Exclusive: House Boss Previews 'Fitting' Finale

House Series FinaleHouse closes out its eight-year run on May 21, but the march towards the final curtain call will begin to play out on screen next month.

Series creator David Shore tells TVLine that a storyline will kick off in late April that will “build” to the show’s swan song. “The final four episodes are, to some extent, [part] of a piece,” he explains. “But the last one is very, very much a much separate culmination of those episodes.”

Shore prefers to keep the specifics of the plot under wraps, but describes the hour-long swan song as “a fitting ending” that will feature “a few” of the show’s alumni reprising their roles. (He would only confirm that Olivia Wilde, a.k.a. Thirteen, will be one of them; as TVLine previously reported, ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return.)

“[Series finales] get put under such a microscope,” sighs Shore, who is penning the still-untitled episode with longtime House scribes Peter Blake and Eli Attie. “And I sort of resent that in a way. I understand that people are going to be paying attention to it, but… we will have done 177 episodes. I would like to think every single one of them speaks for the series. I don’t think this one should speak much louder than the rest of them.”

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  1. Michael Sacal says:

    I like the idea of Thirteen coming back as the final patient. That would be great.

    • Sandy says:

      Since that seems to be the obvious reason for her return, I hope they can think a little more outside the box and come up with something else. Hopefully her role is very small so the finale is pretty much House and only House.

      • BrianR says:

        That reason is House promised to euthanize her when her illness becomes too much and he ends up back in prison.

        • Sandy says:

          And that is pretty obvious so i hope she has elected to live . I don’t want finale to be about killing 13.

        • Michael Sacal says:

          That has to be part of the plot, or else the question will be left lingering forever. Would he have? Did he? It’s a lingering plot thread that deserves to be addressed.

      • Brining back Thirteen to euthanizer her would not make a great ending…but it really would be an awesome pre-finale episode…one of the last ones fo show. maybe even lead House to whatever is gonna happen int he finale.

      • versaith says:

        Obviously House will go to jail for assisting 13’s suicide….he promised.

        • Tyler Kropp says:

          i think the final episode should be that house is the one thats sick and for once the team has to figure out whats wrong with him and not another new patient.house dies becuase they couldnt figure out what he had until its too late or while house is on his dead bed he figures out the greatest mystery of all his own death and then he dies peacefuly then we see him in heaven or whatever with his leg healed sipping cocktails with amber and all the other patients that died on his watch

          • Robert says:

            House will die. He will kill himself. But he will ask foreman to make sure his semen gets to Cuddy as the only way House can have a life after his is gone. House can’t send her his Semen, she won’t trust it, and he doesn’t know where she is. But Foreman knows, and she will trust Forman if he collects it. We flash forward 20 years to see Gregory House, Jr. graduating Princeton on his way to Medical school, his proud mother Lisa and sister Rachel looking on. So House is wrong, there is a life after this one.

            While on the “big white bus” house will meet his father. It turns out his father was a medical student who had sold his sperm for purposes of artificial insemination. The guy went on to win a Nobel Prize, but always had a serious drinking problem. House walks off the bus into nothingness.

            But the nothingness turns out to be House waking up in a bar in Baltimore at a medical conference ten years ealier, where he meets James Wilson. Wilson is served with divorce papers. And House has an experience of deja vu and says “Let it out, you’ll fell better” which is what Wilson said moments before House had driven his car into Cuddy’s dining room. So Wilson throws the wine bottle through the window and gets arrested. And House is about to laugh in his usually indifferent way, when he hears the officer says to Wilson, “what were you thinking, son?” and House remembers his donation of sperm, and his being the product of a sperm donation, all deja vu recollections, and so he goes after Wilson to make sure he is able to produce a son ten years later……..

    • Jeannie says:

      Ummm Let me see now–House–One of the few medically correct shows currently out there–You folks in programming always seem to cancel the good ones and leave us viewers with fluff like Greys and Private Practice. So a big thumbs down to FOX for cancellation!!!

      • Steve says:

        Fox didn’t cancel, Hugh Laurie didn’t want to do the show anymore

        • lee says:

          that is untrue.. hugh never wanted the show to end

        • Justin Taschereau says:

          Hugh and david both agreed that the show should end, they both agreed that the show has been on for a long time and they both felt it should end on a good note and not just let the series go down the toilet. It was in a news article not to long ago…..

          • Mickey says:

            yet another article disclosed that Shore and Laurie had agreed on doing a 9th season. Fox didn’t want to fund more of them. Ratings combined with paycut debates resulted in the rather abrupt ending to the show. The cast just found out like a month ago that the show was ending this season

          • Maria says:

            If that were true they would have announced it and planned the season accordingly. Shore kept saying he would get a ninth season, but then he done effed up and it got cancelled, like it deserved.

      • Denise says:

        I so totally agree. We need qualities in our shows.

      • David says:

        I love watching House but I would not describe it as medically correct :)


      • Michael says:

        Wow….Entertaining, yes. Great character development for a few of them? Sure. Medically correct? Hardly. It’s not as bad as ER was, but there are some glaring medical flaws in there, not to mention a lot of subtle ones. Still, it does rate medically above the two you mentioned. Sad to say that 40 years after it started M*A*S*H is still one of the most medically correct shows out there for its time. (yeah, 40 years…holy cow).

        The running joke in our home is the House formula… the episode will be solved4- 5 diagnoses after someone says “sarcoidosis”.

    • Nick says:

      is it huntington’s incurable? it’s just treatable so why would 13 be the last patient?

    • franklinalejos says:

      Not only that. I’d like that House comply the promise he make 13 to “kill her” when there’s nothing left for her.

    • Honestly, I would prefer to see House die. Do not get me wrong, I love him and his character. I see his flaws and at times I can relate. I would like to see him solve his own case, and Thirteen comes back to euthanize him.

      Cuddy should not come back, he ran his car in her kitchen. Could have killed her daughter. I am sorry a woman did that to me, I would never talk or see her again.

      • snazzy says:

        House is brilliant but with so much drug use, he will eventually o.d. someday. That is the way the series should end. I will miss Hugh Laurie — such a brilliant actor and really don’t want House to end.

    • Glimmer says:

      How can it be said Lisa E “declined to return”, when she said she had “not talked to anybody over there” about returning?

    • dgm11 says:

      13 is so boring and already said goodbye…why bring her back at all?

    • Dana says:

      what if 13 comes back to save house? it would be fitting that the final episode has the team trying to save their genius teacher. I think House gets sick, i also think the writers may actually kill house off. Everyone deep down wants to see a House Cuddy reunion and since that won’t happen, they have to shock us, 13 comes back for his funeral?

      • Michael Sacal says:

        that would gloss over 13’s situation. do you want it to be addressed in text on the screen? “two days later, 13 sucumbed to her illness and died”… that’s not dramatic, it’s lame.

