Is It Time to Close The Office? Is Supernatural Too Trigger-Happy? Liars 'A' Letdown? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother, 90210 and The Office!

1 | Does Supernatural have to kill everybody? OK, we don’t know that Frank’s gone for good, but that Jackson Pollock-esque blood splatter does not bode well.

2 | If Once Upon a Time‘s kiss between Charming and Snow could bring her loving memories back, then Chuck Bartowski’s smooch with Sarah must have worked too… right?

3 | Which of you Walking Dead viewers audibly squealed when Michonne showed up? And then cheered when the prison was revealed? And while AMC’s zombified Mad Men promos, we suppose, were clever-ish, aren’t they borderline mocking a prestige property?

4 | Was Pretty Little Liars‘ “A” reveal — It’s Mona! But she’s not alone! — kind of disappointing? And really, Hanna — taking a shower in a creepy remote motel, at night, during a storm?

5 | Do the good folks of Smash know that it’s 2012, and that a gay man who enjoys watching sports is not as rare a sighting as the Yeti? And does Ellis just wait in rooms, hoping to overhear something scandalous?

6 | So what do we think: Will How I Met Your Mother‘s Quinn turn out to be Barney’s bride? And how great were the college clones?

Spoiler Alert! Bones Birth Video! Suburgatory Twist! Mad Men Scoop! Walking Dead Chatter!

Dancing With the Stars William Levy7 | Given the, er, heated response to William Levy’s Dancing With the Stars debut, ABC has to have already signed him to some kind of deal to keep him on the airwaves for the 2012-2013 season, right?

8 | What’s with the wretched edits being given to a number of The Voice‘s Battle Rounds winners? Arrogant Erin Martin was this week’s worst offender, but Charlotte Sometimes, Juliet Simms and Pip haven’t exactly been portrayed as the types the voting public will be willing to get behind, either.

9 | Any theories as to why Willam was disqualified from RuPaul’s Drag Race?

10 | Did anyone else find themselves surprisingly verklempt by Gillian Zinser’s heart-wrenching performance this week as 90210‘s grief-stricken Ivy?

11 | Why can’t Ringer allow Henry to grow a pair — and then keep them?! He finally kicked the scheming Siobhan to the curb this week, only to take her back 10 seconds later. And then he entrusted her with his murder confession!

12 | Which dancing was best: Cougar Town‘s stepping or Vampire Diaries‘ Damon and Sage getting their groove on?

13 | Which was your favorite sex alternative on New Girl‘s chalkboard? (Ours: “Watch Friday Night Lights.”) And who do we thank for Dermot Mulroney’s most-charming-to-date performance in anything?

14 | How fun was the way General Hospital handled the initial scenes between onetime Port Charles lovebirds Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco? “Don’t I know you?!” “You seem so familiar!” Priceless.

15 | It’s the question on every One Tree Hill fan’s mind: Do you think Dan Scott was successfully redeemed by the time of his heart wrenching death? And while it was nice to see Keith back in Tree Hill High’s halls, was there a moment that felt more earned than Haley and Nathan’s long-awaited reunion?

16 | Isn’t it time American Idol‘s Nigel Lythgoe notified Randy Jackson that when he follows J.Lo and Steven, he need not always begin his critique with a variation on “Echoing my fellow judges…”?

17 | Happy Endings‘ Max goes from being hot-n-heavy with James Wolk to lusting after… Bobby Moynihan? Whiplash! And how is it possible that the consistently hilarious comedy failed to make us laugh once this week?

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on House, Grey’s, Once Upon a Time, Good Wife, Nikita and More

18 | How displacing is it to have Friday Night Lights‘ Jesse Plemons on Bent, where the lead character’s name is Riggins?

19 | Coincidence that Jaclyn Smith’s CSI kidnapper had Farrah hair? And while it was awesome to see Hodges save the day, who wouldn’t have liked to see Mom bust out some Kelly Garrett-era karate moves?

20 | When is The Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie going to get a good storyline?

21 | Does Secret Circle‘s Charles come off a bit less evil ever since his haircut? Also, a question for mischievous Melissa: What if Diana wasn’t wearing a bra while haggling with the cop?

