Supernatural Recap: An Emanuel to Redemption

Supernatural Misha Collins Jensen AcklesWARNING: If you have yet to watch Friday’s Supernatural, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

Unable to sleep because of Lucifer’s constant taunting – seriously, how much fun does Mark Pellegrino seem to be having? – Sam finally cracked in this Friday’s Supernatural, and was locked up in the psych ward. The longest amount of time someone has gone without sleep is 11 days, Lucifer told him, and Sammy was getting really close to that number. Even scarier was the fact that Sam was resigned to his fate. Dean urged him to get angry, to fight back, but Sam just weakly replied, “I’m too tired.” (Being the good guy that he is, Sam still found the energy and time to help vanquish the angry ghost brother of a fellow patient.)

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So it was up to Dean to find a way to save Sam, and he got a big lead when a fallen notebook – thanks, Bobby? – brought him to a real deal healer, who just so happened to look like his old buddy Castiel. Some things to know about the new Cas: He goes by the name Emanuel. (Keeping things biblical, Emmanuel is of Hebrew origin and means “God is with us.”) He doesn’t remember who he used to be, which means he has no memories of all the bad, power-hungry things he did (“I don’t feel like a bad person,” he said to Dean). He’s married to the woman who took care of him after finding him coming out of the river naked and disoriented. But one thing that hasn’t changed, thank goodness: Emanuel has inherited Castiel’s inability to understand Dean’s jokes and his unintentionally hilarious, deadpan replies (“Is that a flirtation?”).

Dean decided not to tell Castiel the truth for fear that it might make him crack, too. After all, Cas didn’t “leave” on the best of terms. Plus, he needed him to heal Sam. And he was not the only one who wanted something. Word of Emanuel’s amazing healing abilities was getting around, but no one had put it all together yet, except for our old demon pal Meg Masters (not TVLine’s Meg Masters). In exchange for providing Dean with backup and keeping her mouth shut, he allowed her to tag along.

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But the secret came out when the trio arrived at the hospital and found a bunch of demons hanging around outside. As Dean and Meg talked, it dawned on Emanuel that he was the troubled friend that Dean mentioned in the car, the one whose actions Dean couldn’t shake. They informed him that he’s an angel, and the only way to get rid of the demons is to smite them. Busting out an old adage, Dean assured him he’d remember how to do it because it was just like riding a bike! As he took the baddies out, one by one, the memories came flooding back, all the good with the very bad.

“We didn’t part as friends,” Cas told Dean. “I deserve to die.”

But Dean countered that maybe he “walked out of the river to fix it” – starting with his brother. Then he gave Cas back his trench coat (all together now, “Awww!”).

Unfortunately, Sam was so far gone and the wall had crumbled so much, there was “nothing left to rebuild,” Cas realized. He decided to try one last option, apologizing to Sam for ever doing this to him in the first place, and healed him by transferring Lucifer’s mental torture onto himself. Sam walked out like nothing had ever happened, and a newly tormented Cas took up residence alone at the hospital – “We can’t protect him,” reasoned Dean – while Meg took on a new role as a nurse to keep an eye on the angel.

What did you think of Cas’ sacrifice? Did it redeem him? And what’s Meg up to? Sound off below!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Wow, as much as I’ve enjoyed this season (aside from a few little gripes), this episode made me realize that the show was missing something without Misha around. I loved how they didn’t drag out the amnesia and I LOVED how instead of Cas simply healing Sam, something we all expected to be the case, he actually couldn’t. Transferring Sam’s crazy to himself was the perfect way to redeem himself. I didn’t see that coming (I doubt many people did) and can’t wait to see where it goes. The Meg thing is quite interesting too.

    Oh, and am I crazy to wonder if maybe, just maybe, this transfer wasn’t a one-way street? Does Sam have a little angel in him now?

    • Pamela says:

      I have always known from the moment that Cas walked through that tunnel that he was good. I was elated that finally an Angel was on the show! I mean, we had demons, ghosts, vampires, you name it, we had it, except for Angels and God.

      I hope that this is not the last season because so many loose ends are out there. Are there different writers this season? I love this show as much as ever but something is missing. I can’t believe they killed Bobby off! How much more do those boys have to go through!

