Hot Shots: House's Wife Dominika Returns to Take Down [Spoiler]!

House‘s green card bride Dominika (guest star Karolina Wydra) is back, and we’ve got your first look at the “married” couple hatching a new scheme.

House Series Finale Exclusive: The Show’s Last Big Guest Star Is [Spoiler]!

When House’s favorite hooker, Emily, decides to give up the biz and get hitched in the April 16 episode (Fox, 9/8c), the doc goes to extreme measures to get her to keep her day job. How extreme are we talking? “Desperate for Emily’s ‘companionship,’ House teams up with his ‘wife’ Dominika to sabotage Emily’s budding relationship,” reads the official episode description.

Speaking of unusual romances, wait until you see the patient of the week’s next of kin!

Check out the gallery and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. ana says:

    House the end,this is trash

  2. Karen says:

    So now that House has messed with Wilson’s, Cuddy’s, Chase’s, Foremen’s, 13’s, Cameron’s etc… etc …etc relationships we’ve got only the hookers left? Does the creator or writers of this show have any ORIGINAL ideas left? They can’t put this show out of its misery soon enough! Such epic fail at what once was brillance.

    • ;) says:

      I really hate this kind of comments. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SHOW OR DON’T HAVE ANYTHING SMART TO SAY ABOUT IT, please just don’t comment. you talk like that about the show and yet here you are, reading an article about it… it is kind of dumb to read something about a show you don’t like; don’t see the logic on your actions…

      • Karen says:

        Last time I checked TVline does not specify “positvie comments only” on their articles. I used to love House, but hate the crapfest it has become and my comments are as valid as yours. So please stop trying to be the “comment police”. Thanks.

        • ismyturnnow says:

          well guys I don’t know but Season 8 is one of my favorites …. I like almost all episodes except 3…. It depends on what you except from House ..He always was doing this crazy things etc etc but I think we are so close to the end and probably we want more and more….

          • HouseObssessedAgain says:

            I love season 8 too. I think every episode has been awesome. These people who post these hate messages are Huddy trolls. They want to make sure everyone knows how angry they are since LE left. Geez. They are pathetic.

      • Zay says:

        I’m with Karen on this one. I was such an enormous House fan because once upon a time, it was the smartest show on television. If it weren’t for my undying love for Hugh Laurie, I would have jumped ship a long time ago. But because of Hugh, and because I did love House so much, I’ve stuck around and want to see it through to the end; I wanted to get closure for the show and the character that I’ve adored for so long. Sadly, however, the writers seem to be taking nosedives into failure-land, if these latest promos/spoilers/press releases are to be believed. & you know what, if I want to post a thought like that to a House forum, I’m justified in doing so

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      it’s a HUDDY troll. They’re like roaches – very hard to get rid of. They’re mad cause House still has a HUGE fanbase and we’re all loving Season 8!!

  3. mara says:

    the writers died two years ago – this show is currently being written by zombies high on crack

  4. KEL says:

    david shore is this taking vicodin for a explicacion
    to write such stupidity

  5. andres says:

    i really hoped they could use the last episodes of the show as an opportunity to get back to the greatness of the first seasons… what a dissapointment.

  6. Fun Never Ends says:

    Deep inside I want to believe that Shore and Co are just trolling Fox for giving them grief. Otherwise it is hard to comprehend that someone would put out this trash consciously .

    • Vienne says:

      Awesome comment, wow. That explains it, it really does. I have been thinking that the show went from so good to so horrible so fast, how can it be? I have loved it since day one, and I mean its my favorite show of all time, and so sad to see it go out this way, but now at least it makes sense.

  7. Laia says:

    Disappointing and disgusting. House ruining the relationship of a prostitute who is trying to find a better life. And of course he does it with the help of his “wife” who was a former prostitute.
    On the other hand i think it´s pretty predictable the plot will be used to get House and Domenica together, which at this point is lame, useless and boring.

    • Linda says:

      I´m not sure where you got your Information,as far i know Dominika was never a prostitute?

