Ratings: Cougar Town Enjoys Baby Bump, River Rises Slightly, New Girl at New Low

Put down Big Carl, because the news for Cougar Town is good this week, as the ABC comedy rose double digits to 4.61 million total viewers and a 1.6 demo rating. That marks the show’s largest audience since the season opener, and its best 18-49 performance in three weeks.

ABC’s The River also saw a(n albeit small) gain in the demo — up a tenth to 1.4 — while holding steady in audience (at 4 mil). How about that final scene?!

The River Star Weighs In on That ‘Holy S—t!’ Finale, Burning Questions Still to Be Answered

On the Bad News side of this Tuesday’s the board, New Girl (5.12 mil/2.6) was down 11 and 7 percent to a new demo low.

Elsewhere on the night, as CBS placed No. 1 in both total viewers and the 18-49 demo…

8 pm | NCIS (18.6 mil/3.3) added a handful of eyeballs but dipped two tenths to a season-low demo. Last Man Standing (7 mil/1.9) dropped 14 percent to a series-low demo. The Biggest Loser held steady at 6.6 mil/2.2. Fox’s Raising Hope (3.8 mil/1.6) and Teenage Daughter (2.98 mil/1.2) both were down double digits. 90210 (1.3 mil/0.7) was up 9 and 17 percent.

9 pm | NCIS: LA led the hour with 16.1 million total viewers and a 2.8 rating, but dipped 10 percent in the demo to match its season low. Fox’s Breaking In (2.96 mil/1.3) dropped 12 percent. Ringer, at 1.16 mil and a 0.5, gained a few viewers and a tenth in the demo.

10 pm | CBS bubble show Unforgettable, with 11.3 million total viewers and a 2.1 demo rating, was up 14 and 11 percent. (In red-headed gorgeousness, it rose 28 percent.) NBC’s Fashion Star (4.9 mil/1.8) rose 7 and 13 percent versus its premiere.

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  1. kirads09 says:

    “How about that final scene?!”

    I know! {shiver}

  2. Alex says:

    It Sucks that The River won’t probably get another season, the last episode was awesome!

    • Alice says:

      I agree. I mean, there was a new form of horror every week: zombies, ghost possession, demonic possession, Texas-chainstyle massacre type crazy people that appear as friends at first but really want to kill you, smoke monster, room full of dead bodies, ghosts. And I got to practice my Spanish. I’m going to miss the River….

  3. kevin says:

    Hope The River won’t be back for another season as does Unforgettable which is now “on the bubble” and Ringer.

      • Holly says:

        I think Kevin is predicting that neither the River nor Unforgettable nor Ringer will return for another season and that part of his evidence for saying so is that Unforgettable is now listed as “On The Bubble” in terms of renewal chances. I think that’s what he means, anyway.

  4. Will says:

    C’mon Cougar Town! I know its been beaten to death, but I have talked about CT to some of my buddies and they always mention how they haven’t watched because of the title of the show. I usually get responses such as “isn’t that a girl show?” *sigh* Its amazing it lasted this long. If this is the end, I appreciate the episodes we’ve had.

    • Ari says:

      Just tell them that my dad, a Harley riding, shotgun toting, verifiable badass, loves Cougar Town (even though he fought me at first, also thinking it was a ‘girls show’). Haha! That’s what I tell all of my male friends, when trying to get them to watch Cougar Town.

  5. jesse says:

    Too bad about New Girl; I thought it was hysterical last night!

  6. c.lopez says:

    Matt..do you know the rating for Pretty Little Liars?

  7. I have never laughed so hard as I did during the end of New Girl last night. Nick Miller is my boyfriend.

  8. Loved The River. Hope it comes back for another season. So much more unique then NCIS-type shows.

  9. JJ says:

    Let’s keep the up the trend with Cougar Town! This show is too good to go away! It’s seriously the only show I look forward to all week and the only show not yet in syndication that I have seen so often via DVR & DVDs that I can quote every episode. Six seasons and a movie!

  10. Stacie says:

    I know people bag on Glee, but it does give New Girl that ratings bump. I think it was stupid for FOX to take off one of their more popular shows off the air for 7 straight weeks. I get a 3 week hiatus or even a month but 7 weeks is too excessive, and New Girl is suffering from it.

  11. mandy says:

    ‘New Girl’ was one of its best episodes ever last nite. I LOL’d in several parts. Nick and Jess were great!

  12. Natalie says:

    Too bad NCIS dipped a bit in the demo last night, it was a good episode in so many ways. Glasberg and the show’s team continue to deliver for their fans.

  13. Tonya Bray says:

    How can more people be watching Biggest Loser than CT? Makes absolutely no sense to me.

  14. Betty says:

    I too thought New Girl was hilarous last night. The writing on that show is great. I need to watch it again, I’m sure I missed some of the lines. I missed the chalkboard in Jess’ classroom that had a list of things to do to avoid having sex. I heard about it, now I need to watch it again so I can see it. This show gets better every week!

  15. Paula says:

    Yay for CT, I hope this becomes a trend and keeps it up.

  16. Ari says:

    Here’s hoping that Cougar Town continues to climb to a point where maybe ABC will consider not only renewing it but giving it a steady time slot and you know, not waiting NINE FREAKING MONTHS between seasons. If CT is cancelled, I really really really hope NBC picks it up because it would be a good match on their Thursday nights with Community and Parks & Rec.

  17. meleliot says:

    I can’t believe Last Man Standing gets almost twice the viewers that Raising Hope gets. I DVRd everything last night so skipped the comments as much as possible, but I am looking forward to watching my beloved Cougar Town and The River today.

  18. Sg.Grant says:

    It is kevin. He rarely makes sense in his comments, but will comment on the ratings every single day.

  19. Alex says:

    Ivy’s performance in 90210 AMAZING!!!

  20. tp says:

    Can someone please tell me what is wrong with McGhee’s voice? It’s been hoarse ever since he lost weight. It’s annoying and quite distracting.

  21. kevin says:

    What about the ratings for Southland’s season finale? Hope TNT renews it for Season Five.