    • Diane says:

      sarcoidosis. it’s a diagnosis in every episode, but never the final diagnosis.

  2. Babybop says:

    I really don’t want them to kill House off. It would break my heart!

    • Linda Smoots says:

      I think Cuddy should return Pregnant naturally with his child from their encounter. It is a miracle for both of them, and they can reunite. Having babies is the theme of all superstar series. Pay her what she needs, but they should end up together! They can then move to L.A. and join up with Private Practice, or with Dr. Ross & Nurse whats her name Marguilles
      (from ER) in Seattle on Lake Washington.

      • Jane E says:

        Love the part where Cuddy returns with his baby, that was my wish. I think the series ending with Cuddy and House happy was set up in the pilot episode. Moving to West Coast no. I think these last 7 years was House trying to find happiness and that is why I think ending with him and cuddy is appropriate

        • Bilouze says:

          This show is no a freking soap opera, get over it already with the Huddy crap.

          • djesus says:

            totally agree! no cuddy, no stacy, no lydia, no dominika for the finale!
            Halone power sister!

        • Patty says:

          House happy? Where have you been for the past 8 seasons? DS has always claimed House would never be happy. Run off into the sunset with Cuddy? Even Hugh Laurie couldn’t pull that one off!

        • Maria says:

          No. Why do you hate her so that you want her to be in the ending? He drove his car into her dining room and forced her to leave her whole life behind to get away. What kind of a person would want anyone to go back to this person? And you’re women, too! This is just embarrassing.

      • Aniket Chintesh says:

        dont know about fan service or not, but please please bring back cameron and cuddy one last time, let the series end with all the cast together…pleaes

      • Patty says:

        Oh, you’re wrong – Hugh Laurie did indeed want to continue for at least one more year. NBC/Universal & Fox (read “Greed” here) couldn’t come to terms. Hugh gave an interview stating unequivicably that he wanted to continue and didn’t appreciate words he said 4 or 5 years ago being put in print as current gospel (paraphrasing here, but you all get the drift of it)

      • Patty says:

        If Cuddy were to return pregnant, she would be an elephant. Season 8 started in a time jump and House had been in jail for about a year, give or take. Last time I checked, human gestation only lasts 9 months. The kid would be several month old.

      • Annie S says:


      • susan says:

        i agree. HOUSE and cody should be together.. after all they have been in live since med school…. let them have thier love……….

      • Ross says:

        Have you ever watched House before? That would be the most unfitting episode in the entire series run.

  3. mara says:

    The finale is going to suck.

    • freya says:

      Ausiello regarding your statement “as TVLine previously reported, ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return” – the article you link to does not state that LE declined at all, in fact, it implies that she had received no communication from the House producers asking her to return at all, the only thing LE and her reps declined to do in your previous story was comment on it. Can you please clarify your source for the statement that she “declined an invitation” to return. Until you do this is what you have printed here is just reckless and unsupported reporting. You should know better.

      • Alex says:

        It seems like a given to me (and probably most fans) that she was asked at some point. Her quote saying “I haven’t talked to anyone there” is from last August and was probably about returning for a regular role in the final season…of course this is speculation on my part :)

        It wouldn’t make sense for them NOT to ask as I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t mind seeing her at least briefly; and they’d want to know before they start writing :P

        • D says:

          And yet they’ve written the first draft of the finale and are only now in talks with Kal Penn. Massive changes have already taken place, as I doubt they planned to have Kutner in the season finale when they were still working towards a Season 9. A lot of scrambling has gone on in the last few weeks.

  4. Sharon, UK says:

    I think it would be fitting for House to be the patient of the week and for them not to be able to save him.

    • Djesus says:


    • Exactly what I was thinking. However, I totally forgot about the whole promise to 13. But, like other great shows, they may just want to get it to hell over with, and the finale may very well suck.

    • Tom says:

      Oh hell yeah – and maybe he’s trying to help them, but that suicidal part of him subconsciously misleads them, and in his dying moments, this is somehow conveyed to the audience, along with his sudden (but far too late) realization of it. That would be an ideal ending. And really, as much as I love the character, can you really imagine him surviving long term, or having any kind of emotional closure or real healing?

      • Ellen says:

        I like this scenario. What I might add to it would be (maybe this is a bit far fetched but), what if, when House is misleading the doctors in their diagnosis of his illness, instead of dying, he has a stroke or seizure that robs him of his ability to communicate. He can still think, but can not convey his thoughts.

    • June says:

      I think HOUSE is all about irony. I wouldn’t be surprised if House himself was the patient and 13 has to fulfill the euthanasia promise for him instead

      • Cindy says:

        You know what, I think that is an excellent idea! HOUSE is about irony, and the previews did show something about him being ill. Very fitting ending….

      • andy says:

        I was just thinking this… so true!

      • djesus says:

        I’m with you on that! I’ve always thought that House should be the last patient of this show.

        • Vicki says:

          Given the reckless addiction to pain killers, I think the last episode should be House commiting suicide by overdosing. The previous episode could be 13 as the patient and House euthanizing her as he promised earlier in the series. ?

        • nobody says:

          He already was the patient. Remember the episode Three Stories? I don’t know why you want House to die? Just as well could be Cuddy the last patient. And I hope that after one year, this show will be renewed. This show didn’t expired yet. They can come up with new ideas.

      • I agree with June, when I saw the previews for House being sick, that’s the only fitting end I could think of. I don’t think there is another way to end the show than to have House die (even thought I love the man). As far as 13 being the one to euthanize him, that also would make sense she did it to her brother and made House promise to do it to her when the time came.

    • ViscountValmont says:

      House is a Holmsian adaptation. Holmes doesn’t die. There is a period in which they think he is dead, but ultimately he is not. This would not be a good ending.

      • D says:

        Actually he does. There’s the ‘fake death’ and then the opium overdose.

        • semigloss says:

          The fake death was a real death but because of a huge amount of fan pressure, Doyle had to reverse the results of Reichenbach Falls – that was why he made him an addict.

    • HHF34 says:

      Agreed!!! Or they solve it just as they’re unable to revive him…

  5. Sam says:

    Let me guess: House finds himself AGAIN in a compromising situation that makes him introspective AGAIN and makes him neglect his friends AGAIN and look to his own mortality. Again.

  6. A5 says:

    The only fitting end would be the death of Dr. House. The question of how is what concerns me. It will be a sad day regardless.

    • I agree, I want House to die in the end. This show just can’t have a happy ending, it will go against everything it has stood for over the last 8 years.
      As for other alum, I have a feeling Sela Ward an/or Jennifer Morrison will return and we may see House’s mom again. Just a guess though!

