Misha Collins Previews His Supernatural Return and the 'Wildly Different' Castiel to Come

Supernatural Misha Collins Jensen AcklesThe day is almost here, Supernatural fans! Misha Collins returns to the CW series in this Friday’s episode (airing at 9/8c) — but his Castiel is now a healer with a bit of a memory problem! Below, TVLine asks Collins to reflect on how it felt to come back to his old stomping grounds, what the future holds for Cas (hint: another big twist!) and whether we’ll see him during a possible eighth season.

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TVLINE | It’s been quite a while since you’ve been on the show. What was it like coming back after such a big break?
It feels like a family reunion. It was like nobody had changed and everything was the same. We really picked up right where we left off. It was actually a little bit spooky the extent to which it felt like I had never left.

TVLINE | What did you miss the most about the show?
I loved the crew – Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] and Jim [Beaver]. I’ll go so far as to say the producers and most of the directors as well. It’s just a really, really great group of people to work with, and it’s a fun place to come to work. Do I miss 35 degrees and raining in Vancouver in January? That’s not the thing that I miss the most about it. But it’s a really great place to actually work, so that is what I miss the most. That, of course, and my trench coat.

TVLINE | Yes, your trench coat is gone!
I know! It’s sad, isn’t it?

TVLINE | What can you say about how Cas comes back?
He comes back with amnesia, which is probably a good thing for him because he isn’t too happy with what he’s done. So the fact that he doesn’t remember it is probably nice for him. He doesn’t have to suffer quite as much when he first comes back. But there will be plenty of suffering for Cas to come.

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TVLINE | How would you describe this new Cas who has no memories of his old self?
I don’t want to give too much away, but I would say that it’s a version of Cas that we have, to a certain extent, seen before.

TVLINE | What’s Dean’s reaction when he first sees him?
Incredulous, apprehensive, cautious. Cautiously optimistic, I would add.

TVLINE | The episode description says that he’s a healer. Does he actually have healing powers, and can he help Sam?
That is a good question. Possibly. Not to reveal too much, but yes, he does have healing powers.

TVLINE | Could he also be instrumental in helping Dean with Dick Roman and the Leviathan?
Well, when I say cautiously optimistic for Dean, [we have] Dean seeing Cas, not knowing quite who he is and how he got there, but knowing that he was at one point a powerful ally. Dean’s head does go there like, “Hey, maybe this guy can be helpful again.”

TVLINE | Is getting the memories back something that’s on his agenda, or is he perfectly happy as a healer?
When we first see Cas, he’s fully aware that he’s suffering from amnesia, but also content with things as they are.

TVLINE | Does he have like a nice new, little domestic life set up?
I’m not going to tell you!

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TVLINE | How would you say the dynamic between Cas and the brothers has changed?
There’s some fence mending that needs to go on between them all. They are wary of Cas now, somewhat distrustful and frustrated. So there’s a bit of a distance. It’s almost like they went through a very traumatic thing together and haven’t quite healed.

TVLINE | This character has evolved so much from when he was introduced. Has it been surprising for you to see where he’s gone? And where would you like to see him go?
First of all, it’s been a real surprise…the many incarnations that Cas has had and the journey that he’s taken. The whole thing is a surprise because I didn’t really expect to stick around past a couple of episodes in the beginning. Toward the last few episodes of the season, they’re taking Cas in yet another wildly different direction, so there’s a whole other permutation of Castiel to come, which is, I would say, right along the lines of where I’d like to see him go. I was very pleasantly surprised again by the new twist.

TVLINE | You’re doing three episodes this season. Is the door left open for more in the next season?
I’m not going to tell you, but [as of last Wednesday] I will tell you that I have not read the final episode. I don’t think it’s been released to anyone yet. But I have told [executive producer] Sera [Gamble] that I would love to come back next season if that is something that works out for everybody’s schedule. If it’s in the cards, it would be great. I don’t know yet how things are going to play out.

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TVLINE | If they asked you back as a series regular again, would that be something you’d be interested in?
Yes, absolutely. It’s all complicated, but it’s certainly not something that I’m not interested in.

TVLINE | What do you think the fans are going to be most excited about with this return arc?
A lot of people are just going to be excited to see Cas again. And of course, as things twist and turn, there’s going to be a lot of people who are really disappointed that it’s not exactly how they want it.

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  1. Kate says:

    I hope the fact Misha is pleasantly surprised is a good sign! I’m really looking forward to seeing Cas back and hoping for a good, solid redemption arc for him through season 8. I love the character, and feel the show benefits very much from his inclusion in the storyline and the brotherly dynamic.

  2. Irish says:

    I’m a new comer to Supernatural (Marathoned 6 seasons on Netflix) and personally, I’m excited for Ca to come back!

    • Jedaqia says:

      Welcome to our crazy rabid fandom, Irish! :-D

    • J says:

      I marathoned too!!! 6 seasons in 6 weeks, just in time for season 7!!! And YES!!! CASS IS BACK!!!!