22 | Isn’t it a bit jarring how much Community’s Britta looked like “white” Michael Jackson? Finally, have any Human Beings reviewed all of our recent Community scoop and tried to piece together what Chang and his little minions might be plotting?

23 | If NBC is going to keep double-pumping 30 Rock, why not just bring back Parks and Recreation, or end The Office early? Speaking of which, how does The Office‘s search for a new showrunner, combined with Mindy Kaling’s exit, John Krasinski likely going part time, Rainn Wilson peeling off for a spin-off and Ed Helms out booking guest star gigs not add up to the show simply calling it a day and making this the final season?

24 | Wouldn’t Awake‘s babysitter twist have tracked better if her “red” life had derailed upon learning that onetime ward Rex had tragically died?

25 | Anyone catch the disdain on Isaac Mizrahi’s face when guest judge Tommy Hilfiger praised the commercial nature of Michael’s final Project Runway All-Stars collection? Does Isaac need reminding that he’s designed for no less a commercial entity as Target?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I doubt Quinn is going to end up with Barney on HIMYM. It’s too obvious at this point, and the show seems to love twists this season! I agree, Bonnie’s story on the Vampire Diaries was boring … but I’m not a huge fan of her character to begin with. Yeah, I don’t know why they keep playing 30 Rock back-to-back, except that they have a lot of episodes to play before the season ends? I’d much rather have had a Parks and Rec at 9, especially since I didn’t think either episode was that funny.

    • Brendan says:

      I’m kind of reading it as a double bluff at this point. Quinn as the bride is so obvious that you dismiss it, they play it that way as they lead you down another path, and then at the end they twist back her way. Can’t put my finger on why I’m picking that up, but that’s the feeling I get from watching the episodes.

    • Susan says:

      I think of it more as Quinn will be the bride, but he’ll marry Robin. He’ll be standing at the front of the altar he’ll look out at the guests and see Robin.

      • But since the wedding isn’t likely to take place until the end of NEXT season (ie, 2013) it doesn’t make sense to keep Quinn around that long if they’re just planning to have Barney dump her at the altar. Unless they’re planning another wedding for the end of this season, which seems far too rushed.

    • lorna says:

      Don’t like Sage- she can go and take Meredith with her, and Abby too for that matter. Farewell Dan Scott, you will be missed, A was a letdown- Mona was the first A in the books, ummm super behind on Spn so no comments on that.

  2. debbie says:

    Could you please tell me if the lying games are going to be renewed or if it is canceled

  3. Melanie says:

    26. Glee has used Dave Karofsky for major plot twists, written him some of their most poignant and talked-about scenes, entrusted him with both their highest-rated episode and their most hard-hitting social message … so WHY isn’t Max Adler a series regular? (Really. Has anyone got an answer to this one?)

  4. RachelA says:

    Oh and yes, Supernatural is WAAAAAAY too trigger happy. Killing people off stops losing it’s weight and poignancy when you do it to darn near every character.

    • Ari says:

      I live that they are trigger happy. I think it is very true to the lifestyle that Sam & Dean live. They fight monsters. Daily. Their friends fight monsters. People are going to die. It’s much better than shows that never kill any of their characters.

    • BJHogan7 says:

      24 did that left and right for it’s first 5 seasons, granted it did go downhill from there, but it did survive for another 3 years

  5. Lary says:

    My opinion about The Office? If Ed leaves the show must go on. Really, I don’t understand how he could be the boss, he’s not funny…Andy ad boss was the worst choice ever.

    • Chrispy says:

      He thinks he’s so funny and adorable with his little songs and dance moves. In reality, he’s painfully unfunny, and has these enormous, fake-looking horseteeth. Every time he opens his mouth, he looks like The Grinch.

    • Dl says:

      Agreed but I liked his character in the Office not as the boss. What they need is Steve Carell(Spelling?) and no one has filled his shoes. This new english manager is HORRIBLE I’d rather see Andy! The cast is perfect it works SO well but we need another Steve Carell or BETTER

  6. jessica says:

    the office should just end now, it’s been on a downhill this whole season…

    • Susan says:

      It’s been going downhill for awhile now, probably why Steve Carell jumped ship, he knew he could do better.