      • Cottage101 says:

        Nope, Jennifer Morrison was not approached by the producers of House, so there is no chance that she’ll be in the Finale. Although if they ask her now and work real fast…. but no, I don’t think we can expect Jennifer to come back for the last couple of episodes :(

        • Karo says:

          I doubt too that they will bring JMo back, Sadly :( Don`t know what they beef about her. I hope they will at least mention and recognize her in the retrospective. She was & is still a fan-favourite and was an important part during the big days of House.

          • Alex says:

            Bringing her back would just be total fanservice…story-wise I think there’s way too much toxic history for the writers to possibly be able to justify Cameron showing up; I’d hate to see her pop up with some dialogue that just doesn’t make sense simply because everyone wants to see her again.

            Come on guys, we all know one of the main themes of House is that you never ever ever get what you want (unless what you want is to watch someone embarrass themselves via one of your pranks, in which case you will live a very happy and fulfilling life).

          • @Alex says:

            Hey,Alex you don`t make sense. Above you are saying that it would be cool Cuddy comes back and here you are saying that a return of Cameron would be total fanservice. Let’s go the whole hog. In Addition don’t let yourself be fooled. She has a lot of fans too and Jen still gets on the daily basis several tweets of fans who want her back to House. I don´t know what toxic history you are talking about but cuddy hasn`t an angelic,easy to resolve story either.

    • Michael Sacal says:

      House was Holmes, but did we ever meet his Moriarty? The story could end like Holmes’ did.

      • Tracy Murray says:

        There was a Moriarty in the second season finale, but he was not like Holmes’s arch enemy in the storie, he did not do much in the episode, except shoot House and give him advice in his dream.

      • Kira says:

        I thought Lupus was his Moriarty? lol

      • Bob says:

        Foreman is his Moriarty–remember when House almost electrocuted him by not saying “clear”? This time around, he kills Foreman accidently when Foreman tries to stop him from killing 13. So House takes his own life rather than go back to jail, and all 3 wind up on the big white bus together…..

    • Djesus says:

      very emotional finale if House will die in the end! I’d like it! but I doubt Shore will do this because of the reruns on tv and maybe movies after the series, business is more important than a story.

    • Jo says:

      I share your opinion entirely, especially because House is based on Sherlock Holmes, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had to (unsuccessfully due to demand and $$) kill off Sherlock in attempts to stop the stories.

    • Patricia May says:

      I personally just hate the fact that the show is ending at all. Love Dr. House and the characters. One of the greatest shows of all time….

      • Norma Arney says:

        I so agree, Patricia May……….there have been other shows brought back or continued because of fan demand……..why are they talking about his or whoever’s demise when we REALLY should be talking about “HOUSE” STAYING…..!!!! Norma Arney March 22, 2012 8:30 PM

  7. alise says:

    “as TVLine previously reported,ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return.”

    But you didn’t write that she declined! WTF! You didn’t reported this way! Read your own article!

    • @alise says:

      Well, no. He just said that she wouldn’t be back. Now we’re getting more details. She declined. What’s the problem with that?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep….and everybody lies. Funny how it’s now mentioned that Lisa allegedly declined a day after fans were in an uproar that Thirteen was returning and not Cuddy. Just another sad way that David Shore is trying to create an negative image of Lisa Edelstein. Frankly, I’m glad she declined. Why return to show that threw you under the bus? And before anyone says it. Lisa was known before House. House didn’t make her a name. She did that on her own. Why else would Bryan Singer have sought her out for the role? As for you Michael Ausiello, I know it’s your job at catering to this show to get exclusive, but adopting things like “RIP Cuddy” and reporting in another that Lisa “declined” to get buzz for your column is just spiteful and as underhanded as the producers are. Also, for the record….I’m not a bitter “huddy.” Just an outsider who has followed this disaster that has become House, MD….a once brilliant show. This whole thing is just grade school behavior at its best. The way this show has been written in since mid season 7 to now provides me with no hope that the finale will be anything but sub par.

        • Well says:

          Okay, either Shore is trying to create a negative image of her, or she actually declined and you are glad about it. Shouldn’t you pick one?
          And sure, she was known before House. Hugh Laurie was known before House. But the series made both of them much bigger stars than they were before (in HL’s case, for the American market).

          • Holly says:

            Why should Shore try to create a negative image of her? It doesn`t make sense. He asked her to come back. He said several times that he wants her back and the result is she declined his offer. *end of story* If it is a lie,LE would surely react to it and clarify but she recently is refusing to answer H-related Question. Maybe she is busy to not shed a bad light on herself.

            Nobody threw her under the bus, that was Amber ;)

          • Well says:

            @Holly. I agree with you. I don’t see how anybody would gain anything from this. But it seems to be a common interpretation for the more… vocal Lisa Edelstein fans.

        • Well says:

          Oh, and was it really news that Olivia Wilde would return? Wasn’t it said at the start of the season that she will be back if it turns out to be the last season?

        • Cuddy's Butt says:


          Lisa Edelstein is the one who created her own negative image by repeatedly fawning over and throwing herself publicly at a married man, calling herself his “American wife”, constantly talking about sex and boasting about how she got “Cuddy’s” wardrobe made shorter, tighter and more low-cut. David Shore is no angel but don’t make her out to be a saint either.

          Oh and I believe DS asked her to come back that time she sat on his lap and tweeted the photo to her adoring fans.

          • shiremaid says:

            Finally! Thought I was the only fan of House that actually knew this about LE! Thanks Cuddy’s Butt, nice to know I’m not alone!

          • PLEASENOCUDDY says:

            Thank you for posting this because it is the very reason I developed a dislike for LE. She just didn’t know how to keep it professional and recognize the difference between promoting a story arc and pretending she had a relationship with the actor who plays a character who likes her character. I found it very disrespectful of Mrs. Laurie and her children.
            If they had brought LE back for the series finale I would have been fine with it but I am so happy and relieved she will not be returning.

          • Roxi says:

            I don’t understand what is your problem??? You are mrs Laurie or what ??,
            You like or don’t like LE than actress,but please don’t touch her privat life ,because that is her PRIVAT life!
            IF(!) was a realitonship between Hugh and Lisa,does not belong to you,just H and L and perharps Mrs. Laurie but don’t me and don’t yours!
            This is the 21., century then the marriage more than 50% divorced in the end, and in stardom this rate more higher,so please you don’t be fake saint!
            If i work with Hugh and get a chance make love with his, I also not hesitate no matter mrs. Laurie,sorry….if you not you are and idiot,or lesbian,or just lie :)

          • BS! says:

            So the ‘unprofessional’ rubbish comes out of the hat. Stop taking the ‘American wife’ comment out of context and plucking her comments about HL being attractive being disrespectful out of your own butt. Do you have any idea how common place this is in the industry, even if you can’t stand the person you’re working with? 9/10 she was answering questions put to her by the press, which nearly always ended in ‘but he’s married’, ‘we’re good friends’ or something along the lines ‘but we’re very different people’. Leighton Meester commented recently on how good a kisser HL was. Are you going to get on her back too? Grow up!

