Ratings: Fringe Up from Demo Low, Nikita Dips, 20/20 Does Lotto Good

Now this is interesting: Fox’s Fringe this Friday drew 3.11 million total viewers while scoring a 1.2 demo rating — that marks week-to-week gains of 8 and 33 percent, up from the all-time demo low the show has been nursing for too long.

As one of my Twitter Followers suggested, maybe bacon does make everything better?


* Among other genre-TV fare, Nikita (1.32 million viewers, 0.4 rating) dipped 12 percent and a tenth, Supernatural (1.72 mil/0.7) gained a few viewers and a tenth, and Grimm (4.2 mil/1.2) dropped 17 and 20 percent.

* CSI: NY returned from hiatus with 9.44 million viewers and a 1.6 rating, down 9 percent and just a tenth from its last outing.

* Blue Bloods shed a handful of viewers (10.6 mil/1.6) but led the night in total audience, while 20/20‘s lottery-themed walk-up to the Mega Millions drawing (Exclusive: I Didn’t Win) drew the night’s best demo (2.1) with a two-plus-year high for the newsmagazine.

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  1. kirads09 says:

    Finally some good upward ratings news for Fringe! And what an episode…

  2. rubytu says:

    Oh please renew Fringe!!!

  3. Alex says:

    Not that 1.2 is great, but DEFINITELY better than .9. I blame The Hunger Games last week.

    • And the NCAA Tournament.

    • Lucifer says:

      And The Hunger Games wasn’t even worth all the hype! So happy Fringe’s ratings got better this week! We need season 5!!

      • Carrie says:

        I thought the movie was worth the hype, but I’m glad “Fringe” improved. The FOX execs have to take all of that into account for last week’s ratings. “Supernatural” was also down last week, despite Castiel’s return. Who knew “Hunger Games” would be that huge?

        • Golem says:

          Hunger Games was all dazzle and no substance. It was boring and immoral, shown in a nice package by making you cheer for the Capitol. As a fan of the books, I was disgusted by the completely different themes the movie portrayed compared with the book. The Capitol was actually being cheered and celebrated by the movie, while the books never did that. Anyway, my two fav shows are back with a bang. SUPERNATURAL and FRINGE! Both blew my mind! I so hope they renew them both for another season.

          • John Kelder says:

            idk what movie you saw, but i don’t think the capitol was revered in the film at all, except in an ironic sense. the movie was smart, it had stuff for fans of the book and it was sellable enough for those who knew nothing of the series. it had clever hints of dissension throughout, and at the end, you saw the spark. . .the rebellion is starting. hint: take off the 3-d glasses for a non 3-d movie, maybe you’d’ve seen more? hmm… : )

          • Josh says:

            Right on!! Hunger Games sucked big time!!

  4. Matthew says:

    Woo hoo. It was an awesome episode that shows just how much life this show has it in creatively.

    Lets hope it stays here and that it continues trending on twitter!

    Give us another season!

  5. Lizzie says:

    Awesome!! Now this is a good news!!

  6. panda says:

    Awesome news, renew Fringe.

  7. Michael Sacal says:

    Six seasons and a movie.

  8. Drewgo says:

    I actually ‘screamed” like a girl when that thing jumped out at Lincoln…. So glad I was watching it by myself……

  9. fringeobsessed says:

    I’ll settle for 5 full seasons, a movie, and a PS3 game(Nintendo DS compatible).

  10. Angelkitten says:

    Last weekend it was down due to the Hunger Games coming out! I am glad the ratings went up! Hopefully they continue and its renewed for another season!

  11. Poutine says:

    Thank god.

  12. Tod says:

    so sad, Nikita :/
    awesome news for Fringe, i love it *-*

    • Susy says:

      Totally agree! Nikita gets better by the week!
      Happy for Fringe though! Finally it shows signs of life! Renew it now Fox!!!!!

    • Michael says:

      Final nail in a slowly built coffin, I’m afraid. Oh well, at least I can turn off the CW and forget about it. I don’t think that I like TVD enough to stick around.

  13. Fringe says:

    Fringe is the best thing out there and if it isn’t renewed then Fox will pay.

  14. Scarlett says:

    Supernatural got a 0.7 this week, up from last week’s 0.6.

  15. X says:

    So sad for Nikita that’s just nt fair. WTF is wrong with people in this country that dont know what a good show is. Especially those Nielsen families. This is a new low and can’t believe it.