      By the way, I LOVE spoilers so if anyone has some please email me.

      I will post later with an intro. I don’t think I’ve ever done that.

      Thanks – and have a great weekend!

      Pam C.

      • Drew says:

        I think that this season is supposed to be missing something… the writers purposely took away everything that Sam and Dean relied on and loved. That’s the theme of the season. I think there have been spots of weak writing this year, but that feeling of something missing isn’t one of them. It’s actually been accomplished pretty well. It’s not pleasant, but it’s good drama.

  2. Leah says:

    I can’t believe the only storyline Sam has had for the past two seasons is just. GONE FROM HIM NOW. His sacrifice for starting the apocalypse. Wow, Supernatural, you don’t usually disappoint me when it comes to things this major.

    • I must admit that I’m a little confused as to what you wanted. Did you want Sam to die? There was never any way that anything was going to be able to help him except an angel or something like that.

      I thought Sam’s story was amazing. How he helped that girl even when he was so tortured and everything. It was beautiful. Jared did an amazing job.

    • Jeff says:

      The hell? What in the world did you want? For him to be crazy forever? The soulless/wall thing went on for a season and a half. Chill.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      If you remember the Angels and demons were the ones who really started the apocalypse. God was the one who supposedly wanted the stupid fight between Lucifer and Michael and the brothers were born for this specific reason (Bloody Valentine and The Song Remains the Same). They never had choices their choices were mapped out for them and Sam was manipulated into killing Lillith. But it really didn’t matter who killed her, Lucifer would have risen anyway. Sam was supposed to be there to be his ‘vessel’. Dean broke the first seal which supposedly started the whole thing and Sam finished it, according to what the Angels said. Cas had a major part in making that happen when he released Sam from Bobby’s panic room and he then helped Dean too late to stop it – so Sam is not the only one to blame for everything that happened.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Cas removed everything from Sam’s mind of the torture he experienced so it makes sense Sam would be healed so quickly. Cas redeemed himself and now we have to hope the boys can help him somehow.

  3. toolravin says:

    Loved this episode, but did they really need to bring back Meg? And what’s up with her face? I appreciate that we can get a break from Sam’s crazy, and they left the door open to having Cas in the future, but at least he was able to redeem himself somewhat if they chose not to.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Meg seems to be a favorite with the producers of the show and she is the longest returning character since the beginning. I think she has more of a part to play in this and that means we will see Crowley again as well too!

      • Precision says:

        It seems everyone has their own special character in the show well I have quite a few, like almost all of them, you guys gotta give these writers and actors a chance. Acting, writing, other stuff where like , the coffee and donut guy, some credit here. An hour show probably takes at. least 6 months before its down on tape and the I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. A little credit here folks?

    • Evyn says:

      He is coming back for two more episodes this season and apparently they leave the door open for him to come back in season 8 too if there is one

    • mooshki says:

      The actress is taking steroids for a back injury and they swelled up her face.

      • Anno says:

        She looked like she had the same thing going on as Ashley Judd when people commented on her puffiness. Steroids will do that to a person. Back injuries are awful. Hope she heals fast.

  4. Nicole says:

    I loved this episode. Ever since Cas & Bobby left, I had a hard time watching the episodes. I even skipped a few episodes, which isn’t something I usually do. Loved seeing Meg back, love her sarcastic humor. I hate that Cas is seeing Lucifer now. :(

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Cas is seeing Sam’s hallucination of Lucifer but Lucifer is now in his mind calling him ‘brother’ – Wow, can an hallucination just shift gears like that? It’s almost like Lucy WAS real! After all Cas took Sam’s Hell memories of torture and everything – but now Cas is also seeing Lucifer as his brother Angel. Very scary..

      • Rowan says:

        He took Sam’s memories of the torture in the pit and crazy that goes with it so in seeing his brother Lucifer (and now being insane, himself) Cas would shift the delusion to fit his situation. I felt the ending came too neat, but I also know that since there is more to come with Misha this season, these things will be addressed. I do wish they had done this as a two-parter, with more of Dean emotional baggage and conflict over reminding Cas of who he is so he can save Sam, but also protecting Cas from his memories, because they will destroy him – which they have done. Hopefully Dean’s emotional connection with Cas will be played out more in the upcoming episodes.