          • Sorry Roxi and BS, but I think you’re wrong. Lisa E went waaaaay over the top in her rather vivid descriptions of Hugh L. Emily Deschanel is very fond of Peter Boreanaz, and their two characters are having one off on their show, but you don’t hear HER crossing the line when she talks about him. Ditto for “Castle and Beckett,” and the other several character couplings in television over the past few years that are interviewed by the press. Lisa E was inappropriate and disrespectful – to Hugh Laurie and his wife and children, and to herself – and in the unlikely event that she WAS shagging Hugh Laurie on the side, she certainly wasn’t discrete. No class.

          • Maria says:

            “Lisa E was inappropriate and disrespectful – to Hugh Laurie and his wife and children, and to herself”

            How stupid do you have to be in order to think that everything LE has said in interviews was in her effort to steal him from his wife? It’s just PR, ffs! How about the time HL said that he should have a threesome with her and JM? Maybe they should sue him for sexual harassment and his wife should file for a divorce, because that was so inappropriate that I don’t even. And if you’re going to memorize all her interviews, maybe you shouldn’t do it selectively, because half the things you said don’t sound like that in the actual interview at all.

            Also, if HL actually gave a sh*t about his wife and children, that l’oreal video where he’s grabbing the dancer’s ass wouldn’t still be on youtube.

          • Hey, you know what, Maria? You’ve convinced me. I’m an idiot sh*thead and Lisa Edelstein is a goddess who can do NO wrong. And Hugh Laurie is an ass-grabbing, lying, cheating, low-down, dirty dog. You win.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      “as TVLine previously reported,ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return.”
      Um, since when? This is Brand New Information contained nowhere in the previous article.
      If Ausiello has recently gained more insight into the situation, he should report it as such. How is linking to an article that makes no mention of her alleged refusal to return supposed to serve as confirmation for something he just revealed now?
      Even IF I were to believe that LE declined an invitation to return, according to Ausiello, he provides no source/corroboration to back it up.
      Journalistic standards, Ausiello…

      • Danielle says:

        Exactly!!! Seems like there should be more comments about this somewhere, but there have been none, so are we faced with Everybody Lies cause that would be very fitting to this show and a kick butt way to end it all.

  8. Moochoo says:

    I just hope that because 13 is returning that they don’t forget to write good material for Wilson and the rest of the cast,


      According to David Shore, the last 8 episodes are H/W centric

    • dgm11 says:

      The writers erred by not having Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein return. The creators have displayed so many bad decisions – the show’s deteriorated to the point that I’m glad it’s ending! Try watching part of Season 1 and then Season 8, and you’ll get my point.

  9. Ashley says:

    All I want is Cameron to come back one last time. :(

  10. Jules says:

    Whatever happens at the end…I’ll be watching …no others series (right now) have entertain me like that since “Miami Vice, MacGyver, XFILES…
    So, whatever who appear in the finale…im only interested to saw, How House will limp away one last time from us in heaven or hell…pain or no pain…with a sarcastic smile on his face(wink at us) and hearing is “Swang song” -“You can’t always get what you want” in the background.. :)

  11. Dani says:

    Ausi that’s not what your article said before regarding LE not returning. In fact you said you didn’t know if she was even asked or if negotiations broke down. Need a bit of clarity on that before the mud-slinging starts.

    Have a sneaking suspicion the end will be a bit like ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’.

  12. Edward says:

    What would have been a real surprise, would have been to have House all a sudden wake up out of a coma because something went wrong during his leg surgery. Stacy and Cuddy are standing there at his side talking about his progress when he wakes up. It would make everything that has happened over the course of the series be a complete dream. All the other team members are real but were med students at the hospital during his coma and were responsible for taking care of him and his leg is fine. That would be an great ending but so many people would be mad.

    • Oh, please! says:

      Great idea! That way, House can finally SUE CUDDY for f*cking up his diagnosis in the first place, and causing him to lose leg muscle, leading to chronic pain, etc., etc. Nobody seems to realize that it doesn’t take FOUR FRIGGIN’ DAYS to diagnose a muscle infarct; it should only take about four hours. Piss-poor research on David Shore’s part. Eff-ing lawyers.

      • ebowers says:

        Great Idea “Oh,please” however she won’t be in the finale. By the way how come it took the LEGENDARY GREG HOUSE 4 DAYS to diagnois his own infarction

        • Karo says:

          Huuh???! he was in tremendous pain and other severe conditions. Do you really want to blame him that he couldn`t diagnose under these circumstances his disease properly?

    • Grace says:

      That would be the dumbest idea ever and reduce so many of it’s fans to a feeling of being taken. The only, one and only time the dream/coma scenario worked was with The Bob Newhart Show, the second one. That’s the only time this has worked properly.

      But to throw away someone’s life for 8yrs and have it end with it was a dream, coma, writing a book, etc. anything that takes away from the realness of what the show brought you cheapen it.

      You’re right a lot of people would be mad and rightly so, it’s a chicken sh!t way to end a show that shows no imagination, shows that everyone just gave up and didn’t care about the show, the actors, the characters or the viewers. It’s the I/we give up ending and it’s a cheap way to end any show. The show is dark and gritty, with some bright spots. Maybe he should die during an operation because he ‘lied’ to his doctors thinking of course he knew better.
      And anyone who thinks there should be reunion shows or movies NO
      I have loved House et al from day one, one of the best shows ever on the small screen. But we for some reason hold on to shows beyond their time, with reunions and movies and it’s never the same. I will miss House horribly when it goes but it’s time for it to go with dignity and a snarky touch of humor. But no coma/dream/etc type endings.

      • bumom15 says:

        I agree – between the Bob Newhart show, “Dallas” when Bobby Ewing walks out of the shower, and the entire series of “St.Elsewhere” being in the mind of an autistic child, the whole dream/coma thing has run its course.

      • Merkof says:

        This is one of the best comments about House ever!

    • Meg says:

      That is a great idea!

    • HHF34 says:

      The Newhart part would be tough to overcome, however, with the proper writing, it could easily be pulled off as waking up from surgery or such having the series be a living out of his innermost alter-ego with him being the most non-risk-taking doctor in the hospital or waking up as the Janitor (referencing a previous season where he told the story of being influenced by a janitor who knew more than the doctors for making people well when he was a kid)… But with 13 coming back, she could come back as House being the patient and her being brought in as a consulting MD in her speciality to solve the case, or House could be throwing another clot and she’s brought in to assist in putting House out of his misery when he’s faced with losing the other leg as well …

      Or, it could be 13 is the patient and it’s actually a solvable condition instead of her previous diagnosis..

    • Laurie says:

      Hello Edward-That was St.Elsewhere!!!!

