Glee Guest Matt Bomer on Living Out His Duran Duran Fantasy, Kissing Jane Lynch and More!

Matt Bomer GleeGlee news flash: Blaine’s older brother is the ultimate tool.

On April 10, White Collar hunkmuffin Matt Bomer guest stars on the Fox hit as Darren Criss’ onscreen sibling Cooper Anderson, a local commercial thesp who takes his craft — and himself — way too seriously. The gig gave Bomer a chance to flex his comedic muscles (Cooper’s “Master Class in Acting,” which you can catch a glimpse of here, is so wrong it’s right) and return to his musical roots (Spring Awakening and Grey Gardens are among his early credits.)

Glee Spoiler Alert: Finn/Rachel Finale Scoop!

In the following Q&A, Bomer talks about his real-life inspiration for clueless Cooper, bonding with his new Glee bro (onscreen and off), smooching Jane Lynch and channeling his inner Simon Le Bon.

TVLINE | How did the role come about?
I had heard the Gotye song [“Somebody That I Used to know”] and I asked [series co-creator] Ryan [Murphy] if he ever thought of using that as a duet on the show. And he said he had. And then a week later I got a text from him asking me if I wanted to come on the show to sing it. And I said, ‘Absolutely!’

TVLINE | Was it fun playing such a D-bag?
[Laughs] To me, the fun of the role was getting to play somebody who had such strong convictions and opinions about all of the wrong things and in all of the wrong ways. At the heart of it, he really does want to help his brother avoid the slings and arrows of being a young artist. He clearly hasn’t had an easy road of it as an actor. And over the course of that path, he sort of developed his own short cuts and tricks of the trade, which are all horribly misleading and misguided.

TVLINE | Have you ever encountered someone like Cooper?
Yeah, of course. Any actor who participated in drama in high school or college had experience with guest speakers. And sometimes there’s a lot of gold in their advice. And then sometimes you’re just scratching your head. [Laughs] I’ve definitely had crazy acting teachers… Just completely bat s–t crazy. I’m not going to name any names.

TVLINE | The script also has some fun with your looks. I think Kurt refers to you as the most good-looking guy in all of North America. What is it like to hear that? Does it make you uncomfortable?
It makes me think, ‘I really hope hair and makeup [shows up] to work that day.” [Laughs] At the end of the day, Cooper is just desperate for validation. For him, hearing something like that is just the best news ever. That was the fun of the journey. I think he comes back to town under the ruse that he’s doing all of this gritty work for the next commercial campaign. But I think he also needs to get back in touch with his roots and reality because he’s having a tough go of it. But then once he realizes that he’s kind of a hometown hero, the hubris kicks in and his ego expands exponentially.

TVLINE | What was your dynamic like with Darren?
I had an incredible time working with Darren. He was completely professional and fun and came to play. We had a lot of laughs between takes, and we had a lot of fun playing off of each other. Anytime you’re playing someone’s sibling you want to get to know that person and it’s important that they be accessible to that, and Darren was completely open and available so that we were able to develop a friendship and get an idea of what it would be like to actually be brothers.

TVLINE | You guys perform a Duran Duran mash-up at the beginning of the episode — — was that a childhood dream come true for you?
When I was a kid, my brother and I shared a room and he used to put on the Duran Duran tape — yes, I said tape — every night we would listen to “The Reflex” and “Rio” and all of the old hits they had. So it was a real dream come true to get to record them.

TVLINE | Did this give you the itch to maybe do a Broadway musical?
Given the right project it would be something really fun to do in the future. It’s just that I’m already in New York away from my family six months out of the year shooting [White Collar], so for me to take another six months away from them to do something on Broadway would be tricky at this point in time.

TVLINE | You got to kiss Jane Lynch in a scene. What was that like?
Fantastic. [Laughs] I think Jane sussed out right away that my character was just all over the map, just a complete hot mess. And so she knew that whatever greeting they had together would be completely inappropriate. So she said, “Matt, on this take, just kiss me on the lips.” I said, “Great. You don’t have to ask me twice.” It was nice. She had a lovely lip gloss on that tasted quite nice.” [Laughs]

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  1. Mark says:

    So both Anderson brothers are douchebaggy attention whores? Excellent, a bit of continuity!

    • Meg says:

      Being a douchebag and attention whore is probably in the family DNA.

    • am says:

      so some people in fandom are still butthurt and ignore canon/narrative intent/logic just so they can hate on blaine? excellent, nothing has changed!

      • Mark says:

        Sweetie, the only people ignoring canon are the fangirls who’ve convinced themselves that Blaine is a good character so they can keep wetting their panties over how hawt Darren Criss is.

        • Mark says:

          Which, BTW, he is pretty hot when he’s not got an entire bottle of hair gel on his head for this horrible, horrible television role.

          • Tooter says:

            I read it’s a quarter of a tube of gel but you probably know better than we do because you…oh that’s right, you don’t.

          • Shirley says:

            Tooter, Mark is clearly being sarcastic and exaggerating when he says “and entire bottle of hair gel”.

      • Meg says:

        “ignore canon/narrative intent/logic” lol. What the hell have Blaine and his brother to do with the last episode. You seem to ignore the logic in this.

        • Becky says:

          and everyone else seems to ignore the logic that actually, there is room in an episode for more than one character/storyline, and that an entire episode centred on Quinn would cause me to switch off my television. This is not saying that the entire episode will be about Blaine’s brother, there are always one or two different things going on in one episode, and I can’t believe some people are really stupid enough to think that glee would just leave Quinn’s accident at that. Of course they’re going to focus a lot of the episode on Quinn, they’d be idiots not to, and trust me, the glee writers may be a lot of things, but they’re not idiots and they know how to write a television show.

