Ratings: Bones Delivers in Spring Premiere, Smash Inches Up Opposite NCAA Championship

Fox’s Bones at long, long last resumed Season 7 on Monday night by drawing 8.2 million total viewers and a 2.5 demo rating.

That demo number marks an uptick of a tenth from the show’s winter finale (which aired Jan. 12) as well as a marked improvement on the rating most recently delivered in the Mondays-at-8 time slot by Alcatraz (1.6) and House (2.1).

Bones also came within a tenth of a point of Dancing With the Stars‘ first hour. In total viewers, I will point out, Bones was only down 8 percent from when it last aired on Mondays, back in the second half of Season 3.

No matter how you slice it, I’m thinking this calls for a Season 8 renewal! Oh, wait.

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Elsewhere on Monday….

* CBS’ coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball championship averaged 17.8 million total viewers and a 6.4 demo rating from 9 to 11 pm.

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* As reality-TV titans go, Dancing With the Stars (16.54 mil/2.8) was down 8 and 12 percent, while The Voice (10.7 mil/4.1) dropped 11 and 9 percent week-to-week.

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* Gossip Girl returned to 1.1 million viewers and a 0.5 rating, flat versus its last outing.

* House (6.7 mil/2.2), bolstered by a stronger lead-in, saw double-digit gains.

* Castle was steady with 12.1 mil/2.2, while Smash (6.1 mil/2.2) gained a tenth in the demo — this opposite the especially strong second hour of NCAA hoops.

What were you watching this Monday?

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  1. Steph says:


  2. Jillian says:

    OMG. I love last night’s episode. My favorite part was when the whole team is passing around and holding baby Christine and Booth has his arm around Brennan and they smile. I love that.

    But yeah, Go Bones!!

  3. katy917 says:

    Yay! Go BONES!! I actually had a little tear in my eye when she gave birth! A great episode! :)

  4. Deena says:

    Yes, please give me more! I need numbers. I need to know how it did on a Monday. Epi was awesome.

  5. Alex says:

    Yay Bones! Just proves that the show’s popularity and viewers hold up no matter where on the schedule they put it.

  6. bad kevin says:

    The Voice still rocks. One of my faves to win: Jesse Campbell.

  7. Lisa says:

    Castle was a total crapfest last night. Not impressed with the show.

    • elr says:

      I wasn’t impressed with it either. My biggest problem is with Beckett though. She knows that something isn’t right between her and Castle and yet she doesn’t try to find out what it is.

  8. Phil says:

    Sadly, GG didn’t drop any further… :/

  9. Jules says:

    Seriously, that Bones episode was the longest most predictable stupid delivery ever…
    Anyway I won the pool -me & my friends (2 of them used to be fans) did 1 month ago where she will give birth…in a barn..thanks I won 150$
    But I’ll be laughfing if nxt week that baby is already almost 6 months(look already that at the birth) and follow them around…but frankly it was ridiculous..
    Sorry,if I offended some Bonesfans

    But it was painfull for me/us to wait a stupid hour of that while enjoying eating sushis..for watching the reason of our gathering -the return and final countdown of [H]ouse last 8 episodes…a good episode…
    But this morning..I’m a little confuse by thoses ratings… Normally I don’t care..but now it’s depressing…
    C’mon Housefans be more loyal to “our” favorite addiction with only 7 episodes remaining….and after May 21st & nxt fall, some of you can watch any other crappy show y want..but for me and my friends (and others true fans) its our end of the world..no new or old series to interest us like [H]ouse was…
    But that’s my own opinion ..

  10. bluelucille says:

    Well, i`d consider that House was up against national finals for basketball! It is possible that a lot of people changed the channel to CBS after Bones. I expected a bigger drop.
    Ho it`s a bit unfair to compare 2,5 Bones demo with Houses last 2,1 demo, i would blame here Foxs` confusing, screwed up scheduling and promotion. House has had before an average of 2,5 or more in the demo too.

    Anyway i hope Bones keep these numbers. It is great to see that at least one of my fav shows on Fox is successful ;)

  11. Alex says:

    I was so frustrated with Castle last night… but in a good way. I felt so heartbroken for Beckett. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    I also think I’m getting closer and closer to give up on Bones… I just don’t feel that it’s the same show it used to be. Yes, I know there’s a baby now and things have to change but I’ve been extremely upset with the way they handled Booth and Brennan last season. Honestly, I’m more invested in the cases now than in B&B. I cringed when I watched the birth… it didn’t feel like them and it’s been painful for me to watch the episodes now. Someone on another website said that they had more chemistry burying a dead dog than delivering the baby. Sadly, I felt it was true. They are relying more on comedy than drama now and that’s not how I fell in love with this couple. I can’t keep trying to make myself enjoy them anymore. I may stick around to watch the cases and supporting actors but B&B are long gone for me. Which is a shame since I watched this show from season 1.

  12. I watched Castle, hoping for more than what we got… but I guess that we have to wait until the finale for the big thing to happen….. *sigh*

    • TJCrinc says:

      as a major caskett shipper, i knew it wouldnt be resolved till the finale. but i think in the next episode she finds out that castle knows that she remembers.

