The Voice Recap: The Battle Rounds Are Over!

karla davis orlando napierThe most frustrating portion of The Voice has finally (¡finally!) come to an end — and to celebrate, I’ve composed a little ditty to the tune of Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”:

The Battle Rounds are over!
The Battle Rounds are done!
The Live Shows are coming!
Let’s vote, everyone!

Vote fast for Team Adam, vote fast for X-tina
Vote for Blake Shelton, ’cause you know he’s not a wiener
Cee-Lo’s white cat, it is purring beside you
Dude wears daytime pajamas and yes, sometimes he cries, too

The Battle Rounds are over!
The Battle Rounds are done!
The Live Shows are coming!
We all must succumb!

Alas, though, Week 4 of the “boxing ring” matchups proved a wee bit lackluster, with several faceoffs coming down to a case of “who missed fewer notes” rather than “who rocked the coaches’ faces off.” Let’s break down each individual battle — ranked from least- to most-promising winner:

Team Xtina: Moses Stone d. The Line
It definitely wasn’t a case of “saved the best for last” on Team Xtina. In fact, it felt more like Xtina woke up from her siesta and asked, “Why are there a country duo and a questionable emcee in my ridiculous boudoir?” Both artists looked headed for trouble from the start: The Line after its female half huffed that she’d wanted to sing something “more country” than the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and Moses after it became clear he’d be singing, not rapping, for the bulk of the song. And yet while Moses’ vocals may be as common as dryer lint, at least he seemed eager to take his mentors’ advice. The Line pretty much ignored Xtina’s instructions to work the stage, spending most of their performance stiffly bobbing on the sidelines like kids at the start of a school dance. But every team needs its cannon fodder heading into the live shows, I suppose.

Team Blake: Naia Kete d. Jordan Rager
Blake himself conceded that there “were a lot of pitch problems” from both Naia and Jordan on their cover of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” but I suppose that Naia’s attempts to get into the groove and take some risks with the melody trumped Jordan’s white-bread (hold the butter) delivery. The problem is, though, it’s not enough to have a sweet tone or quirky phrasing if you don’t have enough breath control to finish your lines, which is why at this point Naia is coming across like a less promising Dia Frampton. I know the Battle Rounds are done and there’s no looking back, but can you imagine what might’ve been had Blake paired Jordan with gone-but-not-forgotten Gwen Sebastian, and sacrificed Naia on the altar of Erin Willett? To quote Mr. Shelton himself, “I’m tryin’ not to throw up right now” thinking what might’ve been.

Team Cee Lo: Tony Vincent d. Justin Hopkins
The evening’s worst decision rewarded the expectant father with fingerless gloves, too much guyliner, and a questionable grasp on pitch over the bearded dad with an appealingly gruff voice and twice the emotional connection to Journey’s “Faithfully.” Seriously, how did this happen? To my ears, Tony started off behind the beat, and every time he went for a big note, his voice sounded surprisingly strained for a Broadway vet. Justin’s approach was so much more natural, so much more relaxed, that I actually gasped when Cee Lo started rambling about how he was drawn to Tony’s “enigmatic” nature and was handing the win to him. And here I was naively thinking this was about “the voice” and not about the whims of Cee Lo’s feline sidekick.

Team Cee Lo: James Massone d. Wade
Like Cee Lo, I was convinced by Wade’s audition (if not by the fact that he goes solely as “Wade”) that he had a chance to go far in the competition. Even in rehearsal, he seemed to be dominating Boston mechanic James Massone, he of the peculiar headband, customized varsity jacket, and cascading brunette mane. (Heck, the duet had Cee Lo in tears!) And to be honest, when James noted that “knowing we touched Cee Lo that way will stay with me the rest of my life,” I figured that was going to be part of his Voice consolation package. But there was something tentative about Wade’s delivery once they got to the boxing ring, like he’d just sustained a hard left hook and was still looking for his footing, that left an opening for his opponent to sieze the win just by hitting his notes and not disappearing into the “Soviet game show on steroids” backdrop.

