Fringe: Scoop on Peter's Homecoming, 'Meana,' the Top-Secret Episode 19 and Two Finale Plans

Fringe is new tonight (Fox, 9/8c) — and new every Friday from here on, straight through to the May 11 finale. And as with any home stretch of the series, lips are getting tight as to what’s to come (especially as regards the annually out-there Episode 19, which this year features Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick, a “Young Olivia” and an “Old Nina”).

Here’s what the cast and EP Jeff Pinkner shared with us at WonderCon — including the latest word on the season and series finale plans.

THE ELITE EIGHT | That Fox elected to schedule Fringe‘s final Season 4 flourish with eight straight original episodes gets a big thumbs up from Nina Sharp’s good hand. “I’m so glad they’re showing them together,” says Blair Brown, “because they’re very powerful how they build on each other — not only bringing in characters that have been around before, even from the first season, but also characters coming in.” Through that combination of tales and faces familiar and new, “some stories will explain a little more than we knew before, some not,” says Brown. “Relationships deepen [or] have new tangents.”

‘MEANA’ | Speaking of Brown, the actress clarified that the “Mean Nina” who is in cahoots with David Robert Jones and tried to dupe Olivia a few weeks back is not a shapeshifter. Rather, “It’s a version of Nina that was thwarted, because there was no [William] Bell, no [sane Walter] Bishop, in that timeline. So you have a person with the same ability, who’s been left outside the circle — and Jones brings her in.” The way Brown teases, Meana’s worst may be yet to come. “This is not a happy person; this is a desperate person,” she warns. “She needs to be watched.”

HOME, SWEET HOME? | Pinkner says that the question of when or whether Peter will ever return to or restore his original timeline “won’t be relevant anymore very soon” — and Joshua Jackson himself reiterated as much. “Peter’s been a bit waffle-y lately. It’s him, it’s [Olivia], it’s not her…. I’ve gotta go home, I’m staying, I’m going to solve this universe, too. He’s just gotta make up his mind,” he told us. “[And] it’s answered in this next episode.”

THE 19th HOLY MOLY! | Ever since Henry Ian Cusick and Aussie blonde Georgina Haig were cast as FBI agents — the latter of which has been ID’d in paparazzi pics as “Young Olivia” (!), and accompanied by an “Old Nina” (!!) — there has been much head-scratching over what this season’s 19th episode will be about. (After all, previous Episode 19s have taken animated or musical detours.) Here’s what we know: As previously shared, Joshua Jackson — “for reasons I can’t tell you” — says he has scenes with neither guest star. Brown, meanwhile, seemingly confirms that pap pic caption, saying, “There’s another Nina coming up…. A time jump has happened.” You can also expect John Noble to offer another take (or two!) on Walter. “I think I’ve just done my 11th version of Walter,” he told us. “I did two new ones in Episode 19.” And… that’s pretty much all we’ve got. Oh, wait — maybe Seth Gabel is willing to part with some intel? “I can’t talk about Episode 19,” he deferred. “Just know that it’s really awesome and Desmond from Lost is in it!”

GRAND FINALE(S) | Ah yes, the annual renewal question. Pinkner, as of last weekend, had not gotten word either way, but said, “We’re feeling very bullish [and] positive that we will be coming back next year.” Which is nice, since he also reiterated that he and J.H. Wyman had no plans to rework the Season 4 finale into a series finale. “When we set out to shape this season, we started with the finale and knew that it wouldn’t change whether it was the series finale or season finale,” he said. After all, in an ideal world, the Fringe bosses have a very distinct conclusion to the series in mind. And when that day comes, Pinkner says, “It will feel very satisfying, it’ll be true to what the show’s been about, it will be true to the characters, and it will, hopefully, reward people who’ve invested in the show and stuck with it.”

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  1. I can’t wait already

    Fox please tell us already we’re getting a Season 5!

  2. Season 5 with 13 episodes would be great.

  3. EMP says:

    As much as I would enjoy the show to go on and on, I think the best solution would be a season 5- a 13-episode final season that would make the Series finale the 100th episode of the series. How cool would it be for them to go out on 100?!

  4. Chris says:

    I want a season 5 with 22 episodes :)

  5. Bella says:

    When I heard Terra Nova was canceled, it gave me hope for another season of Fringe. This is the best show, with the best acting on t.v. It’s one of those rare shows that always manages to surprise me.

  6. ej says:

    Fringe is THE BEST show on TV, agreed.

