Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on House, Grey's, Once Upon a Time, Good Wife, Nikita and More

What do you “C” in House‘s future? What’s going on with the Grey’s Anatomy gang’s job hunt? How great is this Sunday’s Good Wife? Will Rumpel reunite with his son? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

House | Are you sitting down? Because I’m going to kick off this week’s column by dropping on you the seemingly telltale title of the episode Hugh Laurie will be directing. But first, remember that David Shore told Ausiello that the final four episodes will lay the foundation for the show’s grand finale. Also know that Laurie is going behind the camera for the first of that stretch. Now, factor in that the launch of that formative arc is titled… “The C Word.” Will someone, perhaps House himself, be diagnosed with cancer as the drama draws to a close? Or could the “C” perhaps refer to Cuddy? (Though Lisa Edelstein is not due for an encore, perhaps House gets wind of a major life change for his ex through the hospital grapevine?) Share your speculation on that potent title in “C”omments!

Grey’s Anatomy | Previously, TVLine scooped that your favorite Seattle Gracers will soon be hitting the job interview circuit, hoping to woo (or be wooed by) rival hospitals, in the event they don’t (or can’t) stick with the one they’ve called home. And while that story point would seem designed to afford Shonda Rhimes an easy out in the event that any original cast members don’t ink new deals beyond this season, she maintains this was always the plan. “Every kid going for an attending spot or a fellowship … would be out there all over the country interviewing, and that’s what they’re doing,” she told me. As for the big picture, she says the job hunt arc “is setting up a lot of what’s going on at the end of the season, and it also weighs very heavily on them” – as well as on longtime viewers. “You really get a sense of nostalgia, that this is the ‘graduating class’ that might not be together anymore. It’s really beautiful to watch our actors portray, and it’s been wonderful to write.”

Once Upon a Time | Many of you have asked if and when we will see Rumpelstiltskin’s son again. Well, that moment comes in Episode 19, titled “The Return.” As Robert Carlyle told us of the late-April installment, “It goes back to the moment he became Rumplestiltskin — and [his son] can’t handle this person his father [has become]. He wants me to give up the power.” Alas, that is much easier said than done. (Or as Rumpel would say, “Things always come with a priiiice.”) “He has to be stabbed through the heart to give away that power, so that can never really happen — but something else does,” Carlyle teases with a (non-maniacal) laugh, adding his own, “Dot, dot, dot….”

Breaking In | This just in… Professional skateboarder and sometime actor Tony Hawk (pictured, right) will be guest-starring on Fox’s sophomore comedy as… himself, when he approaches Contra Security about helping him safeguard his home. Hawk’s previous TV roles include Last Man Standing and CSI: Miami.

The Secret Circle | One reader tweeted at me a question about when we’ll next see Cassie’s grandmother, and whether she’ll have all of her memories back. As you may have since surmised, after a false start or two, we will see Jane tonight – though the memory issue sounds like it could be a sticky one. “Like with everything on this show, that’s complicated,” series boss Andrew Miller tells TVLine. “She’s still not in great shape, but Cassie will turn to her for help in a way that no one else can help her. We’ll deal with her health issues then.”

Smash | If you find it a bit apparent that Tom will in one way or another jilt John-the-lawyer and warm up to Ivy’s sports-loving gay bestie, Sam… well, you’ve obviously watched sufficient amounts of TV, and know full well how these things work. Because when I ran Tom’s obvious love/hate thing for the chorus boy by Megan Hilty, she replied, “Oh yeah… That will get very interesting.” P.S. Did you hear about Season 2?

Nikita | Hail to the Chief… soon! The CW spy-drama is looking to add a POTUS to its ranks for the end of the season, when the Commander-in-Chief himself is threatened by Division — an organization which not-too-surprisingly he has never heard of. And the threat is no idle one, mind you. Rather, Mr. President will find himself blackmailed with a powerful weapon that could put not just the U.S. in jeopardy but rock the entire geopolitical climate. Which fiftysomething actor out there is possibly up to that task?