      *calms down*

      Please don’t go away for good! Leave that door open, Angel eyes!!

  3. RJ says:

    Great interview by Misha! Can’t wait for more Cas. This all sounds fantastic.

  4. Sara says:

    I am thrilled to see Cas again. This will be my first live episode since 7.02 and I hope that it will be worth the wait.

  5. Sandra says:

    What a wonderfull interview, thank you.

    Can’t wait, miss Cas so much.

  6. Kate says:

    So excited for Cas. there are no words! yay!

  7. Madeline says:

    While I like Cas, and I am happy to see him back for this 3 episode arc, I can’t say that I want him back as a regular next season. I think he works best as a guest star.

    I also don’t want the writers to bring back Cas just because they think all the SPN fans/viewers want him back – I don’t like that kind of fan service.

    There is a VERY vocal group of Cas fans who make their love of the character known, but not every fan and viewer has that strong of feelings towards Cas. It is a small Cas army making a lot of noise. Loud does not equal majority though.

    I personally prefer the show to focus on Sam and Dean, with a side of Cas, but only if there is GOOD reason for Cas to be around other than the writers thinking they have to write Cas a storyline in order to keep fans & viewers happy.

    • Dilys says:

      And there is a very vocal group of haters who post negative feelings. There is a huge majority of Cas fans who are thrilled he is back. You do not speak for the vast majority of fandom.

      • Sarah says:

        It’s kinda funny that you attack Madeline, while she just stated her opinion. You on the other hand started with the majority thing – which never ends well. Why don’t you follow your own advice and only speak for yourself too.

        • Laura says:

          I see the Septics are here.

          • Sarah says:

            Nope, guess again. Aren’t you tired of accusing everyone who doesn’t share your opinion of being a sceptic, yet. I ike Cas, but I don’t think he saves or destroys the show, and I also believe that everyone has the right to their opinion (especially when they’re polite and not insulting like Madeline). You on the other hand have certain problems with politeness (as seen from your post in previous articles or is that another Laura).

    • Lynn says:

      Actually I believe you do speak for the majority I love the Cas character but I believe a little goes a long way, it is the Dean and Sam show with side characters, I love the angst between Dean and Cas the actors have great chemistry together ( I am not a shipper), I am a new viewer of 6 months have bought all seasons and watched it over and over and have investigated the fan blogs. Most people I know do not even know what Supernatural is I am older and they do not watch the tweenie network. I found it because of friends who like Trueblood and recommended it. If Supernatural had been on a major network it would have been blockbusters a long time ago but probably would not have lasted after season 5 but this is all IMOP. If anyone wonders I am a total Dean Girl with a side of Cas but love Sam, Jensen would have chemistry with a mop.

    • Laura says:

      There is a VERY vocal group of Cas HATERS who make their HATE of the character known, but not every fan and viewer has that strong of feelings towards Cas. It is a small Cas-HATER army making a lot of noise. Loud does not equal majority though.

      Fixed that for you. ;-)

    • Jedaqia says:

      I’m okay with your views but not this one “It is a small Cas army making a lot of noise. Loud does not equal majority though.” You make it seems that those who are excited that Cas is back & talks about it, belong to the ‘minority Cas army’. I love Cas. I’m so ecstatic that he is back. But I love the show first. That means the boys and other characters that makes the show special. Its true not every fan love Cas but why you need to put put fans in minority/majority? Oh cmon guys…sometime I feel like in Twilight, u know Team Edward and Team who-is-that-werewolf. Its like if we love Cas so much, we don’t love the boys. If we love Sam so much, we don’t love Dean. If we love Dean so much, we don’t love Sam. Will you guys stop with the ‘teams’ already and maybe understand there is actually just the one Team Supernatural.

      • Jodes says:

        I totally agree! Most of what Madeline said is right — the writers should just do their job to make good television and if a character is brought back, hopefully it is for the good of the show and not because fans want it. The only part I disagree with is the whole pitting the fans against each other. I’m not a “Cas girl.” He’s not my favourite character, he’s not my least favourite character — he is a great character that adds more depth to the show. I thought bringing him into the show was awesome, because honestly, as much as we love Sam and Dean, the show needs other characters too. And some episodes I love Dean more, others I love Sam more, but I don’t love one more than the other and I have never been a “Sam girl” or a “Dean girl.” I am just a fan of a great television show. And I never made a big fuss that he was gone, but now that he’s back I’m not complaining either.So you are right! There should be no majority/minority. Team Supernatural!

    • Cheryl says:

      I totally agree with you Madeline and there are many fans that feel the same way.. And just because we think Castiel doesn’t fit or belong in the show anymore and that we don’t want to see him shoe horned in to fan pander doesn’t make us haters

      • DeanSam81 says:


      • RJ says:

        Yes the way you state this is hating–first you can’t claim to speak for others…just yourself. Also saying you don’t want a character on the show anymore and want him thrown off is hating. To say it’s shoe horning is more hating and just an opinion…I don’t think Cas is shoe horned at all, he fits with the gang. To say he is back because of fan pander is also hate and opinion…i’d claim he was pushed off by fan pander to the few loud and proud haters that go everywhere to campaign against Cas. Trying to dress it up as moderate with all your twists of logic just doesn’t fly imho.