          • Rachel says:

            “They’re not idiots and they know how to write a television show”
            *insert laughing hysterically gif*

      • Gins says:

        “so some people in fandom are still butthurt and ignore canon/narrative intent/logic just so they can hate on blaine? ”
        <– continuity!! XDDD

    • dude says:

      No one has ever been so right in all of mankind.

    • Nessie says:

      Pleeease… Yes, he sings a lot of songs, but so what?! When it was rachel being like that in season 1 nobody complained. And I think the only reason he’s singing almost in every episode and song is because the glee writers want to develop his story and fast. So don’t blame blaine, blame RIB, ’cause blaine is just a character, he doesn’t really exist so it’s not his fault, it’s the creators fault because they are the ones who manage everything about the characters. And while some of the other regular characters are on the show since season 1 and had all the time to talk about their story or characters like sam who only need one episode to clarify it, maybe blaine’s life is more complicated that that and one or two episode aren’t enough. I don’t know, but RIB knows what they’re doing. Otherwhise we wouldn’t still watch this silly show that we love so much.

      • Toby says:

        “When it was rachel being like that in season 1 nobody complained.” Actually, a lot of us did. Please don’t generalize the rest of the audience. I agree that the backlash or hate didn’t seem to reach the outrageous levels as Blaine love or hate, but perhaps Rachel just isn’t as polarizing a character as Blaine is. I don’t get it myself. But to each his or her own.

      • Rachel says:

        The difference is that Rachel was the main girl. Yes it is a kasjh cast, but right from the start we knew that Rachel and Finn were the “main” ones. And I’m not saying that it was totally okay that she got loads of solos, but at least it made sense. She was the “main” girl and she was the leader of the Glee club. She has been there since the Pilot. She is the star(all of them are stars but she is the one who really REALLY wants to make a career in singing…and Kurt of course). Whereas Blaine…he randomly comes in and just has all the solos. He was this random character who was only supposed to be in it for 3 episodes and there he is singing all the songs and getting all the screen time. With Rachel it made sense, with Blaine it just doesn’t.

        • Ken says:

          Blaine is getting all the screen time? are you watching the same show? he is barely on the screen. and if he is, he is singing, he is mute most of the time, just sitting back round looking absolutely beautiful, or making biig love eyes to Kurt. now he is getting one episode and you are saying he is on the screen all the time. and the fact Blaine is still in the show is cuz he makes money. he is popular. the haters can hate him as much as they want, it doesn’t matter one bit. people complaining cuz Darren is getting a lot of attention. and they are just jealous.

          • lol says:

            “Just sitting back round looking beautiful.” exactly.

            Just for one I want Blaine to say something about a situation like I feel /this way/ or just have some input on ANYTHING. Instead of being Kurt’s accessory. Jeez

            Santana and Blaine and Brittany could have been involved in the gay suicide. Especially Santana. But no, she’s not important.

      • zoey says:

        well, I did complain about Rachel, but there’s a diference… rachel is more or less main character. and in season 1 everyone got his/hers spotlight… and now a new (gay) guy came, and BAM, who cares about Tina and Artie and Brittany and… we have Blaine now. yeey!

        and of course you can hate character! and not really just for what RIB do to his/hers storyline.
        ex.: I hate Blaine. him as a person and his storyline.
        LOVE quinn. her as a person, but HATE her storyline lately.

        • Charli says:

          Now, I love the cast and all of the original characters, and I hate to say this, but Darren is, to be blunt, one of the best singers on the show. What’s more, they want to showcase that. Sure, Jenna and Kevin can sing (Brittany is questionable), but Darren has a spectacular voice that has been on Broadway. Jenna hasn’t been on Broadway since she was a child, and her voice unfortunately isn’t as strong as the others. It’s not necessarily a bad thing (Dianna’s voice is also ridiculously weak compared to Amber’s and Lea’s.) Anyway, the writers are logically going to showcase the best voices, and whether you agree or not, Darren is one of those voices. His range is outstanding, as well as the fact that his voice is more marketable than anyone else’s on the show.

          • stittsyk says:

            Oh, what a small little world you live in, young one, to believe that Darren is one of the best singers on the show. Um, what’s this “range” you’re speaking of? I bet you believe he’s one of the best actors too.


          • Sarah S says:

            But Rachel getting more songs went with the little sense they have storyline wise while with Blane it clear they’re just trying to make a profit. They can’t sugar coat his songs with saying their vital to the storylines like they could with Lea’s so it annoys people more.

            And people dont’ need to have spectacular voices to be on Broadway, just powerful and well managed. I find Darren’s voice pleasing but not something unique so in show that preaches about diversity to have the most generic sellable voice sing many songs it seems hypocritical, goes against the show’s supposed heart and therefor annoys.

            Yes, this is a show for profit but with Rachel they could get away with giving her many songs that sold very well without annoying as many people like they Blaine annoys people because it fit the show to have the main character sing many songs. With Blaine they can’t do the same thing and it destroys the illusion the writers give a damn and aren’t in it just for the money, annoying the viewer.

          • Charli says:

            Oh wow, are you joking? “And people don’t need to have spectacular voices to be on Broadway, just powerful and well managed.” Well then, what constitutes a spectacular voice? Because Darren has control, power, tone, emotion…I’m trying to figure out what’s missing here.

