Exclusive: ABC Prepping Early Renewals for Grey's, Castle, Revenge, Once and 5 Others

ABC is on the verge of issuing formal early renewals to nearly a dozen scripted series, including freshman hits Once Upon a Time and Revenge and established players Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.

Although an ABC rep declined to comment, TVLine has learned that the network’s prelim pickup list also includes Castle, Suburgatory, Last Man Standing, Happy Endings, The Middle.

Cougar Town and Private Practice, meanwhile, remain question marks. Ditto midseason entries GCB and Missing. (The fate of Private Practice, ironically, likely hinges on the ratings performance of another Shonda Rhimes drama, the soon-to-debut Scandal.)

Considered long-shots for next fall are Body of Proof, Pan Am and (the possibly Netflix-bound) The River, although a final decision probably won’t come down on those fence-riders until the May upfronts. If cut loose, they would join the already-axed Charlie’s Angels, Man Up and Work It.

The Grey’s renewal comes as ABC continues to negotiate new deals with original castmembers Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson.

For the latest pickups/cancellations, bookmark TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard!

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  1. theycallmetater says:

    I really hope they bring Cougar Town back. I love that show. My son will be very disappointed if the River goes to DirecTV since we just switched to Verizon FIOS last year.

  2. brittany says:

    CASTLE!!!!! <3

  3. Chris says:

    I’d like to see Body of Proof stick around…The River was Awful.

    • Amanda says:

      i actually thought the river picked up more towards the end — i’d like to see it given a second chance, i’m just not sure what i’d be ok seeing it take the place of.

    • Linda says:

      I too hope ABC will keep Body of Proof. It is better than any of the midseason replacements.

    • corrine says:

      I am with you… I think it’s a good show. It really goes into how a mom can handle job and family

      • greysfan says:

        Yeah i agree. Body of Proof is great and this weeks episode was a cracker. The show deserves more but i have a bad feeling about it unfortunately.

    • Michele Scott says:

      I too like Body of Proof. I think it is well done. I never thought much about “The River” either. My favorites though are Castle and Grey’s Anatomy.

  4. JJ says:

    Ahh Cougar Town NEEDS to be renewed!!!!!!!!!!

  5. fletch says:

    The River is possibly DirecTV bound? No longer possibly Netflix bound?

  6. D'Arcy says:

    Was a bit disappointed in HE’s ratings the other night but it all doesn’t matter if it gets renewed!

  7. Melanie says:

    Any buzz on Shawn Ryan’s pilot, Last Resort? Gotta say the pics they’re tweeting of the shoot look amazing! Really want to see this one picked up!

  8. mia says:

    Awesome news! I’ve been really pleased with ABC this season.

    Once, Revenge, and Suburgatory are my favourites of the new shows. And Castle is consistently awesome.

    Here’s holding out for a CougarTown renewal!!! Come on ABC!!!

    Also wouldn’t mind seeing GCB renewed, its surprisingly enjoyable. Ditto for Missing.

    Looking forward to Scandal.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I am really hoping Cougar Town gets another season. I love that show. I hope Private Practice gets cancelled though. I’d love to see Kate Walsh on a better show, one with good writing.

  10. fotreya says:

    ONCE UPON A TIME please! Best new tv show!

  11. kop says:

    Please ABC,Bring Cougar Town back!!! #sixseasonsandamovie

  12. A says:

    I just want another season of Private Practice. But I’m deathly afraid that isn’t going to happen.

    • Lex says:

      Hopfully if they do not renew Private Practice, they can switch Kate Walsh back over to Grey’s Anatomy. Truth is that while I have liked Addison’s character development on Private Practice, I prefer it when she is working with the characters on Grey’s

  13. M. says:

    Can’t wait for the official renewal of Castle!!!

    • KimR says:

      Me either!! :) I actually thought they already did, but I guess that was a rumor surrounding PaleyFest… oh well, a still early renewal will be awesome too :)

      Go Caskett!!

  14. Katy says:

    I love Private Practice. I really hope it gets renewed!

  15. I’m surprised Happy Endings is already on the pickup list, but I think it’s a decent-enough show that deserves to stay. They should probably find a new timeslot for it, though. It just seems so out-of-place among the otherwise family-oriented Wednesday shows. And I’d like them to renew Pan Am, but mostly because it was just fluffy and fun Sunday evening viewing!

    • Ari says:

      I’m really upset that Happy Endings is on a pick up list when it is pulling the same numbers Cougar Town was last year and Cougar Town was benched for nine months. ABC, do the right thing and renew Cougar Town.

      • Kay says:

        Happy Endings is the best!!
        Why bash it?

      • Khadejiacat says:

        Happy Endings leaves a lot to be desired to me. I can’t relate to the any of the supposed humor here. I find the characters highly annoying. Especially the token black guy on the show.

