Exclusive: Awake Gets Two-Hour Finale Date

NBC’s Awake will wrap its rousing freshman run with a two-hour finale landing in the heart of May sweeps, TVLine has learned.

The back-to-back episodes will air Thursday, May 17, from 9 to 11 pm, meaning the series will have aired all of Season 1 uninterrupted.

Awake Star: ‘Michael Goes Into a Bit of a Tailspin’

At last tally, Awake had dipped in the ratings (opposite NCAA tournament coverage), but from all accounts, Season 1 will end with a bang.

“When people get to the end of the season, you’ll realize you’ve been holding your breath for a few weeks,” series star Jason Isaacs told me. “The last few [episodes] are just firing on all cylinders.”

Added his TV wife Laura Allen, “The last three [episodes] are quite a ride.”

This week’s installment, airing Thursday at 10/9c, happens to be one of Isaac’s favorites, as it plays with “every permutation of what you can do with this guy,” he said. “We make him unconscious as often as possible, and we do it in every way you can dream of. Knocked out, getting medicated, being drugged against his will….”

Oh, and there are penguins in the episode. And people love penguins.

How have you been enjoying Awake? Are you among those holding out hope that it, like Grimm and Smash, will earn a Season 2 pick-up from NBC?

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  1. Liking, but not completely loving the show so far. I thought that last week’s episode was the best since the pilot, though, so fingers crossed for upwards trajectory.

    I’m not overly fond of procedurals on the best of days, though, so I wish that they would give the case-of-the-week format a breather and just focus on Michael, Hannah and Rex…

  2. TV Gord says:

    Penguins! I love penguins!!! If this show had better ratings, they could probably get Opus! ;-)

    Matt, do you have any gut feeling about the prospect of a season two? This series has grown on me week by week, so by the season’s end, I’m likely going to be fanatically obsessed with it!

    • Auntie J. says:

      I’m already obsessed with it. And, yes, I’m holding out hope that it will be back for a 2nd season.

    • Emily says:

      I was checking my scheduled recordings and did a double take when I saw “Awake – That’s Not My Penguin.” Now, how could one possibly ignore an episode titled so fantastically?

  3. Linderella says:

    This show is currently my favorite. I was so looking forward to seeing Jason I saacs on American TV after enjoying his work in Harry Potter and on Netflix. It has not disappointed. I hope NBC sticks with this show for another season.

  4. Sarah says:

    I think the fact that it’s new every week from premiere to finale has to help it somehow, right? Especially as a freshman series. I, for one, am loving this show.

  5. Teag says:

    Really excited. Hope there’s a second season so badly.

  6. G. says:

    Sooo hope it gets renewed. LOVE the show!

  7. I’m really enjoying this show. It’s got enough mystery and plot going on to make you forget it has a procedural setup each week. You’re wondering if one world really is just a dream inspired by the other.

  8. Superhero says:

    I love the character elements of this show, but the procedural cop elements really drag it down. Still, I’m glad it’ll at least get to air all of it’s episodes. I really hope Jason Isaacs gets another TV gig soon, hopefully on cable.

  9. msfraklein says:

    I loved Jason Isaacs in Case Histories, a British limited series that was brought to America by PBS on Masterpiece (available now on Netflix). Kate Atkinson fans will love it. Hoping they continue the series. Sorry, Awake just doesn’t cut it for me.

  10. Ivory says:

    I love this show. I have been watching from the beginning and will watch it until the end. I really hope it gets picked up for another season. I really think they have just scratched the top of the iceberg with the story and I hope there is more!!

  11. Rayne Taisho says:

    Please return!!! I love Awake! It’s different from all the other shows that are about sex, clothes, and who’s having who’s baby! This show has such intrigue and drama! I can’t wait for Thursday!

  12. John C says:

    LOVE this show. Really hope it gets a season 2 pick up!!!

  13. boone says:

    Love that song.. Arguably one of the best new shows on TV with. ABC’s Once upon a time and CBS’s Person of Interest.
    The show deserved a second season like for Grimm and Smash.

  14. bad kevin says:

    Hope NBC renews Awake for another season. One of the best new shows of the year and Jason Isaacs delivers a top notch Emmy worthy performance.