Team Adam: Mathai d. Nicolle Galyon
I know, I know…the harmonies in this duet were like a rusted-out Dodge Dart sitting on concrete blocks in a rural backyard: Not particularly attractive and not going anywhere. But there were flashes of brilliance in Mathai’s rendition of Sara Bareilles “Love Song,” a sweetness to her tone that even had Alanis Morissette noting she was born to be a singer, and a natural way of delivering her lyrics that makes you feel like you’re hearing ’em for the very first time. She could be a contender if she gets her nerves in check. On the other hand, Nicolle, stripped of her piano, was about as memorable as a can of store-brand green beans. Although I do give her major props for declaring herself “Mathai’s No. 1 fan” just moments after her defeat.

Team Adam: Karla Davis d. Orlando Napier
I figured Karla didn’t have much of a chance in this matchup, seeing as how I barely remembered her audition, while Orlando had received the “went to jail/found redemption” edit from the get-go. And that’s why I found myself getting agitated as she started rehearsing with Adam and Alanis, showing off a rich, silky tone and a sublime delivery on the Commodores’ “Easy.” By the time Karla and Orlando got to the boxing ring, I’d managed to suppress my bubbling anger and made a decision to just enjoy Karla’s moment in the sun. But whaddaya know? The less-hyped singer prevailed in what turned out to be a pretty close matchup. Orlando, for his part, sounded overwrought in rehearsal, but Robin Thicke’s “focus on your vowels!” mentoring really seemed to help the blue-eyed soulster, winning over Cee Lo and Blake in the process. Xtina, for her part, seemed utterly bored by what I thought was the night’s most successful duet — but maybe she wanted “Easy” to sound more like “Eee-eee-zzz-zzz-aay-aay-aay-uhhh-uhh”? Whatever the case, it’s a bummer that Orlando — quite possibly the episode’s second-best singer — is already eliminated, while Moses Stone lives to gasp another day.

What did you think of the final week of Battle Rounds? Did you agree with the judges decisions? Are you ready for the live shows already? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jaime says:

    I love Tony Vincent and glad he gets to move onto to the Live Shows. And before anyone goes bitching about his voice, go listen to the American Idiot soundtrack and TRY to tell me he’s not fantastic.

    • Natasha says:

      I agree that tony was good but I was rooting for justin. I think some of the judges made the wrong decisions this year. Unlike last season no one so far stands out to me.

      • abby says:

        i agree ^^^ 100%. last night, i couldn’t help but wonder if the coaches even want us to vote this year – they’ve kept so many “singers” i find barely talented at best and downright obnoxious at worst. *sigh* i’ll stick with it because i like the format and the judge’s banter best of all the current singing competitions, but i’m really disappointed with this year’s talent compared to the mostly-stellar season 1 crop.

        • Natasha says:

          100% agree. I love this show and was excited about the concept. I find this season lackluster. Hopefully the live shows will be better.

        • rachelleet says:

          The two people that I was DEAD SET on being in the finals are out already (jamie lomo and justin hopkins), mostly because of poor song choices and unfortunate pairings. I have no idea who to root for now. Bah. I still love Tony Lucca and I have a good feeling he will go far, but overall not super pleased.

    • tomitweets says:

      Tony was handpicked by Brian May and Roger Taylor as the lead Galileo to open We Will Rock You in the West End and in Las Vegas (where I saw him). He may have had an off night (trying to hard?) but he’s got the chops. I’m rooting for him.

      • Leah says:

        Yeah, I really like him. If Brian May and Roger Taylor picked him, you KNOW he has to be good! Maybe he just had an off night? I’m glad he got through anyway, though (Even though I really liked Justin’s performance). Hopefully, he’ll bring it next week!

    • Faz says:

      Last night was a train wreck — not one good performance.

    • she says:

      St. Jimmy’s coming to town!!!!!!

  2. Team Cee Lo: Tony Vincent d. Justin Hopkins – Agreed that it was the evening’s worst decision. Justin had a much, much better voice. Also, The Line really didn’t get shown in the best light, especially at the end when the female refused to speak.

