Gossip Girl Scoop: Dan/Blair/Chuck Triangle Will 'Come To a Head' in Explosive Season Finale

Gossip Girl Season 5 FinaleThe countdown to the Gossip Girl finale begins Monday when the CW soap returns with the first of seven all-new episodes. Below, showrunner Josh Safran gives TVLine a sneak peek at what’s going down on the Upper East Side as the season draws to a close (hint: a ton).

TVLINE | Dan and Blair go public with their romance in “Salon of the Dead” on April 16. What obstacles do they face beyond that?
The obstacles are always going to be that Dan knows just how big of a presence Chuck has been in Blair’s life. And that’s something Blair works very hard to put Dan at ease about, but I think the harder she works at putting Dan at ease about that the more uneasy he feels. And, obviously, their relationship is hard for everybody around them because Serena was and maybe still is in love with Dan. And Chuck has his issues that he’s dealing with. And whenever Chuck is dealing with issues, Blair often wants to help.

TVLINE | Is Louis no longer a factor?
He is no longer a factor.

TVLINE So Georgina takes care of that situation?
The situation will be taken care of. I’m not sure it’s ultimately Georgina who takes care of it.

TVLINE | If Ivy loved having a family so much, why is she alienating the Van der Woodsens? What’s her endgame?
She definitely still wants to be a part of the family. But she’s upset because no matter what she has tried to do they don’t accept her. So, at this point, she feels like she has nothing left to prove because they’re not going to accept her anyway, so she’s just going to look out for herself.

TVLINE | Is Serena the new Gossip Girl?
I don’t want to say because Monday’s episode is very much about that struggle for Serena. But it’s like the Ring and Frodo. That’s how we looked at that story.

TVLINE | It feels like the storyline is building to you revealing the identity of the real Gossip Girl. Is it?
This storyline is something we did not tread lightly about. We knew if we were going to open this door we had to see it through. And we will be seeing it through.

TVLINE | So we will find out who Gossip Girl is this season?
I’m not going to comment on that. But we are seeing the story through.

TVLINE | What else will Serena be up to in these final episodes?
Serena definitely has been feeling a little powerless this season, whether it’s losing Dan to Blair or losing her job that she cared about with David O. Russell, and then the Spectator. She’s going to [try to] gain her power back and be the Serena van der Woodsen she once was. Whether that means transitioning out of being an “It Girl” and being a creator of “It Girls,” or whether that means stealing her spotlight back you’ll have to watch and see.

TVLINE | Is it fair to say the season finale will revolve around Blair making a choice between Dan and Chuck.
It doesn’t revolve around that. That triangle definitely comes to the end point. But the episode revolves around Serena quite heavily. It’s a very huge turning point for Serena — probably the biggest one she’s had since Season 1.

TVLINE | Does the episode end with a cliffhanger?
Oh, it ends with many cliffhangers. We always try to make our finales really exciting and juicy and fun. But in this one, it’s like a bomb gets detonated and levels everything.

TVLINE | So you’re feeling pretty confident about a sixth season?

TVLINE | A report surfaced that The CW may only renew the show for 13 episodes.
I can’t comment on that because I don’t have an answer. That remains to be seen. But we are not closing out this season with a series finale.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    What triangle? There is a couple and an obsessed Chuck Bass…

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah, what triangle? There’s Blair/Chuck, and an out-of-place Dan.

      • Jeanne says:

        I forgive you! I know you Bluck fans watch your own show ;)

        • Ana says:

          Don’t try to act like the season has been consistently about Dan and Blair and de Chuck/Blair fans are making it all up. Especially since that was actually the case with Dan/Blair until like.. two episodes ago, all there was before was Dan pining for Blair and then BOOM they’re in a relationship. This show is so pathetically inconsistent it’s physically painful to watch it right now.

          • Beth says:

            RME Dan/Blair has been obvious since S3, when Dan told Blair she deserved to be happy. Then they became friends and Dan crushed on her and they got the big scene this season in the premiere, NOT Chuck/Blair. Blair might have thought she wanted Chuck, but it was always Dan she went to when it actually counts.