  7. Lisa says:

    Yes. Supernatural is WAY too trigger happy. Even with the return of Castiel this week, it doesn’t make up for the fact that they _have_ gone to the well too often to dump a body. If, as we have mostly been told, Cas is no longer even Cas, then that doesn’t really count as resurrecting him for me. Jim Beaver’s last episode was a master acting class and it was one of the best episodes of the series, but Bobby’s death took more away from the Supernatural palette than it added to this year’s storyline. At this point, I simply don’t get invested in any new characters – I just expect them to die – and that’s not a good way for any show to generate on-going interest. I’m also getting a bit tired of waiting for Dean to actually be allowed to break down – it’s at the point now where he has been betrayed by/and or lost so many people that it’s ridiculous that there has been so little attention paid to how that plays out – we just keep putting off or avoiding the toll it has to be taking. No one just gets over that much.

  8. Tom says:

    Did you even watch Once Upon A Time? The kiss between Charming and Snow didn’t bring her memories back.

    • lady.lightning says:

      Do YOU even watch Once Upon a Time? The kiss brought back her loving memories after she drank the memory-forgetting potion. That was in fairy-tale land, not “reality.”

    • Marie says:

      Did YOU watch Once Upon A Time? The first one didn’t but the second one did!

      • Anna says:

        She had to remember who she was for true love’s kiss to work so that is probably why their kisses in Storybrook aren’t breaking any spells.. they don’t remember their true selves.

  9. Jessie says:

    I actually think The Office was better this year than it’s been for the past couple of years. I think the show found a new energy this year, and really hit its stride in the last six episodes or so. I’m really enjoying it at the minute. I’d love them to do at least one more season to finish off some of the characters’ stories. I’d like to see Jim and Pam move into better careers, for example.

    • Ryan says:

      Absolutely agree that it’s been better this year, but it’s really sounding like next year may be the last.

    • Ari says:

      I think The Office got a lot better toward the end of the season (Christmas-ish), but it took half the season to find that groove. I’d like to see The Office get a 12 episode final season to wrap it up and then send it into the wind.

  10. Emily says:

    13. “Fold it. Don’t hang it.”

  11. TV Girl. says:

    20. I don’t think Bonnie will ever get a good story line. I feel like they don’t know what to do with her character, kind of like Tara on TB. Give Bonnie something beside helping Elena, then getting to pay a heavy price for it.

    9. Maybe Willam was taking some sort of estrogen pills or pills of some kind. Just seemed so out of the blue to kick him of the show. I watch the Untucked after the show, everyone complained how Willam broke the rules but never said what rule was broken.

    • Annie Wilson says:

      There is so much they could do with Bonnie’s character the show runner just wants to give it all to Caroline

    • Jenn C says:

      I really loved Bonnie and Jeremy together. I’ve read a lot of negativity online toward them as a pair, but I thought they had great chemistry together, so I was really disappointed when they split up. I actually thought their pairing during season 2 was a delightful surprise that made the season more enjoyable (that, plus I really liked her going after Klaus at the end of the season) But I agree that she seems to be brought out simply when the main gang needs a witch to do their dirty work. I’ve enjoyed this season a lot, but I do miss some of the original gang, there have been so many new characters that people we love like Bonnie and Caroline even, don’t seem to be much of a focus. And for God’s sake, Elena needs to lighten up, what a downer she’s become! I realize she’s gone through a lot, but she never smiles at all anymore, she just seems so miserable to be around.

      • Ari says:

        Yes Bonnie just appears when they need magic done and it makes it look like they are just using her for her witchcraft. I wish they would integrate her or write her out completely. If they integrate her they really need to overhaul her personality. She’s kind of a downer.

  12. Mark P says:

    I hope hope hope that Robin is Barney’s bride. Because if not, I’ll be really mad.

    The Office must end. now. before it’s too late.

    Supernatural is just… bad this season. They should’ve ended this 2 seasons ago :(

  13. kd says:

    The Office should have ended three seasons ago. Let it go and for pete sake’s bring back Parks & Recs!