The Good Wife | You may have heard many raves about this Sunday’s episode, which introduces Matthew Perry as a not-so-friendly legal foil for Alicia. And now you can add my voice to the chorus. The Blue Ribbon Panel storyline that brings Alicia together with Perry’s Mike Kresteva – she steps in for Diane on a panel that looks into Internal Affairs concerns – is fantastically entertaining, to the point that you’ll hate when it ends. All the while, Alicia is also juggling the bid on the house that she, Peter and the kids used to call home – the “flashbacks” she has to their sweet, suburban existence will Break. Your. Heart — as well as the mysterious matter that landed Kalinda in the IRS’ crosshairs. (Watch for G-woman Lana Delaney to figure into that story in a delicious way.) Elsewhere, the fight to fill Will’s seat as a name partner just might come down to a coin flip. Or not. One of this season’s very best episodes, for sure.

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Narciso says:

    I already know Cuddy is not in the finale. I´m not going to speculate about it. Doesn´t make sense for me anymore.

  2. Housefan says:

    C-word: It will be very likely: Cancer but why should it only mean Cuddy, it could also mean Chaos, Chase or Cameron. STOP with this stupid cuddy promotion. All the other have fans too.

    • Vasia Cy says:

      I agree … House exist with Cuddy too …. S8 is great ..I love all episodes..If C is a name I prefer Cameron than Cuddy

      • djesus says:

        neither of them, the title is not about a person, thanks god!

      • Sally says:

        Ditto, I prefer Cameron over Cuddy too. In fact, if it’s Cuddy I say, thanks but NO thanks.

      • Kriszta says:

        Season 8 great,yeah…. there is the “great” ratings from this monday
        House (FOX, 20.00) – 5,94M (18-49: 2.1, #10)
        Congrats to all Cuddy hater!

        • Samantha says:

          Ratings drop every year, Cuddy is irrelevant.

          • Kriszta says:

            You are right,but this year was the biggest fall! Look the percents!

          • Narciso says:

            No really. And even if that´s true, this year has been much worse than past years. A 30-40% drop doesn´t have anything to do with the show getting old.

          • @Rasberry Topping says:

            I always wonder at those two extreme camps, neither which are fully right, that Cuddy’s departure was irrelevant to the series or, on the other extreme, that Cuddy’s departure is the sole reason the show is clearly failing this season. Cuddy’s departure certainly had a noticeable impact on the show. Even to the airing of the most recent episode I’ve observed random House fans on Twitter mention missing her, saying the show isn’t the same without her, and on and on. Her character was very popular and well-loved. That being said, she isn’t the only reason the show is in this situation.
            There are the show’s implacable TPTB who ignore their fan’s concerns and requests to the point of being ridiculous, for instance. You can’t please everyone all the time but you can throw the fans a bone on occasion. It costs you very little to nothing and gains you respect and understanding from fans who appreciate that you care enough to bend when you can. A good show runner knows when to bend and when to hold firmly to what he wants. I think DS used to be like this but at some point he just gave up and started writing and show running for himself alone. As evidenced by the many requests for favorite characters coming back, etc. and seeing DS’s response of ignoring them and bringing back only the ones he favored and wanted back. If their fans had been treated differently at this point they could be united, like Chuck fans or Fringe fans, fighting for their show.
            Bigger issues like sloppy characterization, sloppy and unsatisfying handling of old and new storylines, unlikeable characters, keeping characters in the same place without any growth or even any real change in circumstances in their lives, losing other favorite characters like Cameron, or Amber, keeping characters who people aren’t that fond of and foisting them down the fan’s throats, like 13 (who I always liked but I liked them all) or Dominika. The show used to be tighter and have more interesting medical stories as well, and it used to balance House’s extreme negativism with good humor. The show isn’t really funny these days and is mostly just depressing or boring. They make big faux pas like the car crash, which was obviously unpalatable to most people (or most people I read after the finale), and make excuses for it and defend it. They saw how much it hurt them, hurt the main character who depended on a delicate balance to make him likeable, and told everyone essentially, ‘we’re not wrong, you’re wrong.’ It’s one thing writing a character doing this, it’s another defending him. At the beginning of the series their treatment of women had a playful teasing but respect to it, these days women, characters and actors, are seen on the show as being expendable and as objects. When fans were upset about Huddy breaking up, a very popular pairing for the show and a very popular pair amongst all show pairings, the show runners mocked and patronized them and made them feel like it was the fan’s issue, and when Lisa was lost from the show, HL made no comment and showed no care about it to the fans until he was asked about it months later and the show runners, who promised they would write a statement about the loss of one of the show’s most popular characters, which would’ve helped, never ended up keeping their word.
            There’s so much more I’ve seen but these are some highlights. It’s interesting seeing such a huge show slowly destroy itself through so many little things (some big) all ending up here, but also a little sad.

