TVLine Items: Hawaii Five-0 Promotes McGarrett’s Gal Pal, Margo Martindale Suits Up and More!

Looks like McGarrett’s ladylove isn’t going anywhere.

Michelle Borth, who has been recurring on Hawaii Five-0 for the past two seasons, will enter Season 3 as a full-fledged series regular, Deadline reports.

The Combat Hospital alumna has appeared in five episodes of Five-0 as Lt. Catherine Rollins, the longtime girlfriend of Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Former Justified Big Bad Margo Martindale — who most recently co-starred in A Gifted Man — has booked a guest spot in the upcoming second season of Suits, reports. The Emmy winner will play a nurse who faces off with Harvey after her union threatens a strike against a hospital he represents. Suits Season 2 premieres this June.

• “Zou Bisou Bisou,” the ’60s French pop hit performed by Jessica Pare’s Megan Draper during Mad Men‘s Season 5 premiere, is now available on iTunes. The track can also be purchased in limited-edition vinyl on the show’s official website.

• Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fave Camille Grammer confirmed to Us Weekly that she will not be returning to the Bravo series, noting that “the producers and I couldn’t come to an agreement.”

• ABC is previewing the Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23 pilot ahead of its April 11 premiere on Hulu now. Take a peek here.

• FX is eying a series adaptation of the 1996 Oscar-winning film Fargo, per Variety.

Which TVLines Items have you talking today?

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  1. I am a complete Steve/Kono shipper, but I also really love Catherine. Her relationship with Steve is great, and I’ll be glad to see more of her.

    • Brian says:

      Ugh, “shipper”. People are still using that “word”? That little fad got old fast back in 2004. Let it die. At least you didn’t combine both of their names into one name. I’ll give you credit for that, at least.

      • Lol. Shipper is just a term used to convey a preference for a TV couple. And it is still very much used. I’m not a crazy fan girl though by any means. I just think a Steve and Kono (Keve? Stevo?) pairing would be good TV. ;)

        • Alex says:

          Stevo all the way.

        • CJ says:

          “Shipper” is a quick, simple way to convey a fairly complex idea. It may be annoying as a buzzword, but there isn’t really a suitable alternative. Steve/Kono would be pretty silly as a romantic pairing, though. They’ve never portrayed any kind of intimacy or chemistry between them. The only pairing that’s ever been hinted at, in fact, is Steve and Danny–and you can be pretty sure they won’t go there (though they’ve shown many times they’re aware of it).

    • Shez says:

      I agree about Steve and Kono, as long as Catherine’s just there to provide satellite images, super secret info etc then that’s fine by me!

      • Leo says:

        Please never suggest any romantic relationship between the core four (Steve-Danny-Kono-Chin), it’s what makes this show strong and different. They don’t use romance to drive the story. They use friendship, bromance and family stuffs. Kono needs to be with Fong though. They are cute together.

    • Mckono says:

      I too love kono and Steve together. I like cath but not if she’s going to steal screen time from kono. I really like the idea of Steve and kono.

  2. djariya says:

    Smartest decision CBS and the producers of H50 did. Michelle Borth has crazy hot chemistry with Alex O. Hopefully they find a creative way to work her into the show without it feeling forced.

  3. Trista says:

    Love Borth’s character on H50! Will they explain her new status this season?

  4. sarbel says:

    Boo! What about Lauren German’s character? Any idea if she’ll be back?

    • djariya says:

      She’s off the show for good. Lauren German already signed on to a Pilot for next season.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thank God!! I don’t know whose idea it was to hire her but they did an awful job. I felt like I was watching a kid wanting to play with grownups. The second she was gone it felt like show was back on its axis.

        • Alexia says:

          Ugh I know. I used to cringe everytime her character and Steve seemed to be paired up to work together or when she got gooey-eyed over Steve. Plus she didn’t look kick-ass holding a gun like Kono does. It’s like she was afraid of the gun n yet she was meant to be a cop with experience handling a fire-arm. Bring on Catherine. She and Steve have this natural chemistry that does not seem forced. Plus she is believeable in her character.

      • luli says:

        why?!?!?!?! i loved steve and lauren german’s character as a couple!!