  16. Emily says:

    I was almost too scared to look at Fringe ratings today. Whew! And interestingly, Grimm has dipped to the same demo rating as Fringe… hmmm…

  17. yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Go Fringe!!! Please let us have a 5th season, that’s all we ask, even if it’s a short season.

  18. J says:

    Seriously, 0,2 diff. From lst week you call That a rebound!!
    Bcuz, I’m not sure that FOX care so much -to wake up and relocate Fringe on Wednesday or Thursday instead…(whatever even on Tuesday at 9 pm will be great)
    Or better, for a chance of survival, put them after idol on thursday..and relocate KSutherland “24-2.0 -TOUCH” instead..that will give them a little boost until they finish the season.. They deserve it better..and I’m sure Sutherland will be fine with it.. We and Fox gave him a lot of chance during 24 (who was up/down a lots of time too during 8yrs.
    Still..last night episode was great…and much better(less slow than last week)

    • Emily says:

      I’m going to attempt to explain why Fox would probably never make any of these decisions.
      1.THURSDAY: Fox already moved Touch from Mondays to Thursdays in order to take advantage of the post-Idol slot. They’re not going to move it out again this fast. It doesn’t work with everything, and would not work with Fringe; the audiences likely don’t have much overlap (it didn’t work with the Finder. Whether the Finder was a good show or not is irrelevant.). Fringe already held Thursdays at 9 and it sunk rapidly. I personally believe that move was destructive. Granted, it wasn’t after Idol, but as I said, an Idol lead-in isn’t a miracle worker.
      2. TUESDAY: Tuesdays house their comedy line-up. They can’t move Fringe back when they purposely moved it out so that they could establish that comedy block, especially since it’s been relatively successful.
      3. WEDNESDAY: has always been dedicated to whatever singing show there is. Not going to change unless those shows are cancelled.

    • Sg.Grant says:

      We know it is you, Jules. Just changing your name to J does nothing to keep us from knowing just how dumb you are.

  19. Amanda says:

    This show deserved some good news. It sucks when something that is so great doesn’t get the attention deserves

  20. BonesFringeFan says:

    Thank you sweet baby Jesus. If we can just pull in either the same or slightly higher demo next week, Fringe will be back on track. I hope Fox is watching the ratings and DVR gains carefully, and noticing how every single week fans get the hashtags trending. Please Fox, Fringe and Bones are the only 2 good shows you have left.

  21. J says:

    The point I try to make, was…whatever happens..hopefully the DOUFUS at FOX will wake up & renew Fringe and give them more respect..then nxt fall, found them a nice place(timeslot) to help / upgrade theirs ratings… Ex:(try to paring them with/at 8pm Fringe -9pm Touch- bfore idol or any others nw crappy reality tv that may emerge-burst again in january..(honestly I rather not )
    Bcuz, I’m a bit worried that will have to deal with the same situation nxt year…
    [I remember when xfiles started slow at the first on Friday’s and then moved on Sunday and explode /help their ratings] I’m not saying that Fringe needs to move to sunday either..(honestly not a bad idea either)
    But that show..deserve to be on FOX ..more entertaining than Bones who starting to become a soap opera (kind of)

  22. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Oooh, good news for Fringe! PLEASE, Fox, renew Fringe! It does so well compared to some of the other shows in the same timeslot, and the DVR numbers always skyrocket! People ARE watching, the system is just flawed! Nielson is SO outdated. I watch live too, but because I don’t have a box or a DVR it counts for nothing :/

  23. jennifer says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Fringe going up ,as, I’m usually terrified to look at its’ demo #’s. These last couple of episodes have been quite good & I’m guessing these next 6 episodes will be awesome as well. I’m hoping the numbers go up even more,or,at the very least remain steady. Whatever they can do to bring Fringe back for a fifth season would be greatly appreciated. Waiting for official word of a renewal is killing me. Here’s looking forward to a fifth season of (IMHO) the best show on broadcast television. Thank you.

  24. Sammy83 says:

    Easy, last week people didn’t know Fringe was back, this week, they ( a lot of them) did. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Fringe’s ratings is not Fringe’s problem, their problem is Fox’s schedule

  25. Bob Jones says:

    The problem with Fox is scheduling space – Animation Domination takes care of Sundays (Simpsons 23+ seasons, Family Guy 10+), prior to that the X-Files lasted 9 years.
    Mondays had House MD (8 yrs) + lots of shows [24 (8 yrs), Mental, Lie to Me (3 yrs), Terra Nova, Lone Star, The Chicago Code, Prison Break (4 yrs), Alcatraz, etc].