          • Maria says:

            Of course it’s been inconsistent, they care more about surprising the audience than writing a story that makes sense. I don’t actually expect it to make sense when Blair goes back to Chuck in the finale either, because they want to keep us guessing, right? Seriously, when you have to take to twitter to explain your storylines = epic writing fail.

        • Anna says:

          This is ridiculous – it is Blair/Chuck, and then the writers became stunned and wanted to pretend it never existed. Up until the episode right before Christmas (where Blair told Chuck over and over how much she loved him!) it was only Blair/Chuck, an awkward Louis, and a friend (in love) Dan. Then after Christmas Blair didn’t love Dan, she was trying to save Chuck’s life (because she got a lobotomy in her hospital stay making her that religious).

      • Willa says:

        Exactly! Chuck and Blair are never over and they never will be.

      • chairblairhair says:

        HAHAHA omg I agree with you

      • whimsicalpuppet says:

        hahaha love it, Kelly.

    • Carla says:

      Haha well put, chuck is an obsessed loser who should just move on

      • Chris says:

        According to the interview above tho Blair is the one who is willing to help Chuck and Dan is the only one who doesn’t trust Blair,therefore “move on”

      • gg says:

        dan is a pathetic loser and so is blair

        • niks says:

          Yeah, right. Dan is a looser, who got into Yale on his own merit, got published in Newyorker at the age of 17, has a novel out which was a bestseller and has basically earned everything he has got in life (including Blair). And Chuck is a winner because he was a rich spoiled kid who has daddy issues(oooh my daddy didn’t love me),who has to speak everything in whispers, who likes to trade people whom he claims to love, for a hotel and basically has ruined the girl he loves’ family. I can totally see where you are coming from. Adios.

          • Ana says:

            Yeah.. he got into Yale (did he? can’t even remember this very interesting story line) and wrote a crappy novel… good for him, that doesn’t making any less boring. And about your oh so impartial description of Chuck’s character how about you stop using the same contrived arguments over and over and over again? it gets old.

          • didi says:

            Niks, HOLY WORDS!!! I couldn’t say it best!! (i thought i was the only one who’s fed up with his whispering!!!ahahahha)

          • niks says:

            Yeah Ana. He got into Yale but had to go to NYU because Rufus lost his college money to Serena’s con artist boyfriend in Season 2. I don’t expect you Chuck fans to know anything because of your obvious lack of intelligence, but at least don’t make a fool of yourself in public. And at least my arguments can be called ‘arguments'(and are spot on,so why change them), unlike yours which remain the ravings of a mad obsessive fan.

          • kewi94 says:

            Well put!

            I am very tired of the back and forth Chuck and Blair relationship. They got an entire mostly-happy year together, and honestly as people they need to move on from each other.

          • Ana says:

            ” because of your obvious lack of intelligence, but at least don’t make a fool of yourself in public. ” I find it funny that you seem to think that point out someone’s “obvious” lack of intelligence makes you seem intelligent…. really that’s hilarious. lol

          • niks says:

            Yes Ana. It is obvious because you come here and say something which is factually incorrect and think you are oh so clever. Get your facts right, and then if you feel up yo it then we will argue all you want. If you can’t even admit your mistake then you’re not worth talking to.

    • juuuu says:

      I wish this POS of a show was canceled already!

    • Ana says:

      “And Chuck has his issues that he’s dealing with. And whenever Chuck is dealing with issues, Blair often wants to help.” So what I get from this is that Chuck is dealing with whatever issues that he has (that don’t concern Blair) and she goes after him and offers to help, which makes Dan jealous (with good reason probably). now tell me how exactly do you twist this into being “obsessive” Chuck’s fault again? Is it his fault for having problems? Is it his fault Blair isn’t as over him as she claims to be? Is it his fault Dan feels threatened? Looks like you’re the one who’s watching your own show.