    • Jake D says:

      worst idea ever, dream scenarios lack all imagination.

  13. So, Lisa declined to be in the series finale?
    Why do I feel this end will be spoken about more because of the fact she’s not returning rather than anything else?

    • katie says:

      Umm, because she doesn’t care about anyone or anything, but herself?

    • E says:

      Because you’re an idiot.

    • E says:

      Sorry because I’m an idiot.


      LE wants to move on and I think that’s a good idea. I certainly would be very very unhappy if she returned. This season has been fantastic.

      • djesus says:

        fantastic? no character development, it’s a boring season as 6 and 7. I expected something better for the last season.

        • Aw, c’mon. Season 7 was “boring.” It was just…”bad.”

          • djesus says:

            season 6 was also bad for me, they should have stop the show in season 5 with House going to Mayfield. Good end.

        • PLEASENOCUDDY says:

          I have watched House from the very beginning (pilot). however, I only watched 2 S7 episodes because we got the warning it would be about the Huddy. I saw Unplanned Parenthood and the season finale. While I loved all of S1-S4, the others, season 5-6 were a mixed bag. Mainly I liked the episodes that focused on H/W like Dying is Everything, Not Cancer (one of the best H/W scenes evar!), Birthmarks, Epic Fail, Instant Karma, Known Unknowns, WILSON and the Down Low (S6). Season 8 has been a joy. I love the new characters, Adams and Park, but especially Park. She’s just cutest thing EVAR!! The S8 Hilson has been off the charts awesome!!
          I think the LE fans need to move on and do what other peeps do when a show is no longer to their liking – stop watching and stay away from articles and message boards about the show. I did not post hate messages during S7. I simply stopped watching. Some peeps loved S7 and that’s fine. Not wanting other peeps to enjoy or watch the show now because some very vocal LE fans are angry about her departure is extremely immature. Why don’t you look into what other projects LE is working on or involved with.

  14. Oh dear says:

    Have to say that this hasn’t instilled much confidence in me about the finale, because Shore doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about it himself. Every writer knows how important the last chapter in their book is and how that’s generally the one that everybody remembers so to just shrug it off and say well there’s 177 other eps doesn’t bode well. You’re only as good as the last thing you’ve written and this almost sounds like he’s trying to lower expectations. More odd PR.

  15. katie says:

    I’m so tired of all the stupid LE fans. All they do is whine, cry and bitch. Seriously, get a life or go to one of your LJ communities, because nobody cares about LE here. She’s a selfish bitch who doesn’t even deserve fans.

    I’m sure the finale will be awsome, I’m excited about it. :)

    • Djesus says:

      please stop being rude! we don’t know these actors. “Selfish bitch”, this is really immature.

    • Kriszta says:

      All of LE fans are stupid and the haters all very normal,this is good joke!
      Sorry I’m not LE fans I’m just a House fan and I like the House-Cuddy dinamic in the show,so miss Cuddy! Can I write here?

  16. Why am I having the impression they’re killing House off or having a team member as the patient? It could even be how Thirteen will be back, but don’t House and Foreman know what her disease is already? There’d be no challenge to fill up the final hour…I think ;)

  17. Brandy says:

    I think house is going to loose his leg

    • Djesus says:

      I thought about this idea too but I prefer him to die, but it won’t happen so maybe you’re right!

    • John Connor says:

      No. in a moment of house genius he will develop a bionic leg. And then an arm and then ultimately replacing his whole body with robotic parts. Then the last episode will launch into a terminator spin off where the world is taken over by super genius Houseborgs.

    • Mandy says:

      Brandy – I agree. I think House should be in some major accident, while he is out of town, which will cause his bad leg to be involuntarily amputated. For instance a piece of metal (or something) in the accident cuts off his bad leg and House is found at the accident scene unconscious. House doesn’t regain consciousness until he wakes up from his surgery. The ER doctors who don’t know him just fix him up as they would anyone else in the same situation, because that is all they can do. Now suddenly House has to face life without the horrible pain, and with a prosthetic leg. We basically are left to wonder how he will face his life from that point. Will he still be an addict once he recovers from the accident? Will his personality change much over the years? Has he been using his bad leg as a wall he puts up between others and himself, and will things change now? We will never know …..

  18. kevin says:

    Question for Michael if he’s really there: Is it true that Jennifer Morrison won’t be coming back for the series finale of House since she’s busy doing her new series Once Upon a Time?

  19. Jane E says:

    So sad, House doesn’t deserve to end!

    • Djesus says:

      of course it does, the show is not anymore the great show we had 3 seasons before. I can’t wait now to watch the end, it was about time to finish the last chapter.

      • Cassie says:

        I think you’re right, I love House and I’m going to miss it a lot but it’s time for the show to end. Great shows can’t stay great forever.

  20. Emgee says:

    Can’t wait for the finale. House has been great through-and-through. I do agree that House has to die in the end.

  21. lupus says:

    Mike, I love and respect you, but…wow. Sin of omission here about LE.
    I realize you’re in the middle, but that link says nothing of the sort. So this is new information, without providing a source.

    As far as DS hoping people don’t judge the show just on the finale, he can rest easy.

    • That's Right says:

      That’s right! Because he fashioned last season to negate the previous seasons so that there isn’t a clear body of work to judge: Just individual episodes that aren’t tied to one fluent narrative. What an idiot! This show has the worst PR.

  22. Emgee says:

    I think they should bring back Mira Sorvino as Dr. Cate Milton

    • Alex says:

      I think this is the only woman i would accept for House except for Cuddy of course as i am a huddy fan.I really liked her.

    • shiremaid says:

      Oh yes! Excellent idea Emgee! Forgot all about Cate…she was excellent!

    • Lady K says:

      I completely agree! She was AWESOME with House! Would love for her to come back. My vision of how the series ends is with her in a cameo at the end, they have been secretly seeing each other since he was in prison. She shows up, he leaves with her, everyone is floored, and he says he will see everyone tomorrow. Like it is just another day. I honestly think she is the only one who ever really accepted him aside from Wilson. She is the only one who ever told him: “I never said you needed fixing.”

      • I thought she dumped him because she said he would never change, and never be the type of boyfriend that she needed, blah, blah, blah. Just before she shagged him the first time, she told him that it was okay for him to take drugs. Six months later, she slagged him off because he got high. Your comment doesn’t make sense.

        If you’re a “Huddy,” then you are living proof of your subculture’s totally oblivious mind-set and total recall of all things imaginary. Now I fully expect you, and your fellow Life Partners, to cyber-slap the sh*t out of me for my anti-Huddy-ism.

        • @Raspberry says:

          Lady K was talking about Cate, the patient from “Frozen”, not Cuddy.

          • Oh, please! says:

            good example that everyone except some fans has forgotten Cate, so it’s not a great idea to reintroduce this character. House should end alone in a dark note.