  15. This is one of those shows that a million viewers who haven’t bothered to listen to us are going to pick up later and start wailing about it being cancelled. Excellent cast and plot — I knew from the start it was going to get cancelled way too soon, watch and see.

  16. Brian T. says:

    I absolutely love this show. It makes you think and it does not have any women taking off their clothes to prove a point. if Smash can get a 2nd season then by golly Awake deserves a 2nd season. Another show that I hope gets a 2nd season pick up is Missing with Ashley Judd. I DO NOT invest in any new shows but these two 9awake and Missing) are by far my favorite shows this season.

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree, both shows have kept my interest and I really like their originality – I’m so tired of Law and Order cop shows.

  17. Sg.Grant says:

    I’ve been DVRing this show but have yet to watch an episode. After reading this and your comments, I think I’ll give it a shot this weekend.

    • Char says:

      No,no..please watch it LIVE this Thursday. Too many people DVR it and that’s not helping the ratings. We need an upswing very badly this week for any hope of renewal.

      • Sg.Grant says:

        I don’t have a Nielsen box in my home, so it makes no difference when I watch it.

        • BigJD747 says:

          Exactly why I’ve just been DVR’ing the show to this point – no Neilson box. That and I wanted to be certain that NBC would actually air the entire 1st season instead of cutting it off after 5 or 6 episodes. Thankfully, at least NBC appears to be committed to running the entire first season based on this latest information. However, based on the ratings it’s not looking too good for a 2nd season. Too bad, Isaacs is a great actor; it’s worth checking out his performance in Showtime’s “Brotherhood” if your a fan.

          • Curry says:

            Love this show. Absolutely love it. NBC has done nothing but disappoint lately. I understand at the end of the day it’s a business, but a tv station needs good shows, and they just cancelled one. I hope a rival station picks it up.

  18. sarah says:

    Love this series i really hope it gets a second season!!! After every epi i have questions which means i cant wait til the next epi airs!!!

  19. fran says:

    Stupid shows like Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor.. Jersey Shore, they stay on?? Go figure.. awake goes out of the box..it works.. Only great shows on TV are DEXTER. LUTHER, AWAKE & TOUCH.. Thats it!…Anything else on is for those who don;t like to think and basically sit thee like robots.. The end..

  20. Robin says:

    Cool! I’m liking this show…

  21. mb says:

    This show is a Cartesian bonanza of awesomeness. I can’t get enough. If it doesn’t come back for a second season, well, that will be a consideration that counts in favor of the claim that there is no God.

  22. Van says:

    Of course NBC will hold AWAKE for a second season!

  23. Agree with those who say the character aspect of the storytelling is more interesting than the procedural. Very smart show and Jason Isaacs is fanTAStic! Looking forward to 2 hour finale, and I hope it gets another season.

  24. Carole Crawford says:

    Really loving viewing Awake. One of the best dramas I’ve seen in ages. Fingers and toes crossed for a second season for all involved.

  25. Jack Luck says:

    What a waste of time. This show is nothing more than a cookie cutter police drama. They came up with a decent premise then did the old bait and switch. The son is horrible and don’t get me started on the mom. Cancel this garbage give us something good NBC!

  26. Cheryl says:

    I love this show!

  27. Wilma :) says:

    Really enjoy watching this show. It’s so different from everything already out there. I enjoy the writing and the actors. I’m looking fwd to the season finale and to Season 2.

  28. Mike says:

    aah, this show SUCKS. other than the premise –which is intriguing for 5 minutes–the characters are not interesting. Jason Isaacs–aka MUMBLES–is frequently unintelligble, the kid is the bore, the wife–same, and BD Wong is like watching grass grow…the tennis coach is like an ambulance chaser–the only interesting secondary characters are Valderrama’s character–they should EUTHANIZE AWAKE–and put the bored American public out of it’s misery–oh wait, apathy would be the better word..