    • toemari says:

      The end might as well have been an epic “gone with the wind” It made me cry-Awesome show and I am 64 and have seen a lot of them

  7. Loki says:

    Fringe is a great show. 100 would be great, more would be better as long as the show writers get to wrap it up in a nice bow.
    Here’s hoping they do, and that we get to see the awesome Anna Torv and brilliant John Noble in more stuff soon after. And of course Josh Jackson too, he’s great. He wants to move to Paris to live with his lady Diane Kruger, who is arguably the best fashionista for years so all the best in that regard as well. But Fringe has been and will be remembered as a truly beautiful scifi show that people will not tire of watching for generations to come. Great job everybody!

  8. John Berggren says:

    Fantastic television. We need 22 more episodes, no matter how we get them. Fox, CW, Netflix. I will buy the blu-ray of season 5 too.

  9. Sharon, UK says:

    We are pretty much caught up ‘over here’ in the UK – tonight’s new episode will go out on Wednesday night here. The thing I love about Fringe is just how rich the storytelling is without being too obscure – and that, no matter how many times you watch, there’s always something new to pick up on, and this current season has proved it to me over and over again. Walter is one of the best TV characters ever created – he can have me laughing, creeped out or crying in the space of a single episode. Really hoping that there’s a season 5 and, if I’m honest, I’d like it to be the full 22 episodes :-)

  10. err… i want 7 or 8 seasons thanks!! Its the best show ever!!!

  11. Jena Douglas says:

    This is the only show on TV that I will wade through the commercials to watch!!!! PLEASE come back next season!!!! and the next and the next!!! LOVE your work! everyone!

  12. shaun crosby says:

    Fringe – simply the best – nuff sed!

  13. L white says:

    You mean Fringe isn’t officially a religion yet? It should be I don’t miss an episode.I hope for a 5th season and many more after.

  14. David says:

    How about seeing if Fringe can take the longest running series title? Thats what I’d like to see!

  15. cj says:

    Ill take as many season as i can get as long as when it ends it fells like an ending and not somthing that was cut off in the middle, Like Firefly was they made up for it in a movie. So again ill take 5 or 10 season i jut want closure in the end. I love this show the acting the writing everything

  16. Chad says:

    Fringe does it for me and a season 5 would be awesome, so heres to a job well done everyone.

  17. shari says:

    Fringe is an awesome so that should continue on for many years, but definetly want closure in the end. Here’s to hoping they can keep it going.

  18. Marcus Mattingly says:

    Fringe is the best show on TV, period. Come on Fox, renew this show already!

  19. JohnDoe says:

    I would be very surprised if Fringe does NOT get renewed for a season 5 (full or shortened) because of the larger amount of cancellations on FOX.

  20. Jessie says:

    Even if its renewed for just one more season I’d be okay with that. That way things could be tied up and ended properly. I hate when shows just end and never come back. It sucks and makes me not want to take a chance on a show I would normally be interested in but fearful it’ll be cancelled.

  21. Nicole says:

    Fringe is one of the only shows on TV that stays true to its sci-fi storyline, without letting romance and drama cloud the concept of the show. Fox (or another station) needs to make sure that Fringe stays on the air for many seasons to come and can give viewers real actors, real plots, and a break from all of the “reality shows” on primetime TV. If it’s staying on the air, I hope Fox or whoever takes it over will decide to schedule it for a weeknight other than Friday.

  22. Lola says:

    season 5 for FRINGE, Please!!? after x-files, i never thought there’d ever b something comparably good.. but FRINGE IS WAY BETTER. so, please.. don’t take away yet another outstanding show, that forces viewers to open their minds to all possibilities, and actually, use their brains for an hour a week! I LOVE FRINGE!!!

    • Dave Parnell says:

      Sorry! X-Files is way better. At least the first 6 or 7 seasons. And unlike Fringe, The X-Files was a top 10 show after it was moved to Sundays.

  23. Michael Crompton says:

    In the UK we are a little behind on Fringe episodes, but I love this series. I have found that many other USA series have turned in to soap opera’s shortly after starting. For example, Terra Nova, The Walking dead, Hero’s. All great to begin with, but the story gets Lost. Fringe,Supernatural, Breaking Bad and Prison Break, have avoided this trap, and concentrate on the bigger picture. Things need to end when they do, but it is not time for Fringe to end yet. Another 23 episode season is defiantly worth the investment.

  24. Robert Valentine says:

    Definatly one of the best shows on tv.Great storylines and awesome acting! Fox better renew this series and not disapoint the fans.