          • @OhPlease says:

            Well, I remember her. :) But you are probably right. Too obscure. Most casual viewers won’t remember her. Or maybe they haven’t even seen that episode.
            I would be very grateful if House doesn’t end up with anyone. Apart from Wilson, and I mean Wilson as his best friend. Why do you think it should be dark? I am curious. I mean, I agree that it shouldn’t be a ‘happy ending’ per se, but does it have to be dark?

    • Icebox says:

      YES!! The best female to come to the series. She went tit for tat with house and he genuinely respected her. Really wish that could have gain some traction.

  23. —–>(He would only confirm that Olivia Wilde, a.k.a. Thirteen, will be one of them; as TVLine previously reported, ex-leading lady Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return.)

    Going out on a limb here but that TVLine article by Ausiello is slightly misleading or seems so..

    He makes a point that Lisa Edelstein declined to return however, the linked article from February 28th cites an August 2011 quote by her that she had not been asked yet. I know, semantics. But that is not the same as declining. She never declined.

    Also the second sentence doesn’t make any sense. All it does is confirm the publication of a previous article (again in which it is apparent she did not decline) back in February. He’s implying she won’t be back but Shore didn’t say that in the interview, nor did Lisa Edelstein decline.

    Also, I don’t get Shore! Why wouldn’t Shore want the House finale to be great? Viewed different and better than the other episodes? He’s said in the past he wanted House to go out with a bang, now the impression I get is that he wants it to just be like any other episode, which means they are not likely to do anything so farfetched that we’re all going to be left going WTF the next day (yeah we’ll see!). Maybe he remembers how they played up last season’s finale–everyone on Twitter remembers Greg Yaitanes annoying and very overused “KA-BOOM!” phrase to describe the heavily awaited finale which made us all cringe, even to this day.

    Just my two cents!


    • Emgee says:

      Speak for yourself. I enjoyed last season’s finale.

    • Well says:

      Well, she said she hadn’t been asked in August 2011. That’s all we know. No one ever said anything about her maybe being asked in September 2011. Or October. Or later. No one seems to have any information on this, including Ausiello. And neither Lisa Edelstein nor David Shore actually commented on this. We don’t know what happened.

  24. Bilouze says:

    Ok once again what is the Name of the show People. Geezzzzzzzzz.

    • D says:

      It was nearly called ‘Chasing Zebras’. Would you have been upset about the lack of exotic animals if that had been the case?

      One of the problems with this show has always been their inability to write consistently for their supporting cast, hence the lack of awards. That is an issue when shows like ‘The Good Wife’ can manage to get award nods for ALL their cast left, right and centre, despite there being a titular character. It’s not a strength, it’s a massive flaw which has often left the show two-dimensional even if the actors in question have done their best with weak material. Sorry David but even you’ll have to admit one day that your show’s success rested heavily on the shoulders of your actors, but HL, RSL and LE’s chemistry with one especially. And if you’re asking us to judge House as a whole well you started well, wobbled in the middle, gained a fatal body wound near the end and hobbled to the finish line before falling flat on your face. It’s a great shame because you had the raw goods for something that would have had a great legacy. I suspect the network are at least partially to blame too though.

  25. Holly says:

    I’m really disappointed that 13 will be back. OW is a talentless hack who brings down every scene she’s in.

  26. Andie says:

    Ausiello, can you find out how involved Jesse Spencer will be in the final episodes? He started filming Chicago Fire last week. I’d hate for him to not play a significant role in House. He’s such an important character. In fact, Chase is the reason I’ve stuck with this show for 8 years during some really low points (Survivor arc, Huddy).

    • Emgee says:

      Agreed, Chase is awesome. However, I am in the process of rewatching the show from the beginning and am midway through S4. The Survivor episodes were awesome.
      And just because you’re a Hameron shipper doesn’t make Huddy any less awesome.

      • Holly says:

        She is obviously a big Chase fan. It doesn`t make her Hameron (= House/Cameron fans)

        • Andie says:

          Thank you for pointing out that hating Huddy doesn’t equate liking Ham. I could have supported Huddy had it been written better, but I never would have supported Ham in a million years. GROSS.

        • K says:

          I was a big Huddy, but the thought the arc when they were actually together sucked big time

      • Andie says:

        Don’t you EVER call me a Hameron shipper again.Them’s fighting words.LOL I LOATHE Ham even more than I hated Huddy. But Ham never really got off the ground so while there were some annoying moments, it didn’t take over an entire season. The only reason I’ve watched this show for 8 years is Chase. I enjoy House, but House alone isn’t enough to make me watch week after week. It’s always been the supporting players who have interested me most. They make House believable.

  27. shiremaid says:

    David is right. Every episode speaks for itself. The finale shall speak as just that; the finale. Not a synopsis of the entire 8 years; only that one hour.

    I fully intend to watch all of my dvd sets, all 8 seasons, in order, continuously.

    To Mr. Hugh Laurie, I say thank you for bringing the character Gregory House alive.

    You have affected my life in ways that I never thought could happen.

    Perhaps someday, I can tell you exactly how you’ve affected my life, but in person; not in a chat forum.

    • Emgee says:

      Nice to see someone who appreciates the show for what it is instead of people who consistently complain because they disliked a certain story arc.
      I too will continue to watch my DVD sets over and over again.

    • djesus says:

      only season 1 to 4 for me and maybe the second half of the 5 season mainly because of amber’s return but seasons 6 to 8, no way, boring as hell.

  28. Sydney says:

    I’m going to be more upset if House lives rather than dying. There are no happy endings on this show, and if he lives, it would suck.

    • djesus says:

      if David Shore has the balls to kill him I’ll adore him forever! what a powerful and emotional finale it could be.

  29. Harry says:

    This show enjoys polarizing the fanbase, but there comes a time when provocative extreme stories become more destructive than exciting and enticing. They have gone well beyond that time and continue even at the end. Yes, the show is called House, but when they wrote a season finale like Moving On, they placed the leading lady at the forefront and shined the spotlight on her. For a polarizing season, that was the move that turned Cuddy from an aspect of House to the martyr that would be followed. When they made that decision, they left it impossible for this show to end without her in the minds of a very large percentage of viewers. Now they are hurting and now they are hedging their bets and downgrading expectations. Too bad, really. Lisa Edelstein isn’t a bad person for not returning to the scene of this crime. Whatever went down was ugly and both parties prove that every move they make. This is a cluster*#ck. And yes, David Shore as the showrunner will carry this for years to come.

    • Spencer says:

      Funny how none of this LE drama would be the talk if they’d just killed her in Bombshells. They wanted to end Huddy that had “become bigger than they expected” and they wanted House to fall back into drugs and despair. He could have done all of that without the extended drama of making Cuddy the primary focus here. The longer this goes on, the more clear it becomes how bad S7 was formulated and thought out. No one thought of the consequences to the story or to the fan reaction. They underestimated their fans yet again and forever cemented themselves as idiots.