        • dee says:

          What the heck do ratings have to do with quality? That would be NOTHING.

          • D says:

            They have a fair amount to do with cancellation. I’m sorry but being 30-40% down on the previous year is huge. It’s not even about who is or isn’t there anymore, it’s about the quality of the writing and the audience feeling like the show isn’t going anywhere.

      • Yelena says:

        Yes me to :)

    • @bilouze says:

      Amen to That.

    • shiremaid says:

      Yes! Housefan you hit the nail on the head!

    • @Housefan" says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s cancer and House has it. The show is just so boring these days (except to the hardcore fanatics who watch whatever it schills out) as shown by its ratings. Too bad it didn’t end earlier and on top.

      • djesus says:

        I vote for cancer!

      • PLEASENOCUDDY says:

        I love S8. Every episode has been awesome. I think the departure of LE/Cuddy improved the quality of the show. Now if we could just get LE’s angry resentful fans to go away.

        • djesus says:

          awesome? if it was, then audience would be back, I even skip some eps because nothing is happening (but “dead and buried” was a good one). It’s not the same as the first seasons, the best of the show.

        • Roxi says:

          Gosh….This is the worst season , just you hate Lisa ,so write many stupid things…

          • shiremaid says:

            WELL SAID ROXI!

          • Narciso says:

            This is the worst season by far. Critics and audience don´t want anything to do with the show. With or without Cuddy the season is terrible and numbers don´t stop talking

      • themightykunal says:

        It could be ‘change’ <- just throwing it out there. House says people don't change, but what if this time… he realises they do?



    • Samantha says:

      *C-word: It will be very likely: Cancer but why should it only mean Cuddy, it could also mean Chaos, Chase or Cameron. STOP with this stupid cuddy promotion. All the other have fans too.*
      + 1

    • Narciso says:

      Cuddy is the only one who gets a strong reaction everytime her name is posted. Anyway C is probably for crap or cancellation.

  3. MD says:

    “You really get a sense of nostalgia, that this is the ‘graduating class’ that might not be together anymore. It’s really beautiful to watch our actors portray, and it’s been wonderful to write.”

    Hopefully this is focused on Meredith, Alex and Cristina, the nostalgia and all, should be on the originals who has been together since the beginning, and now they could be all going to work at different hospitals. If April & Jackson are included as much, with them it won’t make much sense since they’re not that close.

    • J. says:

      I’m sure that Jackson and April will also be included since they’re in the same year of their residencies as Meredith, Cristina and Alex, so it actually would make sense. It just doesn’t necessarily mean that the showrunners will choose to focus as much on those characters.

    • Azerty says:

      I totally agree. For me, Nostalgia in Grey’s Anatomy is about Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Georges and Izzie. And nostalgia means the last scene of the 5 of them together, around Izzie’s bed when Cristina tells everybody Iz has cancer in season 5. I get that “Georges is dead, Izzie is gone, we are all different” like Alex said but if Jackson and April are around, I’m not sure I will feel nostalgia.

  4. isabel says:

    Man, I’m so excited for this week’s episode of The Good Wife!

  5. J. says:

    I’m really eager and waiting to hear the results of which cast members will and will not return to Grey’s Anatomy next season. Isn’t it getting pretty late into the year for no official word to have come down through the pipeline yet?

  6. Jo! says:

    The C Word?

    Cut-throat Bitch Amber

  7. kari says:

    I hope it’s not cancer because that’s way too obvious.

  8. nikki says:

    I can’t wait for The Good Wife. The flashbacks will be great. I hope for at least one sexy scene with Alicia and Peter.

  9. Kate O'Leary says:

    Am I the only one with a dirty mind?

  10. Michael says:

    There is NO better show than Nikita on the air!

    • ndavika says:

      Thank you!! Nikita blows most of the shows on air right now out of the water, it just happens to be settled on a network that can’t seem to handle what an amazing/badass show they’re fortunate enough to have! Hope this guy playing the President can reprise his role for SEASON 3!!!

  11. HumanGravitasMeter says:

    “Nikita” POTUS candidates:
    Joe Morton
    Henry Czerny
    James McDaniel
    John Aylward
    Carl Lumbly
    Laura Innes
    John Bolger

  12. Anon says:

    Ah yes! Can’t wait to see Jane again tonight on The Secret Circle!!