    Tuesdays = Glee (3+ yrs), 90210/Melrose Place (6+ years each).
    Wed/Thur = American Idol/The X-Factor/So You Think You Can Dance [Since 2000]
    with Bones, Fringe, Human Target, Touch, The Finder, etc.

    Fridays = Fringe, Dollhouse, Terminator:TSCC, Space: Above & Beyond, Firefly, Drive, Fastlane, Brimstone, Millennium, Generation X, Virtuality, etc.

    Fox has no space (no including Mad TV, Gordon Ramsay Kitchen shows).

    • Loki says:

      Heck yeah fringe! Fox has space dude. The shows you mention don’t run in their time slots for all 52 weeks a year. Fox is very clever about scheduling their shows around to beat out the competition in certain time slots. They can figure out a good place to put fringe for another season or two and put it in sindication and make money off it for a long time to come. Fringe movie and x-files 3 too!

  26. @ says:

    Nielsen families should give up their boxes, they don’t know a good tv show when they see one. Nielsen boxes should be given to people who can appreciate good television. They are the reason why so many good shows get cancel. This country is filled with stupid crapy reality shows that just fry peoples brains. how can a show as good as Nikita gets lower ratings but then yet crappy reality shows get highter? Thats just unfair.

    • Emily says:

      It’s unfair, but the reality (ha) is that many people don’t want to think when they watch TV. I don’t (can’t) watch many comedies, and I watch zero reality shows, because if I’m going to be wasting time watching TV, it’d better be TV worth watching. But my friend can’t watch dramas, because it takes too much investment and thought — so she only watches comedies and reality shows, because when she turns on the TV, she doesn’t want to have to think — we did that all day at work already. It’s just different for everyone. Unfair in the ratings game, but that’s how it is.

      • just some thoughts says:

        @Emily, you are absolutely right. I also don’t wanna watch anything that I don’t truly enjoy watching. A program such as a Fringe is thought provoking & I also have always been attracted to sci-fi programs-so for me-it’s a win-win. As for reality programs-they seem to dominate the airwaves nowadays. IMO: maybe they are so popular because after a hard day people just wanna take it easy & relax-I don’t know? Each of us has the right to watch whatever we enjoy. If someone chooses to watch those “reality” type shows-they have the right to do so. However,the biggest problem I have with reality shows-besides the content (which is sometimes totally ridiculous) is that because so many people watch them-there is hardly enough space for innovative new programs to prosper & survive. I mean look at Fox: American Idol 2 or 3 times a week, the results shows, Kitchen Nightmares, the list goes on & on… We are oversaturated with reality programs-it is way past the point of being a temporary fad or whatever. Abc is another culprit in this. Every year they seem to regurgitate a different version of The Bachelor,&, I’m like: Who cares?!?! These “networks” should lessen the reality shows & increase good, quality programs. Also stop with the hiatus crap. Either have a shorter season or tape more episodes-one or the other. Stop trying to stretch so few episodes over such a long tv season!

        • Sg.Grant says:

          I believe that reality tv is helping lower television viewer intelligence. Just look at the comments on any given tvline post. Many of the people here cannot even write a coherent sentence. Those are your reality tv watchers. Those people are simply too dumb to understand a show like Fringe.

  27. bad kevin says:

    My money’s on NIKITA getting canceled after the end of the season. :-(

    • Sg.Grant says:

      By all means, head to Vegas and make that bet. In fact, bet all your money. That way, when you lose the bet, you will no longer be able to pay your internet bill. Perhaps then you will stop posting here, which will be doing all of us a favor.

      If you win, spend your money on a working CAPS LOCK key.

      • brandex1 says:

        Woah, settle down. xD He was just saying the ratings look like it will get cancelled and clearly he’s also a fan considering there’s a sad face. Secondly the capitals were intentional to show the name of the show. None of these things is something to jump down his throat for.

        • It's not a BIG deal says:


        • Sg.Grant says:

          Most of kevin’s post look like something that Boomhauer from King of the Hill would write, if he had the ability to write. Dang ole man dang ole I tell you what dang ole Nikita dang ole getting dang ole cancelled, man.

      • Olivia's Glimmer says:

        And this is why Nikta will get cancelled, the ratings are not there.It is not personal Nikta fans, just a fact. Period.