  25. Nth says:

    Well since Fox Canceled Terra nova, House is in its final stretch, Touch has not had a lot to start the speculation fire on, the finder does not look to good for renewal, alcatraz and Fringe may get to stay as Fox is getting a little short on 1 Hr Dramas. Green-ligting the number of new ones needed for Fall and mid-season replacement fall will be very difficult. I see Fringe geting renewed for the full and probably final season and Finder and/or Alcatraz receiving hiatuses then placed for Mid-season replacements.

  26. Melinda says:

    I am an Australian watcher of Fringe and have been doing a marathon on DVD and am now hooked – I am currently watching season 4 and I am up to episode 8. I will soon catch up to watch the episodes as they play weekly. It is like nothing I have ever watched I am soooooo hooked!! I really hope Fox picks it up for a few more seasons not just one more – there are plenty of story lines to move forward with. Fox needs to realise as well there are plenty of people like me who have just started watching – and are new fans of the show. I am also telling everyone I know who doesn’t watch the show to watch it – so lots of new fans for any future seasons.

  27. Johnny says:

    Dear Fox,
    I’m writing to you from Canadian north, the arctic, pass the tree line, on the tundra. Where Inuit (formerly called Eskimos) live. I’m not fond of your politics, but I’d like you to know that your choice of primetime shows are always great. Fringe is no exception.
    So far it has been a fun ride watching Fringe. I hope there is more to come next season.
    Thanks, and keep it up.

    Johnny from the Arctic

  28. Dave Parnell says:

    I am getting tired of the major networks especially FOX on not renewing great series. I too have loved Fringe from the beginning as well as Alcatraz. It seems that anytime a series comes along that tests your intelligence and is well written and acted they pull the plug. Remember “The Chicago Code?” What networks don’t understand is that gone are the days of getting 20 million viewers for a show. Even now-a-days when I hear a network call a show a hit and then you see that they only get 10 million viewers, 20 years ago that would have been considered a failure. Here is another example. Back in the early 80’s there was a show called “Cheers”. You may have heard of it. Anyway, it was getting bigger numbers than some of today’s so called hits, but yet its’ first few years it was always on the verge of cancellation. Back then you had only 3 networks and not a lot of cable channels. So imagine if Cheers was started up as a series now. Would network execs be as patient as they were back then or would they pull the plug quickly. Come on Fox! you’ll never get giant numbers like networks like shows did 15 or 20 years ago. I remember The Cosby Show would average 35 or 40 million viewers a week. The same thing goes for ER. You will never see those kind of numbers ever again. So please be patient. What’s next? Cancelling Bones! It seems that all that FOX cares about is there Animation Domination Sunday. As Peter Griffin would say, “You really want to know what grinds my gears?” This does!

    • bk says:

      I totally agree with you. This is why I’ve all but given up on network television. Everytime i find a show i like it gets yanked and Fox seems to be the worst at this. Fringe is the best show I’ve seen in a LONG time and I really hope they don’t cancel this show anytime soon. But your right…they’re only looking for the big numbers and when they don’t see them they pull the plug. I’m surprised 24 lasted as long as it did.

    • sweet tea says:

      keep in mind though, that DVR has a lot to do with it. back then if you wanted to record a show, the VCR and/or TV had to be set to the channel the show was being shown on. this means that even if you weren’t watching it in real time, the fact that your TV was tuned to that station at that time counted as a rating. DVR ratings do not count that way to my knowledge. considering how busy most people stay these days (when i was a kid in the 80s and 90s i don’t remember most people holding down 2 or more jobs), they kind of have to DVR everything if they want to be in the loop on their shows. i assert that there are many more viewers of most shows than the ratings give voice to. this is why it’s so important to watch it while it’s on, or at least record it while it’s on (with a DVD recorder, as i do) so that your rating counts and ensures that the show continues. i’m always trying to get the kids to bed while it’s on, so i just record it and watch it after they go to sleep, but the satellite is tuned to FOX while it’s recording. plus, people just don’t really sit down and watch TV that much anymore- between work, school, watching vids of kittens on youtube, and obsessing over your phone/tablet/FB, there just isn’t much time. just my theory on ratings these days.

  29. Dave Parnell says:

    So Fox I guess if a show is not animated, a musical show or a reality show it doesn’t matter. If not a renewal of Fringe on Fox, why not move it to FX? Myself I like the way that the cable networks do series by only making each into 12 to 15 episode arcs. That writers don’t have to rack their brains to come up with storylines for 22 episodes.

  30. Julie Hadnot says:

    I so love this show and would be extremely sad to see it end any time soon. Fox I hope you’re listening and make the decision to keep this show on the air!!!