  8. RJ says:

    Most normal fans either like or love the whole family–Jared, Jensen, Misha and Jim. They like the whole show. The loud minority is the few haters who hate a specific character.

    Most want the whole gang back–yes with the boys front and center but also their buddies there too.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree. We Love Supernatural and want Cas, Bobby, and Baby back. And if I can have that will ask for Gabriel, Bathazar and Alastair back as well. Personally, I am so excited about tomorrow night’s episode with Misha. I’ve really missed Misha this season. Another highlight will be Meg’s appearance. She always adds something special to the show. This Meg is awesome and has worked well with the boys and has wicked chemistry with Cas.

    • Jedaqia says:

      Yes, agreed. I just don’t get it when there are strong haters on certain characters. I love most of the characters except for Bela at one point. But in the end, after seeing Bela history, I wish the writers brings her back. Ruby is one of the most important character in the show bcoz of her role in manipulating the boys, her influence are still felt. Yet bcoz of certain fan hate (& even death threats) Genevieve never appeared in a convention. It would actually be great to hear how she explore her character as Ruby. From S4 I actually thinks she was working with Zachariah to manipulate the Winchester. I would love to see Gabriel & Balthi back too. & even Anna. As for the bad guys, I hope Crowley stays. Would love to see Charisma & James comes back & don’t think it would the last time we hear about Lydia. After all, Dean killed her daughter. Becky also should come back being less fangirly & be more useful too. Frank & Garth is a great addition but some fans considered them as replacement.

      What I’m trying to say all these characters are what makes the show great. They are excellent addition to the boys. Some characters should appear more like Castiel, Bobby and Crowley. These are the characters that affects the Winchester more.

    • Dana R. says:

      Oh, since when you were elected to determine what a “normal fan” is?

      Since when can you assume to judge other fans?

      Who do you think you are?

      Oh Castiel fanatics, you gotta love them. They are so easy to provoke. Nice.

      • Jedaqia says:

        RJ is someone who is giving a neutral opinion. & why on earth would you assume RJ is a Castiel fanatic?So are you telling us that you only love specific characters and hate specific character? You think thats normal? Why are you still watching SPN?

  9. Kris says:

    Bringing Cas back to heal Sam is SUCH a cop out. I thought we’d actually get to SEE the trauma Sam was suffering, but they’ve handwaved it all season long (show, don’t tell, remember?) and now he’s magically gonna be healed without any exploration of it? Talk about a Deus ex Machina. They should have killed Cas off like they said they were going to last year. Effing wishywashy producers.

    • RJ says:

      He doesn’t really heal Sam from what I hear–at best just patches him up a little so he isn’t in a constant psychotic break, So it is NOT Deus ex Machina.

    • hlots11 says:

      You’ve seen pretty much all they can show. They have to work within the actor’s capabilities (or you end up with something awful like Lana in Smallville Season 4). That was the point of the hand gimmick. Jared does comedy and snark and sarcasm very well, but I really don’t want to see them try to go much further with this story line for him. It’s stagnated for a reason.

      • Remy says:

        Dude, blaming Jared for the writer’s inability to not sux at continuing/showing his storyline onscreen, is really low and frankly just your opinion (so how about not making yourself the alpha and omega when it comes to acting abilities).
        And IMO Jared does great with emotional scenes (I loved how he potrayed Sam’s struggles in Cruel World and Repo Man – which are the only episodes the writers actually gave him more than the hand thing).

        • Amber says:

          jared sucks and the show went downhill the moment they tried to give him more to do in order to compensate for his inability to make the impact Jensen does with half the material they give Jared. The show has suffered specifically because of Jared and Jared fans whine the most because they know they back the wrong horse. It’s old and tired. He sucks. You want to be his fan then be his fan but many people who watch television and movies know a crap actor when they see one. You will never get the sun to shine by shouting at the rain. Get an umbrella or have enough sense to come inside. Either admit he’s not great but you like him anyway or get out of the way of everyone else who is tired of you jared girls always over compensating. At least if most of you admitted you like him because he has a nice body it would be respectable and understandable. It’s the silly insistence it’s because he’s a great actor that annoys everyone else.

          • Remy says:

            BEWARE. Insanity alarm from Extreme Sam/Jared Hater.
            People like you are the real embarrasement for the fandom, as if it’s not enough to bash a fictional character, you have to attack actual people (Jared and Samfans). Why don’t you take your insults and hate back to TWOP or just join kristyhobbs on twitter (you sound about as wacko as her). When will you people understand that your opinion is not the only one that counts, and that the majority of the fandom does not agree with you. Actually the only people I have seen hate on Sam/Jared (and call him a bad actor) like you, are frustrated Destiel shippers, who see Sam as a threat to that pairing. So with your words “Get an umbrella or have enough sense to come inside”.
            I really can just laugh cause I like both Sam and Cas/Jared and Misha, and I actually judge an actor’s acting ability by what they do my TV screen, not on a fanon ship I want to see and is never going to happen (have you read he new spoilers from ZapIt – I can’t help but gloat) or how someone looks.