  13. Rodd says:

    Thanks for The Secret Circle news, I just got into it and I miss Jane Blake!

  14. D says:

    Currently playing the ‘Take-a-shot-every-time-you-have-to-mention-Cuddy-to-generate-buzz-for-House’ drinking game. Hopefully by May I’ll be drunk enough to watch the finale.

    The C could stand for anything. ‘Car’ and ‘Crash’ come to mind, but yeah House probably has brain tumours.

  15. bella says:

    some rumors flying around about House’s slut getting preggos so “The C Word” might be…child!?

    • Housefan says:

      It was an ugly rumor made by the jealous LEfans (you know the ones who have these precious *facepalm* inside sources) ..one of the writers allready denied this rumour. It is not true.

      • shiremaid says:

        House fan, what isn’t true?

        • Housefan says:

          oh sorry …the pregnancy spoiler! Of course she is not pregnant. In that case House and Dominika has to do the deed first and they won`t because *hm yeah* they aren`t attracted to each other in that way.

          • shiremaid says:

            Oh God I hope you’re right! I like Dominika by herself, crafty and definitely selfish, but for House?????? Yeah right and Chase would make a good match for Foreman! Keep me updated Housefan…..we seem to think alike!

          • I’m not saying she is but Dominika COULD be pregnant. There’s been mention that she has a boyfriend and it could be his (before all this INS mess with her having to sleep at House’s apartment). You’re all assuming that if Dominika is preggers that it’s because of House.

          • shiremaid says:

            Anyone considering the possibility that the child IS ALREADY BORN? Namely, Lydia from the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital??????

            The child would be about 2 years old.

      • bella says:

        correction: what the writer did say…”don’t judge until you see it”…that doesn’t sound like a denied rumor to me.

        • @bella says:

          Kath Lingenfelter first tweet about this rumor to an extremly pissed LE-fan was:

          @XtremelyPissed I’ve no idea where u heard this, but perhaps rather than be upset over things that have yet to happen, you wait to see eps?

          but corrected herself in the next tweet:

          @freyaoz Poor semantics, you’re right. Final eps have yet to air, therefore no need to get upset over widely misguided conjecture.

          I take her answers whatever the Iwaffles try to spread in the word is plain bollocks.

    • tripoli says:

      Is it really necessary to refer to her as a slut? Get over it already.



  16. Samuel Lizer says:

    Tony Hawk on Breaking In. Tony was in Gleaming The Cube with Christian Slater, he was one of Christian’s friends, who worked for Pizza Hut, and drove the pick up in the end!

  17. shiremaid says:

    C isn’t for Cuddy, we know that. But how about “cutting or chopping”?

  18. shiremaid says:

    Hey how about “Cate”? The psychiatrist whom House treated in the South Pole?

  19. rubytu says:

    Could count for Cuddy. Cuddy w. Cancer. Culminating in a clarification of the cause of the couple’s bifurcation and converging in a cute concluding connection.

  20. RumpleBelleFan says:

    Thanks again Matt for the OUAT scoop!

    I love Rumple’s episodes, so I’m looking forward to more of his back story.

  21. Jules says:

    Want better Spoliers that that
    Has for the “C” Spolier for House
    We all know it’s not Cuddy….
    (1) Cancer
    (2) Convicted
    (3) Contract (sort of pack between House Vs 13)
    Or (House vs Wilson)
    (4) Chaos
    (5) Crazy

  22. jennifer says:

    Gotta admit:when I heard the C word-a few dirty words popped in my head. Seriously though:the House finale better be damn good ,or,the C will stand for Crap! What has to happen to Gregory House is revealed in the show’s title: House M.D.:House Must Die…

    • shiremaid says:

      LMAO now that’s a unique way of looking at it! Very observant Jennifer..

    • @Jennifer says:

      Cuddy was the first word that popped into mine, tbh. I was excited for a sec, till I read the rest. Cancer. House or Wilson. Not really feeling’ it.
      Thanks for all the updates, Matt. Good Wife, OUAT and Nikita especially.

  23. So excited for Good Wife. It feels as though this season started slow, but the last batch of episodes have been really excited. Hopefully Matt Perry has finally found something worthy of his talent!