  5. Boston Kathy says:

    Love Catherine…beautiful and smart. She and Steve are wonderful together. I look forward to seeing more of her next season.

  6. Michelle says:

    Cool beans! I actually like Catherine. I wonder how long it will take before Wo Fat kidnaps her? ;-)

    • Jennifer says:

      If he does I’m pretty sure she could kick his ass, or at least give it a good effort. Steve’s ladies aren’t wimps which is one of many many reasons why him and Laurie never would have worked.

  7. sarah says:

    I really like Michelle Borth! That is very cool!
    However now I will be super jealous that she gets to kiss Alex alot more now!! LOL

  8. wednesday says:

    So happy to hear this! Love her with Steve! They have great chemistry together.

  9. shirik says:

    great news for #H50!McG needs stability relationship and someone to take care of him. Cath can help with intel!

  10. Patricia says:

    I like this addition to hawaii5-0 they were good together. I stopped watching it a few episodes back but what happened with Lori? Did they ever hook up? I rather see Kono with Danny.

  11. Amanda says:

    Eff all this stuff, what about Robin being alive on GH??

  12. aye brothas says:


  13. Lori McGarrett says:

    I can’t believe they would just disregard that CONNECTION between Lori and Steve. What they had was REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. anon12 says:

    I dont like this chick.. i hope steve dumps her =)

  15. David F. says:

    I have to wonder where the Steve/Kono shippers came from. The show sure never did anything to support this ship.

    I think the writers learned from their mistakes with Lori. As long as they don’t put her in the car with Steve or Danny too much or give her way more screentime than the core 4… I think the majority of the fans will accept Catherine with open arms.

    • Christie says:

      I don’t get it either. I’m definitely not into the idea of Steve and Kono hooking up, but regardless of my feelings about the matter, I don’t think the writers have given ANY indication that it’s even a possibility. I’ve watched the show since the first episode and I don’t think there’s been any interest on either of their parts, and I see no chemistry between these two. I actually get more of a brother/sister vibe from them.

      In the beginning it seemed like they might have been leaning towards a Danny and Kono pairing, but that fizzled out quickly as well.

      I like this show as it is, and I don’t think it needs a whole ‘will they or won’t they’ aspect to keep people interested. This is actually one of the main readons I didn’t care for Lori. It seems her entire purpose on the show was to try to create done kind of chemistry with Steve and it just didn’t work.

  16. Sammie says:

    I like Borth and I like Catherine. She also fixes a lot of the mistakes made with Lori: Catherine’s a proven fan favorite, has chemistry with the other characters, and is believable as a military character.

    My worry is that, if Catherine joins the core team, the same storyline problems will reappear. David F. pointed them out: don’t want her too often in the car with Steve and Danny and don’t let her take away screentime from the main 4. With 5, there’s always an odd one out. If she partners with Steve or Danny too much, bromance fans will be upset. There isn’t much reason to partner with Chin, and if she partners with Kono too much, the Case of the Disappearing Chin Ho Screentime will reach criminal levels. (We STILL get so much less on Chin and on Kono than on Steve or on Danny. We see so much more of Steve and Danny’s non-Hawaii-based family than we see of Chin Ho and Kono’s family, who supposedly are numerous and all work for HPD.)

    I like Michelle Borth, and I like Catherine. But I’m tired of seeing Chin Ho and Kono’s storylines suffer whenever new regulars or new recurring characters get added.

    • cjeffery7 says:

      “But I’m tired of seeing Chin Ho and Kono’s storylines suffer whenever new regulars or new recurring characters get added.” –> I couldn’t agree MORE!! im especially a fan of Grace Park’s, from Battlestar Galactica, and obviously Daniel Dae Kim is a baller from LOST. I find it a waste of a character, especially Kono, that they keep trying to bring in these female characters to boost the story, when they’ve got one bad ass actress and character sitting in the wings, waiting for a chance to show her stuff!! establish what you’ve got for heaven’s sake!

  17. Dee says:

    I think her character will appear as bookends to the episodes.

    They can get info from her when they need it and she cozies up to McGarrett at the end.

    As long as she does NOT interfere with his relationship with Danno, it will be cool to see her.

