobby or whatnot. I just want more of Jensen Ackles who has been so underused since Sera took reigns on the show.

  42. beatricevoorhees says:

    Oh, what a good news! As a lot of you I’ve really appreciated Sera as a writer, I think she’s talented in that, so much. But as a Showrunner? It wasn’t a job she was able to do. At least she was no good in keeping on the show after Kripke left it. Maybe with a project on her own, she would do great things, but with Supernatural she made all the wrong choices. I watched season 6, though I didn’t enjoy as the others, but this seven one? I quit. I tried to force myself to start again, but really, I didn’t feel the crazy desire I had in the past to see what’s next. I Hope Carver will make it interesting again as I hope Sera will not go totally out of the project. If she writes some of the episodes in the next season, I’ll be glad, but just that!
    p.s. (sorry if you find any mistakes, I’m italian and more used to listen english than to write)

  43. max says:

    Well I liked Sera as a writer and I got over the lackluster season 6 (they definatley didn’t know what they should do with it so…) but season 7 is just a mess in my opinion. There were way to many MOTW episodes and almost no story driven eps. And if you’re a fan of Bobby and Cas well…bad luck then. While it was sad and dissapointing that Bobby was killed off (he got a wonderful send off episode tough) Cas just got a half hearted send off (I know he came back but that doesen’t change the fact that his first “death” was terrible writing). Well I just hope that the end of the season will make up for the rest of the seventh (ep 17 and 18 were pretty promosing).

  44. RedRapunzel says:

    Next to Kripke, Sera was the best writer, and I like what she did with the show. Unlike most people I’m not very found of Carver’s writing, and I’m worried about the direction the show will take. But I’ll still watch, no matter what, Supernatural could be worse than ever and it would still be better than bunch of other TV crap.

  45. worrynet says:

    Sera Gamble is a good writer, but she wasn’t a good showrunner on season 7. Actually I really love season 6, there was a solid sub-narrative and theme. And I believed she could run the show as much like as season 6. So – I couldn’t believe season 7 writers are almost same with season 6 ones. Her plans of season 7 is a disaster, and even Ben Edlund didn’t show his talents until mid-season. (And even Adam Glass!!!!!)

    I don’t know what she wanted at first of season 7, but I can say that her playing media was terrible and I gave up all respects to her for that. Her mistake is not actually bad stories, anybody can do unfortunately. Her real mistake is that she lost trusts from the viewers. Especially Castiel, Bobby, Crowley fans felt frustrations her treating good characters as expendables.

    I just wish CW to know that. So I am glad to see Mr. Carver on the show again. Keeping respects and believes of viewers, that is important for TV ratings.

  46. Dilys says:

    I am thrilled with the news. While SG has written some terrific episodes, I have hated the direction her showrunning has gone. I hope with Carver at the helm, the return of the Dean/Cas friendship is the next step. Please bring back Misha as a regular or recurring guest star in Season 8. And hopefully Dean’s character will now become more the Dean we knew and loved. He actually can do more than worry about Sam. I hope to see the kickass Dean I fell for originally. Welcome back Jeremy!

  47. Sandra says:

    So happy about this news.

  48. pameygirl says:

    I am a faithful the show and the people season 7 has had its ups and down..I hope it continues to do well…but seriously I would like to know when is the impala coming back.the boys arent complete without tht car…love love love supernatural and as long s it runs I will be tuning in to watch.

  49. Evyn says:

    Amazing news!! I like her as a writer and I hope she continues writing for the show but I never liked her as a showrunner, to many wasted story lines who had a lot of potential (Eve, the weapons of heaven, leviathan Cas…) Hopefully we will get some official word on season 8 soon!

  50. Lord of the Night says:

    Hm this is definitely a mixed bag. Carver is good no denying it but most of the episodes he wrote focus on comedy more than the drama. Gamble wrote classics like ‘Death’s Door’, which I am sure is what nabbed the People’s Choice Drama award for the show, ‘The Born-Again Identity’ and ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’

    I’ll reserve complete judgement on this until Carver has settled in with the Season 8 that this news pretty much confirms. You don’t change showrunners if the show isn’t going to continue.