        All in all – SUPER GLAD to see Misha back on the show. I feel pretty certain there will be an eighth season and Sera Gamble would be nuts not to make Misha a regular again.

        I miss Bobby, but seeing Jim on Justified these past few weeks have made it a little easier.

  5. It’s been ages since I could say that I enjoyed an episode of Supernatural! Misha does bring something to this show and I can’t believe some people still cannot see this….
    I wasn’t too fond of the ending though, but I guess that we still have a couple of episodes with Misha around this season so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. But now Im curious to know what will come for Sam….

  6. Christine says:

    Meg’s face looked real puffy- like someone on steroids. So good to see Castiel! I missed him so much. I’m really glad to get rid of this Lucifer and the crumbled wall though. It felt like it was running a little thin.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      I noticed that too – I know we haven’t seen her in a while but she did look puffed up. I remember the actress who played Lisa looked way different in s.5 than she did in s.3 as well – I guess it’s called getting older LOL. J&J seem to stay the same except Jared looked liked he had put on weight in s.5 but then toned up again in s.6. I liked seeing Lucifer because of Mark but it was getting old and we had to get Sam fixed! Cas did the right thing – it’s funny how Sam’s hallucination of Lucifer has now made Lucifer speak to Cas as his ‘brother’ Can an hallucination change with a different person?

      • max says:

        I still think that Lucifer kinda held on to Sam when he was dragged out of hell and I love Cas/Lucifer scenes they have this awkward older younger brother dynamic. Can’t wait to see how this storyline evolves.

    • Rowan says:

      The actress who plays Meg is taking steroids for a back injury and that’s what’s making her face puffy.

  7. lawblank says:

    So when is GOD going to enter the storyline?

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      I don’t think God will make an appearance in a traditional sense. I’m really surprised that he again saved Cas (if he actually did). Cas put himself above God and became omnipotent over all even above ‘God’. And he released the leviathans which God put in Purgatory. But if He is around, He may be more of a feeling or visual sensation that an actual entity. But we can never tell.

      • James says:

        ‘God’ is the prophet Chuck, has and was all along. Maybe he needed awakening to make him realise he was, but at the end of season 5 Chuck kinda just floated away, and was the one narrating all the time, which to me meant that he was God.
        God does keep on saving Cas though, which is a bit of favourtism on his part, but then again Castiel may be more important down the line, who knows. Misha Collins is just a vessel of Castiel, he isn’t Castiel, so Cas may be seen later in a different body should Misha Collins decide he doesn’t want to come back anymore.

      • Drew says:

        It’s not surprising that God would save Cas. God forgives (us humans anyway) and Castiel did a lot of bad things, but he did repent before his “death”. He was the one who was always fighting against the plan of the angels, which was itself against God’s plan (they were fast-tracking the apocalypse because they were tired of waiting). We saw Castiel trying to figure out what God wanted several times and asking for guidance, so he never abandoned God… until he was corrupted toward the end of season 6 and into season 7.

  8. Madeline says:

    Well Cas definitely got the redemption so many Cas fans were upset about at the beginning of the season. I am really curious to see his arc play out. And hoping Mark P. sticks around for Cas’ hallucinations. Mark is absolutely fantastic.

    While I enjoyed the episode – I’m a huge Meg fan! and it was great to have Cas’ humor back (forgot how much I missed it – loved his little smile in response to Meg’s “Dean’s joking”) – I am also really missing the Sam and Dean moments. I feel like those are been lacking lately. Something just seems off about their dynamic lately (and it shouldn’t – or that isn’t the writers intention anyways – because Sera just mentioned in an interview that she thinks the brothers are currently in a really good place with one another)….I can’t put my finger on it.

    It bothered me that Dean was so oblivious to Sam’s downward spiral. Yes, Sam hid it well, but I don’t know how Dean would have just brushed aside or ignored all the signs. Seemed out of character for Dean, especially when Sam is *all* he had left at the time (because well, now he has Cas too if he isn’t too crazy forever).

    I’m blaming poor writing. As much as I still love the show, I feel like the storytelling has gotten a little sloppy.

    • Mashka says:

      Remember, Dean’s drinking has picked up so much so that just about every character has mentioned it. Functioning alcoholics (and I use the word functioning lightly and loosely) can miss the most obvious things.