  29. ln419 says:

    This is a new and exciting show with many elements included in it-cop proceedural stuff, emotion, some of the world’s best acting, writing, directing and producing. Granted, it’s not for everyone-nothing ever is. But there ARE many of us who really enjoy every episode for all sorts of reasons, and want to see a season 2. It’s a complicated, thinking/feeling show that apparently one must be sitting in front of your TV on Thursday nights at 9:00 (depending on your geography). The whole ratings thing is antiquated. Aside from those politics. I LOVE Awake, and wait all week for the 1 TV show I watch, I will be supremely disappointed if it is cancelled and not tried in a different time slot by NBC. Seeing that many people enjoy it, maybe NBC can admit an error, LEARN from it (isn’t that why we make mistakes-so we won’t make them again?) and juggle things around intead of cancelling it? Here’s hoping the addage “live and learn” holds true. We’re entitled to great TV.

  30. Carol C says:

    I loved Jason Isaacs in Case Histories (I’ve re-watched that short series so many times) and Awake is my favourite new show. Hoping strongly that it’s renewed.

    • RR says:

      I agree with you. I read Case Histories and its sequels, and I enjoyed seeing Jason Issacs bring the character to life. He’s great in Awake also, and I’m a big fan of this new series.

  31. Nat says:

    I love it. I hope it gets a season 2.

  32. Kat says:

    I like it. But I don’t love it. And I wish they would investigate his parallel universes. I mean Jason Isaacs and his psychiatries. It bugs me every time I watch the show. Like – which day he lives? It’s suppose to be the same day in every reality. He doesn’t jump April 2 here and then April 3 there and then April 4 here. He lives April 2 in both realities. In what reality April 2 comes first? Then this is the real reality.

    But they kind of ignore all this. It just cases and then boring talking with wife and son. And what is wrong with those teenagers in TV shows and movies. Every single one of them is unsympathetic little idiot. In War of the Worlds, V, Falling Skies, Terra Nova, Killing, here Rex is so annoying that I almost hate him. Is problem in actors? They can’t find good young teenage actor?

  33. sarah says:

    This is a great show, I am not sure how many seasons it can last though.

  34. Helen8 says:

    I am really enjoying Awake. I like to think; it makes me think. Awake is well acted and has an interesting premise. Jason Isaacs brings a nuanced performance to every episode. In addition to wanting to know which reality is a dream, I want to know about the conspiracy alluded to in the scene between his supervisor and the mystery man. NBC, keep this good show on the air. It DOES have a loyal following.

  35. Marie V. says:

    I adore Awake. I have my theories (like everyone else who watches the show) about which version is real and which is not. I have to know who tried to kill Micheal and why! I don’t have any problems understanding Jason Isaacs – for those who think he mumbles – stop doing ten things at a time – sit – watch the show – and think! I don’t mind the procedural aspect at all – the supporting actors are great and make that part interesting! Please renew Awake!

  36. Plathismo says:

    My enjoyment of this show likely dooms it to premature cancellation. Sorry, everyone. It’s my fault.

  37. Kj says:

    I am enjoying Awake best series ive watched in a long time. Help to see it renewed into a second season. Jason Isaacs, along with the supporting cast is terrific. Your viewership helps!! The personal storyline is preferred over the procedural. Who is Alive? Have you guessed??

  38. Awake is by far one of the best shows I’ve seen recently. I love that it keeps me guessing and sucks me completely in for an hour. I sincerely hope NBC renews it for season 2.

  39. oldleftie says:

    ‎*SPOILER ALERT!!!!!* Look, folks, remember the emperor’s new clothes? Those of you who are obsessed with suspension of disbelief, read no farther, because I don’t want you to blame me for bursting your bubbles. OK, you’re duly warned.

    The reason “Awake” will fail is because the writers have painted themselves into a corner. In order for the story to be consistent, we have to be kept guessing as to which of the two worlds is “real”, and which is a “dream”. That means that neither story can have any action that takes place outside of Britten’s point of view. We all know that dreams always take place in the first person. We never watch people doing things without being aware that we are there.

    So the first time the writers violated that law was in “The Little Guy” when the Captain meets with Mr. X in no wife world, obviously without Britten’s knowledge. “Aha!” said I, “this means that *this* is the ‘real’ world!”

    But wait! the *next* week, we see Rex being kidnapped. All sorts of events taking place outside Britten’s consciousness. After all, if this were a dream, Britten would have known immediately where Rex was being held, right?

    So therein lies the conundrum, compounded by all the action in “Oregon” which also takes place without Britten’s knowledge. Again, if Britten had been dreaming of the whole Gemini incident, then he would have known where Santoro had been taken, right? I mean, we’re not talking about remembering a dream after having waken, but about action going on right within the dream while we’re having it. Have you ever been in a dream where something happened and you didn’t react to it?