          • Ken says:

            Amen to that. next to Lea , Darren is the best singer of the show … by far. i agree with that completely.

          • lol says:

            His voice is pleasant, and he knows how to use it to maximum effect. He can only get better too. So.

    • Stephanie says:

      And uh… how exactly is Blaine a douchebag OR particularly an attention whore, for that matter?

      No, Blaine is sweet and just really enjoys getting to perform (and is a bit of a people pleaser, but that’s different from being an attention whore). Cooper does sound like he’s going to be hilariously douchebaggy though, that is true XD

      I cannot wait for this episodeee!

    • Disco says:

      I’ll give you “attention whore”, but everybody on this show is a douchebag, so why should Blaine be an exception?

      • Jake says:

        exactly look at Santana, the ulitimate doucebag from the main characters, yet everyone loves her and validates all the bad things she does. The Glee Fandom is just ridiculous and bigger bullies then the characters themselves.

        • Rachel says:

          The difference is that Santana is acknowledged to be a bitch. She knows she is a bitch, the other characters know she is a bitch, the fandom knows she is a bitch. No one tries to say differently. We love her because behind all the bitchiness is a scared insecure girl who just loves her best friend(no gf as well) so much.
          Whereas Blaine is made out to be this saint. He can do no wrong and when he does do wrong (slut shame sam, attempt to force himself on kurt, insult kurt’s sexy face etc) he never apologises. In fact others apologise to him. He gets away with things and he always comes out smelling like roses. He is like Finn. If either of them ever had to deal with repercussions or were acknowledged on the show as a douche, or as not perfect, then people wouldn’t have such a problem with him.

          • Charli says:

            News flash: He apologized to Kurt.

          • Susan says:

            To Charli,

            News flash: He only apologized about wanting to have sex in a car not about forcing himself on Kurt.

          • Darcy says:

            I don’t see how Blaine is made out to be a saint – he’s a nice guy. Puck even called him “Eggs Benedict” (meaning Benedict Arnold) – that is how everyone refers to saints.

          • songbyrd86 says:

            Benedict Arnold was a Traitor. That was the joke there. He was not a saint.

          • Kaley says:

            I agree completely. He can mess up all he wants and is still portrayed as perfect. And as if this general Blaine-worshipping wasn’t enough already, now we get Matt Bomer as his brother on the show to tell him how incredibly talented he is on top of that (see Bomer’s THR interview).

          • Rob says:

            Quinn is awful all the time and is also made out to be a saint in the show. Everyone seems to forgive her for lying, cheating, being selfish and inmature and no one complains about that.
            I know that people don´t have to like every character on this show, but the people who dislike Blaine seem to feel the need to complain and insult Darren all the time and they use really biased arguments to justify that Blaine is a “douchebag”.
            There are lots of characters on Glee that I don´t like (Rory, Artie, Brittany, Quinn, Will,ecc) but I don´t go around insulting their actor or their fans.

          • elmachio says:

            kurts sexy face was lulzy though.

    • BB says:

      The same could be said about you. And as others have pointed out in this comments section, Glee’s message of tolerance and acceptance seems to have gone over your head. It must suck watching a show that has you this riled up.

    • Meg says:

      My goodness . . . a lot of you people fight on this board about CHARACTERS ON A TV SHOW like a bunch of children. Some people like certain characters; some people dislike certain characters. It is certainly fine to discuss it in a respectly and friendly manner. Save your passionate and heated arguments for issue that actually impact our society and our lives.

    • lol says:

      Aren’t all the characters douchbags or attention whores on Glee?

    • Dee says:

      Why are you all watching this show so much and, you seem to hate it. Turn on something else.Or is it because you just like to be able to see your nasty comment’s on this board. I love the show, it is great, and will probably be over one day soon.

  2. Raycho says:

    wow yes so very interesting. i care so much about blaine and his brother. i mean it’s not like quinn just got hit by a truck or dave attempted suicide! like who cares about them and all those boring storylines when you can watch the attention seeking anderson brothers!! yippe!!!

    • am says:

      lol i bet quinn will get screentime in the episode too. it is possible to have multiple plotlines in the same episode. but karofsky on the other hand is just a minor character used as a prop for ~very important messages~, it’s not like the writers actually care about him.

    • dude says:

      Yes because I forgot that episodes only have one storyline. Yes, this entire 42 minute episode will be dedicated to Matt Bomer and no one else. Give me a break. Also, the Dave storyline was wrapped up already.

      • Mark says:

        Someone recovering from a suicide attempt isn’t exactly what I consider a storyline that’s been “wrapped up.” I hope they revisit Dave’s story and give us actual closure for that character towards the end of the season, especially if they really want to send the message that life gets better for queer kids. But since this is Glee, I’m not hopeful.

        • Margo Dallas says:

          Queer kids- how insulting… with fools like you life sure seems to be getting better

          • David says:

            As a queer kid myself, this is a totally appropriate thing to say…Gay people know better than to be insulted by being identified as gay,”Margo”

        • Kurtina says:

          They should have just killed Dave Karofsky off in that last episode. He’s a horrible, hot mess of a character and they sent a terrible message by pinning his suicide attempt on his VICTIM. I get what they are trying to do with him, but it is failing miserably and is just a huge mess of YUCK. It is not Kurt’s fault that Dave couldn’t swallow a bit of his own medicine. No one deserves to be bullied in any way, but that storyline was just horrible. Go away Karofsky, no one can stand you.