    • wtfnyc says:

      Agree completely with both of these sentiments. Cee Lo really messed up choosing Tony because although he is dramatic and theatrical (which is, if you’ll pardon the Purrfectly bad pun, like catnip to Cee Lo), Tony is not at all LIKEABLE, which is important in a show like this. Also, his voice was and always seems to be all over the place. Josh, on the other hand, sounded great and controlled, and is INCREDIBLY likeable. Bad move, Cee Lo! Also: the girl Line came off as a total bitter beeyotch, which is so dumb. Way to blow your chance at getting people to want to work with you, lady!!

      • shelbybb says:

        Just don’t get Tony at all. If he was going to make it big as a solo artist he would have by now. He’s had lot’s of opportunities! (Adam Lambert is going to (and has) sung rings around him with Queen!)
        Tony needs some hair and step back from the makeup – you’re a little scary.

      • alice says:

        I totally agree CeeLo really bombed by not choosing Justin—his appeal crosses all boundries and his musical ablility is endless—check him out in ITUNES—you will be richly rewarded!

      • doug says:

        about The Line chick – sure she was bitter, but they got all 4 judges to turn and Xtina totally shafted them by giving them a song like Satisfaction to sing in a duel with a hip hop artist. They were gone as soon as she picked the song and the opponent. A good country duo reduced to singing backup vocals for a hiphop dude rapping the lines of a song that was hip hop before its time. Personally I wish she’d said something, because everything Xtina does is always about Xtina.

        • 1kenpo says:

          exactly. she also commented that it was about all aspects and not only the voice which contradicts the premise of the show. there are times that you can sense the disappointment in her face when she turns her chair in the blind audition and sees who she picked. “Aint got no satisfaction” may be a great song but is not a song to show off your voice. A good choice for someone that does not have a good voice. definitley a good strategy to get rid of the county duo

    • doug says:

      you’re so right Alison. What is the point of the matchups if the judges are just going to go and choose who they want rather than who won the head-to-head? Isn’t the point of pairing singers up to see who performs best on the night with a particular song choice? The judges are doing really bad at choosing songs, and then the guy who feels he did all he could and deserved to win, ends up going home feeling cheated! Christina comments about versatility were complete rubbish – the song choice and matchup should give them the opportunity to demonstrate their versatility, and if they can’t, they should go home.

  3. joelscorp says:

    I only started watching last night, and it was bearable given I could FF through just about everything, like the unnaturalness of XTina’s cleavage. The biggest problem about talented Tony was his over-dramatization in his expressions. He was ACTING. Does he sing every song as if he’s playing a scene from RENT or Godspell?

    • gemapet says:

      That’s exactly what I thought – overacting where he should have just felt the song. I thought Cee Lo wanted to expand from his own ‘brand’ so to speak and learn from his team, so I thought for sure he would choose Justin. Very disappointed in most of the pairings and the eventual ‘winners’ of these battles. Didn’t like that Blake kept RaeLynn, Cee Lo chose Erin especially, Christina kept Jessie and Adam didn’t keep Nathan.

  4. aravis says:

    Yeah, I wanted Justin to win over Tony.
    I think Adam has the most solid team overall.

  5. I am elated that battle rounds are over if for no other reason than not having to see Xtina wear that bedazzled plate on her head for one more minute. By the end of the episode, I felt as though the judges had mostly given up as they faced the reality of having very little real talent left. Those I had hoped would do well did not and those I expected to flail didn’t disappoint. Despite really enjoying Justin, I knew Cee Lo was going to have a hard time choosing between the better voice and the guyliner simply because he’s Cee Lo. He even said at the end of the night, he feels like his team is similar to himself. Sadly, Justin would not have fit that. I wish Wade had kept it together and ousted James, but I was happy to see Karla make it through.

    • Pennagirl says:

      Xtina seemed to “set-up” The Line. Preaching at them to be more than just their genre, but gave the Emcee a song choice much closer to his style.

  6. Brad says:

    They need to get rid of these battle rounds next season. I skipped them last year and did the same this year. So boring. 2 hours for 10 minutes of singing.