    • Maria says:

      Good question. Obviously there is a triangle, or he wouldn’t have called it one, so… bad news for Dan, yes?

    • Olivia says:

      Haha, couldn’t have put it better. Blair chose Dan over Chuck and is in love with him. I don’t see a triangle at all.

      • leigh says:

        Apparently there is one if they are talking about it and we’ve all seen the call sheets. Guess who is with Blair for most of that episode…oh, it’s Chuck.

      • Bluck says:

        there is a triangle if 3 people are involved, chuck, blair and dan. Chuck loves blair, and so does dan but blair loves both (for now). she chose dan because of immature behaviour from chuck but dont worry they will be back together. :)

    • whimsicalpuppet says:

      Chuck isn’t obsessed. He’s in love. Blair is the only girl he’s ever been in love with and that was since season one. He’s not perfect. Nobody is but his love for Blair is strong and true and real. Are his feelings really supposed to disappear like the writers made Blair suddenly not in love with him and into Dan? .. That’s not real life. You don’t plan on running away with someone you’re so madly in love with and then make vows to God to save them and then suddenly you’re in love with someone else.. someone you have no romantic connection with. Dan/Blair = Big Joke.

  2. gossipgirltruth says:

    It sucks that he did not really address the big issues. He seems to be skirting around everything. There is no triangle. Where is this triangle since every episode involved Blair telling Chuck she doesn’t want him. He did not address the issues people have with this season.

    Why doesn’t he ever talk about Blair and Serena?

    • Marie says:

      What I got from this interview is that the rest of the season will actually focus on van der Woodsen family drama and Serena being/fighting GG drama, with Chuck/Blair/Dan becoming the B storyline.

  3. Emily says:

    …Why can’t they put this triangle to rest? If Blair isn’t going to choose Chuck ever, then why not let the poor boy have his own story line separate from her? I swear, I don’t care about GG’s final season if I don’t get some freaking Chuck and Blair hope by the end of this one.

    As for Serena? So glad to hear she’s got a big story coming up, and I really hope she starts WINNING instead of losing everything and everyone. It’s just painful to watch,

    • Roy says:

      First half of the season was Blair choosing Louis constantly. Now we get Blair choosing Dan. These “triangles” are tiring. Chuck Bass is a waste now and might as well leave the show. Blair has sucked this character dry.

      • Olivia says:

        You’re right, he should leave the show. Maybe off the edge of a building.

        • mooshki says:

          Well, that’s the rumor – Blair chooses Dan and Chuck jumps off his hotel.

        • Natali says:

          Can better Dan? And Cedric?

        • whimsicalpuppet says:

          Wow! Why all this Chuck hate? Chuck is one of the most interesting characters on the show. He’s pretty much the lifeline of this show. Everyone thinks its all about Blair and Serena but honestly Serena is just a bitch, Blair is just confused and she’s nothing but weird and trashy without her other half (Chuck). Blair was so much sexier and cooler with Chuck Bass.

    • dude says:

      It’s not painful to watch because she’s a whiney brat who usually loses things because of her own stupidity. I’ve never felt Serena’s been railroaded, she’s usually the cause of her problems.

      • whimsicalpuppet says:

        hahaha i love this post.. sometimes i like serena.. but honestly the entire van der woodsen/rhodes family are bitches! seriously im team ivy..i dont see her doing anything wrong.

    • Maria says:

      I think Blair’s going to choose Chuck in the finale, the only question is should he even take her back at this point. She’s done nothing but jerk him around all season.

  4. Madeline says:

    It bugs me how certain Gossip Girl is of their renewal when the CW has much, much better shows (with higher ratings to boot) that are biting their nails as to whether they will get a renewal.

    GG ratings are terrible, even for the the CW. The cast salaries have to be up there. The cast wants out. The fans that are left are constantly bickering about ships. It doesn’t make sense to bring it back. Let it go CW!