          • Anonymosity says:

            Really? I’d prefer to watch Karofsky’s story (regardless of political significance) than introduce another guest star for the sake of having a guest star, since he’s a character the show’s viewers have watched for a while and would (in my case) like to see have closure and resolution. But it’s your opinion.

          • Tooter says:

            You weren’t watching the episode very well, honey. They didn’t pin the suicide attempt on Kurt. Dave ran into Sebastian at that gay bar Sebastian took Blaine and Kurt to. It was there that Sebastian degraded Dave and that added to the feelings of discomfort and suicide he felt after seeing the graffiti on his locker door. I don’t think you’re looking at the situation clearly. No one, not even Karofsky, deserved to be bullied. You’re contradicting yourself (that’s where you mean one thing but say something completely opposite). I think you’re more concerned that someone who isn’t hot had made a choice to try to kill himself and that it would have been better to see him die rather than try to make amends with Kurt, who he hurt, and also to find some self-acceptance and eventual acceptance by those around him. Just because you sympathize with Kurt does not make it okay to wish death on someone who was clearly not in a good place. A little sympathy for Dave’s situation would have been more appropriate than your hate.

          • Raycho says:

            “It’s not Kurt’s fault that Dave couldn’t swallow a bit of his own medicine” “They should have just killed Dave Karofsky”
            “No one deserves to be bullied in any way”
            Umm I think you may be a lil messed up in the head sweetie!!

          • Kurtina says:

            Kurt was never made aware of Sebastian’s run-in with Dave so he has no idea that he had any part in Dave’s attempt. Kurt clearly said that he felt responsible for Dave’s attempt. No where in the dialogue or narrative was that ever refuted in any way. Kurt has clearly internalized his victimization and blames himself. What a horrible message to send to kids who’ve been bullied – forgive your bully and date him or he’ll hurt himself next and it will be all your fault! It’s just sick and creepy.
            If any one is messed up in the head it’s the creepy sicko Kurtofsky pirates who think damsel in distress Kurt just needs to be rescued by manly Dave. BARF.
            Karofsky’s storyline HAD closure. In The First Time. It was over and done with. It was stupid to bring him back.

          • Tooter says:

            You’re taking that message from the whole episode??? That Kurt internalized his victimization and feels that he could have prevented Karofsky from committing suicide if he’d only told Karofsky, sure I’ll break up with Blaine right now so I can date you and you won’t have to think that you’re an awful person that no one will ever love. If I said I was sorry you lost your puppy, would you honestly believe I feel responsible for you losing your puppy and that I feel compelled to buy you a new puppy or to go looking for it? Uhm, no. It’s called being sympathetic (that’s where you let someone know that you’re sharing in what they’re feeling, even if you don’t have any reason to feel the way they feel or have never experienced what they’re going through). so kurt saying he was sorry for what happened to dave in no way meant that he felt responsible. true, kurt was not aware that dave and sebastian had that interaction but i never got from the episode or the hospital scene that kurt felt like he should have gone out with dave, nor did it give off a message to kids to fall in love with a person bullying or abusing you.

            Also, for you to call Dave a sicko, clearly points towards you having had the luxury of finding your soul mate on your first and only try. Most people strike out on finding their soul mate or even finding someone to go out with, regardless of their orientation. Dave playing the romantic with the secret valentine act was normal, at best. Surprising, sure, but to characterize him as a sicko (you probably thought he should have been arrested for stalking Kurt too, huh?) shows a very poor ability to be sympathetic to anyone. For that, I feel bad for you. Hopefully, you don’t ever find yourself being talked about the way you talked about Dave Karofsky and his misfortunes.

          • Bianca says:

            You don’t like Karofsky because Max Adler is not “hot as Darren” I’m sick of this teen girls! Kurt and Karofsky storyline it’s so strong and good acting. I love it.

          • Anon says:

            ^ How about I don’t like Karofsky because he took out his self-hatred on others, which makes him a shady individual.

      • Raycho says:

        You really think the Dave storyline was wrapped up? Wow, okay well then there isn’t really much point in conversing with you because you are clearly a…not very clever person!

    • alex says:

      As long as Ryan Murphy gets in his gays, storylines be damned!

      • Tooter says:

        I’m still trying to figure out how you know all of this? I remember Glee is able to run multiple storylines in one episode and not necessarily finish them off in one episode but maybe I’m watching the version of the episodes that run on tv and not in your head. Seeing as how the episode hasn’t aired yet, it’s not quite true that the other storylines from the other episodes won’t be addressed, all the while introducing Matt Bomer’s character who you so quaintly referred to as one of Ryan Murphy’s “gays”.

    • Mark says:

      I can just imagine a scene with Rachel (or someone) in the hospital with Quinn as she wakes up. And they say to her, “Oh, Quinn! You’re alive! Now, let us tell you about Blaine’s brother!”

      • zoey says:

        yes! or maybe if will go like this;
        Mr. Shue: welcome back Quinn! just to show you how happy we are that you’re back, a person who means most to you (and all of us) is gonna sing you a song or two.
        and then Blaine will start singing, and will continue singing untill his brother appears, and then they will sing together.

        why would they focus on Quinn? she has no problems since she is not gay!

        • Tooter says:

          Your homophobia is showing. Careful now.

          Oh, and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy aren’t real. And Justin Bieber is still with Selena Gomez and still does not know who you are.