      Second, it is predictable that this plot gets House and Dominika together, Huuuh? I`d say they get a better understanding for each other to establish a good working friendship, but together as a couple, I highly doubt it. They have no romantic interest in each other. The sad truth is after the Cuddy disaster House will never try again to get romantically involved with a woman, though he may need the eggs ;)

  8. M. says:

    Haven’t watched the show in so long and no one I know watches it anymore either, but was curious and clicked the link and after seeing this: House is upset because his favorite hooker is retiring so he’s going to make sure she stays a hooker to fulfill his selfish needs. What has this show and character devolved into? Now the plummeting ratings and overwhelming amount of negative criticisms of the show I’ve read for this season are starting to make a lot of sense. Yikes.

    • @M says:

      I can tell which way the wind is blowing. :) :) :)

      • M. says:

        @ @M. Um, not trying to make you feel bad, dude, but I have no clue what you’re talking about. I saw the link, was curious, clicked and the very first thought I had was, ‘Are they serious with this?’ and as I stated, I knew why the ratings were in the tank.

      • Aurora says:

        Well, SOMETHING blows, anyway. Whether its the wind or David Shore…?

  9. birdnerd says:

    Anyone else reminded of Lars and the Real Girl with the POTW?

  10. kelly says:

    The saddest thing about House ending is that Shore and Co took a character I used to care about and turned him into a pathetic joke. In the early years I tuned and rooted for House…even hoped that with Wilson, Cuddy and his team helping him and supporting him, he would somehow find his little piece of happiness. However, year after year I’ve watched Wilson and Cuddy turn into doormats for this sadistic man, while his team (new & old)turned into nothing more then the straight men for his stupid antics. Which got more and more god awful as the years passed until suddenly i found that the more I knew about House…the less I cared about him or liked him for that matter. Go ahead, stick that knife into a wall socket, screw some hookers, have a hallucination or two, drive that monster truck around like nobody’s business…and ..if you still have time…save that patient …k? However, I continued to watch, hoping we would get see more about House’s issues with his Father, hoping we would get to see the strong friendship with Wilson and the past he shared with Cuddy, with both of these stories done in a clever, moving way…esp considering how much Wilson and Cuddy played such a crucial part in House’s life. I wanted to see his original team members go off and find their way instead of being sentenced to a life of misery with the brilliant Dr House, but instead, Cameron was made a laughing stock, Chase was stuck under House’s thumb and Foreman was made Dean of Medicne? Sad to say I am not making this crap up. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than the endless 13 drama, Taub the baby maker, and House going batsh*t crazy and crashing his car into Cuddy’s house…I find this gem of an article. Whoo hoo! House, aka the new Hugh Heffner w/his whores & green card wife! OMG YES!, Hopefully they’ll wrap things up with a whoopie cushion and some frat boy antics just for good measure.. Such a waste of a talented crew. HL, RSL & LE deserved better. JM, OE & JS deserved better.

  11. kacey says:

    I honestly cannot believe these are the story lines of the episodes leading up to the end of this show. I use to love this show, was the only one I have ever reworked my life around to watch. For me, the last couple of seasons and specifically the way this season is ending, has been really disappointing. For those of you who are enjoying it, I’m glad for you, wish I could say the same.

    • Vienne says:

      The ones who are enjoying it, yeah I agree, good for them, but the ones who have said its the best season yet, they probably also like their toes broken with a pair of pliars, one by one.

  12. tahina says:

    House has been in a coma since season 5 and so has David SHore.