    I really feel that if the CW wants to dig itself out the deep ratings hole it is in, it has to start with getting rid of GG. It personifies everything the CW needs to move away from.

  5. Anaisxxo says:

    yeah but i don’t want season 6 to be the finale season of the show! :O

  6. Anita56 says:

    I’m sorry, but the whole Dan and Blair thing is completely weird. I mean I can see Dan having a crush on Blair and what not, but Blair returning his feelings? I know the characters are growing and all that, but it just seems very forced and contrived. especially when just a few episodes ago, Blair was telling Chuck she’d run off with him.

    • Beth says:

      It makes sense that Blair would fall in love with Dan, though, because he has always been there for her, and like she said, he has been mostly wonderful to her. No guy has ever treated Blair as well as Dan has, and they aren’t even in a relationship. But they did it too fast with the I FEEL DEAD WITHOUT CHUCK stuff from earlier this season, so it does seem weird.

    • Jessica says:

      I definitely agree with everything you just said. It is not even because I do not like Dan, it’s just crazy that she goes from Chuck to Louis to Chuck to Louis to Dan. What kind of person does this?

      • Jeanne says:

        What about Chuck and Serena sleeping with the half of Manhattan?

        • Willa says:

          Dan has slept with many people too. Their all sleeping around. Good God, look at Blair this season alone

        • Ana says:

          sleeping with someone and being in a relationship with someone are two different things, if you’ve only slept with people you were in a relationship with then you had very little sex.

      • Beth says:

        Did you feel the same way when Chuck went from Eva to Blair to Raina to Blair again last season? And Serena to Dan/Nate to Colin to Dan/Nate to Dan to Ben?

    • whimsicalpuppet says:

      dan and blair are so odd to me too.. i mean its just dumb that the writers/producers/anyone involved has to make all these characters so sexually connected. seriously.. why can’t there just be friendship and that’s that? I found it refreshing that Dan and Blair never slept together & had something going on just lk i feel Chuck and Serena never did either… otherwise everyone else has slept with everyone else. It’s not reality and it’s just too weird.
      I really liked serena and dan together, especially in the beginning & i love chuck and blair. Blair and Dan together doesn’t make sense and i honestly don’t understand why there are so many fans. Why cant a boy and girl just be friends? Like Haley & Lucas in oth?! Why must they eventually fall for each other and/or have sex? ick!

  7. Roy says:

    Trying to focus on Serena because the writers realize how boring The Blair Show is? And LOL @ Louis being out of the picture after marrying Blair and claiming that he owns her now. Writers are out of touch.

  8. Danielle says:

    Exactly where in that article does it say that the triangle comes to an explosive head in the finale?

  9. Zari says:

    How is it a triangle though? I guess Blair Bear isn’t as over Chuck as she has said. Hmmm, I hope she dumps Humphrey by the end of the season.
    Thank goodness for Serena having a story line, same for chuck, but what about Nate? Poor Chace. :(
    I hope Serena Baggins has her Sam, Pippin and Merry with her on this journey. NJBC scenes please!!

  10. Bob says:

    But she’s upset because no matter what she has tried to do they don’t except her.

    Do you mean accept?


  11. ggny says:

    so lame pretty much sounds like Gossip Girl is gonna pull a cop out on the whole Dan and Blair relationship and just send her back to Chuck

    • Bethany says:

      I will be so bummed out if that happens. The Dan/Blair relationship has breathed such life into this show. Their scenes are really the only interesting ones and Chuck and Blair have not been any good since season 2. They really aren’t any good for each other.

      • ggny says:

        i 100% agree…Dan/Blair breathe new life into the show because you didnt expect it and it just became this awesome storyline for the both of them but Gossip Girl would rather go back to the boring route of Chuck/Blair

        • whimsicalpuppet says:

          since after the accident leading to the dan/blair thing, the show has lost all emotional value and been a joke. it’s just comedy now, no real love story anymore.