      • Emgee says:

        No, your post forever cemented YOU as an idiot.

      • D says:

        Both of what you guys said. I loved Cuddy but if they’d given her a fitting ending I could have dealt with her not being there if they’d continued to acknowledge her importance in House’s life, in spite of her absence. (They did a great job with that in In Treatment with Gina). Instead they tried to be too clever for their own good and ended last season in such a way that her not being there would constantly be the elephant in the room. Not anticipating the backlash just goes to show how skewed their judgement is, and it’s hard to take a creative team seriously when you suspect many of them are on banned substances, such is their lack of idenfication with their audience.

        Sometimes provocative is actually just legacy destroying.

  30. someone says:

    All I want from the finale is that it isn’t predictable. I want to see the brilliance I know the writers are capable of. (And no clichés, please.)
    I’m sad we won’t see Lisa Edelstein again, but as the great philosopher Jagger once said…

  31. Sandy says:

    If they plan on killing House, I absolutely will not watch the finale. The last thing I want to see is a character I love die in the end. No thanks.

    And since I think House will kill 13 or house kill 13 and himself, I hope they can come up with something a little more creative than that otherwise you may as well have me write the finale.

    I’m not a fan of 13 so I hope she plays a very very small role as the finale should center around House and no one else. I don’t want OW stealing any of Hugh’s thunder.

    I am sad to learn LE declined to come back. If she had no problem with the people on House as she claimed, why decline an offer? As a fan I feel gipped that House and Cuddy have no closure. I like LE but I don’t understand this. It was NBCU that gave her the bad offer and not the people on the show.

  32. Olga Augusta says:

    Michael, ” Lisa Edelstein declined an invitation to return”, is it the official information? who is source?

  33. Mma says:

    Than article you link doesn´t say she declined to come back AT ALL. Get your act together, Ausiello.

  34. barrista says:

    Shore can say Lisa declined their invitation all he wants, I do not believe one minute that anybody has ever asked her anything. That was never their intention. if it were true, then how come the House set went into secret meetings to try and do damage control over the leaked news of Lisa not returning a month ago? They had plan to keep this under wrap in order to keep capitalizing on the hope she would eventually be back to keep viewers and avoid a backlash.
    Ausiello, you are either trying to stir up trouble or Shore asked you to do his dirty work by once again putting all the blame on Lisa.

  35. lola says:

    david shore is quite a liar because they believe

  36. Jules says:

    Ok enough!
    The only thing happening right now…is more backlash!
    And Edelstein must be laughfing about all this attention, (but all for the wrong reasons) bcuz since her 3 Good Wife episodes (they didnt ask/and she’s not accept to return either)+ did that tv/movie on lifetime who basically did nothing..and now she refused or declined to return to the show that put her “on the map” for whatever reasons…
    It’s simply disrespectful…
    But thoses called true fans(like me and a bunch of others)
    Will watch the last 8 episodes and specially the finale by respect of a series and the cast who made our life “a bit” crazy for 8 amazing years…
    And others…well, don’t watch and try wasting yr time elsewhere or find something else

    • OK says:

      There are some true fans who will watch no matter what they do or how they do it. Just remember that Greg Yaitanes made it clear that online fans are nothing more than a percent of a percent. The show doesn’t care anymore. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are special. You should hear how they make fun of all the slobbering people who suck up to them on Twitter. At least the few (or is it just the one) left who still communicates with fans is polite & makes people think they are appreciated.

      • Interesting that Greg Yataines would make such a remark, considering just how much he, himself, PANDERED to those very same “slobbering percentage of a percentage fans” during the horrid “Huddy” years. The next “ka-boom” I wanna hear out of him is the ignited cherry bomb going off in his @ss – the one he talks out of, that is.

  37. Jules says:

    (Well the rest of my comments didn’t appear or lost somewhere..here the rest)
    ….to watch on May21st…
    Bcuz of Edelstein’s decision, whatever she declined or refused to return to a series that put her “on the Map” ..
    At the end, I’m pretty sure her desicion will haunt her in many ways…and will felt a bit guilty to not be part with her “former co-stars/friends” to the farewell parties …

    And sorry in advance if this messages appear twice… :)

  38. Gwen says:

    I hope the finale features a lot of House and Wilson, because through all of the seasons of the show, I feel that has been the most important relationship. The fact that Wilson finds something to like in House, who can be so unlikable at times, has always been interesting.

  39. rubytu says:

    In a way, I think it would be fitting if House committed suicide cause the writers wouldn’t pay Lisa Edelstein what she was worth!
    I mean what kind of show doesn’t keep the leading lady?
    That was a really bad turn.

  40. Jules says:

    The show maybe lost his HYPE & Glory…
    But it still a good series and enjoyable to watch to start/end the first day of the week… ;)

  41. Linda says:

    I actually like DSs (a bit dry) wording and he is right. He can give away what he wants about the H-finale people will critisize it anyway. Fans will do it before the episode even airs and they will do it after. Some will love & others hate it anyway.It is quite normal that After 8 seasons the fans developed their own likes & expectations how the show should end in their opinions and he can`t fullfill everyone wishes. I reckon he had from the beginning an idea how the show should end and i´m very curious what it is. I have actually no idea,Houses-death is too easy. It sounds like the episodes before the finale will be more exciting,intriguing and important than the final itself. We will see…I´m a bit sad and nostalgic that this great show about an unique & iconic character is ending. I will miss my weekly dose of House for sure!

  42. Nikita says:

    Okay, well it seems you’re either an avid LE fan or a severe LE hater. I am neither, just to clarify. I never had a problem with Cuddy, always thought she a was an interesting enough character, decently acted. As a ‘House’ fan who loved the original team, I always hoped LE and JM would be back for the finale regardless of whether or not they were still on the show. I’m glad Thirteen is coming back, I might be in the minority in the comments section here but I enjoy OW’s screen presence. Thinking about it though, how could Cuddy ever come back after the season 7 finale?! It doesn’t matter to me whether LE declined or DS didn’t extend an invite because it makes sense why her character isn’t on the show anymore. I’ll watch the finale but the earlier seasons of the show are my favourite.

    • Are you the “Nikita” moderator from Television Without Pity?

    • 2monthsanditwillbeover says:

      How about for closure & House apologizing? She doesn’t need to come back to be DOM but there are other ways of having her in the finale. She was a big part of H’s life, both professionally and on a personal level. No closure of the character between H and C will always feel Iike an unnecessary void to me.

      • PLEASENOCUDDY says:

        That’s not how it works in real relationship. Both House and Cuddy have moved on. The story is about House, not House and Cuddy. Huddy was part of House’s journey.