  18. Rach says:

    guess that means things will be getting really serious between her and McGarrett! I really like them together, although I do miss Lori and her will-they-or-won’t-they relationship with Steve. But if Lauren German can’t be on the show, I’m really glad that McGarrett and Catherine can be together :)

  19. Kelsey says:

    Unfortunately, I’m one of the fans who hates Catherine. This is awful news for me. To my knowledge, most of the fandom dislikes her, so I’m a bit confused on the ‘proven fan favorite’ comment. I don’t know if I will continue watching, which is a shame because I really loved 5-0. I feel the chemistry between Steve and Catherine is incredibly forced, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that.

    Oh well. It doesn’t matter what I think or do. I’m sure she’ll be kept around regardless.

  20. meme says:

    More good news for H50! A season 3 and Catherine in an expanded role Steve and Catherine are great together! I hope we see more of the type of stories an action we
    saw in season 1 – season 2 has been somewhat disappointing hoping they finish
    this season strong!

  21. Dee says:

    I don’t think there has been a reaction to her character, good or bad.

    She shows up every once in a while and then leaves just as quickly.

    It will be left to see what opinions will be now that she is a more permanent fixture in Steve’s life.

    Then depending on how her character is developed or how much she could be shoe-horned into his work and private life, we will see more opinions on her character.

    There will be plenty of times to hate or love in the future.

  22. bj says:

    I’m so glad they’re bringing her on as a regular. I really like her. And maybe it will mean they’ll stop bringing in other female cast members. I didn’t like either of the last two characters.

    And on the websites I frequent she is really well liked. And the chemistry between them seems very natural to me, not forced at all.

  23. Mark says:

    Really upset about Camille not being on for next season :( She had some of the funniest lines this season. Taylor better not be brought back either. Bleh.

  24. Ella says:

    Oh, hell no. Borth’s character is DULL. Steve needs someone a little spunkier who is also not Kono, do not see that at all. Boo.

  25. Kerry says:

    Steve and Kono?? I don’t see them together that way… they do not have that kind of chemistry they have more of a friendship type relationship.

  26. Rachel says:

    steve and catherine have been with eachother for so long and he glows everytime he sees her he and her will have more incommon and more active relationship togetther so please put catherine and steve together they are more happy together and cath can help Mcgarrett out with his person problems with and help him figure out how he will tell his sister mary about there mother alive and he can have more help on his cases if she joins the team and she can be partenerd up with steve and the other team mates and help them out. and they make eachother happy and they enjoy being together. so put catherine with steve.

  27. I have a bad feeling about this. I have nothing against Steve et Cath as a couple per see, but if she join the team and change the friendship between Steve and Danny, take away too much time for Kono and Chin or take Kono’s place like Lori used to, that not gonna work for me. If she’s just gonna be there more, stay in the navy, be Steve’girlfriend and help them with a case from time to time okay. I just think that each time they try to bring someone new into the team it ruin the dynamic. They tried with Jenna and Lori and both time it failed, the only one that worked is Max because he has a real role to play in the case and he’s not there just to be pretty or funny or else. I just hope they’re not gonna make the same mistake again, just because she’s a regular doesn’t mean she has to be part of the team.

  28. Zebraboymom says:

    I think it’s interesting that people don’t know where the Kono and Steve stuff came from. There are multiple episodes where he was worried about her. There was the episode when she kicked the assassin lawyer’s butt and the look he gave her was pure admiration. They exchanged this amazing smile and look during the return of the kidnapped college students. Danny watched them finishing each other’s sentences at the com table in one episode and asked if they were dating. She is the female equivalent of Steve. They shared a look when she snipered for him twice. On the set there are tons of pictures of them clowning around together. There’s tons of chemistry there and those are just a few of the things those of us that would like to see them together see. There is tons of potential there. It would also allow Kono to get more air time. Grace gets so little these days.

  29. Delia says:

    I’m fine with Catherine…but I really want to see the couple Steve and Kono. If I had to choose, I’d choose the couple steve and kono.

  30. Wanda says:

    Last season Ziva NCIS and now Catherine Hawaii Five-O, what is going on in Hollywood?