            And thank you for proving that Sam haters are way worse than Cas haters.

          • J says:

            @ Remy

            Just wanted to say (more for myself, lol) that I ship Destiel but ONLY when reading fan fic. Could I see Dean and Cass get romantic? *thinks hard* Yeeees but if it was either an AU, an act to put off someone evil (ex gf, demon, whatever) or even a spell gone wrong scenario. I don’t WANT them together on teh show (only in my head, haha!). I want them to all sit down and talk about WHY season 6 happened (because I’m a firm believer that ALL of them are at fault, no one person) and show how their “family” moves on. And this Cass girl (and fan fic Destiel shipper) wants MORE Sam/Cass bromance. Like, now! I hate how they’ve pretty much ignore Sam’s friendship with Cass except for little random remarks. The season 7 opener gave me hope when it was *Sam* who called out one more time for Cass to come to them for help and then Cass came. I really hope, hopepraywish, that they explore that. If nothing else, Sam needs someone besides Dean (who else can he complain to about Dean who totally gets it!) and can you imagine the mischief they’d cause, driving Dean crazy??

          • Em says:

            Explain downhill…I think we’re using different dictionaries…because currently Supernatural is on its seventh season and the ratings are still way above average.
            Its not about being a fan, Jared brought out the Lucifer character perfectly!!!! people want to understand what goes on in Sam’s mind and honestly as much as you hate it Jared does it better than Jensen would in the same role. Jensen suits the role of being all good and fighting for the good…(suits him, you have to agree) Jared on the other hand plays the role of harboring both good and evil inside him. you really do not expect him to be all focused like Dean… Call it whatever you want but really familiarize yourself with his role, and yes the body is an additional bonus. He is a very good actor for his role.

          • Pam says:

            I think some people take the characters on this show way too personally. The show works not only for the physical presence of the two main characters but for their acting (and they both CAN act), the show’s writing, direction, production and fabulous guest stars. We should be grateful for this quality television and give credit where it is due. Let’s face it the show would suffer without Jared. It is is his real life friendship with Jensen that makes the interaction between them so engaging. I love their characters and the way they deliver them. I don’t care if I am the majority or not but it is grateful fans like me that will keep the show on the air.

  10. Mary says:

    Oh no, this sounds bad! As Cas is going dark side again … And when he is in three more episodes than he is most probably in this extended season finale. I prepare myself for the worst!

  11. Dilys says:


  12. muse says:

    Yay Misha and Cas. I can tell already that this is probably going to be my favorite scene of the episode.

    I do have to laugh at how predictable the extreme Sam girls are with their Castiel hate and and still trying to convince the world that their view is what the majority of Supernatural fans want when it’s clear they are actually the rabidly loud few that they are always complaining about. I think even Sera Gamble has finally figured that out.

    • Sally says:

      I always laugh when people start generalizing that all Cas haters are Samgirls. That’s not only false, but just serves to start stupid Sam vs. Cas wank wars.
      Or are you perpared to be accused to be a Sam hater cause you like Cas and/or Destiel.

      And btw. I don’t think Sera listens to fans much or she’ll be more concerned about the hate she gets/got from the some ECG.

      • RJ says:

        If you are going there–I see hate towards Sera from extreme Sam and Dean fans too. Lets not just blame one faction of extremist–SPN has those for multiple characters.

      • Jean says:

        You are so right! Not all Cas haters are Sam girls. I very much love the character of Dean because of the awesome BIG BROTHER he is. What Cas did to Sam, not only hurt the youngest Winchester, but it hurt Dean also. That’s why I really dislike the character of Cas. He thought only of himself and not the people were supposed to be his friends!

        • hlots11 says:

          Honestly, if that’s what you think about last season, you kind of missed the point of Cass. He does everything for and because of Dean (and that’s not even a shipper POV). He just doesn’t make the best decisions (sometimes makes god-awful ones), and bad writing created nonsensical rifts between Cass and Dean in Season 6, so neither of them was communicating well with each other, and it all kind of blew up. There are reasons to dislike Cass – inconsistent writing, aimless plot, preferring the “only two brothers” model – but he was clearly not thinking of himself in Season 6, just stopping Raphael from rebooting the Apocalypse.

          • Remy says:

            So first you call Jared a bad actor (and then admit to being a Destiel shipper – how cliche), and now everything Cas did is just the fault of bad writing. Double standards much.
            And “he does everything he does for Dean” including hurting him in the worst possible way (Dean would have probably a lot less hurt if Cas has beat him up) for a stupid distraction. Forgive me if I don’t believe that. Cas wanted to stay headhoncho in heaven, and it was also never mentioned how exactly Raphael was even gonna manage to start the Apocalypse again or in what time frame. Somehow I doubt after all that planning Michael/and his angels with help from YED/Lucifer, which took decates (and they had their prophecies manual), Raphael was just gonna succed in a matter of months. So it wasn’t exactly eminent, plus Cas had half of heaven’s army on his side and the heavenly weapons Balthazar got him, and the souls Crowley gave him – therefore hurting Sam, and risking destroying the world by opening Pulgatory was neather necessarry nor in anyone’s best interest (especially not Dean’s or Sam’s).
            Actually opening Pulgatory after all the warning he got about how it will tear a whole in the planet to prevent a supposed Apocalypse (sometime in the future) is kinda ironic.