  14. dee says:

    25. Target? Forget Target. Target is Saks compared to . . . . . QVC, where Isaac also sells his clothes.
    Yes, Isaac Mizrahi sells on the same network that sells sweaters with ducks on them.
    Get off your high horse, girlfriend.

  15. Lucy says:

    Is it time for Matt Czuchry to leave “The Good Wife”? Seriously, I loved the character, Cary was my favourite, but no storyline and no screentime are killing it and it doesn’t look like the writers are planning anything better for those future episodes or for the next season. I think the character was so successful mostly because Czuchry brought so much more to the table: he’s not just a pretty face and another actor would have made this character dull and be done with in the first season. And it was a pleasure watching him to improve his acting skills: working with a such great cast was his best acting school. But they can’t keep him in the waiting room for ever.And he can’t do miracles with the screentime and the material he was given that season. I think It’s time to fly, little bird.

  16. Jane says:

    Thank GOD someone mentioned Bonnie should have a better storyline! I wish the TV Line gang would ask Julie Plec why has she written Bonnie in the backseat and so poorly this season. She acts like Bonnie’s an afterthought.

  17. Dr. Bombay says:

    Happy Endings didn’t make you laugh this week? To each his own, but I find myslef not laughing at that show whenever I tune in. I know it’s the new “IT” show but I find it painfully unfunny…they’re all trying way too hard…

    • I feel like Happy Endings is both too zany, and at the same time, it’s just not different enough.

    • TheTMNTFan says:

      I thought Happy Endings had some pretty funny moments this week… the bully stuff didn’t do that much for me and that was the main story, but that cold opening about Max going to the gym was hilarious.

    • Ari says:

      I don’t watch Happy Endings, I’ve tried a few times but find myself mostly annoyed with the characters. I feel like it is the kind of show you need to grit your teeth and sit through some episodes to get to know the characters before you will find it funny. The problem is it is SO like that at this point that they expect you to already know the characters so you can’t learn to love it.

      • tripoli says:

        Agreed. I really tried to get into it after hearing so many times that it’s so funny. But it’s just not. I didn’t laugh once, not even remotely. It’s just not as good as people make it out to be.

  18. Simon says:

    I think the office should come back for one more shortened season in the fall concluding with a Christmas special finale. Just like the original Bitish Office ended with a Christmas special. The office Christmas parties are always funny. Also you can have Michael Scott and Holly return for the party because no matter what Steve Carrell needs to come back do the finale. Then in the new year the Dwight spinoff could fill The Office time slot!!!

    • Matthew says:

      Agreed 100% do a short 13 or 14 (an Hour long series finale) 9th and final season and come mid-January or something break out The Farm aka Dwight spin-off I think that’s what they are calling it for now while its in production.

    • Melody says:

      I agree with everything here. They need to finish up the characters’ stories, spin-off with Dwight and Angela starting a life together with the baby on the farms, and Steve Carell absolutely needs to come back for the show’s finale. It really bugs me that they’ve only mentioned him once since he left. Who does that? When someone leaves a place, everyone spends every minute of every day comparing it to how it used to be (which is probably why they haven’t mentioned him, but still!). I think it would be perfect for the show to have a 6 episode final season like it did initially, and finish with a Christmas special. Definitely would work! I mean, they should have just ended it when Michael Scott left. In my heart, that’s the real ending of the show, and the rest of it is just like a weird dream.