  13. Jules says:

    This is not a spoiler… It’s just part of one of the main storyline like many others episodes in the past…
    Don’t judge the episode bfore it aired…
    But after reading all the comments..I’m fed up of the negative Backlash that happens through the entire season
    whatever happens in this episode cannot be worst than like “Black Hole” / “Private Lives” in season 6 -thoses were very bad..the case/patient story was both dreadful- but thankfully to HLaurie presence in small scenes & alone kept this episode not drowning to much…
    But anyway, let me remind some you -we have only 7 episodes remaining, and I (and my friends ) & possibly others faithfull viewers (true Housefan like me who never miss an episodes, even repeats…)still want to watch “our ” favorite addiction..and will until the end…
    So whatever some of y decided to continue arguing/trashing how bad the season/series had become or don’t watch anymore – make yr mind..but I’m sure,some of y will turn in one last time on May 21st -to pay your own respect/farewell to the series that you /(us) loved or addicted for 8 yrs…
    But that’s my own opinion..,

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      I have been watching House from the very beginning – pilot episode. These Huddy trolls are upset that a drug addicted sociopath might enlist the aid of his fake wife to help him keep his favorite hooker from getting married. This is normal behavior for a sociopath.

  14. House will find a way to get back at Emily. He will get his way with the help of Dominika. Pay backs are [H] ell. Guess her hooker job pleased [H]ouse. Wonder if she will still please him after the backlash he gives her. Wait and see. This will be interesting, I need to be on to give [H]ouse the run around.

  15. Aoz says:

    Seriously, they are wasting one of their last episodes on this lame story idea? What the hell happened to this show? What happened to nuance and wit and carefully crafted drama, what happened to the female characters having some intergrity? (Cuddy you are so missed!) Now their only go to idea seems to be hookers, hookers and green card wife ex hookers. I loved this show but David Shore is ending it so badly I don’t think I can even bare to watch the last episdoes at this point. Is this even a show anmore or just some middle aged guys mid life crisis fantasy?

    • Cindy says:

      Why is Dominka a hooker,she isn`t,or? And why are hookers women with less integrity & in your opinion less interesting? Are they less worth than other women? Aren`t Adams and PArk women too why don`t they have integrity?
      You want nuance,wit and carefully crafted drama? I´m not even sure if you even understand what you are talking about because you are too busy being judgemental, sexist and narcistic.

      I could write this answer to nearly everyone bitter here on this page. The writing on House is not your problem it is your inablitity to get over LE/Cuddy exit which makes you all annoying and hypocritical.

  16. ESOUH says:

    that just sad, i cant believe how Shore destroy hes own creation!

    but now, look at him..hes just a HOMICIDAL MANIAC! PATHETIC OLD MAN!

    • Cindy says:

      One act of homicide, doesn`t make him a homicidal maniac and you probably missed the point why this incident happened.
      Pathetic old man? Huuh, god i hope nobody from your family or close friends becomes someone in chronic pain with a resulting drug dependency. Not sure if they like to be called pathetic,Wow.

      • K says:

        Its not just about his phyiscal condition and his vicodin addiction though. House was always a jerk pre-infarction if we believe the (somewhat fractured) canon of the show. When we were first introduced to him we were presented with all of his flaws but amongst them, deep down, was a decent guy who aimed to do the right thing, unconventionally romantic, funny and kinda charming in his own way.His behaviour in this scenario, obviously without having seen the episode, sounds typical of what the writers have reduced him to these days; a sex obsessed, shallow, misogynistic ass. And also, surely ‘one act of homicide’ is enough to judge someone?? You shouldn’t need a tally of crime before you’re entitled to be labelled a maniac. I could see his frustration and hurt in 7.23 when he crashed the car into Cuddy’s house but feeling and imagining and causing total destruction are 2 different things. I just think its a shame that House the show and the character have changed so much from the original premise

        • Cindy says:

          “Its not just about his phyiscal condition and his vicodin addiction though. House was always a jerk pre-infarction if we believe the (somewhat fractured) canon of the show. ”
          —Yeah in addition he happens to be a more intelligent man than normal person. If you ever met someone genius-like that you would know that they have problems to integrate in a conventional society. Most of them are difficult, complicated & tougher persons. The pain and the resulting drug-dependency made him a harder person, House himself admitted it.

