Terra Nova on the Brink of Extinction as Talks With Netflix End

Time is running out for Terra Nova.

Negotiations between the show’s producer, 20th Century Fox Television, and Netflix have stalled, with the two sides unable to come to a deal to extend the series, our sister sister Deadline reports.

Although the studio is not yet releasing the actors from their contracts, there is little hope of finding another viable suitor to pick up the dino-drama, which was canceled by Fox earlier this month.

Last Tuesday at the Television Academy Foundation’s TV Summit, 20th Century Fox Television co-chairman Dana Walden told TVLine, “We were discussing one additional option, but Netflix is the one that we’re having the most active conversations with right now.”

Several of Terra Nova’s cast members have already moved on with new pilots. Jason O’Mara is guest starring in CBS’ untitled period drama about rodeo cowboy-turned-Vegas sheriff Ralph Lamb, Allison Miller has nabbed a part in NBC’s Matthew Perry comedy Go On and Christine Adams has joined ABC’s fashion-set drama Americana.

Are you upset that Netflix couldn’t save Terra Nova?

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  1. PPPG says:

    Too bad. I liked the show.

    • Scott says:

      me too

    • Lee says:

      I’m not saying that Terra Nova is as good as Friday Night Lights. But couldn’t Terra Nova have gone the same way as Friday Night Lights did? For what it was supposed to be, I thought Terra Nova was one of the better freshmen series of the season. I liked it a lot more than Alcatraz or even Person of Interest.

  2. A.P. says:

    I’m not surprised, at all. There’s no possible way that Netflix could have continued this series with the episode budget it had.

  3. HBA says:

    Is there any way to contact netflix to tell them how much we want the show to continue? I’ve looked on the contact section of the site, but it’s all about technical difficulties. What can a fan do to encourage netflix to pick it up?

  4. Kelly says:

    Did anyone seriously think that Netflix would pick up such an expensive show? If so, major lols. The idea never made sense.

  5. Absolutely agree with HBA. We should be able to have a voice. I enjoyed the show, it was one of the few series we could sit down and watch as a family where everyone enjoyed it!

  6. William says:

    god, just let the show die with some dignity. it was decent at best. there’s been more hype over it being cancelled than any episode other than the pilot and finale.

    • Joe says:

      No kidding. I watched the show to the end, mostly because im weird with my TV loyalties, but there has been way too much hype over cancelling and Netflix more than the series itself. I agree. let it go with dignity and we’ll all move on.

      Netflix should have picked up Lone Star last season. At least that was one they could have afforded.

  7. prish says:

    Well, I am glad everyone in the power level ignored it. At least, the episodes were fun to watch and enjoy for all family members. Terra Nova should continue, however, we can be grateful no one loused up the shown episodes. I’m still rooting for its survival. Hopefully, there is a fan in the money world. Firefly did get a theater movie windup. Maybe, the same thing will happen to Terra Nova.

  8. Guy says:

    This just sucks. Why do networks have to cancel shows which are just getting their groove on. FOX were stupid to cancel it if you ask me. The Finder is failing, Alcatraz is all but gone, House gone, a couple of comedies set to be gone. They needed to keep this one, Touch and Bones for their drama slate. Yes i know Glee is sort of drama but its classified differently.

  9. Snsetblaze says:

    I’m not suprised. I would have been shocked if it did happen. Besides this series being overly expensive (and for what – there weren’t a lot of dinosaurs overall), how many series that get cancelled and go on to further negotiations get a second life. Friday Night Lights, Damages, and Stargate (the original – the first few seasons were on Showtime before moving to Sci-Fi) are the only ones I can think of outright.

  10. No surprise that Terranova is gone , the show needed a major revamp which would have been easier at the pilot stage. Short of killing off the bulk of the Robinson family I do not see how this show could be saved.

  11. Dax says:

    Did anyone really think this would happen…really?

  12. Gna7019 says:

    SyFy would be suitable home for the series…I think it was one of the better Freshman series this 2011-2012 season.

  13. mia says:

    It was enjoyable, but I’d rather keep Fringe and Alcatraz, so if the true death of TN means a tip in the metaphorical scales of renewal for those two shows, I’m happy with it

  14. Renee says:

    :-( By the end of the season some of the characters had grabbed me and I REALLY wanted it to continue. This is what happens when you aren’t a reality ho…what you love gets killed.

    • Dan says:

      I agree wholeheartedly…reality stars get paid far too much just to sit around drinking, f@%king, and fighting. While decent shows that could only get better like Terra Nova, The River, Better off Ted and countless COUNTLESS others fall into the cracks. I don’t even understand why Netflix and DirectTV try to pick up shows… I mean if I don’t have a Netflix account or a satellite dish I’m not gonna pay for it just to watch one show. I’ll wait for the DVD…or…find it online. Why can’t they move these shows to Syfy or channels that have a wider audience base???

  15. Smart Guy says:

    Sister sister. Never knew how much I missed ya.

  16. Mika says:

    Terra Nova was horrible and expensive. I hope Netflix focuses now on “The River”.

  17. ShaKay says:

    I like the show too-but best to just end it so the actors can move on to other offers. Now I’m concerned about Alcatraz!

  18. Alex says:

    Terra Nova didn’t start getting good until it got darker. While I understand they wanted to make this into a ‘disney afterschool’ special type of show that the entire family could watch together, I think this is where it failed. It would have worked way better as an adult orientated post LOST missing link type of show. I was way more interested in the ‘horror’ story and mystery part of the show than anything to do with the family.

    And I’m sorry but the main husband and wife for me had ZERO chemistry. Starting from the pilot. If my husband got out of jail after 2 years, I would not have been as calm and rational his homecoming. The whole relationship to me was missing a lot of authenticity. Again, which would have worked better had they been able to hash it per an adult oriented show. But because it was geared towards families, it was way too sunshine and rainbows. I think they had a good opportunity, just aimed it at the wrong audience.

  19. Fred says:

    We can’t have Terra Nova, it may get in the way of those great shows such as Dancing with the Idiots, The Sore Throat, Stranded on a jungle island, The Amazing Walkers, and the rest of those fantastic shows

  20. chebakova says:

    I am very strongly upset that, I will not see Terra Nova. This project, very strongly differed from others which I looked. Namely values, despite of everything the wife released the husband that their children didn’t grow without the father and that they having broken the law gave life to the third child, and after all life is the most important.

    Yours faithfully the fan from the Russian Federation.

  21. Robert Lawrence says:


  22. I really really keep hoping that it could return. I would like to have seen it turn towards the adult theme as I am 66 years old. To me I have to say I liked the show better then any other I had seen that season and was really sad it could not continue. It seems as though if I really like it then it never seems to make it. So very sorry to see it gone.

  23. charletterobinson says:

    I got a tear in my eye when my grand children told me they had canceled the show. I officially turn 78 on October and my only wish before i pass is to watch one last episode of Terranova with my grand children.