      • dane says:

        I agree… they have had both brothers fighting internal demons. Sam was preoccupied with Lucifer in his head and Dean is still reeling from the death of Bobby and even Cas as well as his obsession with Dick Roman’s agenda. I think with Sam ‘back’ and the two of them genuinely having nobody except each other to rely on – we will see a shift back to the old dynamic.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      I agree with you about Dean’s lack of knowing that something was really wrong with Sam and that Sam was hiding it from him. Dead giveaway should have been the yawning and not paying attention Sam was having not to mention the crash with the truck (which he did hide from Dean) but Dean wasn’t being his over protective big brother self. He knew Sam was sleeping so why would he even let him drive around by himself or even be alone not knowing what might happen? We have had 6 years of Dean going absolutely obsessive over his brother and his safety and now he seemed to dismiss it. I know Dean has a lot on his mind too and he is also supposed to have a breakdown of his own – so maybe this is the beginning of it.

      • Mrs. Peele says:

        mistake on my post should read ‘He knew Sam WASN’T sleeping so why would he let him drive around by himself…..(sorry) ……

  9. Mrs. Peele says:

    I totally enjoyed tonight’s epis and was impressed how they worked the Cas character back into it. I often wondered how, after he supposedly exploded when the leviathans were released that we never saw any remains except for a completely altogether trench coat with no blood on it. I still don’t know how he ‘walked’ out of the water to be found by that girl who said ‘God’ told her to find him. I again liked the little ‘whoosh’ sound which seem to be Bobby’s spirit again helping Dean find the ‘right’ number to call for info. Cas’s inability to understand humor was still there. And the ending was unbelievable. I guess Meg is going to keep an eye on Cas to make sure Crowly’s demons won’t come for him. Jared did an excellent job with his torture tonight and must have been happy to be so casual in bed with pjs and not having to shave! Mark was great as always. And he was at his most vicious tonight. Glad to see Misha back and I hope it works out for him in the end.

  10. Dee says:

    It was a good episode.

    Totally felt bad for Sammy! Poor baby!

    Good to know he will be okay now.

  11. Carrie says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. It was well-written, I liked the music and there were some great effects. Is it just me, or did Sam/Jared look particularly foxy in this episode, even though he was losing his mind? Mark Pellegrino is hilarious as Lucifer. I felt so bad for Sam, but Lucifer cracks me up. I also felt really bad for Castiel in the end, but I’m sure the brothers will be back for him. It’s interesting to have Meg supposedly on their side. I wonder what her end game will be.

  12. Polly says:

    Mark Pellegrino deserves an Emmy for this episode :D

    • sueblue says:

      He needs a haircut though. Lucifer’s looking a little shaggy! Lol!
      And now that I’ve seen Mark’s work in this and Lost and that awful US remake of Being Human– his sexy, seductive irony that’s so dryly dead-on — I see him in everything now. This man works all the time…

  13. I’ve never gotten involved in the insanity of the fan war over Castiel. Never understood it, never cared to. Always loved him. He brought an awesome dynamic to the show. I thought tonight’s episode was a great way to bring him back. Made me realize how much I missed not only having him on the show, but how I’ve missed any familiar faces in general. I hope he comes back as a regular!

    That aside, is it just me, or was Meg’s portrayer just a horrible, horrible actress? I usually don’t even care too much about those kinds of things but it was so bad it just bothered me. She had only one type of delivery: bored snark. It could be cute the first three times or so, but 20 minutes later it’s just kind of lazy. I miss the original Meg. She was amazing. Also, the original Ruby. She was so freaking awesome. I was sad when she came back as Jared’s wife.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Obviously the current actress, Rachel Minor, is doing a good job as Meg or they could have had her morph into another body and another actress. The director makes the actor behave a certain way and ever since s.5 she has delivered her lines the same way basically. I like her. I also like Gen as Ruby. Katy Cassidy was very good too and softer but she got zapped. I was happy that Gen decided to be in ‘The French Mistake’ as Jared’s ‘wife’ – especially since they used actual wedding pictures! Also, since they were portraying the ‘real’ actors they really couldn’t use anyone but Gen since she is his wife. Each actress gives her own spin on a character but the director is still the one calling the shots. I couldn’t see anyone else playing Bobby or Crowley etc either. And Cas has to be Misha! LOL We all have our favorites and that’s great!