    I could go on forever like this. Why has neither shrink suggested that Britten go to a sleep clinic to have himself monitored? Why hasn’t Britten shown any suspicion as to the Captain’s motives? Why is the Captain the only person who appears in both realities (I know, Bird was in both worlds, but only for a moment in no wife world)?

    I’m not saying that the contrivances are any worse than in a lot of shows; but when you hype a show as being a cut above the rest, you have to expect to lose audience share when those like I begin to note all the flaws. I really wanted the show to succeed, like I did “Dollhouse” and “Prime Suspect” and “Alcatraz” and “Caprica” and on and on and on and on. But the writers never seem to have as much respect for the discerning audience as they need to in order to keep them watching because they don’t think that group is big enough to make a difference to their ratings, and have yet to understand that even the less discerning audience can react subconsciously to inconsistencies they may not consciously be able to articulate.

    Or maybe they just need to pay someone like me to review the scripts in advance. Heh.

    • Tone says:

      The story isn’t being told from Michaels POV all the time. Sometimes we just see scenes from outside Michael’s life/dream. I.e.: How do you know his Captian met Mr X in the wife world? Because it wasn’t blue/green? It looked rather neutral to me. They have planned this story to go on for several seasons, they won’t give you all the answers within the first 5 episodes.

      I’ll keep watching as long as it’s interesting. Love it so far.

      • oldleftie says:

        If you can see something that is not from Britten’s pov, it means it must *really* be happening, doesn’t it? Or are you contending that your dreams have a life of their own, and continue even after you’re awake? That’s my point. If the writers were doing their job, you wouldn’t know anything that Britten doesn’t unless they wanted you to have a clue as to which is the “real” world and which is the “dream” world. Because they have given us scenes outside Britten’s pov in *both* worlds, there is no way now that they can reconcile the contradiction. Remember “The Event”? Same kind of problem

        • Tone says:

          With The Event, I understood 10 minutes into the second episode that they didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Didn’t watch anything after that, life’s too short for bad TV. About Awake: It doesn’t have to mean that things are really happening if they are shown put of Michael’s pov. These scenes can still be a part of a dream that he doesn’t remember when he wakes up. So far this series hasn’t been about finding out what reallity is real, it’s about how he is coping with his situation. I find that interesting and entertaining, and I don’t worry too much about what’s really going on. And also, they have just explained how this universe works up to now, can’t wait to see what happens when it really kicks off.

          • oldleftie says:

            have to respectfully disagree with you about the part of the dream he forgets when he wakes up. Because he never “wakes up”. That’s the point of the story, no? He believes he is awake all the time in whatever reality he is in. It is absolutely impossible for him to have any knowledge of events taking place out of his pov. Have you ever heard of anyone dreaming where they are not part of the dream? Britten is convinced that both realities are “real”, but we are supposed to question that, because as far as we know this has never happened to anyone. Therefore, if events happen out of his pov in both worlds, we have no way to ascertain which world is the “real” world and which is a “dream”. Remember “Life on Mars”?

          • Tone says:

            Well, I had a dream that I didn’t feature in my self a couple of nights ago. It doesn’t happen very often, though. Sorry to sound disrespectful, but this is “Awake”, not “Life on Mars” (or “The Event”). Because something was true on a different show, doesn’t mean it’s true on this. You can call me naive, but maybe someone came up with an original idea for once. We don’t know “the point of the story” yet. Michael knows he is experiencing two realities. His psychiatrists tell him the other reality is a dream. He doesn’t want to find out. That’s all we know so far. Maybe both realities are real, maybe they are both dreams, maybe one is a dream and one reality or maybe something else. I certainly don’t have the answer to what’s really going on, and finding out hasn’t been the point of this series so far, either. “Awake” tells good stories every week, it’s got great acting, and the editing is just worth watching in itself. As long as it keep on going like this, I’ll keep on watching.

          • oldleftie says:

            fair enough. I’m just certain that when the whole story plays out, we’re going to come away with a “wait a second, how did they get there when they did *that* back in episode X”. I think there are too many inconsistencies already implanted in the arc for them to be able to resolve things without some kind of contrivance that is going to leave me unsatisfied. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m ready to bet money on it.