  12. Dair always and forever

  13. rubytu says:

    Choose Chuck! Choose Chuck!!!

    p.s. the real gossip girl is Veronica Mars!!!!

  14. Beth says:

    I’m excited for all the Dan/Blair stuff coming up, but I’m not loving the sound of Chuck being the main obstacle for them. It makes sense, but it’s just so repetitive. We already saw Louis be distrustful of Blair because of Chuck and feel really uneasy, why would we want to see the same exact thing happen with Dan/Blair? I hope this means that Dan will behave differently than Louis and be able to overcome it.

    • rubytu says:

      Couldn’t Dan go back with Serena?

      • Beth says:

        Why, Dan doesn’t seem to have any feelings for Serena this season and he hasn’t been very nice to her. I prefer Nate/Serena to Dan/Serena.

        • rubytu says:

          Yes, Nate is awesome, but isn’t he getting together with the real Ivy? She seems sweet, too.

          • Beth says:

            Yeah, that’s true, I do like the real Charlie…. but the actress got a new show next season and I think they are the ‘breakup’ Ausiello was talking about in his last spoiler chat so I think Nate will be wide open by the end of the season. I always had a soft spot for S3 Nate/Serena. :3

    • Nara says:

      Because Dan and Blair without Chuck in the middle would be even more boring to watch than i is now!

      • Beth says:

        I’d rather they have just put Chuck/Blair together as a played out couple like DerMer on Grey’s than do Dan/Blair and have Chuck get in the middle again. Since they already did this with Louis/Blair, maybe it will have a different ending and Dan can trust Blair and Blair can deal with Chuck and his issues without going back to him!

  15. Thanks for the Dan & Blair questions! They are the best thing that’s ever happened to the show, and I can’t wait to see more!

    Was Louis ever a factor, though?
    I am glad the finale won’t revolve around the triangle, and I am anxious about the cliffhangerS!

  16. rubytu says:

    I’m so glad there will be another season!!!! I could imagine watching this for years to come, though the way people act you’d think a network *has* to cancel a show. We see Fringe teetering on the brink, and we all go into a panic (me included). I’d like to know that networks weren’t so damn fickle. Like they have something better to replace it with?
    NOT LIKELY!!!!

  17. donna says:

    a drinking game everytime safran says juicy and delicious….did he played his own game and wrote this season? because it sucked pretty much.

  18. Jackie says:

    So I thought Blair chose Dan? Yet there’s still a triangle? Excuse me while I go LAUGH MY ASS OFF. Looks like some fans threw their victory party too soon. Don’t you know Blair and Chuck are never over? It’s very obvious to me she goes back to Chuck by season’s end. Dan won’t be able to handle their connection and Blair will finally face reality.

    BTW, how lame is a coming out party? Blair is trying way too hard.

    Very happy Serena gets a big story by season’s end. I am sick to DEATH of the Blair show. Good lord. What a waste of a season. Also looking forward to Chuck’s storyline with his family and the possible return of Bart Bass. I’ll pretty much be boycotting the Dan and Blair rom-com ridiculousness until about episode 22. There’s always YouTube.

    • Jeanne says:

      I remember Dawson and Joey will be never over…

      • Jackie says:

        Unlike Dair fans, I don’t need to compare Chuck and Blair to past romances or couples. They are iconic all by themselves, thank you.

        And by the way, your comparison makes no sense. Not surprising. lol

        Dair is so over by season’s end. Woot woot :)

        • Jeanne says:

          Iconic? How? Rape? Violence? Abuse?

          Unlike Dair fans, you’re probably 10 or 11.

          • whimsicalpuppet says:

            … Rape? … Violence? … He never raped her & how was he ever violent with her? The only bad thing Chuck really did was the hotel thing … but get over it ! Blair used Chuck too.. maybe it wasn’t as bad as the hotel trade but the fact is she did. People deserve to be forgiven and Chuck made up for it. Geeze. It’s not like he cheated on her & beat her up. Yet so many stupid girls forgive their cheating/abusive boyfriends everyday.. only to be cheated on and abused again. I assure you Chuck would never trade Blair for a hotel ever again.