  19. Mrs. Peele says:

    Robert Singer, Sera Gamble and everyone else has said that this season the brothers were going to have to fight on their own w/o everyone or everything they have taken for granted in the past. They even lost Baby aka The Impala who is as much a series regular and any living, breathing person. Bobby’s ‘spirit’ may still be with us; Cas is now morphed into an unknown faith healer who has no memory of being an Angel; Meg the dastardly demon queen who has survived longer than any other recurring character on the show, is now ‘making nice’ with the Winchesters who at one point she wanted dead (because of her fear of Crowley I guess she is going to the other side). Sam is slipping fast in tonight’s epis and Dean is also supposed to have his own meltdown. I don’t believe Frank is dead. This man is the epitome of conspiracy theory and paranoid issues. I think he would have known that breaking a major fire wall into the enemy camp would lead them back to him. I just don’t see him as being that unaware. I think it was staged and he will eventually contact the boys. I was just getting used to his annoying banter and comments, so I don’t want to think of him as ‘gone’ just yet. The levis need to be taken out – maybe by the cancer gene we were told they were trying to find a ‘cure’ for. Or a ‘carrier’ bug that can infect all of them by contact or the group as a whole. It should be interesting to see how the levis are dealt with. Unless there is some magical incantation that can ‘Pied Piper’ them all back to Purgatory no matter where they are. We shall see….But I do want to have something wrapped up this season if we will indeed have a s.8. Sam’s Hell is taking too long – Dean went to Hell and very little time was spent on that. I know Lucifer is a much bigger deal and I love seeing Mark Pelligrino, but we have to end this.

  20. Lissa says:

    I wouldn’t call the Supernatural PTB “trigger happy”, I’d call them sadistic. Death lost its value on that show a long, long time ago!

  21. Drew says:

    Supernatural is a show about war. People die in war. Especially when they don’t have a full army and they have no idea how to fight the enemy. It’s been made clear over the years that none of them should expect a long and happy life. The fact that Bobby lasted that long was a miracle… literally, considering that he’s already died before and was brought back. People dying is nothing new to the show. It’s just that now, they aren’t being brought back, as they usually have before.
    I didn’t love the episode where Bobby was shot. The editing was weird and his being shot made no sense. But in terms of storyline, taking everything away from Sam and Dean (the two main characters) has been very interesting. I could complain about some of the storyline issues this year, but that element of the constant loss is a strong story to play. The fact that it doesn’t make fans happy doesn’t mean that it’s bad writing.

    And about Frank… any good conspiracy theorist knows that you’re supposed to bottle up some of your own blood and keep it stored just in case you have to fake your own murder scene at some point. Doy! As for where he is, I don’t know. Maybe this is an “Atlas Shrugged” situation where people are disappearing for a very specific reason.

  22. Carmichael says:

    2 | If Once Upon a Time‘s kiss between Charming and Snow could bring her loving memories back, then Chuck Bartowski’s smooch with Sarah must have worked too… right?
    Of course it did, it’s too depressing otherwise
    3 | Which of you Walking Dead viewers audibly squealed when Michonne showed up? And then cheered when the prison was revealed?
    Didn’t squeal or cheer but both are high up there on my awesome scale. Michonne had one of the best entrances of all time, short of River Tam’s
    6 | So what do we think: Will How I Met Your Mother‘s Quinn turn out to be Barney’s bride? And how great were the college clones?
    I’m still not sure if Quinn’s gonna be the future Mrs. Stinson, I think that bit was a put up to get us off the trail. My money’s still on Robin, but if they want to through Becky Newton in full time, I won’t complain. As for the college clones, that was a fun sight for sure
    17 | Happy Endings‘ Max goes from being hot-n-heavy with James Wolk to lusting after… Bobby Moynihan? Whiplash! And how is it possible that the consistently hilarious comedy failed to make us laugh once this week?
    I highly doubt Max was thinking with his brain there. As for the lack of laughs, I have two words: Barry Kripke. My dislike of him has carried over to all characters John Ross Bowie plays
    22 | Isn’t it a bit jarring how much Community’s Britta looked like “white” Michael Jackson? Finally, have any Human Beings reviewed all of our recent Community scoop and tried to piece together what Chang and his little minions might be plotting?
    She did pull it off quite well, but Seacrest Hulk and Faux-by/Faux-Pelton JP Manoux stole the cake. As for Chang, we’re going for a Red Dawn type assault here I have a feeling.
    23 | If NBC is going to keep double-pumping 30 Rock, why not just bring back Parks and Recreation, or end The Office early? Speaking of which, how does The Office‘s search for a new showrunner, combined with Mindy Kaling’s exit, John Krasinski likely going part time, Rainn Wilson peeling off for a spin-off and Ed Helms out booking guest star gigs not add up to the show simply calling it a day and making this the final season?
    if Krasinski wants to go part time, and Wilson does leave, it really won’t be the same. Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Michael were the driving force of the early success, with half of them gone and a third only around we’ve gone from the bright lights of Vegas to the tackiness of Branson.