          • Tone says:

            I don’t blame you, most TV series end up like that. I’m just saying that Awake looks good for now, and I hope it stays this good (or better), and that they know when to stop.

      • ultimate777 says:

        I love it too, but oldleftie has a point. There have been a number of things we have seen and heard Britten coulod not have in each world. I hope that will be satisfactorily explaned.

        • Tone says:

          I agree with that, I just think it’s too early to say that we can all stop watching now because they won’t be able to pull it through.

          • oldleftie says:

            Geez, Tone! Don’t get me wrong! I don’t want anyone to stop watching it. I know I certainly am going to continue. Touch at 9, Awake at 10. But remember, I watched Life on Mars, The Event, and Caprica through to the bitter end. I want everyone to watch it as long as it’s on, and to keep commenting. We need to let the writers know that we are savvy consumers, and hold them to a higher standard.

            For instance, am I wrong when I remember last night that in the middle of the conversation between Dr. Lee and Britten after Britten had been decked, lost consciousness and then revived, Gabe says something like “What are you talking about?” and Lee gets up and walks away? But later, we’re told that Lee was an hallucination at that point.

          • Tone says:

            Sorry, I must have misunderstood, you then. Glad you still want people to watch!

            And, yes, I think you are correct in that observation about the latest episode. But I’m not sure if I understand why you bring it up. Do you have trouble with that scene, do you think it’s particularly good, or…?

          • oldleftie says:

            I just watched it online. I was right. It comes at about 36:50 or so. I mean, I just don’t see Gabe asking him “hey, what are you talking about?” if he was talking to himself. So the writers put it in there to reinforce the illusion that Lee was really there, which to my mind is totally unnecessary and again shows how little they respect their audience. But I’m not going to stop watching. At least in this life. I don’t have a TV in my other life…

          • Tone says:

            Well I certainly don’t think this show is perfect (even if I think it’s good enough that I’ll keep on watching). But I didn’t have any problem with that scene. Makes sense to me. Why wouldn’t he have said that? Michael was talking, he asked him what he was talking about. There’s no nothing in what Gabe does/say in that scene that indicates that he also see Dr. Lee. We just project that onto him because we don’t know that Dr. Lee is a part of Michael’s hallucianation at that point. But I guess we just have different opinions.

          • oldleftie says:

            and I respect yours. I just don’t see any sense in someone asking someone else who is talking to himself “Hey, what are you talking about?” in such an accusatory manner. It was a trick to confuse the audience, just like some in “The Sixth Sense”, that just lead to disappointment at the finale when you realize that all the emotion you felt was drawn out by a fraud. I hold every drama to the standard of “The Sting”, where you can watch it again after you are surprised by the ending, identify the scene which led you into the trap, and see that it makes perfect sense even when you know what the trap is going to be. Doug Jung did it in “Confidence”; Conan Doyle did it a hundred times with Holmes. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for other writers to work just that small bit harder to come up with scenarios which are as rewarding after they surprise us.

          • Tone says:

            Well, we kinda have to expect a show like this to play with our heads a little bit. I went back an rewatched the scene. Gabe’s reaction isn’t out of order. He sounds a bit accusing, but that can be because he suspects Michael to be onto something and not sharing it with him. It doesn’t have to be because Michael is fraternizing with Dr. Lee, like they will have us believe. So the scene still works, in my opinion. (I have seen it been done better before, though)

  40. oldleftie says:

    correction: Captain meets with Mr. X in no son world, not no wife world.

  41. F.B. says:

    I’m loving this show. I really hope it gets a second season.

  42. Hilary says:

    This is currently the only series I am watching on television. I am so fed up with non-scripted, low-budget, lowest-common-denominator “reality” series that many nights I don’t bother turning the television on.
    Every episode of this show has left me curious, puzzled, amused–and hooked. I LOVE Jason Isaacs, and I think the supporting cast (I’d never seen Valderrama or Harris before) is terrific. Please don’t cut me off!!