    • Mike says:

      Why the ratings are good for HE, and it fits on WEdnesdays

  16. dude says:

    YAY for Revenge and Happy Endings! My favourite ABC shows! I hope GCB is renewed as well.

  17. TeresaLaw says:

    I sure hope Patrick Dempsey,Ellen Pompeo and Sandre Oh stay non Greys Anatomy.In my eyes they make the show what it is.I do hope Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo Become new parents of their own baby.And Derek treats Meredith Better.Its like they changed roles.He used to treat her like a great wife,surgeon and Mother.Now you never know what mood hes gonna be in.But please stay all of you.Your loved by everyone.T.

    • Lila says:

      Meredith and Derek are already new parents to their own baby, her name is Zola. Maybe you’ve met her?

      Gotta say, you intense shippers creep me out with your hatred of adoption and insistence that the only type of child is a biological one

      • tripoli says:


      • Jen says:

        I’m not sure the poster meant it the way you took it but I could be mistaken. I think she meant to imply a biological baby would be a great addition to, not instead of, their adopted baby. I hope so at least. Of course Zola is Their baby. I wasn’t a fan initially of the adoption only because their fertility story was so glossed over, not because one is better than the other. But they showed a tentative and unsure Meredith in the beginning and she slowly became more involved. Great acting by all and the twins (?) ,who play Zola, are the cutest babies on TV! I think Derek would love more children because he came from a large family. As for Meredith, she was raised as a lonely only child, and appears to want a house full of whatever. There are a lot of intense ships for most couples on GA , so as an admitted intense Mer/Der shipper, please don’t lump us all together. I consider Zola to be their child in every sense, but would still love them to have a biological baby too and even more adopted (they both have a habit of adopting strays) children. Totally crazy with their work schedules, but this is TV land and not real life.

  18. llws says:

    They can’t cancel Private Practice…the season is far from being over. What they need to cancel is Greys! Let’s move on from that. If they are going to cancel PP….can they at least give it a proper season to end.

    • Meghan says:

      Totally Totally AGREE!!!!

    • Sam says:

      I can’t take your comment seriously when you have to bash one show to prop your show up.

    • Lucia says:

      Sorry, but PP’s ratings can never match up to Greys, which has consistently won or tied for the lead in its time slot at 9 p.m. Thursdays in the coveted 18-49 demo. That is the name of the game in the network business. The Mentalist usually beats Private Practice every week.

  19. Bobbi says:

    Would love to see Private Practice and Body of Proof added to the renewed list.

  20. rod says:

    So glad about Happy Endings it has been constantly awesome this season, this was the year of Penny indeed

    • Dan says:

      Love me my Happy Endings… so glad it’s coming back. Going to be so sad when it disappears in a few weeks :( Not going to be watching the B- in Apt. 23 :(

  21. Kourt says:

    Castle. Castle. Castle <3

  22. Bonny says:

    I loved “The River”. It was good throughout the whole season. I hope it comes back.

  23. Seon says:

    Yay Castle!!!

  24. Linderella says:

    I’m very happy about Castle and Grey’s but sure hope they find room to add Private Practice to the list. If not, please send Addison back to Seattle Grace!!!

  25. mery charlotte says:

    Castle always!! best show in TV. and Grey´s Anatomy with Ellen and Patrick

  26. mare says:

    Private Practice has to come back! No negotiation! It has almost great ratings as Revenge, which is a starter show!?? They don’t have enough time to conclude the story in this few episodes!

    • Meghan says:

      I totally agree with you! To me, I feel like the 6 or so episodes left are definitely not sufficient enough to tie up lose ends. They definitely need another season!!!!

      *fingers crossed and prayers being said*

  27. I’m hoping that GCB has enough viewers to be renewed. It’s the funniest new show on television!

  28. Kat says:

    CASTLE. They have to bring it back. It’ll be foolish not to.

    • Tania says:

      They really don’t have to, but ABC *will* foolishly bring the incredibly dreadful Castle back.

      • Tania's Lesbian Lover says:

        I agree sweetheart!! I hope they put on the show you wrote to replace it. OMG you are so talented and funny xoxoxox

      • KT says:

        “incredibly dreadful”? That must be the new phrase for “consistently awesome”. Dreadful shows don’t win People’s Choice Awards or get invited to PaleyFest. And they certainly don’t make it four seasons on the air.

        • Human Being says:

          Are you kidding me? Dreadful shows and movies win people’s choice awards all the time. It is the world’s biggest joke of an awards show. I would watch the MTV movie awards before I would watch that crapfest! I don’t even know or care what PaleyFest is, nor do I want to know or care. Terrible shows also make it four seasons all the time, just look at Jersey Shore. People will always be willing to sit down and watch whatever crap is put in front of them on the TV. I’m sorry, but you Castle fans…you guys made me glad I ran screaming in terror from the second season of that show. My lifelong crush on Nathan Fillion couldn’t even keep me watching it.