          • zoey says:

            if you think that believing that there are other problems than being gay makes me a homophobic, Justin Beiber obsessed 11-year old than something must be wrong with you.

            that show has a guy on the show that was homeless (2 if you count Quinns parents trowing her out,) a girl that was in a terrible accident, a girl who got pergers at 16, a girl who wanted do find her mom, and when she did, the mom decided that maybe, she is not ready to be her mother, a guy on a wheelchair, a guy who spend some time in jail, a guy who had a relationship with a teacher, girl who was raped on a camping trip…….

            but, yeah, you’re right… who cares.

    • Disco says:

      They’ll get to it. I think Dianna recorded a lot for this episode, probably enough for a shared A plot.

    • Dizzle says:

      If you’ve ever seen any Ryan Murphy show before – Popular, nip/tuck, even AHS – one thing that’s consistent is a lack of regard for continuity. Which I for one think is genius – why get bogged down in minutae? If I want an incredibly dense character-driven drama I can watch Battlestar Galactica, or The West Wing (which I Also love). But sometimes a tv show is just a great way to have fun for an hour, and that’s what Glee is. Quinn and Karofsky will be addressed at some point, but in the meantime I will just enjoy the ride!

      • Raycho says:

        What?! So you love the fact that Glee has no continuity? You are praising Ryan Murphy for not knowing how to actually finish a storyline? You also like that Blaine is a one dimensional character?
        Ooookay then. Whatever floats your boat dude!!!

        • zoey says:

          I don’t think he is one dimensional character…
          he is like, lets be bitch to a almost homeless guy who is trying to earn money the best way he knows how (okey, stripping is not the right way, but, come on, I’m not for sale? he didn’t have to go there), and act super offended like, he is a victim finn and sam are bullying in a gym.

          he has many dimensions if you ask me. but not in a good way…

        • Dizzle says:

          I think you may have missed my point slightly – I embrace it as part of the show’s madcap energy. That’s not to say Ryan Murphy doesn’t know how to “end” a storyline – I think anyone who watched American Horror Story can verify the man knows how to tell a tale. Glee is a different creature, and I’m just happy I get to enjoy it and be a part of it. I don’t need the show to teach me a lesson or tell me a specific story that somebody in Hollywood thinks I need to hear.

      • Anonymosity says:

        Speaking as a fellow West Wing fan (Holla!), I concur wholeheartedly. Sometimes it’s just fun to unwind with a show :)

    • Tooter says:

      is it me or are all the awesome writers for tv shows are on this message board? i can’t believe any of you aren’t already writing your own shows because you guys have such awesome ideas, it makes me hate the writers of glee even more that they haven’t hired you people yet to write out the rest of the season for them. why should they have your dream job? it’s not like they know what they’re doing. your ideas should be put to paper and sent off to hollywood. you guys really should log off and get to work with those fabulous scripts and feel free to make recommendations on who you want to recast some of these god-awful actors like darren criss. so overused it’s ridiculous. now hurry along before you guys let another gold nugget of an idea out of your pretty heads. *rolls eyes*

    • Darcy says:

      Actually I care a lot about Blaine and his brother. Quinn not so much and Karofsky not at all (although I know we will be getting follow-up with Quinn in this episode which is fine but the whole show doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be the aftermath of her accident).

  3. lola says:

    OMG MATT BOMER I LOOOOOVE HIM SO MUCH !! Can’t wait to see this episode !!

  4. T says:

    I love Blaine and I’m looking forward to seeing Cooper! It sounds like a very funny episode.

  5. Sara says:

    PUHLEASE Darren is an amazing actor who plays an amzing character with real talents. Finn can’t sing. point finale.

    • Kate says:

      And Darren can’t act. So, what’s your point? Cory can act and Darren can sing. So let’s just focus on their strengths instead of needlessly bashing someone just to make your fav look good, okay? Because if we are going to do that, Darren fangirl, then gurl, you in danger.

      • Anonymosity says:

        It’s at moments like this that I start to think I’m the only viewer who likes Finn (no disrespect to any other characters/actors before any of that backfires).

      • Amy says:

        Oh yeah, darren can’t act… That’s why he has an acting degree, has been on various tv shows, was in a movie and was on broadway… That makes sense.

        • Kasey says:

          lol, yeah, every actor to have ever starred in anything is a wonderful actor! It has nothing to do with the fact Darren only plays Darren, has the young audience demographic and is therefor a good play financially. And yes, every person who has a degree in what their doing is good at it. Never has a person been passed just for doing there work and not being spectacular. Not at all.

        • dee123 says:

          LOL! How did you get out of your padded cell & straightjacket Amy?

    • Mark says:

      Was Finn even mentioned in this article or are you just being stupid for no reason?

    • K. says:

      Darren is a nice singer but far from an amazing actor and Blaine is anything but an amazing character, he’s worse than Finn (did you just have to mention Finn to defend him?) Oh but I forgot your main reason: He’s SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT!!111

    • Charpa says:

      Finn can’t sing, Finn can’t sing, Finn can not sing! He only reads books and he can not sing, even when he’s reading a how to sing book!
      :D Sorry, I had to say it!

    • Tooter says:

      You realize Darren Criss isn’t going to marry you because you posted that, right?

  6. Nessie says:

    I’m so excited for Matt’s appearance. I’m completely in love with him in White Collar so to me, the more Matt the better! Can’t wait!