        Of all the fans on this site, the Nikta fans are by far the most knee jerk reaction, delusional and nasty as I have ever seen. If you have never heard of it, they jump down your thoat.If you have but it is not your cup of tea, they call you names and proceed to go on a diatribe…. (see Sg. Grant above) heaven forbid you dislike the show..they may sacrifice your first born (I’m lookin at you Breenan and Booth!)Besides, it is just a inferior remake (you know I just did that to what thier collective heads explode…BOOM

  28. sr says:


  29. Scrambler says:


  30. Emma says:

    My heart fell for Nikita :(

  31. Chris says:

    LOL, Nikita continues to stink it up!

  32. Fringe I LOVE YOU!!!! SO Glad the rating went up, this is an amazing show& FOX needs to keep in on air!! Please Give us Season 5 ALREADY!! Thank u!

  33. kirads09 says:

    My heart broke for Lincoln Lee in Fridays episode I have to say when he and Peter were talking. :( Anybody else? He is indeed a very good man. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Olivia and Peter are meant to be together. But poor Lincoln can’t seem to catch a break.

    • jennifer says:

      Yeah,it was so sad. I remember last week’s episode when Lincoln was talking to Olivia & she touched his hand-very sad indeed. You can actually feel how he feels about her(at least I did). Just goes to emphasize how much we need for Fringe to stay on the air. These writers are truly something! Apart from the sci-fi aspect,Fringe has the ability to tear your heart out -the writers totally balance everything out. In the middle of everything going on: the different universes,the weekly cases,the different Olivias,Peter’s importance to the whole story,& Walter’s tour de force-the writers are still able to keep everything running seamlessly,&,touch our hearts on a regular basis.In my opinion:this is what makes Fringe stand worlds apart from other shows: the human factor. The episode devoted to Astrid (both versions) was another which touched my heart. Was one of my favorites. Sorry,I went a little off-topic there. Back to Lincoln-yeah-it’s heartbreaking,because,we know he’s not meant to end up with Olivia(our Olivia). But,who knows:maybe he’ll end up with someone else,or,whatever.Who knows what the writers have in store.On Fringe-you never know. But,you’re right:very sad situation for Lincoln,sad indeed.

      • Just Wow says:

        I notice that you love the colon. It is unfortunate that you don’t know how to use them in a sentence.

        • Ken says:

          If she knew how to use the colon she would not keep going on and on about that dork Lincoln,
          who does not know how to move on from a woman (Olivia) who have showed him only friendship
          and nothing more.. He see that she is with the love of her life but he is still pining like a moron.
          He is a pathetic person with no personality, a far cry from Peter who is much more of a man and
          way smarter.

  34. Jenn says:

    I love Nikita….I think it’s gotten way better in the 2nd season. I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled :(

  35. sarah says:

    Happy Supernatural came up from last week, but a little bummed CSINY didn’t come back a little stronger, I love that show and hope it gets another season.

  36. ABC'S says:

    I was about to comment on a few shows but changed my mind. Going through some of these comments-I noticed some critiques of grammar usage. To those people- lighten up!! I always thought this was a forum for discussing tv shows.Had no idea there’d be a class on proper english as well. If I can read anyone’s comments and basically get what they are saying-I’m good. I doubt anyone comes on here to debate proper english or to get advice on how to write a book. We come here to discuss our programs and have fun with each other. I’m sure most people write as best they can. I’d rather read someone’s smart tv talk than read others critique of them. So,don’t be so hard on jules,jennifer,kevin and others.

  37. Supernatural’s episode was… *sighs* yeah…
    Until that last 45-60 seconds came along and random tears started flowing down my cheeks…..
    But it was worth it: best part of this season so far!

  38. Trista says:

    If Fox would stop the on and off crap Fringe would do fine.

  39. sarah says:

    CSI NY and Blue Bloods, I really want them both back in the fall!

  40. Kate Skye says:

    Fringe is great again… I think this “Peter not remembering” lasted too long and drove a lot of viewers away. Do you think watching online makes a difference? I am sure they are keeping up with those numbers.

    • Ken says:

      Kate-I agree with your assessment , they made Peter memory lost too long,some how they forgot
      that the Peter/Olivia relationship is one of, if not the main driving force for the show and the longer they keep them apart, the greater the risk of loosing viewers

  41. I love that Fringe ticked up in the ratings. Hopefully the Fringe team is busy negotiating a fifth season – no matter how many episodes it is. Fans deserve a well thought out series finale – not a season four cliffhanger.