    • forrest says:

      This season, as with last, I really hate the ‘battle rounds’ – singers singing outside their strengths, singing genres that they would never do otherwise, and having to do duets. I guess this is the equivilent of Hollywood Week for A.I., but the judges/mentors picks as the best of the pairing are so infuriating. IMHO.

  7. Snsetblaze says:

    The decision with Tony v. Justin left me annoyed more with the strategy of putting two really strong singers against each other and the weaker ones against each other. Both were good and it’s not the first time that both were really good. Then u get the matchups where both weren’t good (the model and the brothers, for example) and we still get one of them in the finals over someone more deserving. I liked both Tony and Justin I believe Justin might be more marketable although not necessarily on top 40 radio. It looks like Adam might be the only one matching strong against weak and while there were some suprise wins from an underdog, he seems to have a strong team again. The other three seem to be doing the opposite. Blake, for example, had two better country singers (Gwen and tonight’s guy) go home because of poor matchups than the one who is actually still on his team (Rea-linn sp?).
    And Slezak, you don’t remember Karla because we saw 3 seconds of her audition. They described her as country but she seems more like a folkie. She probably was expected to be cannon fodder. Plus she probably did not have a sob story – no family diseases, surviving natural disasters, runaway or divorced parents, single motherhood, accident, etc.

    Would anyone else rather have 2 nights of the show during battle rounds just to get them over with in 2 weeks instead of 4.

    • TheBeach says:

      I like and agree with your post. I would rather the judges only have 4 picks each, dispense with the battle rounds and go directly to individual performances and voting.
      I think Tony is very talented but Justin’s voice appeals to me much more and I don’t care for James’ voice. I find it too nasal and whiny, but then I was never a fan of the BoyBand era. Wade has a terrific voice and I wish he had shown it off more.

    • Kristen says:

      The concept of these “battle rounds” is illogical. First we see the judges begging everyone to pick them and be on their teams then we see them put them up against the other best singers. Such a dumb concept.

  8. Justin says:

    The format of this show is garbage. How a show called “The Voice” justifies sending home at least five of the top 24 (maybe even top ten) singers before the top 24 is pretty ignorant if you ask me. Also, if this show is about “the voice,” then why the preaching from Christina and Cee Lo about versatility (not vocally) and enigmatic presence? I’m extremely confused.

  9. stella says:

    if tony wants to make the move from broadway to headliner, you would think he would bend over backwards to back off the broadway mannerisms to make his point. it’s looking like he isn’t cause he can’t. (plus that 70’s androgynous rocker meets voldemort look is kinda bugging me.)

  10. Steve says:

    Michael, about a year ago I was doing the fun job of paying bills at my desk. I wanted to hear some music, so I went on Youtube and found Karla Davis. She was awesome. She has many videos. I found out she made her own CD, Here I Am, Through her site I purchased it. It is great, her smokey voice reminds me of another singer, one you like from AI last year. I wonder who that is?
    Well if you get a chance to purchase it, Movin ON ,and the title track Here I am are great..
    I just wish she would come to clubs further north, love to see her live.
    I was surprised how nervous she sounded last night compared to the Youtube videos.

  11. Betsy says:

    I wish they would call you, Slezak, before making the pairings for the Battle Rounds and get your advice because you’re SO MUCH BETTER AT IT.

  12. Templeton says:

    The ONLY reason I am watching the Voice is Tony Vincent. He is a wonderful singer and was fantastic in Broadways American Idiot. Give the American Idiot Broadway cast album a listen… Tony is great!

    One might also try the cast album for We Will Rock You, Tony did that on the London stage and he does a wonderful job with the music of Queen.

    • Yo' says:

      Maybe ;his fan base is the reason he moved on, because he has not sounded very good on this show – not to mention just looking at him makes me need a sammich and scalp fertilizer.

  13. Betsy says:

    p.s. I liked Orlando a lot and wish he’d been chosen instead of whatshername

    • TheBeach says:

      I hated that those two were matched up with one going home. I really like both of their voices and thought both deserved a spot in the live rounds…one more reason to dislike the battle rounds. Orlando is pretty terrific and shouldn’t have been cut.