  14. Pamela says:

    Hi All:
    I agree with Garrett in that Meg did seem bored throughout the entire show. Her character was an absolutely horrible demon. Yet, she keeps coming back and back. How many times has she been killed anyway?

    Yes, I love Cas. The night he come on the show, I jumped right out of my soft and just started laughing – finally! They bring someone wonderful on the show. It was about time.

    I mean, you can’t have all evil without good, right?

    I think one of my favorite shows was when Dean went to the future. Best part of that show was Cas. Remember when he said: “Ok ladies, go wash up for our orgie?” I don’t remember ever laughing so hard. I can’t think of any actor who could play the part like Misha does. He really hits a home run every time (I think it’s in those soulful eyes) :).

    • Erin says:

      Meg has never been killed. She was exorcised once. Either exorcised or voluntarily smoked out before exorcism another time. Voluntarily smoked out to avoid being killed the next time we see her. And the last two times we saw her before last night she seemed to run away while the Winchester’s weren’t looking so they wouldn’t kill her. She’s a slippery one.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      I found Meg to be frightened in her own way certainly not bored. She is by herself which is what she told Dean and that’s why she wants to hook up with him or at least get out of Crowley’s radar – which I guess is what she is doing now as ‘Nurse Masters’. Meg is used to be in control and she is very anxious right now, I think. I love Cas too, once you get past what he did. I loved the fact that even though Cas had no memory of his past, he still acted the same, still didn’t understand what Dean says and still didn’t get the jokes. ‘Ok ladies, go wash up for our orgy’ one of his best lines. I’m sure the boys will try to help him out now as well so we can have more of our Cas.

  15. Tim says:

    Once again, a big let down…I’m moving on to another show. He’s an angel and they are goig to leave him in the crazy ward? Can’t afford a contract player anymore? Just end it while you still have some shine from S1-S6 left

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Sorry you feel that way Tim since so many really enjoyed this epis and found it to be one of the best. If you heard the dialogue from Dean at the end, this is the safest place for Cas right now. What do you think they could do with him? Dean couldn’t help Sam with his Hell memory problems how do you think he could help an Angel? Meg is there and watching I guess to keep Crowley at bay. Sam and Dean will not let Cas remain there and I’m sure they will look until they can find a ‘cure’ for him. Since ‘God’ seems to keep bringing him back, maybe some devine intervention will occur once again.

  16. GeeMa says:

    Loved this episode. Glad to have Cas back. Loved the redemption aspect when Cas took over Sam’s demons. I am wondering about Meg though. Could she get back in good with Crowley if she gives him Cas? For Crowley, it might be fun, profitable, useful, or whatever, having an angel around, even a broken one. I know, as a fan of Supernatural, it sure is fun having that angel around.

  17. hedie says:

    totally totally loved this episode! if we spare the whole hunting thing and Emanuel’s wife , the other story lines were awesome. returning of castiel was just great and misha collins did a great job acting as Emanuel . it was like its a new character but with some old and lovely habits of the old castiel , like when he said he cant ride a bike either or all that things were just awesome and folks! I’ve got to say MISHA COLLINS should be the number 1 actor in Hollywood biggest movies , he should work with greatest directors, the producers should just blow his phone up!!! he created over 4 versions of castiel in this one show and u can’t even say that they all the same! u just cant!
    i love this episode and damn yeah , cas did redeem himself , he couldn’t do so much better , and i was just wondering did the brothers know what situation he is in or not?! totally looking forward 4 next episodes! loved it.

  18. This was a brilliant episode with the writing and acting all top notch. I loved that Sam helped a girl solve a problem while he was slowly going insane. And I loved Cas coming back and making amends by taking Sam’s place with his mental torture. I hope we get to visit Cas occasionally in the hospital with Meg as his nurse. Meanwhile, it looks like Frank was eaten for dinner by Leviathans. I could live with or without Frank. I would love to have Bobby Singer back for good.