    • Maria says:

      Agreed with all of it. Thrilled Serena and Chuck will both have storylines outside of getting effed over by Dan and Blair. The coming-out party is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever heard of, second maybe to prancing around the Met steps in a ballgown and tiara… and yeah, I’m out until at least episode 22. They’ll need a good finale for me to even contemplate watching S6 after the mess this season has been.

      • leigh says:

        They throw a party for their relationship???? Can you say worst pairing ever??? That is so sad and desperate. Dair fans you officially have the stupidest pairing ever. No wonder no one is watching their episodes.

  19. NG says:

    This relationship is like Dan and Blair against the whole of UES, I love it…I always support the underdogs DairFTW

  20. Joanna says:

    Can someone please stop Safran from using the words “exciting”, “juicy” and “fun”? I don’t think they mean what he thinks they mean and he always ends up playing alone.

    And I’m not surprised that geometry isn’t his strongest suit either. What triangle is he even talking about? Is Chuck somehow part of that triangle when he’s repeatedly rejected and stomped on? Either have Blair choose him or leave him alone to be awesome somewhere else. I hope he’s telling the truth about reaching the end point of the most absurd triangle in TV history because I’ve had just about enough. There needs to be some major Chuck and Blair scenes to make up for this crap.

    As for S, it’s about time she had her own big storyline. Maybe now she can tell off everyone who’s being downright awful to her this season. Starting from Dan and Blair or is Blair and Serena’s friendship no longer important even though 4 seasons of this freaking show were based on it?

    Season 6? I’m surprised they allowed Season 5 to be on air this long.

    • devilish. says:

      Yes, Safran has this thing where he likes to say that everything is ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’. Remember when he said that this season was going to be ‘light’ and ‘fun’? Remember when he said that the 100th episode was going to be fun? Remember when he said that Blair’s pregnancy was going to be fun? Oh, right, it was all made-up angst about the father and then she lost the baby in a car accident, after a failed marriage. Blair has basically been crying all season long, but isn’t that fun?! I swear, Safran has a very twisted, sadistic sense of humour.

  21. LOL says:

    I don’t even know what to think about these spoilers. Will Dan become crazily jealous? Will he really have something to worry about? Or would it just be all in his head?

  22. Lady Day says:

    Thank God this ridiculous triangle comes to an end. You know what that means? Chair finale. Like always.

    I’ll be FFWing the Dair show for a few episodes it seems. I’ve never in my life witnessed a more boring, chemistryless couple in history of television. Not to mention, what a crap friend Blair is. How anyone can root for her at this point is beyond me.

    Bring on the Serena storyline. She’s who I want to see!

    • Jeanne says:

      Serena isn’t the one who slept with Blair’s boyfriend and dated him later?

      Serena only wants Dan because he wants Blair.

      • Willa says:

        That;s a lie. Serena chose Dan last year. I really don’t know what fans are watching

        • Beth says:

          What show are you watching? At the end of the season, Serena specifically apologized to Dan and Nate for not choosing between them, and then she choose herself.

          • Willa says:

            Serena loves Dan and said that. You guys are so insane and really crazy. Thank God is looks like Blair will choose Chuck

  23. gg says:

    At the end of this season blair is going to realize she always loved rufus.This show is more and more ridiculous,the show is ruined the moment they put blair and dan together and even before that.I really hope blair ends up alone with no friends and no boyfriend she disgust me.

  24. Joy says:

    Great to know Serena is going to have a big storyline. Also happy that the CBD thing will be resolved this season. Poor Nate so pretty but so irrelevant! Would have liked some news on Chuck’s story. I hope they get a season 6 just so they can clean up the mess from this season of Bair and her many men!