  14. katie says:

    I can’t believe CeeLo picked Tony over Justin. Even if you take Tony’s – well, questionable – looks and personality out of the picture and just LISTEN to the song, there’s still no denying that Justin should have won this. His performance was great and emotional, whereas Tony had pitch problems and completely lacked any hint of real, believable emotions – and sometimes he just sounded angry, which just doesn’t work with the song at all. So disappointed about this decision.

  15. david7118 says:

    They need to fix the battle rounds. The mentors should do the pairings with no judges involvement. The judges then should have to decide again blindly. Each competitor could sing half the song so there would be no issue with confusing whose voice is whose. Plus it needs to be cut down to two days, show us the pairings then the battle, that’s it. As for the choices made this season, I’ve disagreed with most of them such as picking Tony last night.

    • KBC says:

      That sounds like a better idea. If you’re going to have mentors, have them more involved in the process than just “Hmm, yeah, that was pretty good…but stretch your notes. OK, BYE!”

    • Kristen says:


    • SG says:

      That’s a good idea. If they went this route, the show could than make it so the judges couldn’t see the competitor at all until after the battle rounds. instead of having the chairs spin around they would just light up and have them talk to a screen so the competitor could see what they were saying. The big hype of this show is it’s suppose to be based on the voice not looks, but it seems that once the judges see the singer, that idea goes out the window and looks than trump voice.

  16. kd says:

    I’m glad the battle rounds are over just so I can see the judges change their clothes. No more grandpa sweater and weird hat!

  17. KBC says:

    I *HATE* the Battle Rounds….their minds are made up before the faceoff and they stack teh pairings to get rid of people. Apparently, if you’re a pretty girl with a “unique” warbly voice that stamps your ticket to the live shows. MEH! I really, only watched because of Kelly Clarkson, and she was barely on! Oh, well…

  18. gm465271 says:

    I think that judges should choose the battle pairings and song choices for another judge’s team, like Christina picking the battles for Adam and vice versa. The idea would be that you would want to knock out another judge’s strongest singers by pitting them against eachother.

    The way the battle rounds work right now, it is just too easy for judges to stack the deck in favor of one contestant that they like better. If the battle pairings were out of the judge’s hands, I think we would have more compelling and exciting battles.

  19. Stacey says:

    So happy the stupid battle rounds are over! If last night hadn’t been the end of them I may have had to give up on the show. The choices made last night were so terrible, I really wonder if the singing sounds drastically different live. I don’t understand the appeal of James Massone in the least. Wish Wade hadn’t let the nerves get to him because I think he’s a way more talented singer. The LiNE and Moses are both terrible, I’m glad Moses was picked because at least he seemed to really appreciate the opportunity he’s getting. I liked Orlando in his audition and liked him a lot more than Karla last night. I found her so boring. Sad to see him leave. Mathai & Nicolle – I preferred Nicolle in the audition rounds but last night thought they were both terrible. Mathai’s cutsey persona irritates me. Really want to know what Blake was thinking with that song choice last night. He could have at least given Jordan a chance to show off a bit! And seeing as how the song was right dead center in Naia’s wheelhouse I was really disappointed by her. I enjoyed both of these 2 in the auditions, last night I would have given it to Jordan – I found him less pitchy and appreciated how much harder that song was for him. The only battle I enjoyed last night was Tony & Justin. I really wish CeeLo could have kicked off the dying cat Erin and had both of these 2 guys stay. Overall I enjoy Tony more – and unlike a lot of people on the message boards I find him very attractive, his eyes are GORGEOUS!

    • TheBeach says:

      I so, so agree. I wish CeeLo had put that obnoxious “dying cat” model up against either Tony or Justin so both those guys could stay and she could go back to the runway.

    • Leah says:

      I totally agree with everything!!!! (Although I don’t think Moses is THAT terrible…he at least wants to learn, is passionate when he performs, and his voice wasn’t that bad, IMO)

      WHY did CeeLo keep that awful makemyearsbleed Erin, and then put Tony and Justin AGAINST each other???!!! They should BOTH stay….