        • 2monthsanditwillbeover says:

          I didnt say it was about Huddy. I wouldn’t nor expect it to be about Huddy. But like it or not, Cuddy was a big part of his life. And please dont tell me how it is in real relationships. They are all different. Obviously by your signature, I wouldn’t expect you to agree with me. I’m giving my opinion and sticking by it.

          • cindy says:

            Hm yeah maybe she was and accept it or not Cuddy caused him pain the most. Nobody hurt him so much like she did. I don`t know why people want him with her together again. Their relationship was one big mistake and made House more miserable than he had been before. So let her be there where she is now, House is better without her.

          • PLEASENOCUDDY says:

            I’m just glad Cuddy is gone and I pray she does not come back. I’m sorry her fans did not get the closure they wanted but when someone runs their car into your home and almost kills you and your family members, that’s really about all the closure you’re gonna get. It just wouldn’t make sense for her to come back. And yes, maybe NBC Universal offered her such a bad deal because they didn’t want her back. It’s called office politics.

  43. Samantha says:

    And Cameron?

  44. tahina says:

    People, everybody lies, David Shore is not excluded. Leave you with that.

  45. Jane2 says:

    Ausiello I really hope you’re doing what I think you’re doing with that hyperlink. Otherwise :-/ .

    Are TPTB getting bad PR advice at House or are they just ignoring said advice? I have visions of hairless publicists. There are so many ways this situation could have been defused and yet they keep choosing to add fuel to the fire.

    • Sadbuttrue says:

      because LE creates buzz-good and bad. The article about her not returning had over 500 posts. Need hype, interject LE’s name and the spit wars start.

      • Jane2 says:

        The only thing about this that makes me smile is that it must be driving TPTB insane. They thought Cuddy/LE was expendable and here they are nearly 12 mths later and it’s all anybody wants to talk about.

        • @jane2 says:

          Nobody from TPTB said or thought that she is expandable. She left because contractual issues with Foc/NBCU and this stuff is none of DS,HL & Co buisness . Girls get it allready!! I´m so fed up with all the bitter LE-fans and now read again Mikes sentence. It seems she has refused an invitation by Shore. So what now??

  46. Funny says:

    Seems the only way the show can get any decent number of comments is to use LE’s name to create buzz,. The show seems incapable of creating any interest on it’s own. Those days are long gone. How sad to see what Shore’s done to his own brilliant creation. Sadly, this will be Shore’s legacy.

    • djesus says:

      “The show seems incapable of creating any interest on it’s own”
      This! I want a big spoiler to speak about, not just a mention about who’s returning or not and constantly mentioning huddy, or the name of lisa edelstein, please stop Michael and give us an interesting news.

    • Gemma says:

      Speak for yourself. This is House’s story, not Cuddy’s. It is too bad though that the only people who return to Ausiello’s boards appear to be Cuddy fans. Nothing wrong with being a Cuddy fan, but the show was never supposed to be about her. As long as Hugh Laurie plays House it will end as brilliantly as it started.

      • djesus says:

        but Michael should also stop mentioning Lisa Edelstein, it’s like throwing oil on fire.

        • THAT’s true. He does sort of stir things up, doesn’t he?

          • Maria says:

            It’s not his fault entirely. There was an interview Shore gave about the new actresses a while back. The first and the last paragraph were about LE and I think that they were bigger than the actual article. Apparently it’s TPTB that are doing this because they know that no1curr about their show’s rotten carcass…

  47. Shao says:

    Ugh! I’m SOOOO sick of the House-bashing. If you only watched the series for Lisa Edelstein, go watch her series…oh that’s right…THERE ISN’T ONE. Regardless of whether you miss her or not, you are either a House fan, or you aren’t…so if you aren’t, STOP WATCHING, COMMENTING, RUINING IT for the rest of us who still watch and love it. She didn’t WANT to return for the finale. Get over it. The show is almost over. Go rejoice in silence.

    • susan says:

      I hate to see house go. It will leave a hole my tv show line up. This seasons newbys were I bad choice in my opionion but it is still one of my top favs I will miss it dearly:(

    • VCup says:

      Woo Hoo Wish I would have said this!! AGREE! But the bashers will never go away on any comment board sadly… I’m just stuck between excited to see how it ends and depressed that it actually is and will watch as I have since Episode 1!

    • ebowers says:

      Well okay,but as long as the remaining Huddy hates stop rejjoicing over the fact that she is not coming back for the finale and concentrate on the finale not on how grateful you are she is not coming back !!!!

    • Maria says:

      They waited until pilot season was over before they negotiated with her, which could explain why she’s not in another show. Wait for the next season and if she’s still unemployed come back and bash her.

  48. peter says:

    i don’t think he would lie about lisa edelstein because she can denied any time if is not true and them he would be a liar but we never know

  49. Moochoo says:

    I am going to miss this petty arguing when House finishes.

    • Maria says:

      I’m with you there. I’m having a hard time finding a fandom because of this. All this A++++ wank, the moles, sh*tty, self-destructive idiots for PTB… hard to replace.

  50. nitemar says:

    House, Cuddy and Wilson were the show. This season sucks, happy the show is finally ending. As to Lisa not returning, she has good reasons not wanting to come back..remember what Freelander said way back.

    • Freelander says:

      Wilson is still on the show and spoilers say that the last episodes will center on Hilson. So there is enough reason to watch the final episodes and like this season. House/Wilson/Cuddy had during the entire run maybe three scenes together. Don`t know what you are missing now!

      Ah and btw Freelancer vanished three years ago, whoever calls himself freelancer here on Ausiello is very likely not her and trustworthy at all. These are all stupid lies from bitter HUlis/Huddys.

      • Kriszta says:

        “House/Wilson/Cuddy had during the entire run maybe three scenes together.”
        Haha you watched ever House?

        • freelander says:

          Obviously the actual show, it weren`t much House/Cuddy/Wilson scenes. The lots of scenes must be all in your head.

    • give me a break says:

      “House, Cuddy, and Wilson” were NEVER “the show.” The team, any incarnation of it, has always played a bigger role than Cuddy and Wilson. If there’s a true secondary star of the show it’s Omar Epps. He’s had less to do this year since taking Cuddy’s spot than ever before.

      • D says:

        Completely disagree. The ducklings were always interchangeable because of the way they were written. They just pushed the procedural part of the show along, which got tired before the end of Season 5 because of the repetition. Foreman especially could have been written out years ago and I’m not sure too many people would have minded. Even in the show they made a point of saying how dull he is. Nothing to do with Omar Epps, just crappy characterisation.

        Wilson and Cuddy were uniquely postioned antagonists to House’s personality and his private life, which is what made this show once way more than your average ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ hospital drama. They pared back the jerk aspect of his persona and helped to make him likeable and much more 3-dimensional. They also played rather well off each other and nearly always felt less contrived than the ducks whose personalities basically seem interchangeable to varying degrees.