    • Aiden says:

      I was going to answer these questions, but I found your comment and realized I was gonna say the exact same thing. Ditto on everything. Especially the Chuck/OUAT, HIMYM, Community, and The Office answers.

      To add more on the Chuck Q, I’m thankful TVLine finds a way to insert a few Chuck-related bits here and there. Makes the transition to the show ending slightly less depressing knowing the it didn’t just disappear out of thin air. I think there’s a consensus about the finale now, too. The kiss worked, be it instantly or a few months from the beach,
      Chuck and Sarah = happy ending. Period

  23. Drew says:

    Oh, and on “Awake”, Rex would have only died a short time before. Having some babysitter who knew him 12 years ago completely fall apart because he died would have made no sense at all.

  24. emtk says:

    General Hospital is getting better and better with the One Life To Live characters on it! Michael Easton/John McBain is fantastic in everything he does! He’s terrific with Sam – great moments!

    • Helen says:

      Totally loving General Hospital with new writers! The addition of the One Life to Live characters has greatly contributed to the new buzz about the show. Love how John McBain and Sam keep looking at each other with the deja vu vibe!!!!!

  25. Liz says:

    I was a little disappointed with Mona being A. After they said that A in the books wouldn’t necessarily be the same person in the show, and hinting towards her being A for most of the episode, I just kind of wanted it to be someone more shocking than her.

  26. Rach says:

    Of course Sarah got her memories back!! Sssh in my head they are living happily ever after expecting a child and working in the cyber terrorism biz with Carmichael industries. Regardless thou she wants them back and to trust chuck so it all works out it just might take some time…sorry I’m still missing chuck if ya can’t tell already.
    Delighted by the end of the walking dead more so that they have finally left the boring stagnant farm that dragged this season to a standstill could have done with losing a few more irritating or pointless characters thou like gail and lorie but I’ll take what I can get.

    The office: it hasn’t been an altogether horrible season but nor can I pick out any hilarious moments in it its become a lot more ensemble which I like but I think it’s time to end, the shadow of Michael Scott is too big to move past ..(that’s what she said). I’d love a Christmas special like someone mentioned where they all go to Michael and holly’s wedding or meet up at the team sports retreat thing.

  27. Anna says:

    11. Ringer’s characters are all over the place! Not a single one of them is consistent so why would Henry be any different?
    15. I don’t think Dan was redeemed but the fact that he was trying to change at least made it easier for Nathan to get some closure.
    21. Charles is a wimp. I don’t get how he went from being so bad that he killed Cassie’s mom to being pushed around.

  28. Angela says:

    #7: Hahaha, YES. No kidding. That guy ain’t going anywhere for a while, I don’t think.
    #16: I think there’s a lot of things the judges could be notified to do/say differently, quite frankly. Here’s my question about Randy: why does he say “dude” when he’s talking to female contestants?
    #22: It was VERY spooky, indeed. Hilarious, but spooky. And I can’t even begin to guess what exactly will be in store regarding Chang, but I’m assuming it has to do with the pillowfort wars. And that it won’t end well for somebody. Or everybody.
    #23: Agreed. I think it’s getting to the end for that series.

  29. Human Being says:

    3. Those promos made me laugh my butt off, but I do have a feeling they were not exactly sanctioned by Matt Weiner. He takes his show extremely seriously. I am excited for Mad Men’s return. So so excited, that I’m going to DVR the double episodes on Sunday and save them to watch on Monday, because Monday is my birthday, and I simply must have a Mad Men return and Don Draper as my birthday presents.

    22. I have to admit, when I first heard she would be impersonating Michael Jackson, I didn’t think the show would be able to pull it off, but holy crap….It just makes me wonder though, how the heck did Dan Harmon or Gillian Jacobs ever figure out that similarity? I never would have noticed it until they put that wig and sunglasses on her.

    23. I had no idea Tobey was the Office showrunner. That’s interesting to hear. I guess that’s why we saw him so little on the show. And for 30 Rock, I briefly wondered that about the double episodes too, but I think they are double pumping (that sounds so dirty to say) because the show started so late in the season and now they are just playing catch up to get it to end in on time in May.