  13. Samara says:

    Glad for “Bones”. It keeps getting jerked around on the schedule and has had a short season with long breaks, so I wondered if that would hurt its numbers. I think it speaks highly of the show and its loyal fans that it pulls these numbers coming back from a long hiatus with all these odds working against it. As for “Castle”, it was a good episode with some tough things to deal with so I can understand how people feel a bit down. But I have faith in Marlowe, especially after the LOTR quote he tweeted to comfort his fans last night (I really like the guy) and knowing the title of the finale along with Stana, who is an unabashed Caskett shipper, has assured everyone in a recent interview that Caskett fans would be happy with the end this season, I’m pretty sure my faith in Marlowe not letting us down is not misplaced.
    I am very happy to be a fan of shows with kind, good, fun show runners like Hart and Andrew at the helm. I’ve had a recent very bad experience as a fan with another show and show runners who had no regard or care whatsoever for their fans or their fan’s feelings and it frankly sucks in ways you can’t imagine to be treated that way. So being a fan of these two shows, where my support isn’t taken for granted, as shown by HH recently thanking his fans happily on Twitter and telling us he doesn’t take us for granted, or AM taking the time last night after seeing how hard some of the fans took the episode, to reassure them, it’s like night and day. For any fans who are complaining, I can understand but know this, it could be much worse. Worse than you can imagine. I wish good men like AM & HH the best in life for being the people they are. :)

  14. John says:

    Procedurals turning into soaps (despite protestations to the contrary from staff) isn’t a favorite of mine.

    They’re going to keep Bones a “murder show”? we’ll see.

  15. Jay says:

    Lol I always like to read the quotes of the nay-sayers. Man its always the same thing, since like the 5th season, its always “the shows different, its stale, blah blah blah..” Well duh, shows change and characters change. What do y’all expect? A show that never changes will suck in the long run. I’m glad Bones is constantly changing. Just like that Guy that called out Housefans to have the show go out with a bang? Well Bonesfans will always be by its side. Oh and to all the haters, why do y’all keep coming back if you keep ragging on the show?

  16. Ella says:

    Between BONES, Castle, House, and The Voice, I was good last night. Thankful for DVR, though, let me tell you =D

  17. Derek says:

    And The Voice continues to follow the same downward pattern it did last season. I was curious if it would hold up better given the buzz and the big numbers for the first few episodes, but it hasn’t. After the blind auditions, more of the audience jumps ship with each passing week. It’s still doing well, but it’s just weird how it’s seasons trend.

  18. tatvl says:

    i wonder why gossip girl had such low ratings… oh i know exactly why its because of dan and blair grossing everyone out

  19. Alison says:

    Well done bones

  20. Al says:

    HA! Bones bested House in both audience and demo ratings. I never thought that was possible. Awesome!

  21. S. says:

    I too was let down with last nights Castle :( Didn’t we already see this ‘I’m having difficulty telling him/her how I feel’ storyline! I might be wrong, so sorry But it just feels like the writers are prolonging them from being together! Now, Castle is moving on, I hope this storyline doesn’t last for the rest of season (Ok, maybe I need patience :)) if it does, I may have to move on to another show.

  22. Mia says:

    gossip girl was terrible, as usual, no surprise it did horribly. I was bored on twitter and gg was trending, most people were saying that they weren’t going to watch anymore. And the only postive tweets I read were about Chuck & Jack. The rest were about how much they hated the show now, how it was ‘disgusting’ and such. Good thing I stopped watching last season! Good job, Josh Safran, aka the idiot that destroyed a once cult phenomenon

  23. kerfuffles says:

    Were Gossip Girl’s rating adjusted in any way to reflect that DirecTV viewers in a lot of major markets can’t get the CW right now b/c of the dispute between DirecTV and tribune? I’m a loyal Gossip Girl watcher in Dallas, but the CW wasn’t available here last night. I was ticked off :-(

  24. Chad Smith says:

    The circumstances of the birth on Bones were so unbelievingly contrived that they should be considered a textbook example of jumping the shark. The only thing that could have msde it more schmaltzy would have been if the episode had aired in December.

  25. Erica Joyce says:

    I think Bones is pushing the religious angle a tad too hard. A birth in a manger, and a baby named CHRISTine? C’mon.

  26. Tempest says:

    I was amazingly underwhelmed at Bones this week. Setting aside any of the obvious religious iconography/parallels for the moment, what really made me laugh – and not in a funny ha ha way was the appalling production values/continuity of the birth. I have seen more credible birth scenes on most soap operas. sticking some KY jelly over an infant and attaching a rubber umbilical cord is very poor when Bones usually set such hit production values on their shows.

    For Bones to give birth to a child of that size, it would be highly likely that she would need surgical intervention. The fact that they waltz into their – new – and apparently finished home… (wow I really need to get the name of their contractors considering that Bones was immediately preceding one they only had a SHELL of a house) – with Booth wearing a blood spattered shirt still is faintly ridiculous. First child, born in less than ideal circumstances, Brennan would have been kept in for a day or two to be on the safe side.

    All in all, glad it has happened, but really very disappointed from what we’ve come to expect from Hart and his crew.