  25. mroisman says:

    Hope the Dair pairing comes to an end soon. No matter how many times Safran uses the term “organic” to describe them it feels forced at best. How could Blair marry one guy, profess her love for another and then go off with a third? The nail in the coffin for me was Blair kissing Dan in front of Serena when CeCe was in the hospital. That is not the Blair we have known. Right now Dan is preying upon a weak and possibly mentally unstable Blair. Hello? Did she forget she was pregnant?

  26. NG says:

    Dair will alway be in heart no matter what happens at the end of the season, thanks safran for giving a couple to worship and adore so much

  27. lex says:

    i really hope they don’t get another season they don’t deserve it at all. it’s obvious they don’t know what to do just stop this mess

  28. Kopassus says:

    season 5 finale: Dan & Blair went to rome. chuck & diana back to england.
    season 6 : Dair back to new york as husband and wife. chuck & diana never back to new york

    • Natali says:

      Amendment season 5 finale: Blair and Chuck’s in limo 1.07 series и 4,08 continued. Dan & Alexandra went to Rome.
      season 6 : Dan & Alexandra never back to New York (elita in Rome). Chair happy together and with kids.

  29. Willa says:

    Kill Dair and bring back what we like Chuck and Blair. Ratings have spoken loud and clear.

    • Jeanne says:

      We? I don’t!Ans yes, ratings have spoken when 1,2 million of viewers left at the end of the season 2.

      • Willa says:

        The worst ratings are with Dair. Are you really this dumb? 800,000 left during the episode of Dair. Those others left because Chair were cut off from each other again just like now. You guys really go to the school of the delusional

  30. lonestarjrs says:

    what I read online is that in the finale Gossip Girl;Ie Serena posts Blair’s diary for everyone to see as Blair and Dan plan to go to Rome…someone jumps off a building ends up in the hospital and dies…Blair blames herself. This is what I read it is not necessarily true and there are pics of Dan and Georgina filming so that can’t be good

    • Beth says:

      That’s not true, bb. Someone posts Blair’s diary on GG and Dan is going to Rome for work and I think he asks Blair to go with him. The jumping off a building is just an untrue foiler, as is the hospital/death. Dan is with Georgina, but maybe Georgina is back in the finale to maybe help figure out who the real Gossip Girl is?

  31. Meg says:

    I hope the debacle of Dan and Blair ends. I don’t recognize Blair or this show and I hope the final season these writers make up for how terrible this one was. Unless I see a Chuck and Blair reunion soon I’m not watching
    I am glad the finale is more about Serena because she deserves a decent story line after the Blair and her men and the horrible Dan season we’ve had to endure

  32. lonestarjrs says:

    when Ausiello teased about a break up in the finale for GG maybe it is Serena and Blair seems like it is heading this way especially with Dair going on she is still in love with him as she said and now she will be in a position of power (eventually publishes Blair’s diary) and so their friendship ends.

  33. sarah says:

    Oh, Safran.” The season finale will be exciting and juicy and fun and it’s like a bomb gets detonated and levels everything”. Then the episode will be a disaster.
    The only good thing is that we will have much more Serena because I miss her character. I need less Blair Waldorf.
    I am very happy that Chuck will have a plot that is not centered on Blair, but of course she will be part of it. I like that much, very much!!, yay!!
    And I’m glad that in the season finale, the triangle between Chuck, Blair and Dan finished. so I think Blair and Dan are going to break-up at some point, I think in the season finale. Great!
    I hope Serena forgets Dan because any woman deserves a better man.

  34. Aly says:

    I am so over Blair right now. Like previous commenters have said, who the hell goes from Louis to Chuck to Dan in a spam of weeks. Not only is Blair being super flakey this season, but she is also being a horrible friend to Serena. Thank you Safran, for ruining my favorite character. -_-

  35. Anastacia Bass says:

    if chuck and blair wont end up together, then whats the point? I am a huge GG fan but If it wont end up like fans want, it will be a very big disapointment!