  30. Kevin says:

    1. YES!!!! The show has killed off WAYYYY to many good characters. Yes the show is about the winchesters, but the writing has gotten so uninspired that they rehash the same old animosities between the bros that they NEED other characters to play off of to stay fresh.

    Same goes for Bones, the strength of that show is how the main characters play off teh the supporting ones and they have mostly forgotten that.

  31. Marco says:

    5. Still better than Glee, which seems to think that ‘Straight Gays’ are unnatural and that Camp Gays are the only kind of gay male, not to mention their ideas about lesbians.

  32. Andy says:

    17. You mustve been on some downer pills. When Max declared that Penny noticed he was dressed as James Brolin and they both did a giddy little hug. You must be stone cold, my friend

  33. 6) The writers of HIMYM are just trying to lead us down the wrong path. It is way to obvious that Quinn is Barney’s bride. There has to be a twist! But remember what Quinn said in the last episode? She said that the only way she’ll ever quit stripping is by “getting married”. So maybe that’s why Barney marries her. Honestly, I loved Barney and Robin together and I’m still hoping Robin’s the bride!

    10) Yes! I loved how Gillian performed on this week’s episode of 90210. And I can’t believe Raj dies! Aww, I liked him!

    20) You just read our minds! Bonnie should be given a good story line! Of course, I understand that right now, the writers of The Vampire Diaries are concentrating on the whole Original Family thing, weird and confused Stefan and the whole Damon-Elena thing but they shouldn’t forget about the other characters. First off, they broke up Bonnie and Jeremy up. Then, they ended the whole Bonnie fighting Klaus thing. Right now, she’s just helping Elena and her estranged mother Abby. This just makes Bonnie look like a helping hand. I love TVD but I’d like to see everyone get a good story line!

  34. airhead says:

    4. Sigh. I think deep down, we all knew that they would do something like this

    5. If Ellis DOES just wait in rooms, how does he just always magically seem to be in the right rooms every time? Creepy much?

    13. Change your email password

    20. Speaking of TVD, was anyone else expecting Jeremy to be doing something suss after he hung up with Elena?

    23. Not sure why they keep showing back to back episodes of 30 rock, but it’s starting to really bug me, because it also means double doses of Hazel and I just can’t stand her. She is fast rising on my list of the most annoying characters on TV right now, but Ellis is still #1

  35. line says:

    I can’t believe they ACTUALLY killed Dan Scott, he “died” so many times on that show, you can’t just kill Dan Scott… I can’t quite believe he’s acutally dead!!!

  36. papoila says:

    2. Of course ! And if it didn’t, they’ll get there somehow (really, make a movie or something), like Mary Margaret and David Nolan will.

  37. Jennifer says:

    Did you actually WATCH Awake? The whole point of Kate falling apart because of her sister and not because of Rex’s death was it happened YEARS AGO. We only know Rex’s death happened “recently”. Kate lost her sister years before in both worlds, not just in Rex’s, that’s why her opposite transformations were so important.

  38. JBS says:

    #6: First off, the college clones were great!! An added bonus to a pretty solid episode overall.

    Now IMO, it seems so obvious that the bride will be Quinn… that it most likely won’t be her. There’s something about HIMYM that gives me a feeling that the writers will throw in another twist or 2 this season and at the end of it all, the bride will be Robin and she will become Barney’s wife (which is fine with me, because I do like them together.)

    Now if the bride isn’t Quinn, is there any conceivable way to alter the storyline without pissing off loyal fans so she could be the mother? It would definitely be a shocker, but it could work if pulled off correctly by the showrunners. Plus, Quinn is a great character who, given enough time, could have chemistry with Ted.

  39. freebirdus says:

    Am I imagining things or wasn’t Kate pregnant when Fairly Legal ended last season? Did I miss something?

  40. Loni says:

    Just had to say how much I loved #2! Yes, it has to be!

  41. Aries says:

    20.) Yes, bonnie does need a better storyline, they just use her for her witchcraft. Im tired of her being used.