      • DeanSam81 says:

        “I always laugh when people start generalizing that all Cas haters are Samgirls.”

        I never understood that. I don’t like Castiel and I’m not a Sam girl. I do like Sam, but I’m a Dean girl and I know many Dean girls who share my opinion.

    • Laura says:

      I know a lot of Samgirls who love Cas just as much as I do. Peace out…

  13. Mary says:

    Without Castiel this show would have become the “Sammy in distress” show a long time ago. And when he left in the beginning we had this: “How much Sammy suffers and struggles and how much Dean worries about him” ad nauseam. Especially when Bobby died and the whole burden with Sammy is only on Dean now. And now I fear that they will move this Sammy and his wall-thing even to season 8. Aaarrrghhh. No Castiel, only a little bit of the big bad the leviathans and very shallow stories. This season till now is even worse than season 6.

    • Rin says:

      Wow, your Sam hate is showing. O_o
      And saying that “How much Sammy suffers and struggles and how much Dean worries about him” was the majority of this season is just ludicrous. Sam storyline was hardly explored (he got 7×02 and 7×15; and Dean didn’t really worry that much about him but was more concerned with his guilt issues), and will probably be dropped again after 7×17, so I hope Sam gets something to do in season 8. Hopefully, he finally gets a friend who cares about him for more than just being Dean’s brother (and isn’t a taunting halluciantion or a back-stabbing demon), and talks to him about more than just the current case/the big bad.
      I do agree about the excessive filler episodes though, and IMO they should have more supporting characters in season 8 – preferably more than just Bobby and Cas. They could keep Med and Crowley around, and intruduce some fellow hunters. I kinda also hope Frank is not really dead.

  14. cas ryan says:

    the more i hear about his return the more frightened i get im so worried for him that he’ll be killed again =(

    • Mary says:

      I am pretty sure he will be killied some how. Because Misha said in an earlier interview that he was resurrected so many times, that dying doesn´t mean that he won´t be in season 8. But if you read the interview above than you see that he will be certainly in the season final. He didn´t read it yet so he doesn´t know for sure what excactly will happen with Cas. I expect a mind twisting cliffhanger again.

  15. Tom says:

    I can’t understand why people are so disappointed, Cas is back! Hello?!! Those are supposed to be great news, people can’t just understand that this season was actually a recovery after all the mess on season 6, the God thing, the broken wall, writers are just setting things right, Cas is back, I’m sure the Impala would be back, and hopefully Bobby would be back. Maybe this season wasn’t the BEST, the things are getting better, and season 8 would be an outstanding season, if things are back to normal of course. I would like the show to continue for an 9th season, and even a 10th season, and probably end it there. Anyway, I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode, cause I’m sure it would get a high viewers number, and a high rating number.

    • Jo says:

      Tom I agree-I think this season has indeed been an attempt to fix what went wrong in Season Six (lets not talk about it) and it IS getting better and better in these closing episodes, I am all for a glorious season finale heading into a brilliant season eight now lessons/story lines/characters etc have all been tested and figured out-I also hope we get a lot more seasons and think it took the team awhile to figure things out, but they seem to be making great headway now.
      I want familiar faces back, if only because the history oif the show gives us so many opportunities to do that and the chemistry between Jared and Jensen and all the guest stars is so good. Having Lucifer back and seeing Jared and Mark together was brilliant, Jensen and Misha without doubt are wonderful to watch, then we have Bobby/Gabe/Chuck/Balthazar…all great recurring characters who we miss. I am immensely excited to see this episode in a way I haven’t been in some time now.

  16. Evyn says:

    Can´t wait for tomorrows episode, I don´t remember the last time I was excited about a new episode, and I really hope they bring him back as a regular next season (Bobby too), and if not I hope we get to sea him more than this season (maybe 10-9 episodes…)

  17. Bella says:

    I’ve been excited to see Cas coming back ever since I first heard it was going to happen. He played a role in the Winchester brothers’ lives, especially Dean’s, I think, that was important. Out of all the characters on this show, Castiel’s has been through the most radical changes of anyone, so I can’t imagine where they are taking him next.

  18. Teresa says:

    Pretty excited for Cas returning, mainly because I love his ever changing character and the fact that he actually adds story to the show. After he left in episode 2 the season had been a series of repetitive monster of the weak episodes sprinkled with man-eating Leviathans here and there. The only thing holding the plot together was Sam’s unstable mental state which wasn’t that interesting after 7 years of “What’s wrong with Sam?” storylines. I’d be very happy if Cas the healer puts an end to broken Sam and we all move on to more innovative plotlines.