      I am beginning to think he is slightly an idiot

  20. Diane says:

    I agree, this episode was so lackluster. No one seemed really passionate about what they were singing. I was only surprised with being disappointed. Justin should have won, but Tiny is good too. I definitely think Adam has the strongest team. Katrina is his best – she surprises us all last week.

  21. Cheryl says:

    What’s up with the judges picking “unique-sounding” singers who can’t sing? You can have a unique voice and still sing on pitch, but I feel like singers like Erin and Mathai are trying to mask their weak voices with a fake sounding singing voice.

    • tomitweets says:

      The worst decision of all the battle rounds was CeeLo’s selection of Erin Martin over the Shields Bros. My ears literally hurt when she squeaked out that song. Looking forward to her leaving the live shows early.

      • TheBeach says:

        That round should have been declared a No Winner Round…you’re both outta here. If he had put Erin v Tony and The Shields v Justin I would be very happy.

  22. Trish says:

    My husband and oldest son watch the show…so, unfortunately, I am around to hear a little snippet of each of these singers. Glad to see from some of these comments that this isn’t the greatest group of contestants. Thought it was just me, but almost everyone I have heard sounds horrible.

  23. SmallTime says:

    Is Justin Hopkins family posting here? Sorry but he didn’t come close to singing Faithfully even though he gave it his all, even C Lo croaked like a frog in rehearsals trying it.

  24. Renda says:

    my friend had a great idea last night…there should be an option to a) turn a battle round pairing into a duo and let them move on together or b) allow on judge to steal a discarded contestant of another judge (like a wild card pick)…each judge would have that oppurtunity keeping the team sizes equal. I think this would make it more interesting and give some of the more deserving, yet rejected, constestants on the show

    • Kristen says:

      I actually thought that some of them should be a duo (ie: Tony and what’s his name). They would be WONDERFUL through this competition!

    • SG says:

      I like the idea of each judge getting to pick a discarded contestant from other judge, might also make each judge think harder about who they let go. I also think they should let the fans choose one of the discarded constestants to bring back. Giving each judge 8 contestants for the live shows. of course if they do this than maybe it would give them a reason to shorten the battle rounds.

  25. SmallTime says:

    So far there has not been a person who left the show that might have won this, they all lacked something. Yes some have been allowed to continue who are questionable but there are really only 4 to 6 people that might win this in the end and each team has one or two. Surprisingly the biggest voices this season are almost all guys, Jessie, Mann, Tony Vincent, Pip?, Jermaine Paul. I think team Cristina wins this season.

  26. davey says:

    These battle rounds don’t work. Too many good singers are eliminated while questionable perfomers are chosen.

    I don’t think Tony was better than Justin last night.

  27. Nikki says:

    I was so disappointed that Justin didn’t get it. If you want to talk about market appeal and flexiability, then Justin was hands down better than Tony.

  28. Maggie says:

    i’m really looking forward to seeing Tony Lucca, again, he’s so strong & a head to toe, through & through performer

  29. David says:

    I thought that Tony vs Justin was the best of the night. I didn’t want to see Justin go, but I wasn’t surprised. Tony’s performance might have been slightly affected, but he did connect to the song. For Justin to win, he would’ve had to let his performance match his voice (which was incredible). I expect Tony to duke it out with Jermaine, Jesse,and the diva from Adam’s team. (Sorry I can’t remember her name right now.)

  30. d says:

    Last night turned me off so bad, I don’t plan to watch it anymore. Lost all respect for Blake, C, and xtina…. and if they aren’t really going to give them the shot why bother with this type of format. Staged. And stinks.

    Good job Mike. Back to idol and letting this dog go.

  31. Manola says:

    So bored with the complaints about the lack of talent in the show. You may not like a particular contestant’s style or looks, but you should be able to recognize that Katrina, Juliet, James or Mathai are fantastic. Perfect, of course not, but Season 1 finalists weren’t either

  32. SmallTime says:

    Javier could never win this season, I think this one is better than last season.

  33. david7118 says:

    If I have to see Mathai put her hand on her hip and do her idiotic little swivel move once more I’m going to throw something at the TV! It’s not cute!