  36. Anastacia Bass says:

    Also i miss the fashion from season 1 and 2…..and is playig such a big part in the whole story……Who the hell is Dan Humphrey??? he is a poor outcast and Blairs character is horrible….where is the evil dictator of taste, where is the Queen B, the wonderfull bitch and the control frea I knew? she is weak now and tottaly without taste…..As for Serena….well done girl! She is no longer that party-girl anymore and I am proud of her new activities! As for Nate….what would he done without his grantfather?….. Please let Chuck and Blair be together at least in the end…..They belong together!

  37. basslover says:

    After reading this article and the “call sheet” of 5/23-5/24. I won’t be watching anymore episodes of GG this season. Dair will be going on all the way to the end. I’ll be tuning in to the season finale, to see the rooftop scene. If Chair reunite, then you got me for the entire season 6. If c + b say good bye forever, then I need to say goodbye forever. Dair is, in one word, NAUSEATING!!! BTW, I am hoping it is a NOLA breakup and Serenate reunite. CHAIR AND SERENATE AGAINST THE WORLD FOR SERIES END!!!!

  38. Chairleaders says:

    get mad, darios ;)

  39. Kensi says:

    You know what I would actually love. The triangle explodes… Blair goes screw yo couch and runs off with Serena.

  40. Kensi says:

    I don’t care about ship wars anymore, I’d settle for a decent plot line.

  41. Ana says:

    Only good news is, Serena is finally getting a story line it seems.

  42. donna says:

    puhaha best thing that ever happened. try hard trolls like your ship

  43. donna says:

    bring back njbc <3

  44. Maria says:

    Thank God this triangle will reach some kind of endpoint, they’ve been dragging it out for like a year and it’s just getting painful.

    I can’t even stand to watch Dan and Blair as a couple. They’ve somehow managed to strip away all of the wit and chemistry they had as friends and replaced it with cringingly-awkward sex and two people who seem to become exponentially more unlikable under each other’s influence. It’s sad because they were both great characters once upon a time. Seems like a classic case of the writers loving their characters so much that they’re blind to how they’re actually writing them. I agree with whoever said they’re “so over Blair”, I feel the exact same way about her right now.

    Anyway, I figure after the torture of episodes 15-23, the finale has to positive for Chuck and Blair. That possibility is the only reason I’m even going to bother tuning back in for it.

  45. dude says:

    As much as I love Dair, we all know she’ll choose Chuck. This series has been focused on their “story” too constantly for her to just change her mind like that and end up with Dan. The fact that they’ve kept the window for Dan/Serena open has always meant something to me. I’m not too bummed about that though, I just wanted Dan/Blair to have a chance, I didn’t need an endgame.

  46. Ani says:

    I just don’t know what to believe anymore.all the storyline it’s weird.blair and dan relationship is fake.so fake that it makes me angry sometimes.i know it’s fiction but that dosen’t mean to change it into a tale. The best characters for me are only chuck and serena.they make the show intresting.Hope blair call her mind and be with chuck at the end of the season.

  47. maggie says:

    I do like thy Dan will have insecurities about Blair and chuck as he should… because of their past and I think he either is going to not be able to deal with it and give her an ultimatum or Blair is going to be tired of dealing with it. Either way I think all 3 of those characters are single by the end of this season.

  48. Hannah says:


    • Sophia says:

      Dair!! is just as boring as ever! it was such a pain to watch their scenes! I didn’t know if I’d puke or rather vanish because of the disgust I was feeling! Blair is not Blair without Chuck. Dan just becomes even lonelier when he’s with Blair! Maybe the writers have lost their mind or they’re too desperate to live up with Blair’s vow to God, but I’d rather they end the show this season than show more scenes of DAIR!!! Terribly disgusting!

  49. Hera says:

    I love how through out the entire interview, Nate is never mentioned!! Like wth? I hate that he hasn’t been given a proper storyline since like s2. And I love that Dan and Blair are going public and they are going to have a party for it!! Such a Blair thing to do!! I cannot wait!! <3

  50. meg says:

    Sounds like an interesting last third of the season, can’t wait!!