  19. LF says:

    My only concern is that the story of the brothers results in them being the heroes. Too often over the last couple years, outside characters end up saving their bacon or figuring out the twists. The story of Sam & Dean is increasingly “told” and not “seen” on screen.

    I like Cas, and am glad to have him back in an interesting story, but not if it results in “stupid & helpess” Sam & Dean needing to be saved in the end. Had my fill of that. So, we’ll see.

  20. Joana says:

    I’m very excited to see Cas back.. I’ve been waiting for this ever since he left us on episode 2. But I can’t help but feel that the writers are going to use him just to heal Sam and kill the Leviathans somehow and give us the redemption excuse and kill him off again. I’m sick of how the writers are treating this character, like season 4 and 5 didn’t exist at all, as if he didn’t do more good than bad on his time on earth. But I’m going to wait and see how they are going to play this out. I surely hope I won’t be disappointed, because I can’t take more disappointments from this show.

  21. gunsrlove says:

    His answer to the last question bothers me a lot. I’ve had plenty of disappointment where Cas is concerned and don’t care to see him go through more suffering or a complete character change. After reading this interview, I don’t feel happy anymore about his return. I think I’ll let others watch it and tell me what happens so if Cas’ return arc ends up being the disappointment for a lot of fans Misha thinks it’s going to be, I won’t see it.

  22. Jeff says:

    As I’ve said quite a bit, I’m hoping for the season to end with Castiel getting his memories back but becoming fully human, coming back in season 8 as a series regular and tagging along with the brothers on hunts. Simply put: the show is about 3 brothers now, not 2.

    • Cheryl says:

      The show is about 2 brothers Sam and Dean and that will never change. Castile being a third brother happens in peoples fantasies. Castiels return is for only a 3 episode arc and he was brought back only for better conclusion and closure. Then gone one can only hope for good this time

      • Jeff says:

        There’s a reason why Misha was a regular for two seasons and why Bobby became such a used character: the show became bigger than just the two main leads. Yes, they are still the obvious main characters. But if you want a show that is ONLY about them, go watch seasons 1-3 over and over again. TV shows have to change and do new things. And Supernatural did that. And come on, I OBVIOUSLY don’t mean Cas is a third brother. But an honorary one? Absolutely. Oh, and you might want to read things before commenting as it’s been said time and time again that it’s going to be left very open for Misha to be part of season 8. And sure, one can “hope” for good. But that won’t be the case. And I, for one, am thankful that angry bitter fans such as yourself are in the factual minority. Don’t like it? Stop watching.

        • Sally says:

          They keep saying the exactly same thing about the possible return of John W., Kali, Gabriel …
          And if he does come back in season 8; and you expect to see him in every episode (like a third brother/lead character riding with the W. in the Impala), you will be the one disappointed. Cas is a supporting character and will always stay a supporting character.

      • DeanSam81 says:

        “The show is about 2 brothers Sam and Dean and that will never change.”
        Exactly. The show will always be about Sam and Dean. I wonder why some people can’t accept that. Makes you wonder what they’ve been watching for 7 years.

  23. deansfangirl says:

    I’m so glad misha’s back! The epic love story of the brothers was really awesome, but by now we’ve pretty much covered all aspects of it. Adding recurring, complex characters like Cas, Samuel Campbell, Crowley, Gabriel, Meg, etc is an essential part of keeping the whole show alive. No matter how many episodes misha’s back for, I’m happy to see him. :-)

  24. Really with the Castiel arguments again? Can’t we all just respect each other’s opinions?

  25. Dawn Welker says:

    There are some interesting parallels between Soulless Sam and Amnesia!Cas. Since angels don’t have souls it makes perfect sense that it would be the *memories* that would be affected. I’m curious if the suffering Cas will parallel the pain Sam suffered once Cas broke the wall? Who are what will break Castiel’s ‘wall’? Or will it be something totally different? My curiosity is definitely piqued. Can’t wait to see where the writers will go with this!

  26. Rowan says:

    I’m thrilled to see Cas/Misha back on the show. I’m really looking forward to the interaction between he and the boys – especially Dean. As has been said on the show, he and Dean shared a very profound relationship, which Dean took for granted and which Cas betrayed.

    I’d like to see the rebuilding of a relationship. Obviously they aren’t going to be able to go back to what things were, but they may be able to forge a strong, new friendship. Misha has said in other interviews that Cas, at the end of the episode is very contrite, so obviously he does learn that he’s the one who caused Sam’s suffering. The question is, does he decide not to learn the whole past and simply move forward?