  24. yippity says:

    EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: I know from accurate sources what “C” stands for. Please don’t keep reading if you don’t like spoilers.
    Are you ready for it? Here it goes…
    C means House has elevated cholesterol. There you have it.

  25. JP says:

    LMAO at Rhimes’ “this was always the plan.” Easy out for her.It makes sense but GA hasn’t made sense for awhile. Not her fan but can’t blame her for this cluster. ABC should have signed on the originals a long time ago IMO. If she can pull off this hat trick, a decent finale, without knowing who is coming back………….I’ll tip my hand to her.

  26. Brenna says:

    Thanks for the ouat scoop-love rumpel news!!

  27. shiremaid says:

    Seems like a lot of us, myself included, are believing the most obvious answers for “C”. In today’s society, “The C word” is not generally known for Cancer, but as a derogatory name for a female who has pissed you off. (Or think of it as the slang for a woman’s private part.)

    So let’s see how we can tie this in. I’ve called Cuddy that name quite often, usually adding the -ty at the end, but she’s a no-go, so that’s out.

    Does Dominika take House for something? Does she piss him off royally, for whatever reason? Maybe he “says” that word during the episode, (or at least the impression he has said it comes up.)

    Maybe House’s clinic hours involve one too many pap smears?

    Hmmmm first of the final four cumulative episodes. Hmmmmmm…….

  28. llws says:

    Im totally excited for TGW! Not to mention Lana is coming back…yayyy!!

    Can’t they just make Lana a temp gf for Kalinda…enough with all the other chicks coming onto the show lol

  29. TheDude says:

    James Morrison for Nikita president. Make it happen, CW! BILL BUCHANAN!!

  30. SMASH! says:

    Because when I ran Tom’s obvious love/hate thing for the chorus boy by Megan Hilty, she replied, “Oh yeah… That will get very interesting.”

    No, it won’t be interesting. I like John. He’s hot. He’s a nice guy. Tom has been an ass to John lately. Now Tom will move on to the “WOW he likes SPORTS!!???” straight “Who said I was straight?” gay guy Sam. BORING.

    • Leo says:

      OMG Yes! They set up Tom with Dennis in one episode (That back up dancer who now only got this random shots! Shame on you, Smash! And I had high hope of Dennis!!) then he met John and I was like “Okay!” but then this new Sam is in and they’re setting them up!! C’mon, Dennis is cuter :D

  31. Jorge says:

    For the Nikita president:

    Aidan Quinn
    Robert Patrick
    James Morrison
    James Caan
    ALAN DALE!!!

  32. Patti says:

    I think Rumpel’s son will end up being 1.) Peter Pan (Rumpel does hate fairytales, maybe Tink took him away to be a kid forever),and/or 2.) August, 3.) Henry’s missing in action dad (making the charmings, the queen and Rumpel one dysfunctional family)

  33. My guess is for Grey’s is whoever is coming back has already signed on the dotted line with ABC but if they leak out the information it’s more then likely going to give away a plot. eg the airport scene is cristina coming home or leaving for good?
    My faith is growing everyday that the originals will return. For example Patrick’s racing team posted a little bit about him last week – Racing is his passion, acting is how he feed’s his family.

  34. Kate says:

    The “C” word could be “CHANGE”… House always says nobody changes, but maybe they do. Change is in the air…

    • At this point, “change” makes the most sense. Good thinking.

      • @Rasberry Topping says:

        Cancer or change. Either are boring. Cancer is obvious and if it’s change, we know the show’s unflinching motto is “no one changes”. Therefore they will toy with the idea as always but come back to this motto, like always. If there’s actual change then they make the show even worse than it is now by going back on the show’s core theme since the beginning. Since we know no one changes and House will never change and always be miserable as Shore has relentlessly pounded home the entire length of the series, there is no possibility for a happy end, or for redemption. And with Shore complaining that he resents the finale being expected to be more special than any other episode, I suppose I can assume the finale will be much like all the other episodes this season.

  35. “He has to be stabbed through the heart to give away that power, so that can never really happen — but something else does,” Carlyle teases with a (non-maniacal) laugh, adding his own, “Dot, dot, dot….”

    –let me guess, he fell in love with Beauty.

    • Patti says:

      that was later on and he started to be himself again but rejected true love. plus the dagger is still an issue he was burying it in the woods during the huntsman’s episode.