  34. Sarah says:

    Why don’t they let America pick the winner of the battle rounds? That could at least help with some of the bad choices they make.
    Least they won’t be able to rig it as bad as they have, and gives them less control.

  35. Chris says:

    Michael, you didn’t mention the best part about moving on to the live shows–we don’t have to look at Xtina’s hat or Adam’s sweater any more.

  36. William says:

    I can’t believe my ears. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you so strongly. James Masonne sounds like he’s singing with a clothes peg on his nose – his voice infuriates me. Wade’s battle round performance was poor but his audition was stellar – he should have won this battle hands down.

    Moses Stone and The Line were entertaining and in tune and both were markedly better in their battle round performances than their auditions – a clear second favourite of the night for me, behind only Tony and Justin.

    To my ears, Tony is in a different class than almost everyone else in the competition vocally. His performance tonight whilst not as incredible as his We Are The Champions audition but still a Broadway mile ahead of Karla Davis, who I have already forgotten completely.

    The harmonies from Naia/Jordan, James/Wade and Mathai/Nicolle were all as about as tuneful as fingernails on a blackboard. Yikes!

  37. William says:

    Also, who is this pretender to the video recap throne in the embedded clip? I demand a 10 minute weekly episode of Voiceology starring Michael Slezak and season one standout Dia Frampton.

  38. Marcus says:

    Gwen Sebastian is gone. Get over it.
    And while we’re at it, so are Jesse Langseth and Kendra Chantelle. No one else remembers these people. Please follow that lead.

  39. syb says:

    I would have picked the one who is done in almost all of the battles. This is the most inane part of the show.

    I didn’t notice John Malkovich auditioning, but why was he dressed like the guy who plays the xylophone in Hitler’s marching band?

  40. neuronshots says:

    Never liked Wade when he did his Rehab rendition, he couldn’t hold on to hitting the high notes.
    The arrangement was cool which is probably what caught everyone’s attention but when he tries to go higher he’s always off pitch. (I’m an Amy Winehouse fan so anyone who tries to touch her songs I tend to really look into it, including Jamie Lono who didn’t do enough justice to Valerie).
    And yes, I will admit, I do like James Massone though I don’t think he has any chances of winning at all. So when I heard James was up against Wade I thought James had a higher chance of getting through simply because Wade is not able to control his voice when goes for the high notes. And so far, the ONLY MAJOR ISSUE I have going through the live rounds (ever since blind auditions) is ERIN MARTIN.

  41. blue devil says:

    Battle rounds are boring. The ratings are proving that. So I’d like to propose the following format change:
    1) Like last year only 8 contestants per coach should advance to battle rounds
    2) Coaches can pick 5 contestants from the battles, i.e. pick both contestants from one of the battles.
    3) Coaches can pick 1 contestant from the eliminated contestants from other teams.
    As a result, team will have the same number of contestants in the finals, and only 2 episodes will air battles

  42. marie says:

    A number of people here have proposed changes to the dreadful battle rounds. At this point, almost ANYTHING would be better! Hate them, hate them. They are inherently unfair as you’re setting up an “either-or” choice between two contestants, both of whom might be less talented than the next two contestants, but one of each pair has to be eliminated by definition. Awful!
    Very boring show this week. No one really blew me away. And when they showed the recaps of which contestants now make up the full teams for each coach, I found myself not remembering many of them, because there are such large gaps in these first 8 weeks between when we actually get to hear any given singer perform.
    I echo what many have said re Christina’s ridiculous black-plastic-pancake-with-rhinestones headpiece, but I’ll admit I actually kinda liked Adam’s sweater…
    On to the live shows, thank heavens!