  7. BOMERFAN says:

    i hope he eventually makes another cameo on the show !!!!!! his so AMAZING ….WE LOVE YOU MATT BOMER …SCREAMS

  8. Emily Russell says:

    I’m really looking forward to this episode. It’ll be nice to see Glee getting back to the Comedy out does so well – especially after that last awful episode!! And seriously – it’s Matt Bomer: what’s not to love

    • Chiara says:

      I agree. On My Way was a good episode, but it wasn’t Glee!! There was too much drama for Glee! I started watching this show because it makes me laugh and it hasn’t to be taken too seriously, it was just an hour of fun and good music. The last episode had a good suicide storyline (even if I don’t like Karofsky that much for what he did to Kurt) and Max and Chris did an awsome job, but I have to admit that I would never have believed that Glee would have done a suicide attempt if I hadn’t see it myself. And then we got also the car accident. It was really too much drama, I didn’t like it that much.
      Remember that Glee is supposed to be a MUSICAL COMEDY!!

      • Rachel says:

        It’s a dramedy and since the beginning it’s been dealing with serious issues. Like Kurt coming out, Rachel getting bullied, teen pregnancy etc.
        I agree that it was quite dramatic and a bit ott for Glee but at the same time Glee has always been about dealing with serious issues.
        Also, the fact is that it did happen. Dave did attempt suicide and Quinn did get hit by a truck…so the least RIB can do is deal with those storylines. Wrap them up properly and not just throw them on the back burner.

        • Chiara says:

          I didn’t say that they haven’t dealt with serious issues, I said that it was too much dramatic.
          Every issue they dealt with was mixed with funny moments, in On My Way there wasn’t a hint about anything fun.

          • Penguin says:

            I don’t agree with that. “On My Way” was all about the “hope”, the “it’s get better” message. I hate how people call it “depressing” or “gloomy” and joke about Glee turning into “Gloom” and crap like that. I thought it was very Glee because of its sense of optimism. It’s necessary to show the negatives, I think. A show that only concentrates on the positives and preaches isn’t a good show. A show that displays what’s bad, “doesn’t lie” and says that “it’s gonna be hard” but, ultimately, promises a better tommorrow is, in my opinion, much more effective.

  9. IHeartKlaine says:

    Okay. So, Cooper and Sue will kiss. And Sue mentioned something about her baby’s father being a celebrity…
    Does that mean..

  10. Cassie says:

    This comment section is everything that ruins Glee fandom! Just enjoy the show or switch off! Why you gotta hate all the time?!?! Clearly the message of acceptance and tolerance that the show puts out has gone over the heads of a lot of fans :(

  11. Fy says:

    They’re just wasting Matt Bomer on the show’s worst written character.

  12. Ash says:

    This comment section reeks of repeated comments by the same group of people with enough creativity to come up with different names to post with.

  13. Nessie says:

    I think I’ll just get out of here and go to Tumblr where everything is full of love and rainbows and there is no arguing.

  14. Anonymosity says:

    Not gonna lie, fab interview on Matt Bomer’s part.

  15. Jenna says:

    Matt Bomer is a fantastic actor. I think he will be funny. I don’t really care much about the Glee show, but I will watch for him. Its great to see him doing comedy. He is fantastic. And Him and Jane kissing is great!

  16. Disco says:

    Everything about this episode is far exceeding my expectations. Let’s hope that the rollercoaster song is “Up Up Up”. Yay Glee! *Emma clap*

  17. Tarc says:

    Wow, what great examples why people hate Glee fangirls… they take the evil w*tchery cake. Bomer’s great, Cris is great, and Duran Duran is amazing. What’s not to like?

  18. Maedhbh says:

    Matt Bomer seems like a great guy, and I genuinely do like Darren a lot as well. But Blaine is so overrated and has been so overused these past two seasons it’s ridiculous. Do we really need to meet his family while we’re still waiting for half of the families of the original cast? Where’s Gloria Estefan? What happened to Brittany’s parents who were supposed to be introduced at the beginning of the season? Artie? Tina? Mercedes? I’m so sick of Blaine being front and centre for no good reason when there are far more interesting characters – portrayed by superior actors – that deserve the limelight who may not be returning next season.

  19. Katie says:

    Thankyou for this article it is awesome… I love Matt Bomer and i love Darren Criss they are both super talented and I think should work well together… so grateful we are getting some character development for Blaine!!!!

  20. Rich says:

    If I was a gay actor, I’d stay in the closet just so I wouldn’t have to appear on Glee!

    • Tooter says:

      We’re so glad you’ve reassured us that that train wreck of an idea won’t ever happen. Crisis averted.

    • Jason says:

      Matt Bomer IS still in the closet. He’s just hoping that his narrow minded, bigoted straight female fans that he considers his money ticket to fame will just brush it off as one of those “straight” actors making a guest appearance on Glee.

      • Darcy says:

        No he is not. He came out very recently.

      • Jamie says:

        @Jason – what rock have you been living under?

        • Jason says:

          @Jamie – What rock have YOU been living under? For your information, Matt Bomer has NEVER, with his own mouth, publicly identified Simon Halls as his husband/partner. Matt Bomer still imposes gag orders on anyone who interviews him to never ask or mention that he is gay. Until Matt Bomer publicly says with his own mouth those 5 words “I am a gay man”, he is still in the closet. Stop being ashamed of yourself, Matt Bomer, come out of the closet, we’re STILL waiting!

          • SG says:

            Good Lord, so much unnecessary anger and stupidity. Too much to argue with here, really, as you are wrong on, well, everything, but I will point out that when you say “Matt Bomer still imposes gag orders on anyone who interviews him to never ask or mention that he is gay” – that can now be solidly disproven, as in the article in ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ published today, they specifically reference “Your partner, Simon Halls” in one of the questions, which Matt answers as normal. Matt isn’t hiding anything. You need to find another outlet for your anger.