          • rubytu says:

            I tend to agree with Human Being — there’s a lot of carp on tv (no offense to carps). Good shows get cancelled and carp stays on. Rubicon for example, loved it, it’s gone. That was so disappointing. I’ve become amazed when a show I like actually makes it!
            Reality tv shows are so cheap to make next to “scripted” shows, that I think they’re here to stay. And that’s not saying that reality shows aren’t scripted! It’s just a term.
            I do think Castle has had some really cute episodes, though not a top notch tv show, imo, it’s amusing most of the time, can be very pleasant to watch, and yes, it has Nathan Fillion!
            I’ve found Once, Revenge, and Suburgatory to be very entertaining. So, yay! if they’re renewed.

  29. Danielle says:

    The River was awesome!! It can’t end like this!! Why do T.V. shows do that?! Please bring back The River!!!! Once Upon A Time was also really great!! I hope these shows stick around for another season!! Enough of the normal crime dramas and hospital dramas, bring on the others like Once Upon a Time and The River!!!!

  30. D. says:

    I hope they al least bring PP back for 13 episodes and close everyting up. It would be a shame if PP didn’t have a decent finale.

  31. simy says:

    I am really hoping Private Practice gets another season.

  32. Once Upon a Time !!!

    For a long time not seen a show so good.
    The themes of most of the current series began to be worn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once Upon a Time, is fresh, unique and different <3

  33. Wooo HOO! I love me some Revenge and Once Upon a Time. I hope GCB gets renewed as well. I find it really enjoyable even though I feel like I’m dumpster diving when I watch it, it’s funny enough that I don’t care.

  34. Aurore says:



  35. Karen says:

    Yay about time they renewed castle

  36. DL says:

    Castle and Revenge make me a happy, happy viewer.

  37. sd says:

    Great for Revenge and Grey’s!

  38. Leigh says:

    Castle needs to lose weight. If he was a woman people’d be in an uproar over how much he’s packed on since “Firefly.”

    • Jane says:

      I agree Nathan looks really bad this season and I think this affects the ratings (the 18-49 demo) .H50 has 3 good looking guys and castle has Nathan who has the same age as Alex but looks 50.

      • KimR says:

        Actually Nathan is really fit. Some people I know were able to see him when he and his brother went to the beach over Christmas, they had no idea why he looks like he does on the show. I think its the suits they keep putting him in that make him look bigger… But I do agree, Richard Castle needs to lose some weight somehow, Nathan Fillion, on the other hand, does not.

      • Dee Jay says:

        Nathan has been looking much better more recently. And don’t forget Ryan and Espo who look GREAT on Castle. So the show has more than just Nathan for eye candy for the ladies.

        • Dawn says:

          Nathan is and always will be my #1 celebrity crush. He was looking a little bit chunkier, though he is a big guy to begin with, but for the last couple of months’ worth of episodes, he has been looking better. I do agree that the way they were dressing him made him look bigger. And, Ryan and Espo are cuties too, though they don’t hold a candle to Nathan, I mean Rick :-), which both of them admitted in the last episode when they went to the strip club . . .

  39. docvap says:

    Castle!! I can’t wait until they make it official!

  40. sharon alvis says:

    PLEASE RENEW “ONCE UPON A TIME”!!!! One of the few shows that may be viewed by people of all ages!!!

  41. Maria says:

    love castle! but please renew private practice too!! What’s Grey’s without private practice?

  42. Darcy says:

    GCB and Cougar Town need to be renewed!!!

  43. Kristy Mikos says:

    So many fans have been waiting & waiting for the confirmation that Once Upon a Time will get a second season! Please hurry & announce it, ABC – the wait is driving us mad!

  44. Cher says:

    Castle! Once!

  45. kd says:

    Happy Endings and Castle are all I care about!!!

  46. sandyS says:

    So glad for OUAT…best new drama this season! I hope they renew PP?!

  47. JJ says:


  48. Rachael says:

    Castle Castle Castle!!!! Renew Renew Renew!! The fans need this to happen soon, because we are going nuts and its just about to go from great to AWESOME!!

  49. Alexa says:

    Once Upon a Time has taken over my life. Loooove that show so much! Lana Parrilla is flawless <3

    • Maddie says:

      Lana, Ginnifer Goodwin and Robert Carlysle are that show’s strength. Great dramatic actors. Glad the show’s getting renewed. :)

  50. Kate says:

    CASTLE!!!!!!!! This just made my day!