  19. sueblue says:

    Nobody really mentioned the floating business card — Bobby’s a ghost! Bobby’s a ghost!!! Yea!!!! — well, you know what i mean…

  20. Dan says:

    My favorite line of the entire episode is when at the end Dean states that they really have no friends….as they leave the closest thing to a best friend they have rotting in an institution from just saving Sam’s ass yet again.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Dan – Dean said they don’t have any friends because they are all DEAD and Cas didn’t save Sam’s ass again – CAS caused Sam’s problem. He broke the wall. Remember what Cas did the entire s.6? He lied, deceived worked with a demon and raised Sam from Hell but never bothered to tell him and also he knew something was ‘wrong’ with Sam – Did he go to Dean NO – did he tell Bobby NO all he did was lie and then ‘discover’ that Sam’s soul was missing! And then he goes on his ego kick and releases the leviathans which ultimately causes Bobby’s death, and breaks Sam’s wall. Did you forget all that?? Cas did the right thing when he remembered who he really was – his guilt and remorse and shame showed more human qualities than Angelic. I believe he has redeemed himself and he will heal. He absorbed too much too quickly from Sam’s damaged mind and crashed his computer. He needs to reboot. But please don’t make him innocent for he is not. He and the other Angels were the ones who started the entire story line to have the ‘fight’ between Michael and Lucifer. He only changed his mind after Dean got through to him but it was too late..

  21. Ella says:

    I’m just kindof waiting for Dean to actually WORDILY thank Castiel. For everything. His speech when he left Castiel in that psych ward was a complete and total slap in the face to both fans of the characters Dean and Castiel. It made Dean seem like a selfish, abrupt, heartless jerk, that he would leave his best friend in a place like that after his latest, massive sacrifice and then tell his brother that they had no friends. It was incredibly degrading to a wonderful friendship that has been built over the years. Gamble, 1. Fans of Supernatural, 0.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m so happy someone else feels this way!

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      Dean said they don’t have any friends because they are all DEAD and Cas caused Sam’s problem. He broke the wall. Remember what Cas did the entire s.6? He lied, deceived worked with a demon and raised Sam from Hell but never bothered to tell him and also he knew something was ‘wrong’ with Sam – Did he go to Dean NO – did he tell Bobby NO all he did was lie and then ‘discover’ that Sam’s soul was missing! And then he goes on his ego kick and releases the leviathans which ultimately causes Bobby’s death, and breaks Sam’s wall. Did you forget all that?? Cas did the right thing when he remembered who he really was – his guilt and remorse and shame showed more human qualities than Angelic. I believe he has redeemed himself and he will heal. He absorbed too much too quickly from Sam’s damaged mind and crashed his computer. He needs to reboot. But please don’t make him innocent for he is not. He and the other Angels were the ones who started the entire story line to have the ‘fight’ between Michael and Lucifer. He only changed his mind after Dean got through to him but it was too late..Dean would have thanked him but Cas reacted very quickly in order to save Sam.

  22. vaishali says:

    there is nothing left for the show. the whole apocalypse thing has faded. it was exciting wen the show was headed somewhere. i loved it till season 6 but now its getting stupid. i want to see god in the show now. it’ll be exciting den maybe. stop dragging and get a strong story-line. don just keep killing and resurrecting people and if you are so hell bent on doing that then do it for a purpose.

  23. skeet says:

    Its time for god to show up and use some of that wrath he is so famous far to get all the angles back in order!! You cant have the Devil without. God? I think the writers are scared to pertray god because of all the fans. Writers just remember IT JUST A T.V. SHOW!!Not the bible.i was disapointed that they said god just dont think it was his prolbem!!!why not say something like it has been written!! Because it has I know they deffently dont follow the bible.But we are talking about the creator here he does care or poof. Here come the fire and brimstone!!!!

  24. Gloria says:

    I am such an avid fan fan of the whole crew and the writers keep shoving out great stories that actually sync. Great job to cast, characters and ESP writers. !!

  25. Gloria says:

    Lol I was just going to refer to the cast of great characters and amazing writers . The writers of this show really deserve a lot more credit than they get, also the behind the scenes people getting stuff ready for actors/actresses can be a backbreaking job and I admire each and every one of you! Wonderful stories that just keep on going ( kinda like the energizer bunny)
    Keep the seasons going strong!