  43. Jaya says:

    I am quoting Leonard Chang, one of the writers for Awake, he posted this on his website, leonardchang.com

    “Many of you are watching this on your DVR’s, which I completely understand. However, did you know that the ratings that the advertisers look at, and therefore the networks tend to focus on, are the “live” viewings? Since many DVR watchers often skip commercials, advertisers want you to watch the show live so that you see their commercials. This is important for the show because whether or not a network keeps a show going depends on these live viewings. It makes sense, since the show is essentially being funded by advertisers.

    So, if you’re a fan of the show, and really want to prove it to NBC, then try to watch it live.”

    ..Especially tonite’s Episode..need an upswing of the ratings/total viewership.

  44. I am loving Awake. I really hope that NBC renews it. It has a great cast and an excellent plot that keeps you going. NBC even has a timeline link (http://www.nbc.com/awake/exclusives/timeline/) for anyone who misses an episode or just joins the show. Heck, it is great if you even want a recap. Each episode is excellent, and I like the different avenues that they explore for the characters. I watch it live, I watch it On Demand from my cable company, and then I buy the episodes on iTunes. It’s worth all of that and more. I hope it gets renewed, and I am looking forward to the last episodes of the season from now until May 17th.

  45. Soror Angel says:

    I really enjoy “awake”, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a second season. Please, NBC!!! It is one of the few shows that is interesting (and intelligent) enough to keep me watching.


  46. I love Awake and hope it gets renewed! I think it is better than Grimm. I watched 4 or 5 episodes of Grimm when it premiered but then lost interest in it, where as Awake has maintained my interest from the start and I think it gets better with each episode. If a show that isn’t as good as Awake can get renewed (and Grimm doesn’t have the best ratings either, they do a bit better than Fringe on Friday nights, but that is not saying much since Fringe’s ratings are so low. That is not meant to be a diss on Fringe, it is my favorite show out of them all, but everyone knows that the ratings for it suck), then here’s hoping that Awake will have a chance at renewal too. *Fingers crossed*.

  47. Missy says:

    I love Jason Isaacs and I love this show. NBC better renew or else….

  48. B Kagy says:

    Love , love th show. You have to pay attention. Today’s episode “It’s not my penquin”, was even better than last week’s. Each week the show gets more interesting and better and better. Hope to see it next fall–here that NBC!!!!!


  49. ultimate777 says:

    I would like to see Britten tell all to his wife. I am not sure his son and partners could handle it. I would like to see Britten try to get his shrinks to communicate with each other via him. I think his shrinks should go for it. And if I were one of his shrinks and he started
    to take what I said on faith I would feel weird because I would know I could not in his place.

    • oldleftie says:

      What do you mean by “all”? I distinctly remember him having a conversation with her about his other life early on. I think at the end of the episode, she said to him “are you still seeing Rex?” and when he nodded, she said “tell him I love him.” This is just another instance of how the writers have presented no clear vision of where they want to take this arc, and how mixed up it continues to be.

    • Emu says:

      Don’t the shrinks exist in both worlds? Why doesn’t he visit them in the opposite worlds?!!
      Yeah, also in the first couple episodes there was something with him saying something to his wife and she didn’t believe him / couldn’t handle it.

      • oldleftie says:

        We don’t know if the shrinks exist in both worlds, or if the people may be in both worlds but not both shrinks. The only people we’ve seen in both worlds who are doing exactly the same thing are Bird and the Captain. Everyone else who has appeared in both worlds seems to be doing at least something different. Like Vega. And of course, there was Cooper, who ends up dead in one reality.

  50. ultimate777 says:

    oldleftie, you are right in your what did you mean comment. I almost thought that I imagined that conversation. I just accepted that they disregarded it..

    How much would it ruin to do as I say?

    As much as I love the show, you make cogent points.

    • oldleftie says:

      Thank you. I just needed to know that I’m not the only person posting here who’s willing to say that the emperor is wearing a bikini, not a tux. As I told Tone, I am not telling anyone to stop watching the show. I am just asking that we stop with uncritical praise, and let the writers and the network know we expect better.

      I wonder how many of our fellow commenters are either friends of show personnel or paid cheerleaders. If none of them are, it says a lot about the internet poster. I hope that most who are just dashing off paeans and praise are still in school, and have teachers who can see that while they are obviously intelligent, they need to have that intelligence focused thru critical thinking exercises. I mean, the only reason that the writers are doing such a mediocre job in giving us coherent, integral plots is that they can see that they can get away with it. Why deliver a chef cooked meal when the clientele will be satisfied with frozen pizza? I mean, there are directors and writers who know how to do the right thing; look at “Luck”.

