Burn Notice Exclusive: Lauren Stamile Will Return

Burn Notice Lauren Stamile Agent PearceIt would seem that Agent Pearce will continue to be a bit of a thorn in Michael’s side when Burn Notice returns this summer.

Grey’s Anatomy alumna Lauren Stamile is set to reprise her role as the CIA handler for at least four episodes of Season 6 of the USA Network hit, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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As previously reported, Jere Burns (who currently recurs on Justified) and Kristanna Loken (The L Word) are also booked for multiple-episode encores. Also in Season 6, Scrubs alum John C. McGinley will play the former CIA training officer that taught Michael everything, while Taryn Manning (Hawaii Five-0) will guest-star as fellow prisoner whom Fiona meets in the clink.

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  1. Jackson says:

    Works for me. I like Agent Pearce and think she’s a good addition to the show. Espeically since the producers have asured us that she will not come between Michael and Fiona.

  2. Michael says:

    I hope its true that she and Jesse hook up

    • rubytu says:

      I wish they’d get rid of Jesse, he adds nothing to the series. He’s so bland. He really doesn’t belong with the team. When they added him, the show also seemed to lose some of its feel and replace it with more action/adventure type of stuff. Not what I watch the show for. In fact, in the first season, Michael was pretty much adverse to using guns if any other way would work.
      Almost McGyverish.
      Agent Pearce is annoying, and I hope her part is short-lived.

      • Jennifer says:

        What?! You’ve got to be kidding me! Jesse is a very intricate role as well as Agent Pearce. Every single actor that was put on the show throughout the entire series were brilliant picks. You don’t know a good show when you see one.

    • jessedanie says:

      i was hoping for that hookup since they seem to become more and more connected and he is the only one who call her Danie while everybody call her Pierce

  3. elleg929 says:

    Very excited about John C. McGinley.

  4. Lyte says:

    Cody can go…no offense to the actor.
    Pierce, ambivalent… no offense to the actress.
    John C., not seeing a fit with the other characters.

  5. Justin says:

    Sounds good to me. I don’t see her getting in between Michael and Fiona, so I have no problem with it.

  6. Spoiler Junkie says:

    I liked her as Agent Pearce. Glad Lauren is coming back. Also, not sure how I feel about John C. McGinley playing a former mentor of Michael. I just cant picture him as a CIA training officer – maybe it’s the image of Dr.Cox (Scrubs) getting in the way. Hmm

  7. Neha says:

    Agent Pearce bores me, she behaves like a teacher in school *yawn* and I don’t understand why does she always question Michael’s way of work when he is a legend of sorts.
    Why did they have to kill Max?

  8. merhammer says:

    Love this show. And I respectfully diagree with the other commenters. I love Coby Bell’s Jesse. The addition of his character brought out another side in Michael, Fiona and Sam. He is a great addition, and the jobs run much more smoothly with 4 of them, as they can pair off and handle different things at the same time. Helps move the storylines along. Plus, I always appreciate any extra eye candy.

    • exfromtheleft says:

      6 eps only, and here i was hopin a pearce/jesse hookup ;-)

      • jessedanie says:

        you and me both, ithought their pairing on the field worked very well… grrrrrrrrrrr i was hopin she would say bye to Jesse when leaving as well as to Michael…

        • jessedanie says:

          i thought they were building at least some kind of emotional connection between the two that might not lead to a relationship but it was kind of just grown up the way they related to each other and i noticed he was the only one calling her Danie while everybody else seems to say Pierce… anyway i amnot a tvwriter so what do iknow…a little goodbye to jesse

  9. Chris Lee says:

    You forget the John C. McGinley was in Platoon and The Rock, other than Scrubs he has never been in a comedy. He is a great fit.

  10. Brisco says:

    Pearce added something positive to the show–wasn’t sure how season 5 would be–as series often start running on fumes–and surprisingly it was one of my favorites. Like the episodes when Pearce is out of the office though.

  11. maggiefig1 says:

    I saw Burn Notice filming today in Miami. I was approched about them using my truck in an episode.

  12. Pen and Des says:

    I have not been a big fan of Agent Pearce, predominately because I don’t care for the acting of LS; I didn’t think it was particularly stimulating, but it wasn’t awful. That said, I enjoy the dynamic of Michael and a handler at the agency. I think CB is a fantastic actor and Jessie is a superior character – he is interesting and adds an interesting, unique dimension to the team, as he is low key and wry. The nuclear cast is awesome: Michael, Sam, Fi, Maddie, and Jessie, and I very much enjoy Nate, Seymour, Larry. Barry, Bly, and Anson as well. I thought Victor would have been fantastic addition to the show on a permanent or semi-permanent basis – was very sad they killed him off!

  13. joel ansor says:

    love the show nomatter who is added.

  14. synnova colbert says:

    LOVE the addition of Jesse, and Fi going to jail…wow. did NOT see that one coming……just wanna sat to “Mix” (matt nix) THANK YOU……

  15. larryd210 says:

    I could live without Jesse. And I’m not crazy about all the guns in the show now. I got hooked on the show because it was more about brains than guns. I liked the Mcgyver stuff.

  16. sugar says:

    I miss sugar, he and his duct tape obsession. I also miss gavin rossdale’s character, the spoiled guy who wanted this specific truck i think. His character had something so mysterious. Accent was so cool too. Also, Larry really got me thinking how mike would have turned out if he went dark side from the jump. I was also hoping bout the pearce/jesse thing. I find pearce super hot and after the loss of her fiancee’ she entitled to find happiness too. I don’t see anything wrong bout d cast so far.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Also, yes a very late comment response but just recently caught up with eps 5&6. No offense to rubytu just a huge fan of the show :)

  18. Barry Shulman says:

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