  31. Kaye says:

    Best show on tv! Fox needs to renew the series,

  32. Angie Bell says:

    Fringe is one of the few shows I really can’t wait to watch. LOVE IT!!!!! I hope they keep it for a few more seasons, give us a good ending when it is time. I get tired of starting shows and then they just disappear, it has made me not even start to watch new shows. Tera Nova and Lie to Me…. liked and then dropped. Tired of wasting my time getting interested.

  33. peggy says:

    Great episode, finally Peter is home with his Olivia!! Fringe wont’t be fringe without Peter and Olivia together. So you writers, producers out there, you of all people should see the chemistry this couple give to the show, they are the souls of the serial, keep Peter and Olivia together for as long as Fringe is on!

    • Ken says:

      Totally, totally agree, Peter and Olivia together is on of,if not the main driving force for this show
      and i also do hope the writers and show-runners do recognize the tremendous chemistry this
      couple has with each other, so no more separation for them, let them be a permanent couple
      until the show ends.
      John Noble as said the same thing in an interview.

  34. TG says:

    This is the best show on TV. Please Fox, give us another season. It is so nice to have a show like this – smart, thought-provoking, well-written, so well acted with wonderful actors, with a positive tone. Why more people don’t watch, I don’t understand. It might help if Fox would move it from horrible Friday night. How you can move a show to Friday night (a show that already did not have the best ratings) and then wonder why the ratings are low….I don’t get it.

  35. Bob Brown says:

    A lot of shows I tape to watch later. I can’t do that with Fringe. I can’t even wait 5 minutes after it starts to watch. I have to see it live in my time slot and then I’m in anticipation of the next show. It’s posted on my calendar so that I won’t make the mistake of committing to an engagement that would be at the same time, not that I need the calendar anymore.

    The one solace, while waiting for the episode, is that the family has conversations about the last show until the next. It’s almost like a book club, everyone shares their take on things that happened and their thoughts about where the plot is headed.

    One of the best dramas of all time. The actors and writers are fabulous.

  36. Michelle says:

    I need season 5! It’s the best sci-fi show out there! Keep the new episode coming! I look forward to each one.

  37. dotpeople says:

    How many shows have struggled with:

    – romantic tension between lead characters
    – constraints of previous storylines
    – actors tiring of playing the same characters
    – audience retention challenges of episodic vs. long-arc stories
    – tension between low-brow entertainment and high-brow art

    Fringe has pioneered the perpetual motion machine of TV! The same actor can play multiple versions of themselves, just think of the savings in contract lawyers. Stories within stories within people within people. Prequel, sequel, paraquel .. you can sell (almost!) the same thing over and over and over. Which accountant doesn’t buy that ROI?

    It’s the perfect franchise! With multidimensional colors and symbols instead of linear numbers (Movie nn). How many other TV shows could introduce parallel universe portals so that Fringe stars could “travel” back and forth into other shows? If current writers remain firmly in control, that could be art AND marketing.

    That Fringe won its audience slowly (even with nonexistent marketing) is less important than retaining and growing the loyal (fanatical?) audience.

    If the show is cancelled, put the character IP rights into the public domain and let a thousand indie flowers bloom.

  38. Joy H says:

    Fringe needs a Season 5! It’s one of the best shows to come along recently. PLEASE KEEP IT!

  39. drdjr24 says:

    I wonder if JJ Abrams has done something to P off the all mighty Rupert Murdock.I mean Fringe obviously has a strong following and people absolutely love the show but Fox insist on leaving the show on fri nite death row.Nothing can get good ratings on fri nite for god sake.After last nites miserable ratings I really dont think we’re gonna get a 5th season and thats a damn shame.They cant wrap this show up in 7 more episodes.So once again the veiwer be damned,unless that is you like garbage like am idol smash and The bachelor.I guess a lot of people like mind numbing crap over intelligent writing plots and story-lines.I give up im just one voice but I prey we get at least one more year of FRINGE.Fringies Unite!!!!!

  40. Let’s not get crazy here.Fringe has been a show that started out unsure what it was and has latched on to a relentless Myth-Arc that has shaped it into a fairly 2 dimensional Fantasy show. It’s positives has been in creating likable and interesting characters and giving them some flesh.The negatives have been 2 seasons stuck at the same point between 2 or more worlds. While we have been spinning around first with no Peter, then he falls out of the sky and no one knows him, to the point now where we are almost back to the point he disappeared in the first place. But really, how has the story Arc progressed at all this year?