          “we were presented with all of his flaws but amongst them, deep down, was a decent guy who aimed to do the right thing, unconventionally romantic, funny and kinda charming in his own way.”
          —Who says that he isn`t all this anymore? The relationship with Cuddy was a disaster and ended in one. She totally crushed him emotionally, left him hurt & without hope and with the idea that he failed & is deserving nobody–no friends, no love. Do i think she was right, NO but House thinks that. I can see why he appears less charming now, why should he? He tried to be a better person and realized that all his efforts were for nothing. The only thing he received was more pain. Noooo, one act of homicide doesn`t make him a homicidal maniac. Especially if this person put himself in prison to face the consequences for his doings. A Maniac or psychopath wouldn`t do it.
          I think this season we happen to see the most honest version of house. Not someone who wants to someones ideal version of a man,proving that he is superior right or seeking for ultimate happiness. He just lives and neither the people like him,accept him as the man he is or not.
          No idea why you believe that House is misogynic,sorry?
          Sexobsessed hm yeah here we come to my last last sentence. Sex was allways an important part of life for him and he used hookers from the beginnin. I remember you huddies had no problem with his sexobsession as long it is about Cuddy, or? Judging and convicting him now for this shows one more time again your double standards.

          • K says:

            Whatever… My problem is with the writers and the lack of quality the show has these days. I had a feeling you would throw the ‘you huddies’ thing at me. Well you’re wrong. For a long time I was a huddy until they got them together and they screwed that up too. I didn’t like the way Cuddy was portrayed throughout their actual relationship and after it and to be honest I didn’t think there was a reason for her to be brought back in to it after they broke up- unfortunatley her story was done. Like I said I understood House and was actually on his side. They way she broke up with him was dumb, contradictory and callous. And that’s my point. The writers are so inconsistent compared with the early years of the show. i question ALL of the storylines and character’s actions these days, including Taub and his stupid mulitiple impregnation arc, stupid green card wife (and Cuddy actually going to the wedding wtf??) and now MORE hookers. Ok you say House has ALWAYS been sex obsessed. But not to the point where his casual use of hookers was made into its own B plot in an episode (i hated the out of the chute episode too) I will see the show through to the end but I and everyone else has the right to state their opinion and criticism

  17. K says:

    This is one of the final episodes??? House tries to sabatoge his fave hooker’s new relationship with the help of his new hooker wife?? Are you kidding me, show?! God I really miss the days when House was good, when there was depth and humour and drama. Its like a crap sitcom these days. The hookers thing was introduced as a throwaway joke, implied but never a celebrated facet of House’s character. Now they just get paraded around maybe even more then actual patients.TPTB have absolutey no idea why people originally liked this show, get some of the old writers back!

  18. Lyn says:

    What the hell? What has Shore done to this show? This is the best he could come up with? I’m not getting my hopes up for the finale. Hes lucky he has Hugh Laurie or I would long gone. I miss Cuddy as well :(

  19. Marco says:

    Wow. Just wow. This is one of the most disgusting plots they could come up with, not to mention House comes off like a complete, unredeemable jackass. My hopes for a good series finale are dwindling.

  20. Grace says:

    I hope this episode won’t be as silly as I think it will be. :(

  21. Olivia says:

    It’s a doll

    “HOUSE: The team makes an interesting discovery when they learn the identity of their patient’s (guest star Kevin Christy, L) girlfriend in the “We Need the Eggs” episode of HOUSE airing Monday, April 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX”

  22. Poliom says:

    Dominika again? Booooooring

  23. kriszta says:

    Dominika why? Rather should Cuddy returns….

    • HouseObssessedAgain says:

      Cuddy, the character from HELL is not coming back no matter how message boards you post to. She is off doing other thibgs which are posted at her website. Why don’t hang out there and show her some love.

      • kriszta says:

        I just want everytime to remind the FOX channel(cost reduction) and Mr.Shore(idiot storyline since Bombshells) their huge mistakes……… So I writing that what I want,thanks!

  24. tom smith says:

    from season 5 the writers of house has completely changed the direction of the show and which in my opinion has taken away the whole medical mystery. This season started off with house in prison, but still even that hasnt changed him. Overall as we get towards the end i think that the last few episodes need to be memorable before the finale