      • SG says:

        Wow, this comment takes stupidity to a whole new level. Well done.

  21. April 10th is going to be awesome. These candy boys on my screen with a fun story twist and beautiful songs. :D

  22. Becky says:

    I just wish I could bake a cake filled with smiles and rainbows and everyone would eat and be happy.

  23. Sheila says:

    Ah, Darren. “In the muggle world… I’m something known as a douchebag”. It’s fine I’m still madly in love with you. AND can we please stop trashing everyone and talk about how incredible Matt Bomer is?! I LOVE him in White Collar so to see him be the opposite of Neal Caffrey is too awesome :)

  24. teri says:

    Cooper Anderson will be such a FUN-NY character! Please have him come back for graduation :) ! Need that happy ray of sunshine that Matt Bomer will bring.

  25. Carmichael says:

    He will always be Bryce Larkin to me.

  26. damn damn he can sing i want that song whent it gets on itones.. and i love Kurt’s reaction hehe i love it.. its funny though Kline has been togetter a year and blaine never told Kurt who his big bro was oooo

  27. Anderbros says:

    life of a Blainestan will never be easy sigh,,, if you don’t like what the writers are doing with the show just stop watching it, as simple as that. anyway i’m exited for the new episode, finally showing some more Blaine background story and Matt Bomer is an excellent actor!: )

    • lol says:

      eh. Every sector of the glee fandom has something to complain about. I’m a blaine fan too… But at least I’m not a Finn, Kurt Rachel, or Will fan. They get so much bs lol.

  28. gleek:) says:

    This is a dumb argument. It’s a fictional show. And everyone has their favorite characters. No need to get in a tizzy if people don’t feel the same way. I personally like all of the characters. But you don’t see me getting worked up about everyone hating on Blaine. So, calm yourselves.

  29. Wow says:

    I love reading the comment section on stuff like this… guys did you know that this is a TV Show? It’s not real… just a mediocre show with some good music.

  30. panama says:

    This comment board is a sewer. Hope you all enjoy wallowing in the hellhole you’ve made for yourselves here.

  31. Chrispy says:

    The gayest show on TV, guest starring the gayest person on TV.

  32. Thali says:

    Let’s not forget that the ONLY REASON Blaine got ALL the solos with the Warblers in Season 2 was because of the mechanics of the Warblers. They were NOT voiced by the lovely actors in the blazers, they were voiced by the Tufts University a capella choir. Darren had to fly to the East Coast to record each song the Warblers did. When Darren and Chris did Candles, they both went.

    I bet if the actual actors had been voicing the songs, as they are this season, there would have been more variety in the soloists. Case in point: The First Time, where the amazing and wonderful Curt Mega had a solo with Uptown Girl, and then Grant Gustin (Sebastian) took over as lead soloist for regionals.

    Also, in season 3, Darren/Blaine has had nowhere near the percentage of solos he had the previous season. So all of the people who are saying Darren/Blaine is a solo-hog, or whatever, consider that the actor doesn’t dictate the show. Darren has said on SO many occasions that he’s just lucky.

    Okay. Rant over. Sorry.

    • Kiki says:

      Thankyou. So much. ;)

    • Penguin says:

      I think when people say “Blaine gets too many solos”, they really mean “Blaine sings for other characters”. If you notice, little to none of his songs are about/for himself, hence why the character’s recieved hardly any development. In this season, for example, Last Friday Night was done to cheer others up, Perfect was song to Santana [and if you listen to the lyrics, they’re about her also], Cough Syrup was about Dave and all the other songs were just audition songs. None were “character development” songs, if you know what I mean, so Blaine ends up looking like a mere device for the show’s creators to sell on itunes. He sings in every single competition, for every single auditions, for other characters and sometimes even for no reason what-so-ever. You know?

  33. Steve Berg says:

    Anyone know if Matt was in Spring Awakenings when Lea was being sexed up?

  34. Glee says:

    “Blaine’s older brother is the ultimate tool.” Sounds like Cooper and Blaine have more in common than I originally thought.

  35. Kiki says:

    Okay, this is really confusing. I look down at the comments, and everyone is saying “Blaine is such a d-bag” and “Darren can’t act”. Since when? Blaine is probably the most sane person on the show, and every big acting gig with Darren gives me chills. (and no, it is not just because he is hot). Those of you who say they just don’t like Blaine probably just ship Kurt with other people, and I can respect that. But convincing yourself that a TELEVISION character is a horrible person just because he has had his moments, just like everybody on the show and in real life? Get real.

    • Jane says:

      I liked Darren before Glee when I saw him on AVPM around 2009. I thought he was just exaggerating his singing style because there version of Harry was a d-bag. His acting was okay and he seemed to have good comedic timing. When I heard he was going to be on Glee I was mildly excited. In the first few episodes he seemed wooden and uncomfortable. I thought maybe he’s nervous/horrible lines by Glee writers. Then as the episodes continued I found out no, if he isn’t around people he considers friends. Also, those “exaggerated” singing faces, not exaggerated. I became annoyed seeing him visually sing and deliver the lines in a wooden manner. Since I’m a Chris Colfer fan, I couldn’t even skip his scenes which might have decreased my annoyance with Darren’s acting/singing.