    • J says:

      “Dean took for granted and which Cas betrayed”

      YES! I love Dean but even BOBBY and an angel (Rachel) pointed out how often he takes people for granted. And if I had a friend call me “baby in a trench coat” simply because I couldn’t help him, well, I’d be more likely to not care what they thought or want to help out and we saw so much of that kind of thing with Dean, pretty much since he met Cass. I don’t blame Dean for what happened. I blame ALL of them. They all need to work this out. I know what it’s like to be deeply betrayed by my supposed best friend so I can understand Dean but at the same time, a relationship of any sort can fall apart if any one part of it takes it for granted. Why couldn’t Dean or Sam have called Cass down just to give him time away from his Heavenly war or to ask him if he needed help? So Cass, who was trying to stop Raphael (can we say the guy had a back up Apocalypse ready? lol), has to drop everything the instant the boys call but they moan and drag their feet (or even insult) when he asks them?

  27. Amanda says:

    I’m glad Misha is back. I wish that they would bring back RICHARD SPEIGHT JR. as well.

  28. Jedaqia says:

    I’m worried about this particular answer from Misha. “A lot of people are just going to be excited to see Cas again. And of course, as things twist and turn, there’s going to be a lot of people who are really disappointed that it’s not exactly how they want it.”

    Uh oh….

    • DeanSam81 says:

      I think he’s talking to those who are are convinced that Dean and Cas will fall in each other arms at some point.

  29. Carrie says:

    I’m sure his return will be fun to watch and I’m excited to see the twists they’ve come up with. I wonder if healer Cas will be anything like the mellow Cas Dean met in the apocalyptic future?

    • Jedaqia says:

      lol! FutureCas loves orgy. “I’m going to heal you, please take your clothes off & join the others.” Imagine that. :-D

      • Ivy says:

        So they would make Sassy canon? Interesting, and Dean’s reaction to the healing process would be epic. Probably something like this O_O

        • Jedaqia says:

          Actually, I wasn’t referring to Sam but to all the people Cas healed in general. He’s been a healer for a few months now. :-)

  30. Ella says:

    Mishaaaaa. I love him. I love Cas. I need a Dean/Cas hug this time around or my head may implode. Everything would be better if they just hugged it out!

  31. DeanSam81 says:

    I don’t care about Cas but I’m excited about Sam’s storyline and Meg’s return. Hopefully the show will focus on Sam’s issues rather than on the non-existant “love” connection Destiel shippers are trying to shove down fandom’s throat.

    • Sally says:

      I don’t know about how much focus there’ll be on Dean and Cas interaction in 7.17 as opposed to Sam insanity, but Destiel shippers will so not be happy about Emanuels’s domestic life XDDD

      It will be interesting to see how many people are really Cas fans, and how many are his fans only in context of their imaginary ship.

      • DeanSam81 says:

        It’s delicious to see them fall apart on Tumblr because Cas is married. All their screams and bitter tears about how Cas never showed any interest in women!!! They were probably sleepwalking or writing a D/C fic while Cas was kissing Meg to practice what he had learned from the pizzaman, lol.

        • Sally says:

          Yeah, and another spoiler I read is that Misha confirmed the sexual tension between Meg and Cas will also still be there in 7×17.
          The butthurt on twitter is hillarious to read. Suddenly the excitement about Cas’ return is gone, and his biggest fans won’t watch his episodes to prevent the hurt. I wonder why? : DDDD

        • RJ says:

          Most Cas fans aren’t shippers–so quit the silly hate. And if some are then fine…no harm. Cas is like a brother like Dean said–yes the show is about the 2 boys but also in support is their irregular family of Cas and Bobby. Both J’s say the regular interaction with Cas and Bobby helps the show AND EXPANDS THE CHARACTERS OF SAM AND DEAN. not subtracts from them as SOME extreme haters claim.

          • Sally says:

            It’s pretty obvious that DeanSam81 and I were making fun of the overreaction of SOME Cas fans which are really more Destiel shippers, and seem to have lost the ability to differentiate between the show and their fanfiction. Which is why they are now throwing a fit on twitter and tumblr that they are not going to watch the episode cause Cas is married (and they are hating on Sera big time for daring to do that), and so their fantasy of Dean and Cas becoming canon will not come to pass (as if that ever was an option). I don’t see any reasonable Cas fan or even a Destiel shipper who don’t expect/demand their fanon ship to become canon reacting like such a drama queen. They are still excited about his return, and having a wife actually gives him more of a independent storyline than just being the Winchesters helper/healer in future episodes.
            I really don’t see why you took that as hate against Cas in general, and started preaching about the necessity of supporting characters and haters. I for one love Cas/Meg, and my wish is that they not only keep Cas and Bobby, but also Meg and Cas’ wife (we need more female charcters) and if possible introduce some kickass hunters.
            You really should stop jumping to conclusions and actually read the posts or maybe go to tumblr and twitter and see for yourself. You will be face palming too if you’re not one of the extreme shippers.

          • Sally says:

            Oh and I find it a bit weird that you’re so invested against character hate, but did not post anything when “Amber” bashed Jared and his fans. It seems that for you ONLY hate against Cas is despicable.

          • RJ says:

            Sally i’ve stated I like all the main guys on on the show. Yes I even said I forgive all our heroes whenever they mess up and I included Sam. I defend them all.