      • Tone says:

        Look, I never said this show is perfect. But I see a lot of people on the internet screaming up about bad writing or plot holes on this show, that just comes from being disappointed that the show isn’t written exaclty like they thought/hoped it would be (they hoped for another Lost or Life on Mars etc), or they didn’t understand something, and therefore it must be a plot hole.

        How can we compare this to “Luck”? “Luck” is a cable show, this is a network show. Awake has to appeal to a much wider audience, they also get 10 minutes shorter episodes, they have two realities to map out and two story lines to tell and (mostly) finish every week. Will they sometimes have to use simple solutions to tie it toghether? Of course, that lies within the frame work of the show. By all means. critisize this show all you want, but I suggest you use examples that are comparable.

        And LOL at myself as a cheerleader…I think you would prefer the emperor in a bikini.

        • ultimate777 says:

          oldleftie, are you familiar with the old shows “Star Trek: The Origional Series” and “All in the Family?” If you are or anybody else who shows themselves is I might have some comments germain to “What do you mean by “all”? I distinctly remember him having a conversation with her about his other life early on. I think at the end of the episode, she said to him “are you still seeing Rex?” etc.

        • oldleftie says:

          I never even thought of you as a paid cheerleader, Tone. I was referring to the more uncritical commentators….

      • Hilary says:

        Sadly, oldleleftie, I’ve been out of school for longer than I care to contemplate. I am certainly no paid shill, though I happily confess to being a big Jason Isaacs partisan. I never said the show was perfect, but as well as the aforementioned Jason Isaacs, it’s also got a notable absence of a) amateurs singing songs already made hugely popular by somebody else b) random people attempting to ingest repulsive putative foodstuffs c) other random people attempting to avoid eating things so they can lose more weight than competitors d) zombies and/or vampires. That alone predisposes me to look kindly on it.
        And yeah, I do sometimes have dreams in which I don’t participate! –we’re not altogether certain Michael’s literally dreaming, are we?
        As for being another “Lost,” God I hope not!! For 5 years the writers swore ‘it’s not purgatory’ while throwing in more and more outlandish red herrings (not to mention the ubiquitous beatings and torture) before finally revealing ‘actually yeah it’s purgatory’. I don’t see that for the future of “Awake.”

        • oldleftie says:

          Hilary, we’re not sure of *anything*. As I have said before here, it’s just that there are inconsistencies thrown into both worlds. And as for the dreams in which you are not a participant, if you remember them, then you *are* a participant, if only a viewer. That was my point. If this is *two* “realities” then we are dealing with a straight science fiction plot, in which Britten is literally living two lives. That would of course explain how there could be things going on that we know about but he doesn’t, but that really cheapens the whole idea of the story. If, on the other hand, one of the “realities” is a dream, then he would be aware of everything going on in it, including those events taking place out of his “awareness”. In that case, however, his other self would know these things, just as it knows the other aspects of the “dream” that help him solve the crimes in his other world. And by putting things in both worlds that take place outside the respective Britten’s awareness, it makes for a logical inconsistency that is both annoying and unnecessary.

          As for your unhappiness with all the “reality” and vampire shows, try “Smash” or “Game of Thrones” or check out the repeats of “Luck”. If the writers of “Awake” would just take cues from them, I would be happy.

          • Tone says:

            Game of Thrones is a cable show, and it’s based on a fantasy book series. I love Game of Thrones, but I really don’t see how the Awake writers can take any cues from them.
            I don’t think we can talk about inconsistencies this early, because we don’t know what’s going on yet. They haven’t even started to give us clues about which is real or a dream or something else. So far they are confusing us on purpose. They may one time in the future explain to us what’s really going on, and if they can’t do that properly, I’ll start complaining about inconsistensies too. Just because we can’t explain it from the information we have up to now, doesn’t mean it won’t work out in the end. And as I said before: Michael can have dreamt about other people and not remembered it when he woke up. So that may be why we know more than him sometimes. But that’s just one possible explanation, and probably not the right one.