      He is charismatic when he does his own thing or is live, but on TV his faces don’t work (to over the top), he lacks the freedom to improvise which I feel makes him deliver the lines horribly, and has no chemistry with Kurt.

      In interviews he seems like a honestly nice guy and just because I can’t stand his acting or singing doesn’t mean I’m criticizing him as a person. I don’t think he can act and the reasons he gets songs is because he doesn’t have a unique voice, it generic and sellable. It’s a nice voice, but it sounds like many nice voices I’ve heard before. There’s nothing unique about it.

    • K. says:

      You’re just too blind to see the real reason why some people don’t like your favorite. Get real yourself.

  36. A says:

    wow the endless bitching that goes on in every comment section about this show is just ridiculous.
    someone explain to me why if you do not like this show anymore and are not planning on watching it, why are you bothering to comment on it?

    • J says:

      That’s what I wonder. There’s plenty else to watch. Why stick with a show that doesn’t make you happy? TV is suppose to entertain us. Just stop watching Glee. It’s as if it was holding them hostage. They hate it, but they can’t stop watching, so they just keep bitching. I’m not speaking for myself – I love Glee – it makes me laugh and cry and even when it makes me roll my eyes I enjoy it.

      • A says:

        exactly. I love Glee too and I mean yes as I watch it sometimes its just ridiculous and makes no sense. but I knew that after watching the first couple of episodes back in the first season. It’s a feel good show and honestly regardless of the things these people are complaining about, I can say that its always an hour that I usually enjoyed. It’s fun, silly, emotional.
        I’d tell all these people that hate it to stop watching but if it keeps ratings up I don’t mind.

  37. Jamie says:

    Matt is so above this show but will be fun to watch him!

    • Jason says:

      Hahaha, that’s a joke!!! Matt Bomer is a closet case. Glee is way too good for him!!!

    • rainey13 says:

      Agreed, Jamie! It’s sad to see all of the bitter comments here about Glee and some of the characters (and about Matt Bomer, from people like Jason). But Matt’s appearance will make me a Glee watcher for one night :-)

      • Jason says:

        @rainey13 – What! Jamie is the one who made a negative attack against Glee. I’m the one defending Glee. Matt Bomer is a closet case trying to glom onto the popularity and success of Glee. Again, I’ll say it again, Glee is waaaay too good of a show for a fame leeching closet case like Matt Bomer.

        • Jennie says:

          Matt already came out. He is not a closet case and never was. Matt is the reason I am going to see glee. Glad they cast him for a guest role. Hope they bring him back.

  38. J says:

    Can’t wait for new Glee ep

  39. J says:

    It’s a good week for Blaine stans :)

  40. Marco says:

    I don’t get the point of putting Blaine’s character development (also known as stuff the Glee writers have no idea about) in THIS, of all episodes.

    The A story should be Quinn’s, not to mention they have Cooper come out of nowhere, while if they had planned ahead (I know, ridiculous idea, Glee writers plotting ahead of the next episode) they could’ve made a continuing storyline which would’ve culminated in Coop’s arrival, which would’ve given them time to flesh out Blaine more properly.

    Instead, they just managed to come out as the morons they are, not to mention give the impression that they don’t care about anyone but Blaine, AGAIN. Seriously, with favouritism (but since Blaine is probably THE worst-written character on Glee, I could argue for sadism) this noticeable, you’re alienating the fans of the other characters.

    I feel for Darren; he was lured on a sinking ship which the people in charge have no intention to fix.

  41. Mindy says:

    Can we stop all the arguing about Glee and just talk about how much we love Matt Bomer? Okay, I’ll do my part: I LOVE Matt Bomer. I haven’t watched “Glee” in a year, but I will watch this episode because of Matt Bomer. This episode has Matt Bomer, Duran Duran and Gotye’s awesome song “Somebody That I Used to Know”!! That is a trifecta of greatness. If “Glee” somehow manages to screw this up…… well, it will remind me of why I no longer watch “Glee.”

  42. Jennie says:

    I hope this gets Matt an Emmy nomination fior guest star!

  43. lol says:

    Blaine is finally getting development. That’s cool! Also looking forward to Senior ditch day.
    Not looking forward to Artie teaching Quinn “life lessons”

  44. Anon says:

    Have some of you seen Darren acting? He’s not bad.

  45. HFDC says:

    I can not believe some people can not accept that Blaine has more camera now .. I personally see Glee since it began and I enjoyed every one of its chapters .. I can not criticize the actions of people who are professionals in this and they know what are doing .. if Blaine (Darren) has emphasized more than other characters, sorry, but it is because He is truly professional and talented .. also many people love him, otherwise, Blaine would not has the screen that he has now .. all the characters are adorable , but always some shine more than others ..

  46. MULW says:

    Does anyone else think they are just setting up for next season? Everyone made a huge deal about them graduating, but not on who will step up when Finn, Rachel, Kurt, etc. are doing their “adulthood” thing. Blaine is a junior and will probably have a Finn/Rachel-esque role in the glee club as a senior. They’ll probably add to what you all call the “attention whore” trait (which I think stems from being handed solos on a silver platter as a Warbler) and he’ll have some conflict with Artie or something. Right now, it seems like all he’s there for is mainly, to add to Kurt’s storyline, sing some fillers, & further the storylines of the others. I’m neutral about Blaine. He’s likable (sometimes arrogant) but we don’t really know all that much about him, do we? I’m glad to see some character development, and I’m equally anticipating Quinn’s story. She’s one of my least favorite but I can still enjoy her storyline.