          • Sally says:

            So is there any special reason why you chose to ignore the most hateful post in this comments and not object to it if you defend everyone against the hate?

          • RJ says:

            I told you I defend Sam–I stated it clearly. I have not read all posts here. Regardless I think hate on any of the 4 guys is silly. I like the whole show not just one or two characters.

  32. Dana R. says:

    It’s good to have Castiel back.

    Now he can finally held responsible for all his crimes. Out of power hunger and being to ignorant doing any research before he started his idiotic quest which ended with the Leviathans roming the earth.
    Even better that he is human now,more ways for punishment, good.

    Just because he helped the brothers in the past does not justfiy anything he did last season, especially lying to Dean and hurting Sammy. With friends like him, who need enemies?

    Welcome back Castiel, now suffer for what you did.

    • RJ says:

      You hate much? Cas was trying to stop the Apocalypse rewind–he couldn’t control what absolute power did to him but his intention were good. He’s a flawed hero who working towards redemption. So I forgive him as I also forgive Sam, Dean whenever they go too far.

      • Dana R. says:

        A Castiel fan who denies what the nerd angel did to Sam and Dean in season 6, how cute.

        I do love how you totally ignored what I posted about the crimes of Castiel: lying to Dean about pretty much everything concerning the souls and the idiotic plan to open Purgatory. And how exactly do you justify Castiel breaking down the wall in Sam’s head?

        Nothing he did during the coming Apocalypse before can excuse or justify what he did. Sorry.

  33. Jedaqia says:

    Eh…I read somewhere that Emmanuel@Cas is married to a woman named Daphne.

  34. lol this fandom is so sad…
    My only wish for Castiel is that he gets on the show to erase this Leviathan mess once and for all. I get that hunting werewolves ins’t that hip anymore but seriously this storyline is just plain lame. Castiel can go away with the Levis I don’t care. (The only think I do aprove of this Levi poo is that at least it didn’t last 3 episodes like the Mother of All did…)
    I am excited about Misha’s return and fake Castiel’s appearance on the show, but not because I wanna flood my livingroom with drool (which won’t happen). Yes Destiel shippers might not enjoy the new Castiel but hey you guys have gotten a heads up weeks before today so you should be ready for whatever comes your way (and honestly if you don’t realize it by now that the real angel will eventually show up then you’re even sadder that I once thought you weer).
    But back to my point: Misha and Jensen do work great together (not better than Jared and Jensen!) and I think that once we’ll get Misha back on screen it’ll be interesting to see how Dean will interact with him (think about all of the awesome smart mouth jokes!). So not only will we see a super duper angst-filled Dean who has his heart twisted from seeing his little brother in the state he will be in (which Dean fans will seriously be swooing) but we’ll get a Dean who meets up with his old buddy and won’t know how to react. And if there’s one guy in the TV business who can deal with that kind of stuff and still look as handsome as he does it, it’s obviously Jensen.
    It’s been ages since I’ve been this excited for a Supernatural episode. The first two this season were some of my favorites since The End in season 5 and mainly because of what the brothers were dealing with (and the fact that Mark Pellegrino’s back as Lucifer jsut adds THIS much awesomeness to the episode…. I don’t give a rat’s derrière about Ruby) and I think that this episode will continue from what we had to deal with back in September.
    At least, I hope so…

  35. leigh says:

    Ok, I’m a GUY who has followed supernatural since season 1. Been watching from 2005 all the way to now. I have to admit, the female fans of this show are completely and utterly MENTAL. A fry short of a happy meal, sorry. This Destiel crap is the biggest load of nonsence I’ve ever heard, and is disgusting. Who thinks of crap like that? Also, the Dean girls and Sam girls is just as much crap as the Destiel stuff. I don’t understand how

  36. leigh says:

    Ok, I’m a GUY who has followed supernatural since season 1. Been watching from 2005 all the way to now. I have to admit, the female fans of this show are completely and utterly MENTAL. A fry short of a happy meal, sorry. This Destiel crap is the biggest load of nonsence I’ve ever heard, and is disgusting. Who thinks of crap like that? Also, the Dean girls and Sam girls is just as much crap as the Destiel stuff. I don’t understand how you can route for one character over the other? The show is about BOTH OF THEM. Supernatural wouldn’t be what it was unless BOTH of them were on it. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re a fan of both sam and dean, including jared and jensen. The bad mouthing of poor jared is horrible and he doesn’t deserve it. What did you castiel obsessed, or destiel sickos do before he joined the show in season 4. You’re all as bad as each other. I love castiel, sam and dean. But making up some weird love story between the two and despising the actor is just taken way too far. Rant over.

    • Jedaqia says:

      lol! Are u really a guy? Just wondering. Its as rare as Sam & Dean hugs :-) You know, I’m a girl & I’m okay with all the shippers & the slash, but yeah, some fans can be overboard with the character hate. If you know an all guy SPN group I would like to join. Maybe, I could get some serious discussion on the actual happening in the show. Trying to reason out with haters can be tiring sometime. I rather have some deeper discussion on the show itself.