  36. Kendra says:

    Shore hates women. I’m thinking it’s THE C word. (rhymes with runt & that’s about it)

  37. C stand for Crazy

    House will end like St. Elsewhere

    Gregory House has always been a patient at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, the whole show is his day dream. The doctors and coworkers we see in Dr House’s world are either fellow inmates or his doctors at Mayfield

    Which would explain Kutner’s return for the final episode

    • shiremaid says:

      This would really suck~! I can’t imagine David Shore actually giving thought to an idea that has not only been used, but would be totally disrespectful to the fans’ intelligence. We would not go for that.

  38. Jessica says:

    I am LOVING Nikita this year. Last season was great, and a bit better with Mikita, but the stories/plots/action this year is even better! I hope it gets renewed for a 3rd season!

  39. lola says:

    c, is a lie

  40. Ella says:

    Matt, any idea where the Cary/Kalinda scene is from the 2012 trailer? Is it yet to come, or did they cut it?

  41. Jason says:

    RAY WISE, obviously, is the choice for Nikita’s President.

  42. Alicia L. says:

    C word- most likely equals Chaos!
    My number one choice would be for it to equal Cameron though because I want her back in the finale!

  43. Kriszta says:

    Please CUDDY!!! But is unlikely :(

    • DanieGermany says:

      A return of Cuddy would be my dream come true, but that’s wishful thinking, I guess :-(

      • Liz says:

        It would be my nightmare if it’s Cuddy. Having to sit through the first part of season 7 aka the Huddy nightmare was bad enough, I don’t want Cuddy/Huddy to entirely ruin the finale. It’s hard enough to say goodbye as it is.

        • Kriszta says:

          I want Cuddy’s back but I think this is the point than no matter what I want,no matter what you want,no matter what want the other fans, just matter what wants David Shore.. I think in last episode no matter him,the ratings neither …

        • shiremaid says:

          I agree! And tell me, do we really want to sit there watching our fave show, and all you can see are her breasts??? Give me a break! I’m glad LE is gone, and I hope she stays gone…her and her stupid suggestions of tighter, lower cut tops!

          • Narciso says:

            Others disagree with you. And with others i mean the 4 millions who stopped watching after she left XD

          • D says:

            FYI an irrational fear of breasts is called mastrophobia. Just in case you need it for your insurance forms. ;)

          • Allison says:

            you forgot to mention the close-ups of the ass and scenes of nudity, totally unneeded.
            (should have killed cuddy instead of Amber)


            cuddy has 4 million fans? lol
            probably will have a new show, starring by cuddy: cuddy md :p

        • Allison says:

          only huddy are able to enjoy this garbage. blah

  44. DanieGermany says:

    I bet it’s Cancer.

    But I think Wilson wil be the one who has cancer and dies and then – with Cuddy also gone -House doesn’t have anyone left in his life he cares about and puts that old gun to his head ( the one from his father) with his finger on the trigger. Then the screen goes black and we are being left in the dark about his fate – a true Soprano’s finale moment.

    I would soooo hate that, but I can’t come up with something better, sorry :-(

  45. Sally says:

    C for CAMERON please!

  46. CS says:

    The C Word? Cameron Allison

  47. Michael says:

    Maybe House adopts a Child

    • ebowers says:

      Sure, I would certainly let a felonwho crashes his car into his ex-girlfried’s home with Drug addictions,Hallucinations,Hookers fests,and a mental breakdown adopt a child ….

    • K says:

      lol, really? tbh the amount of random the show is throwing out these days I wouldn’t be that surprised. Hope it is cancer.I don’t wanna be a downer but I think the show needs an air of finality about it. I’m no longer a shipper of any kind (used to be a huddy) so I don’t want or expect a reunion of any form or House suddenly getting happy and running off into the sunset, with Miss X or Y, just something respectable that is good for the character as we know him. It would piss me off if the series just ended with another solved case and House and Wilson walking off to get dinner or something. That would be such an anti climax. Although I’m pretty sure David Shore doesn’t give a rat’s a** anyway

  48. C is for Cameron, it has to be come on !!

  49. berenice says:

    for the 4 fans of David Shore, sorry,of House, please stop taking it that makes them lose their sense of reality … not have reviewed other seasons numbers?
    first, must, separate the actress from the character..who was the one who wrote all about Lisa Cuddy? we know that it was Lisa E…
    but what I find amazing is that they use the name of Lisa until the last second because they know ..which is the only way to be heard..

    a good show that ended … differently