  43. Angel says:

    Let’s see if this season is predictable as last season.
    I’m calling the Final Four as:
    Tony Lucca (Team Adam)
    Jamar Rogers (Team Cee Lo)
    Jordis Unga (Team Blake)
    Lindsey Pavao (Team Christina)

    Team Adam has a lot of great singers, and I’d probably pick any of them over most of the singers on the other team. Mathai is probably the most distinct and covers a unique but potentially popular demographic (female, young, Indian-American), but I see Tony edging her out with the fans. Team Adam is probably the hardest to pick.
    Team Cee Lo is pretty awful (read: Cheesa, Erin Martin, James Massone) and has some unlikeable personalities (Juliet Simms, Tony Vincent). I think Jamar Rogers should easily beat these other guys because he’s likeable AND talented.
    Team Blake is a mixed bag – Jermaine and Erin probably have the best voices but are rather dull personalities, while Charotte and RaeLynn have gotten much criticism because they didn’t “deserve” to win their battles. Naia is probably not mainstream enough to last until the end. So that leaves rocker Jordis, who has a built-in reality fanbase from “Rockstar: INXS.” Maybe Jermaine or Erin have a shot, but Jordis has a distinct rock genre that might earn her loyal fans.
    Team Christina has some overrated duds (Chris Mann, Sera Hill), some forgettable presences (Ashley De La Rosa, Jesse Campbell), and a guy who can’t sing (Moses Stone). So who’s left? Lindsey Pavao, who was promoted like crazy prior to the show and seems like a finale lock unless she bombs at some point.

    Javier’s win last season was a foregone conclusion, pretty much from his first audition. This season is harder to call, but I will say:

    4) Jordis
    3) Jamar
    2) Tony
    1) Lindsey

    Of the four, the two guys are easily the best singers, but given the girl:guy ratio in the Top 24, I think “The Voice” may pull and Idol and push for a female winner, as well as a non-Adam win to give the other judges a shot.

    (If there were no “teams” on this show, my Final 4 would probably be Mathai, Pip, Tony, & Jamar.)

    • Sasha says:

      HI…Great article! I think the talent this year is wondrous. My favorites on Blake’s team are Jermaine and Erin Willett who I find both powerful personalities and fun to watch with great, distinctive voices. On Christina’s I prefer Chris Mann, on Cee Lo Jamar and James, and on Adam’s team Kim and Tony Lucca. I think in the battle rounds, many were clearly unfair which greatly bothered me, although I don’t think anyone left who would have won I would prefer Justin over Tony and Jordan over Naiia. Thank you!

  44. doug says:

    The battle rounds have been so bad that I get the feeling this season is rigged. My kids have stopped watching coz it’s so boring.

    The coaches have often picked songs that suit one performer far more than the other, and then even if the one they didn’t expect to do well comes out on top, they pick the one they want!!! Justin did way better than Tony, but who progressed? I don’t care who’s more ‘versatile’ – CeeLo shoulda thought about that when he chose the song!

    Some of the song choices have been appalling and I don’t really blame the female member of The Line for reacting the way she did after the decision. They got all 4 judges to turn, and for some bizarre reason they went with Xtina (so I suppose they’ve really only got themselves to blame). Then she rewards them for their choice by giving them Satisfaction to sing against a rapper in a freak show! Seriously? “When I’m ridin’ round the world, And I’m doin’ this and I’m signing that, And I’m tryin’ to make some girl, Who tells me baby better come back later next week, ‘Cause you see I’m on a losing streak, I can’t get no, oh no, no, no, Hey hey hey, that’s what I say ” Tell me that ain’t the first rap song.

    And way-to-go Blake, rewarding the country boy with a song like that, which was meant to be a home-run for Naia, but when she couldn’t get her bat on the slow ball you gently threw up to her, you walked her to first anyway!!

  45. CX says:

    Tony sang that song just as well, if not better, than Justin. People like Justin’s voice because it’s raspy, aka it’s more commercial with people’s inexplicable taste for a unpolished sounds these days. I think Justin sounded great, but Tony sounded just as good. He was not off beat in anyway.

    I find Slezak’s comments on these singing competitions entertaining so I come to read these things. But I mean, really, until you can belt out an Aguilera song (or any vocal song), you just aren’t an authority like Aguilera is on singing. On that note, Aguilera’s team is not strong, but that’s a result of her trying to pick good battling pairs (and as a result, left the two odd ones at the end). She could’ve easily had Jesse battle the line and Anthony battle Moses, but she didn’t, cuz then it would be super clear who would win and it’s no longer a real battle. So this isn’t a competition where the better people necessarily progress farther. But maybe that’s not the point.